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  • Woman arrested for stealing a D.C. police officer’s french fries

    09/12/2016 5:59:34 AM PDT · 15 of 29
    ravenwolf to simpson96

    I would have just given her the dam fries, instead of
    arresting her and bringing attention to the entire world
    what kind of a hero i am.

  • Trump and Clinton are Both Wrong: Free Trade is Good for People

    09/09/2016 9:39:14 PM PDT · 69 of 73
    ravenwolf to MichCapCon

    Some one has to make the rules even on free trade, and each nation tries to make the rules benefit them so there is really no such thing as free trade.

    That is why Congress has the responsibilty to lay an import and export tax.

    Just as an example the Mexican farmers can grow a crop of tomatoes for less than half of what it costs an American farmer then ship it up here and sell it just below the price an American farmer would break even on.

    The Mexican farmer is making money but the American farmer is breaking even at best and many going broke.

    While our forests are burning down by the hundreds of acres we are importing lumber.

    What feww logs we cut, many are sold to Japan and after they saw them into lumber we buy them back.

    High taxes and stupid envirimental regulations are preventing the Americans from mining our much needed minerals.

    I have lived wintin two miles from a power plant for the last twenty five years and there is absolutly nothing coming from the power plant except electrisity.

    Trump is about much more than free trade, he is about bringing America`s industry back to America where it belongs.

    Remember how it was after Ike got elected in the earky 50s? you probably don`t, a man or woman who wanted to work could wor, educated or not.

    Many of the teenagers who would have been welfare punks became men instead of punks because there was work to be had and they did not qualify for hand outs.

    The benifits of work and jobs are so numerous they would lighten about any sickness our society is now suffering.

    I will say it again, free trade is not the issue the Issue is the survival of a once great nation, and our president`s job is to look out for America, not Iran or Japan.

  • Tanks, guns and bras: Norway's women join the draft (What would Trump think?)

    09/09/2016 8:26:18 AM PDT · 24 of 37
    ravenwolf to Eurotwit

    Women are not completly helpless and i don`t think any one ever said they were, but men and women bunking together? i know me and i would be awake all night thinking about those women over in the next bunk that had bodies like women.

    The problem is that women want to take mens jobs for no other reason than spite. i have been a frieght hauler for many years and i have not saw even one woman who could do a half dencent job of running a fork lift. and very few that could do a dencent job of driving a truck even though there are many out there on trucks.

    But if a woman does something half as good as a man she gets twice the praise for it.

    I have saw a few that are real good, and no it was not my wife and i did not teach her.

  • Jesus Created Marijuana, And It Should Be Legal

    09/09/2016 8:00:01 AM PDT · 159 of 186
    ravenwolf to AzNASCARfan

    I voted to legalize it in Colorado simply because it just gives the Government one more thing to hassel people over.

    I had a problem making up my mind if it should be legal so the dam government could make millions of dollars revenue off of it which they do or keep it illegal so they couple not get their filthy hands on it.

    I have heard lots of people say that it worked good for pain but nothing works the same on every one and i don`t like the smell of it at all.

  • Jesus Created Marijuana, And It Should Be Legal

    09/08/2016 9:47:54 PM PDT · 118 of 186
    ravenwolf to AzNASCARfan

    I recently tried smoking a little of that stuff i just had part of my foot amputated and was hurtin so bad i would have tried anything and was out of pain pills.

    The first one may have helped a little, after that it never helped and it leaves me with a feeling of hopelessness, stinks worse than pig manure.

    I am not a drinker but give me a bottle of wiskey anytime as it really does make me feel better.

  • Graham: Undecided on Clinton or Trump for president

    09/08/2016 10:18:43 AM PDT · 28 of 33
    ravenwolf to Redmen4ever

    Yes communism was defeated by Reagan but socialism is alive and well and even more dangerous than Communism because it is harder to see the evil in it.

    This is proven by the fact that a person like Hillary could even be considered for president.

    There are many republicans who will not vote for Trump because they are what i would call luke warm socialists, if it is because they are gutless cowards or if they want to hold on to a certain amount of socialism i don`t know.

    But like Obama will not say terriorist Republicans will not say socialism.

    But one thing sure, about half of the people in this country are socialist and the other half are too stupid to see it or else do not want to let go completly.

    These socialists are the enemies of any freedom loving American.

    This country is divided and i am afraid the bigger portion is socialist so i can only hope Trump wins but will not bet on it.

    We need to remember, Hitler was a socialist. the Russian leader was a Communist. they were both evil.

  • Libertarian Gary Johnson: 'What Is Aleppo?'

    09/08/2016 9:36:21 AM PDT · 31 of 60
    ravenwolf to SoCar

    Well, there is a couple of things i don`t know, for one how is it helping Trump in the polls?

    I thought he would be taking some of Trumps votes.

  • Mother who married her daughter faces prison for incestuous marriage - eight years [tr]

    09/08/2016 9:12:28 AM PDT · 5 of 17
    ravenwolf to C19fan

    If anyone thinks this is not serious, then think again, it could lead to polygamy.

  • Why Do People Hate Feminism #10 - #Feminism is a Supremacy Movement

    09/08/2016 9:05:28 AM PDT · 4 of 7
    ravenwolf to Vaquero

    You are right, many are calling it belief in equal rights but it is nothing but a tool to destroy a free society.

    Women who are called Feminists are actually sexists they want the dominate roll, they do not waqnt to be what they are.

    If they were a horse they would want to be milked like a cow and if they were a cow they would want to be ridden like a horse.

    They would really make a mess of things because of their hatred toward God.

  • WATCH Morning Mika calls out CNN poll, says Trump is actually LOSING in that poll

    09/07/2016 3:50:50 PM PDT · 17 of 21
    ravenwolf to KMG365

    We will just have to wait and see, i have no confidence in the American people as they have already showed by the way they vote that they would rather gather around the socialist hog trough for a little slop than have job oportunities that would give them plenty.

    That is why all of the industry is overseas, so people will have to depend on Government jobs or live on what they can steal from the ones still here that are paying the high taxes.

    It is not what we call ourselves that counts, it is what we are.

    Democrats are hard nose socialists and republicans are luke warm socialists.

    The socialist system will fail as it has in other countries and people will not have a hog trough to wallow in so then they will be willing to work but there will be nothing to earn a living at, so sad but well deserved.

  • On Kindness to Animals and Why It Is an Important Virtue to Cultivate

    09/07/2016 10:41:24 AM PDT · 19 of 23
    ravenwolf to JoeFromSidney

    Yes, i believe a cat knows how to get affection and i don`t know if they think they are fooling you or not but i have seen them rub up against a fence post just as quick as they would rub up against me.

    Ha ha they don`t fool me.

  • Bishop Barron Talks Nonsense About Hell [Catholic Caucus]

    09/07/2016 10:31:47 AM PDT · 7 of 29
    ravenwolf to ebb tide

    I do not belong to any demomination as Jesus said those who believe in me shall have eternal life.

    I do not know what heaven or hell is but i know they both exist because Jesus talks about them.

    For instance he said fear not man because he can only kill the
    body but rather fear GOD because he can destroy both the body and soul in hell.

    So we know there is a hell what ever it is and why would there be one if every one was going to heaven, what ever that is.?

    Jesus also said many would be called but few chosen, and that his Gospel would be preached to all of the world and then the end would come.

    There was a time when i went to Church because i believe in Jesus Christ and there are still Churches i would go to but my chosen one is about 6oo miles away and on top of that i have too much controversy in Bible study in other Churtches.

    I believe there will be many people in hell and a few in heaven and those few in heaven will no doubt suprise even me.

    A precher said he dreamed that he went to heaven and while he expected he was going to meet all of his congregation and all of his friends, but that was not the case.

    Instead many there were the ones he had considered uncouth, the ones who went to the bars, the hobo type of people, who never went to Church and so on.

    So it gave him great concern, something he had to think about.

    It finialy made sense and he was most astonised that he was included in the number called.

    One of the most beautiful hyms i have ever heard was played in a bar, it brought tears to every ones eyes because they knew they were sinners.

    I was only a kid when i heard it so my memory may let me down but i think it was the death march or something like that.

    I am not suggesting going to bars but only saying that believers are where you find them as long as they are not in a place which is forbidden by God.

  • On Kindness to Animals and Why It Is an Important Virtue to Cultivate

    09/07/2016 9:16:46 AM PDT · 13 of 23
    ravenwolf to Salvation

    I do not believe in mistreating animals but i also do not believe in elevating them equal to humans, i also have noticed the ones who claims to love animals the most are those who would buy or sell them.

    I believe dogs and cats are free spirits and not to be bought and sold, the dogs i have had are just those who took up with me and became friends but did not change to human status and they were not my pets, i hate that word.

    Oh well, every one has their own opinion and that is just mine.

  • 'How To Be a White Ally' posters say all white people are racist

    09/07/2016 8:55:27 AM PDT · 35 of 38
    ravenwolf to C19fan

    God caused the tower of Babel to fall because every one spoke the same lauguage ( Had the same line of thought ) and it was evil.

    People were becoming their own Gods and nothing would be with held from them, they had no reason to believe in an invisable God.

    People who don`t need God are just like three or four year old children would be who did`nt need their parents, egotistical brats.

    Lets face it, many people of every race are going to be saved and many are not.

    Mathew 22:14
    For many are called, but few are chosen.

  • Russia Undermining International Order, Says U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter

    09/07/2016 8:16:52 AM PDT · 40 of 60
    ravenwolf to Navy Patriot

    Yeah, but just who in the hell are our allies, and us Americans still believe the U.S to be a republic, not a Demorcracy,as a Democracy believes in slavery and our republic does not.

  • Theresa May considers banning EU migrants from coming to Britain unless they have a job

    09/07/2016 8:07:17 AM PDT · 7 of 10
    ravenwolf to HarleyLady27

    That is true, we do not need a schooled political whore to lead this nation, we need a real person and if Trump is not that person then there just is`nt any.

  • How To Make The Bible Support Any Sexual Practice In 3 Easy Steps

    09/07/2016 7:52:58 AM PDT · 18 of 19
    ravenwolf to Gamecock

    Young People in this era of freedom willl grab ahold of almost any fad that comes along.

    That is why God told the people to teach their kids the right way to go and they would not depart from it, i believe that simply means they will keep the right way in their hearts as Paul speaks about.

    But even many Christians are not teaching their children the right way.

    I have no doubt that the gays wants to convince us that what they are doing is not an abomination to God but the Bible tells us different.

    I believe the bigger problem is what people call unbelief which turns out to be hatred toward God because if you did not believe in God how could you find any reason to find fault with him?

    Since these people hate God they will side with the homosexual reasoning and it will make it seem that there are ten times as many queers as there really is.

    But since unbelief is the real sin then it does not matter.

    Matt 7:6 give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before the swine, lest they trample them under their their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    I have quit discussing the Bible with my kin who are unbelievers because if they are not the swine mentioned then what are they?

  • Inconvenient Truths

    09/06/2016 9:01:28 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    ravenwolf to PAR35

    I agree, and also the democrats can put out a story that is not half as bad as the real truth just to divert attention.

    Bill Clinton was not called slick Willy for nothing, although i have to wonder if Hillary was the king pin all along.

  • Inconvenient Truths

    09/06/2016 8:52:54 PM PDT · 24 of 25
    ravenwolf to PAR35

    Ok, thanks for setting me straight.

  • For Stupid Muslims Who Hate Democracy

    09/05/2016 8:25:33 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    ravenwolf to TheTimeOfMan

    I agree.

  • Inconvenient Truths

    09/05/2016 5:14:32 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    ravenwolf to PAR35

    Crdibility? Did you ever hear of Larry Knickels, Hillarys right hand man?

    If he was just making every thing up why did`nt they prosecute him?

    It is easy to throw words like no credibility around but it seems logical to me that he would be in Jail if it could be done with out getting some one else in trouble.

    I believe Queen Hillary is a crook even if it was proven that Larry Knickels never killed any one for her, but he says that he did.

  • Two Spirits or One?

    09/05/2016 11:07:48 AM PDT · 15 of 15
    ravenwolf to PeterPrinciple

    There are alot of dumb questions, and also some dumb answers, but i think it is a good thing to discuss if we use scripture to back up what we believe.

    When i first started going to Church in 197o we would take turns reading a verse from the Bible, but there were always certain words that i did not know the meaning of and found out that some of the older Christians did not know the meaning of them either.

    So we definatly had to live by faith because we did not understand the Bible

    So since i have found the meaning of a few words it does help a lot.

  • Two Spirits or One?

    09/05/2016 10:48:37 AM PDT · 14 of 15
    ravenwolf to MHGinTN

    I used to listen to him a lot, one day he was readng a scripture from the old testament, he read it three times and then he said: i beg your pardon folks i don`t know what that means.

    He was my kind of preacher from then on.

  • Obese patients and smokers banned from routine surgery in ´most severe ever´ rationing in the NHS

    09/04/2016 10:08:03 AM PDT · 38 of 66
    ravenwolf to uncbob; To Hell With Poverty

    I am 80 years old and have smoked from one to four packs a day for at least 65 years, I have some stopped up arteries, some of the doctors has told me that quiting smoking was the best cure.

    If stopping smoking is the miracle cure then why did they come up with stents and by passes, the doctor who is going to do a bypass has not even mentioned smoking.

    My primary doctor told me that after all of the studies done on smoking they have came to only one conclusion, that is, it is best not to smoke, if you do smoke it is best not to worry about it.

    To hell with Poverty: Chances are when it is time for you to get the operation they will find that it should have been done sooner.

    That is the way they work, it is not what is best for you, it is what is best for them, they will give you an appointment to come bnack in a month when you should have been operated on yesterday.

  • Obese patients and smokers banned from routine surgery in ´most severe ever´ rationing in the NHS

    09/04/2016 8:46:32 AM PDT · 5 of 66
    ravenwolf to Nachum

    Why would they ever have to operate on some one who does not get fat or smoke?

    There would be nothing wrong with them.

    I believe Lawers are going to lose first place in the liars club.

  • 100,000 Catholics Gather in the Vatican to See Pope Francis Make Mother Teresa a Saint (trunc)

    09/04/2016 8:38:42 AM PDT · 24 of 57
    ravenwolf to BlessedBeGod

    I would like for some one to show me where the Bible talks about this subject, i thought Gods people were saints, i did not know any one had to be made one.

    I have always assumed that the teaching body of Christ are the saints, these are the ones who sold all of their possesions and became the body of the Church.

    I do not believe all Christians were expected to be a part of the Church, if there were no Christians working and funding the Church there would be no Church.

    Ask any money preacher today where his money comes from, the believers or the athiests ( unbelievers ).

  • Millennial Men Are Going Weak on the USA – A Country in Decline?

    09/04/2016 7:59:58 AM PDT · 26 of 29
    ravenwolf to 2ndDivisionVet

    Your dad must have been just a little older than i am, i was 16 before i lived in a house with electricity and running water.

    It was kinde of hard for my dad to farm in eastern Colo because the dirt was on the move.

    Later Ike became president and every thing got better but i still did my share on picks and shovels.

  • People Are Leaving the Church Because of YOU, Bishop Barron [Catholic Caucus]

    09/03/2016 9:29:32 PM PDT · 32 of 60
    ravenwolf to Herman Ball

    I believe that is a good way to look at it, we can only do our best, and we should do that.

    I think it may be interesting if Jesus came into the Churches uninvited, would he be too common for many Churches? maybe not pious enough.

    And maybe in other Churches he would not be hippie enough, he would look like a man rather than a wild eyed savage or a woman.

    Like you said, they want to paraphrase every thing to make it say what they want instead of just reading what it says.

  • Two Spirits or One?

    09/03/2016 8:39:58 PM PDT · 10 of 15
    ravenwolf to Elsie

    Well, it was just a thought and it would be different.

  • Two Spirits or One?

    09/02/2016 8:19:41 PM PDT · 8 of 15
    ravenwolf to metmom

    I do not believe there would be near as much misuderstanding if Believers would do some reading them selves instead of depending wholly on some one else.

    Christians need to avoid these sharks selling books like the plauge, not that every thing they teach is wrtong but why pay them when the greatest teacher in all time taught free.

    What would Jesus say about people getting rich from the Gospel? what would he say about some one who would trust a shyster more than his own words?

  • Flake: Can't See Myself Voting for Trump

    09/02/2016 7:20:45 PM PDT · 118 of 119
    ravenwolf to miss marmelstein

    A not too bad democrat gets to thinking he might rise up to be a republican but he still stinks as a republican.

  • Flake: Can't See Myself Voting for Trump

    09/02/2016 7:13:11 PM PDT · 116 of 119
    ravenwolf to Hildy

    I ain`t gonna vote for any flake, and i will especially watch this one when he runs again.

  • K-12: Warped by Ideology

    09/02/2016 12:31:25 PM PDT · 3 of 10
    ravenwolf to BruceDeitrickPrice

    I hate to keep on repeating myself but one word will cover the whole problem and that is Socialism.

    The American people have become comfortable in their life of Socialism and unless Trump can convince them that there is a better way we will wallow in the socialist hog trough until it fails.

    After that we will have to wait and see.

  • Pennsylvania: Clinton Falls In Key Swing State

    09/01/2016 9:30:07 PM PDT · 51 of 52
    ravenwolf to knarf

    I hear you, Trump has a fault that will make people hesitate before they admit they support him, he is honest and tells it like he sees it.

    How ever, i recently spent some time in a nursing home and and we talked politics quite a bit and the majority of the nursing staff is for Trump.

    But i live in a smaller town where we always get beat out by the liberals in the big cities.

  • NJ Priest Suspended for Supporting Gay Groups

    09/01/2016 9:12:16 PM PDT · 3 of 5
    ravenwolf to marshmallow

    They are calling out to people every day for donations to help children with problems that keep them from living a normal life.

    Does children with cancer argue that it is their right to have cancer?

    I have never heard them complain about about the doctors trying to cure them of cancer.

    Cancer is not contagious but the thing we are talking about here is very contagious and not only can destroy the world but most likely will and the s.o.b.s wants respect,?, NO WAY.

  • Donald Trump went to Mexico and won

    09/01/2016 9:41:27 AM PDT · 28 of 33
    ravenwolf to Senator Goldwater

    True, Trump has mopped the floor from day one and i truly believe if Trump is elected he will pay America back for all of the riches it has given him plus interest, the riches which he legally gained )

    When i see the jamed packed crowds to hear his speeches it is hard to believe he could lose but is it to good to be true?

    Yes Trump is a rich man and he went by the rules given by the U.S government to get that way, now he is ready to give it back to the people but will they show their wisdom by voting for him or will they stick to the socialist hog trough they have gotten used to?.

    I am convinced Trump is the real thing but i am losing my confidence in the American people and have been for years.

  • The Black Horse Rides...Rev 4-7 pt 14

    09/01/2016 9:17:09 AM PDT · 4 of 8
    ravenwolf to Mr. Douglas

    Sure sounds right on to me.

  • Mainstream Media: Defeat Trump by Attacking His Supporters

    09/01/2016 9:03:56 AM PDT · 23 of 28
    ravenwolf to BenLurkin

    True, America was warned that it would be taken over with out a shot being fired, meaning we would be taken over by the same evil who took the eastern countries over.

    Even in the sixties we were warned by Goldwater and others against socialism and communism.

    While the republicans bash the president for refusing to say terrorists the republicans were afraid to call the modern Democrats what they are and that is evil satanistic Communists.

    I wished i had more hope for Donald Trump winning the
    election but we need to face it, the American people has gotten use to being fed with out doing any sweating of their own, so the fact that Hillary is a hated bi-tch is not going to make them vote for Trump no matter how much they like him.

  • Building the Kingdom of God (Evangelical/Protestant Devotional and Caucus)

    09/01/2016 8:30:53 AM PDT · 6 of 6
    ravenwolf to Gamecock

    Right, if you gave it much thought she would probably stay in the ditch.

  • Building the Kingdom of God (Evangelical/Protestant Devotional and Caucus)

    09/01/2016 6:42:09 AM PDT · 4 of 6
    ravenwolf to Gamecock

    If some one asks me if i love my enemys i like to ask them what their defination of love is.

    Jesus explained to us that it is pulling them out of the ditch, i do not need to ask some one their religion or political belief before i give them a hand, other wise i would probably not help them.

    Because i do not love them in any emotional way.

  • The Love of Labor

    09/01/2016 6:31:38 AM PDT · 2 of 4
    ravenwolf to Kaslin

    Labor is something people used to do to keep from going hungry,
    in more recent years the socialists have convinced people that it is the governments responsibility to steal from the rich and give to those who don`t like to work.

    So it is kind of like independence day, something of the past to celebrate which no one really believes in.

  • Donald Trump and Dwyane Wade Are Both Wrong—and Colin Kaepernick is Foolishly Ignorant

    09/01/2016 6:21:19 AM PDT · 3 of 8
    ravenwolf to DWW1990

    Donald Trump does point out how the evils of liberalism hurts the black people.

  • The Lord Must Follow the Preacher – A Reminder of Where Preaching Really Gets Its Power

    09/01/2016 6:14:28 AM PDT · 22 of 25
    ravenwolf to Salvation

    I think we need to remember that the ones Jesus sent out did not preach but only set up the places where Jesus would preach.

    People no doubt came from miles around to those houses picked to hear Jesus preach the truth.

    Really something to think about, could one of those houses have belonged to one of my ancesters?

  • In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA

    08/30/2016 10:45:55 PM PDT · 26 of 35
    ravenwolf to Lorianne

    That alone should make the Obama administration a laughing stock in the eyes of even the dumb Americans.

  • Richard Pryor in the Era of the 'New Racism'

    08/26/2016 9:23:54 PM PDT · 9 of 52
    ravenwolf to sparklite2

    I used to be familiar with most of them even though i did not seek them out but today i am not familiar with any of them.

  • Richard Pryor in the Era of the 'New Racism'

    08/26/2016 8:46:08 PM PDT · 6 of 52
    ravenwolf to Kaslin

    I like a comedy show alright but as far just listening to some one to tell one joke after another, there is nothing any more boring.

  • Mexican Gvmt in Greatest Clash with Church Since Persecution that Ignited Cristero War..

    08/26/2016 8:28:22 PM PDT · 5 of 5
    ravenwolf to Mark17

    That is a fact.

  • Trump is the leader of the "Galt-Right" movement

    08/26/2016 6:04:08 AM PDT · 11 of 91
    ravenwolf to Maverick68

    Good post.

  • Journey: How a Black Male Became a Trump Supporter

    08/26/2016 5:57:20 AM PDT · 39 of 39
    ravenwolf to milowrites

    Although my imediate family never had a political party, i had three older brothers and two older sisters who married into democrat families.

    As a result i was bombarded with enough rascist hatred to last a life time, during my school days which was not all that many as i only got through the seventh grade i only had a couple friends who never got involved in rascist jokes and slander. these friends later turned out to be republicans.

    I am 80 years old so what i lacked in school education i more than made up for in practical experience, its kind of like the Hank Snow song: ive been every where.

    When ever i heard rascist jokes i always thought of my very few friends who never made those kind of jokes and it always made me do some thinking on the subject.

    At the same time i have never understood political correctness and have always hated it which is why it did not take me long to take up with Trump.

    He has that dry sense of humor which tells me that if he believes something is right or wrong he will say it regardless of which race or ethnic group it is comming from.

    Trumps ideas of how to bring back the industry to America is right on target, it is what our founders had in mind.

    I believe the Democrats and the republican establishment deliberatly drove the industry elswhere, but why ? i don`t know except to bring in socialism.

    Thank you for your service to our country, and God bless.

  • Journey: How a Black Male Became a Trump Supporter

    08/26/2016 5:18:03 AM PDT · 38 of 39
    ravenwolf to Liberty Valance

    If we need to go to war maybe we can get the democrat you referred to to give Trump a hand.

    To get this country back on track we need Trump.