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  • The Congressional Map Has A Record-Setting Bias Against Democrats

    08/07/2017 5:14:35 PM PDT · 28 of 53
    ps425dc to WASCWatch

    I can attest to this as a subject int he People’s Republic of Maryland. A seriously deranged mind devised our District map, abd yes, it was a Democrat.

  • 'There's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me!' Kathy Griffin breaks down in tears...

    06/02/2017 2:52:03 PM PDT · 34 of 157
    ps425dc to seanmerc

    Awwww. Too bad. I bet this is the first time in her life that she has been held to account for her words and actions.

  • DELINGPOLE: ‘Penises Cause Climate Change’; Progressives Fooled by Peer-Reviewed Hoax Study

    05/20/2017 2:13:35 PM PDT · 48 of 91
    ps425dc to ForYourChildren

    The science is settled!???

  • How to repair illegal Immigration and Voter Fraud problems.

    05/07/2017 3:01:02 PM PDT · 50 of 50
    ps425dc to Leo Carpathian

    Government and capable do not belong in the same sentence. They are mutually exclusive terms.

  • Poll: Swamp Republicans REALLY hate the Freedom Caucus

    05/07/2017 9:40:48 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    ps425dc to Cen-Tejas

    Finally. Somebody else noted that. Search the net for congressional report cars. Of the 435 members, barely 40 get an A or B grade on conservative voting. Truly RINO’s.

  • The Left is Destroying Free Speech In America, and Something Needs to be Done about it

    04/27/2017 9:36:11 AM PDT · 33 of 48
    ps425dc to Cubs Fan

    We the People need to step up.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
    - Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me
    — and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    - Niemöller

  • VANITY-Cordcutter Advice on Roku 3

    01/22/2017 12:44:17 PM PST · 57 of 73
    ps425dc to AbolishCSEU

    I am curious about this as I am tiring of Direct TV also. Pay for 300 channels to get the 10 or 15 I want.
    I know Netflix, Hula and Amazon are streaming. Are VUE and the others also streaming? Any real time? Is there any kind of TV guide? How about recording for watching later and for zapping the commercials(my favorite feature)?
    Any thoughts or guidance appreciated.

  • How to respond to a non-GOP friend

    12/05/2016 2:56:45 PM PST · 68 of 70
    ps425dc to Degaston

    Arguing with a liberal is like teaching a pig to sing. It is a waste of your time, and it annoys the pig (liberal). Cut your losses and move on.

  • When did you stop watching TV news? Tell us your story.

    11/25/2016 12:38:17 PM PST · 112 of 117
    ps425dc to

    I was raised in Washington DC and quit the news in 1985. I would watch a occasional program on ABC, NBC or CBS, but watched mainly Fox or the local Independent. For the last 10 years, I have not even landed on ABC or NBC stations. I watch several programs on CBS, but they are getting close to losing me because of their needless intertwining political messages into the programming (anti-gun).
    Fox News was my mainstay, but like others, I have pretty much stopped viewing because they devolve into shouting matches, arrogant claptrap, and their insistence on airing Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera, neither of whom can form a cogent thought with a week’s notice.

  • CNN and others, QUIT telling our leaders what to do...we voted for them to tell YOU what to do

    11/24/2016 2:50:50 PM PST · 20 of 22
    ps425dc to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

    You are correct! Something needs to be done. But, nobody will do anything unless we do it. The best way to kill off these jackels is to cancel your subscriptions and tune off of their station. Not just the news, but the whole channel. Advertisers pay for eyeballs. If all of the eyeballs stop viewing, advertisers go away, and that station/magazine/newspaper withers up and dies. Look at Al Jazeera TV and Air America radio. Both were left of center and had terrible audience numbers and died on the vine.

  • Welcome back and voting help for my website (vanity)

    11/24/2016 11:26:29 AM PST · 7 of 10
    ps425dc to JoeRed

    I also got this error message.

  • VANITY: Looking for articles discussing the way the VA is helping remove Vet's 2nd Amendment Rights

    09/10/2016 10:49:41 AM PDT · 3 of 25
    ps425dc to ozaukeemom

    A Goodle search on “va trying to restrict 2a rights” found just under 4 million references. Pick which ones you want

  • Republican Party MIA

    08/25/2016 11:24:26 AM PDT · 47 of 47
    ps425dc to JayAr36

    Look for some of the comments on the email and Clinton Foundation. They are ALL complicit in the screwing of America. Republican and Democrat and Libertarian. No difference. If you were to pull on one string - Hillary, the whole thing comes unwound. Why are they all so Hell bent against Trump? He does not care. He wants to expose the whole rotting mess.

  • MSNBC Poll: Should people be allowed to carry guns in public?

  • Am I losing my mind?

    03/15/2016 12:48:13 PM PDT · 166 of 192
    ps425dc to uscga77

    You speak of the problem that many of us have.
    Until recently, I was torn between Trump and Cruz. Seeing the reactions on both the left and right against Trump solidifies my support for Trump. Anybody that can piss everybody off can’t be all bad. Besides, running the country like a business may not be a bad idea. What they are doing to it now is not working that great.

  • Vanity: I want to ask Trump, Cruz supporters one question..

    12/24/2015 2:23:31 PM PST · 98 of 412
    ps425dc to mykroar

    I agree with the rank, and especially the #3 write in. I was wondering what to do if a career schmuck gets the nomination. Now I know!

  • Should the term "RINO" be redifined?

    09/13/2015 3:11:20 PM PDT · 53 of 56
    ps425dc to America_Right

    From -
    politician - a person who seeks to gain power or advancement within an organization in ways that are generally disapproved.
    Not to be confused with
    statesman - a person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues.

  • [VANITY] Firearms advice needed

    08/30/2015 5:31:04 PM PDT · 105 of 118
    ps425dc to PinkChampagneonIce

    The only gun that is worth having is one that you are comfortable with and can shoot well, and will carry.
    Several have recommended going to a range and rent several different types and models. Great advice! Ask for opinions at the range, and ask why they recommend XXX. Fire at least 50 rounds through anything you rent, get a feel for it.
    Have you shot before? Take a gun safety course. Ask them for their thoughts, and why XXX is better than YYY.
    After you have narrowed your choices, go back to the range and shoot it a second time, maybe even a third.
    Once you have made your decision and purchased your new weapon, practice, practice, practice. Consider taking a tactical handgun course. These courses also give you the laws on what not to do.
    Shooting at a paper target in a range is simple. It does not move, or shoot back! Your absolute worst day at the range will be 10X better than when the adrenaline is pumping. Hopefully, you will never be confronted with the choice, but, make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you will be able to pull the trigger if the need arises. If you are not able to pull the trigger when the time arises, a gun may not be your best choice.
    Last, have fun.

  • A Serious Set Of Questions About Mr. Trump

    08/08/2015 2:25:57 PM PDT · 108 of 129
    ps425dc to Crystal Palace East

    #1: Donald Trump is a 21st Century political phenomenon. Why is that so?

    As a businessman, he has recognized a need in the marketplace, and worked to fill that need. In this case, politics.

    #2: If you like Donald Trump, or dislike him, why? (Please be specific.)

    I like him. He is stirring up the establishment which needs shaking. They were handed victories in 2010 and 2014, and then done nothing with them. Yes. I realize Obama would veto, but at least do something to differentiate from the left.

    3: Forgetting about demeanor and delivery, what Conservative positions/platforms does Mr. Trump have that you like the most.

    I like a most of what he says now. It is what he has said in the past that worries me. A Lot!

    4: Forgetting about demeanor and delivery, what positions does Mr. Trump have that you like the least?

    His current position or historical?

    5: There are other strong Conservatives in the race for the nomination, for example Senator Cruz and Governor Huckabee. Which Trump position or positions are more Conservative than the Senator or Governor? (Again, please stay away from the demeanor or style of delivery, but rather stick to specific policies.)

    Out of the cast of thousands, there are really only a couple of conservatives. Cruz, Jindal, Rubio are the most with Cruz far in the lead.
    In reading their assessment, I tend to agree.

    6: Mr. Trump has espoused some very liberal policies in the past, especially one that are objectionable to Conservatives. Which of those bothers you the most?

    All of them. I recognize as time passes, people gain new perspectives and change opinions. But EVERYTHING? This is what would likely keep me from casting a vote for him.

    7: Mr. Trump has espoused some very liberal policies in the past, especially one that are objectionable to Conservatives. How sure are you that he is simply not engaging in the political trick of telling the audience what he thinks they want to hear, and why are you sure/unsure about that?

    Continue from #6. I am NOT. During the debate, he said that he contributes to everybody. Then, if he needs something, he picks up the phone. He is a businessman. A very successful one. He sees an obstacle and removes it or finds a way around it.

    8: Like many politicians, when pressed, Mr. Trump seemed to have few specifics about his accusations or plans. Does that bother you and why?

    Very much so, but typical politispeak. Tell people what they want to hear. Don’t bother with details since We the People really are too stupid to know the difference. (Sorry, that is people in general. Not those few who look past the lamestream media for info

    9: Mr. Trump has touched a nerve in Americans who feel disenfranchised. If elected, how would he turn that into actual improvement for all Americans, as opposed to simply more angry Americans.

    Unknown. How much is bravado and BS and how much is real. I would prefer to stick with someone who has a track record like Cruz than to bet on Hope and Change. We got that now.

    10: In his books, Mr. Trump says he favors saying and doing anything to get an advantage in a business deal. Would that work for him as President?

    Probably in some cases. But, the say anything is what worries me. In the past he has been left. Now, he has had a miraculous epiphany and has seen the error of his ways and now leans right. I suppose possible, but too much of a gamble for me.

    11: In what some have called vicious personally attacks, Mr. Trump has gone after people who do not agree with him. If President, would that work in DC, or are they simply Sol Alinsky tactics, and if so, would they would work as President, and how?

    See Obama. $#&& yes they work. He raises his voice and Republicans cower in the corner peeing themselves.

    12: A 3d party candidate would split the Right vote and hand the election to the Democrats. Should Trump run as a 3d Party candidate if he does not get the Republican nomination?

    If he does, it would likely be the final coffin in the USA. Sadly, it may be the only way to remove the establishment Republicans head from their collective butts.

    13: Did your opinion of Trump increase or decrease as a result of the debate?

    Neither. Just confirmed my fears.

    14: Could you please list the leading candidates, ranking them from most Conservative to most Liberal?

    From wich I strongly agree with the assesment and methodology. Differentiation between close results are stances on particular issues of interest to me.

    15: Assuming Mt. Trump gets the Republican nomination, how would you advise him to attack Hillary Clinton in the general election.

    Whoever needs to stick with what concerns the people. Tight now that is economy and jobs and the size of gov per Gallup.

  • Elections have consequences - we were warned

    06/26/2015 11:11:45 AM PDT · 189 of 466
    ps425dc to drypowder
    “If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.” ― Mark Twain