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  • Man accused of randomly punching children in southeast Austin

    01/12/2018 9:07:10 AM PST · 23 of 32
    risen_feenix to alternatives?

    I’m sure they at least LOOKED white to him.

  • Man accused of randomly punching children in southeast Austin

    01/12/2018 9:05:11 AM PST · 22 of 32
    risen_feenix to HLPhat

    We have enough of these degenerates from the shithole neighborhoods in America, why would any sensible person want to invite in more from whole shithole countries?

  • Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria

    07/19/2017 2:54:33 PM PDT · 28 of 55
    risen_feenix to Enlightened1

    Crossing the spooks at Foggy Bottom?

    Trump just volunteered for assassination by the service that makes the others nervous. You don’t reign in the CIA without consequences.

  • Police: Flash Mob of 500 Teens Throw Bottles, Taunt Officers in Philadelphia

    07/19/2017 2:47:37 PM PDT · 46 of 57
    risen_feenix to C19fan

    Cops say the teens hurled glass bottles at them, jumped on their cars, and taunted the officers.

    Police commanders decided not to arrest any of the teens for fear the situation would escalate.


    “There’s no reported injuries to police, no reported arrests, and there’s no reported injuries to civilians at this time,” Capt. Drew Techner with Philadelphia Police said. “We closed the Lonnie Young Rec Center for the night after all of this. We’re concerned all the juveniles may re-gather in the same location that they started out. We for [sic] their own safety want them home.”

    The ghost of Freddie Gray rears his big ugly head yet again.

    Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry

  • Police: Flash Mob of 500 Teens Throw Bottles, Taunt Officers in Philadelphia

    07/19/2017 2:44:06 PM PDT · 44 of 57
    risen_feenix to BenLurkin

    Because any time you get more than 2 Amish together, violence, crime and/or mayhem is coming. Simple as that. It would be irresponsible to not send some crowd monitoring for an unplanned and unlicensed mass gathering in a public park.

  • Police: Flash Mob of 500 Teens Throw Bottles, Taunt Officers in Philadelphia

    07/19/2017 2:40:47 PM PDT · 43 of 57
    risen_feenix to C19fan

    Those Amish should have stayed home in Pennsylvania Dutch country with this craziness. Those Amish and their flash mobs.

  • This mom quit porn to become a preacher

    03/08/2017 10:40:04 AM PST · 56 of 119
    risen_feenix to Gamecock

    This is one of the scary things about Protestantism: a porn star takes a few online classes and can go out and start a church.

    If that does not illustrate the irrationality of “sola scriptura”, then little else could.

  • (Group of) Black Men Assault White Man for Voting Trump

    11/10/2016 4:01:40 AM PST · 13 of 34
    risen_feenix to fso301

    Have you ever watched videos, livestreams from Tommy Sotomayor? He’s a black guy who is actually a leader of that substantial minority of blacks.

    His videos have been informative and eye-opening, as he is essentially airing the dirty laundry that the black community keeps to itself. He doesn’t just air the laundry, but he is leading blacks in America to come together to start washing, or at least acknowledge all of the stinky and blood-stained hoodies in the hamper.

    He has multiple channels, but here is one:

    A recent interview with a listener that left me a bit slack-jawed at how much black folks put each other through:

  • (Group of) Black Men Assault White Man for Voting Trump

    11/10/2016 3:07:58 AM PST · 1 of 34
    A group of unaccompanied black minors helped a racist, homophobic, misogynistic white man out of his car, but found themselves forced to defend themselves as the interloper attempted to head butt their hands and feet.

    After simply trying to engage the racist Islamaphobe in a civic discussion about Tuesday's tragic election outcome, said caucasoid triggered the youths by not denouncing the evil orange-skinned demon. He then escalated the situation by going so far as to not deny voting for the racist Republican rapist.

    Family and friends of the victimized young community activists were shocked to learn what had happened to their young neighbors who were simply blockading an intersection in their neighborhood. The boys had taken time from their usual helping out at church, takung out the garbage or assisting neighbors with pharmaceutical acquisition and delivery.

  • Republican Combat Vet: Trump Is Openly Advocating War Crimes

    03/04/2016 9:56:30 AM PST · 110 of 270
    risen_feenix to SeekAndFind

    Most of the stuff Trump has promised HAS been all bluster.

    While many would like to see him deport all illegals, it is simply impossible to do legally. There is no way you can deport anyone without due process of law. That applies to anyone who is inside the US, citizen or not. So you can _round up_ whoever you want, but you cannot even hold them in a local jail without initiating legal proceedings. At that point, the legal battle to deport begins.

    Multiply that by 11 million.

    I think that the guy in this post just sees the same ludicrous bluster but in another area. Because he is right, a lot of the stuff Trump has said he will do against _terrorists_ he cannot do, because he could never get the legal authority to implement. Legally.

    That’s why many don’t take Trump seriously, because he knows he cannot do what he is advocating, yet he just throws out the red meat because the electorate is not sophisticated enough to realize that a President cannot do whatever the heck he wants; there are two other branches of government that were deliberately put in place to keep a ridiculous President in check.

    And a man deliberately misleading his supporters from the outset is pretty scary, if you think about it a bit.

    Finally, realize that in any violation of the Constitution that you indulge Trump, you are essentially also empowering the next Barack Obama with. And guess who that next leftist would use those powers on (hint, it won’t be Muslims or illegal aliens)?

  • ANGRY MARCO RUBIO UNLOADS On and ICE Union President “Conspiracy Theories!”

    02/20/2016 10:45:19 AM PST · 60 of 95
    risen_feenix to cloudmountain

    Not that I thought well of Rubio to begin with, but his choice to try to throw Breitbart under the bus certaibly does him no favors with the conservative base. He then goes on to seal the deal by admitting that he refuses to credential them at his events.

    Andrew Breibart was a conservative hero, a fearless special operator in the fight against the destruction of our culture. While the website is not Andrew Breitbart, it is his legacy and should be at least respected by anyone who dares claim any type of conservative mantle.

    Rubio just made it crystal clear whose side he is on in the fight for our nation’s soul.

  • You Didn't Build That

    02/19/2016 1:47:19 PM PST · 1 of 7
    You didnt build that on your own, Bernie!
  • Man Skipped Work For 6 Years And No One Noticed Until He Won An Award (Spain)

    02/15/2016 11:16:29 AM PST · 12 of 14
    risen_feenix to risen_feenix

    How did “Malcolm Saxon” get in my post, lol. Who is he, and how did my autocirrect put him in there...

  • Man Skipped Work For 6 Years And No One Noticed Until He Won An Award (Spain)

    02/15/2016 11:14:47 AM PST · 11 of 14
    risen_feenix to gaijin

    To be honest, thats a lot less golf than I thought. It looks like less than once per week, on average.

    If golf is a mans chance to get away, recharge and get some time outside, once a week is hardly unreasonable.

    Of course, I have no doubt that golf was not this presidents only time not doing his job. However, this golf by itself seems fineMalcolm Saxon.

    A fella can loathe our Manchurian Muslim and still be reasonable.

  • The anti-war movement of 2003 has finally found its voice

    02/15/2016 11:03:14 AM PST · 36 of 41
    risen_feenix to palmer

    I do not think it is second guessing Bush.

    We have to realize that Bush and co. convinced us that Muslims were just like us, and that all they needed was Democracy. Can anyone honestly argue, 14 years later, that there was any scenario that would have allowed for the population of Iraq to have created a government that was anything other than an Islamic theocracy of some form? Even the Constitution we helped draft confirms Sharia as the root of their law.

    It is bad enough that Bush, at best, ignored council that tried to warn him of Uslams rejection of Democracy, and its bloodlust. That he refuses to even acknowledge that the RoP crap ws 100% bunk, should be confirm his ignorance and hubris. And our naivete as conservatives.

  • The anti-war movement of 2003 has finally found its voice

    02/15/2016 10:46:25 AM PST · 35 of 41
    risen_feenix to lentulusgracchus

    I appreciate your even-tempered post. /salute

    Even if those were factors, and to some extent they no doubt were, they were dwarfed by the fact that Bush did not tell the truth about the true nature of Islam. He was the one who pushed Religion of Peace down America’s throat. We know that to be 100% false.

    Knowing what we know today, if Saudi Arabia sank one of our Aircraft Carriers in the Gulf, would you send American troops in on the ground, expecting that all we needed to do was kill every member of the House of Saud, and elections would then make that a nation a Western style democracy, just with camels and kebabs? Or would you basically bomb it to shit from 30,00 feet and be done with it?

  • The anti-war movement of 2003 has finally found its voice

    02/15/2016 1:32:20 AM PST · 21 of 41
    risen_feenix to xzins

    Most of us conservatives believed that Bush and his advisors knew what they were doing, and that they would put our nation and Christian values first.

    We were wrong to trust them so blindly, never thinking that W was pushing the Religion if Peace out of Political Correctness and not the truth of Islam.

    To this day W still supports democratic movements, even if they lead to Islamist, terrorist sponsoring nations. As long as there are elections, that is all that matters, according to W. We learned our lesson, that no politician is to be trusted at face value ever.

    The price was, shockingly, 1,000s of dead and maimed patriots, and the futures of 2-3 more generations mortgaged away for a far less stable, and less free world. We could have learned that lesson at a price far less dear and devastating.

  • Trump: If GOP Doesn’t Admit Iraq War Was a Mistake, We’re Not Going to Win the General Election

    02/15/2016 1:15:57 AM PST · 50 of 193
    risen_feenix to 2ndDivisionVet

    There are sides other that W vs. Code Pink.

    Has any GOP official of any standing ever warned us, before, during, or after the war, that Islam was incompatible with democracy? That if you took away a strongman in a Muslim country, you will end up with fundamentalist Islam?

    No, we were told Islam was the same as Christianity, and once we gave them elections, that would solve the problems of terrorism.

    I, like the rest of us, trusted the word of W and the other Republicans. They knew better, they certainly SHOULD have known better, instead of letting Political Correctness trump reality. Many of us supported W blindly, sadly, and only after doing our own research, years after the war, that W was full of shit about the Religion of Peace.

    Remember, W gave us Religion of Peace. He drilled it into us, and we assumed that he and his advisors had put the work in to find the best solution for the US. He did not, and we had to find out the hard way that Islam was not Christianity plus Mohammed, but a blood thirsty imperialist death cult, the closest thing one can imagine to be the Antichrist.

    So, either you are on THAT side, or it is not as binary as you would like to pretend.

  • Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Cover-Up Alleged in New York Daily News Report

    02/14/2016 12:36:53 AM PST · 37 of 53
    risen_feenix to SeekAndFind

    From the little I looked into this, the woman seems to make a habit of suing rich folks:

    And I saw on a forum that over the course of her tenure at UT, she filed about 33 sexual harassment claims.

    Finally, she is part of the feminist group VDAY, which has nothing to do with Valentines.

    I do not know what happened, if he did tea-bag her or not. But $300K for some college kid doing a stupid college kid thing, I think her complaints were adequately redressed decades ago.

  • Cops cites preacher for 'offending' student

    02/12/2016 3:51:45 PM PST · 14 of 91
    risen_feenix to pilgrim

    Its called LAWFARE, and the intent is to bring any charges they want, to force people into mounting a costly legal defense. The charges are not meant to stick, the punishment is the time and money to clear your name.

    Others see this and say... Its not worth it. And the bad guys win. That’s what you get with BILLIONS of pages of laws on the books: you can always find something to CHARGE anyone with. It dies not need to stick, just punish via time, money and reputation lost.

    Lawfare. That’s how this country will ultimately be turned OVER completely to the left. The end justifies ANY means to them. Conservatives are not wrong, just EVIL!