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  • Trump: 'I'm Starting to Really, Really Love Paul' Ryan

    01/19/2017 4:56:20 PM PST · 30 of 53
    qaz123 to Bullish

    Friends close, enemies closer.

  • [Vanity] Is Anyone watching the Betsy DeVos hearings? AL FRANKEN IS A TOTAL ARSE-HOLE!!!!

    01/17/2017 4:29:50 PM PST · 35 of 121
    qaz123 to be-baw

    True. Heading up some ‘think tank’ type entity isn’t running a company. But, at the end of the day, she isn’t the one doing the dirty work. She’ll put forth the admin’s agenda and pass on those orders to the folks below her to do all the work. The experience you bring up, comes into play when she discovers that the Leftists that have infected the agency aren’t as productive as they should be or are doing what they can to undermine the agenda. Then, we’ll see what she’s made of.

    Her claim to fame is her push for Charter schools and vouchers, something Trump’s a fan of. I’m sure there were others that he could have put there, obviously, but she adds some diversity to his Cabinet and at the end of the day, if they aren’t listening to her and doing what they’re told, I’m sure he’s going to go thru there like a buzzsaw.

  • [Vanity] Is Anyone watching the Betsy DeVos hearings? AL FRANKEN IS A TOTAL ARSE-HOLE!!!!

    01/17/2017 4:06:03 PM PST · 15 of 121
    qaz123 to CivilWarBrewing

    I’d be willing to bet that DeVos is a name he’s heard before in Minnesota, given its right next to her home state. Plus, her brother founded and ran Blackwater, so the lib’s on the panel must think she’s the spawn of Satan.

    I haven’t watched any of these political farces, except for a few snippets linked to an article. But, one thing I can get from all of them, except for Pompeo, Trump’s picks, coming from the private sector don’t have time for the bullshit. For people like Tillerson, time is money. And doing your job is the only thing that matters.
    And time wasted, answering dumbass questions from some of these clowns, means that you can’t get on with the business of making things better. Same thing for Mattis. He expects results and direct answers to situations. Not some political gobbledygook that takes 10 minutes to say nothing.

    Problem is, for the appointees, they’re probably looking at the politicians knowing they couldn’t get a job in the real world, handing out obama phones. They probably look at them with such disgust and disdain, knowing that these are the people that have been running this country into the ground for decades. The days of politicians going there to do good for the people started declining in the 60’s and its been a downward spiral since.

  • President-Elect Trump utterly obliterates head of scandal-ridden CIA in couple of tweets

    01/17/2017 12:20:08 PM PST · 168 of 174
    qaz123 to Sidebar Moderator

    If one were to drive thru the parking lots of the CIA, DOJ, FBI, Dept of State, etc etc, they might be surprised as to how many Bernie, Hillary, and Obama bumper stickers there are. However, having experience working with pretty much all of them, that line of support is primarily with the admin/analyst/support types. The folks with guns and the operational guys are pretty much pulling the same levers, in the voting booths, that all of us do.

    I’d love to know how much info has been passed on to Trump, throughout this whole adventure. The man, to my knowledge, hasn’t been wrong about much, if anything. I’d be a lot, if I had a lot, that he has a network of folks pumping his surrogates with some much information that they probably have to have a group of analysts just to do the vetting of the information.


    01/17/2017 12:04:42 PM PST · 176 of 189
    qaz123 to palmer

    I wish there was a way for you to send that post to all the people on this thread that are thinking the world is coming to an end over his statement.

    He has already qualified this answer, numerous times, that he wants the market to do it’s work and those that are high risk go into some type of government pool. I’d rather that money go to them, than some pregnant illegal, popping out her 3rd or 4th US citizen(sarc).


    01/17/2017 11:57:07 AM PST · 175 of 189
    qaz123 to P-Marlowe

    Saw a headline the other day alluding to the fact that our health care system was so much more expensive than in other countries. Curious to know if any study has been done about the cost of malpractice insurance, etc and how it effects cost’s, type of care and level of care.

    Lots of people go out of the country for elective surgeries as they are much, much cheaper in other parts of the world. However, I wonder if any of those doctors, in those foreign countries have to worry about losing everything they’ve worked for. I wonder how much a doctor from the British-NHS, has to sweat over treatment for a patient.

    I’ll go out on a limb that if someone goes down to Costa Rica for some liposuction and gets messed up, that there aren’t a whole lot of places for them to turn to for help.


    01/17/2017 11:51:42 AM PST · 174 of 189
    qaz123 to dp0622

    They decide what they want to pay and the doctors have the ability to opt out. Which is why quite a few have opted out of the program since o’care was dropped on them. Same thing with the drugs. They negotiate a price, then the provided has the right to say if they’ll accept it. If not, the drug isn’t covered under either program.

  • Trump vows to provide ‘insurance for everybody’ in Republican health care replacement plan

    01/16/2017 8:10:57 AM PST · 105 of 131
    qaz123 to originalbuckeye

    That’s the insurance my family had for years. And in talking to my mom and others about it, people were very happy with it. She was in the front office, for a doctor for close to 30 years. Said things were very simple prior to the Clinton’s coming in with their revamp of things. Said that things just got progressively worse and worse.

    My brother, retired NYPD, picked what he thought was the best(most expensive) plan when he retired. Was paying out the nose for it. Figured out that if he got a cheaper plan(more of the catastrophic coverage) and paid for doctors visits for his kids out of pocket, it was much cheaper. The doctors charged a different, cash rate, and everyone was happy. Hopefully, we can go back to something like that real soon.

  • Donald Trump blames dissolution of European Union on refugees — 'all of these illegals'

    01/15/2017 9:07:23 PM PST · 14 of 21
    qaz123 to E. Pluribus Unum

    Once again, he’s pretty much spot on. Hopefully, Trump and Orban can get together and start handling some shit. Espcecially after Orban gets rid of Soros’ influence in Hungary

  • Has Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam?

    01/15/2017 7:55:45 PM PST · 39 of 67
    qaz123 to nickcarraway

    We’ll see how long it last’s after she’s raped repeatedly and gets her ass handed to her, over and over.

    Too bad she’s such a hot mess, she was pretty hot at one time.

  • Has Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam?

    01/15/2017 7:41:45 PM PST · 29 of 67
    qaz123 to nickcarraway

    We’ll see how long it last’s after she’s raped repeatedly and gets her ass handed to her, over and over.

    Too bad she’s such a hot mess, she was pretty hot at one time.

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/15/2017 7:36:48 PM PST · 33 of 33
    qaz123 to Candor7

    Nice. ‘Merica!!!!!

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/15/2017 7:34:15 PM PST · 32 of 33
    qaz123 to GreyHoundSailor

    I completely understand your point.

    Those kids in the country, learning about guns, is exactly how it should be. My nephews could unload, clear, disassemble, reassemble and function check a Glock, Sig and M4 when they were around 7 or 8.

    Your point about the DUIs and speeding...Point taken, but they are exceptions to the thousands that are on the road every day in Vermont. And, one thing all those drivers do, everyday they’re on the road, is drive/practice. If you’re a gun person, then you know that being proficient takes work. Being able to do it under stress is even more work. Of the millions that have purchased this year, I’d be willing to bet that only a small percentage went to the range more that a couple of times. An even smaller percentage went and received actual instruction, whether thru a friend or hired someone.

    At the end of the day, I’m all about everyone having one, if they want one, but I’d also love it they actually learned how to use them.

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/15/2017 8:53:13 AM PST · 29 of 33
    qaz123 to Candor7

    I know. Once you get out of the ski towns and away from all those damn NYer’s, it’s kind of rugged.

  • Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland And Provoking A War With Russia Right Before The Inauguration

    01/14/2017 10:57:14 PM PST · 24 of 73
    qaz123 to wku man

    While I agree, overall, with what you wrote, USAEUR, etc was fully prepared to take on the USSR and trained accordingly. Now, they’re too busy taking diversity classes and transgender acceptance classes.

    What worries me about the whole exercise is, what happens if a shot is fired? No matter why, but a GI is killed on the border. Who cleans up that mess? Trump is taking office under the premise that he isn’t going to take shit from anyone. Obama would sacrifice that entire brigade if it was politically expedient. I could be leaning a little in the Alex Jones camp right now, but there’s a lot more at stake now, than when the Cold War was up and running. If something pops off, obama we’ll be long gone and spend the rest of his days talking shit.

  • Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland And Provoking A War With Russia Right Before The Inauguration

    01/14/2017 10:10:10 PM PST · 15 of 73
    qaz123 to Lorianne

    He’s doing everything he can to create problems for Trump. Problem is, guys like Trump deal with and solve problems, they don’t just talk about them and pass the buck.

    It’s like these ridiculous confirmation hearings. Trump has picked, for the most part, men and women of action. Meaning, they don’t have time for the bullshit. They get asked a question, they answer it. That’s one of the things I don’t like about Pompeo. He got up there, did a decent job, but reverted back to the “politician” when he should have told Kamala Harris, etc, that....

    His job as CIA director was to bring back the spirit of Will Bill Donovan, get rid of the Leftists and Progresive hippies in the CIA, make sure everyone who worked there was the brethren of Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne, with the sole purpose of crushing Islam and America’s enemies.

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/14/2017 9:43:31 PM PST · 22 of 33
    qaz123 to Flaming Conservative

    Valid points...all of them.

    If we ever got back to actually following the Constitution, I think this country would be in much different shape than it is now. When you have an SOS in Minnesota certifying an election, knowing that the fraud is blatant, ushering in Franken, the system is incredibly broken. When you have a president urging illegals to vote, with no consequences, the system is broken. As for the ghetto and the hoodrat vote, they don’t matter all that much, as the cities are going to vote the way they do. Nothing can change that. The issue there is, just how many fraudulent votes will be counted, as in the case of the popular vote being decided by only a handful of precints throughout the country. Can you imagine what they election would be like, if it were completely legit across the board?

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/14/2017 9:06:47 PM PST · 19 of 33
    qaz123 to RKV

    absolutely nothing wrong with your proposals

  • Bill calls for abolishment of ATF

    01/14/2017 5:49:50 PM PST · 101 of 107
    qaz123 to PROCON

    I’ve done a fair amount of work with ATF agents over the years. Maybe I was just lucky, but the guys I worked with were as patriotic, gun loving, 2nd amendment loving folks, as anyone I’ve ever met. It was always their leadership, the appointed and ass-kissing, ones that were the main issues. Do they have some knuckleheads? YUP. No more than anyone else, though.

    But, their usefulness and mandate has come to an end.

    Lets just say that there are 100,000 FFLs in the country(for arguments sake) and 1% are crooked. 1000 are dirty. When they are caught, they will spend a very, very, very long time in prison. Ergo, pretty much all FFLs operate well above board because they don’t want to go to prison, are law abiding folks, love guns and are ardent supporters of the 2nd Amendment. ATF requires FFL dealers to maintain their records for a certain amount of years(maybe 5, not sure). Most FFL guys I’ve dealt with keep their paperwork, far longer in the even that an investigation or gun trace leads ATF to their door. So, they take the responsibility very seriously.

    Once ATF is done with the small number of cases dealing with dirty FFLs, what do they do? IRS collects revenue on everything, so the job they used to perform, collecting taxes on liquor and tobacco, has been outsourced. Explosives aren’t all that common, yet.

    What do they do? They start doing narcotics investigations, because all dope dealers have guns. That’s what the DEA is for. People think that there are thousand and thousands of these agents. What most fed agencies do, is form task forces with the locals and give them federal credentials for their assignments. There are only 3000+/- DEA agents. No way they could do all that work without local help. ATF is no different.

    On top of all that, all the agencies refer back to the FBI for pretty much everything, as they have control/oversight over criminal histories, background checks, etc.

    Why not reassess the whole NFA-Class 3 regulations to make it more streamlined and less time consuming and then detail some of them to a Firerarms division in the FBI and then send the rest of them after all the muslim, jihadi’s in this country.

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/14/2017 5:11:35 PM PST · 17 of 33
    qaz123 to RKV

    I’ll even add that, unless you get 100% on said test, only property owners get to vote. I’m tired of paying for shit that some hipster and hoodrat voted for and need my money to pay for.

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/14/2017 5:11:34 PM PST · 16 of 33
    qaz123 to RKV

    I’ll even add that, unless you get 100% on said test, only property owners get to vote. I’m tired of paying for shit that some hipster and hoodrat voted for and need my money to pay for.

  • After this year, there will be 16 or 17 States allowing carrying concealed handguns without a permit

    01/14/2017 4:59:46 PM PST · 14 of 33
    qaz123 to Candor7

    I’m not trying to downplay your statement or be Debbie Downer. I know that Vermont, contrary to the idyllic, postcard setting people think of, it has more than it’s share of issues. Especially with pills and heroin. Your state is 98.8% WHITE, my bad if anyone is offended by that statistic. Vermont is a vacation and retirement destination for folks. On a side not, its black population is.... .5%....Anywho

    I’m all for the 2nd Amendment, people being able to protect themselves and their families and own anything damn thing they want. Trump being elected was wish #1, coming true. Wish #2, would be the elimination of the Class 3 stamp’s for SBR and cans.

    I’ve been in law enforcement for over 15 years, was a security contractor in Iraq for 4+ years. Have been a firearms instructor for 12 years.

    With that being said, I believe that the right to own a gun is a God given right. However, I’ve seen trained “professionals” barely qualify. I’ve seen trained “professionals” have to go thru remedial training. I’ve seen trained “professionals” unable to take apart and put back together, their assigned duty pistol. These people I speak of, were required to go thru at least 2 weeks of training and then concurrent training throughout their careers. They’re not allowed to go thru their academies and never prove their proficiency. They have to qualify.

    There were something like 26+million NICS check year. If you’re gonna carry a gun in my presence, whether you have a permit or not, you damn sure should be required to demonstrate you know where the bullet is going to go. Sorry. I don’t care what you’re trying to stop. It’d be damn shame if someone cranked off a round, only to learn that they got the gun 6 months ago, shot 50 rounds and never went thru any training on the MASSIVE RESPONSIBILITY that comes with carrying a firearm, whether it be actually shooting or the legal aspects.

    I’ve heard the argument that driving is a privilege and carrying a gun is a right. I get it. But, you can stop a car. You can turn the car out of the way. You can swerve the car away from an object. Unless I missed the class with Angelina Jolie about how to curve a bullet, once it leaves, it ain’t stopping til it hits something. Recently I had a conversation with a salesman at a local gun store. He just shakes his head when he tells me about the people that have been coming into the store.

    Lets the bombs start dropping. I can take it.

  • Trump goes after civil-rights icon on Twitter

    01/14/2017 4:38:26 PM PST · 79 of 81
    qaz123 to The Toll

    ha ha are so right. Lots of hipsters, liberals that all wish Atlanta was Portland or Seattle. What they’ll never realize is that, no matter how much they develop anywhere in that city, all they’re doing is providing more and more “future victims”.

    When I worked there, we used to joke that anyone that moved into the new developments, should provide APD with a copy of their ID, DNA sample and some fingerprints, so when they became victims, we’d have no problem identifying them.

  • Trump goes after civil-rights icon on Twitter

    01/14/2017 12:51:13 PM PST · 77 of 81
    qaz123 to The Toll

    You obviously know the area. If it weren’t for the recent college grad snowflakes that think everyone loves them, the young hipsters that think they get along with everyone-just because, and Emory student, the thugs wouldn’t have anyone to prey on in those neighborhoods.

  • Trump goes after civil-rights icon on Twitter

    01/14/2017 12:33:41 PM PST · 74 of 81
    qaz123 to oblomov

    I know there are at least a few people on here that are from the Atlanta area, so they may know what I’m talking about. I was a cop in Atl for a while and worked some of the busier, more violent areas, during my time. I also worked, off duty, in some of the nicer areas. Everyone knows the demographics of the different areas I write of.

    John Lewis is still in DC because no one will run against him. He has all the black preachers in his hip pocket, he has Andy Young in his hip pocket and because of his “civil rights hero” designation, no one will challenge him on anything. All one has to do is listen to him speak and they should realize that he’s dumber than a box of rocks.

    His district, however, is somewhat unusual in my opinion, unless the lines have been redrawn. It encompasses some of the roughest neighborhoods, pretty much all black, if not completely black, in a city that is usually pretty high on the FBI crime stat chart. But, then it stretches, east, to Virginia Highlands, Morningside, Midtown area around Piedmont Park. There you have the epi-center of Atlanta’s gay community(Midtown), and perhaps, some of the whitest neighborhoods in the country. Homes in VaHi(as its called) and Morningside go from around $500-600k on the very low end to over a million. Pretty much all liberal, as you’ll commonly see his campaign signs all over the place.

    Just a bunch of white, liberals, that keep all of his other constituents at arms length, but they support him because of who he “is”. In those neighborhoods, they hire off-duty APD to do patrols. The residents are told, if they see someone/something suspicious, to call the officer directly, not 911 as those calls will be recorded. Can anyone guess the race of the people that get called on, all day long? The only “brown people” allowed in VaHi/Morningside are the Indian doctors that work at Emory and the other hospitals in Atlanta. Otherwise, you’ll be approached by an officer and escorted out of the area.

  • FakePrez.Con

    01/13/2017 11:48:12 PM PST · 5 of 31
    qaz123 to Lurkinanloomin

    Great post.

    I, for one, would still like an explanation as to how he has a SSN from a guy in Connecticut, that was still alive when obama/soetoro was born.

    Also, I’ve heard Barry Soetoro for years, but not sure where that came from.

    Still would like to know how he was editor of the Harvard Law Review, without every being published.

    Still want to know how a couple with little wealth, compared to some, can afford about 5 houses in some of the most affluent zip codes on the planet...must be the same realtor that the clintons used when they left DC

    One day, hopefully, someone will expose him as the fraud that Clint Eastwood spoke of.

  • 'Everyone Will be Muslim Because of Our Stupidity’ Catholic Leader Blasts ‘WEAK’ Church

    01/13/2017 9:22:28 PM PST · 13 of 14
    qaz123 to marshmallow

    Let La Cosa Nostra handle it and it’ll be alright

  • US envoy urges Trump not to cut UN funding and lose clout

    01/13/2017 9:15:42 PM PST · 17 of 109
    qaz123 to Olog-hai

    Even with the total repudiation for everything they’ve done and tried to do, they still don’t get it. They still don’t understand that no one cares what they say or think. No one thinks they have a clue. Because if they did, then clinton would be getting inaugurated in a few days and not Trump.

    I’m pretty sure that they are worried about all their underhanded, corrupt dealings are soon to be exposed and they’re trying to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • EPA says it can't pay economic damages from mine spill

    01/13/2017 9:12:29 PM PST · 98 of 110
    qaz123 to CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC

    At the end of the day, it always comes from us, doesn’t it? But they did pay. Something like $3million.

    But I don’t know exactly what account the check was written from. I’d think it’s probably from some fund the DOJ has somewhere for such things.

  • EPA says it can't pay economic damages from mine spill

    01/13/2017 3:49:39 PM PST · 32 of 110
    qaz123 to qaz123

    I meant to say, if the answer’s are anything BUT...




    then it’s off to court. If they were negligent then they have to pay. FBI payed the Weavers for what the FBI sniper did and was able to answer, Yes, to 2/3.

  • EPA says it can't pay economic damages from mine spill

    01/13/2017 3:46:36 PM PST · 28 of 110
    qaz123 to Olog-hai

    I’m not so sure that ‘sovereign immunity’ thing carries any water in this instance. That immunity, so I’ve been told by an lawyer from the FBI, comes if certain criteria are met:

    Did the agent have a lawful right to be there?
    Did the agent have a lawful right to be doing what they were doing?
    Was the agent negligent in the discharge of their duties?

    If the answer isn’t....Yes - Yes - No...then it’s off to court for the agent. I’m quite sure that ‘agency’ can replace ‘agent’ at any time. Toss that in with the fact that the incident, at least to what I read, was somewhat intentional and I think the immunity thing goes out the window. Saddest part is, the taxpayer is left paying the bill, no matter how you slice it. I would have no issues with being among that taxpayer group if, the money was taken from the EPAs budget as it was being dismantled and gotten rid of...AND...if some people went to prison(for a long time) over the incident, specifically McCarthy.

  • Hiring Eric Holder to fight Donald Trump violates state constitution, California Republican says

    01/13/2017 3:39:21 PM PST · 23 of 25
    qaz123 to HarleyLady27

    They might as well hand him a briefcase full of money on the first day, thank him for his help and let him leave, because that’s about all they aren’t going to get anything out of him.

  • Health Care’s Bipartisan Problem: The Sick Are Expensive and Someone Has to Pay

    01/13/2017 3:07:35 PM PST · 68 of 105
    qaz123 to JeepersFreepers

    First and foremost, I think someone ought to stand up and clarify this “pre existing condition” terminology. Prior to obama, if you had a pre-existing condition like, asthma, insurance companies would still give you insurance. They just wouldn’t cover your asthma meds for one year. After that, everything was the same. Reason I know, I priced a catastrophic plan, Tonic Plan(I thing they called it), with a prescription supplement. They were as nice as could be and the premiums were under $200/ month and everything was good.

    Now, if you show up needing open heart surgery with 6 months of in home rehab, I’m sure thats a different animal and who the hell knows how much that would cost. So, there’s no wonder why the insurance companies would balk at that. There’s too much room for fraud and being swindled.

    However....before of that is even discussed, we need to talk about all the elephants in the room, that Coulter brings up ad nauseum(I agree with her), about the cost of healthcare for all the foreigners that are here: illegals, refugees, their kids, asylum seekers...

    I’d be really curious to see how flush with money we’d be if we could just tackle that problem.

  • Hiring Eric Holder to fight Donald Trump violates state constitution, California Republican says

    01/13/2017 3:00:22 PM PST · 21 of 25
    qaz123 to HarleyLady27

    Hiring a lawyer is one thing. He/she being a good lawyer is something totally separate.

    Anyone who think Holder is a good lawyer really needs to have his head examined. I realize we’re talking about California, but c’mon. Someone there has to have smidgeon of sense. Holder did, what Holder did, which wasn’t much, because he had the ENTIRE WEIGHT OF THE US GOVERNMENT, FEDERAL CODE AND ARMED AGENTS OF SAID GOVERNMENT at his disposal. He’s gonna have go in there, now, just man to man. And he’s gonna look like a fool. He’ll be exposed as the political, incompetent hack that he is, quickly take his money and run and then get hired by Napolitano to teach some BS class for the Cal system.

  • Dead Doctors Don't Lie Somebody Should Go to Jail

    01/13/2017 2:53:52 PM PST · 29 of 32
    qaz123 to Future Useless Eater

    I think Trump saying that drug prices and Big Pharma “murdering us” was definitely a shot across the bow for them and their lobbyists. Then meeting with Kennedy about the vaccine issues. I have an old friend who is very much involved in that issue as he has an autistic child. He wrote a book about it and from snippets of the book that I’ve read, some of it is pretty startling information about how the CDC and our government works to prop up some industry at the expense of others. Still amazes me how the pharmaceuticals still have such a tight grip on things, in this day and age.

    The whole system is an utter disaster. O’care is just one small part of what a debacle it really is. But of course, I still sit back and wonder how many of our financial issues, regarding healthcare, would be a thing of the past if we weren’t taking care of all the illegals, refugees, asylum seekers, their kids, their parents, their grandparents and anyone else that doesn’t need to be here.

  • MARK LEVIN: Rubio educates Tillerson

    01/11/2017 8:22:08 PM PST · 74 of 86
    qaz123 to LS

    These Senators, and Congress as a whole, are so used to people trying to spin and obfuscate all their answers, to hide agendas and the truth, have no idea how to deal with MEN that have no time for petty bullshit.

    For MEN like Trump and Tillerson, see also Mattis and Kelly, time is just as precious as anything else. So, wasting time on meaningless words and banter is just that, wasting time. That time could be used for something more constructive, like developing a strategy to win a war, secure the border or make sure the USA isn’t getting screwed in some type of trade deal.

    How in the world do we allow ourselves to elect clowns like the members of Congress.

  • Farewell to a Decade of Media Drooling Over Barack Obama

    01/09/2017 6:39:54 PM PST · 10 of 24
    qaz123 to del4hope

    I’m not denying that. But I think, if Trump is as successful as we all hope, that obama’s legacy( as dismal as it is to any sane person) will truly unravel into a big giant heap of shit. And there just might be one, enthusiastic individual might just start putting the pieces together. A Breitbart or Hastings kind of person.

  • Farewell to a Decade of Media Drooling Over Barack Obama

    01/09/2017 6:30:25 PM PST · 5 of 24
    qaz123 to dfwgator

    It’ll continue for a little while. And he’ll do everything and anything to stay relevant. But if the Trump train starts rolling and things get better, he’ll be a thing of the past. Once scared journalists, that would have never thought to investigate him/his policies or write anything negative about him, will hopefully start to sprout up and show the world what a fraud and failure the man really is.

    I, for one, still would like to know why he has a SSN from a guy in Connecticut...just sayin’

  • Obamacare repeal costs: 3 million jobs gone....

    01/07/2017 6:49:07 PM PST · 63 of 65
    qaz123 to Castigar

    Nope...because those coal mining, church going, bible reading, gun loving, American loving, patriotic Americans do not fit in the liberal narrative, in any way shape or form.

  • Obamacare repeal costs: 3 million jobs gone....

    01/07/2017 6:47:34 PM PST · 62 of 65
    qaz123 to adorno

    and to create ‘do nothing’ jobs for democrat voters.

  • Obamacare repeal costs: 3 million jobs gone....

    01/06/2017 9:52:42 AM PST · 43 of 65
    qaz123 to God luvs America

    The internet, and all the information that can be gleaned from it, have been a Godsend for the people. Of course, it can be used, and has been, for nefarious purposes.

    But, on the whole, it has finally enabled the people to be able to educate themselves on what the whole story is. Or in this case, have someone else provide information that puts things into the proper context. Problem is, most people still get their info from the MSM and would never know that this study isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

  • Obamacare repeal costs: 3 million jobs gone....

    01/06/2017 9:14:45 AM PST · 12 of 65
    qaz123 to Eric in the Ozarks

    Exactly. Those jobs were made as a result of the disaster, because they needed people to process paperwork, etc.

    I’m also kind of curious to know how finance and construction jobs will be affected by it. If I’m not mistaken, the majority of the jobs created in this country, over the last 7 years, have been part time, directly because of the disaster.

  • Obamacare repeal costs: 3 million jobs gone....

    01/06/2017 9:07:14 AM PST · 1 of 65
    1. I realize it's a columnist from Yahoo News/Finance, so he more than likely has no clue how to balance a checkbook.

    2. Nothing but doom and gloom, as usual from the Left about how much more of a disaster things will be, on top of the disaster they threw on us. 3. No talk about how many jobs were lost because of o'care. 4. No talk about all the "made up jobs", like the folks that would guide you thru the process of signing up for the disaster. 5. No talk about how much it's cost American's, across the board, whether they're paying for o'care or had their insurance policies affected by it in some negative way. 6. No talk about all the people that had perfectly good/decent insurance plans, lost them because of o'care and were forced to buy into the disaster. 7. No talk about all the folks that have chosen to pay the penalty in lieu of buying plan. 8. No talk of the 58 yr old man that has maternity coverage in his plan 9. No talk of how they lied about it, rammed it thru without any support from the Republicans, actually gutted a bill that had already passed and replaced all the language with o'care language, how the exempted themselves.

    Cut it off, now. Who cares if there's a "Republican" replacement. Within a week, insurance companies will go right back to selling insurance the way they did before. Businesses will go right back to providing insurance the same way they did before. Within a month or two, no one will know the difference.

  • Eric Holder Hired by California for Legal Battles Against Trump

    01/04/2017 9:37:27 AM PST · 7 of 51
    qaz123 to tcrlaf


    These liberals have spent so much time telling themselves how great they are, that they actually believe their own bullshit. Can’t wait to see what Holder is going to do when he actually has try and do his job. I’m quite sure he’ll perform, miserably, blame it on the Russians and Bush and then go cash his check.

  • Democrats plan to target eight Trump Cabinet nominees

    01/01/2017 10:05:21 PM PST · 50 of 118
    qaz123 to usafa92

    Dumbass Harry Reid changed the rules in the middle of the game to appease the clown in the WH. Ain’t it a bitch that his rules will be used against his former party.

  • Trump: I Have Intel that Casts Doubt on Russian Hacks

    01/01/2017 10:21:43 AM PST · 41 of 69
    qaz123 to InterceptPoint

    While the federal government has millions of leftists on the payroll, I know quite a few Federal agents. Most of them are breathing a sigh of relief that the nightmare of the past 8 years is coming to an end. My point....

    Trump’s inner, security circle is made up of retired FBI and NYPD guys. These gentlemen still know lots of folks that are active. I”ll go out on a limb and say that the Secret Service guys now assigned to him, have probably never been treated any better than they are right now and have become extremely loyal to him. Throw in all the retired generals/admirals/etc that are on his team. So basically, he has an army of folks ready, willing, and able to provide him with all sorts of stuff, whether it be thru normal channels or something learned over a drink or two at the corner of a bar.

    He isn’t going to show anything on Tuesday or Wednesday. He’s gonna have the press camping out tonight, to try and get a front row seat. He’s gonna play them, again.

  • SR-71 Blackbird Pilot Trolls Arrogant Fighter Pilot with Ground Speed Check.

    12/28/2016 10:09:44 PM PST · 61 of 145
    qaz123 to airplaneguy

    Who cares? It’s a story, a rather good one at that......’MERICA!!!!

  • US Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw From It

    12/27/2016 10:09:12 AM PST · 55 of 56
    qaz123 to Fungi

    Perhaps, when it was founded, countries abilities to communicate with the rest of the world wasn’t anything close to what it is today. I’m sure that when they laid the first brick, no one knew there would be Skype, the ability to fly anywhere in the world whenever you want, email, Facebook, being able to talk to someone in space.

    The UN, much like the US Dept of State, are relics of the past that should be put to bed.

  • US Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw From It

    12/27/2016 10:06:06 AM PST · 54 of 56
    qaz123 to george76

    As with most things, there’s a very simple solution. I haven’t read all the comments/responses to the article, but I’d be willing to bet that the majority call for it being booted out of the US, withdrawing all funding or both.

    Kick it out of the country. Send it to, The Hague. That’s where all sorts of ‘so called’ international something or other is, it seems only fair that the UN should be there as well. And it’s a lot closer to all their socialist and communist Shangri-La’s. Right there in the middle of the epicenter of the muslim invasion of Europe. All the UN folks will be right there, to see firsthand, all the destruction that these freedom seekers bring, so they can better understand it.

    Oh wait, that is exactly why they want it in NYC. The security, living on the Upper East Side, the restaurants, Broadway, etc etc. While people in some of those countries are eating cow shit for dinner, their UN reps are riding around NYC, living it up.

  • Limbaugh: Obama will create 'unrest' during Trump presidency

    12/20/2016 7:15:43 PM PST · 38 of 51
    qaz123 to Gene Eric

    he’s entirely over confident and delusional about his place in the world and his intelligence. He’s been propped up for so long, he’s forgotten just how much of an idiot he really is. He actually believes his own BS. He was selected to accomplish certain things. While he did do some serious damage to the country, I’d be willing to bet he wasn’t nearly as successful as his puppet masters hoped he would have been.

    When he’s gone from office and people aren’t taking his phone calls immediately anymore, when he doesn’t get a call back right away, when people don’t drop everything to hear him speak, when people aren’t waiting on him hand and foot, and he realizes just how irrelevant he really is, he’s going to make a fool of himself. He’ll start doing anything and everything to stay relevant and have a voice in the game. This will be exemplified when Trump reverses one of his insane EOs and people realize just how destructive the EO really was.

    Of his many problems, the guy he’s up against plays by his own set of rules. A set of rules that are in a playbook he doesn’t have.