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  • VMI, Famed Military Academy, Giving Cadets Coloring Books for Stress

    12/06/2016 5:29:49 AM PST · 31 of 57
    RFEngineer to kevcol
  • VMI, Famed Military Academy, Giving Cadets Coloring Books for Stress

    12/06/2016 5:06:23 AM PST · 20 of 57
    RFEngineer to kevcol

    Back in the “old corps” we didn’t HAVE coloring books!

  • Walter Scott Shooting: Prosecutors Confident of Slager Conviction on Retrial

    12/06/2016 4:36:22 AM PST · 61 of 75
    RFEngineer to Ray76

    “Are you saying Slager had malice aforethought”

    He had an opportunity to decide whether to shoot the guy or not.

    He had an opportunity to preserve the crime scene.

    He had an opportunity to truthfully report on what had happened.

    He did not know he was being recorded.

    At the very least he had considered before this event how a scene should be prepared and reported on if he decided to shoot someone where justification may not be clear.

    That the dead guy was no angel is his defense.

    The municipality paid a substantial settlement based on the available evidence.

    Overall it’s not unreasonable to conclude he murdered the guy. There is no good way to present the video evidence that shows good solid policework. Therefore it would be more of a surprise to see him acquitted by a jury than it would be to see him convicted.

  • MARK LEVIN: Economic authoritarianism has now arrived...

    12/04/2016 2:19:00 PM PST · 98 of 103
    RFEngineer to ifinnegan

    “You mean what unions have wrought”

    There are plenty of options for manufacturing to relocate within the US to avoid union problems. Companies choose Mexico not just for lower labor costs.

  • MARK LEVIN: Economic authoritarianism has now arrived...

    12/04/2016 12:00:11 PM PST · 31 of 103
    RFEngineer to conservative98

    I’ve tried to listen to Levin since the election. I can’t do it for long. He refuses to understand what globalization has wrought upon manufacturing and as a consequence the middle class.

    If regulations on manufacturing are required in this country, then imported manufactured goods should have the same burden levied upon them. To not do so is to encourage every factory to move to mexico that can possibly relocate.

    I don’t like that Carrier needed cajoling and tax incentives. give the same treatment to every manufacturer. rationalize regulations. Let them grow here, not encourage them to grow somewhere else.

    Levin has a track record now of ignoring the obvious.

    I suggest that Levin will experience his own consequences of economic authoritarianism from his advertisers as he chases his audience away and is left with fanboys and bitter supporters of those defeated in the primaries.

    I can’t listen to you, my man. You keep telling me how stupid I must be for realizing how stupid you are on economic issues.

    He is the Denali of disappointments.

  • 5 ways President Trump could affect your student loans

    12/03/2016 5:39:17 AM PST · 36 of 36
    RFEngineer to SeekAndFind

    A lot of good points on this thread.

    However, the only way to go is to simply treat all loan debt the same. There must be risk for the lender. The institutions that benefit from the loans being made must provide tangible monetary value to the individuals responsible for their repayment.

    That is not the case today for many, if not most instututions. These institutions are fraudulent. They should not be allowed to be educational institutions any more than Bernie Madoff should be allowed to be a banker.

    Many many educational institutions will be surprised to find out they are frauds.

    The truth is the money has been so good, they never cared about actually providing tangible monetary value to the students education.

    It’s time to mark to market the educational institutions value/cost.

    Let student loans be discharged in bankruptcy. It’s best for everyone, best for America.

  • TX Congressman still fuming over balcony barbecue scolding (trunc)

    12/03/2016 12:01:40 AM PST · 23 of 25
    RFEngineer to ameribbean expat

    What an entitled ass. He is just a congressman. It is entirely reasonable for the Architect of the Capitol to insist that one of 535 dumbssses not grill on the balcony of the Capitol Building, which we own and would like preserved. To do otherwise is to not take his job seriously (the AOC is not just another architect).

    This ass and now some of his fellow asses think that this is important and that the people should have to pay them to deal with this BBQ issue after they spent 8 years doing pretty much nothing about a guy laying flame to our Constitution.

    No, congressman, if your momma wouldn’t let you do it at home, you probaby shouldn’t do it in somebody elses house, especially when you have work to do.

    Behave like a child, get treated like one.

    I am so sick of these people.

  • ‘The Consequences Will Be So Extreme’ — Texas Governor Announces War On Sanctuary Cities

    11/29/2016 12:23:42 PM PST · 17 of 25
    RFEngineer to rktman

    ....or you can just seal the exits and require passport checks to get in or out of any “Sanctuary City”. Afterall, if they don’t abide by immigration laws, they must be considered foreign soil.

    That would fix things in a hurry.

  • Rescue goat suffering from Anxiety Only Calms Down in Her Duck Outfit

    11/27/2016 2:33:06 PM PST · 5 of 95
    RFEngineer to nickcarraway

    “Meet Polly, an adorable rescue goat who is blind and suffers from severe anxiety.”

    So it doesn’t suffer from every day normal goat anxiety?

  • Let California Go

    11/27/2016 8:49:07 AM PST · 98 of 156
    RFEngineer to DaveA37

    “Who REALLY cares if they do go?”

    Every American should care, including you.

    If you don’t care, you don’t understand the gravity of such a move on the entire country. I’m a proud Southerner, but not for one moment do I believe that Lincoln made the wrong decision in insisting that the Union be kept together. I absolutely believe that he had no choice but to do so by force.

    THAT is why you should care.

    I can think of hundreds of ways that this could go wrong if we accepted your “who cares” premise.

    It is your sort of passive-aggressive nonsense that is most caustic to the Union. Use your head, man. It’s a bad idea to let ANY state flirt with secession.

  • Let California Go

    11/27/2016 7:23:37 AM PST · 35 of 156
    RFEngineer to Kaslin

    Let them go? I think not.

    Let them try? absolutely, as is their right.

    Once they understand that it will not be a bloodless secession, they will give up this notion.

    The Union will be preserved, and it matters not how many secessionist Californians must die to preserve the Union.

    It’s an interesting train of thought, unlikely as it may be:

    Day 1 lights go out, and will not come back on.

    By the end of Week 1 Gov. Brown will be strung up by his own people.

    By the end of Week 2 There will be an unconditional surrender and widespread acknowledgement that California is part of the USA, and will always be thus.

    By the end of Week 3 we may have a war with Mexico.

  • It’s Official: NASA’s Physics Defying EM Drive Just Passed Peer Review

    11/20/2016 12:54:54 PM PST · 16 of 106
    RFEngineer to LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget

    Is there anything radio waves can’t do?

  • Oregon Man’s Body Dissolved After Fall Into Yellowstone Hot Spring

    11/17/2016 4:59:38 PM PST · 96 of 106
    RFEngineer to kaktuskid

    His new nickname is “stu”.(sorry)

    No worries Broth-ah, we all appreciate a good pun

  • DNI James Clapper submitted his resignation

    11/17/2016 7:55:20 AM PST · 46 of 68
    RFEngineer to foldspace

    “Thank you for your service, General.”

    Whatever else he may have been or have done in his career admirable or not, he is known primarily for being a liar. Just a garden variety liar.

  • Mike Pence Removes ALL Lobbyists From Trump Administration Transition Team!

    11/16/2016 8:27:53 AM PST · 144 of 156
    RFEngineer to nathanbedford

    “Pray that Trump in brandishing tariffs is actually aware of the downside risks and is only using tariffs as a negotiating ploy and has no intention of using them at all except as a last resort.”

    I think that it’s easy to fall into the trap that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing on trade. That’s all you hear everywhere - and you’ve fallen for it too, I think.

    As I’ve said in previous replies - anything that restricts trade is a defacto tariff. Trump is 100% correct in that tools including currency manipulation, non-tariff restrictions, and protectionist regulations cause US exports to be limited (just like a tariff would do) in many countries when there are no such non-tariff restrictions in the US.

    He is right to assert the threat - even the necessity for tariffs against some goods from some countries.

    It is ultimately to the benefit of free trade to do so. Just because our trading partners aren’t used to fair play and are screaming doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. I think he is right.

  • Mike Pence Removes ALL Lobbyists From Trump Administration Transition Team!

    11/16/2016 8:18:09 AM PST · 143 of 156
    RFEngineer to nathanbedford

    “But there is no debate about your solution if it goes awry. If you interdict trade with China, for example, you will have to withdraw into economic fortress America and we will simply spin off into a massive depression. Of that there can be no doubt.”

    Nonsense. China restricts trade - our imports do not freely traverse into their markets - they are doing fine. Same with Japan as a couple of examples. Look at Mexico.

    You can’t just focus on “tariffs” any interference with the free flow of goods is a tariff of sorts. China says “yes but” to our imports. You also have to look at structural regulatory costs in the US. I think it’s entirely fair to levy a tariff on goods that are more costly as a result of government regulation and interference.

    I think you and I would agree that getting rid of government regulation and interference is a good idea - but if we’re not going to get rid of it (and we haven’t, and probably won’t) then we are making an irrefutable argument in favor of tariffs to equalize all the “good things” that government does for our industry and manufacturing so that they can be competitive with countries that don’t have the benefit of our governments help.

    On IT - actually outsourcing IT to India is so last decade! Now we bring Indian IT folks here in droves, while still outsourcing those things that we can.

    The only thing that is beyond debate is that your solution will decimate the middle class. The argument that “both sides prosper” does not reflect all costs to society when you close a plant and thousands of unemployed must be carried.

    Therein lies the simplicity of economic arguments (even made by Nobel Prize winning economists) - simply declaring that both sides prosper with a wave of the hand and a tweaking of the ledger - ignoring long-term costs to society and culture that accrue to America as a result of losing the middle class because we force them to compete with the third world.

    It’s a much bigger picture than any economist claims. They make broad assumptions because to do anything else interferes with tidy conclusions.

    Economics are as simple as the economist. Nobody but an economist can believe that an average worker in Ohio should compete on price with a worker in India or China because the data drives them to that conclusion.

  • Mike Pence Removes ALL Lobbyists From Trump Administration Transition Team!

    11/16/2016 7:16:28 AM PST · 129 of 156
    RFEngineer to nathanbedford

    “We are the economical supplier of beef to China and they are the economical supplier of cement to us.”

    I’m not advocating for insider sweetheart crony deals in congress.

    But I’m also not advocating for a piece-wise wipeout of our industrial base either. That WOULD happen in a pristine “free trade” environment.

    “I am not calling for us to become or even to remain the trade punching bag we have become, but I am calling for a data based approach,”

    The data says all steel mill jobs and all cement manufacturing jobs will disappear. Auto assembly jobs would follow soon after in a complete “free trade” environment, repeat with every manufacturing industry one by one.

    The data also says we could import all our labor from Mexico and China for those jobs that require labor in-country. All IT jobs could be done cheaper with imported labor from India. repeat with every service industry job one by one.

    I don’t think you or you or Milton completely understand what you are advocating on this topic. It sounds good on paper. It’s batshit crazy when you even think about implementing it in any widespread fashion.

    Just because the data says “buy it cheaper from China” doesn’t make that the right decision.

  • Mike Pence Removes ALL Lobbyists From Trump Administration Transition Team!

    11/16/2016 5:28:04 AM PST · 56 of 156
    RFEngineer to nathanbedford

    “We need neither a tariff on cement or a tax on cement, much less a federal agency. We are likely to tariff ourselves into a massive trade war and depression.”

    I generally agree with you, at least in concept. However, when it comes to China, to a lesser extent Mexico you have to be prepared to close entire industries in the US. The cement industry is one such area. China can likely and would likely supply all the cement we could possibly use at a cost less than manufacturing cement in the United States. How do you deal with this and maintain “free, no-tariff trade”?

    The answer for this industry and many, many others is that you do not.

    Those who pontificate on the altar of “Free Trade” (and I’m sometimes one of them) will have their hearts extracted on the same altar when the scope and impact of Chinese overcapacity in industries like steel, cement are considered.

    “Buy American” clauses, and “quality” specifications for commodities, as well as strict inspections and testing requirements are tariffs by a different name.

    Free Trade is free trade. If that is what you want, you will find specific areas where you get your heart ripped out, and deservedly so when you fully understand what China is to many commodity markets and the actual impact to US manufacturers.

  • Federal Spending Reduction Ideas for Pres. Trump

    11/16/2016 4:03:36 AM PST · 4 of 66
    RFEngineer to expat_panama

    You are correct. If the budget is reduced even by one dollar it will be a tectonic event. If the budget comes within $100B of being “balanced” in any given year it will be a miracle.

    It goes to show you that a “win” merely means government grows only slightly less voraciously.

    But I voted for trump to enforce immigration law. I suppose he will be better on government growth than the alternative. We shall see.

  • Chili's removes Cedar Hill manager who took away man's free Veterans Day meal

    11/15/2016 4:20:52 AM PST · 45 of 60
    RFEngineer to nickedknack

    I’m with you there, my friend. I served because I could and I owed it to my country to do so. I didn’t serve to get a free burger, or to get thanks for doing my duty as an American. No vet should think they are owed a damn thing.

  • We’re Looking at a New Divide Within the Hispanic Community’

    11/15/2016 3:57:39 AM PST · 22 of 44
    RFEngineer to 11th_VA

    The biggest surprise to democrats is that Hispanic Americans love America and American values and refuse to be treated like a monolithic voting bloc.

  • Pope: “It is the Communists Who Think Like Christians”

    11/12/2016 4:03:44 PM PST · 76 of 105
    RFEngineer to LIConFem

    Impeach the pope! Let’s start a petition.

  • Trump to Support Nationwide Concealed Carry

    11/12/2016 8:34:32 AM PST · 142 of 205
    RFEngineer to DoodleDawg

    “The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep arms. When and how you carry outside is a matter that is entirely within the power of a state to regulate.”

    What you are saying it is entirely proper for one state to prohibit carrying a firearm, and a bordering state to require carrying a firearm.

  • Trump to Support Nationwide Concealed Carry

    11/12/2016 8:29:21 AM PST · 141 of 205
    RFEngineer to DoodleDawg

    “When and how you carry outside is a matter that is entirely within the power of a state to regulate.”

    Prohibiting the right to keep and bear arms is not a matter for states to regulate just because someone crosses a state line. Other aspects, perhaps, but not that.

    To frame it from another angle, extend your argument to freedom of speech or religion and tell me how that would be ok?

  • Trump to Support Nationwide Concealed Carry

    11/12/2016 8:18:10 AM PST · 140 of 205
    RFEngineer to Jim Noble

    “So you believe XIV incorporates I-X against the States?”

    I believe that any state law that restricts or prohibits any constitutional right is the legitimate domain for federal action.

    There is plenty of room for interpretation of specific laws on the use and or display of firearms within a jurisdiction, but I think the simple act of crossing a state line a with a firearm should not constitute in and of itself a felony and it is proper for federal law to weigh in.

    There is ample precedent in all kinds of areas of federal law that underpin this and take supremacy over state law. There are plenty of areas where it is unreasonable. This would not be unreasonable because it is an enumerated constitutional right, as such states do not have the right to limit the right to bear arms of a free man crossing a state line, in my opinion.

    Why should a state be able to, for instance, prevent Catholics from traveling across a state line? That is a logical extension of what I think your argument appears to be.

    I can’t believe you would argue this, so please explain why one constitutional right is able to be limited by state law, and another is not.

  • Trump to Support Nationwide Concealed Carry

    11/12/2016 6:40:51 AM PST · 115 of 205
    RFEngineer to DoodleDawg

    A federal law that says concealed carry must be recognized by all states can at some future date be replaced by a law saying concealed carry cannot be recognized across state lines. That’s why concealed carry is, and must be, a state issue and any such law passed by Congress should be overturned on 10th Amendment grounds”

    Actually, no.

    The second amendment is not a state issue. It is entirely within the federal jurisdiction to not allow constitutional rights to be limited by states.

    States may try to pass laws to limit concealed carry (and they have) but it is not constitutional for them to do so.

  • Did Anyone Here on FR Forgo Going To College and University?

    11/03/2016 12:15:23 PM PDT · 91 of 117
    RFEngineer to CorporateStepsister

    Your openness and honesty is admirable.

    Whatever you pursue educationally or otherwise, the nervous breakdown has to be explored.

    If there was an acute event/series of events that precipitated it - that is one thing.

    If there is an underlying issue and if it is possible it will recur, then you have to also consider that.

    College isn’t magic, but it does take a substantial commitment of time and (some) money to complete it, and actually learn from it, depending on what you decide to study.

    If you’re looking for a sheepskin to hang on your wall, fine, take night school and work.

    If you’re looking to change your career path meaningfully, a college degree will not guarantee that. It may help, but it isn’t a guarantee. It also may not help at all.

  • Free Meals For Veterans on Veterans Day 2016

    11/01/2016 9:59:39 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    RFEngineer to onona

    Just knowing I’ve served my country is good enough for me. I prefer to live like everyone else now, that includes paying for meals that I order when I go out and not expecting freebies.

  • vanity, Where's Huma?

    10/29/2016 11:26:31 AM PDT · 66 of 126
    RFEngineer to tcrlaf

    “A non-extradition country”

    My bet is Saudi Arabia

  • FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe

    10/29/2016 10:59:22 AM PDT · 104 of 107
    RFEngineer to MattinNJ

    Patriots? The (grand) jury is still out

  • FBI Found "Tens Of Thousands Of Emails" Belonging To Huma Abedin On Weiner's Laptop

    10/29/2016 8:20:29 AM PDT · 73 of 101
    RFEngineer to txrefugee

    Huma is awaiting her pardon to become official in Saudi Arabia by now

  • Vanity. What is so bad that HRC would be arrested for?

    10/28/2016 4:00:52 PM PDT · 39 of 70
    RFEngineer to InvisibleChurch

    1. Obama declares it a political witch hunt, decries partisan interference with constitutional obligations of voters.

    2. Immediately announces a pardon. Claims it’s the only way to not have a crisis. Throws support behind hillary. Blames Trump/Republicans.

    3. Hillary presses on with high profile event.

    4. Fawning press falls in behind her, blames Republicans/Trump

    5. Lockstep DNC/media reports on how horrible partisan Republicans are and how they victimized an altruistic Hillary.

    6. Election vote rigging goes on....

    7. Hillary skates again.

  • FBI reopening Clinton email investigation

    10/28/2016 2:32:34 PM PDT · 186 of 192
    RFEngineer to pnz1

    Probably half into a bottle of bourbon by now.

  • FBI reopening Clinton email investigation

    10/28/2016 10:52:39 AM PDT · 66 of 192
    RFEngineer to Mr. K

    “Open revolt among FBI agents”

    That’s yet to be determined.....but it seems like the most plausible explanation.

    Comey was exposed.

    I’m guessing his choices were a variant of the following:
    1. Purge problem agents en masse
    2. Resign (and the investigation potentially be reopened
    3. Reopen the investigation himself so that he could “control” it.

    Lets see if Comey makes conciliatory statements in favor of hillary, or if he makes no comments.

  • Obamacare’s Architect Reveal His Master Plan To Fix The Law: Bigger Penalties

    10/26/2016 10:15:30 PM PDT · 34 of 75
    RFEngineer to cba123

    “I think we need to simply provide care, to everyone.”

    I will go one better. I think we need to simply insist that everyone be healthy and never need care.

    Both of our proposals are unworkable for the same reason.

  • Trump cuts off fundraising events for Republican Party

    10/26/2016 9:58:30 PM PDT · 142 of 142
    RFEngineer to Kaslin

    I don’t even need to know who your Rep is to know that he will vote for bigger government just like he did hundreds of times before.

    You think he would support anything Trump would do that would upset the gravy train?


    You think he would “compromise” with Hillary and support bigger government?


  • Trump cuts off fundraising events for Republican Party

    10/26/2016 11:57:54 AM PDT · 125 of 142
    RFEngineer to Kaslin

    “Everything he wants to do, the rats will say no.”

    Which Rats? The DemocRATS or the RepulicRATS? maybe the BureaucRATS, too?

    They will all stand against a Trump Presidency. Their careers depend on it.

  • DuPont CEO: Next, we'll cut factories, suppliers

    10/26/2016 4:14:08 AM PDT · 18 of 26
    RFEngineer to Jimmy Valentine

    “This is a disturbing pattern. Oligopolies reduce competition, employment, and oversight”

    Feel free, my friend, to open your own chemical plant to make competitive products.

    You won’t be able to do it.

    THAT is the problem, and it stems from government and cronyism in government.

    Don’t blame companies. They will do what is needed to make money.

    If you listen to government (and you, apparently) businesses exist to provide paychecks, healthcare, pensions to everyone. Also to provide the same for regulators, bureaucrats and tax collectors.

    If Americans through the governments they elect treat business as a scourge, you will lose everything they bring. Jobs, revenue, prosperity, liberty, community, and growth.

    Government is the opposite of prosperity.

    You are blaming the victim for being raped by big government and a greedy do-nothing electorate that wants something for nothing. They will get nothing, and they will bitch about it.

  • Gaza Agriculture on Brink of Collapse

    10/23/2016 6:22:07 AM PDT · 15 of 24
    RFEngineer to nickcarraway

    You can control a population by destroying their self sufficiency, making them depend on you for food, and then cutting them off at some point in the future pocked by you, and then blaming the Israelis.

    You get crying babies for the cameras, skinny children throwing rocks, raging teenagers....every thing else you want to fuel a PR campaign at any critical moment that pops up.

  • Hillary Clinton’s pollster Benenson Strategy Group says she is tanking; Trump supporters unstoppable

    10/22/2016 4:34:59 PM PDT · 47 of 135
    RFEngineer to Kate in Palo Alto

    I think you are right. Starts out with statistical mumbo-jumbo, then starts talking about “phony polls nor working”, no way that went to the Democrat campaign. Finally, it talks about “Haarp, red dawn scenarios, thermobaric weapons in mines” to suprest voter turnout......

  • Biden: I’d Take Trump ‘Behind the Gym’

    10/21/2016 4:37:37 PM PDT · 101 of 120
    RFEngineer to ColdOne

    Ol Joe would end up with a thermonuclear wedgie, and then he’d be dragged into the boys room and have his head stuck in the toilet and given a “swirlie” with a couple of extra flushes. He’d be left crying in the hallway, everyone laughing at him

  • Social Security checks get measly $3.92 bump in 2017

    10/19/2016 12:58:17 PM PDT · 76 of 123
    RFEngineer to TomGuy

    Once again, you are responsible for you. Don’t justify your complaining because you think someone less worthy than you gets more than you, or somebody wastes money so they should give you more.

  • Social Security checks get measly $3.92 bump in 2017

    10/19/2016 12:35:58 PM PDT · 70 of 123
    RFEngineer to TomGuy

    It’s YOUR fault. Not mine. Not America’s. Yours. Do not pretend you do not understand this basic fact.

    If you can’t pay your bills, figure it out yourself. You are the one responsible for you.

  • Social Security checks get measly $3.92 bump in 2017

    10/19/2016 12:21:29 PM PDT · 57 of 123
    RFEngineer to gdani

    You have never heard more of a squeal than from a “conservative” whose government check doesn’t reflect “what government owes him”

  • Social Security checks get measly $3.92 bump in 2017

    10/19/2016 12:12:25 PM PDT · 54 of 123
    RFEngineer to TomGuy

    So this is no problem, right?

    I mean, you planned for social security to be a supplement to your overall retirement plans, right? Or did you spend all of your money, ignore your future, and now rely on social security exclusively, making basic things like your rent unaffordable?

    Sounds like you need a job or a room mate so you can afford your lifestyle.

    This is your fault, my friend, nobody else is responsible for you. A lot more Americans need to hear this news. A lot more will hear it because we cannot afford to pay you what you want, just because you want it.

    Not picking on you, but all the people on this thread with their hand out waiting for more more more from their fellow citizens.

    You aren’t getting any more. You will be getting a lot less. You have to decide if you are a socialist or not. I’m not. You shouldn’t be one either.

  • Obama Signs Order To Prepare Nation For Solar Storms

    10/16/2016 4:37:37 PM PDT · 69 of 92
    RFEngineer to discostu

    You’re being obstinate.

    There are a lot of reasons a rogue country like Iran or N Korea would opt for an EMP.

    1. You don’t need to be very accurate with an EMP, you don’t need to even be within a few hundred miles of the intended detonation point to cause widespread damage to the US

    2. An EMP is not very sensitive to the yield of the weapon. A 10kt weapon targeted with poor accuracy is not likely to hurt the target much if at all as a ground burst (they’ll certainly miss. They’ll hit something, to be sure)

    3. Contrary to your assertion, EMP was Soviet doctrine. We know that. Why? It disrupts communications, either by killing the device, or disrupting the path of the communications.

    4. It’s the most “bang” for their buck. Combined with coordinated actions in the aftermath, a lot of pain could be caused to an adversary.

    5. A 10kt device will not destroy a city. If it’s on a truck it will destroy a few square blocks. They have little chance of doing that successfully.

  • Obama Signs Order To Prepare Nation For Solar Storms

    10/16/2016 4:21:04 PM PDT · 66 of 92
    RFEngineer to discostu

    Ok friend. We will agree to disagree on most everything else, while agreeing that an EMP is actually a documented phenomena

  • Obama Signs Order To Prepare Nation For Solar Storms

    10/16/2016 4:05:46 PM PDT · 63 of 92
    RFEngineer to discostu

    An EMP during any initial nuclear Salvo was actually part of the Soviet strategy.

    Maybe ours too, it is reasonable to surmise.

    The EMP from a ground blast is localized as is the blast itself.

    You seem to be taking the position that an EMP is possible, but nobody would use it. Iran, N Korea have both discussed it. Military around the world prepare and shield against it. It’s being prepared for by civil infrastructure providers at various levels of interest.

    So your position is not widely shared.

  • Obama Signs Order To Prepare Nation For Solar Storms

    10/16/2016 3:48:48 PM PDT · 60 of 92
    RFEngineer to discostu

    “Because 300 miles is a lot further up than people think, and in reality nukes are going to be low altitude and most everybody in the EMP zone will also be in the blast zone and the state of their electronics won’t really matter.”

    An EMP can be manifested from 30km on up. At very high altitudes above 400km its effect weakens.

    What you fail to realize is that an EMP is the desired strategy many would-be attackers.

    Small warheads and launch systems that can reach EMP altitudes are achievable by countries like N Korea.

    It’s not a made up thing.

  • Obama Signs Order To Prepare Nation For Solar Storms

    10/16/2016 3:35:52 PM PDT · 57 of 92
    RFEngineer to discostu

    Why do you think this is the case?