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  • At Magnet School, An Asian Plurality

    07/07/2008 7:45:57 PM PDT · 122 of 152
    Riverman94610 to Clemenza

    Just curious if you think the gambling stereotype is unfair to put on Filipinos even though I have known them to host lavish three day parties at private homes where many thousands of dollars change hands.They themselves seem to see this habit as a cultural phenomenon to take pride in.
    And as far as Filipino women being materilistic,you are right.They are probably no worse than other groups,especially the Irish,Italian and WASP girls I grew up with who wouldn’t give you any play unless you had rich parents,were a star jock or had some kind of unfathomable”game”.
    I had none of the above so I was Mr Hermit in high school.

  • At Magnet School, An Asian Plurality

    07/07/2008 7:38:15 PM PDT · 121 of 152
    Riverman94610 to allmendream

    When I sub,I often find it tempting to think that all I have to do is review the names on the roll sheet to know what kind of class I am going to get.Yet this technique is not foolproof.I had a Senior Civics class last year full of newly arrived Asian immigrants who were the rudest most obnoxious class I had all year while a US History class full of Miguel Rioses and Kennitra Washingtons were stellar both behavior and academic wise.
    Yet I must say that the best chance of getting a well behaved and self directed class will be one full of Chens,Chans and Zhous.

  • At Magnet School, An Asian Plurality

    07/07/2008 7:31:02 PM PDT · 119 of 152
    Riverman94610 to catbertz

    I work around lots of Filipinos and the many of the women are family oriented and very nice looking.I like how they place great emphasis on the academic sucess of their children.
    However,I think they are way too consumed by fashion,pop culture and gambling.They tend to be very materialistic and overly concerned with money and image.
    Like women of all other ethnicities,they are a mixed bag.

  • At Magnet School, An Asian Plurality

    07/07/2008 7:07:01 PM PDT · 117 of 152
    Riverman94610 to allmendream

    I see this all the time in my school district.While the white,black and Latino kids seem to see school as a social club and state sponsored dating service,the Asian kids are putting the work in and excelling.
    Ominous sign,however.Many Asian kids are seeing ghetto culture as a model and are often sucked into that state of mind due to the teenage need to”be cool”

  • Authentically Black.

    07/07/2008 6:53:28 PM PDT · 24 of 64
    Riverman94610 to boop

    True that.You won’t believe how many of my former New Left associates who so loved to”Smash Racism”in the Sixties,now live in expensive gated communities designed to keep out”those people”.Or else they TRY to be so multicultural but are considered complete squares by the current crop of blacks who seem them as mildly amusing at times but hopelessly archaic.

  • Authentically Black.

    07/07/2008 6:49:30 PM PDT · 23 of 64
    Riverman94610 to Graybeard58

    No,Marcus IS a true black man-he is a critical thinker and an intellectual who sees through the nonsense and pretensions of the fakers and charlatans out there today.
    A little story-my dear friend at work,a consumate black intellectual and Renaissance man,was hidden away in a corner of the locker room perusing a science book.Several of the”real” brothers walked in and not knowing my friend was in the room yapped out,That n***** Robert think he all that,reading them damn books all the time”
    Like Ice T said,”Do you realize how ignorant you sound,thats the attitude that holds my people down”

  • I should like Michelle Obama, but I don't

    07/07/2008 6:17:29 PM PDT · 89 of 91
    Riverman94610 to Windcatcher

    I think Michele is,like most black people,a true chameleon.In other words,she culturally adapts to her environment.
    When in the church chopping it up with the sisters after a rollicking Wright speech and then being oh so proper at one of Mayor Daley’s official city receptions filled with white muckety mucks.
    I think she is just another round the way girl who lucked out with a good education and an ambitious husband and she is going to ride that gravy train to the fullest!

  • I should like Michelle Obama, but I don't

    07/06/2008 8:04:43 PM PDT · 45 of 91
    Riverman94610 to They'reGone2000

    Look,its true that Michele is an angry,in your face, confrontational black woman.
    But lets be honest.Do you know any who are NOT?
    And don’t mention Condi because I can guarantee you that anyone getting on her wrong side is going to get the Evil Sister treatment to the fullest.
    Not defending Michele but just keeping it real.

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 7:41:48 PM PDT · 230 of 255
    Riverman94610 to I see my hands

    Obama can’t be responsible for everything his idiot cousin in Kenya says or thinks!
    Thats not fair at all.I have a couple of cousins myself who are complete jerks.All we have in common is blood ties.

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 7:39:45 PM PDT · 229 of 255
    Riverman94610 to RipSawyer

    OK,I’ll give the crown to you,buddy!

  • Tom Hayden; Iraq Flip-Flop Puts Obama Candidacy at Risk

    07/06/2008 4:34:01 PM PDT · 12 of 20
    Riverman94610 to popdonnelly

    I knew Tom”when”.
    That is,when he was conducting “People’s Workshops” in Berkeley about “defending yourselves against pigs and right wing vigilantes”.
    Then ten years later,Old Jane breaks him off a cool two million in the divorce settlement.
    Where are they anti-capitalists now that we need them to”Seize the Time” and confiscate Tom’s ill begotten gains?

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 4:30:10 PM PDT · 202 of 255
    Riverman94610 to I see my hands

    You mean,”Not that answer that I WANTED”

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 3:58:18 PM PDT · 197 of 255
    Riverman94610 to motoman

    I AM awake but if there were any truth to this story,don’t you think Wolf and Fredrika and Hannity would at least MENTION the controversy,if only to increase their ratings?
    In the end,this will turn out to be much ado about nothing.

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 3:56:03 PM PDT · 196 of 255
    Riverman94610 to I see my hands

    He can’t possible BE elected because he is black unless loads of whites and others agree with the Black Block.
    If that IS the reason,it will be a hollow victory.Same with Hillary had she been the first woman elected.Once the party is over,the real work begins

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 3:53:50 PM PDT · 194 of 255
    Riverman94610 to motoman

    Your last point first,motoman-Obama’s abortion position is the real deal breaker with me.Its an obscentity way beyond the whole Wright controversy,which,unlike most folks on this board,doesn’t upset me THAT much.I guess because I have been around tons of angry black men like Wright all my life and find a real irony there in that many of these roaring lions are like pussycats once you get to know them.Believe me,I look like the prototypical”honkie”and if they were gonna hate”Whitey”they would hate me to the fullest!
    I think Obama’s candidacy has completely mellowed out black anger FOR NOW.Man,you should see where I work-the black employees are on a cloud nine mode.Very upbeat and optimistic.I think even if he loses in the Fall,blacks for the most part will accept that reality.
    Yet if he gets derailed on this birth certificate issue,I think all bets are off!

  • RV owners justify staying on the road

    07/06/2008 1:16:00 PM PDT · 31 of 66
    Riverman94610 to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    I did exactly that in 1970 for three months when Gas was 27 cents a gallon and a motel was six bucks.Campgrounds were virtually free.

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 1:14:21 PM PDT · 147 of 255
    Riverman94610 to Jubal Harshaw

    I am NOT saying that if Obama faked the birth certificate that he should not be disqualified.
    All I’m saying is that the repercussions of this tactic would be pretty destructive.
    Simple reality-we would have to go through a period in this country all over again that we went through forty years ago.
    I’m just plain too old for all that stress and strife anymore.

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 12:37:16 PM PDT · 114 of 255
    Riverman94610 to liberallarry

    Anyone who lived through that terrible 1967-68 period does NOT want to relive it-that is,if they are sane.

  • Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?

    07/06/2008 12:34:12 PM PDT · 110 of 255
    Riverman94610 to motoman

    I don’t think you have to be a big Obama supporter to understand the outright rage and huge cynicism that would be rife in this country for many years should Obama be disqualified on some technicality.
    It would set back race relations decades.The entire fabric of the nation would be hurt beyond what we can even conceive of now.It would be 1967 all over again and the mantra of black America would be”whitey has tricked us again”.
    Some might say.”So what,let them steam”You are probably the ones that have never been IN a race riot.
    A very frightening event,indeed.

  • This Is a Test Can Barack Obama pass?

    07/06/2008 8:48:13 AM PDT · 41 of 43
    Riverman94610 to ETL

    That day was one of the most eerie of my life.I was a “scene maker”back then and was interested in just about anything going on in right wing or left wing circles.
    It was actually a PLP and SF State Black Student Union member named Bridges Randall who interrupted David Hilliard to make the announcement to the crowd.He said something to the effect of”Great news for the people-a pig has been offed in the Mission”.A large proportion of the crowd cheered vigorously.
    Another weird component of that day were the thousands of Mao’s Little Red Books that were passed out.And Bobby Seale urging everyone to hold them up and shout in unison,”I AM a Revolutionary”.
    If you lived around here back then,those times were surreal.It was as if the whole world had been transported into a Twilight Zone where common logic and humanity were cast aside in the name of this all powerful”Movement”which ruled everything.

  • This Is a Test Can Barack Obama pass?

    07/05/2008 8:34:34 PM PDT · 37 of 43
    Riverman94610 to ETL

    Funny you mention the May Day Rally in SF in 1969 cause I was there that day.When they announced that”Pig Brodnik”had been beaten to death by a bunch of”Latino brothers”much of the crowd cheered.
    I got sick.To glofify in the brutal death of another human being.I never thought of the Panthers or their white allies the same way after that grisly afternnon almost forty years ago.

  • Obama is vulnerable

    07/05/2008 6:16:15 PM PDT · 16 of 27
    Riverman94610 to Finny

    Good post.
    My theory is that if Obama is elected he will get the most heat from OTHER BLACKS,who will castigate him for being an Uncle Tom and giving way too many appointments to whites,Jews and Latinos.
    He must be very cautious not to appear”too black”.Unlike the guilt ridden Clinton Gang,he will not go hog wild with the affirmative action program because a great uncle used the N word at a Thanksgiving dinner back in 1963.

  • Obama is vulnerable

    07/05/2008 3:48:28 PM PDT · 8 of 27
    Riverman94610 to A_perfect_lady

    And you multiply YOUR white resentement with millions of others of like sentiments and add all those millions of blacks with THEIR black resentments,you have a very toxic stew brewing in this country.

  • Christie Brinkley's Divorce Trial Gets Under Way

    07/04/2008 1:25:28 PM PDT · 31 of 37
    Riverman94610 to Loud Mime

    Just another “Uptown Girl”!

  • Black pastors wary of Obama

    07/04/2008 10:47:45 AM PDT · 46 of 48
    Riverman94610 to litehaus

    Just to comment on the whole black unwed mothers issue-Yes,its shameful but don’t ever forget who STARTED this amoral trend in the Sixties-the white feminist cabal and their libertine white male counterparts with the Playboy ethics.
    At least black women HAVE their babies,unlike many of these young amoral white girls who think abortion is just a mild inconvenience.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/03/2008 9:12:42 AM PDT · 89 of 89
    Riverman94610 to SAJ

    I certainly don’t endorse Islam or any other fascist religion like it.
    Yet I think you are barking up the wrong tree when thats your main weapon to attack Obama with.It will seem small minded and bigoted to most voters and will invariably create a sympathy backlash in his favor.

  • Christie Brinkley's Divorce Trial Gets Under Way

    07/02/2008 9:05:32 PM PDT · 22 of 37
    Riverman94610 to Loud Mime

    I wonder if Billy Joel still cares?

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 7:39:18 PM PDT · 86 of 89
    Riverman94610 to Flashman ATC

    I am certainly not a psychiatrist.I am just being a truth teller and telling you how it was when I was growing up.
    Sad but true that we all make generalizations.Of course not all Italians and Irish were anti Semitic nor were all Jews academic whiz kids.Yet the PATTERN at that time was that you found mostly Jewish kids in honor classes and Auto Shop had the rougher across the tracks Italian and Irish boys.Just the way it was.
    I don’t relate to white guilt.If anything,most of my barbs are directed to the black kids I see throwing away their lives daily.And I can tell you this-I say that to their faces and they respect me for it.

  • Singer subs 'black anthem' for 'Star Spangled Banner'

    07/02/2008 7:05:30 PM PDT · 56 of 64
    Riverman94610 to Riverman94610

    Just to add to my last comment:
    Two white kids I would spend summers with at Lake Tahoe who went to a now notorious Oakland ghetto school in the Sixties when it was integrated.
    Pete and Jerry would tell”coon jokes”,mock black speech patterns and had a pretty racist perspective as we would define it today.
    Yet they were powerfully in love with black music and in later years Pete had a very devoted black girlfriend.
    On top of that,Jerry beat one white kid’s butt who came up from Woodside talking about”those Oakland niggers”.Jerry jumped on him sreaming,”Don’t you EVER talk about my friends like that again”.
    It was almost like he was saying,”I EARNED the right to be a racist.You rich suburban snots did not”
    Very strange couple of guys!

  • Singer subs 'black anthem' for 'Star Spangled Banner'

    07/02/2008 6:59:12 PM PDT · 53 of 64
    Riverman94610 to Terpin

    Your experience is a common one but I also know quite a few white kids-and Mexican and Asians-who went to mostly black schools and actually acculturated into the black ambiance of those places.Not really”wiggers”but just white kids who hung out with the blacks and adopted many of their cultural patterns,especially with music and speech.
    Then there were the white kids that withdrew and stayed to themselves and just plain were not very comfortable in that environment.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 6:35:54 PM PDT · 84 of 89
    Riverman94610 to SAJ

    Lets not wander so far from the original topic.
    Whether Obama is one forth,one half or 100% Arab should not even be an issue.
    Just his late term abortion position nixes him for me.Not to mention the tax and spend programs he has in store.
    Now if he intentionally LIES about his ethnic background,then I think we have cause to be concerned.
    Still glad Barack kicked Hillary’s butt,though.I’ll never back down from that one.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 5:42:23 PM PDT · 82 of 89
    Riverman94610 to SAJ

    Well,then we need to attack Obama for his pro socialist POLITICS then,not his alleged ethnicity.
    Its a cheap shot and one could ask why we have 150,000 of our best men and women over in Iraq now protecting a bunch of ARAB MUSLIMS!

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 4:55:54 PM PDT · 80 of 89
    Riverman94610 to L98Fiero

    I think its something twisted in the human condition that keeps these age old racial animosities alive.
    For example,in my forty years on and off working in urban schools,I have seen way more INTRA racial hate and anger than the other way around.Black kids will pound the crap out of each other,harass black females and call each other the worst kind of names but as soon as a Mexican or Asian does something against a black kid,its on-the blacks all unite against “the other”.
    I went to all white schools.Most white kids talked bad about”the niggers”but would run away real fast if they saw four or more blacks together.The big prejudice back then was against Jews.Lots of the Italian and Irish kids didn’t think much of the”kikes”.Jealousy in my opinion.The Jewish kids dominated the honor rolls in the same ways Asian kids do today.

  • Garland police arrest man accused of shooting at motorists

    07/02/2008 4:16:13 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    Riverman94610 to Dick Vomer

    THAT is funny!

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 4:09:36 PM PDT · 78 of 89
    Riverman94610 to peeps36

    Don’t fool yourself-those women know whats happening.They just are under the illusion that”having a man”is worth putting up with the cheating.
    Black women collaborate in their own oppression since most have such low self esteem.And forget about all those”tough bad ass sistas”nonsense.Its all a front to hide a lot of hurt and pain.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 3:28:12 PM PDT · 75 of 89
    Riverman94610 to SAJ

    Obama has never acknowledged any Arab background.I don’t think its anything that would derail his Presidential ambitions,however or influence many votes.
    He had no choice who his parents were.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 3:22:02 PM PDT · 72 of 89
    Riverman94610 to John Williams

    Its kind of a running joke among black women that the brothers will hit on a white woman,”Eight to Eighty,blind,crippled or crazy”.
    Not sure it THATS so but you do see a lot of black men with VERY rotund white women.
    Of course,beauty standards for many black men include”healthy,big boned”women so maybe thats understandable.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 3:09:34 PM PDT · 70 of 89
    Riverman94610 to SAJ

    Its true there are many black Arabs.That part of the world has a long history of trade and slave raiding by Arabs since the Eighth Century.
    Yet Obama’s dad certainly doesn’t LOOK like a traditional Arab.Do you say that because he was a Muslim?

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 3:07:23 PM PDT · 69 of 89
    Riverman94610 to John Williams

    OJ grew up in the housing projects of Potrero Hill and went to Galileo High,a very integrated school at the time.
    I grew up in and around San Francisco.I hate to generalize but many black men in San Francisco tend to gravitate toward white women or see them as the ideal phenotype.Even in the early Sixties,you would see numerous black male-white female couples.I wonder if this social tendency influenced OJ.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 2:57:55 PM PDT · 64 of 89
    Riverman94610 to RetiredArmy

    Because Steele was a REPUBLICAN,thats why he was defeated,not cause he was black.
    Had he fallen in line with the liberal agenda or even played moderate Democrat,he would have been elected.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 2:44:51 PM PDT · 58 of 89
    Riverman94610 to L98Fiero

    No,society has not”moved beyond all that”.Lots of these old angers just fester and marinate until the appropriate time when they explode with vehemence.
    Here is the irony of the whole OJ phenomenon-many blacks,especially black women,were angered by his obvious attraction to white blonde females.He was seen as a joke in many quarters of the black community.Yet when he got into trouble he had no problem playing the race card!
    Personally,I felt little emotion at the acquital.Reason-I was just not too sympathetic toward the whole Brown-Simpson crowd who seemed like a bunch of drug taking,hedonistic selfish boors.Not that I believe that justifies murder but violating basic moral principles can often lead people to do things once considered outside the bounds of civilized behavior.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 2:35:16 PM PDT · 55 of 89
    Riverman94610 to Jack Black

    Yes,and its about time these killers were federally prosecuted for the crimes they got away with years ago.Looks like Georgia is getting ready to reopen the 1946 Moore lynching.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 2:31:12 PM PDT · 53 of 89
    Riverman94610 to brwnsuga

    I concur with your analysis.
    Looking back as a white kid growing up in the Fifties and Sixties,I can recall when the news would anounce the acquital of a killer of a civil rights worker in the South.Do you think ANY white adult ever got indignant at that injustice?No,not in my redneck of the woods,thats for sure.
    I also blame LAPD and the Garcetti for blowing a sure conviction.Marcia Clark was a disaster and the Mark Fuhrman fiasco doomed it for good.

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 2:02:47 PM PDT · 35 of 89
    Riverman94610 to cherry

    I feel you on the sad state of white womenhood in the world today but,if truth be told,a lot of the”sisters”are not representing too well themselves.
    I work in a school system that is plurality black.Most of the young”brothers”at these schools seem to be hitting on Asian and Latino girls because the black girls are way too often”skanless”in their language and behavior.I don’t WHY these young black girls do not understand that even these thuggish boys don’t want wifey to be the second incarnation of Li’l Kim!

  • THE BRIDGE: Black Men Hate Black Women

    07/02/2008 1:55:29 PM PDT · 30 of 89
    Riverman94610 to brwnsuga

    Yes,its a common misconception that blacks overwhelmingly thought OJ was innocent.Not so
    I spent many a break in the post office locker room as”brothers”ponificated over the case.One guy with a rather loud and crude reputation blurted out the statement”Y’all n***** KNOW OJ killed that b**** so why don’t you just ADMIT it?”
    Everyone laughed uproariously at the truth of his statement.
    Yet I truly believe the elation in some black segments of society at his acquital was because of how so many of the WHITE killers of blacks in the South got off scot free by the same jury nullification that let OJ off the hook.The attitude was”Y’all have used the system to YOUR advantage for years.Now one of US gets over and you want to go into hysterics”
    I can kind of agree with that logic,twisted as it is in a way.

  • Obama works to mobilize 'Christian left'

    07/01/2008 8:07:22 PM PDT · 60 of 81
    Riverman94610 to olivia3boys

    Good for your friend.It shows she still has a heart!

  • Obama works to mobilize 'Christian left'

    07/01/2008 8:05:34 PM PDT · 59 of 81
    Riverman94610 to kittymyrib

    That paradox on the Left has always astounded me.Even when I was cavorting with some Left wing folks long ago and I would listen to them bemoan the times innocent Vietnamese babies were being napalmed.
    I could never understand how they can condemn one form of infanticide In Vietnam and be so blithly accepting of the genocide of millions of the unborn at HOME.
    Unlike many on this forum,I think Obama has a caring heart.Thats why his position on late term abortion disturbs me so much.We KNOW Hillary is a heartless you know what but how can a man who claims he is a Christian and a HUMANE soul ignore the horrors of the abortion industry?

  • Fed-Up Families Turn To Barbed Wire, Shotguns To Police Neighborhood (Sanford Florida)

    07/01/2008 7:02:33 PM PDT · 57 of 62
    Riverman94610 to Drew68

    I have seen plenty of white AND black trash in my time.And lets not forget that a lot of Asians and Latinos aren’t exactly upstanding citizens either!

  • Fed-Up Families Turn To Barbed Wire, Shotguns To Police Neighborhood (Sanford Florida)

    07/01/2008 6:47:41 PM PDT · 53 of 62
    Riverman94610 to Drew68

    Ok,I see your point.And I am hooked on the damn site too so who am I to talk?
    It just seems a little too GRATUITOUS once in a while.Sort of liking viewing a criminal porn site.

  • Kos Throws Obama Under the Bus

    07/01/2008 6:39:47 PM PDT · 33 of 49
    Riverman94610 to Mygirlsmom

    Obama is actually making a smart political move by distancing himself from the types.
    He will gain two votes for every one he loses.