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  • Did Hillary Clinton ever answer "THE" question? Was she even asked?

    01/27/2013 7:23:57 AM PST · by reaganator · 31 replies
    Before the election, and after the murders of four Americans including an America Ambassador, many officials from the Obama Administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, deliberately stated misinformation concerning the attacks that resulted in these deaths. Obviously, this was a planned response ordered by someone. During the questioning of Hillary Clinton concerning the Benghazi terrorist attacks was the following question even asked? "Who ordered you and other officials in the Obama Administration to promote to the media and the American public a fabricated, false cause of the Benghazi terrorist attacks?"
  • Why is Obama getting away with the Susan Rice distraction?

    11/29/2012 4:08:49 AM PST · by reaganator · 30 replies
    A sitting President of the United States not only failed to attempt a rescue of four Americans who were tortured, sodomized and murdered in Benghazi, Lybia he did nothing even though the military was staged and ready to act. Here's the plan; "We'll send UN Ambassador Susan Rice out to promote the false fact that this attack on America occurred because of a spontaneous demonstration, we have an election to win and we've been touting our success and the defeat of our enemies. When the true facts come out later, we'll leak that we are considering nominating Susan Rice for...
  • The certain oncoming American economic collapse, when and how?

    11/11/2012 5:19:18 AM PST · by reaganator · 78 replies
    Many of us know the continuation of Leftist economic policies are destined to cause the economic and fiscal collapse of the United States. The Republican controlled House of Representatives may be a temporary firewall. My question is what will be the order of events of the melt down? I expect with each piece of the failure the federal government to intervene even more causing more problems. It would be very helpful in making preparations to survive these times to have an idea of how and when the collapse will unfold. If you have also been speculating on this topic share...
  • Federally funded college education for adults

    07/15/2012 6:21:31 AM PDT · by reaganator · 15 replies
    I know many people in their 40's, 50's 60's taking college courses, some for many years after being on unemployment, after being released from prison, attempting recovery for drug addiction, any number of situations. With the nation approaching $16 Trillion in debt I wonder and have many questions about this. Seems they can continue a $1500 a year nicotine habit or spend in other nonessential areas and it does not matter. A man in his mid-50's told me, "If they are going to give it to me, I'm going to take it." He's been taking college courses for at least...
  • What is the cause of certain prescription drugs to be so costly?

    06/19/2012 5:45:07 PM PDT · by reaganator · 75 replies
    A friend mine shared that he spent $455.00 for 12 pills. And commented, "There should be laws against this robbery." I suggested he find out why the pills cost so much, he does not seem interested in doing so, would rather continue to believe there is no cause to justify the high cost. But this has caused me to want to be better informed on this topic. I'd appreciate any info and links shared, thank you.
  • How much of Obama's "inheritance" did he support and vote for as Senator?

    06/17/2012 6:55:17 AM PDT · by reaganator · 17 replies
    Obviously a big point of Obama's campaign is that he inherited all things that are currently wrong with our economy. During the last 2 years of the Bush Administration the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. Did Senator Obama vote YES on every spending Bill during this time? I have been looking for the answer and would appreciate some help.
  • A response to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown on oil "subsidies"

    04/28/2012 2:55:39 PM PDT · by reaganator · 25 replies
    Senator Sherrod Brown's recent comments on reducing the federal budget deficit; > > "Cut $20 billion in spending by ending taxpayer-funded subsidies to the five biggest oil companies." $20 billion is a ridiculous amount to cite. The figure the other Democrat Socialist Statists use when demagoging this fabricated issue is around $4.3 billion in so-called government "subsidies". > > Senator Brown and President Obama talk about huge "subsidies" as if taxpayers are signing billion dollar checks to oil and gas companies. But oil companies do not get subsidies. Rather, like every other business, they are allowed to take tax deductions...
  • Sherrod Brown lies about oil company "subsidies"

    04/21/2012 4:36:22 AM PDT · by reaganator · 19 replies
    Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown's comment on reducing the federal deficit, his number one point; "Cut $20 billion in spending by ending taxpayer-funded subsidies for the five biggest oil companies. The Big Five oil companies made a record $137 billion in profits last year and made more than $1 trillion in profits over the last decade. Every penny more at the pump increases their profits by another $200 million. Meanwhile, taxpayers spend billions each year giving handouts to these mega-corporations. I'm fighting to pass the Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act, which would end tax subsidies for big oil companies...
  • "Speaker Gingrich, why didn't the Bush tax cuts work?" A swing and a miss.

    01/24/2012 5:11:42 AM PST · by reaganator · 28 replies
    Newt Gingrich swung and missed, completely. His answer should have been not to accept the premise of the question. The home run swing that should have been; "Coming into office while the nation was slowing toward recession and even after the attacks of 9-11, President Bush's tax cuts and economic policies helped spur 50 consecutive months of economic growth, more than 8 million new jobs, real GDP grew by more than 17 percent and after-tax per -capita income increased by 12 percent. Then in 2006, the Democrats regained majority control of both Houses of Congress." Someone with Speaker Gingrich have...
  • The Social Security System is broke so let's lessen the Social Security contributions.

    12/19/2011 6:30:38 AM PST · by reaganator · 36 replies
    Just a couple of questions. I know the Social Security System is not a genuine retirement fund, but it is presented as one. That being the case, would you ever suggest that a retirement fund that is not taking in enough contributions from contributors and investment earnings to pay current retirees to cut the rate of the amount paid by the contributors to the fund? (I know, so many aspects of this would be illegal in the private sector, point them out if you want). For years there had been a surplus created from the Social Security contributions exceeding the...
  • What will I be endorsing with my 2012 Obama re-election vote?

    12/07/2011 5:52:20 AM PST · by reaganator · 41 replies
    In order to cast a vote to re-elect Barack Obama there must be many things about the man himself and his first term I will be endorsing. What would they be?
  • Social Security and life expectancy

    09/08/2011 5:53:38 AM PDT · by reaganator · 30 replies
    On Fox and Friends, one of the hosts of "The Five" I don't know his name) said Social Security is easy to fix, just raise the retirement age to 69 because people are living longer. He demonstrates this by stating that the life expectancy has dramatically risen since 1935 when Social Security was started. In 1935 the children were dying from many childhood diseases that had not yet been eradicated. There were many more infant deaths then and young mothers dying during childbirth. The life expectancy rate is an average, these young deaths are the cause for life expectancy rate...
  • What could 40 percent polled be approving of Obama?

    08/15/2011 4:59:26 AM PDT · by reaganator · 74 replies
    One answer I have from friends is the handouts. There must be something more. What percentage of union workers will approve of a Democrat no matter what? And how many is this? What percent of blacks or minorities will approve of a black liberal Democrat no matter what? And how many is this? What percent of the people being paid not to work will approve of a Democrat that will not allow the unemployment "benefits" to end, and when they do end get their school and "keep" paid for? All of this cannot add up to 40% of the people,...
  • Where does money come from?

    08/03/2011 6:26:59 AM PDT · by reaganator · 31 replies
    I'm sorry if that seems like a simplistic question. With the Congress allowing the President to spend this nation $2.5 Trillion further into debt I would like to know WHERE will this money come from. There is not a nation on earth that is able to loan this total amount to the United States Treasury. Why would financial institutions loan a significant portion of their investors money to an entity that will only be planning on paying the interest and servicing the debt? How much of this $2.5 Trillion is likely to be simply printed? Run off the federal printing...
  • Please, briefly what does the Boener Bill really consist of?

    07/30/2011 5:30:40 AM PDT · by reaganator · 36 replies
    I understand The Boener Bill raises the debt ceiling $900 Billion for immediate spending and "cuts" $1+ Trillion over 10 years? Are there any real cuts in federal spending or are these cuts merely decreases in increases? Any actual numbers on any of this? Briefly in understandable terms is anyone able to tell me what the Boener Bill consists of?
  • Will there be a Democrat Presidential Primary?

    06/18/2011 12:52:41 PM PDT · by reaganator · 53 replies
    Will the Democrats who genuinely care about the future of the United States and preserving individual Freedom and Liberty put up a candidate to challenge the socialist leftist marxist Obama in 2012? And who would it be?
  • Why should Weiner resign?

    06/08/2011 7:49:35 PM PDT · by reaganator · 37 replies · 1+ views
    Senator Ted Kennedy while serving in the Senate from Massachusetts allowed a woman to die in his car. Kennedy did not resign, served for 40 more years all the way to his death. President Bill Clinton, while President committed felony crimes in an attempt to fix a court case in which he was the defendant and an American citizen was the plaintiff. FELONY CRIMES! He did not resign. They both knew that the Democrat voters would continue to support them no matter what they did. Weiner showed his weiner. He should resign? WHY? Why him and not Kennedy and/or Clinton?...
  • Oil producers, the EPA, government energy polcies, speculators and the price of gas

    05/01/2011 9:04:22 AM PDT · by reaganator · 19 replies
    There's been much discussion among my brothers, friends and myself concerning the dramatic rise of the cost of gasoline in America. Th oil companies have very little to do with the consumer cost of gas at the pump. What is the profit margin of the major oil companies on a gallon of gas? 8%? I'm not sure, I'm sure I will know this shortly. But for this exercise let's use 8%. 8% of $4.15 per gallon is more than 8% of $3.00 per gallon.Oil companies are reportedly making record profits. OF COURSE! My brothers blame speculators. What role do specualtors...
  • Has the number of umemployed been manipulated?

    03/06/2011 7:50:10 AM PST · by reaganator · 55 replies
    The recent jobs report has shown the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.9%, what is the formula used for determining this rate? Is it possible for the current Administration to elinimate certain sectors of the unemployed to achieve this desired result? Those who were collecting unemployment benefits but are now being paid to go to school or are being paid to remain poor. etc. When the welfare rolls increase does this decrease the unemployment rolls? Is it possible for the Administration to stretch to increase the actual number count of the American work force to achieve a lower unemployment rate?...
  • Gasoline does not have to cost so much!

    12/27/2010 2:06:39 PM PST · by reaganator · 65 replies · 1+ views
    The reasons for gasoline being $3.18 in Ohio today may be entirely laid at the feet of the "Left" in America. From the over regulation and restrictions from the EPA to the propagandizing of the man made climate change hoax and many other leftist reasons. There has been an attack on the oil industry for decades. Not only are the companies demonized but so are there products. How can anyone expect a product to be reasonably priced after decades of attack and hampering of productivity? You'll be hearing those on the "Left" cite rising profts as prrof of profiteeering being...