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  • Live Thread: Benjamin Netanyahu's 2015 UN Address (approx 12pm on FOX News)

    10/01/2015 9:31:10 AM PDT · 36 of 128
    Repeat Offender to Repeat Offender


  • Live Thread: Benjamin Netanyahu's 2015 UN Address (approx 12pm on FOX News)

    10/01/2015 9:30:44 AM PDT · 35 of 128
    Repeat Offender to prisoner6

    Yeah she as...I saw it too.

  • Teaching assistant forced schoolboy to sleep with her more than 50 times [UK?][tr]

    09/30/2015 4:46:21 PM PDT · 106 of 127
    Repeat Offender to sparklite2
    Berriman was unavailable for comment last night.

    Probably "tutoring" someone else.

  • Government Shutdown Averted as Congress Passes Spending Bill

    09/30/2015 4:07:49 PM PDT · 42 of 71
    Repeat Offender to Norm Lenhart
    Keep shouting it, Norm!

    How many times have we tried to tell these folks?

    Maybe the RNC can sell baby parts to augment their other fundraising efforts.

    And the Sesame Street broken glass republicans still can't figure it out......."Today's duplicity is brought to you by the letter R"

  • Microsoft finally responds to accusations that Windows 10 spies on users

    09/29/2015 4:19:54 PM PDT · 69 of 72
    Repeat Offender to grania; JimRed
    If you use Firefox or Safari, enable "don't track me" add-ons ("Blur" for Mac) and Ad-Block.

    Get in the habit of only searching for things in 'secure' search engines. is a good one. They don't save/record your IP address or search history.

    Not having social media accounts such as Facebook helps.

    Routinely delete cookies from your web browser.

    If you have an iPhone,

    Go to "Settings"

    Go to "Privacy"

    Go to "Location services" turn off location services on everything except for Maps, and Siri - set those to "While using."

    Then go to "Advertising" turn on "Limit Ad Tracking," then click "Reset Advertising Identifier.


    When you purchase from the Internet, use sites that are reputable and do not provide your information to third parties.

    I haven't had targeted ads (aside from a few I signed up for like sportsmansguide and centerfire because I'm a customer and also receive their print catalogues by request) since probably about 2009ish. Of course, when I go to Amazon, I get the "you may like" based on my search history within Amazon, but I don't get emails or anything of the sort other than purchase/shipping confirmations.

    Hope that helps.

  • Gun Control In England: 2 Unarmed Female Officers Gunned Down In Ambush

    09/26/2015 10:33:25 AM PDT · 21 of 77
    Repeat Offender to the scotsman; dadfly
    2 million firearms in a country of 64 million and the guns are primarily shotguns. And endless paperwork and and character references required for the privilege of owning a gun.

    According to BBC: all modern semi-auto rifles are banned and Parliament banned all handguns with a 5yr prison term for possession.

    I say I agree with the spirit of dadfly's post that the crooks have the upper hand. Particularly when compared to here in Virginia when I can walk into a store, spend 5 minutes filing a form, a 30 second phone call and the swipe of a credit card and walk out with any number of firearms.

    Or, participate in a private transfer purchase with no paperwork and no phone calls.

    For less headache than a Brit goes through in the UK to get a shotgun, an American can purchase a fully automatic, belt-fed machinegun.

  • 27-Year-Old Video of Donald Trump Surfaces. You'll Want to Watch This.

    09/19/2015 12:40:36 PM PDT · 46 of 120
    Repeat Offender to St_Thomas_Aquinas
    “Mike Dukakis has done a hell of a job?”

    and Jesse Jackson, and George Bush. He was talking about the effort put into the campaigns and making it as far as they did leading up to the election.

    "Q: What do you think of this year's presidential race, the way it's shaping up?" [he briefly describes how George HW Bush has a "little edge" in the election]

    "...Jesse Jackson has done himself proud. Michael Dukakis has done one helluva job. And George Bush has done a helluva job. You know, they all went in there as semi-underdogs. Including, George Bush, and they've all come out. I think people who have been around all three of those candidates can be proud of the job they've done."

    I'm not a Trump guy, but nitpicking and taking things out of context is a bit over the top.

  • This guy went to college, but it doesn't make him husband material [Difficulty finding eligible men]

    09/19/2015 9:17:23 AM PDT · 73 of 191
    Repeat Offender to BJ1
    Yup. I'm lucky with my current girl.

    Generally until retirement, a man's earnings and his potential increase with time; (e.g. until he hits retirement age, he is increasing his ability to be a caregiver and provider).

    I don't really care about a woman's earning potential.

    I want someone kind, loving, caring, and family oriented. If you wasted the best years of your life being a "career woman" and being "independent," it should come as no surprise that you are still "independent" (read "alone") later in life.

    Conversely, as a woman gets older, her attractiveness, child bearing, and desirability decreases.

    Women in there upper to mid-30s are the worst. They've finally paid down their college debt and suddenly want a family to fill the big hole in their life.....only problem is the biological clock is ticking and so it has to be "now, now, now." Oh, and this is after they're done checking into FaceBook, texting 300 people, and this whole relationship/family thing can't interfere with her career.....just so long as it's "right now!"

    It's like buying a car. Do I want to buy an American one that's finicky with multiple owners, high mileage, and that someone else horsed on, or can I be happier with a newer import one that's more reliable model with less mileage and fewer owners?

    I'm happy with my current girl [American]. Awhile back, I had started dating again and was close to focusing solely on foreign girls. I was fortunate enough to find an American chick with the same values as me......took me long enough.


    09/16/2015 10:56:43 AM PDT · 79 of 148
    Repeat Offender to PapaBear3625
    Then it becomes time to use snipers, positioned high enough that they can shoot over the front ranks into the men behind them.

    Why? Shoot the women and children too.

    A .50 will go through a couple of folks.

    You think the women and children are any less motivated to kill than the vermin "men?"

    And yes, I do know what it's like to have an armed child pointing a gun and/or throwing explosives at me.

  • Mabus: No Exemptions to Keep Women Out of Infantry, SEALs, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus

    09/16/2015 7:42:47 AM PDT · 29 of 36
    Repeat Offender to robowombat
    Ray Mabus = faggot.

    So glad I'm not in the USMC infantry anymore. Send Mabus' candy ass to the next urban assault with his wymyn grunts.

    Sounds like problem that solves itself.

  • Black Activists Call for Lynching and Hanging of White People and Cops

    08/29/2015 3:28:17 PM PDT · 57 of 89
    Repeat Offender to Kevin in California

    At this point with this more foresight, even ole Jeff Davis hiself would’ve picked his own damn cotton.

  • 12 Signs That An Imminent Global Financial Crash Has Become Even More Likely

    08/16/2015 10:34:33 AM PDT · 41 of 50
    Repeat Offender to SkyPilot

    Obviously, this is just a sign that we are not spending enough to get to prosperity. Now let’s cash advance some more credit cards. /s

  • Zimbabwe Reveals Shocking Truth About “Cecil the Lion”...

    07/30/2015 6:44:52 PM PDT · 58 of 83
    Repeat Offender to The Toll
    From the article:

    The truth is, most locals in Zimbabwe actually look forward to the big game hunts that Westerners engage in, as the high price tag for the hunts means money pumped into the local economy, not to mention the meat from such hunts is required by law to be given to local tribes and villages.

    Meaning that guy probably fed quite a few people even though he didn't eat himself.

  • Government: You Want Your Social Security? Fine. Then Give Us Your Guns!

    07/20/2015 5:31:59 PM PDT · 20 of 36
    Repeat Offender to WyCoKsRepublican
    A smoking area in a restaurant is no different than having a “peeing section” in a swimming pool. I rest my case.

    Well, I can still pee in the pool I own if I want to - you may not like it, and may not want to frequent my pool, but I can still do it.

    But the nanny state has said that I can't allow smoking in a business I own, irregardless of my say in the matter.

    So yes, yes there is a difference. And, if you're advocating government interference of individual property rights, you're on the wrong site.

  • Breaking": Pentagon Tells Military Recruiters "No Guns Allowed at Centers"

    07/20/2015 5:15:58 PM PDT · 168 of 193
    Repeat Offender to NEMDF
    Every Marine a basic rifleman target.
  • Defiant Sweetcakes owners have until Monday to pay crushing $135k fine

    07/12/2015 1:31:20 PM PDT · 46 of 104
    Repeat Offender to Forty-Niner

    They originally had a separate storefront, but due to harassment, closed it and moved the business into their home.

  • US Navy Triples Paid Maternity Leave in Effort to Attract Women

    07/07/2015 5:36:00 PM PDT · 51 of 51
    Repeat Offender to MinorityRepublican
    So who fathered the babies? Why weren’t sailors(both female and male) court-martialized for that?

    I was a Marine in Iraq and we were co-located with the Army. One of the soldiers got pregnant. When the Army went to bring punishment upon her, she claimed it wasn't fair that only the woman was punished and she was being treated unfairly (unequal application of the UCMJ). That was unless the Army was claiming it was immaculate conception; in which case, it wasn't her fault.

    When they asked who the father was, she claimed Article 31 (right to remain silent).

  • Pastor, Worshipers Beaten After 200 Hindu Radicals Storm and Devastate Protestant Church in India

    06/30/2015 4:47:44 PM PDT · 5 of 19
    Repeat Offender to TexasRepublic

    Well sometimes drinking urine and laying naked with teenage girls makes one do crazy things.

  • My college sex education: In her first year, a student finds a campus obsessed with hooking up

    06/28/2015 6:19:37 PM PDT · 37 of 51
    Repeat Offender to Presbyterian Reporter
    What is a five letter “d”?

    Let's go with d1ld@ for 500, Alex.

  • Sally Kohn: The GOP Gay Marriage Freakout

    06/27/2015 5:27:10 AM PDT · 47 of 65
    Repeat Offender to DAC21
    The problem is that thanks to the Godless Gen X, millenials and others forms of leftish trash 50% or more agree with gay marriage.

    And I wonder who taught the schools where Gen X'rs went? I wonder who it was that swept FDR into office four times like he was their king or something. Fight socialists all over the world and then vote for it here at home with FDR. Good job.

    And then, oversee the largest transfer of wealth thanks to LBJ. Long before I ever was able to vote.

    And by the way, Roe V Wade and babies led to slaughter by the thousands long before a single GenXr hd the right to step on the ballot box and say different.

    This country was starting to circle the bowl long before we had a say about it.

    You gave us a handful of sh#t, what do you expect, for us to make chocolate cake?

  • Mexico Finds Tigers, Baboons, Camels Abandoned by Circus

    06/24/2015 6:08:41 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    Repeat Offender to E. Pluribus Unum
    How can you care for the animals if the business you use to generate income to feed them is outlawed?

    For a moment I was confused and thought you were talking about business in Detroit, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Chicongo, Los Angeles.....

    And then I realized you are referencing the circus animals in the story.

  • EBay bans sales of Confederate flag on its site (And Etsy,Amazon, too)

    06/23/2015 3:21:34 PM PDT · 117 of 233
    Repeat Offender to x1stcav
    At 18:22 eastern ebay still had flags for sale.

    At last refresh "107 sold in an hour"

  • Obama under fire for saying no ‘complete strategy’ yet for training Iraqis

    06/08/2015 4:54:18 PM PDT · 22 of 43
    Repeat Offender to Kaslin
    Right your dipsh#t candidate that didn't even bother to mention in the debates that a US Ambassador was sodomized and murdered in the street, along with three other Americans would've been so much better on foreign policy. He didn't even have the balls to mention foreign policy issues

    -1 1/2 months after an act of war on a US Consulate goes unanswered with an Ambassador and three Americans dead in the street

    -high unemployment

    -falling US credit rating

    -chaos in the middle east; growth of ISIS

    -largest transfer of wealth in the history of the US

    -rampant corruption and usurpation of Congress and SCOTUS

    -Fast and Furious....

    and on and on and on......and it's the voter's fault, not that the republican candidate sucked harder than my sump pump.

    The Republican Party platform:

    "We suck less."

    Or, "Anyone's Fault but ours for running effeminate milquetoast candidates that can't win election even when the odds are stacked in our favor."

  • Man shot and killed in East Baltimore, June homicides reach 12

    06/08/2015 4:35:35 PM PDT · 14 of 35
    Repeat Offender to 2ndDivisionVet
    What do we think June's number for the ghetto lottery will be? I'm guessing 43 for the month.

    And for the powerball - an additional 32 wounded.

  • Mike Huckabee: Americans don’t want Social Security reform

    05/10/2015 2:06:28 PM PDT · 38 of 48
    Repeat Offender to WilliamIII
    Something tells me you're near the top of the ponzie scheme (e.g. nearing or at collection age), down here at the bottom?

    I don't want it. Pay your own damn way. Me and the fruits of my labor are not your retirement plan.

  • Musician Moby Attacks ‘Racist, Xenophobic, Ignorant, Armed’ Republicans

    05/03/2015 1:00:51 PM PDT · 36 of 131
    Repeat Offender to E. Pluribus Unum
    Yup,those evil rassis Republicans and their guns.

    Moby was also assaulted in Boston, and we all know Boston is such a Republican bastion.

    I think those head shots must've knocked a few things loose.

  • Hose slashing suspect charged in Baltimore

    05/02/2015 10:00:13 AM PDT · 46 of 53
    Repeat Offender to The_Media_never_lie
    To say thug is equivalent to using the N word. Would that be the N word that ends with "r" and is really terrible and you never want to call one of these thugs?

    We are talking about the word "neighbor," right?

  • Violent rioting rages across Baltimore (At least seven police officers injured in just one incident)

    04/27/2015 5:57:26 PM PDT · 50 of 57
    Repeat Offender to miss marmelstein

    Ahh come’re missing him explain how this is just like the MLK shooting.

  • Petraeus sentenced to 2 years' probation for military leak

    04/26/2015 10:30:15 AM PDT · 87 of 95
    Repeat Offender to xzins
    No worries. I wasn't trying to be abrasive; re-reading my post it could be perceived as such.

    The "man can't get me once I'm out," is a dangerous misconception some folks have.

    I know a guy that was threatened with losing his pension over a mistake in paperwork because he misread it....even though when they asked him about it he told them everything freely. He didn't realize his folly until they showed him the "fraudulent" paperwork. One form out of 20 and he answered one question "falsely" because it was worded slightly different from all the rest.

  • Petraeus sentenced to 2 years' probation for military leak

    04/25/2015 2:49:07 PM PDT · 81 of 95
    Repeat Offender to xzins
    However, he was not in the military at the time, so what any military member would have done is irrelevant. He was the director of the CIA...a civilian position. He retired from the Army on Aug 11, 2011 and took the CIA job on Sep 6, 2011. The Army regs did not apply to him after he retired.

    Actually, you are wrong. As a retiree entitled to pay he IS subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and he was subject to it on 06 Sep 2011 the same as he was 10 August 2011.

    I've included the web address to Article 2 of the UCMJ - just for you

    Pay particular attention to this part:

    Retired members of a regular component of the armed forces who are entitled to pay.

    So it does matter what would happen to others as there is supposed to be an equal application of the Code the same as there is for other laws. Likely an E-4 or some nobody 0-4 that was found guilty of such would probably also be subject to forfeiture of all pay and allowances - whether Active or retired (though these days, most likely a retired E-4 would probably be a medical retirement).

  • Petraeus sentenced to 2 years' probation for military leak

    04/25/2015 2:35:12 PM PDT · 80 of 95
    Repeat Offender to Sleepless in Jerusalem
    Two I can think of by name:

    Chris Kyle

    James Mattis


    Or any of the 39 Marines I've served with over the years that have lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  • Michigan Women Missing For Weeks In The Wilderness Survived On Girl Scout Cookies, Police Say

    04/25/2015 2:28:28 PM PDT · 38 of 67
    Repeat Offender to silverleaf

  • Steny Hoyer: Same-Sex Couples Are Endowed ‘By God’ With Right to Marry

    04/25/2015 8:51:43 AM PDT · 60 of 62
    Repeat Offender to beethovenfan
    Is “Steny” another word for dumbass?

    No, "Steny" is loosely translated into Jive as "turd burglar." However, in Steny's title, "dumbass" is denoted by the capital "D."

    Steny Hoyer (D).

  • Marco Rubio in Spanish: Obama’s First Executive Amnesty ‘Important,’ People ‘Benefiting from It’

    04/18/2015 7:35:46 AM PDT · 54 of 148
    Repeat Offender to ZULU
    If they could track the origins of mad cow disease to the very stall of cow zero, they can certainly put a sizable dent in the illegal population.

    If we stop making it so beneficial for illegals to be here and actively enforce the law, and/or implement things like 5 years forced hard labor, followed by deportation for being here illegally.......self-deportation would be encouraged.

  • Kids pulled from school over anti-bullying exercise

    04/18/2015 7:28:42 AM PDT · 21 of 25
    Repeat Offender to naturalman1975
    Whatever happened to standing your ground and punching the bully in the nose?

    Why teach our kids to grow up to be candy-assed sissies?

  • Who runs ISIS?

    04/18/2015 6:42:31 AM PDT · 13 of 15
    Repeat Offender to denydenydeny
    Did you wake up this morning and feel like typing out your arse?

    Because actually, they DID own ground in 2006. Part of the reason for the surge was because there were areas that Coalition Forces (read USMC/USA/IA/IP) didn't go into. Which was the Thaylat, Sharikah, and Sophia Districts of Ar Ramadi. Al Anbar University in the Tamin District was also hotbed of activity and ripe recruiting ground.

    On 17 Oct 2006, they held a parade down 17th Street in broad daylight passed the 17th Street Security Station (Marine Forward Operating Base). Which was in the center of Ramadi. Live footage made CNN/AL Jazeera et al, with the FOB in the background - I'd say that capability demonstrates "owning" the ground.

    They also had Thar Thar, Saddamiyah, and several other areas where there was limited/no CF presence. They also held presence out west toward Ar Rutbah, and in the tribal areas going northwest toward Al Qaim with some some presence in Hadithah, Anah, Rawah.

    In early 2007, The Iraqi Police in Ar Ramadi did clearing operations from the Joint Coordination Center (aka Snake Pit) to the Ar Ramadi Hospital in the east. Much of the ISIZ/JTJ folks took off and went out to areas more remote in Iraq.

    By late 2007/early 2008 they were coming back and establishing more of a presence.......only US mil wasn't doing as many kinetic operations and much of the IA/IP operations were tipped off beforehand.

    For a bit, it became a back and forth between the IA/IP and the ISIZ.

    Two days before I left in May of 2007, there were two simultaneous SVBIEDs at a cluster of kabob/food stands in 5 Kilo that caused over 20 IP casualties - they were loading the bodies in pick up trucks and taking them to Bravo (Ramadi) Surgical on Camp Ramadi.

    My girlfriend at the time was an Army medic that responded to the K-call; those attacks were something like the 12th in 2 weeks; albeit the level of activity wasn't as high as it had been late 2006/earlier in 2007.

    During and after the surge, places like Thar Thar and the hinterlands to the west/east/south of Ar Ramadi were still areas where ISIZ fighters remained and controlled unmolested - they no kidding OWNED the ground - to say otherwise is a lie.

    Then it just became a waiting game until the drawdown and eventual removal of US troops.

    Chaos in Syria, where many ISIZ had also been hiding out and building connections further enabled them to seize military equipment, money, and also to conduct more recruiting.

    The leadership, infrastructure, caches, and expertise all existed and was well established before 2011.

  • Ramadi could fall as ISIS militants lay siege, Iraqi official warns

    04/15/2015 5:34:33 PM PDT · 15 of 18
    Repeat Offender to sagar
    They need “air support”? I thought they did not like Uncle Sam sticking his ugly nose into Islamic countries.

    That's just what the teevee told you....and you willingly bought it. The average ordinary Iraq on the street in Ar Ramadi just wanted to be safe and recognized the role of the U.S. in that; many were grateful they weren't under Saddam's thumb anymore and had the option/ability to vote.

    The average IP and IA soldier knew they couldn't hold the ground on their own. Same with the shayikhs and local (provincial and city) leadership.

    But what do I know? I only spent two tours in the Ar Ramadi patrolling and living with these guys.

  • Who runs ISIS?

    04/12/2015 4:40:45 PM PDT · 11 of 15
    Repeat Offender to denydenydeny
    This is an important point because the lefty talking points always blame the Iraq War and Bush for ISIS. But ISIS was born not in Iraq, but in Syria in the civil war that Obama encouraged.

    I'm not blaming Bush for ISIS; however,

    If the civil war in Syria started in is the Syrian civil war responsible for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria responsible for the Islamic State of Iraq (the name PRIOR to adding Syria) declaring itself on 17 October 2006 with Ar Ramadi Iraq as the capitol of the caliphate..............?

    Did somebody loan them a DeLorean or something?

  • Can a cartoon beaver protect cherry blossoms from spring crowd carnage?

    04/10/2015 3:50:39 PM PDT · 4 of 23
    Repeat Offender to Slings and Arrows
    It was a bit like making Bernie Madoff treasury secretary.

    Or Turbo Tax Tim Geithner.........

  • The Latest War on Christianity: Sex Weeks

    04/09/2015 6:08:26 PM PDT · 10 of 23
    Repeat Offender to married21
    use It is a search engine that doesn't track your IP. You can alsoopen the sites by proxy from ixquick (so it looks like IX is opening them instead of you).

    Also if you use FireFox or Safari, you can set various add-ons like adblocker or DontTrackMe.

    Avoid using google, gmail, or facebook, or the other multitude of social media.

    Avoid giving out your ph# and/or email address at the store too. Although if you purchase online, it still attaches to your email.

    Unless absolutely necessary, I avoid using my real ph# for online purchases.

    It can be a pain at first if you are not used to using the Internet this way.

  • The federal debt is worse than you think (210 Trillion)

    04/09/2015 5:54:07 PM PDT · 19 of 28
    Repeat Offender to ClearCase_guy
    A trillion here, a trillion there ... pretty soon, you're talking real money.

    Nope...still just inflated fiat.

  • 'America is the real terrorist and my boys are the best': [...bombers' mother] [barf]

    04/08/2015 7:50:12 PM PDT · 18 of 28
    Repeat Offender to markomalley
    'America is the real terrorist and my boys are the best'

    You know, it'd be a real shame if someone proved her 'right' with a 9mm to the forehead......real shame indeed.

    Or maybe she should find out all the wonderful things that can be done with a pressure cooker.

  • Angry sheriff demands community 'wake up' after suspect shot by deputy

    04/08/2015 7:39:04 PM PDT · 18 of 31
    Repeat Offender to Impala64ssa
    an aspiring rap artist

    Well, he could be a movie/rap star in the next documentary on Tupac.......he can play the "after."

  • Rand Paul accidentally proposed legalizing murder

    04/07/2015 5:24:42 PM PDT · 46 of 50
    Repeat Offender to G Larry; jocon307
    There is only ONE! Crack vs. powdered cocaine.

    Actually it was black lawmakers in the 80s during the crack epidemic who wanted the penalties to be stiffer for crack use in order to slow the destruction of black neighborhoods.

    Flash forward to Emperor Zero's day and those same laws are racist. And so, federal drug laws were changed to remove the disparity.

  • Man says he was beaten after a knock on the door

    04/04/2015 8:18:33 AM PDT · 11 of 18
    Repeat Offender to AlaskaErik

    I never, ever, ever, answer the door unarmed.

  • Should Mom-and-Pops That Forgo Gay Weddings Be Destroyed?

    04/04/2015 7:50:46 AM PDT · 22 of 29
    Repeat Offender to SeekAndFind
    So, What does that make the leadership of the Presbyterian Church (USA), who recently accepted gay marriage and ordained two lesbians?

    A. = Members of the false church. I didn't leave the Preby Church, the Presby Church left God. God will not be mocked.

  • [snip] Apt Building’s Policy Barring Low-Paying Tenants From Using Gym May Be Discriminatory

    04/03/2015 9:46:43 PM PDT · 13 of 14
    Repeat Offender to sarasmom

    I can’t ever figure out the concept of “rent control” either.......all I know is whenever someone on “Law & Order” who lives in a rent controlled apartment was usually the evil greedy building owner/manager who wanted to refurb and sell the units as condominiums at [gasp] a profit that murdered them.

  • The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store

    04/03/2015 4:43:09 PM PDT · 145 of 152
    Repeat Offender to HiTech RedNeck

    I don’t they should hold a ticker-tape parade.....but don’t waste the money, rub it in people’s face and then demand more. -That would be a good start.

  • The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store

    04/02/2015 8:17:14 PM PDT · 129 of 152
    Repeat Offender to HiTech RedNeck
    I agree that the Church should be helping people in need. I believe is our Christian responsibility to help those in need - to remember the widow, the blind, the children.

    I agree that in many ways the Church has wrongly abdicated the responsibility to Caesar. I came from impoverished childhood and have been truly blessed in my life. But, I also watched my father work even harder when times got harder.

    There's also a difference from, as you describe your situation, where someone temporarily needs assistance from others - uses it, is done and was grateful......than the individuals that are 3rd generation welfare recipient and views it as the world owes them something.

    I added up all of the federal taxes, state taxes, personal property taxes, social security deductions, etc, etc, and it is to the point that I give up more than $1 for every $3 I earn.......even God Almighty only asked for 10 percent.

    At some point, we have to say, "enough." Theologically, I don't know if Job would've used EBT. The way I read Job in short - The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. Though he was tempted to take the easy way - he didn't sin (not saying that receiving assistance is a sin). For his perseverance in the face of extreme adversity, he was rewarded. The very reason Satan chose to tempt Job was because Job was righteous.

    I would more compare this story to Jonah. After he preached in Nineveh, he went to watch the city and the sun bore down on him. God grew a vine to shield Jonah from the heat of the sun. Then God sent a worm to eat the plant and Jonah was cross. He wasn't grateful for the time God had given him the plant......and God even asks Jonah, why he (Jonah) was cross when he had done nothing to make the plant grow.

    At this point, we're not even talking about killing the plant (SNAP, EBT) buy culling back the excess growth so the money isn't wasted and abused.

    It seems an ever increasing segment of our population has done nothing productive and yet make demands from those who are. And we are supposed to watch what is supposed to be benevolence for sustenance get abused and used at strip clubs, Disney Land, to buy alcohol, drugs, and the latest pair of Air Jordans.

    Even in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 - Any man who will not work, neither shall he eat.

    Instead of helping those in need, the system is burdened with grifters who only ever demand more.

    At what point of confiscation of one's labor are we no longer free, but a slave? Is it when 10% is confiscated, 25%, 30% 50%?

    Tragically, when it comes to this point the trajectory is a full out nose dive.....and it is easy to justify responses like, "Why should I donate to the poor when there's so many social programs in the U.S.?" "Why should I donate to the poor overseas when we spend more than $30 Billion in tax money to support people overseas?"

  • The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store

    04/02/2015 7:17:16 PM PDT · 102 of 152
    Repeat Offender to kaila
    Yup, exactly. Me, me, me. More, more, more.

    I can't tell you the number of times I've went into the grocery store and as much as I like/want something - no it's best not to spend the extra money. Meanwhile, the person in line in front of me has all manner of luxury foods, whips out their gubmint card loaded with my tax dollars and swipes without a thought. Then I watch as they waddle their morbidly obese carcass out to an Escalade or Expedition.

    One instance in particular, I had $8 in my pocket. Granted I had more in my bank account, but money was tight and there was no need to pull out more that I may be tempted to spend. Instead, I would buy baby food with the $8 in my pocket and wait the next few days for my pay to hit my account and I could shop for more. I searched around trying to find the most I could get with my money in my pocket.

    Much to my chagrin, when I got to the checkout line, an early 20 something, white, trailer park queen wearing the latest trends, jewelry, and latest smart phone........was berating the cashier because they only had 11 full size cans of baby formula instead of the 13. I mean actually cussing out the cashier for being "stupid" and how it was "b#llsh#t" thhey didn't have what she wanted......and then she pulled out WIC vouchers to pay for the more than $200 worth of formula.

    Poor? "Food instability?" Uncle Sam has "vacationed" me in places throughout the Third World. In places like Iraq, we would often save our MRE "trash" (e.g. what we were't going to eat) to hand out to bedouins and other poor we felt compassionate for.....not as any command instituted program, or hearts and mind campaign, but out of true human compassion.....starving children with bloated bellies, parents with hollowed eyes and a haggard look - that's food instability.

    Now, I'm not saying there isn't people who've fallen on hard times in this country, but from the overwhelming majority of people I've seen use EBT/SNAP/Sect 8 etc......their plight was due to their own poor decisions. And what's worse, they expect demand ever more taxpayer money to continue making poor decisions while someone else foots the bill for "necessities.".....That would be necessities like my Sect 8 neighbor who needed to go drinking at the hotel bar, who's chilluns had a PS 3 (that I myself couldn't afford), who was always able to go out and have a good time. - Wasting her money that when rent came due (her small share that came out of her pocket), there was always a sob story why she wanted to borrow money from the neighbors.

    sorry Charlie.....sometimes the ants need to look after the ants, and the grasshoppers can figure it out for themselves.