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  • Devices attached to computer (Tech Vanity)

    06/23/2008 11:27:00 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 40 replies · 364+ views
    June 23, 2008
    I'm trying to download a picture of an M-14 I got for my birthday to my hard drive and I keep getting the message: "We've detected several devices attached to your computer, please select the device you want to get images from."
  • Embedding music with photo montage (tech vanity)

    06/17/2008 9:29:12 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 55 replies · 85+ views
    June 17, 2008
    I'm putting together a CD to give to each of my children as they were growing up from birth to the end of their teenage years. I've chosen the song, "You're Gonna Miss This", by Trace Adkins. I have the song saved in Real Player but when I try to add the song with the pictures it will not play.
  • Khalifa Khalifa [Free Republic] Correct your information about islam

    06/14/2008 7:14:06 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 49 replies · 553+ views
    June 14, 2008
    This is the complete heading on an email I received. "Khalifa Khalifa [Free Republic] Correct Your Information About Islam, The Misunderstood Religion."
  • You Tube will not work

    06/08/2008 12:44:16 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 78 replies · 63+ views
    June 8, 2008 | processing please hold
    I have uninstalled adobe(I think I made a mistake there) and reinstalled it. I had to go to system restore to bring it back. I have uninstalled my flash player and reinstalled it, but I think I did it in the wrong order My java script looks ok, but what do I know, huh.
  • Uninstall a tool bar (tech)

    05/22/2008 9:06:46 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 75 replies · 125+ views
    May 22, 2008
    I install the new AVG 8.0 this morning and I now have an AVG tool bar. I don't want it.
  • Just Like Us! Really? (cooking the books on Radical islam)

    05/07/2008 2:46:11 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 23 replies · 172+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | May 12, 2008 | Robert Satloff
    Gallup says only 7 percent of the world's Muslims are political radicals. Yet 36 percent think the 9/11 attacks were in some way justified.On the inside back cover of books published by Gallup Press there is the following breathtaking statement: Gallup Press exists to educate and inform the people who govern, manage, teach and lead the world's six billion citizens. Each book meets Gallup's requirements of integrity, trust and independence and is based on a Gallup-approved science and research. Don't be distracted by the bad grammar. Focus instead on Gallup's "requirements of integrity, trust and independence." Thanks to a remarkable...
  • Food riots, anti-U.S. protests erupt in Somalia

    05/07/2008 7:59:37 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 86 replies · 232+ views
    The Christian Science Monitor ^ | May 7, 2008 | Jonathan Adams
    Food riots and anti-US protests in Somalia are compounding the chaos in the long-suffering war zone in the Horn of Africa. Meanwhile, an Amnesty International Report released Tuesday alleged that Islamist militants, as well as US-backed Ethiopian and Somali government troops, are committing widespread atrocities against civilians in the capital, Mogadishu. And a recent US strike against what it says was an Al Qaeda leader in Somalia has sparked further protests. The Associated Press reports that Tuesday saw a second day of protests over rising food prices, with hundreds of youths burning tires, throwing stones, and blocking roads. Somalia is...

    05/03/2008 7:57:17 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 20 replies · 52+ views
    New York Post ^ | May 3, 2008
    World powers agreed yesterday to try again to lure Iran to the nuclear bargaining table, this time with a repackaged set of carrots to accompany the stick of UN sanctions. Diplomats said the offer contained no major new enticements but was meant to remind Iran that talking is still an option. The central terms of a 2006 compromise stand: Iran could trade worrisome elements of its nuclear program for economic and political incentives and the possibility of a better relationship with Washington. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad turned down that offer, saying it had strings attached. The Security Council has since...
  • China puts nation on alert to try to stop deadly virus

    05/03/2008 6:17:11 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 10 replies · 66+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | CHARLES HUTZLER
    BEIJING - China's Health Ministry issued a nationwide alert Saturday calling for heightened efforts to control a virus that has caused the deaths of 22 children in one city and shows signs of spreading. Health bureaus around the country must step up monitoring for hand, foot and mouth disease following a "relatively large" outbreak in the central city of Fuyang, the Health Ministry said in notices on its Web site. The ministry warned that cases were more numerous this year than in recent years, and the peak for transmission would likely come in June and July. The outbreak is another...
  • Globally-Acceptable Truths in the Land of Eden

    04/28/2008 9:19:10 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 32+ views
    Borderfire ^ | April 12, 2008 | Tom DeWeese
    I wrote the following article in 2006. To me, the discovery of the Eden Institute and its promotion of a Tom DeWeeseconcept called “globally-acceptable truth” was the answer to so many questions. It is the root of political correctness. It is the cause of intolerance of independent thought and values in our society. It explains the purpose of the restructuring of our schools. So many parents have asked why the schools are failing to teach basic academics. The fact is, the schools are working perfectly for the purpose they are now designed to perform – globally acceptable truth. In other...
  • Tech Vanity

    04/25/2008 11:44:47 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 68 replies · 739+ views
    April 25, 2008 | processing please hold
    Help! I've had dozens of these. They will not stop popping up. If you can help, thank you in advance. If you can't, don't feel bad I couldn't help myself.
  • My sidebar on FR (vanity)

    04/20/2008 7:54:02 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 78 replies · 73+ views
    April 20, 2008
    When I came on FR this morning my configuration had changed. In order to see my sidebar I have to use the bottom scroll arrow to see it. I went to 'configure sidebar' but to no avail. I also went to my account to tinker with 'my preferences'. There are only three options on it now. (1) Thread Pagination (2) Browsing (3)WindowsNone of these are any help in getting back by previous layout. Any help sure would be appreciated.
  • What breed of puppies are these?

    03/20/2008 10:33:13 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 386 replies · 6,646+ views
    March 20, 2008
    Opened our front door this morning and these two beautiful puppies were there to greet us.
  • Thousands line up in Kenner for Section 8 vouchers(Louisiana)

    03/20/2008 9:33:39 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 13 replies · 662+ views
    The Times-Picayune ^ | March 20, 2008
    Link only
  • Google Alerts: Are they censoring?

    03/15/2008 10:22:03 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 8 replies · 448+ views
    March 15, 2008
    It has been about two weeks since I have received any google alerts concerning, islam, Nato, obama's islamic connections, islam in the US, acquiring land for islamic mosque in the US, barack obama and islam, united nations and guns, united nations and unclos When I set up a new alert about anything islamic or the un I get this: Your Google Alert request [ united nations and guns ] has been created and a verification email has been sent to.....I'm never sent a verification email.
  • FReeper Scythian, Don't Give Up on Our Country

    03/12/2008 1:41:18 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 7 replies · 244+ views
    March 12, 2008 | processing please hold
    Your despairing opus yesterday moved me to reassess what our country was, is and can be again. But you must not give up! You can never stop fighting against those who are determined to bring us down as a nation and a people. No matter the odds, you cannot give in, give up, or roll over and pull the blanket up over your head. You let them win if you do that.Our culture our heritage our God our liberties are worth fighting for to our dying breath. I believe in my heart our country is on the road to a...
  • Spyware-adware removal help needed (yet another vanity)

    03/08/2008 9:52:50 AM PST · by processing please hold · 154 replies · 1,192+ views
    March 8, 2008 | processing please hold
    I've been searching for a free download version of adware/spyware removal. The sites I find says free but after turning a couple of pages on the site, dollar signs are always at the end of the article.Is there a truly FREE download, no bait and switch?
  • Obama Dodges Farrakhan Issue

    03/05/2008 1:34:32 PM PST · by processing please hold · 2 replies · 88+ views
    NewsMax ^ | March 5, 2008 | Ronald Kessler
    It’s one thing for Barack Obama to have a minister, friend, and sounding board who supports and admires Louis Farrakhan and whose church gave him an award. It’s another thing for Obama to dissemble about it. That’s what Obama did recently when he told Jewish leaders in Cleveland, “An award was given to Farrakhan for his work on behalf of ex-offenders, completely unrelated to his controversial statements.” In fact, the award, named for Obama’s minister Jeremiah Wright Jr., was given for “lifetime achievement” and for Farrakhan’s “influence on the African-American community.” The presentation of the award last December and the...
  • Russia, China block UN Iran resolution

    03/04/2008 5:56:43 AM PST · by processing please hold · 5 replies · 41+ views
    Yahoonews ^ | March 4, 2008 | GEORGE JAHN
    VIENNA, Austria - Russia and China on Tuesday scuttled a Western attempt to introduce a resolution on Iran's nuclear defiance at a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, diplomats said. The decision appeared to be the result of lingering unhappiness by the two world powers about not being informed earlier of plans for such a resolution. It came a day after the U.N. Security Council imposed another round of sanctions on Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment. Iran defiantly vowed to continue its nuclear program, which it insists is aimed only at generating power. Moscow on Monday had...
  • Guitar Hero III Devil Went Down To Georgia

    02/25/2008 5:40:16 PM PST · by processing please hold · 24 replies · 614+ views
    How do your skills stack up to his?
  • George Jonas: A disaster from the word go

    02/22/2008 8:13:08 PM PST · by processing please hold · 26 replies · 146+ views
    National Post ^ | February 22, 2008
    The West went into Yugoslavia to prevent ethnic cleansing, and ended up presiding over it Can’t blame the Serbs for protesting, which is what they do en masse as I’m writing this — not that it’s likely to do them any good. After the province of Kosovo seceded from Serbia on Monday, the major Western liberal democracies stumbled over each other in their eagerness to put the stamp of good housekeeping on it. By now a dozen nations or more, including the U.K. and U.S., have recognized the breakaway province of ethnic Albanian Muslims as an independent country. The apprentice...
  • Russia's NATO envoy warns alliance against overstepping mandate in Kosovo

    02/22/2008 12:14:12 PM PST · by processing please hold · 81 replies · 87+ views
    Tha Canadian Press ^ | February, 22, 2008
    MOSCOW - Russia's envoy to NATO warned the alliance Friday against overstepping its mandate in Kosovo and said Moscow might be forced to use "brute military force" to maintain respect on the world scene. Dmitry Rogozin said the Russian military also might get involved if all European Union nations recognize Kosovo's independence without United Nations agreement and despite strong objections from Russia and Serbia. The comments were the latest harsh rhetoric from Moscow protesting Kosovo's declaration of independence, which has sparked violent protests in Serbia and international disagreement over whether to recognize the fledgling nation. The comments also sparked quick...
  • Serbs protesters attack UN police

    02/22/2008 8:31:36 AM PST · by processing please hold · 137 replies · 43+ views
    The Associated Press ^ | February 22, 2008
    KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Kosovo (AP) — Serbs protesting Kosovo's independence for a fifth straight day Friday attacked U.N. police guarding a key bridge in northern Kosovo with stones, glass bottles and firecrackers on Friday. Serbia's prime minister appealed for calm as the European Union condemned rioting in the capital Belgrade overnight when demonstrators attacked the U.S. embassy and other Western mission. The United States and EU heavyweights Britain, France and Germany have formally recognized Kosovo. Serbian President Boris Tadic called an emergency meeting of the national security council, saying the riots that engulfed the capital overnight must "never happen again." In...
  • Cult of Obama Will Turn Off Independents

    02/19/2008 8:46:07 AM PST · by processing please hold · 82 replies · 48+ views
    RealClearPolitics ^ | February 19, 2008 | Froma Harrop
    [snip] And at that time, the news media were still lavishing love on Obama. That situation is about to end. "He's the fashion plate of the moment," an editorial page editor remarked, "but fashion week is over." Sophisticated commentary now notes the growing creepiness of the Obama campaign: Its aversion to substantive policy discussions. The sermonizing -- "In the face of despair, we believe there can be hope." And the messianic bit -- "At this moment in the election there is something happening in America." (That would be he.) Volunteer trainees at Camp Obama are told not to talk issues...
  • The Cult of Obama

    02/18/2008 6:43:20 AM PST · by processing please hold · 100 replies · 407+ views
    The Trumpet ^ | February 17, 2008 | Stephen Flurry
    The Cult of Obama Excitement over the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is reaching unparalleled heights, as he has won all eight caucuses and primaries since Super Tuesday. His campaign is raising a million dollars a day—double the rate of Hillary Clinton’s. The Economist is calling him “a political phenomenon.” But an increasing number of commentators—including some on the liberal side—are discussing a worrisome undercurrent in the trend: the fact that it is all about Obama the personality rather than Obama the potential president. Ignoring substance, an almost religious fervor is building in support of this untested politician....
  • Obama Wears Iraqi Soldier's Bracelet(Barf alert)

    02/16/2008 4:01:32 PM PST · by processing please hold · 20 replies · 77+ views
    The Seattle Times ^ | February 16, 2008 | NEDRA PICKLER
    Barack Obama is wearing a wristband in memory of a soldier killed in Iraq, given to him by a mother who said she wants the Democratic presidential candidate to keep others from dying. Tracy Jopek of Merrill, Wis., gave Obama the bracelet at a rally Friday night in Green Bay, and Obama was still wearing it Saturday as he campaigned across the state before Tuesday's primary.[farther down in the article]She said she's a Democrat who will vote for Obama in Wisconsin's primary Tuesday. Like Obama, she said she was against the war from the start and had a hard time...
  • Dozens Of Congressmen Support CAIR Despite Known Terror Ties

    02/11/2008 6:16:03 PM PST · by processing please hold · 21 replies · 154+ views
    Pat Dollard Young Americans ^ | February 11, 2008 | Pat Dollard
    Federal prosecutors describe CAIR as being an organization that supports terrorism…so WTF are these members of congress doing still supporting them? Homeland Security: In a new court filing, federal prosecutors describe the Council on American-Islamic Relations as a supporter of terrorists. So why are Democrats still supporting the organization? CAIR’s boosters on the Hill, where it’s headquartered just three blocks from the Capitol, have known for some time that several people in positions of power within the group have been directly connected to terrorism and have either been prosecuted or thrown out of the country. Yet lawmakers have gone right...
  • ISESCO condemns Israel's decision to demolish Al-Omari Mosque near Al Quds

    02/09/2008 9:08:01 AM PST · by processing please hold · 30 replies · 83+ views
    Indian Muslim News and Information ^ | February 09, 2008 | NNN-KUNA
    Rabat : The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) strongly condemned the decision taken by the Israeli occupation authorities to demolish the Al-Omari Mosque, built more than 700 years ago in Umm Tuba, a small village southeast of Al-Quds city. In a special communique, released on Friday, ISESCO faulted the pretexts used by Al Quds Municipality under Israeli jurisdiction to justify its decision to demolish the Mosque as being manifestly unfounded. It also called on the international community to bring pressure to bear on Israel to reverse its decision to destroy the Al-Omari Mosque of Umm Tuba, considering it...
  • Teacher Charged With Terror Threats Against Own School

    02/03/2008 11:05:41 AM PST · by processing please hold · 9 replies · 107+ views
    <p>A suburban Philadelphia teacher has been arrested for making terroristic threats against her own school, including messages promising to kill people at the school.</p> <p>Police said the woman was a teacher at the Longstreth Elementary school in Warminster, Pa.</p> <p>Susan Romanyszyn, a fourth-grade teacher, said nothing as she surrendered at a local district justice office on charges she made 17 terroristic threats against the very school she worked at.</p>
  • Dollars for Durban II Back to the U.N.

    01/25/2008 11:36:26 AM PST · by processing please hold · 10 replies · 74+ views
    National Review online ^ | December 12, 2007 | Claudia Rosett
    In its abuse of American taxpayer dollars and trust, the United Nations has come up with many creative projects over the years, ranging from terrorist schoolhouses in Gaza, to procurement fraud, to per diems for pedophiliac peacekeepers. Now, the U.N. is on the brink of channeling millions in U.S. funds to pay for an encore of its notorious America-bashing, Israel-trashing conference held six years ago in Durban, South Africa. That U.N. jamboree, which opened in late August, 2001, was supposed to be all about the worthy cause of ending racism. Instead, it turned into such a frenzy of despotic and...
  • Obama: I Am Not a Muslim

    01/24/2008 12:36:52 PM PST · by processing please hold · 215 replies · 98+ views
    NewsMax ^ | January 22, 2008
    Barack Obama is stepping up his effort to correct the misconception that he's a Muslim now that the presidential campaign has hit the Bible Belt. At a rally to kick off a weeklong campaign for the South Carolina primary, Obama tried to set the record straight from an attack circulating widely on the Internet that is designed to play into prejudices against Muslims and fears of terrorism. "I've been to the same church -- the same Christian church -- for almost 20 years," Obama said, stressing the word Christian and drawing cheers from the faithful in reply. "I was sworn...
  • Was Barack Obama a Muslim?

    01/14/2008 9:11:02 AM PST · by processing please hold · 332 replies · 2,021+ views
    NewsMax ^ | January 13, 2008
    1. Was Barack Obama a Muslim? The issue of Barack Obama's possible Muslim past has re-emerged with conflicting reports about the presidential candidate's childhood in Islamic Indonesia. The controversy was initially touched off in early 2007 when several media outlets reported that Obama had attended a radical madrasa, or Islamic school, when he lived in Indonesia. Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs quickly countered with a statement: "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian." The reports about the radical madrasa turned out to be false. But in March 2007, Gibbs amended his...
  • All Quiet on the East River: Stagnant United Nations Mission Unaccomplished

    01/11/2008 12:28:58 PM PST · by processing please hold · 7 replies · 183+ views
    The Indypendent ^ | January 12, 2008 | Donald Paneth
    UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.—On Jan. 2, I made the rounds here. I stopped by the office of the spokesman for the secretary-general, passed the tapestry replica of Picasso’s “Guernica,” and went into the delegates’ lounge. There were few people about. No meetings were scheduled. I reflected. From the perspective of another year as a U.N. correspondent, it was discouraging that the United Nations had achieved nothing during 2007. With a new Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, in charge, the United Nations simply went through the motions of taking up critical issues and desperate situations. As correspondents here observed, when Ban...
  • Bloggers Beware! The UN Internet Grab Continues ... Right Now, in Rio

    11/14/2007 8:25:31 AM PST · by processing please hold · 34 replies · 47+ views
    The Rosett Report ^ | November 12, 2007
    UN beachside conferencing goes way beyond plans for a December blowout on Bali, and the UN agenda goes way beyond taxing us in the name of controlling the weather. Live, right now, the UN is continuing its grab to control the internet, with a Nov. 12-15 conference in Rio de Janeiro (beach facilities shown in accompanying photo). Big on the agenda is the UN-based campaign to take away control of the internet from the U.S. The aim, now that U.S. freedoms and resulting creativity (not Al Gore, his own claims notwithstanding) have brought mankind this marvelous gift of the internet,...
  • First Illegals Steal Our Jobs, Now The Feds Give Away Our Sovereignty

    11/13/2007 10:34:21 AM PST · by processing please hold · 19 replies · 133+ views
    A new international treaty among the world's countries that would give control of OUR country and OUR territory to bureaucrats from other countries has been put on the table for discussion this month. Is that good for us as Americans? You decide. Then, you must call your Senator & Congressman & complain. ---------------------------------- Subject: Sea Treaty threatens national sovereignty + + "I am absolutely convinced it undermines U.S. sovereignty." - Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) 11/12/2007 Grassfire has just learned that the "Law of the Sea Treaty" being pushed for by the White House, and bolstered by a 17-4 vote...
  • Another Victory! Mrs. Arnold gets her Angel. Anti-Christmas policy rescinded

    11/10/2007 8:40:01 AM PST · by processing please hold · 15 replies · 35+ views
    "RENEWING THE AMERICAN DREAM" Thanks to your efforts, the Plant City Living Center recognized they were mistaken in not allowing residents to display Christian symbols. HUD says its policy is clear and that discrimination against Mrs. Arnold (and angels) will not be tolerated in HUD approved facilities. Plant City Living Center attorney Steve Edelstein issued this statement today: "I am pleased to report that the Plant City Living Center's recent newsletter regarding holiday decoration policies has been rescinded. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guarantees the rights of citizens to display religious symbols in public. We support...
  • Lanka investigates UN sex claims

    11/03/2007 8:39:36 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 13 replies · 194+ views
    BBC News ^ | November 3, 2007
    Sri Lanka has promised to look into allegations that 108 of its UN peacekeepers in Haiti paid for sex, in some cases with underage girls. The men are being sent home after being accused of sexual misconduct and abuse. Officials say the law will take its course once the soldiers arrive back in Sri Lanka, but warn that little tangible evidence has been produced. In the past, UN peacekeepers have been involved in a series of sex scandals, including this year in Ivory Coast. 'Zero tolerance' Sri Lanka has sent four senior officers, including a female brigadier, to Haiti to...
  • UNCLOS passes SFRC

    10/31/2007 12:11:04 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 12 replies · 50+ views
    un Dispatch ^ | October 31, 2007
    The UN Convention on Law of the Sea was just voted out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 17 to 4, with Sens. Vitter, Coleman, Isakson, and DeMint opposing. Supporters were hoping for only 2 no votes. The next battle will be convincing the Democratic leadership to bring it to a vote on the Senate floor. Posted by Matthew Cordell - October 31, 2007 11:45 AM - UN News
  • Bomb Threat Cuts Short Talk By ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox

    10/31/2007 9:52:40 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 8 replies · 21+ views
    National Terror Alert ^ | October 30, 2007
    An event featuring ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox was cut short by a bomb scare tonight at the Landmark Theater, city police said. Fox ended his question and answer session and canceled a reception after someone called in the threat shortly before 9 p.m., said Katie Walsh, press consultant for the Syracuse University Student Association. Syracuse police, alerted to the bomb threat, ended the event after talking with the theater management and university organizers, said Sgt. Tom Connellan. The building was evacuated, and bomb-sniffing dogs were called in. No bomb was found.
  • President Bush's Toilet Bowl Treaty(LOST coming up for senate vote on Wednesday)

    10/29/2007 8:09:19 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 204 replies · 171+ views
    National Ledger ^ | October 29, 2007 | Cliff Kincaid
    When State Department Legal Adviser John B. Bellinger III gave a controversial June 6 speech on the subject of "The United States and International Law," he mentioned that the Bush Administration had "put forward a priority list of over 35 treaty packages that we have urged the Senate to approve soon, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea." The latter is now up for Senate ratification, with a vote scheduled on Wednesday, and one of its many controversial provisions is the regulation of land-based sources of pollution. This treaty covers the water and the land. But now...
  • LOST at Sea The Law of the Sea Treaty threatens American sovereignty

    10/29/2007 7:01:04 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 34 replies · 143+ views
    National Review online ^ | October 29, 2007 | John Fonte
    Will Americans rule themselves or be ruled by others — this is to be a great question of the 21st century. An opening scene is currently being played out in the U.S. Senate concerning international courts and supranational institutions. The Bush administration and the leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are pushing ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS or LOST). The U.N. convention established a transnational institution, the International Seabed Authority, to regulate maritime activities for over 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Supporters contend that it is in America’s interests to...
  • Is the Department of State censoring comments on its blog?

    Our DOS has blog up titled: Does The un Effectively Fulfill its Mission? It's an official DOS blog. I've managed to post on it a couple of times and if anyone knows my opinion of the un, I don't have anything nice to say about that corrupt organization. The support of the un mission is overwhelmingly pro-un. One poster brought up the charter of the un. I responded right after I read that post in detail just who co-authored that charter - Alger Hiss - a soviet spy who also worked in the SD.
  • Ban proposes bigger UN budget to meet challenges

    10/25/2007 10:27:40 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 8 replies · 37+ views
    Reuters ^ | October 25, 2007 | Patrick Worsnip
    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon proposed Thursday a rise in the U.N. budget for the next two years, seeking extra funding to head off conflicts and promote human rights amid new demands on the world body. Ban told the U.N. General Assembly's budget committee he wanted $4.2 billion for 2008-09, which he said represented real growth of just half a percentage point, or $23 million, over the previous period covering the past two years. "That is not much, considering the demands upon us," he said. "Never has the world so needed a strong United Nations. Yet never have...
  • Will the UN move to Montreal — and how will it affect the waterfront?

    10/25/2007 7:33:01 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 207 replies · 944+ views
    Spacing Montreal ^ | October 25, 2007 | Christopher DeWolf
    Last week, La Presse reported quite breathlessly that the federal government, which owns the Port of Montreal and much of the land along its waterfront, has been lobbying the United Nations to move its headquarters from New York to Montreal. The rationale, apparently, is that the UN’s current headquarters, housed in an iconic complex built in 1949 along the East River, needs nearly $2 billion worth of renovations over the next couple of decades. It would cost a lot less to simply pack up and move to Montreal, where a state-of-the-art new headquarters would be waiting on the site of...

    10/25/2007 11:54:57 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 175 replies · 400+ views
    GOPUSA ^ | October 25, 2007 | Cliff Kincaid
    Can the U.N.'s Law of the Sea Treaty not only be delayed but defeated outright in the Senate? That's the question that conservatives are delightfully pondering as a remarkable series of events has put the pact, supported by the Bush Administration and the liberal leadership in the Senate, in serious jeopardy. Perhaps the most significant development is the announcement by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell that he will oppose the White House and vote against the treaty. As opponents of the treaty make their case in advertisements and on cable TV and talk radio, Republican senators are increasingly hearing from...
  • Happy UNday?

    10/24/2007 3:31:05 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 70 replies · 94+ views
    Human Events .com ^ | October 24, 2007 | Nile Gardiner
    As overpaid and under worked United Nations bureaucrats quaff champagne and feast on canapés and shrimp in Turtle Bay to celebrate U.N. Day, it is important for the world to remember those who have been failed by the organization, or have suffered at its hands. They include: the one million Tutsis slaughtered by Hutus in the Rwanda genocide of 1994 while U.N. peacekeepers looked on; the 10,000 Bosnian Muslims massacred at Srebrenica by the Serbs while under the protection of Dutch troops in a U.N. “safe haven”; the more than 200,000 villagers in Darfur killed by Sudanese-backed Janjaweed militias while...
  • Key UN post for Ban's son-in-law(nepotism alive and well at un)

    10/23/2007 10:49:17 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 4 replies · 497+ views ^ | October 23, 2007 | Lalit K Jha
    Tuesday, October 23, 2007 (United Nations) India's Siddarth Chatterjee, son-in-law of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, has been appointed to a key United Nations post in Iraq. Chatterjee, a senior UNICEF official posted in Somalia, has been appointed as the chief of staff to Staffan de Mistura, the new Special Representative for Iraq. The news was first reported by The Washington Post columnist Al Kamen on October 18. Siddarth Chatterjee's appointment to this key UN post in Iraq was confirmed by the Secretary General's spokesman Michael Montas, in response to a question at the routine press briefing at the...
  • Wednesday Cloture Vote Set For DREAM Act Amnesty Bill

    10/23/2007 8:33:09 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 69 replies · 167+ views
    NumbersUSA ^ | October 23, 2007
    (October 23) Last night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) filed to invoke cloture on S. 2205, Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin’s (D-Ill.) new stand-alone DREAM Act amnesty bill. The cloture vote, for which 60 YES votes are necessary to prevent a filibuster on the measure, is set for Wednesday, October 24. Reid is attempting to bring this nightmarish amnesty bill to the floor under Senate Rule XIV without it ever having been debated in committee. Click here for more background on the DREAM Act. It is imperative that NumbersUSA members call their senators today to ask them to vote...
  • 14 Good Reasons to Oppose H.R. 3685 "the ENDA Our Freedom Bill (Barney Frank)

    10/23/2007 7:34:53 AM PDT · by processing please hold · 11 replies · 382+ views
    Americans For Truth ^ | October 19th, 2007 | Peter LaBarbera
    [snip]Here are 14 good reasons to oppose the revised ENDA, H.R. 3685: 1. ENDA and H.R. 3685 would create federally-protected “rights” based on immoral, unhealthy and changeable homosexual/bisexual behavior — masquerading as “orientation” – setting a dangerous legal, moral and spiritual precedent. Homosexuality is not a “civil right”; it is a human wrong — one that is redeemable as proven by thousands of contented former homosexuals and ex-lesbians. Our Founding Fathers, infused with a Biblical view of fallen man, created limited government that sought to restrain the sinful outworking of men’s hearts (including the lust for power, hence our system...
  • Iraqi leaders may ask U.N. to restrict U.S. military

    10/22/2007 2:52:29 PM PDT · by processing please hold · 42 replies · 29+ views ^ | , October 22, 2007 | Christian Berthelsen
    BAGHDAD -- Party leaders in the Iraqi parliament said today that they were setting up a committee to examine the continuing U.S. military presence in Iraq with an eye toward possibly restricting American activities, as the backlash continued over a U.S. raid Sunday in which the Iraqi government said 13 civilians were killed. Before the end of the year, the United Nations is expected to take up its annual review of a Security Council resolution that authorizes the U.S. military presence in Iraq.