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  • New York state offers $500 reward for reporting gun owners

    03/20/2013 9:06:13 PM PDT · 31 of 42
    Road Glide to bunkerhill7

    “False premise:
    Guns are not illegal.”

    You’d be wrong on that, if you find yourself in NY state.

    If I’m not mistaken, New Yorkers who own AR-15 type rifles are required by law to register such rifles with the state after the new law takes effect.

    Failure to register (a previously legal) weapon of that type will become a felony.

    Ownership of an UNregistered AR weapon is becoming ILLEGAL in NY state.

    Sooner or later, someone is going to rat on an owner of such weapons, even if the gun owner is otherwise law-abiding. It’s just a matter of time.

    Will an accused “AR gun owner” choose to flee NY state, and escape to a “new-free”, gun-friendly state? What will happen then?
    See this post for my predictions:

  • New York state offers $500 reward for reporting gun owners

    03/20/2013 8:59:43 PM PDT · 29 of 42
    Road Glide to ought-six; Eye of Unk

    [[ “Mark my words, the storm clouds are descending.”
    Sure looks that way. ]]

  • Dem Senators Vote to Keep WH Tours Closed

    03/20/2013 8:57:06 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    Road Glide to Nachum

    Frankly, who cares?

    Honestly — how many Freepers are going to want to visit Obama’s White House?

    Speak up, or forever hold your peace...

  • Colo. Corrections Dept. chief shot, killed at home (irony warning)

    03/20/2013 8:48:36 PM PDT · 44 of 53
    Road Glide to Windflier

    “Anyone seen Henry Bowman lately?”

    ...or Ranya Bardiwell ? (apologies to Travis...)

  • A jumbo blunder (The autopsy)

    03/20/2013 8:39:25 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    Road Glide to MasterGunner01

    “If the NY Post gets it, and they’re no fans of Republicans”

    Where have you been?

    The NY Post has been the [editorially] conservative paper in New York since the 1990’s...

  • Unreal!… Illegal Immigrants Make Commercial Demanding Free Healthcare (Video)

    03/20/2013 8:35:16 PM PDT · 21 of 41
    Road Glide to oldenuff2no

    “We simply can not afford this. If they push it through we will be paying taxes to another state very soon. I’m all but done right now.”

    You’re from California, I take it?

    All but done? They haven’t even _started_ with you yet !!

    Get out while you can...

  • Meet John Hickenlooper, now-endangered Democratic Governor of Colorado.

    03/20/2013 8:31:04 PM PDT · 7 of 38
    Road Glide to Red Steel

    “Meet John Hickenlooper, now-endangered Democratic Governor of Colorado.”

    He’ll probably be re-elected.

  • Vanity. Need computer advice.

    03/19/2013 6:36:18 PM PDT · 63 of 65
    Road Glide to saminfl

    “I compared prices of what I wanted in a PC and then compared it to MAC. They were close enough that I went back on my statment and bought a MACBook Pro. I am apprehensive.”

    You’ll do fine. Some random stuff follows.

    Good websites to know about: (they have a good user forum)

    You can connect an external monitor easily if you wish. You just need a “MiniDisplayPort-to-(whatever connection your display has)” cable.

    DO NOT use the “Time Machine” backup software.
    Use “CarbonCopyCloner” instead, from
    I suggest buying a USB3/SATA “docking station”. Then put any ol’ SATA drive you have laying around in it, and use CCC to create a “clone” of the internal drive (it’s also bootable).

    For an MS-Office “equivalent”, you want something called “LibreOffice”, which is open-source and free:
    (It’s a torrent, search for “UTorrent” or “Transmission” to download it)

    The MS Office 2011 suite is also usable, but not free.

    You will hear about “Boot Camp” for installing Windows on the Mac. I would suggest that you avoid this unless there is no other solution for you. I use VMWare “Fusion” when necessary to run Windows stuff (in emulation).

    Did you get a MacBook with a built-in DVD/CD drive? If not, you can use any “generic” DVD/CD drive out there, you aren’t limited to the Apple Superdrive.

    Be careful about USB3 hubs — not all work properly with the Mac. I’d suggest you visit and check around. Pay particular attention to the user reviews — see if folks mention whether the item in question works well with their Macs.

    If you need to install more RAM or want to change the internal hard drive, MAKE SURE you get the RIGHT SIZE screwdriver for the screws on the back. Some folks have stripped the screws trying to use the wrong size drive to open it up. If you need to open it, be sure to visit “” first — good tutorials and illustrations.

    For the web, might help to have FireFox around as well as Safari.
    If you visit the newsgroups, get Thunderbird.

    To manage cookies in Safari, you can use the “Safari Cookies” extension.

    To keep an eye on your battery, use “Coconut Battery”.

    There are good books out there for “switchers”. David Pogue has written some.

    If iTunes is confusing, try something called “Cog”.
    I never cared for iPhoto. There are alternatives available.

    If your email is still “POP” (instead of “IMAP”), you have to “trick” the into creating the proper account. Mail wants to create an IMAP type account by default.

    If the scrolling direction “seems wrong” to you, go to the trackpad preferences panel, and UNcheck the choice for “natural” scrolling. Then it scrolls “the old way”.

    You may not be able to view “avi” files by default. QuickTime player may require some addiitional software. To play wma videos, try “Flip Player”.

    You can set some additional preferences in Mountain Lion using an app called “Mountain Tweaks” — very useful.

    For drive/system maintenance, get ahold of “Onyx”.
    Remember to repair permissions now and then using Disk Utility.

    That’ll get you going….

  • Vanity. Need computer advice.

    03/19/2013 10:17:00 AM PDT · 41 of 65
    Road Glide to saminfl

    “I refuse to buy a MAC as I can afford 3 or 4 PCs for the price of one MAC. I am not fond of Apple as I think they are an arrogant company. You have to buy their 2 year warranty program to speak to them after 90 days from purchase. I have an IPAD and an IPhone and neither thrills me. My wife loves the IPAD.”

    Think just a bit about what you wrote above.

    You already have an iPad that the wife “loves”. Ask her what she loves about it. Listen closely. Ask her next if she would like a computer that works similarly. What is her reply?

    You may not be “thrilled” by the iPad or iPhone, but do they work reliably?
    By contrast, you wrote above that “I absolutely hate the Vista machine. It is slow and even slower when running multiple pages. I have run every correction and restoration program available on it and I still hate using it.”

    STOP regarding Apple as “an arrogant company”. We all know that they are. One can be a conservative, and be philosophically opposed to “Apple corporate policies”, but the proof is in the pudding, or more correctly, the product. The Mac is quite a nice machine — just ignore the poltiics, and you’ll be fine. Even Mr. Limbaugh does that.

    You don’t have to buy a “2 year warranty” from Apple. You get a 1-year warranty with a new (or refurbished) Apple product, and you can add an additional two years of AppleCare if you wish. I have never bought AppleCare, and I’ve been a Mac user since 1987 and have done just fine.

    A new Mac need not cost the price of “3 or 4 PCs”. I would suggest you investigate the Mac “Mini” line, with an eye on the 2.6ghz i7 model. You can get this for about $755 if you shop in the right places (I know where those places are). I have one myself and it replaced a 9-year-old PowerMac g4 “tower” and runs quieter, faster, more reliably. The Mini has been one of Apple’s most reliable products, it would probably be a waste of $$$ to get AppleCare for it.

    If you got a Mac Mini, you can continue to use your existing monitor (don’t have to buy another unless you wish to). You can also use your USB mouse and USB keyboard if you wish — no need to buy Apple products. In fact I recommend that you DO NOT buy either an Apple keyboard or mouse (or the Thunderbolt display, FAR too much $$$). Apple hasn’t made a good mouse or keyboard since the introduction of USB — buy those elsewhere.

    Also — DO NOT pay Apple’s price for additional RAM — buy and add it yourself. Your best bet is to get the “base configuration”. (1tb hdd and 4gb RAM). You could always add an external bootable SSD later on, using an external USB3 enclosure (VERY fast on the Mac if you know what to buy).

    You mentioned Linux. Is this not a variant of UNIX? You should understand that what “Mac OS X” -is-, is essentially UNIX with a “Mac face overlaid on it”. In fact, if the command line is your preference, you can still open Terminal and type in UNIX commands. But normally, you don’t have to do this — the Mac OS takes care of all this for you.

    If you’re that frustrated by the variations of Windows, I suggest you “put the politics into the pocket”, and perhaps give the Mac a try. Again, I suggest you look carefully at the Mac Mini line. You can get the i5 Mini for a couple of hundred less, but I suggest you spend $200 more and get the i7 version.

    For a source, consider “” (if you’re outside of California). Fast free shipping, no tax levied. I ordered on Wednesday (from other side of country), shipped Thursday, out for delivery on Friday….

  • Rand Paul to back path to citizenship for illegal aliens

    03/19/2013 9:10:43 AM PDT · 75 of 85
    Road Glide to basil

    “They’re here and they’re not going away…”

    Conservatism is about reality — and you, my FRiend, see reality as it is.
    The game is up. There is no turning back now.

    Is that all there is?

    Do you remember that old song that was a hit for Peggy Lee decades ago?
    “Is that all there is?
    Is that all there is?
    Well, if that’s all there is,
    Let’s keep dancing...
    Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
    If that’s all...”

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there is almost nothing left that can be done to save ourselves from the “Immigration Bomb”. Time is running out. We are fast approaching the threshhold of “is that all there is?”, and, as it will follow, the reality of “if that’s all”...

    Any talk of actually sending back the millions already here is met with guffaws and opprobrium. Who’s going to send back 20 million? Or 5 million? Or even 500,000 of them? Yet each and EVERY new arrival is (to paraphrase James Q. Wilson) “one more broken window” to our notion (and nation) of borders, citizenship, and European-American culture. And each and every new arrival sends a signal to the millions more waiting to come in, “you can get away with it, so, go for it!”

    For the record, I’m for sending back every illegal that can be identified and proven as such. Every one. If that means I have to pay more taxes to be rid of them, so be it. I (and you) are certainly going to be paying far more to support them for the rest of their lives here (and the lives of their descendants).

    Any talk of building a security barrier to protect our Southern Border from the illegal onslaught is also met with guffaws. No one in this forum can doubt the effectiveness of the Israeli security fence as to protecting their own borders against the infiltration of Palestinian terrorists. If a security fence around [nearly] the entire country of Israel can protect them against intrusion of malevolent invaders, why wouldn’t a security barrier on our southern border protect _us_?

    For the record, I advocated building a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico ‘way back in the early 90’s, before Pat Buchanan (or anyone else) was even considering such notions. Decades ago I was at the Berlin wall (when it was in existence), seen it from _both_ sides, passed through Checkpoint Charlie in U.S. military uniform. For the purposes it was intended, the Berlin Wall worked. It provided a well-defined point of demarcation and kept those on one side _out_ of the other.

    The lie that the border cannot be sealed against unwanted intruders and properly policed was laid to rest years ago by the few hundred “Minutemen” patrolling in Arizona - for even in their small numbers, they seemed to produce a surprising effect!

    But real deportations en masse aren’t going to happen (I know that).
    And a security barrier isn’t going to be built (I know that too).
    Amnesty is going to happen. I know it.
    And so does everyone reading this posting.

    So what’s left to be done?
    Well, if you stop to think about it.... nothing.

    Because nothing else can effectively keep the hordes of illegals from pouring across the borders. We won’t stop them from coming in, and once here, we won’t send them back. We’ll even guarantee them benefits equal to - or better than - what actual American _citizens_ can receive.

    Thus, “is that all there is?”

    So, better get used to it. Since neither political party will ever be willing to take the hard steps to STOP the illegal invasion, you might as well fill your glass with whatever you like, hoist it high, and drink a hearty toast our fading civilization.

    Because as the song says, “that’s all”....

  • Rand Paul's immigration speech

    03/19/2013 8:57:36 AM PDT · 56 of 117
    Road Glide to Perdogg

    They don’t call it “the Reconquista” for nuthin’ !!

  • Was Iraq Worth It?

    03/19/2013 8:50:10 AM PDT · 39 of 62
    Road Glide to Kaslin

    The second Iraq war wouldn’t have been necessary if we had finished the first one back during the first Bush presidency.

    It was no less than Colin Powell who put the kibosh on that one. Norman Schwarzkopf wanted to keep going, perhaps all the way to Baghdad, but Powell argued to President G.H.W. Bush that they stop prematurely. Schwarzkopf later commented that Powell “had no stomach” for war.

    After the World Trade Center attack, Bush II probably reckoned he had to do _something_ as a show of force against “terrorism”, and Afghanistan wasn’t going to be “enough”. So, we got “Iraq II”.

    I foresaw years ago that toppling both regimes would really gain little in the true struggle in which we are engaged. It should be obvious now that our efforts there were little more than wasted, particularly in Afghanistan (which will be back under taliban control before too long). All they had to do was “wait us out” until we just got tired of being there.

    The problem with the struggle with islam is that we are not involved in a war with any existing national “government”, per se. Our struggle is with _something else_. Most here know what the “something else” actually is. Most leaders of The West are desparate to deny this truth.

    Also, removing any particular individual (or more than one) from power will do little to change things — because the actual leader of the forces against which we are aligned has been dead for 1,400 years. Yet he still controls more than a billion of his “soldiers” through his “operational field manual” — the quran.

    This is why the other side is winning.
    It’s also why it will continue to win, so long as The West refuses to confront the realities before us….


    03/19/2013 8:35:55 AM PDT · 16 of 20
    Road Glide to Iron Munro

    After all the nonsense posts, it’s good to see someone who gets it.

    The Chinese understand what The Bell Curve is — and they are attempting to shift it just a bit in their favor.

    My prediction is that they’ll succeed. And that we will continue to “go the other way”...

  • Hasta La Vista Assault Weapons Ban (Feinstein Bill Shot Down)

    03/19/2013 8:19:49 AM PDT · 55 of 91
    Road Glide to PJ-Comix

    “The AWB could be offered up as an amendment...”

    Be wary of this.

    Remember something called the “Hughes amendment” back in 1968. I believe John Ross mentions this in his book, “Unintended Consequences”.

    Tacked on at the last minute, overlooked, but with serious long-term ramifications....

  • G&A Ranks the Best States for Gun Owners in 2013

    03/18/2013 8:28:31 PM PDT · 24 of 25
    Road Glide to SandRat

    “Arizona per The Guns & Ammo Network is nomber 1.”

    Actually, it tied with Vermont (both scored 49 out of 50 possible points).

    Amazing that two states, so different, could be so equally-ranked.

    Actually when all is said and done, after the country has collapsed, I sense the folks ‘way up in VT have a better chance to survive the hard times than do folks in most other states. There’s a reason for that.

  • RNC report: GOP ‘must embrace’ and ‘champion’ immigration reform (The GOP is finished!)

    03/18/2013 8:18:49 PM PDT · 96 of 100
    Road Glide to Road Glide

    In post 94,
    “next-to-no change” should read...

  • RNC report: GOP ‘must embrace’ and ‘champion’ immigration reform (The GOP is finished!)

    03/18/2013 8:03:03 PM PDT · 94 of 100
    Road Glide to forgotten man

    “Romney lost because millions of “old white guys” like us stayed home on election day.”

    Well, that’s part of it. But the sad truth is, each year there’s more and more of the “old white guys” who are simply dying off, or who have become too old and feeble to care about getting to the polls any longer.

    There are sizable areas of the country where the Pubbies have simply become outnumbered, and where they have next-to-no change of regaining political influence again. In reality, the Republicans have now shrunk to a “regional party”, and if they’re going to survive and have -any- power on a national level, they’re going to have to fight like heck for those areas where they can still win.

    This CANNOT be accomplished by appealling to blacks, Hispanics, or even Asians. It’s just not going to work. The only option Republicans have is to increase their vote in the one demographic group that’s consistently supported them. We all know which group that is.

    (As an aside, this old white guy DID go to the polls. Lot of good that did in my state (CT). I’ve about had enough in my time, however. Come 2016, neither Jeb Bush or Chris Christie will get my vote. I’ve made up my mind on that, and I ain’t changin’ it back.)

  • CPAC: Pat Caddell eviscerates Republican consultants and the GOPe

    03/18/2013 7:46:52 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    Road Glide to xzins

    “Caddell predicted that the Republican Party, unless it became the anti-establishment, anti-Washington party, would become extinct, like the 19th century Whig Party…”

    That will never happen.

    There will never arise another, “third”, party.

    So many folks right here on FR have told us so.

    But… wait a moment…

    What if the _Republicans_ succeed (as they are certainly trying) in marginalizing themselves downward into becoming “the third party”.

    What then…?

  • GOP Roadmap Calls for Immigration Reform

    03/18/2013 8:52:25 AM PDT · 24 of 34
    Road Glide to vmivol00

    “GOP Roadmap calls for immigration reform....”

    Republicans — the incredible shrinking party!

    How long before they completely disappear ?????

  • I stood my ground (How one man stood up to the jack booted thugs in's coming)

    03/17/2013 5:13:11 PM PDT · 69 of 81
    Road Glide to AlaskaErik

    “I think I would opt for living in a free state.”

    Interesting that you used that nomenclature, “free state”.

    Perhaps you’d be interested in this post I just put up today: