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  • Yellow Rose of Texas in hospital (sad update at #107)

    10/29/2012 1:07:43 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 229 replies
    Me | Razorback-Bert
    Yellow Rose of Texas is in the hospital for surgery. The odds are not in her favor, this all I know now. I will post more when I know.
  • Campaign call sparks Secret Service visit

    10/09/2008 8:36:04 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 25 replies · 2,270+ views
    Texarkana Gazette ^ | 10/08/2008 | Jim Williamson
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks Sunday at a rally at Memorial Stadium at Asheville High School in Asheville, N.C. A Lufkin, Texas, woman was recently visited by Secret Service agents following a call from a Texarkana-based Obama volunteer. Associated Press A telephone request from the Obama Volunteers of Texarkana asking a Lufkin, Texas, woman to vote for Sen. Barack Obama has prompted an investigation of a perceived “death threat” against the presidential candidate. But Jessica Hughes, who was questioned by the Secret Service about her alleged remarks, said the events were “like a high school rumor.” Hughes...
  • Freeper Chapita Has Passed Away

    07/26/2005 11:52:32 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 262 replies · 8,151+ views
    e-mail | 7/26/2005 | Razorback-bert
    I just received an email from Chapita sister saying he is in the hospital end stage renal failure. He is not expected to make it through the week. I wanted to share this sad news with all his e-mail buddies. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Thank you.
  • Who's to blame here? Just about everyone

    09/10/2003 9:26:43 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 4 replies · 254+ views
    Who's to blame here? Just about everyone 09/10/03 Now that Maurice Clarett won't be invited back at Ohio State, everyone wonders who failed whom. Athletic Director Andy Geiger has mopped up messes in the past that bore some resemblance to the scandal. But if Geiger's department can't be absolved of some blame, neither can Clarett, although advisers such as Jim Brown say he can. U.S. News & World Report did a cover story on Geiger in the March 18, 2002, issue. His words were strong then, but they seem often to have been so much lip service now. When Terry...
  • Commemorative Air Force airshow pictures

    10/13/2002 10:22:37 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 56 replies · 343+ views
    My Humble Self | 13 Oct. 2002 | Razorback-bert
  • Housing: Is It a Bubble If It Doesn't Pop?

    08/01/2002 11:13:09 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 10 replies · 95+ views
    Business Week ^ | July 31, 2002 | Amey Stone
    <p>Consider that on July 22, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the National Association of Home Builders got together to put out a press release simply to refute the existence of a housing bubble. In it, they applauded Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan for telling Congress in recent testimony that the answer to the infamous "bubble question" is that "it is most unlikely."</p>
  • Disappearance of dividends was warning sign

    08/01/2002 8:44:52 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 18 replies · 320+ views
    The Philiadelphia Inquirer ^ | Thursday, Aug 01, 2002 | Andrew Cassel
    Quite a few stock investors, it's now clear, had the wool pulled over their eyes in recent years by corporate crooks playing shell games with inflated profit statements and the like.But quite a few more - by several orders of magnitude, in fact - were taken in by a subtler kind of deception.It's a practice that is perfectly legal, and is likely to remain so. Nothing in the big corporate-fraud bill that President Bush signed yesterday even addresses it.I'm talking about dividends. Payouts that companies make to their shareholders in cash - cold, hard, unfudgeable U.S. dollars.That may be an...
  • Enron's Lawyers: Eyes Wide Shut?

    02/25/2002 1:47:07 PM PST · by razorback-bert · 1 replies · 16+ views
    Forbes ^ | 01.28.02, 12:16 PM ET | Dan Ackman
    Enron Enron's Lawyers: Eyes Wide Shut? Dan Ackman, 01.28.02, 12:16 PM ET NEW YORK - The accountants at Arthur Andersen have been raked over the coals for their role in the Enron debacle. But what about Enron's lawyers at Vinson &amp; Elkins? Hired to investigate allegations of financial irregularities lodged by an Enron (otc: ENRNQ - news - people) insider, they asked few real questions, failed to talk to obvious key witnesses and then blessed Enron's treatment of controversial partnerships managed by Enron's own chief financial officer, Andrew Fastow. On Oct. 15, 2001, Vinson &amp; Elkins (V&amp;E) issued a report ...
  • Confederate Air Force is No More

    12/07/2001 5:42:01 AM PST · by razorback-bert · 65 replies · 454+ views
    Radio | 7 Dec 01 | Me, myself and I
    The local radio in Midland home of the Confederate Air Force just announced that they have changed their name. The CAF states that the change is due to loss of corporate sponsors. The new name will be announced later today nothing follows.
  • An American

    09/16/2001 3:12:08 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 24 replies · 25+ views
    An American | Long ago | Rudyard Kipling
    Rudyard Kipling An American The American Spirit speaks: If the Led Striker call it a strike, Or the papers call it a war, They know not much what I am like, Nor what he is, My Avatar. Through many roads, by me possessed, He shambles forth in cosmic guise; He is the Jester and the Jest, And he the Text himself applies. The Celt is in his heart and hand, The Gaul is in his brain and nerve; Where, cosmopolitanly planned, He guards the Redskin's dry reserve His easy unswept hearth he lends From Labrador to Guadeloupe; Till, elbowed ...
  • A Pipeline of Lies

    05/16/2001 9:24:26 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 17+ views
    Field and Stream ^ | June 2001 | George Reiger
    A Pipeline of Lies by George Reiger Of course we need to drill the ANWR. Just ask the men who stand to profit. The present debate over proposed oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is‹as Yogi Berra might have said‹"deja vu all over again." For those of us who campaigned in the first Alaskan North Slope Drilling War 30 years ago, Big Oil's claims and promises today have an all-too-familiar ring. We're told industry only wants to put down a few "test wells." That's like a fox telling a rabbit it only wants to nibble behind the ...
  • Fly on the wall; What they really said

    02/13/2001 8:14:12 PM PST · by razorback-bert · 11+ views
    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ^ | Tuesday, February 13, 2001 | Editorial
    Fly on the wall; What they really said AH, TO have been a fly on that wall. Or a high-paying donor.&nbsp; &nbsp; Or at least one of the two dozen unsourced sources for this story in the Washington Post. It seems Bill Clinton and his semi-estranged protege Al Gore cleared the air the other day. It was a one-on-one, closed door, just-you-and-me-outside-pal, Fight Club kind of thing. Or as Al Gore would say in his lumbering anglo Spanish: mano-a-mano. It was all supposed to be hush-hush and off the record. Naturally, half of Washington knew about it within minutes.&nbsp; &nbsp; ...
  • Is this the Real Freerepublic ?

    01/09/2001 5:56:33 PM PST · by razorback-bert · 20+ views
    My self | 9 Jan 01 | Me, myself and I
    Is this the Real Freerepublic or am I in the lost cyberzone?
  • Eunice New Mexico B-52

    10/14/2000 2:26:39 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 15+ views
    My photos | 10-14-00 | Razorback-Bert
  • Education Industry's Sadistic Practices

    07/09/2000 12:43:35 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 23+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 6 July 2000 | Mack A. Moore-Prof. of Econ.(emeritus) -Georgia Tech
    Your June 26 editorial "School is Out" reports that in spite of skyrocketing expenditures in the Philadelphia system, 60% of the city's 212,000 schoolchildren are "essentially failing science and math." At one school in Baltimore, " not a single thirdgrader" passed the Maryland math exam.The fact is, few jobs require science or math. With electronic cash resgisters and spell-check on computers, most jobs coan be preformed with a grammer-school education. Indeed, most of our really productive work, such as in food processing, home construction, agriculture, and apparel plants is being done by immigrants, most of whom can't even speak or ...

    05/22/2000 4:40:11 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 90+ views
    NPR ^ | 5-22-00 | myself
    Just heard on National Public Radio, the committee voted to dis bar Clinton.
  • The Phony of the Century

    05/15/2000 2:50:06 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 179+ views
    The Ludwig Von Mises Institute ^ | February 2000 | Thomas J. DiLorenzo
    The Phony of the Century Thomas J. DiLorenzo At the end of the century, Bill Clinton declared Franklin D. Roosevelt the “man of the century” for having “saved capitalism,” echoing the gushing praise that.” The greatest phony of the twentieth century would be more appropriate. FDR did not “bring us out of the Depression,” as Gingrich, who claims to be a historian, argued. The fact is, he made the Depression much worse. Roosevelt doubled federal expenditures between 1933 and 1940, draining much of the economic lifeblood out of the economy. That is why the government’s own measure of the unemployment ...
  • Great Myths of the Great Depression

    05/15/2000 1:37:29 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 1,401+ views
    The Foundation for Economic Education ^ | August 1998 | Lawrence W. Reed
    Great Myths of the Great Depression by Lawrence W. Reed Many volumes have been written about the Great Depression and its impact on the lives of millions of Americans. Historians, economists, and politicians have all combed the wreckage searching for the &quot;black box&quot; that will reveal the cause of this legendary tragedy. Sadly, all too many of them decide to abandon their search, finding it easier perhaps to circulate a host of false and harmful conclusions about the events of seven decades ago. How bad was the Great Depression? Over the four years from 1929 to 1933, production at ...
  • Bush has 50% chance of Winning

    05/10/2000 8:15:07 PM PDT · by razorback-bert · 12+ views
    p>National US President PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 2000 GENERAL ELECTION -- ALL CANDIDATES AL Gore, 18 to 17 (49% chance to win the presidency) George W. Bush, 18 to 17 (49% chance to win the presidency) Ross Perot, 300 to 1 (less than 1% chance to win the presidency) Pat Buchanan, 200 to 1 (less than 1% chance to win the presidency) Nominee of the Libertarian, Natural Law, Green parties, 1000 to 1 (less than 1% chance to win the presidency)

    05/10/2000 7:19:56 AM PDT · by razorback-bert · 14+ views
    Campaigns & Elections ^ | The Political Oddsmaker
    National US President PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 2000 GENERAL ELECTION -- ALL CANDIDATES AL Gore, 18 to 17 (49% chance to win the presidency) George W. Bush, 18 to 17 (49% chance to win the presidency) Ross Perot, 300 to 1 (less than 1% chance to win the presidency) Pat Buchanan, 200 to 1 (less than 1% chance to win the presidency) Nominee of the Libertarian, Natural Law, Green parties, 1000 to 1 (less than 1% chance to win the presidency) National US Vice-President NEW ODDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Republican Vice Presidential Picks for 2000 (Short List: Top 5) #1 Elizabeth Dole ...