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  • Remember the time we bombed Mexico with German rockets?

    05/11/2012 11:16:16 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    rector seal to DogByte6RER

    Lost to history are my father’s old black and white photos of V2 rockets in the Southwest US from 1945-46. Standing next to each other in a launch area were three V2 rockets. The 1st had a german swastika on it. The 2nd had a partial paint job 1/2 German & 1/2 US army and the third was painted 100% american.
    He wasn’t a scientist, just a colorblind civilian electrician lucky enough to work on newly developed airplane radars during WW2, V2 rockets after WW2, and Nuke sub wiring during the Korean War.

  • NO CHICKS ALLOWED! (…and no cocks either!)

    05/14/2011 3:58:02 PM PDT · 40 of 67
    rector seal to Fitzy_888

    There is a farm within 1000 yards of Jenning’s office that not only has chickens but also goats ( all wink-wink, nod-nod )! Other home schooling families in Albany are reputed to raise chickens indoors but I wouldn’t know about that.

  • Supporters of Liberty Are Always Attacked

    02/25/2011 9:19:45 PM PST · 12 of 17
    rector seal to MichaelNewton

    I lately have gained the impression that Athens did not lose power in Greece until the nearby silver deposits were exhausted.

  • Origins of Syphilis [It was waiting for Columbus and his crew~~~NEW WORLD]

    10/06/2007 8:37:47 PM PDT · 38 of 96
    rector seal to shield
    There seem to have been two great epidemics in England: one about 1600, and another in the late nineteenth century. The 2nd led to the inhibitions of the victorian era.

  • Inflicting white neuroses on nonwhite women

    09/21/2007 10:23:51 PM PDT · 31 of 82
    rector seal to jwalburg

    “The fundamental strategy of the war on fat is to universalize the attitudes of middle- and upper-class white American women toward weight, food, dieting and exercise. Such women are taught from a very early age to hate their bodies.”

    “That must be it. If you want to diet and keep healthy, it’s got to be that you hate your body.”

    I think of it less as hating one’s body and more of liking denial or even loving pain. Nothing is so instructive to the mind and body as running repetition 1/2 miles at race pace at age 53 years with a former heart condition failure and recent blood clot. But I’d rather be dead than a couch ‘tato. Interesting that more women than men run races these days.

  • The (over)exercise of power

    07/22/2005 10:04:56 AM PDT · 32 of 47
    rector seal to guitarist

    Sometimes he runs to keep his promises.

  • Some state tax refunds held back

    03/23/2005 4:40:34 PM PST · 12 of 20
    rector seal to alisasny

    I filed NY state and fed 2 days earlier than last year, fed comes back early and state 3 weeks later. All direct deposit.

  • CNN PLANS SHAKEUP AT HEADLINE (response to dumpster ratings)

    02/20/2005 10:43:06 AM PST · 57 of 83
    rector seal to Mad Mammoth

    New format is clock that runs backwards. Right four times a day!

  • FROM THE CDC -Simian Virus 40 (SV40), Polio Vaccine, and Cancer -- there is a link

    02/20/2005 7:14:49 AM PST · 30 of 34
    rector seal to SnoopyDog

    Speaking of lawsuits, if SV40 is responsible for the majority of asbestos cancer cases, does that mean the asbestos companies will get a refund from the lawyers for that portion of damages they have already paid?

  • Explicit Photos Fan U.N. Sex Scandal

    02/14/2005 6:42:32 AM PST · 119 of 128
    rector seal to maine-iac7

    I don't expect the UN to punish their employees - they all seem to have diplomatic immunity. Even some of their ex or retired employees like Scott Ritter up here in Delmar, NY can engage in teenage sex recruitment and the local DA will refuse to prosecute for fear of UN immunity considerations.

  • Panel Wants Flu Shots for Age 50 and Up

    12/18/2004 10:28:58 AM PST · 15 of 18
    rector seal to BenLurkin

    Speaking of memory holes **tin foil hat alert* There appears to be a link between frequent flu shots sourced from foreign countries containing mercury and aluminim in group doses and multiples of Alzheimer's risk.

    "According to Hugh Fudenberg, MD, the world's leading immunogeneticist and 13th most quoted biologist of our times (nearly 850 papers in peer review journals): If an individual has had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied) his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is 10 times higher than if he/she had one, 2 or no shots."

    The use of mercury and other metals to preserve or enhance immune system reactions to vaccines continues despite US govt. lip service to the contrary. Foreign companies are exempt as are group vs. individual doses.

    I'm not antivaccine, but some of them are plainly bad and I think this might be one of the bads. I would rather die from my existing heart disease and aging and risk the flu, than take the flu vaccine repeatedly and die from Alzheimer's.

  • Marines in Falluja Find Rebel Leader's Arsenal, in a Mosque [massive supply dwarves 100s others]

    11/24/2004 4:35:51 PM PST · 38 of 99
    rector seal to Mike Fieschko

    (There were also more than 500 letters from the families of insurgents who had been killed or wounded, asking for compensation from Mr. Janabi, said a military translator on the scene. They included the families of fighters from Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Algeria, and about "100 native Fallujans.")

    Perhaps a few Israeli type bulldozings by the US military might get the message across to the families and future murderers.

  • Silver’s Call to Override Pataki on Budget Vetoes Collapses

    09/21/2004 3:02:33 PM PDT · 7 of 15
    rector seal to zbigreddogz

    Careful what you wish for. The New York socialists disguised as democrat and republican leaders fight over whether the annual state budget will have a 5% or a 10% increase this year and no dissent is allowed by either faction.

  • Audience left numb as Osama comes alive (movie of women under the Taliban)

    09/10/2004 8:01:34 AM PDT · 20 of 21
    rector seal to 2banana

    The hopelessness of the main character who is a girl disguised as a boy to avoid starvation for her family - all women. She is caught when she menstrates for the 1st time. Instead of the normal stoning to death, she is saved by a crony iman of the judge and packed off to a poor harem for raping / baby production. The sadness is that the iman is elderly and the whole harem may be without a means of survival when he dies. Poignant due to the recuring theme of the girl jump roping even in jail.

  • President Bush kept promise to run with injured vet.

    08/06/2004 7:08:20 PM PDT · 1 of 10
    rector seal
    This president keeps his promises.
  • Federal agents raid mosque in Albany

    08/05/2004 12:57:56 PM PDT · 102 of 120
    rector seal to Calpernia

    Never hurts to have a good cover story. The early local online updates by Albany Times Union had pictures of militant looking men wearing Fear Allah shirts but now change agents or the local progressives have morphed the emphasis onto what will happen to the wife and the children.

  • Local Scientists Develop Key To Lyme Disease Prevention

    08/02/2004 7:48:45 AM PDT · 16 of 34
    rector seal to rector seal


  • Local Scientists Develop Key To Lyme Disease Prevention

    08/02/2004 6:41:14 AM PDT · 6 of 34
    rector seal to laotzu

    Albany NY

    Tiny menace undermines Pine Bush's beauty
    Albany -- Danger of ticks, Lyme disease mar pristine nature of preserve

    By CAROL DeMARE, Staff writer
    First published: Sunday, August 1, 2004

    For nearly three decades, a day didn't go by without Don Rittner hiking into his beloved Pine Bush Preserve.
    Considered a resident expert on the ecologically sensitive wilderness, Rittner had up-close familiarity with the pitch pines, scrub oaks, hog-nosed snakes, spade-foot toads and, of course, the Karner blue butterfly. ...

    He guided groups of school kids and seniors, impressing upon them the habitat's uniqueness and his own 30-year fight to stave off development from chipping away the preserve, acre by acre. ...

    He led moonlight horseback rides that meandered along rugged paths of the barrens, which once spanned 30,000 contiguous acres and now cover 6,000 acres -- of which about 3,000 are protected, bordering on Albany, Guilderland and Colonie.

    But all that has changed.

    Two summers ago, he hiked in to check on the population of the Karner blue -- the symbol of the Pine Bush preservation movement Rittner started in 1972 while a student at the University at Albany.

    "I was in there half an hour and walked out, got into my car, and as I looked down to put the key in, I noticed that my pants were literally covered with ticks," he said.

    "I had bare arms, a short-sleeved shirt, and there were ticks on my arms and ticks on my shirt. I literally jumped out of the car."

    He frantically brushed them off, sprayed the car and himself and drove home, believing he had gotten them all. That night he found himself itching his inner thigh and felt a lump.

    "Sure enough there was a big tick sucking my blood," he said. ...

    Rittner's experience was unsettling. "For 25 years, I went out every single day and the only thing I ever found on me was an occasional grasshopper, and I was literally walking through every inch," he said. "And, then, I'm out a half-hour and I'm covered with deer ticks from head to toe."

    Three of his friends have Lyme disease, named in 1977, when children in Lyme, Conn., got sick. Last year, there were 269 cases of Lyme disease in the four-county region. Additionally, almost 1,000 cases were reported in Columbia County. ...

    Since the incident, Rittner, who was the city archaeologist under Albany Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd and Pine Bush preserve manager under Mayor Thomas Whalen, has gone in occasionally but covers up and sprays himself. He won't take his three young sons with him. The author of 22 books, mainly on local history, feels the preserve is lost to the casual nature lover.

    "You had this unique natural area ... so that in two to five minutes you could leave the urban congestion of a downtown and be standing in between sand dunes listening to sounds of warblers and watching butterflies," said Rittner, who holds degrees in anthropology, environmental science and environmental planning.

    In the 1970s when there were 100,000 Karner blues, "one would land on my finger and stay there as I walked around on the tour," he said. "Now if you can see one, it's a good day."

    "We have this preserve that we spent millions of dollars to protect and if you want to go out there you have to wear a space suit doused with insecticide. That's not why we saved the Pine Bush."

    (Like the Rittner above, I used to go into the pine bush with my son but no more after we were ticked off two years ago. I've done some cross country races there since, but being 50+ years am not afraid of ticks as I am a middle of the pack runner and all the ticks are on the younger or better runners ahead of me.)

  • Director Moore denies Blair film

    06/13/2004 12:41:18 PM PDT · 6 of 15
    rector seal to Pokey78

    "Controversial film-maker Michael Moore" There is not much controversial in attacking safe targets. If this guy wanted to be mildly controversial he could attack liberal culture. If he wanted to be cutting edge controversial, he would attack islamic culture. He looks too gluttonous to be beheadingly controversial.

  • Australian government:have babies as a service to your country

    05/12/2004 9:55:26 PM PDT · 2 of 3
    rector seal to AskStPhilomena
    Sweden tried this. The more they jacked up birth incentives, the higher the taxes, the lower the marriages, the lower the birth rates.

    Maybe in desperation they can order the population to reproduce like in Nazi Germany or Communist Romania.
  • Are Homeschoolers really similar to Islamic Terrorists?

    05/11/2004 9:45:55 AM PDT · 89 of 254
    rector seal to Diva Betsy Ross
    Some people's worldviews are so limited that anything different is threatening. I am not talking about the homeschoolers, but about the standardized american thinking cranked out by the public school system that writes articles such as this hoping to get a reaction out of homeschoolers.
    I am not upset because my job is mostly over. My child is 10 and mostly set in his nature. He is almost old enough to start searching for what he wants to believe in. He is comfortable hanging out with Spanish/English speaking legal/illegal people of all ages as well as religious zealots of all types including know it all liberals and conservative atheists. My family has to do without some things with one income, so he is not spoiled by presents or toys that two income families shower upon their children in lieu of human interaction.
    As we don't report our activities to the authorities as required in one of the worst states to homeschool, this necessitates living in areas that are less desirable to the suburban groupthink writers who hang out in suurban cul-de-sacs. In some neighborhoods, people learn to not ask too many questions
    As a result, my child has met and played with more black and brown children than the author has likely met as peers in his lifetime so far (he-he).
    If I was to really take the writer seriously, the question I would ask humorously would be, Whose children will be better prepared for big br0ther and the attendent collapse in living standards? Those who will sell their family's souls to keep their declining middle class lives or those who are poor in lifestyle but rich in family?
    When the suburban enclaves decline to third worldism as they might put it and all sorts of riff raff such as us move in or if you flee to join us now, all I can say is welcome to the neighborhood.
  • The Greeks of Hungary (Victims of Cold War Communist kidnappings)

    03/07/2004 9:59:19 PM PST · 3 of 4
    rector seal to Destro
    I'm rereading the book Eleni by Nicholas Cage that describes this period of Greek history in all its totalitarian terror. What I'm thinking about is how almost islamic the rural Greek villages treated women.
  • Bedbugs Spread Across US (caused by "international travel" hmmm - is that PC for "immigration"?)

    02/13/2004 9:58:20 AM PST · 10 of 33
    rector seal to churchillbuff
    Yup, these are the guys that are the natural disease vector of smallpox. Without bedbugs, smallpox stops spreading. This is why blankets and bedding were necessary to spread smallpox among native americans in the 1800's.
  • Bigger is Not Better - School Consolidation

    01/06/2004 7:54:57 AM PST · 6 of 6
    rector seal to steplock
    And the beat goes on. Here is an article from today's local paper that shows that a federal representative is encouraging the consolidation of smaller school districts using state bribes in much the same way that the school districts are consolidating the small schools into megaschools.

    From the Albany, NY Times Union

    School merger proposed
    Green Island-- McNulty pushes for Green Island, Cohoes districts to unite
    By BREEA WILLINGHAM, Staff writer
    First published: Tuesday, January 6, 2004

    “U.S. Rep. Michael McNulty on Monday called for the Green Island and Cohoes school districts to merge, a move that he said would save taxpayers in both communities millions of dollars.”

    “The congressman said he will urge the Green Island school board to pursue the proposal, adding that the state would "handsomely reward the communities for the merger" with a $30 million windfall in additional aid over the next 14 years.”
  • Bigger is Not Better - School Consolidation

    01/05/2004 7:49:08 AM PST · 5 of 6
    rector seal to steplock

    'Obstacles On The Road To Centralization
    Three major obstacles stood in the way of the great goal of using American schools to realize a scientifically programmed society. The first was the fact that American schooling was locally controlled. In 1930, when the massive socializing scheme was swinging into high gear, helped substantially by an attention-absorbing depression, this nation still had 144,102 local school boards.17 At least 1.1 million elected citizens of local stature made decisions for this country’s schools out of their wisdom and experience. Out of 70 million adults between the ages of thirty and sixty-five, one in every sixty-three was on a school board (thirty years earlier, the figure had been one in twenty). Contrast either ratio with today’s figure of one in five thousand.
    The first task of scientifically managed schooling was to transfer management from a citizen yeomanry to a professional elite under the camouflage of consolidation for economy’s sake. By 1932, the number of school districts was down to 127,300; by 1937 to 119,018; by 1950 to 83,719; by 1960 to 40,520; by 1970 to 18,000; by 1990 to 15,361. Citizen oversight was slowly squeezed out of the school institution, replaced by homogeneous managerial oversight, managers screened and trained, watched, loyalty-checked by Columbia, Stanford, Chicago, the Cleveland Conference, and similar organizations with private agendas for public schooling.'

    And with an increasing population!
  • Apple-Pie Eugenics: War Against the Weak

    10/02/2003 3:25:42 PM PDT · 35 of 122
    rector seal to Mr. Silverback
    The troubling aspect of the eugenics movement is that it had the support of most of the countries elites. From both sides of the political spectrum. The last head of the eugenics institute located on Long Island quietly resigned after World War Two as the institute foundered. Vannavar Bush was his name.
    The elites of this country owe their allegiance only to the others in their class. An occasional Ted Turner, Bill Gates, or Arnold Schwartzeneggar are allowed in for incentive purposes or to allow for an escape valve against rebellion.
    John Taylor Gatto's book The Underground History of Public Education goes on for several chapters about this topic.
  • Home Depot installing 40,000 high-tech cameras

    09/16/2003 3:40:30 PM PDT · 71 of 97
    rector seal to Kennesaw
    Will the digitized images be watched by bored 3rd world night shift workers in India? Wait a minute, why not Iraqis?
  • Study: Farm-raised salmon contains more PCBs than wild fish

    07/30/2003 2:04:47 PM PDT · 9 of 36
    rector seal to bedolido
    Grass finished cattle is high in Omega3 fatty acids. Cattle finished in feed lots with grain is high in Omega6 fatty acids and low in Omega3.

    Algae fed (or predators on algae fed) fish are high in Omega3 fatty acids. Farm raised fish are high in whatever oils are fed to them. Increasingly, this is inexpensive Omega6 oils from grain.

    Soon it will be difficult to find a reliable source of Omega3 oil.

    Most canned tuna has any extra omega3 removed and omega6 added to retain taste - even water packed.

    06/06/2003 10:25:55 PM PDT · 19 of 19
    rector seal to NYC Republican
    Bruno's NY state senate district includes declining cities and towns like Troy. Troy loses over 10% of its population every census and has no rent control as abandoned and collapsing buildings reflect the true future of New York state and eventually "the city's" fate as well.

    05/25/2003 2:29:39 PM PDT · 38 of 38
    rector seal to Publius6961
    My 7 year old I'm homeschooling is just now moving out of the stick figure drawing mode. The next step will be to plan the spacing of letters so that he doesn't have to crowd clusters of letters in the edges of father's day cards. The anti gun poster was executed with letter spacing to good to still be using stick figures as people. FAKE FAKE FAKE
  • Study: Fat Causes 90,000 U.S. Cancer Deaths a Year

    04/24/2003 11:59:33 AM PDT · 53 of 67
    rector seal to NotQuiteCricket
    "I'm confused, which is worse, being overweight, or smoking?"

    Although it is politicaly incorrect to say overweight is worse than smoking from an overall mortality perspective.

    I also lost 70 lbs while quiting smoking and doing both has statisticaly increased my life from 2003 to 2015 when I may die at age 68 ( useless social security ).
  • PUERTO RICO: ABC Report Highly Critical of Anti-Navy Protesters (Did ABC finally get one right?)

    03/30/2003 12:34:32 PM PST · 68 of 69
    rector seal to 4Freedom
    You misunderstood me. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and met my husband while I was visiting in Texas. Most, if not all, the squalor you accurately describe in Puerto Rico is due to the United States putting three fourths of our population on welfare. If you visit any of the high crime areas in the United States you will find that these areas have a large proportion of people in welfare.

    I do not know anything about your background. Did you live in Puerto Rico at any time? I feel sorry for Americans living in Puerto Rico. The shock of the contrast between life in the USA and life in Puerto Rico prevents many Americans from enjoying the natural beauty of the island and as a result they can not befriend Puerto Ricans or appreciate any virtue in any of us.

    Some Americans fall in love with my island and are able to see past the squalor. They can see the tragic history of Puerto Rico; a colony of Spain and, since 1898, a colony of the United States. Americans, generous to a fault, dumped billions of dollars in Puerto Rico. I would have preferred Americans making the effort to make Puerto Ricans understand the constitutional republic the United States was. But you may have noticed that the public schools no longer teach American children about our constitutional republic. If Americans can not teach the constitution to their own children, it would be far fetched to expect them to teach it to Puerto Rican children.

    I was blessed that my Puerto Rican parents took the time to teach me about the value of the American constitution. I in turn teach my nine year old homeschooled child about the glory of the American original system of government.
  • PUERTO RICO: ABC Report Highly Critical of Anti-Navy Protesters (Did ABC finally get one right?)

    03/29/2003 7:51:19 PM PST · 65 of 69
    rector seal to tiredoflurking
    I have lived in the United States almost twenty years. I came here because I married a radical capitalist American. While growing up in Puerto Rico I treasured the books of Ludwig Von Mises, Hayek and the other economists of the Austrian School. I read everything about capitalism I could find. I realized with sadness how far from a constitutional republic the United States had become. When I met my husband in Texas I was delighted to meet someone who had read everything I had read. Politically I am very much an American.

    Nevertheless I have missed my beautiful island almost every day I have lived in the United States. I visit it often and I love it dearly. Justice requires that the United States stop all the billions of dollars going to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately that money has made many in my island disgraceful welfare statists. It is time to cut the umbilical cord. Nothing short of that will make the Puerto Rican government assume responsibility for their actions.

    The issue of Vieques is one of the most shameful episodes in our history. Shameful because the left succeded in forcing the Navy out of Puerto Rico. Men in my family served the American military with honor. And now the left has succeeded in embarassing all Puerto Ricans who appreciate the United States. I understand the loathing some Americans feel for the actions of the government of Puerto Rico.

    So let us forgive the justified anger of the Americans that speak with hatred towards Puerto Rico. If someone would pick your pocket for a hundred years you would be mad too.
  • Homeschoolers dominate spelling bees (Some see unfair advantage)

    03/31/2002 6:02:16 AM PST · 95 of 97
    rector seal to Yakboy
    I took my homeschooled 8 year old to the local spelling
    bee in Albany NY this month. I watched the younger home
    schooled sister of the national 2000 3rd place winner
    win the regional. She was relaxed and skipped up
    to the podium for each of her turns.

    What surprised me was the easy words that knocked out
    most of the contestants or how puzzled they sounded
    on some of the words they got - like they had never
    read the words before. If these are the best of the
    local schools, then the level of spelling has dropped
    from when I was the same age in the late '60s.

    I don't expect my son will ever be a great speller
    based on his nature but it is nice to take him to
    things that show what is potential. The best thing
    about home schooling my son is that it may have
    something to do with him still giggling in his sleep.

  • Organs for sale?

    01/04/2002 12:59:00 PM PST · 17 of 33
    rector seal to Bikers4Bush
    How about an insurance program where I am covered for
    any needed body parts in return for donating my own when I die?
  • Scientists planted hairs from lynx in 3rd forest

    01/04/2002 12:20:30 PM PST · 116 of 167
    rector seal to Pokey78
    In Albany, New York the Pine Bush reserve has grown larger
    because of the Karner Blue butterfly achieving endangered
    species status.

    Recently, another wooded area 30 miles away achieved
    similar status nearby. How difficult would it be to
    move some butterfly eggs by car to some lupine plants
    to achieve more protected areas, grants, and enviro jobs?

  • Suspect accused of vandalizing Confederate flag in Mizzou dorm

    12/16/2001 1:26:10 PM PST · 268 of 351
    rector seal to WhiskeyPapa
    Here in deep yankee land ( Albany, New York ) there are pockets of Northerners still fighting the Civil War. They did not take too kindly to my pointing out Walter William's archive material on slaves fighting for the South and that that the "great Gen. Grant" did not free his own slaves ( he referred to them as servants ) until the effective date of the amendment. See I have no proof that Walter William's research is true but as a black intelectual I trust him to avoid making false statements regarding race. The media of his day may be just as culpable with Grant as our present day media was with Clinton.

    09/11/2001 2:25:29 PM PDT · 21 of 30
    rector seal to Fred Mertz
    But she still is appearing elsewhere!


    Schenectady, NY Schenectady County Community College Wednesday, September 19, 2001

    Former Attorney General Janet Reno,

    7 p.m., Carl B. Taylor Community Auditorium, Begley Building.

    The nation's first female attorney general, Janet Reno ...