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Posts by Redmen4ever

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  • The VAT: Coming Soon To A Campaign Stop Near You (Cruz Tax Plan)

    02/08/2016 8:12:07 PM PST · 13 of 71
    Redmen4ever to Helicondelta

    People either don’t know what they’re talking about or do know and are being political.

    There is a tax on business receipts less wage and purchases, described as a tax on business operating income.

    There is also a tax on wages above a generous zero bracket.

    For about half of Americans (the ones who don’t pay income taxes), there is a big reduction of taxes since they won’t pay the S.S. payroll tax. This will more than off-set the increase in prices due to the tax on business.

    For the other half of Americans (the ones who do pay income taxes), the main benefit is that the income tax will be much more simple, apply to earned income above the zero bracket but at one relatively low rate. There will be NO tax at the individual level on “unearned income,” NO capital gains tax, NO estate tax, and NO alternative minimum tax.

    Tax simplification (lowering the rates in conjunction with reducing the deductions) is thought to reduce the deficit by about $800 million per year EVEN IF you don’t change the average effective tax rate. The savings comes from reduced cost of administering and complying with the tax code.

    But there are dynamic effects as well. Ending corporations and rich individuals leaving the country so as to avoid our high tax rates, restoring the incentive to work for the lower middle class, and putting the country on a path to a balanced budget.

    There is a long list of issues concerning the transition to such a very different tax system. I’m not going to belittle these traditional issues but the detail work needed to address the transition is not appropriate to a campaign. In a campaign, you lay out broad goals.

    BTW there are a lot of similarities among the flat tax, the fair tax and this proposal, as well as some differences. And, Jeff Sessions has a very nice proposal that would provide a huge step to a true flat tax/fair tax combo such as Cruz and Rand Paul have proposed. We can and should enact Sessions’ proposal immediately.

  • Why A Vote For An Establishment Candidate Could Be A Vote For Trump In N.H.

    02/08/2016 7:44:11 PM PST · 14 of 39
    Redmen4ever to Hojczyk

    Bush is now above 10 percent. Carson is down to 1 or 2. Fiorina 3 or 4, and Christie 5 to 7. Altogether, the bonus for finishing first will be 10 to 12 points. Yes, it’s something, but not much. Trump will win easily, and his earned percentage of 30 or 31 percent will be supplemented by the percentages of those under 10 percent. He will thus qualify for a total of 42 to 45 percent of the delegates. I don’t know why the Republicans of NH made these rules, but let’s keep our eye on what is important.

  • Ted Cruz Wants To Raise Taxes On Your Grandma

    02/08/2016 7:37:13 PM PST · 60 of 218
    Redmen4ever to kiryandil

    A proposal as comprehensive as what is being proposed will need to be examined so NO GROUP of Americans is harmed, and ALL GROUPS of Americans benefit. Simplifying the tax code, lowering the rates, and eliminating the payroll tax to restore incentive to work for the lower middle class are vital. But, fairness is important. I myself share this particular concern (I have some some other concerns as well). This particular concern can be addressed by an increase in the S.S. monthly payments so as to offset the VAT or sales tax-like aspect of the proposal. (This fix is really that simple!) Working people will get a huge increase in their take-home pay because of the elimination of payroll taxes. This will more than make-up for the VAT aspect of the proposal. But, those receiving S.S. benefits won’t have this off-set. Going through the proposal step by step in such manner might require an adjustment in the rates so as to not blow a hole in the deficit, but fairness has to be a very big priority has to be as high a priority as tax simplification, lowering the rates, restoring the incentive to work, balancing the budget and ensuring the solvency of S.S. and Medicare. We can and must do all these things without hurting any group of us.

  • Why Ted Cruz’s Facial Expression Makes Me Uneasy

    02/08/2016 11:51:01 AM PST · 72 of 126
    Redmen4ever to TigerClaws

    Dr. Cytowic is a neurologist who gained attention with a book on a rare disorder synesthesia involving the senses being mixed up (”seeing” smell, for example). In this comment, he is speculating about body language, a cultural phenomena. The fact that Ted Cruz is of mixed, Hispanic and Irish-American upbringing, argues against the kind of generalization Dr. Cytowic is attempting. The doctor should at least acknowledge the fact that Ted Cruz disagrees with the party establishment tactic of “go along to get along,” is a plausible alternative hypothesis to explain his being dislike by the Republican establishment. He should also point out the facility some people, e.g., Bill Clinton, have, in being able to lie to people because of their mastery of communication including body language.

    Since we are engaged in pop psychology, I thought I’d share the following: Donald Trump seems utterly transparent, well, if you discount his tendency to exaggerate. It’s not just his politically-incorrect language. It’s his body language. Could this all be an act? If it is, he’s great at it.

  • Trump: Reagan talked a good game but didn't deliver, Carter had guts (Art of the Deal)

    02/06/2016 4:09:35 PM PST · 60 of 73
    Redmen4ever to A Conservative Thinker

    We know that the Donald was registered Republican beginning sometime in the 1980s. I am not aware that we know his registration prior to that. But we do know that he and his father were in close with the Brooklyn Democratic Party and, in particular, Mayor Abraham Beame. This is how I have him meandering D to R to I to D and then back to R.

  • Trump: Reagan talked a good game but didn't deliver, Carter had guts (Art of the Deal)

    02/06/2016 3:41:34 PM PST · 37 of 73
    Redmen4ever to ifinnegan

    This was back in the days when Trump was a Democrat. That was when being a Democrat was a good thing. Can you trust anybody who a Republican when Trump was a Democrat. There probably is only one person who was a Democrat when that was the right thing, then a Republican, then an Independent, then back to a Democrat and then back to a Republican. Donald used deals from Mayor Abraham Beame for tax abatement and condemnation to do the deal with the big banks to do the Hyatt Hotel deal, which is how he got started, back when that was a good thing.

  • Ted Cruz on Immigration in 2011. The Only Video You Need to See…

    02/06/2016 8:45:01 AM PST · 21 of 67
    Redmen4ever to justlittleoleme

    This was Cruz’ position in 2011? Back then Trump was a Democrat. So, in those days, being pro-amnesty was right. How can you trust somebody who has disagreed with Trump in the past.

  • Marco Rubio George Soros Rupert Murdock and Fox News: The Cheap Labor Gang

    02/04/2016 2:37:31 PM PST · 17 of 17
    Redmen4ever to jmaroneps37

    Actually, this was back in the days when Trump was a Democrat. So, who knows what other rascally things he was involved in. Or, maybe it was just business.

  • Marco Rubio George Soros Rupert Murdock and Fox News: The Cheap Labor Gang

    02/04/2016 11:44:34 AM PST · 4 of 17
    Redmen4ever to jmaroneps37

    Would this be the same George Soros who provided mezzanine financing for Trump Chicago?

  • Care at Native American health facilities called 'horrifying and unacceptable' in Senate hearing

    02/04/2016 11:13:54 AM PST · 7 of 42
    Redmen4ever to Citizen Zed

    But I thought socialized medicine would work for Native Americans, just like it works for veterans.

  • Ted Cruz’s Newest Election Issue Is French Fries

    02/03/2016 10:02:21 AM PST · 15 of 26
    Redmen4ever to Citizen Zed

    Cook ‘em in olive oil and don’t cut them so thin. Fat fries. (As a single dad I had to be creative to make simple, easy to make meals that my kids actually enjoyed.) We can make wholesome food that is actually tastey. Be practical. Not puritanical.

  • New Hampshire Republican Primary Poll February 1-2, 2016

    02/03/2016 9:56:10 AM PST · 37 of 44
    Redmen4ever to McGruff

    If we made Alberta our 51st state, would that settle the matter of Cruz’ eligibility? We could give them Vermont and Puerto Rico.

  • Has Donald Trump Already Decided to Run Third Party?

    02/03/2016 9:34:29 AM PST · 69 of 183
    Redmen4ever to Cincinatus' Wife

    If Trump goes third party, and Bloomberg fourth party, and if Rubio gets the Republican nomination, and if Bernie the Democratic party nomination, do you think Hillary goes fifth party, and in that case, what are the chances Gary Johnson the Libertarian wins?

  • Cruz: Trump 'Owes At Least $480 Million Right Now' [VIDEO]

    01/31/2016 8:20:03 AM PST · 93 of 234
    Redmen4ever to ObozoMustGo2012

    Your point is valid about Trump ($480 is the minimum, the disclosures are of ranges). Trump’s loans are from mega-, multinational banks, and there’s nothing unusual about them for the business that Trump is in. He is an international businessman with a portfolio of properties that span the world, including Latin America and Muslim countries, and out-sources the manufacture of his merchandise to China and elsewhere. Since his brush with bankruptcy in 2008, when Trump Chicago defaulted on its loan from Deutches Bank (let’s be fair about this, a lot of people ran into financial problems that year), Trump has put his finances into good order. He is no longer highly-leveraged.

    But your point would also be valid about Cruz. The Cruz loan is a securitized loan. It is not unusual for politicians to use their net wealth to make contributions or loans to their campaigns. Cruz and his wife borrowed against financial assets to make a loan to his campaign committee for the primary run-off of 2010. The remaining balance of the loan is small relative to Cruz’ income and assets.

    The real issue of the Donald’s many international investments, business partnerships and loans is that they potentially represent a conflict of interest. We have never had such a wealthy person or an active businessman be President of the United States. This was asked at the second Fox Business debate, and Trump dismissed it saying he would turn the management of his enterprises over to his adult children and hired managers and partners. This needs to be explored.

  • Question: Are delegates earned at Iowa "proportional" or "winner take all"?

    01/30/2016 2:45:44 PM PST · 31 of 38
    Redmen4ever to smoothsailing

    Iowa uses it’s first in the nation status to lock in the ethanol mandate. Ted Cruz has taken some hits because he didn’t pander to the state on the issue. There’s pluses and minuses to all the rest. Lots of people enjoy being courted, and the business that’s brought to the state, but lots of people dispose the negative ads.

  • Question: Are delegates earned at Iowa "proportional" or "winner take all"?

    01/30/2016 2:42:29 PM PST · 30 of 38
    Redmen4ever to dp0622

    The rules have evolved over many years.

    The first several states are relatively small and geographically scattered. They are supposed to help winnow the field (eliminate those who have no chance). The later ones include the big winner-take-all states. By then, we’ll be looking at only a few candidates, maybe just three.

    This year, we started out with so many credible candidates, the networks adopted the idea of two debates, one in the afternoon or early evening and the other in prime time.

  • Megyn Kelly admits to Ted Cruz the record shows he does not support legalization.

    01/30/2016 2:21:50 PM PST · 77 of 79
    Redmen4ever to moehoward

    Would you point out where, in his position paper, he states his current position regarding mass deportation of illegal aliens who haven’t broken the law without the prospect of legal re-entry? I read the thing when it was published, and didn’t see a specific statement.

  • Megyn Kelly admits to Ted Cruz the record shows he does not support legalization.

    01/30/2016 11:54:10 AM PST · 74 of 79
    Redmen4ever to moehoward

    I agree with you about what Tramp is saying. At the 3:30 mark he talks about this:


    1. those who break the law - out

    2. those who don’t break the law … “an expedited process” (the touchback)

    At another time, the Donald said, you just can’t deport them. You have to give them a path to citizenship. There another alternative. If, for compassionate reasons, you can deport them, you can offer legal status but not citizenship (the Cruz position).

    The difference isn’t rhetoric. With citizenship comes the right to vote. People who come here to go on welfare and then join the looters and moochers in the Democratic Party, are bankrupting the country. We’ve got to secure the borders and stop the bleeding. While, politically and/or for compassionate reasons, we might not be able to deport them, we should only give the right to vote to those who will be self-supporting and will join with taxpayers in fairly considering the cost and benefits of social welfare programs. (When things calm back down, I think the Donald will come around to the Cruz position.)

    Another thing: both Cruz and Trump oppose birthright citizenship (anchor babies). None of the other candidates has such a forthright position.

  • Trump Says He Will Debate Cruz Once Judge Deems Him Eligible to Run

    01/29/2016 3:18:47 PM PST · 172 of 187
    Redmen4ever to map

    Except if it’s the Donald killing somebody on 5th avenue, homicide is not a mistake.

    There, I fixed it for you.

  • Trump Calls Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 2:32:30 PM PST · 85 of 157
    Redmen4ever to nascarnation

    The Constitution has a reference to person born overseas of at least one Cuban citizen, but the Constitution says you have to comply with the stipulations of law.

    Cuba, being a communist country, is not happy with dual-U.S./Cuban citizens.

    Dual Nationality: The Government of Cuba does not recognize the U.S. nationality of U.S. citizens who are born in Cuba or are the children of Cuban parents. These individuals will be treated solely as Cuban citizens and may be subject to a range of restrictions and obligations, including military service. The Cuban government may require Cuban-American citizens to enter and depart Cuba using a Cuban passport. Using a Cuban passport for this purpose does not jeopardize one’s U.S. citizenship; however, such persons must use their U.S. passports to enter and depart the United States. In some instances, dual nationals may be required to obtain exit permission from the Cuban government in order to return to the United States. There have been cases of Cuban-American dual nationals being forced by the Cuban government to surrender their U.S. passports. Despite these restrictions, Cuban-American dual nationals who fall ill may only be treated at hospitals for foreigners (except in emergencies). See the Consular Access paragraph below for information on Cuba’s denial of consular services to Cuban-American dual nationals who have been arrested, as well as the Children’s Issues paragraph below for information on how dual nationality may affect welfare inquiries and custody disputes.


    >funny, isn’t it, that you thought a communist country would recognize a person to be a dual citizen by birth, but not a democratic country.

  • Trump Says He Will Debate Cruz Once Judge Deems Him Eligible to Run

    01/29/2016 2:26:54 PM PST · 163 of 187
    Redmen4ever to map

    By my reasoning, there is a difference between taking something by mistake and returning it, very taking something deliberately and not returning it.

    By my reasoning, you don’t come across as careful about what you say. I can see why you like Donald Trump.

  • Trump Calls Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 2:20:11 PM PST · 80 of 157
    Redmen4ever to napscoordinator

    The worst candidate in the history of the United States. Wouldn’t that be David Duke?

    I think whoever wins the Republican nomination will win this election. This is why we have so many attractive candidates, and the other party has a pathetic field of candidates. The Donald is a smart guy and is playing the cards in his hand very well. Right now he is playing you like a violin and he will drop the birther nonsense as soon as he doesn’t need you any longer.

  • Trump Calls Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 2:01:03 PM PST · 76 of 157
    Redmen4ever to Political Junkie Too

    If you think it’s controversial as to whether Cruz was a natural born dual citizen, Canada by place of birth, and U.S. by his mother’s lineage, then you have proven the first part of it.

    But, let me ask you this question: Was Cruz also a Cuban citizen?

  • Trump Says He Will Debate Cruz Once Judge Deems Him Eligible to Run

    01/29/2016 1:58:28 PM PST · 153 of 187
    Redmen4ever to map

    Thanks for the correction.

    Here it is: Donald, then a Democrat, crossed over and went with McCain after Obama named Biden his running mate. He had been backing Hillary in the primaries, and declined to speculate as to whom he would support if Obama had named her to his ticket.


    He turned into an Obama cheerleader after Obama was elected.

    BTW it’s not “slander” when people accept corrections. But, you probably know that and are following your mentor’s example of how to make friends and influence people.

  • Trump Calls Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 1:35:23 PM PST · 66 of 157
    Redmen4ever to napscoordinator

    Since you are such a nationalist that you have suspicions about the loyalties of a man whose American mother gave birth to him while she temporarily resided in Calgary when her husband worked in the oil industry up there; what about:

    Trump marrying foreign-born wives. This is o.k.?

    And, having investments all over the world, including in Hispanic and Muslim countries? This doesn’t pose a conflict of interest?

    In Panama: https://www.trumphotelcollection.com/panama/
    In Brazil: https://www.trumphotelcollection.com/rio-de-janeiro/
    In Indonesia: https://www.trumphotelcollection.com/bali/
    In UAE: http://www.trump.com/golf/trump-intl-golf-club-dubai/
    In Turkey: http://www.trump.com/real-estate-portfolio/istanbul/trump-towers/

    And what about Trump manufacturing merchandise in China?


    And, finally, would you explain why Trump said it was wrong for Carson to say he almost stabbed a man, but that as far as his followers are concerned, he [Trump] could shoot a man?

  • Trump Calls Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 1:17:43 PM PST · 58 of 157
    Redmen4ever to Political Junkie Too

    And Cruz is not an anchor baby of Canada. The whole thing is a joke from the start. Don’t you have a sense of humor?

  • Trump Calls Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 12:59:55 PM PST · 41 of 157
    Redmen4ever to xzins

    Cruz has been challenged at least four times this cycle (FL, IL, TX and VT). The Donald could challenge Cruz if he choose. But, listen carefully to him. He never actually says he think Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen. But, he thinks his followers will fall for anything he seems to be saying. His opinion of the Republican Party isn’t very high.

  • Trump Calls Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 12:56:12 PM PST · 38 of 157
    Redmen4ever to TBP

    Four of Trump’s children are anchor babies, as is he himself. His mother was born in Scotland. His first wife in the Czech Rep. And, his current wife in Slovenia.

    For “anchor baby” to be an insult, as oppose to merely a reference to one’s lineage, it refers to a foreign-born mother using birthright citizen of her advantage. As in welfare payments. Clearly, there is nothing wrong with having a mother born in the U.S., or in Scotland, the Czech Rep. or Slovenia.

  • Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

    01/29/2016 11:47:24 AM PST · 41 of 180
    Redmen4ever to TigerClaws

    Ted was an anchor baby for his parents if they wanted to take up permanent residence in Canada.

  • Trump Says He Will Debate Cruz Once Judge Deems Him Eligible to Run

    01/29/2016 11:08:38 AM PST · 31 of 187
    Redmen4ever to Mechanicos

    Suits have been filed in FL, IL, TX and VT, at least. So, Trump is waiting for one of the judges involved to dismiss the suit, or all of them? Or does he hold his fans in such contempt that he can vote for Obama in 2008 and then in 2011 say Obama not a natural born citizen; and, in 2015 say his lawyers have checked out Cruz and in 2016 say he’s not a natural born citizen?

  • Megyn Kelly admits to Ted Cruz the record shows he does not support legalization.

    01/29/2016 9:08:25 AM PST · 38 of 79
    Redmen4ever to BobL


    >He talks about a pause in legal immigration (near the end). A pause may be a good thing, but it’s only a pause.

    >Elsewhere, he talks about re-focusing legal immigration on people with skills or high-paying jobs. He wants to enlarge the H1-B program (he left that out of his position paper, but has said it a lot of times.) Re-focusing legal immigration is not ending legal immigration. It is changing immigration it. Ted Cruz talked about welfare dependency among immigrant population last night. So, Trump and Cruz are on the same sheet of music, at least in broad terms. I haven’t heard from Rubio about tying legal status or permanent residency to being self-supporting.

    >Trump talks about ending birthright citizenship. Trump and Cruz share this position. I haven’t heard from Rubio about this either.

    >The touch-back. For some reason, Trump didn’t include the touch-back or the expanded H1-Bs in his position paper. All Republicans want to deport illegals who commit crimes. Trump and Cruz are clear about being against illegals who are on welfare. Trump endears himself to his supporters by saying he will deport law-abiding, self-supporting illegals as well. Cruz doesn’t say that. I think this can be taken to mean that law-abiding, self-supporting illegals can qualify for legal status. Maybe as part of a compromise comprehensive immigration reform package. So Trump is tougher than Cruz on immigrants. Even those who are law-abiding and self-supporting will be deported. But ... Trump has says they can come back.


  • Megyn Kelly admits to Ted Cruz the record shows he does not support legalization.

    01/29/2016 7:10:00 AM PST · 11 of 79
    Redmen4ever to justlittleoleme

    This is “inside the beltway” stuff. Cruz proposed an amendment to take citizenship off the table, but which would have allowed legal status. He says this was a poison pill, because the other side would have then killed the bill. Does this mean Cruz would oppose legal status as part of a compromise to get immigration reform (e.g., the wall, e-verify, deportation of criminals, etc.), I think the answer is possibly. On the other hand, we know that Rubio wants citizenship after there is “a consensus,” and that Trump is for citizenship after a “touch-back” (meaning the illegal has to go home and then apply for legal entry). We have two things going on here regarding legal status (independent of citizenship): (1) welfare. Two-thirds of illegals are on welfare. It’s bankrupting our border communities. (2) jobs. Immigrants, legal and illegal, are hurting the middle-class by driving down wages. So, welfare reform, tax reform and repeal of Obamacare have to be part of the picture. We need a flat tax with a generous zero-bracket so our middle class can take home more of their pay, and we need health insurance to be affordable. The middle class is being crushed.

  • New poll shows four-way battle for 2nd place in N.H. GOP primary (Jeb-MENTUM in NH?)

    01/28/2016 10:56:22 AM PST · 5 of 15
    Redmen4ever to jimbo123

    four-way race for second? second to whom?

  • Murdoch urges Bloomberg to Run Amid Trump Debate Boycott

    01/27/2016 9:35:46 AM PST · 49 of 73
    Redmen4ever to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    Bloomberg should file in the remaining Democrat primaries. He’d beat the pants suit off Hillary.

  • The Conservative Case for Ted Cruz: Most Consistently Conservative Candidate Running

    01/27/2016 9:25:36 AM PST · 13 of 21
    Redmen4ever to sickoflibs

    You may be familiar enough with Trump, to know that he does indeed see a sexual thing in many of his relations with women, business, entertainment and now political. He said all the female contestants on The Apprentice flirted with him. He talks about his days as a swinger, and his experiences with married women. He had some kind of thing going on with Megyn prior to the first Fox debate, perhaps anticipating that she would be a moderator of a presidential debate in which he would participate.

  • The Conservative Case for Ted Cruz: Most Consistently Conservative Candidate Running

    01/27/2016 8:32:29 AM PST · 7 of 21
    Redmen4ever to sickoflibs

    You can see how excited he was by her. You could see it in his eyes. You could see it in his … wherever.

    The dork back in town. I hope not for long.

  • Does Ted Cruz Have a Goldman Sachs Problem?

    01/27/2016 8:07:28 AM PST · 30 of 51
    Redmen4ever to SeekAndFind

    The loan was reported before the primary run-off. The criticism is that the loan was AGAIN reported in conjunction with the general. This is described by the liberal media as “failing to report.” Trump who was a Democrat up to 2011 repeats their lie.

    This is just like Trump repeating the lie of the liberal media about Gov. Walker’s budget.

    And, it is just like Trump saying he can work with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    Trump may have re-registered as a Republican, but he is still in many ways a Democrat.

  • Fox News Accuses Trump Campaign Manager of Threatening Megyn Kelly

    01/26/2016 8:37:27 PM PST · 27 of 315
    Redmen4ever to springwater13

    Not that I should want anything might happen to yous.

  • Donald Trump attacks evangelical leader in Iowa who endorsed Ted Cruz

    01/26/2016 12:19:38 PM PST · 68 of 131
    Redmen4ever to austinaero

    Trump is worth billions of dollars. He has been generous in small ways relative to his wealth.

    In Trump’s defense, it isn’t clear his finances were solid enough to allow him to be very generous until relatively recently. This isn’t unusual in real estate. Leverage and volatile market valuations often cause people in real estate real problems from time to time. Being flexible, moving money around, setting priorities as to what loses to accept in order to survive, these are part of the game. The banks that lend to real estate developers know the game, and do well considering the pluses as well as the minuses. Trump was pushed to the brink of personal bankruptcy in around 1990, and was forced to allow several of his properties to be sold off in foreclosure, or just short of foreclosure. He was hard-pressed again in 2008, when the financial crisis hit and he was caught exposed with Trump Chicago.

    But, as he laid out in his filing, his debts are now relatively small compared to current valuation, in long-term, low interest loans, and his cash flow is very strong. Again, according to his filings, his income was well in excess of $300 million in 2014. It is natural for a person who has been so successful to be asked to make major contributions by churches, charities and political parties. Van Der Platts is not stupid for doing this, nor the Club for Growth, nor any other entity that has approached Trump.

    According to Donald Trump, just about everybody in the world other than he is stupid, including people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that he used to say were smart when he was a Democrat. So, Van Der Platts has a lot of company.

  • Donald Trump attacks evangelical leader in Iowa who endorsed Ted Cruz

    01/26/2016 11:46:01 AM PST · 14 of 131
    Redmen4ever to GodGunsGuts

    Somebody asked Donald Trump for money? Can’t be very bright. Only suckers give money. The Donald doesn’t give money. He buys people.

  • Noam Chomsky Says GOP Is 'Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival’

    01/26/2016 11:21:18 AM PST · 5 of 74
    Redmen4ever to TigerClaws

    Norm Chomsky. His methods have become unsound.

  • Putin Says he Likes Communist Ideas Echoing Bible's but USSR Got Them Wrong

    01/26/2016 5:46:16 AM PST · 8 of 18
    Redmen4ever to marshmallow

    BIG difference between Christian (agape) love and Marxist comradeship. Christian love follows from the commandment, “love others as you love yourself,” described by Jesus as the second most important commandment, following only the Great Shema (that God is One). Thus, Christian love affirms self love, and builds on that to command love of others. Marxist comradeship is in self-denial, and isn’t really love of other persons (as individuals) but love of the masses. Thus, individuals are expendable.

    The Russian Orthodox Church could be more clear about this, but it never really embraced the enlightenment.

    As for the Catholic Church, the Catholics under JPII used to be quite clear about this. But, under the current rather silly Pope, hasn’t a clue about anything. With regard to the Mainline Protestant denominations, the only things they are clear about are where they are in error.

    Bottom line: Don’t blame Putin. It’s the pervasive corruption of the age we live in.

  • Ted Cruz, under siege in Iowa, tries to play ‘underdog’ (scrambling to reset expectations)

    01/25/2016 6:55:49 PM PST · 45 of 69
    Redmen4ever to springwater13

    Cruz can beat Trump mano a mano. BUT he has to stay in the game until the field winnows. This means winning Iowa, or coming very close to winning, and finishing in the top three in New Hampshire.

    Iowa is much more crucial for Cruz than for Trump. Even if Cruz wins Iowa, Trump is still favored (in my opinion). But, if Trump wins, the race is just about over. Like a first round knock out. Word to Jeb’s one remaining voter in Iowa, and the small slivers of support for Kasich, etc., vote for Cruz to give your guy a chance later.

  • Sources: Bloomberg Willing To Spend $1B On Possible Presidential Bid

    01/25/2016 6:48:43 PM PST · 42 of 58
    Redmen4ever to correctthought

    Bloomberg $35 billion. Trump $4 billion (according to Forbes).

    Actually, I think Bloomberg should jump into the Democratic Primary.

  • Who is Right about Donald Trump's Political Party Affiliations?

    01/25/2016 6:39:30 AM PST · 2 of 28
    Redmen4ever to Cincinatus' Wife

    Looks like Donald Trump isn’t a natural born Republican. He’s an immigrant to our party, and appears to be a dual-partisan.

  • Poll: Trump retakes IA lead, keeps big edge in NH and SC (IA Trump 39%, Cruz 34%, Jeb 1%)

    01/24/2016 8:46:08 AM PST · 50 of 101
    Redmen4ever to biggredd1

    Donald Trump is on the verge of being the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. It’s time to be BIG.

    After Iowa votes, if Trump beats Cruz and is headed toward clear wins in NH and SC, the race is over. At this point, Trump should be focused on going after Cruz like Mike Tyson and score a knock out in round 1. Pettiness has to be over.

  • Donald Trump Floats Ted Cruz Eligibility Lawsuit

    01/24/2016 6:45:36 AM PST · 88 of 122
    Redmen4ever to RobbyS

    If you’re point (”he [Trump] would have to show harm”) is merely to point out that Trump is the clear frontrunner and, were he to win Iowa, would be unstoppable, then, o.k., ha ha.

    But, the matter has been ruled upon many times. Rivals have standing, citizens do not, to challenge the decision of election officials to place the names of candidates on the ballot whose qualification for the job is being challenged.

    Conversely, the decision of election officials to not place a name on the ballot for such a reason can be appealed by the candidate.

    Thus, the many election officials who have placed George Romney, John McCain, Barack Obama, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, not to mention Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin, and the summary judgements of many judges in the cases of McCain, Cruz and Rubio all speak to the qualification of natural born citizen as developed by the Supreme Court in Wong Kim Ark (persons born on U.S. soil of non-citizen legal residents) and Rogers v. Belle (person born oversea of at least one citizen parent).

    Donald Trump has himself said that Cruz and Rubio are natural born citizens, and only claims that the Democrats will bring a law suit (meaning some Democratic election official won’t put Cruz’ name on the ballot or meaning that Hillary Clinton will challenge Cruz’ eligibility). It is obvious Trump is making citizenship a political issue because it makes political sense.

    We’re not playing marbles. This is for President of the U.S. Four years ago, Trump made an exploratory attempt to get the Republican nomination. He found out that he couldn’t win without being pro-life and pro-gun, contributing more money to Democrats than to Republicans, being friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and voting for Barack Obama. So, he had a come to Jesus moment and became a naturalized Republican. In contrast, Cruz is a natural born Republican.

  • Donald Trump Floats Ted Cruz Eligibility Lawsuit

    01/23/2016 7:42:26 PM PST · 29 of 122
    Redmen4ever to Rockitz

    There are two problems with these objections: the merits and standing. Judges have summarily dismissed both on the merits and on standing. But, it could be argued that dismissal on the merits wasn’t serious.

    Judges have ruled that only a rival has standing. Trump has standing. If he’s not just jerking people around on this (which is his right being as this is a free country), he could file a case, and since it couldn’t be summarily dismissed for lack of standing, it could get serious consideration on the merits. It could be interesting.

  • Poll: Ethanol not a huge issue for Iowans [dead last in list of 10 issues]

    01/23/2016 3:20:46 PM PST · 15 of 16
    Redmen4ever to Cincinatus' Wife

    The ethanol lobby has more paid staffers on the ground in Iowa than any candidate has, and most of them are on Ted Cruz’ tail.

    The poll can be interpreted differently: (1) 3 out of 4 Iowans who say they know who is calling for NOT INCREASING the ethanol mandate, correctly identify that candidate as Ted Cruz. This is bad for Ted.

    (2) BUT FORTUNATELY for Ted, only 1 out of 4 Iowans even claims to know who is calling for NOT INCREASING the ethanol mandate.

    (3) BUT, ON THE OTHER HAND, 80 percent of Iowans think the ethanol mandate is CRITICAL for the Iowa economy.

    Is this why they bury Iowa farmers only 2 feet deep nowadays, so they can still get their hand out?

    It’s a sad day in America when so many working people think they cannot get by without help from the government. Our country really is going down the tubes.

    “We didn’t build that,” say 4 out of 5 Iowans.

    Now I will ask a question: how many people in Iowa think their economy depends on our ability to sell agriculture in the global economy? The Smoot-Hawley Tariff turned much of America into a dustbowl, and Trump - were he to touch off a trade war - could repeat that.

  • Plan to turn a 747 into a missile launcher revealed: Design would have put 70 cruise missiles ...

    01/23/2016 7:39:32 AM PST · 37 of 54
    Redmen4ever to Spktyr

    A-1 … a whole new concept! Yes, the P-51 was designed as a long-range escort with the capability of acting as a fighter-bomber. In the latter capacity, it attacked German planes on the ground or during take-off or landing, as well as other targets of opportunity. This fighter-bomber capability was very important for destroying German jet planes (and their pilots) (think of the ME-262) that we could not fight well in the sky. The concept of the A-1 (embodied in the A-10 of today) is a plane that can survive while operating in a ground attack role when the enemy is throwing up a lot of small arms fire. Because the vital organs of the plane are protected by positioning and armor plating, the A series plane will often come back from a mission full of holes that would have crippled a plane not designed to operate in such an environment. I suppose there is a trade-off of speed, range and maneuver to gain this level of protection. I did not know about the A-1, so thanks for the tip.