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  • Ex-Marine fends off lion with chainsaw

    07/18/2009 11:05:46 AM PDT · 84 of 96
    river rat to chesty_puller
    "And they were free, five to a case."

    Actually, I never considered anything the Government provided as "free"..... We paid a horrible price for everything they "gave" us in the Corps.

    All the stupid bastards who voted for Leftists/Marxists posing as Democrats are soon to learn that lesson..

  • Ex-Marine fends off lion with chainsaw

    07/18/2009 10:40:25 AM PDT · 82 of 96
    river rat to chesty_puller; Squantos; TomasUSMC; Travis McGee
    Isn't it amazing how those damned openers have survived and endured?

    Just to get a little sentimental now — simply recall the faces and names of the brothers we lost, who ate from a can of C-rat Ham and Lima beans or Meatballs with Beans in Tomato sauce you opened during a miserable rain storm, with the very same P38 you still use today.......

    I hope now, in their new AO - they have better chow, served in a more peaceful environment....

    Did you even once, ever dream that a can opener could become a cherished link and reminder of the past?

  • Ex-Marine fends off lion with chainsaw

    07/17/2009 9:50:39 PM PDT · 53 of 96
    river rat to chesty_puller
    In the old Corps - all we needed was the P38 Opener, Can, Hand, Folding, Type I can opener..


    That was probably the finest single piece of gear a Marine in the field could possess -- after his weapon.

    It will be interesting to see how many old farts in the forum know what we're talking about...

  • Walter Cronkite dead

    07/17/2009 6:18:27 PM PDT · 314 of 603
    river rat to Mmogamer

    Another lying, biased “journalist” with an anti American agenda died.
    What’s to mourn?

  • Obama And His Birth Certificate Are About To Make History

    07/17/2009 2:48:50 PM PDT · 499 of 566
    river rat to William Tell 2
    "......birth certificate made public ..."

    Can you provide a link to any site talking to or displaying an Obama "BIRTH CERTIFICATE" that was made PUBLIC?

    If you can -- THAT would put a end to the Constitutional issue.
    If you can't- Then you're as full of it as MSNBCABCCBSNBCCNN.

    The "presented" Hawaiian "Certificate of Live Birth" is not a Birth Certificate - in that it doesn't give TRACEABLE information: name of hospital, attending Physician, multiple births, etc, etc.. During the era of Obama's birth, one could be obtained by simply asking for it.

    Folks - including - an in the bag Leftist couple - point to the newspaper announcement of Obama's birth as prove he was born in Hawaii. I could call ANY newspaper in America today and pay them to run an ad announcing the birth of a non-existing child...

    Obama's mother, friends or parents - horrified at the learning of Obama's birth "elsewhere" could easily have taken steps to establish his claim to American citizenship.

    Obama could EASILY clear this up and remove all doubt, avoiding a constitutional crises, potential race riots or worse ---- by simply lifting all barriers to PUBLIC INFORMATION about his birth...

    He hasn't - and curious folks must wonder why?

  • Obama And His Birth Certificate Are About To Make History

    07/17/2009 2:22:14 PM PDT · 491 of 566
    river rat to kellynla
    A LOT of folks have a lot of "splaining" to do.'

    Not a single Congress Critter - or Federal Judge, ALL of whom swore to defend and uphold the Constitution have directly asked the "anointed" thug to produce the ONLY document necessary to prove his eligibility under the Constitution...

    I don't want to hear this bullsquat about "standing"...
    I don't want to hear this bullsquat about "executive privilege".

    Every mother or father, wife, child or relative of a warrior should have "standing" to determine if Obama is a legitimate holder of office and AUTHORITY to send warriors into harm's way.

    I simply want the sonofabitch to produce a valid Birth Certificate to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt he is eligible to hold the office under the Constitution..

    Remember - Obama was the thug who had his competition in previous elections DISQUALIFIED on "technicalities".... Turnabout should be fair play and expected.

    If Obama was legitimate - which we KNOW he isn't on several levels - he would have produced the Birth Certificate.. Absolutely no reason not to.....except it doesn't exist.

    Obama is a liar, fraud, black racist, closet Muslim, Marxist and illegal President....
    That's so much to admire, love and fawn over for the media and the ignorant sheeple in America who are allowed to vote.

  • Surgeon general post is a big job for a big lady

    07/16/2009 8:50:38 PM PDT · 35 of 35
    river rat to Cicero
    Believe me - I understand your points exactly..
    I'll admit to sharing your concern.

    But - given the character of most politicians today, especially those in Obama’s administration and in this Leftist controlled Congress — this lady would be a breath of fresh air as someone who has reached across race lines and actually ACCOMPLISHED works of personal service with groups of every ethnicity living in the areas she served...

    For those who don't know - her clinic in Bayou La Batre, Alabama served far more whites and Asians - mostly Vietnamese - than any other ethnicity... Blacks probably never accounted to more that 10% of the population in this shrimp fishing port. If memory serves - she also built and ran a clinic to serve the poor in Mobile, AL.

    As much as I disagree with her position on abortion - I have a feeling she would be a Surgeon General whose ability and accomplishments will be head and shoulders above those in recent memory....

  • Surgeon general post is a big job for a big lady

    07/16/2009 1:42:40 PM PDT · 30 of 35
    river rat to traumer

    I’ll say it again...

    I and several members of my family have met Dr. Benjamin, and though we’re on opposite sides of the political spectrum — I respect her, her sacrifices and her work..

    I disagree with her position on abortion - but there isn’t a SINGLE Republican politician I agree with 100%.

    I believe this woman to be HONEST, INCORRUPTIBLE, DEDICATED to SERVICE with ACCOMPLISHMENTS that are undeniable. What you see is what you get.

    She’s a DOER....she walks the walk.
    Folks can function and get past being over ideal weight, but once stupid, they’re stuck. We’ve got far too many of those stupid bastards in office already.

  • NYC keeps ahead of the curve, invests $1 million into typewriters

    07/16/2009 1:23:32 PM PDT · 91 of 96
    river rat to ccmay
    "When there are no other options beyond living as a slave or taking up arms, what then?"

    Any Dictionary would explain the difference between a "rioter" and a "revolutionist"...

    Granted, both stand to be shot by the "authorities" - but one will die the death of a thief and the other a "patriot" to his cause...

    There is a difference...
    Some in this forum possess only a hammer, therefore everything looks like a nail.

  • Cisco Has Cut 600-700 Jobs at Headquarters: WSJ

    07/16/2009 1:08:37 PM PDT · 21 of 29
    river rat to Kartographer

    Sorry - but in an attempt to establish my “fairness” in assessing the competition — I will say I NEVER met a senior HP or Apple procurement or engineering representative or manager that I didn’t respect or consider a worthy hire..

    With the exception of course of Ms. Carly Fiorina

  • Cisco Has Cut 600-700 Jobs at Headquarters: WSJ

    07/16/2009 12:55:51 PM PDT · 19 of 29
    river rat to Kartographer

    During my “corporate life” in San Jose - I had the occasion to meet a number of Cisco’s senior procurement and engineering managers.

    Without reservation, I can honestly say I never met one I liked or would consider hiring... It always amazed me that folks would execute contracts with a company whose public face was so ...........twisted.

  • Earmark Requests Continue Despite Promises to Curb Process

    07/16/2009 12:49:40 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    river rat to jazusamo
    At 70, I'm too old, too damaged, been rode too hard and put away wet too frequently to possibly survive that long..

    Based on what I see in society, the results of elections, the caliber of assholes in “public service” and “public leadership” positions, the focus of the media and the state of public education — there is no way the “correction” will occurred in my lifetime.

    That being said - I will admit that I would certainly enjoy the opportunity of wasting a few dozen of this Republic's most dangerous enemies — those within.
    Here in Kalifornicate, I live in a target rich Area of Operation.

  • Earmark Requests Continue Despite Promises to Curb Process

    07/16/2009 12:31:43 PM PDT · 12 of 16
    river rat to jazusamo

    I’m a dreamer.....

    I dream of the day when scores of Congress Critters in irons are dragged down the steps of the Capital Building onto the Mall - where huge crowds of armed Americans are congregated around the several guillotines put in place.

    The corrupt Congress Critters will be crying out and begging forgiveness and mercy..
    All calls will fall on deaf ears, as heads roll and true reform is implemented.

    As I admitted - I’m a dreamer.

  • Democrats Destroy A CIA Program That Would Have Killed Our Enemy

    07/16/2009 12:13:25 PM PDT · 14 of 20
    river rat to Starman417
    If “our team” is not allowed to kill Islamist fanatics - and most especially AQ leadership or spokespersons - by ANY means necessary, then I don't want to play anymore..

    It no fun standing about like assholes waiting for them to kill us.

    Our “Democrats” are grossly misnamed...
    In actuality, they are the self appointed destroyers of everything “American”.
    They won't be happy until we are a turd world toilet under the control of some Leftist despot.

    When the SHTF, the Leftist bastards and Muslim fundamentalists had better have a very deep and secure bunker. There are MILLIONS of armed Americans who'll have "scores to settle"....

  • BREAKING: Massive Fire in Hazel Park (A bridge over the I-75 in Hazel Park, Michigan has collapsed)

    07/16/2009 10:52:23 AM PDT · 94 of 105
    river rat to Larry Lucido
    Wasn't it that morbidly obese dumb ass lesbian "Rosie O'Donnell" who told us that "fire can't melt steel"...

    Now if she/it doesn't define Leftist genius -- NOTHING does.

  • Flashy Va. Businessman Vanishes, Leaving Huge Debts Behind (Steals from Banks Leaves Country)

    07/16/2009 10:41:43 AM PDT · 15 of 18
    river rat to khnyny

    We ain’t seen nothing yet...

    Now that America has proved themselves to be mindless by their election of Democrats to a majority control of Congress and a black racist closet Fascist Muslim as President in spite of being ineligible and incompetent for the post — we are advertising ourselves as the world’s biggest suckers...

    Fools and their money are soon separated.
    The same goes for fools and their Liberty.

  • Video: Black Chamber Of Commerce CEO Rips Boxer Over Her Racial Attitude

    07/16/2009 10:33:56 AM PDT · 7 of 10
    river rat to careyb

    How can Boxer - who is dumber than a box of rocks, speak in a “condescending” manner to anyone —— even members of the NAACP?

  • Federal judge dismisses reservist's suit questioning Obama's presidency

    07/16/2009 10:23:32 AM PDT · 76 of 244
    river rat to Perdogg

    And, pray tell — why are Hillary and McCain the ONLY folks authorized to bring up a CONSTITUTIONAL issue?

    I would hate to think I must await leadership from either of those two feckless imbeciles — on ANY matter bearing on the survival of the Republic or our Constitution.

  • Federal judge dismisses reservist's suit questioning Obama's presidency

    07/16/2009 9:58:57 AM PDT · 49 of 244
    river rat to Perdogg
    "It would have been dismissed on lack of standing anyway."

    Putting aside ALL the legal bullsquat -- the "brightest" and "most unifying" PRESIDENT of the United States who MUST be aware there are folks refusing to take him seriously due to questions about his Constitutional eligibility, would at LEAST like to end all questions about this CONSTITUTIONAL issue by simply providing a piece of paper..

    Yes - the simple production of a piece of paper would put an end to the "tinfoil lunatics" doubting Obama's eligibility to be President....

    Instead - he spends an uncounted fortune to avoid simply producing a Birth Certificate which he claims to possess...

    Shouldn't sane folks wonder -- WHY?

  • Federal judge dismisses reservist's suit questioning Obama's presidency

    07/16/2009 9:33:09 AM PDT · 2 of 244
    river rat to jaxon72

    It appears that Obama will avoid at all cost - the requirement to PROVE his place of birth...

    We should all know why, shouldn’t we?