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  • Mars Rover Curiosity Lands successfully!! LIVE THREAD

    08/05/2012 7:04:03 PM PDT · 144 of 632
    revo evom to FlingWingFlyer
    It appears that there are a lot of opportunities for something to go wrong.

    My thoughts exactly. The KISS principle for landing on a foreign planet seems to have been given the boot.

  • Cruz: Tea party ‘overwhelmingly’ behind Romney

    08/05/2012 6:35:57 PM PDT · 84 of 339
    revo evom to C210N
    Yours is a good strategy. It will be much easier to have some influence if you're thought to be a friend who has helped and supported you in the past and can either bring help or resistance.

    Romney will be looking for such people to get things started and to keep the ball rolling.

    It will be interesting to watch Cruz and see what he turns out to be. With the GOP's progressive drift to join the left, they have created a political vacuum that must be filled.

  • Michael Tomasky on the (Possible) Coming Obama Landslide

    08/05/2012 9:21:46 AM PDT · 259 of 310
    revo evom to vette6387
    Did you give any thought to what happens if Obama is reelected?

    I think Americans would be forced to fight for their freedom or surrender. Might be the best thing to ever happen to us.

    Whereas with Romney, our freedom would continue to be stolen silently while we barely paid attention.

    The GOPe is as progressive as the democrat party and will take us to the same big government tyranny the democrats will, but the rinos still understand how money works, so it won't be quite as painful with Romney as it would be with obama.

    They both jumped the shark with their two party, progressive war against the Constitution and we, the people. It's time for something new.

    The progressives, be they democrat or GOPe rino, are NOT the answer, but the pain they cause might lead us to it.

    And so, here we are...doing the same thing over and over again, while ignoring the feedback and expecting a different result.

    That's the reality behind your Romney sales pitch. We're either admiring the view from the slippery slope or skiing to the bottom.

  • Chick-fil-A, Gay Marriage, and Your Grandchildren

    08/04/2012 10:45:51 AM PDT · 35 of 70
    revo evom to scottjewell
    There is so much estrogen in our water supply and misunderstood/misdirected adolescence testosterone, the gay section of the Bell curve has widened.

    The result is what we are living through now, a sort of "gay bubble" not unlike economic bubbles, such as the housing bubble or tech stock bubble or political bubbles like the one for the One, Bubble Head Obama.

    Sooner or later we figure it out and the bubble pops. (Addios, BHO!)

    For the gay bubble, the Chick-Fil-A dust up is an aneurysm, likely fatal.


    08/03/2012 10:27:38 AM PDT · 21 of 23
    revo evom to muawiyah
    Excellent catch! Most telling observation of the Romney campaign today:

    Romney and his running dog lackeys have NOT offered any sort of quid pro quo with Obama. That means they don't care if he's foreign born, went to school as a foreign student on scholarship, or ran around with 3 social security numbers for purposes of defrauding creditors.

    Interesting that such matters don't bother those people.

    The first step to our recovery is to let ourselves see things as they are.

    Thanks for reminding us and pointing out what should be obvious...but isn't, thanks to the ministers of propaganda.

  • The Only Cool Thing the EPA Ever Did...

    07/03/2012 1:58:00 PM PDT · 3 of 15
    revo evom to Reaganite Republican
    In 1969, I was a 10 year old motorhead growing up in a college town.

    By then, I had most of the easy to find Hot Wheels cars and track and had built most of the cool models, etc. Mom drove a V8 Barracuda with the push button transmission. Both my sisters were in college and all their boy friends and girl friends had or drove cool cars. It was 1969. How could you not be a motorhead?

    I remember the day the mom of the guy my sister married got a brand new Daytona Charger. We all rode our bikes over to check it out. It was easily the coolest car anyone had ever seen.

    It looks a bit dated now, but I still remember seeing that first one.

  • Incinerating America’s West (Great rebuttal to enviro-nazis)

    07/03/2012 1:11:32 PM PDT · 5 of 14
    revo evom to jazusamo
    Which didn't happen by accident and is not coincidental.
  • Will Mitt Romney expand the role, size, and cost of government?

    07/03/2012 12:59:33 PM PDT · 6 of 24
    revo evom to Breto

    Not if he’s in the White House.

  • Has Homosexuality Become the New Normal?

    07/03/2012 11:58:16 AM PDT · 44 of 59
    revo evom to Fully Awake DAV
    When I heard "the news report that Anderson Cooper is GAY!", my first thought was Damn, is everyone gay?

    Followed by Why is this headline news? along with Who decides what "the news" will be?

    Who decides/controls the national narrative and where do I send my resume? That is the job for me!

    For the record: I am NOT gay. I am a happy and cheerful, natural born non-practicing (I don't have to practice, I know what I'm doing) heterosexual male.

    Once upon a time, in a reality far, far away, this was normal.

  • GDP Figures under Obama Fail to Measure up to Reagan Era

    07/03/2012 10:16:21 AM PDT · 4 of 4
    revo evom to 92nina
    People think Obama is stupid or incompetent because the economy and everything else is so bad.

    They'd be right if their premise, that Obama wants the economy to improve, was also correct. It isn't.

    The FACT is, Obama is extremely competent and his results back that fact up.

    He's here to take us down and remake us in the progressive Socialist Democratic model.

    Not the old failed National Socialist Democratic version, but the new and improved 21st Century progressives' version.

    America and her allies took down Soros' beloved National Socialist Democratic state and his life's mission is to take out each of those allies, with America being his ultimate target.

    He'll do it if he can. Soros lives for it and becomes ever more dangerous the older he gets.

    If a Dr. tells him he only has three months to live, those last three months and their aftermath will be our hell on Earth.

  • Has Homosexuality Become the New Normal?

    07/03/2012 9:02:49 AM PDT · 7 of 59
    revo evom to CHRISTIAN DIARIST
    “I’m gay always have been, always will be”

    Okay, Obama. Anderson Cooper came out, now it's your turn.

    Batter up. Stop choking the bat and swing for the bleachers!

  • How Do You Keep a Healthy Perspective?

    07/03/2012 8:53:15 AM PDT · 15 of 22
    revo evom to madmominct
    Some believe this is Schoolhouse Earth, where the physical world of our experience is all illusion, something like the Matrix.

    Essentially, they say the “reality” you experience is not unlike a dream or a video game, where one scenario leads to the next and the options you have to choose from along the way depend upon your choices and how well you did in the last.

    Each scenario is a test or a combination of tests that are designed to test what you’ve learned while teaching you about yourself and what you need to learn or relearn until you understand what you need to know to move on.

    When our quarter runs out and we hit 'Game Over', we head back for one on one time with the Ultimate Coach to review.

    Where we go next, whether we move to the next level or head back for more of the same, just like in any school, depends upon how we did, whether or not we learned the truth and graduate or head back to next grade in school or fall back and repeat until we’re ready to advance.

    While this may be illusion, the individual experience is real and the consequences of our individual choices, thoughts, actions, etc. in this “illusion” are major determiners of that experience.

    We do best when we listen to and follow the lessons of our teachers, especially the ultimate Teacher who has shown us the Way and given us a Guiding Light to pass every test.

    Learning to hear, learning to see and learning to follow are some of the tests.

  • Rev. Al Sharpton and a professor question Herman Cain's 'Black Authenticity' (VIDEO)

    10/10/2011 7:24:14 AM PDT · 24 of 52
    revo evom to SeekAndFind
    Barf hurl spew spinning head bazooka vomit alert.

    You have, in Herman Cain, an accomplished Southern black man who lived through the 60s, not just read about it or saw the documentary, and thrived in this great nation and now seeks a position to give back.

    And you have Al Sharpton, a small minded, morally vacant race hustler who offers little more than the color of his skin as the basis to criticize the content of Mr. Cain's character.

    Gotta love it! I could not be happier that Herman Cain entered the Republican primary. No wonder he's doing so well.

  • The NOT Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Friday, April 29, 2011 (MARK STEYN SUBS)

    04/29/2011 2:02:28 PM PDT · 204 of 237
    revo evom to faucetman
    Yes, the fix is in.

    Whatever it is "they" fear will happen if the issue is given proper vetting in the appropriate court, whomever they fear will hang for it, whatever the racial repercussions might be ignited, all of it MUST be stopped and will be stopped.

    The issue will be ignored, the details obfuscated.

    Those who bring it up will be ignored until they can't be ignored any longer, then ridiculed.

    I hate to admit to agreeing with something Michelle once believed, but I am not now proud of my country or what leadership we've let happen.

  • The NOT Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Friday, April 29, 2011 (MARK STEYN SUBS)

    04/29/2011 11:57:21 AM PDT · 169 of 237
    revo evom to WilliamofCarmichael
    It's fun being lectured to by a Canadian with a British accent about what a NBC is and that dual citizens are plenty American enough.

    It's almost as much fun as getting a lecture on healthy eating from Michelle or fiscal responsibility from a 2008 rino or any vintage of democrat progressive. Who better qualified? No one!

    We are too stupid to know the difference.

  • The NOT Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Friday, April 29, 2011 (MARK STEYN SUBS)

    04/29/2011 11:37:36 AM PDT · 149 of 237
    revo evom to rodguy911
    Steyn has decided that a child with dual citizenship is a Natural Born Citizen and if you don't agree with him you're nuts.

    Too bad the founding fathers didn't think of that definition. Their plan was too restrictive. In fact, why do we have any standards for any government office any more? Let's call ourselves a democracy and just make it up as we go! Yeah, that's the ticket!

  • BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can't Find Crude in the Gulf

    07/26/2010 7:30:05 PM PDT · 47 of 52
    revo evom to Hojczyk
    You have really warm water and a hot sun this time of year

    Yeah, it's because of "global warming." They'll fix that once they've finished shaking down...I mean, once they've saved us from the oil spill that evil oil company BP did to us.

    And with a wave of Obama's magic wand, no more off shore drilling! That's one crisis that didn't go to waste.

  • BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can't Find Crude in the Gulf

    07/26/2010 7:10:41 PM PDT · 44 of 52
    revo evom to PilotDave

    The oceans have been eating oil since there’s been oil and oceans.

  • Black Caucus Chair On Rangel: Don't Presume Guilt

    07/26/2010 6:55:27 PM PDT · 19 of 27
    revo evom to Paul46360

    Presume guilt? I presume politics before truth or justice and race before everything. Anything else will be a pleasant surprise.

  • Colombia police investigate Van der Sloot over missing girls

    06/10/2010 6:36:54 PM PDT · 21 of 33
    revo evom to cherry
    I believe he is a sociopath, a narcissist, a habitual liar, and an arrogant P. to boot....

    No, you're thinking of Obama. VanderSloot seems more like a psychopath with a body count, than a sociopath.