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  • It's About The Republic, Not The Republican

    07/27/2002 5:32:30 AM PDT · 7 of 92
    rdavis84 to J. L. Chamberlain
    They're a little late. Must have had a Pep Rally last night.
  • It's About The Republic, Not The Republican

    07/27/2002 5:31:24 AM PDT · 6 of 92
    rdavis84 to DugwayDuke
    So it's all Buchanan's fault. That one should be listed in this article, along with one "where your mileage varied" about it being Perot's fault.

    But this article doesn't mention either one. So why are you bringing Buchanan into it?

  • It's About The Republic, Not The Republican

    07/27/2002 5:20:33 AM PDT · 3 of 92
    rdavis84 to nofriendofbills
    You'll have ALL of the examples of the True Believers on this thread. It just doesn't register on them.
  • D.C. West Nile outbreaks cluster around Army unit

    07/26/2002 7:57:21 PM PDT · 3 of 30
    rdavis84 to rubbertramp
  • D.C. West Nile outbreaks cluster around Army unit

  • D.C. West Nile outbreaks cluster around Army unit

    07/26/2002 7:48:22 PM PDT · 1 of 30
  • Dead bird found on White House lawn to be tested for West Nile Virus

    07/26/2002 7:44:16 PM PDT · 11 of 33
    rdavis84 to Eustace
    D.C. West Nile outbreaks
    cluster around Army unit

    Military lab experimenting with vaccine for virus spreading fast into Fairfax County
    Posted: July 26, 2002
    8:41 p.m. Eastern
      By Paul Sperry
    © 2002

    WASHINGTON – Over the past 18 months, health officials here have found 407 dead birds infected with the West Nile virus, including two picked up at the White House this week.

    The mosquito-borne virus is spreading so fast in nearby Fairfax County, meanwhile, that health officials have stopped testing dead birds. Every quadrant of the county now has the virus.

    Fifty birds – two blue jays and the rest crows – have already tested positive in the county so far this year, an official told WorldNetDaily. That's up from 34 for all of last year.

    And neighboring Maryland has led the nation in West Nile virus cases, a few of which have resulted in human deaths.

    What's behind the Beltway outbreak? No one knows for sure.

    Experts don't even know how the North African virus, first discovered in New York in 1999, entered the U.S., although theories, such as bioterrorism, abound (even though the virus is not known to be an efficient bioweapons agent).

    "They don't know how it started," said Dennis Hill, spokesman for the Fairfax County Health Department.

    Some cite the National Zoo as a possible breeding ground. It's in the Northwest part of Washington, where the city's West Nile virus cases have clustered.

    But zoo officials report only about a dozen bird deaths.

    Many of the infected birds have been found in neighborhoods around the former headquarters of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, which has been developing a vaccine for West Nile virus. The infectious-diseases lab moved to Silver Spring, Md., three years ago.

    But lab microbiologists still do research at the main post in Washington, which includes a hospital with an infectious-diseases clinic and lab on the 6th floor, Army officials say. Other visitors include researchers from the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, where the Army has tested biological weapons agents including anthrax, tularemia and encephalitis.

    Walter Reed Army Medical Center, at 6900 Georgia Ave., N.W., is in the city's Ward 1, where many of the virus-carrying birds have been picked up. In fact, many have been found at sites along Georgia Avenue, N.W., says D.C. Health Department spokeswoman Vera Jackson.

    The Walter Reed institute is developing a vaccine for West Nile virus that comprises dengue virus with certain genes replaced by West Nile virus genes. Monkey trials were expected to begin earlier this year.

    The virus – which has spread from New York to Florida and has been reported as far west as Louisiana, where it has claimed lives – is expected to be in all 50 states within the next two years, Hill says.

    The disease produces flu-like symptoms and can lead to death, especially in small children and the elderly. More than 18 have died so far in this hemisphere.

  • Dead bird found on White House lawn to be tested for West Nile Virus

    07/26/2002 7:32:32 PM PDT · 8 of 33
    rdavis84 to rubbertramp
    Any input on my last from a knowledgable viewpoint? :-)
  • Dead bird found on White House lawn to be tested for West Nile Virus

    07/26/2002 7:26:45 PM PDT · 7 of 33
    rdavis84 to 2sheep
    If this is a deliberate infection released in the Country, and I don't pretend to know the science in it, this could possibly get to be very major.

    I'm assuming that all fowl would be suseptable to W.Nile Virus. Just imagine widespread devastation of the Fowl food sources. Then extreme thinning of wild fowl. Their part in the ecosystem is significant.

    Remember the old writing/book "Silent Spring"?

  • AL QAIDA IN THE RANKS? Noncitizen (Naval) reservist suspected of ties to terrorist network

    07/26/2002 6:34:25 PM PDT · 56 of 109
    rdavis84 to cva66snipe
    "And what about this guys age to rank ratio?"

    I noticed that as well. First thought was we must be scraping bottom. But last I knew the cutoff age was 35.

  • AL QAIDA IN THE RANKS? Noncitizen (Naval) reservist suspected of ties to terrorist network

    07/26/2002 4:27:52 PM PDT · 33 of 109
    rdavis84 to Betty Jo
    "I truly will not be surprised if people VERY high in our government are exposed as actual TRAITORS right now."

    Yes, but it's all 'Rationalized' in their minds, therefore to the only ones who matter, it's NOT Treason.

    It's more like doing the very best they can to bring about Peace in the Whole World. To take care of the masses and provide security for them under their magnificent umbrella of compassion.

    And like they also have rationalized, you've got to break some eggs to make an Omelet (that would be those of us who resist).

    But Treason? No. They're Citizens of the World, and our Shepherds, Born to Lead! The Rightful Masters of Mankind!

    Just Ask Them. Start with Kissinger, then GHWBush, and then GWBush. They'll 'splain it to you. ;-)

  • AL QAIDA IN THE RANKS? Noncitizen (Naval) reservist suspected of ties to terrorist network

    07/26/2002 2:02:11 PM PDT · 26 of 109
    rdavis84 to pitinkie
    "I still can't figure out how a non citizen can be in our military!!! Why???"

    I was in the Artillery back in '65-'68 with some fellas that probably weren't citizens at the time. They were just as good as cannon fodder as we were. Or, as otherwise known, Targets.

    None of us asked if they were citizens.

  • Bush's role in corporate fraud

    07/26/2002 1:57:27 PM PDT · 85 of 87
    rdavis84 to ArGee
    "Now, about that rapist..."

    Clinton has rendered himself to be a pathetic Joke. All that remains is for him to try his Rapist routine again and on the wrong person. Somebody like Lorena Bobbitt. :-)

    Or one that's married to a good ol' boy...............

  • Homeland Insecurity [FBI: Clinton diverted resources away from Arab Terror to focus on Christians]

    07/26/2002 1:52:48 PM PDT · 90 of 94
    rdavis84 to ravingnutter
    Temper, Temper ;-)

    In other words you think David Schippers is a Kook, huh?

  • Bush's role in corporate fraud

    07/26/2002 12:24:50 PM PDT · 83 of 87
    rdavis84 to ArGee
    "A tip - people who are interested in the truth don't call him Bush Jr. He isn't a jr. It's a small thing but a telling one."

    Very telling on you. Over the past few years there have been very numerous posts that explained that before the campaign all of the family intimates/friends, close associates, called him "Jr."

    He asked that they stop for appearance considerations.

    And considering the negatives left over from his daddy's reign in the WH, he needed some distancing.

    Of course many are seeing that he truly is "his father's son" in the worst aspects, so I guess the name has become a sensitive issue again.

    How's about we call him "Mini-Me" after his daddy instead? :-)

    BTW, the American Spectator covered this in great detail in about '97.

  • AL QAIDA IN THE RANKS? Noncitizen (Naval) reservist suspected of ties to terrorist network

    07/26/2002 12:08:57 PM PDT · 10 of 109
    rdavis84 to aristeides; archy
    "Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Semi Osman, 32,"

    Archy, think you can find a photo of this turkey?

  • Gun Lost On Fatal Brown Flight

    07/26/2002 8:55:38 AM PDT · 45 of 45
    rdavis84 to Arthur Wildfire! March
    Bump for unpunished Murder.
  • Homeland Insecurity [FBI: Clinton diverted resources away from Arab Terror to focus on Christians]

    07/26/2002 8:49:44 AM PDT · 85 of 94
    rdavis84 to ravingnutter
    Either your memory is conveniently short or you're going for "filler".

    From ---

    In this interview, "Iraqi Terrorists" refers to the Iraqi Republican Guard, resettled after the Gulf War, near Oklahoma City by former Pres. Bush.

    David Shippers Interview
    Alex Jones Radio Show
    October 10, 2001 (in progress)

    DS: Oklahoma City and, frankly, when I first heard the information, I just poo-pooed it, as did everybody else - they thought here comes another one of those crazy conspiracy theories, you know. The woman who is a former investigative reporter down in Oklahoma City wrote to me after I came back from Washington and just, you know - congratulations - you did a hell of a job. I wrote back and the next thing you know she wrote back again and told me that she had information indicating a middle eastern connection. I called her at that point and just for my own conscious if there was something out there I'd want to find out about it - she began to tell me what she had and she sent me a short summary - a couple of pages - laying out what she had garnered during her investigations. It really piqued by interest. So I asked her if she had more. She said yes she had an awful lot of stuff, but she wouldn't want to send it up through the mail or any other way. So she and her husband flew up to Chicago and brought a mass of information - I mean affidavits, all kinds of things.

    AJ: And we've had Col. Craig Roberts, who was a detective working the case on this show many times, a month before attack, predicting one was imminent. He has all that same information. They actually arrested some of these guys and the Justice Dept. in 1995 said to release them.

    DS: That's right - and the words out today that they are not even allowed to touch them, the Oklahoma City police are not allowed to touch these people. And from what I'm understanding, they are up to something again in Oklahoma City. I don't know what it is or what their target is but these same people are at it again. The terrible thing here else, something that few people know that there was a warning sent out. Have you ever heard of Ysolf Bodansky (sp)?" <<<< snips >>>>

    "AJ: Wouldn't touch it. So we've got all this developing. We've got police officers and FBI on the ground who know who bombed Oklahoma City. They've got them in custody with blue jogging suits and bomb-making components. They are ordered to release them. All of this is unfolding - 3500 to 5000 Iraqi Republican Guard (living near OKC), we know there is a Saddam/Iraqi connection here - I mean they knew this. Why in the world, David Shippers, did they allow this to take place?" <<< snip >>>>

    AJ: We're talking to David Shippers. We're discussing FBI agents across the country having prior knowledge of the attacks, trying to get these guys arrested or even to get a warrant, knowing they were associates of Bin Laden, others being trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Clinton not wanting the names of Al Queda when they had the chance, there is so much evidence of prior knowledge. How did this happen with the Bush administration, when you are trying to get to Ashcroft and telling them that they is a plan to attack lower Manhattan very soon and what was the intel you were getting from these agents?

  • Dick Morris: Flight of the GOP dodo bird

    07/25/2002 7:17:29 PM PDT · 13 of 314
    rdavis84 to Brett66
    "Powell is a Republican Jimmy Carter. It will be a disaster for the GOP, there's no way I would ever vote for him."

    Not even if he's the lesser of two evils?

  • Seattle man's arrest tied to international investigation

    07/25/2002 6:56:06 PM PDT · 19 of 27
    rdavis84 to Nita Nupress
    From ------

    "On Monday, police detained Mohammed Jameel, 25, Sakina's operations director, under Britain's Terrorism Act, which allows them to hold suspects without charge for several days. For the past three years, Jameel, a British citizen, organized training camps in the English countryside for young Muslims to learn hand-to-hand combat and survival techniques."

    [Oct. 4, 2001]    "But FBI officials in Washington said they had no information on Sakina or Jameel.

    Michigan officials said they had no record of any company named Sakina. "To my knowledge they don't have to be licensed, they don't have to get any particular permits to operate a gun range," said State Police spokesman Mike Prince."

    "British investigators say the training took place at rented shooting ranges in Michigan, Missouri and Virginia." [ but not Alabama]  [Missouri is a short drive to Oklahoma]