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  • Caption this: Billionaire Tyrant captured posing as homeless man in RatHole

    12/14/2003 11:24:53 AM PST · 87 of 141
    Ragin1 to MeeknMing
    It only cost greater than $64 billion to capture me.
  • Still Hating Rothbard

    11/10/2003 2:43:09 AM PST · 14 of 16
    Ragin1 to sourcery
    Here is a post from another site that shares some thoughts about wheelers post:

    This is my long-winded refutation of author Jack Wheelers article entitled, "The Anti-American Right." At first, this article intrigued me but after analyzing Wheelers thought process line-by-line it occured to me that what we have here is just another immoral utilitarian. Utilitarianism is often considered by many political philosophers to be the lowest-of-the-low. The most immoral of all political philosophies, because it is predicated upon sacrificing principles and engaging in compromises and cutting a few corners in adhering to ideology, if it will lead to some short or long term goal. Of course, low-life utilitarians are not rare, so Wheeler is in good company with most people of this world. Include him with all the people who would turn a blind eye to the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the 4th Amendment or the 5th, or 9th or 10th.... Wheeler would undoubtably turn a blind eye to just about any violation of principles if it would get an almighty Republican elected or re-elected. The apparent hero of this misguided writer little story is apparently Bush and Ashcroft, our saviors. Wheeler thinks the whole conservative movement is against Bush and he sets out to set everyone straight.

    Perhaps it is Wheeler who needs the straightening out because he fails to see exactly why the "conservative movement" is against Bush, and he fails to want to see the real truth even though every "think-tank" has been making these facts known. Wheeler wants no part of these realities if they don't fit his "Bush the hero" and "Ashcroft the hero" public relations campaign. We're talking two guys (especially Bush) who have irked conservatives nationwide because Bushs anti-gun position is now well known to not be in support of the 2nd Amendment as he plans to reauthorize the most viscions anti-gun law this country has ever known; the "assault weapons ban". Furthermore, Ashcroft, the man who had once earned great accolades among gun owners for his brave act of affirming the 2nd Amendment as an individual right as one of his first acts as Attorney General, is now beginning to waver on his position. Either he has changed his mind, or he was 'full of crap' to begin with and was just pandering to the 2nd Amendment crowd to get their support.

    Here is what the Conservative Caucus has on their web site about Bush/Ashcroft:

    " Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, asks "If the Bush Administration is so gung-ho for gun rights, why are they going against an overwhelming majority of the American people and the Airline Pilots Association by opposing the right of pilots to have firearms and to serve as the last line of defense in the battle against terrorism in the skies? "And why is Attorney General Ashcroft backpedaling on the remarks he made that the Second Amendment was intended to protect the right of individuals, not just militias, to keep and bear arms? "In a recent interview on Larry King, John Ashcroft said ‘Reasonable regulations regarding the ownership of weapons are appropriate’ and [the Brady restrictions] are reasonable regulations, and they’re to be defended [by the Bush Administration]."The Administration also stated that our individual gun rights are ‘subject to reasonable restrictions designed to prevent possession by unfit persons or to restrict possession of firearms that are particularly suited to criminal misuse."So who are ‘unfit persons’? Airline Pilots? Teachers? Residents of Washington, D.C.? Right now, all three groups of people are, apparently, unfit to carry firearms for their self-defense. …"I hate to say it but I am beginning to question the depth of support this Administration really has for our gun rights."

    --------------------------- Wheeler: Yet whatever sense or nonsense it makes, anti-Americanism is seeping into the entire conservative movement and is threatening to splinter it into pieces.

    This guy apparently suffers from the same mental impairment as former President Clinton. Clinton once remarked that [paraphrasing] "He could not understand how people could claim to be "pro-America" yet "anti-government?" It's all in the context of course, but it only takes a 5th grade education to understand the context. There are people who see a big difference between the way their government really is, in opposition to the way it (a) should be, or is (b) supposed to be according to the founding principles of that country.

    There does not exist one reputable conservative think-tank in all of america that does not understand this distinction. Yet Mr. Wheeler, the wanna-be conservative either does not understand, or he chooses not to understand because it weakens his imaginary straw-man arguments. Every 6th grader understand this, and it is what every think-tank has been telling people for the last 30 years.

    James Madisons vision of America is gone, and it is that destruction of our founding principles which people resent, Mr. Wheeler. ... and your lies and utilitarian mentality are part of the problem.

    Wheeler: Howard Phillips, head of the famed Conservative Caucus, is one of the founders of the entire modern conservative movement in America. Yet Howard Phillips' writings and speeches now are indistinguishable from those of Howard Dean's in their outpouring of vitriol and condemnation of President Bush

    Watch this, we're going to follow a trend here. Mr. Wheeler is going to name a bunch of big time conservative organizations which he claims are "against Bush."... and in fact, these are organizations he respects! However, what Mr Wheeler won't tell you anywhere in his ranting "bush-bot" diatribe is why these think tanks don't like Bush or other low-life compromisers of our freedoms. Mr. Wheeler just wants to set up his straw- man arguments about Iraq and how great Bush is doing over there... he's like a broken record... he refuses to aknowledge that none of this really has anything whatsoever to do with conservative values or the founding principles of our country. Where the hell in the Second Amendment, 4th, 9th or 10th Amendment does it say anything about Iraq. Oh yeah, the whole friggin world revolves around Iraq I guess.. Suspend the laws of physics, forget about chemistry and the Constitution... Being a good "Republican" is all about Iraq. What a moronic straw-man argument.

    David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union, organizer of the annual C-PAC conference (the largest gathering of conservatives in the country) and member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association, is now in bed with the ACLU in its efforts to demonize Attorney General John Ashcroft and prevent the Patriot Act from catching Moslem terrorists.

    Uh oh. Heres this trend I was talking about. He drops more names of conservative who are "against" Bush and Ashcroft, but yet not once will he tell you why nearly the whole conservative movement is against any-and- all low life political scuzzballs who won't protect the Constitution and sell our gun rights down the river.

    Former Congressman Bob Barr, who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton in Congress and is also an NRA board member, has become a paid whore for the ACLU, and now makes a living bashing Bush and Ashcroft.

    Oh look, he drops even more names. But again, he won't tell us why Bob Barr is against Bush's and Ashcrofts policies. Maybe because they crap on the Constitution? Oh yeah, I forgot. The Constitution no longer exists in Wheelers demented revisionist-history version of a "conservative america." It's all about how great Bush is doing in Iraq, because Iraq is now the center of the universe and a shining example of how great Bush has made Iraq now that its "free."

    The source of many conservatives' and libertarians' hatred for America is, however, no mystery: the baneful influence of the founder of the Libertarian Party, Murray Rothbard. He is the reason why so much of the entire libertarian movement is in bed with the hate-America left, and why so many conservatives are getting under the same covers.

    The intellectual parents of the libertarian movement are philosopher Ayn Rand and economist Murray Rothbard, whose followers caused an ideological split in the movement in the 1970s.

    Thats right, and that was the greatest damned thing that could ever happen to the right-wing movement. It was a seperation between those who held true moralistic right wing values based on the political philosophy of John Locke and the 300 years of prior political-economic philosophy, versus the pretenders who were low-life utilitarians who would violate their principles if it suited their convenience and agenda. It was these utilitarian low-lives who made up the vast portion of modern New-Conservatives who became totally infected by the gradual "New Deal" socialism mentality which currently plagues America. You show me a "Conservative" who is not totally willing to eliminate every vestige of socialism in America, from top-to-bottom, in a proverbial heart-beat, and I'll show you a low-life utilitarian wanna-be New-conservative masquerading as a conservative.

    Rothbards era (inspred by the likes of Von Mises and others) represented a grande era for political theorists. It was finally time to seperate the pretenders who we shall properly call the "New-Conservatives" from the true moralistic extremist right-wingers (the Old-Conservatives) who tended to border on anarchism (at least in theory) such as in the case of Murray Rothbard (but he was a believe in government, make no mistake).

    I will state it very clearly: Murray Rothbard hated America. He was as Platonist as they come, and hated America for not living up to his anarchist ideals.

    Rothbard hates America??? Gee, that must be why Rothbard has written one of the most monumental 4 part tomes on American history that has ever been published. Rothbards 4 hardcover bound set entitled "Conceived in Liberty" is highly regarded. I'm sorry, what books on American history has Wheeler published, caused I'm just wondering how Wheeler the genius scholar has enlightened the world.

    This isn't Wheelers first jibe at Rothbard. He's got personal "issues" with Rothbard (and Raynd) arrogance, and in an interview I've seen with Wheeler, it appears that the man had nothing of much substance to say in refutation to Rothbards theory. Wheeler merely feels that Rothbard was too much of a theorist (platonist) who viewed the rest of society as impure if they didn't adhere to strict philisophical princples. Well guess what Mr. Wheeler, I feel the same way about your blatently obvious utilitarian principles.

    Rothbard was a black-flag anarchist who argued for the total abolishment of all government entirely. Congressman Chris Cox once told me how much he regretted the ruinous influence of Rothbard upon the Libertarian Party, disenabling it from playing the positive role in American politics he felt it could and should play.

    So, big friggin deal? Again, another stupid straw-man argument from Wheeler. As an academic theorist who is highly regarded, Murray Rothbard is entitled to engage in as much theory as he damned well pleases to investigate, because thats what academics do. Wheeler sounds more like an anti-academic heretic than an educated man. Any uneducated person who can't understand the motivation that mathemeticians, and physicists, and economists, and political-theorists/philosophers feel about their work is not in a position to be passing judgement. Obviously, "theory" is "above Mr. Wheelers" intelligence level, else he probably would be doing it himself. Anyone who criticizes theorists is an insult to intelligent mankind. God help the world if there were no Einstein's (whos work continues to be complete and total theory to this day) or mathemeticians who are all shining examples of theorists. The world would never advance if anti-academic/anti-theoretical persons such as Wheeler were controlling information.

    Rothbard ........ libertarianism is now gaining advocates among conservatives - especially those who are infected by anti-Semitism and can't stand America's support for Israel. Rothbard provides an intellectual excuse for their anti-Semitism. Pat Buchanan is the most well-known among those who use the term "neoconservative" as an insult and code word for "right-wing Jew."

    Rothbard's anti-America left-wing libertarianism

    This right here folks, is Wheelers shining example of his own stupidity. Libertarianism (American libertarianism in particular as far as this discussion is concerned) is the most Far-Right political philosophy there is short of anarcho-capitalism. Libertarians are BY FAR the most avid capitalists which makes them the most right wing. Furthermore, from a historical perspective, libertarians are by far the most far-right devotees of maintaining the original vision of America as intended by our founding fathers. Libertarians are not "left wing" on social issues, because this is just yet another obfuscation by modern New-Conservatives (socialist/communist trash) who try to pretend that "social" and "economic" freedoms are seperable issues. They are not, nore have they ever been, and 300 years of political philosophy bears this out. "Social freedoms" are merely a subset of "economic freedoms" and it all stems from (well to a large degree) from John Locke's "Second Treatise" where he laid the foundation for "self ownership." In short, man can never be secure in his physical property if he cannot be secure in his "self." A mans "thoughts and ideas" are considered property in the same manner as physical property such as land. Thats why we have copyrights and patents and trademarks, because it recognizes that "ideas" are property. As soon as we allow government to start revoking peoples right to own ideas and buy, sell or trade them... it then becomes apparent that government tyrants can revoke your physical property as well at a mere whim.

    Any attempt to pass "pornography laws" or "anti-free speech laws" or outlaw "hate speech" or any of that othercrap which passes for new communist-conservatism is the antithesis of Old-Conservatism. True Conservatives would never support porno laws nor laws against suicide, or gays or anything else that interferes with a persons right to do with their own body as they will, because only they own it. Old-Conservatives fiercely oppose such things else that are not true extreme Right-wingers, but are in reality, piece of undisciplined garbage utilitarians who compromise their principles to suit their personal feelings or agenda du jour.

    American libertarians are probably the most devoted group of scholars of American history that exist in the political spectrum. Their literature is filled with american history. Yet, Republicans and Democrats view americas history largely as a marketing ploy to be toyed with if it'll getthem some votes. One only has to logon to the GOP web site to find that it is almost totally devoid of any historical content. Their real good at using keywords like "patriotism", and they've got nice little flags plastered all over their web sites.... because thats the marketing ploy. Try reading a book from the CATO INstitute versus a piece of trash book written by O'Reilly or Hannity; you'll immedately see who is the big pretender. Libertarianism is rife with ultra patriotism, and ultra obsession with our founding fathers. Too bad the same cannot be said of Republicans and Democrats. Dems and Reppublicans feel that if they were to start "spouting stuff about Madison" then they would lose their target audience because your average person would view such stuff as an "abstraction". You see, its all a marketing ploy to them. Dems and Republicans cannot deal with James Madison and Jefferson and present those view to the general public on their web sites or in TV commercials because they are afraid to lose votes! They are cowards, and they are phonies, and they are thusly not the most dedicated to the ultra right-wing preservation of Americas heritage.

    Left-wing libertarians demolished the Libertarian Party as a major player in American politics.

    More phony lies about libertarianism, because Wheeler is so clearly jealous and he cannot mentally deal with the fact that libertarians are so far to the ultra-right that they make Wheeler and his cadre of New-Conservatives look like the whining socialists that they really are. Anti-gun supporters, anti Constitution supporters, and anti-property rights supporters.

    Will left-wing conservatives do the same to the Republican Party?

    99.44 percent of the Republican Party is left wing by libertarian standards, so what the hell is Wheeler talking about? This guy didn't get the memorandum obviously, that the New-Conservatives took this country over back around the time of the "New-Deal", and this country has slid so far to the ultra-left that we no longer even realize that we're a socialist nation that probably spends more socialist money than any other government in the world.

    I said it before, and I'll say it again.... any Republican who is not willing to eliminate every single vestage of socialism in American, from top-to-bottom, and to do so in a proverbial heartbeat, is not a true Conservative. They are a New-conservatve-communists masquerading as a conservative. Only the true libertarians like Rothbard would dare have the balls to dismantle every single vestage of socialism in a heartbeat, and put the New- Conservatives to shame.

    Standing in the way of their seizing more control within the Republican Party is President George W. Bush. That is why they despise him. Left-wing conservatives are Bush and Ashcroft haters because Bush and Ashcroft are actively protecting American national security.

    Your frigging kidding me right? Yeah. That's it. I'm sure thats it. There exists this big "conspiracy" against Bush and Ashcroft because the whole conservative movement who is against Bush and Ashcroft really don't want our nation defended. This is probably the stupidest thing Wheeler has ever said in his lifetime and certainly in this article.

    Again, Wheeler fabricates more imaginary straw-man arguments. He keeps blabbing on about Iraq, but completely forgetting that Conservatives now have a seething hatred for Ashcroft and Bush because they have demonstratedly pissed on Americans gun rights and their Constitutional rights and have damaged the fabric of society which Madison and Jefferson and Hamilton worked so hard to create.

    What separates the anti-American Right from the anti-American Left are social and politico-economic issues. The former remains anti-abortion, pro- family, pro-capitalist, and disdains the latter's advocacy of abortion, homosexuality, personal irresponsibility and tax-the-rich demagoguery.

    Pro-family issues have nothing whatsoever to do with "left-wing" or "right wing." This is just another example of why Wheeler is ignorant of political philosophy and really does not deserve to be writing for an online journal. That job should be given to somebody whos more educated. Cheap polemics, thats all.

    Homosexuality also has nothing whatsoever to do with the Right-Wing agenda. More examples of Wheelers complete ignorance of 300 years of political philosophy. What is very relevant however is the recognition of property rights. I already abstracted Lockes theory; briefly reiterated, Man cannot be secure in his physical property until he is secure in his person. Anyone who dares attempt to regulate what people do with their own bodies violates the most sacrosancy principle of economic Conservatism which has existed for 300 years. Such people are no conservatives, they are filthy socialists/communists who proved they don't value the right to property; their willing to compromise a little for purposes of their perceived morality. What these phonies don't realize is that their compromise merely pushes their values that much farther the left wing.

    All of these people were staunch anti-Communists during the Cold War. Somehow they have lost their interest or their courage in opposing Islamism in the War on Moslem Terrorism.

    Which "WAR" would that be, because I don't ever remember Congress declaring War in the last 50 years, as is required in the United States Constitution? Perhaps this is yet another reason Conservatives despise Bush. In fact, I know damned well this is the reason because I can go to half the big conservative web sites and see that this is in fact a major gripe. Just look how the "Conservative Caucus" feels about this issue at their web site. Their feelings on the matter are not timid, and of course the libertarians are even more strong on this issue. Just another reality that Wheeler would like us all to forget.

    Third, if you get into a confrontation with a member of the anti- American Right, don't back down. Stand your ground and demand that they have the guts to defend America from her enemies. A lot of these folks will come back at you with a holier-than-thou righteous fury. Tell them to take out their anger on the terrorists who attacked our country

    Well Mr. Wheeler, maybe you shall never understand why their is a vast conspiracy against those who destroy America from within (which includes anti-gun Bush, and now it seems very sadly, even anti-gun Ashcroft... [see quotes at top of this message] ).

    What you shall never understand, because you are anti-american trash, is that protecting Constitution of the United States is worth the life of every single american who is currently alive, as well as those who shall be born in all future generations. Indeed the Constitution is worth the life indeed of every man, woman and child on the face of the planet. You see, because we're not just talking about the Constitution here, thats just a euphemism, a piece of paper. We're talking about freedom; the opposite of slavery.

    The thousands of people who died in the World Trade Center incident was a mere drop in the bucket, and tens of thousands of times that number have died in American wars prior to that to protect freedom. Freedom and the Constitution was easily worth my life, your life, and the life of every man and woman inside those world Trade Center Towers. Those people are insignificant insofar as freedom goes.

    The greatest terrorist threat which has ever existed, and which plagues this nation is not from Arabs.... Our greates threat is from the domestic terrorists who infiltrate our country. They are the "communists" (who think they can hijack the airline industry with State-regulation), "socialists" which includes the left wing as well as the rest of the "New- Conservatives" (who are still socialists any way you slice it), and add to that anyone who screws with the Bill of Rights in any way, shape or form. You people are domestic terrorists who are destroying the fabric of our nation from within.

    If James Madison saw what you were doing with his country, he'd bitch-slap you from here to next week, but I could only speculate that Madison would be too much of a gentleman even to do that.

    Rothbardian Libertarian posted on 2003-11-05 05:14:31 ET Reply Trace

  • Rush and Drugs - Conservative Dilemna

    10/21/2003 9:16:26 AM PDT · 43 of 140
    Ragin1 to RJCogburn
    Wouldn't that be great if rush had his 30,000 stashed at his residence. Wouldn't it be great if rush had to surrender his property, vehicles, cars, boats, and of course his golf clubs?

    What comes around, goes around, and this ones going to make rhe republicans to look like hypocrytes.

  • Rush and Drugs - Conservative Dilemna

    10/21/2003 9:12:40 AM PDT · 42 of 140
    Ragin1 to Physicist
    I disagree. If the republicans legalized marijuana today, they would gain 10,000,000 votes in 04. They have allready become quite the socialists, and to legalize would attract all the fence sitters, and even some of the left.
  • The Truth Behind The Badjoe Blowup

    10/19/2003 9:53:09 AM PDT · 58 of 60
    Ragin1 to OWK
    Your doing a damn fine job! Keep up the "good" work!
  • Libertarians for Democrats?

    10/14/2003 8:35:16 PM PDT · 4 of 15
    Ragin1 to luckydevi
    3% if we are lucky. It will hurt in close states.

    Now all rise for the required 10 minutes of hate the libertarians.

  • Vanity: The Anti-Freepers Lament (Where have all the "Good" posters gone)

    06/18/2003 9:43:26 AM PDT · 230 of 232
    Ragin1 to AAABEST
    Outstanding! People, events, and ideas. It really is that simple.
  • The End of the State of Israel

    05/27/2003 4:33:08 PM PDT · 12 of 71
    Ragin1 to Dr Warmoose
    LOL. I thought the texans had whittled all dissent. I rarely come to the board much since the great election and sudden reversal of opine by the fearless leader. Good to see someone took off the shades, sat down their aid, and looked at the consequences.
  • Syria: U.S. hints at applying sanctions on Syria

    04/18/2003 8:56:51 PM PDT · 26 of 31
    Ragin1 to Fixit
    Oh quick. You must add Florida to that list. They did harbor terrorists, and even train them as a matter of fact. Serve up 10 moabs for jeb please.
  • Al Qaeda at Sea U.S. Vessels may be at risk from ‘terrorist navy’

    01/20/2003 3:41:35 PM PST · 4 of 28
    Ragin1 to aculeus
    Al Qaeda’s “navy”


  • Reno doesn't rule out a bid for U.S. Senate if seat is open

    01/13/2003 9:15:17 AM PST · 13 of 34
    Ragin1 to Rebelbase
    "then she has nowhere to hide if and when she becomes the target of an investigation by the republican operated Department of Justice."

    Did you even think about that statement before you typed? Not gonna happen. Never will.

    Perhaps if we all just vote more R's in the house and senate, they will investigate. Waddya think? Good idea?


    01/05/2003 7:53:18 PM PST · 37 of 105
    Ragin1 to ConservativeMan55
    "Mr. Frum should seriously consider letting the president speak for himself on these highly volatile matters."

    Mr. Bush should have spoke for himself to start with.

  • Sniper tips to aid hunt for firearms

    01/03/2003 3:59:37 AM PST · 33 of 121
    Ragin1 to MonroeDNA
    Great link Monroe! Thank you!
  • So Much More Than Lott

    01/01/2003 8:52:05 AM PST · 7 of 216
    Ragin1 to TLBSHOW
    "I am a conservative," the syndrome goes. "Therefore, when I commit a liberal or an anti-conservative act, the liberals will love me."

    Sounds like the first line of the Republican platform. Spineless jellyfish.


    12/13/2002 8:29:58 PM PST · 282 of 1,126
    Ragin1 to holdonnow


  • Vacant Lott for Rent: The Trent Lott Press Conference Live Thread.

    12/13/2002 7:57:17 PM PST · 244 of 251
    Ragin1 to OldFriend
    "But then this is all about the impeachment"

    Not for me OldFriend. It's about what mr spinless did about the sale of our technology to china. It's about our White House for sale. About no controlling athority. It's about alot of things. It's about Murder inc. It's about treason and absolutely nothing done about it.

    I sincerely do not care if clinton got 20 bj's a day from the troop leaders of the girl scouts. None of my business. I don't like the way lott compromises on every conservative value. Plain and simple.

    Can you tell me the last time you actually admired something Trent Lott has done? Repeat done, not said.

  • Vacant Lott for Rent: The Trent Lott Press Conference Live Thread.

    12/13/2002 5:06:43 PM PST · 238 of 251
    Ragin1 to section9
    "(Frist, Nickles, McConnel, and Santorum)"

    The first good short list I've seen. I'll take Santorum in a heartbeat.

  • Vacant Lott for Rent: The Trent Lott Press Conference Live Thread.

    12/13/2002 5:03:18 PM PST · 236 of 251
    Ragin1 to Robert_Paulson2
    Do you really believe Republicans don't have access to fbi files?
  • Vacant Lott for Rent: The Trent Lott Press Conference Live Thread.

    12/13/2002 2:58:43 PM PST · 122 of 251
    Ragin1 to Right_in_Virginia
    I think Trent fell on a sword for the party. In one swoop, the majority leader can be changed, and the R party can show how much they love negroe's.

    I would love to see the short list, but we'll know soon enough.

  • Lieberman: We want McCain for 2004! (Good Riddance Porky!)

    12/09/2002 4:13:10 PM PST · 3 of 13
    Ragin1 to Pliney the younger
    Come on Pliney, everyone knows the only thing that matters is to vote R.
  • Can You Help America?

    11/30/2002 8:21:32 AM PST · 7 of 688
    Ragin1 to B4Ranch
  • UN runs out of food for Zimbabwe

    11/30/2002 7:10:18 AM PST · 10 of 24
    Ragin1 to Clive
    When do the Sally Struthers commercials begin?
  • Bin Laden Blasts Clinton for Oval Office Sexcapades

    11/29/2002 10:38:06 AM PST · 13 of 19
    Ragin1 to Cicero
    Actually we did not have an enemy in the Middle East until we became Israel's friend.
  • CHOSIN RESERVOIR - Saga of Epic Heroism

    11/29/2002 8:27:25 AM PST · 36 of 60
    Ragin1 to SAMWolf
    Thank you Sam.
  • Unions Rally at Wal-Mart Stores

    11/23/2002 5:17:45 AM PST · 126 of 213
    Ragin1 to Nuke'm Glowing
    Cause and effect. The emotional stance will remain in the effect column. The cause stance will lead to revolt.

    Can't we get back to getting more R's into the cartel in 04'? 8^)

  • Unions Rally at Wal-Mart Stores

    11/23/2002 5:07:38 AM PST · 124 of 213
    Ragin1 to Nuke'm Glowing



    11/21/2002 6:31:28 PM PST · 654 of 655
    Ragin1 to
    "Libertarians have abandoned the entire Conservative movement"

    No logic, Republicans have abondoned the conservative movement.

  • Welcome to the new American Gestapo

    11/20/2002 10:30:28 AM PST · 57 of 170
    Ragin1 to TLBSHOW
    Good find. Could you please add this hypocrisy to your book?
  • Welcome to the new American Gestapo

    11/20/2002 10:26:04 AM PST · 55 of 170
    Ragin1 to Area51
    Thank you!
  • The Homeland Security Monstrosity

    11/19/2002 8:03:48 PM PST · 2 of 38
    Ragin1 to metalbird1
    Bill never even imagined what George has wrought.
  • What did Dubya do in the war, daddy?

    11/17/2002 11:05:29 AM PST · 18 of 150
    Ragin1 to THX 1138
    All rise for the required hate the liberal:

    Linda McQuaig and the Cult of Evasion

    Re: Michael's Interview with Linda McQuaig (Re: Her book -- Cult of Impotence) -- Mar. 22, 1998 -- CBC's This Morning

    Dear Mr. Enright,

    Your interview with Linda McQuaig convinced me that her new book, "Cult of Impotence," is not worth reading.

    Consider just one example -- her suggestion that government should become less impotent with respect to unemployment.

    Ms. McQuaig regards John Maynard Keynes as a genius for proposing that government spend its way to full employment. But where does the government get its money? It extorts it from taxpayers.

    According to Keynes' "logic," a bankrobber reduces unemployment because he diverts our savings towards consumption. If you followed the bankrobber around while he spends his loot you would no doubt see an increase in economic activity and employment.

    If you evade the fact that the money spent by the bankrobber is no longer available for the banks to finance those who actually create goods and services, plus the fact that certain individuals have been robbed of their personal savings -- you might conclude that robbing banks is "good for society." In other words, if you press your nose really hard to the tree in order to blank out the forest, you might believe that governments actually create jobs.

    Ms. McQuaig had the effrontery to suggest that corporations are responsible for high unemployment because high unemployment allegedly benefits corporations. A corporation doesn't have the power to create widespread unemployment -- only the government has that power. She completely evaded the obvious role our not-so-impotent government has played in keeping unemployment high. It did so by artificially raising the cost of employment -- via the minimum wage, massive red tape, unemployment insurance, punitive taxation, etc.

    In essence, Ms. McQuaig wants a government that is less impotent in job creation -- which in reality involves forcing people and corporations to become more impotent. Her book, entitled "The Cult of Impotence," appears to be just another example of what I call: "The cult of evasion."


    Glenn Woiceshyn

  • SNL humors me with Donahue sketch last night

    11/17/2002 10:55:40 AM PST · 21 of 38
    Ragin1 to Bogey780
    Good one! Here is one more:

    Chris Matthews: Welcome back to "Hardball". I'm Chris Matthews. A nuclear submarine slices through a Japanese fishing boat like cream corn trough a goose. Bush orders allied planes to give Baghdad a beat-down. I'm gonna tell you what, no one gives a flying frig! 'Cause when you get right down to it, the Clinton scandal machine keeps running along, next stop, Harlem, and it wouldn't matter if Bush did a line of coke along the Loch Ness monster's ass! We'd all still be talking about what Clinton thought of "The Wedding Planner". Morons, you're all morons! With me today, the current belle of the post-Clinton epoch, Denise Rich.

    Denise Rich: Hello, Chris.

    Chris Matthews: Also joining us from Washington, former Clinton advisor Paul Begala.

    Paul Begala: Thanks for having me...

    Chris Matthews: Zip it, Begala! It's not Equal Time, it's Hardball! Miss Rich, we're gonna start with you. Did you and your husband, Marc Rich, pay off the Clintons in exchange for a presidential pardon or what?

    Denise Rich: Chris, as I have stated, I invoke my Fifth Amendment rights concerning all questions on this matter.

    Chris Matthews: Come on, lady! Fifth Amendment? That's just rich people talk for "I'm guilty". It's not gonna fool anyone here at "Hardball".

    Denise Rich: Chris, the only things we have given to the Clintons are love and support, a saxophone, and millions of dollars. Is that a big deal?

    Chris Matthews: Paul Begala, what about it? Denise Rich insists she didn't break the rules, but more importantly, shouldn't someone who wears that much makeup be a better liar?

    Paul Begala: Absolutely, Chris. There's no story here.

    Chris Matthews: Yeah.

    Paul Begala: The Bush administration...

    Chris Matthews: Yeah.

    Paul Begala: simply substituting an...

    Chris Matthews: Yeah.

    Paul Begala: ..anti-Clinton witch hunt...

    Chris Matthews: Yeah.

    Paul Begala: ...for their actual agenda.

    Chris Matthews: Blah, blah, blah, you're done! You're boring and you look like a fetus! Joining us now from Pennsylvania is Senator Arlen Specter. Senator, you recently suggested impeaching President Clinton; isn't that a little extreme?

    Arlen Specter: I didn't say we should impeach Mr. Clinton. The Constitution gives us a number of options: We could impeach him, he could be censored - uh, censured, or according to Article Three, we could also tie his hands behind his back and have Roger Clemens fire a fastball at his face.

    Chris Matthews: Paul Begala, what about it, should the U.S. government hire major leaguers to whip baseballs at the ex-president? And please, phrase your answer in the form of a shout.

    Paul Begala: President Clinton has done nothing wrong, and I fail to see why...

    Chris Matthews: (makes snoring noises) Specter, wake up! Shouldn't Clinton's punishment fit his crime?

    Arlen Specter: Uh, again, at this point, I merely want to our investigate legal options. For instancee, under the Articles of Confederation, we may have the authority to take President Clinton to a deserted island and hunt him for sport. If he survives, he's acquitted. If we bag him, we get to cook him in a large pot and eat him. Now. I'm not saying we're going to do this. I'm just saying, Strom Thurmond has an island.

    Chris Matthews: Denise Rich, the next question's for you: exactly how much money does it cost to look that cheap?

    Denise Rich: Once again, I invoke my Fifth Amendment rights.

    Chris Matthews: Paul Begala, you chesire cat-faced cretin, should Clinton be hunted like a dog on Strom Thurmond's island or what?

    Paul Begala: Chris, you really don't expect me to answer that.

    Chris Matthews: You're a virgin, aren't you, Begala? Come on.

    Paul Begala: That's really none of your business.

    Arlen Specter: Can I say something here, Chris? Scottish common law says that we have the option to shrink President Clinton to the size of a field mouse and then force him to fight spiders for our amusement. Are we going to do this? Probably. All I'm saying, Strom Thurmond has a shrinking ray.

    Chris Matthews: Ho-ho! Now we're playing some freakin' Hardball! I wanna thank my guests. Denise Rich, anything left to say?

    Denise Rich: I must invoke my Fifth Amendment...

    Chris Matthews: Boo! Senator Specter, good luck eating the President.

    Arlen Specter: Or shrinking him, Chris.

    Chris Matthews: Okay, right. Paul Begala, once again, I tore you a new one. Let's check the scoreboard: Matthews 17, Begala 2! Stick around, I'm going outside to shout at cars! You're watching "Hardball"!

    Thanks to Mike S. for this transcript!

  • SNL humors me with Donahue sketch last night

    11/17/2002 8:34:26 AM PST · 15 of 38
    Ragin1 to stylin_geek
    Chris Matthews: Welcome back to "Hardball", I'm Chris Matthews. Fighting rages on in the middle East, Yassar Arafat has locked himself in his paic room, Prime Minister Sharon has a boner for bulldozers, and the hottest-selling Spring accessory in the West Bank is a fishing vest that ticks! These people are nuts! They're Looney Tunes! They say the want peace, they keep blowing things up, and bush's solution is to head for Crawford, Texas and play with cows! Should the U.S. intervene, or should they let the whole middle East turn into an episode of "Battlebots"! Joining me today, House Majority Leader Dick Armey!

    Dick Armey: Nice to be here, Chris. The thing that strikes me is -

    Chris Matthews: Whoa! The hell do you think you're doing! It's not the Dick Armey Fun-Time Chat Hour? It's Hardball, zip it! Also joining us, former Democrat pollster Pat Caddell!

    Pat Caddell: [ mumbly ] Hello, Chris. Can I say something right off the bat?

    Chris Matthews: I don't know, can you?

    Pat Caddell: Okay, may I?

    Chris Matthews: No, you may not! Ha! It's an oldie but a goodie, but it's still funny! Finally, an old friend of ours, he moved over to CNN, but we love having him back here! Always great to have him on the show, former Clinton advisor Paul Begalia!

    Paul Begalia: Thaks, Chris! It's very nice of you to have me here -

    Chris Matthews: Shut your muppet mouth, Begalia! You shut your mouth, or I swear to God, I'll come over there and beat you so hard your dog will be retarded!

    Paul Begalia: Now, Chris, do we have to start things off so negatively?

    Chris Matthews: I'm sorry, Begalia, it's a force of habit! What's the solution to this mess in the Middle East! We're gonna start with representative Penis Navy!

    [ SUPER on Dick Armey: "Penis Navy" ]

    Dick Armey: [ stunned ] It's Dick Armey, Chris, you know that.

    Chris Matthews: Whatever! Just talk!

    Dick Armey: The Palestinians and Israelis have lost their moral center. We need to remind the Arab and Jewish worlds of what's really important - the Bible anf Jesus Christ.

    Paul Begalia: Chris, that is ludicrous!

    Chris Matthews: Jimmy Neutron, you got a comment!

    Paul Begalia: Call me crazy -

    Chris Matthews: Okay, you're a bonehead!

    Paul Begalia: I said call me crazy..

    Chris Matthews: I know, but I think you're a bonehead!

    Paul Begalia: Hey. Anyway, I don't think studying the New Testement is gonna solve this problem. It's exactly that kind of cultural misunderstading that has led to all this trouble.

    Chris Matthews: It may be true, Begalia, but take a look at this!

    [ show doctored photo of Paul Begalia in compromising position with ]

    Paul Begalia: Hey, that's not real! Where did you get that?!

    Chris Matthews: [ laughing ] That's the Adobe Photoshop! I also have one of Bobo Fett's head on my body, it's awesome! Pat Caddell, news polls say that the U.S. supports Israel's right to protect itself, but we also want them to back out of the West Bank! Do you and your irregular beard have a solution that'll please everyone!

    Pat Caddell: Chris, they can't divide up the West Bank, why don't they award joint custody? Israel gets it on weekdays, Palestinians get it on weekends. Of course, Palenstinians will probably let the West Bank stay up late and eat junk food, so that the West Bank will think Palenstine is cooler. That's the way it worked when my parents split up.

    Chris Matthews: Why don't you zip it, you bearded freak! Tell that stuff to your shrink, not to the fifty people who watch this show! It's time to take an e-mail question! Cam Vincent of Philadelphia writes: "Dear Chris, please stop shouting. I had the TV on mute, but you're still so loud you woke up my kid." Cry me a river, Cam! I'll stop shouting when I wanna stop shouting! And I don't ever wanna stop shouting! The question remains: Should the U.S. intervene or what! Weiner Air Force!

    Dick Armey: [ outraged ] It's Dick Armey! It's Dick Armey! Chris, we have to get tough with the Arab world. We have to institute more prayer in their schools. We have to get them saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. And if that doesn't work, we simply take over the West Bank and name it America II. We can use it for storage.

    Chris Matthews: What about that, Pat Caddell! Should we conquer the West Bank and turn it into a huge garage!

    Pat Caddell: Chris, these recent polls show that the U.S. people support Israel, but want them to back out. And they support U.S. intervention, but oppose U.S. loss of life. So what they want is a terminally indestructable American cyborgs to patrol an Israel that can do whatever it wants, and an independent Palestine without anyone affecting anyone else.

    Chris Matthews: [ sighs ] The people have spoken, and they're morons! Time for final thoughts. Vagina Coast Guard!

    Dick Armey: Come on! It's Dick Armey! Look! Chris, there's only one thing I know about this whole situation - once America II is up and running, we can start getting people psyched for America III: The korean Adventure!

    Chris Matthews: Paul Begalia, you weird little garden gnome! Do you have anything left to say!

    Paul Begalia: Chris, I agreed -

    Chris Matthews: Yeah!

    Paul Begalia: - to come back -

    Chris Matthews: Yeah!

    Paul Begalia: - on this show -

    Chris Matthews: Yeah!

    Paul Begalia: - and you've been nothing -

    Chris Matthews: Yeah!

    Paul Begalia: - but hostile - Chris Matthews: Yeah!

    Paul Begalia: - ever since I got here -

    Chris Matthews: Yeah, shut up, you're done! If they made a bobble-headed doll out of you, they'd have to make your head smaller! When we come back, I'm gonna call that e-mail guy's kid on the phone and i'm gonna shout at him! You're watching "Hardball"!

  • New Evidence That El Nino Influences Global Climate Conditions On A 2,000-Year Cycle

    11/14/2002 4:24:17 PM PST · 7 of 19
    Ragin1 to blam
    How was the dating done again? I missed that "fact" in the article.
  • Microsoft: The States' Last Hurrah

    11/14/2002 4:21:13 PM PST · 4 of 33
    Ragin1 to Burkeman1
    Yep, but then the market wouldn't have been able to be manipulated as easy.
  • Bush Takes on Christian Right Over Anti-Islam Words

    11/14/2002 9:10:29 AM PST · 11 of 53
    Ragin1 to concerned about politics
    Wait until he turns against the pro 2admt faction. It doesn't matter he did his job, homeland security.
  • G.O.P. Decides to Delay Spending Bills Till January

    11/13/2002 6:11:43 AM PST · 8 of 15
    Ragin1 to exodus
    I'm holding my breath on this one. The gop has proven time and time again they do not want to cut govt exp. Every congress has increased since 94.
  • Mannix Concedes In Race For Governor

    11/10/2002 6:02:39 AM PST · 9 of 11
    Ragin1 to jonboy
    All rise for 5 minutes of hate.

    11/09/2002 4:21:07 PM PST · 573 of 655
    Ragin1 to Alan Chapman
    "The irony is astounding."

    Your right Alan it is. I'm out of here for an hour or two. Keep up the good work.


    11/09/2002 4:19:12 PM PST · 571 of 655
    Ragin1 to Roscoe
    And damn those 800,000 that voted for Doyle also.

    11/09/2002 4:18:08 PM PST · 570 of 655
    Ragin1 to Roscoe
    But gee Roscoe 185,000 people really wanted Thompson to represent them. Damn them for not voting R, no?

    11/09/2002 4:16:50 PM PST · 568 of 655
    Ragin1 to Roscoe
    Your saying we live in a club and are required to pay our dues, wich are btw, anything the club deems above subsistance level?

    11/09/2002 4:14:15 PM PST · 567 of 655
    Ragin1 to Kevin Curry
    Your absolutely right Kevin, I could. Of course this would only increase the overgrazing Roscoe is so piously propogating. Another "thoery", of course.

    Am I really "free" to do this? A simple review of the tax code would give me a five minute answer on my "freedom" to do it.


    11/09/2002 4:07:16 PM PST · 564 of 655
    Ragin1 to Roscoe
    "Exactly how many of Thompson's 185,085 votes was McCallum entitled to?"

    Answer the question.


    11/09/2002 4:01:44 PM PST · 561 of 655
    Ragin1 to Kevin Curry
    "You are free to disobey any law you wish."

    Ahem, the federal income tax robbery. Of course you are correct about choosing not to pay it. Whoops they take it automatically by law. Umm maybee your not right about my choice to disobey.


    11/09/2002 3:41:58 PM PST · 554 of 655
    Ragin1 to Roscoe
    "Astounding ignorance."

    Biased arrogance.


    11/09/2002 3:37:23 PM PST · 553 of 655
    Ragin1 to Cultural Jihad
    The "laws" you refer to, were of course created in a society, that is not only socialist, it is fascism lite. Create laws in a society based on the freedom God gives us, and only man takes away, then we can have a real discussion. Anything else is theory.

    Your cute little picture and conjecture is not the result of freedom, but of course one of the many events a society would go through to obtain it. The idea is a society that would choose not to rob the bank.


    11/09/2002 1:15:44 PM PST · 537 of 655
    Ragin1 to Roscoe
    "They are the tragedy of the commons"

    Impying only the "commons' would be affected by freedom. Do you really believe the elite will not aquire aids, get shot in a robbery, have his/her property stolen, get raped, taken into slavery, in a free society?

    I would think the elite would be the first pickings.


    11/09/2002 1:10:58 PM PST · 536 of 655
    Ragin1 to Cultural Jihad
    "The Libertarian ideology champions the moral-liberalism "

    I submit Jesus Christ the Almighty gave us moral liberalism itself, when He gave us his greatest gift of all, that of free will. Your idealogy has not allowed a true free society on this planet. Cause and affect will weed the bad seed. Even God allows this in the end of the 1000 yrs.


    11/09/2002 1:05:44 PM PST · 535 of 655
    Ragin1 to Cultural Jihad
    "Allow me to be irresponsible, and I'll allow you all to pay for the consequences of my irresponsibility."

    The consequences your referring to are just a step on the road to the consequences.

    Once again:

    Republicans/Democrats want limited freedoms to avoid consequences.