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  • If Obama Saved GM,Then Where Are The Massive Discounts On New Cars Or Free Cars?

    08/06/2012 4:07:53 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 22 replies
    So how many "Tax Payer Billions" were handed to GM? How many Billions were wasted on the Volt? So they say that Obama saved GM,ok,then why aren't all tax payers receiving a check in the mail? Wasn't it us,the taxpayers of America who paid for the GM Bailouts? Here is a great catch phrase we can deliver to the felons in the White House for stealing our money and giving it to the "Obama Unions",,"Where's My Camaro" !!! All tax payers should of received a FREE CAMARO !
  • Obama's Next Strategy.Mitt Romney Is Bush.Fine,Then Obama Is Reid&Rahm All In One.

    08/05/2012 5:20:43 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 3 replies
    Has it gotten to the point where 70% of Americans are finally saying "This Guy Is Nuts"! How did he ever wind up in the white house? Declaring that Mitt Romney is a clone of George Bush is like saying "The Union Army and The Confederates Had So Much In Common.What were those white men fighting for in the first place? With President Obama, every week it's another story. Bush never had to come up with a weekly insult on Kerry or Gore,all he had to do was be himself while Gore and Kerry continued to make baffoons of themselves...
  • Glenn Beck Announces 9/12 Project To Take Place In Ohio.

    08/02/2012 3:43:24 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 10 replies
    This is great! Did anyone hear Glenn announce it this morning? We can only hope that Glenn and his band of Conservative Leaders take apart every Rat,Felon and Chicago Thug working in and indirectly with the White House. Glenn should also hold another "Restoring Love" event in Pennsylvania. So will MSNBC cover the 9/12 Ohio Event?
  • Vanity: So According To Obama,The Keystone Pipeline And A Reagan Like Economic Plan Caused The Reces

    08/02/2012 3:00:35 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 3 replies
    Does anyone find it rather peculiar that when Obama keeps informing his crowds of 300 kool-aid babies,he wont tell them what the "Romney Plan" is? All he ever says is that we have tried it before and it fails.Ok Mr.President,so tell us,what measures have we tried before? Does Obama ever inform his "Ill-Informed" teen-agers that it was the Democrat Free Housing Bubble that caused the crash in 2008? And regarding the Keystone Pipeline,Obama never mentions it either.Romney wants the Keystone Pipeline and Reduce the Capital Gains Tax so small business will HIRE AND EXPAND! Will O'Bambi Ever Tell That To...
  • Question:Will The "Chik-Fil-A Madness" Continue For Weeks To Come?

    08/01/2012 7:26:55 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 58 replies
    Why end the celebration on Wednesday? Lets just keep it going right thru the election. Think of the long Chick-Fil-A Lines as a practice run for when us patriots prepare for "The War On Obama" on November 6th. How we can win this election will be very simple! Conservatives become "The Red Army" and we will storm our precincts in record numbers! Just like what happened today. THE REDCOATS ARE COMING !!!
  • Freeper Survey: Are You Seeing More Pro-Romney Ads,Or More Pro-Obama Ads In Your State?

    07/31/2012 5:39:22 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 46 replies
    As Obama appeares to be running low on funds,odds are you may be seeing less Obama ads bashing Romney over the Romney ads telling viewers how bad the economy has been over the last four years. Being a Florida resident,I can tell you that it seems that Romney's Anti-Obama ads are shown much more frequent than the "Foward" Obama ads. Is this the same scenario in your state?
  • Freeper Survey;Are You Seeing More Pro-Romney Ads,Or More Pro-Obama Ads In Your State?

    07/31/2012 5:38:48 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 3 replies
    As Obama appeares to be running low on funds,odds are you may be seeing less Obama ads bashing Romney over the Romney ads telling viewers how bad the economy has been over the last four years. Being a Florida resident,I can tell you that it seems that Romney's Anti-Obama ads are shown much more frequent than the "Foward" Obama ads. Is this the same scenario in your state?
  • What Obama&The Dem's May Also Be Fearing If They Lose.Endless Liberal Bashing.

    07/31/2012 4:22:25 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 31 replies
    For the last 4 years we and the media have been extra hesitant when it comes to insulting the President.The Tea-Party and all average Americans are declared racists according to the left.No one dares to call Obama any racial slur on television.But of course millions do in private conversation.Now can you imagine what will happen after Obama and his cronies lose on November 6th?Most Americans have a lot of aminosity towards Obama,but just can't let out the building anger.But just wait till after the election.It will be just like when The Red Socks beat the Yankees and every fan in...
  • The "Romney/McDonnell Ticket".Two Presidents For The Price Of One?

    07/31/2012 5:32:41 AM PDT · by Reality_News · 32 replies
    As we are nearing the long awaited "Who Shot JR Moment",It's safe to assume it's down to Ryan,Portman,Rubio and McDonnell. Portman is considered the "Vanilla Candidate" and Romney would choose him if he desperately needed Ohio.But keep in mind,Neighboring McDonnell could do the trick. As we all know,Romney is going to choose someone who is very prepared to be President god forbid anything happens to Mittens,and also a VP who could run a very succsesful campaign in 2016. McDonnell could help carry Virginia,Ohio,The Carolina's and maybe even Pennsylvania. he would definitley "Energize And Reload The GOP Ticket".
  • Can You Vision A Paul Ryan VS Joe Biden Debate? Funniest V.P. Debate Ever?

    07/30/2012 6:31:58 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 15 replies
    First of all,for those of you who predicted a Romney/Ryan ticket,you have to admit his chances are getting better,so now,can you just imagine a Ryan/Biden debate? Bring out the Beer,Soda,Chips and Popcorn! Ryan as we all know is highly respected and very very intelligent! Then again,Bin Biden is the complete opposite. This debate will be the equivalent of Ronald Reagan VS The Cookie Monster!
  • If Clinton Speaks At DNC,He Wont Have Anything To Boast About Regarding Obamas Accomplishments.

    07/30/2012 4:26:09 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 18 replies
    First of all,why does O'Bozo need Bill Clinton for in the first place?,Maybe it's because Obama has no charisma and needs to borrow Bill Clinton to fill the void? Now put yourself in Bill Clintons shoes. Obama needs Bill to give an historic speech informing the world of all Obamas accomplishments. Now that's when it gets a bit complicated for Bill being Obama Has No Accomplishments!! Maybe Bill will just entertain us as he speaks of the good old days of the 90's and end the speech praising Mitt Romney as payback for insulting him and his wife over the...
  • You Have To Wonder,Could Obama Be Avoiding The White House In Fear Of Being Grilled?

    07/29/2012 4:04:47 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 24 replies
    Does anyone remember the last time Obama actually spent 6/7 days straight governing in the oval office? We are in the worst financial crisis in modern history and Where Is The President? When was the last time Obama met with congress to deal with debt & deficit? We all know he never met wih his job council. As we are close to falling off the cliff,wouldn't you think that congress begin the process of grilling the President for purposely ignoring our economic crisis? Hey, they grilled Clinton over the Lewinsky Scandal,so why can't they force the President to take the...
  • Obamas "Like-A-Bility" Polling.Could These Polls Also Be Skewed Too Far Left?

    07/26/2012 6:00:06 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 17 replies
    Even Rush Limbaugh can't digest the Obama Favorability Polls.How can the President have anywhere near 50/55 per-cent likeability when at least 55% of Americans are in fear for their lives because of Obama?. Maybe Gallup and Raz should just poll whites and see what they come up with. Who are they polling? 50% Democrats and 35% Republicans? Obama has created a nation now in total fustration & restless, and those are the furious Americans who will be rushing to the polls in the masses on November 6th.
  • Did Brian Ross Just Hand Colorado To Mitt Romney Over His Baseless Liberal Accusation?

    07/25/2012 3:30:49 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 9 replies
    It was bad enough that Chris Stupernopolis didn't even challenge Brian over his false accusation that insulted the state of Colorado. While corpses were still laying in the movie theater,Ross had already decided to be the judge/jury and executioner.But Where Was Obama? If Obama had any remorse feelings for the families of the fatalities,he would of gone on television and Denounced Brian Ross and ABC for the accusation. We can only assume that Obama gave Brian a pass and just played along with it. And now the people of Colorado are all buying weapons,that alone should add Colorado in the...
  • So According To Obama,Escort Services And "Madams",Needed Government Assistance To Succeed?

    07/24/2012 5:43:40 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 9 replies
    So Freepers,can any of you explain how call girls,pimps,madams and escort services needed help from the government to start up their businesses? How about strip clubs and the adult entertainment business in general? Who knew that all of those ladies who attended bachelor parties had to apply for government assistance? Wow! what would men do without all of that new road construction!
  • Military Ballots,What If Polls Show 70% Voting For Romney.Will Holder&D.O.J. Have A Cow?

    07/24/2012 3:57:44 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 21 replies
    The military vote hasn't been mentioned yet in cable news. This is actually one of many crucial voting blocks.Now can you imagine if come mid-september Romney already has an 8 to 10 point lead in all purple states,and later we learn that the military votes will put Romney way over the top.Holder is already being a crybaby over some states voting laws,now we have to wait and see what he will try to do when he finds out that the military wants to give Barry the Boot !!!
  • If The Economy Continues To Tank Right Into DNC Week,What Will The Dem's Boast About?

    07/23/2012 9:11:46 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 35 replies
    What more can conservatives ask for come DNC Weekend?Things are only going to get worse over the next 6 weeks.We can assume that the July Jobs Number will be even more embarrassing than June.Unemployment will probably jump up,pushing 16 trillion in debt,war in Syria,overall the worst economic data since 2008, etc. We need to nickname the DNC event,,"The Send In The Clowns Convention".The only reason we will be watching is to witness the libs making total jackasses of themselves blaming all of the worlds problems on the honorable George Bush !!.
  • How Much Did Obama Spend On Vacations&Green Energy Projects?And Now Out Of Campaign Cash!

    07/23/2012 5:41:44 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 2 replies
    Maybe Bambi was so confident that back in 2009/2010 he had no doubt he could raise a billion for the 2012 campaign.And what has he been doing in the meantime?Million Dollar Vacations? Spending our tax dollars as if it was growing on trees? and the 100 or so billion spent on green energy and the Chevy Volt? And to think that the 52% of Americans who voted for him assumed he was the smartest dude in the room.And look at where their hero is now! 100 days till election week and no more money to attack "President Mitt Romney".
  • Some Of The Most "Lame Liberal Excuses" We Wont Have To Hear Under President Romney.

    07/22/2012 5:20:55 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 11 replies
    For nearly the last 4 years,we have had to endure the same&laughable excuses on cable news programs on a constant basis that made all of us scream back at our televisions.How many times have we heard he classic "Well,This All Started Under The Bush Administration"? And till this day we are still hearing,"In Early 2009 We Were Losing 800,000K Jobs A Month".And don't forget the laughable,"But Obama Isn't The President Of Solyndra".It has gotten to the point where conservatives are pulling their hairs out begging: "God,Please Make It Stop!!",We just have to hang on for another 6 months of The...
  • A "Romney Suggestion".A Massive Contribution To The Wounded Warriors.

    07/21/2012 11:32:59 PM PDT · by Reality_News · 4 replies
    If Romney contributed a few million to the Wounded Warrior Foundation,that would be wonderful! and a slap in the face to Obama. Does anyone actually think Obama has given any significiant amount to our heroes who are suffering? Has Joe Biden helped them out? This would also give Romney a big boost with the military ballets. Romney should contribute about 2 to 3 million to the wounded troops in the fall,and then lets see if Barry matches it.Then again, isn't "The One" desperate for campaign cash?