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  • Hillary Clinton goes after Donald Trump, gun lobby

    05/21/2016 10:29:00 PM PDT · 64 of 66
    Robert357 to Innovative
    All of the fund-raising emails, letters, and phone calls for the last decade or so from the NRA have said that the next election is about keeping or loosing my 2nd Amendment rights.

    It is getting old. However, my hate toward Hillary will push me to contribute more to selected politicians than in previous campaigns.

  • Tom Brokaw to Ole Miss Grads: More Guns Mean More Homegrown Terror

    05/20/2016 10:34:54 AM PDT · 61 of 70
    Robert357 to rktman
    First lets get honest. There is hardly any expansion of firearms ownership! But wait gun sales are at record numbers month after month.

    Yes but......there are so many firearms in the US that several years ago there were 90 firearms on average for every 100 people.

    What does that mean? Well there are a lot of kids under age 18 who aren't allowed to own a firearm. There are a lot of felons who aren't allowed to own a firearm. If you work it all out “on average,” there are more firearms in the US than there are people who can legally own them.

    So how can there be any statistically significant increase in firearm ownership that would induce terrorism?

  • Trump refers to alleged Bill Clinton sexual indiscretions as 'rape'

    05/19/2016 1:04:48 AM PDT · 5 of 65
    Robert357 to Zakeet
    Trump is going to get Bill so upset, he just might have a heart attack. He is going to get Hillary so upset she just might get a stoke.

    I sure hope they are ready for the kind of dirty bar fight that Trump enjoys.

  • What is the Pentagon hiding about the Iranian seizure of two US Navy Riverine Craft?

    05/18/2016 1:42:21 AM PDT · 22 of 32
    Robert357 to pboyington
    This is all about Iran gaining detailed information so that it can “simulate” an unidentified US Naval craft loaded with explosives so that it can approach a major US warship and destroy it.

    Think the USS Cole only maybe aimed at an aircraft carrier. I am sure that the Iranians have a suicide squad, proper US Navy communications frequencies, craft that now look identical to use small craft, uniforms and a plan.

    The Navy was right to fire the officer in charge. I only hope that they are thinking this through and will protect the rest of the fleet.

  • Federal judge overturns Kansas law, says voters don’t have to prove citizenship to register

    05/18/2016 1:37:45 AM PDT · 36 of 50
    Robert357 to jazusamo
    Fine. The State Legislature should immediately pass a law and funding to support it that is aimed at doing a random search of 30% of all new registered voters to see if they are US citizens. If it is found that they are not citizens, it should be a felony offense with a minimum 1 year in prison. Name the new law after the federal Judge. Let that be his legacy.
  • Anonymous - Hillary Clinton: The Hillary Files Full Documentary

    05/15/2016 4:29:18 AM PDT · 7 of 17
    Robert357 to libertarian27

    Thank you! bump for reference with liberal friends.

  • Podesta: 'Trump Is Simply Too Big of a Risk'

    05/03/2016 10:14:32 PM PDT · 74 of 102
    Robert357 to Milhous
    This is perfect. Hillary isn't up to campaigning. She will need to use various stocking horses to deliver the words of her campaign, but the public will want to hear it from her. Ultimately the Presidential candidate debates will become huge and in them Trump will be Trump and say things that Hillary doesn't want to hear or deal with. At that point she will refuse to address the issue are make a snide comment and loose public support.
  • Trump: I guess I'll have to get used to Clinton's 'shouting'

    04/27/2016 7:29:38 AM PDT · 47 of 55
    Robert357 to McGruff
    I love how Trump get’s under the skin of his opponents. Hillary has a history of strokes running in her family (her father died of one) and she has likely had several strokes already. The stress of a political campaign that pits her against Donald, it going to drain all of her reserves and cause her fragile health to fail, putting her in a hospital.

    She will either need to withdraw from this Presidential race because of legal/criminal reasons or health reasons.

    Good bye Hillary!

  • The Mirage of a Return to Manufacturing Greatness

    04/27/2016 7:27:22 AM PDT · 21 of 47
    Robert357 to expat_panama
    The New York Slimes once more trying to help Hillary become President. How obvious to try to tear down Trump.

    Let's look at the reality of the situation. Right now the US is one of the greatest countries in terms of bio-medical research and advances in software. If the Slimes is correct and robotics/automation (the differences is the volume of similar operations) will replace many “manufacturing jobs” then what this country needs to do is to manufacture the things that do the manufacturing robotically. We also need to manufacture the medical devices and medicines that the world will need. That will give us manufacturing jobs that will be in demand across all countries.

    We can't go back to car, railroad and steel manufacturing as the basis of our manufacturing jobs, but we can look to advanced technology, whether military, aerospace, medical, or computer/robotic as a huge source of future jobs. We just need to modify government policies to encourage the R&D and necessary manufacturing investment. But the NYSlimes doesn't like such changes in tax policy.

  • US unions plan attack on Donald Trump in attempt to derail presidential bid

    04/26/2016 2:38:30 PM PDT · 18 of 76
    Robert357 to Nacho Bidnith
    So what happens when the independent voters rebel against the Republican political elite establishment and demand Trump? More importantly what happens when rank N file union members rebel against the union leadership elite that feels they know how the peasants should vote?

    If union members are as tired of the same old Cra#, as typical Republican voters are then this could get very interesting.

    To Donald Trump, busting union management.

  • Who Will Hillary Call From Prison?

    04/22/2016 8:28:06 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    Robert357 to blueunicorn6
    She will call her lesbian girlfriends, Goldman Sachs, and someone to ghost write another book for her. Oh and the person who is entrusted with keeping her overseas hidden money.
  • McAuliffe to sign order restoring rights to 206,000 felons

    04/22/2016 8:25:09 AM PDT · 14 of 94
    Robert357 to GIdget2004
    Well I hope that since the ex-felons are such good people that they need their voting rights restored, that he has restored their second amendment rights to own and carry firearms. .....Or does the good Governor not feel that comfortable about their rehabilitation?
  • Men in the women's restrooms: the feminists Frankenstein monster (vanity)

    04/20/2016 10:03:44 AM PDT · 20 of 21
    Robert357 to Crucial
    First this liberal push is all about breaking down barriers. The unintended consequence is the sex predators will exploit it. However, I believe that there is an unintended consequence to that as well.

    The work I do involves remodeling state government facilities among other things. I have worked to do designs at many of the State's Correction Centers and even at two sex predator holding facilities (they look like prisons or correction centers, except the inmates are called “patients or clients.”).

    In particular a “self identified woman with male equipment” locked up in a women's correction center would probably not make it alive through a 24 hour period. The women who make it to prisons (excuse me, Correction Centers) are hard bitches who have done pretty horrible things. I don't feel safe with them and I have an armed prison officer protecting me.

    I think a few public stories of these self-identified women be arrested for in appropriate conduct and put in a women's jail or sent to a women's correction center and the worst part of the situation will self correct. Is it still nuts to pass such laws? Yes. Let's focus our energies on getting the perverts in jail, especially with women that they self-identify with.

  • Parents blast .. council for telling kids as young as 4 to pick sex ’they identify with’

    04/20/2016 9:54:44 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    Robert357 to GrandJediMasterYoda
    Hmm, the sex I identify with is frequent and kinky. Can I pick that?
  • McDonald’s to test all-you-can-eat fries

    04/19/2016 1:53:20 PM PDT · 27 of 46
    Robert357 to don-o
    “...What could possibly go wrong? ....” Obesity? Type 2 Diabetes? Oh, never mind, it will thin the welfare roles.
  • CNN: Hillary’s high unfavorable numbers are due to rampant - if subconscious - sexism

    04/18/2016 12:13:22 PM PDT · 18 of 54
    Robert357 to Sean_Anthony
    From the perspective of a Democrat, if you object to anything they do or want to do, it is based on one of two reasons. (1) you are racist. (2) you are sexist.

    Let's hear if for micro-aggression, the newest way to make anything racist or sexist.

    Dear Dem's, why is it that the word that most people associate with Hillary is liar? Right, it is micro-aggression sexism. Sorry. (Really?)

  • Big Science is broken

    04/18/2016 7:02:29 AM PDT · 13 of 70
    Robert357 to smartyaz

    Bump for reference. Wow. Thank you.

  • Clinton leaves GMA in the lurch by pulling out of live town hall hours before the event on Friday

    04/15/2016 10:20:34 AM PDT · 34 of 54
    Robert357 to GilGil
    I really think that Hillary's health is very very fragile. Last night's screaming match debate with Sanders probably took so much out of her that she needs to rest and recover.

    If she becomes the Democratic Party presidential candidate, she will never be able to go toe to toe with either Trump or Cruz in debates and campaign events.

    If she becomes the nominee she will run a very low key and proxy campaign, where she just makes a few appearances, otherwise she will end up in the hospital.

  • Why More Women Are Letting Their Husbands Cheat

    04/14/2016 7:04:23 AM PDT · 47 of 67
    Robert357 to sheworelemon

    bump for reference

  • The Suicidal Left Throws Bill Clinton Over

    04/13/2016 2:41:08 PM PDT · 20 of 32
    Robert357 to Kaslin
    Not only is Bill a liability to Hillary from her hard core left wing nut job base, he is a liability from the perspective of her women supporters, and from the independents.

    Bill has always been a womanizer. His current girlfriend is nicknamed the Energizer Bunny by the Secret Service and they help make sure she and Hillary don't end up in a knock-down fight. This will all come out during the campaign if Hillary is nominated. Trump if nominated will shove it in Hillary's face publicly.

    Ever notice how in interviews if it is a question she doesn't like she gets sarcastic or dismissive of the person asking? Well, that will go over like a lead balloon with the voters.

    Bill is a huge liability. Bill doesn't like Obama or his policies. Hillary is playing nice to Obama in hopes he will keep her from an FBI indictment. On the other hand, Bill knows where all of Hillary's skeletons are kept and so she also needs to be nice to Bill.

  • Russia jets make 'simulated attack' passes near U.S. destroyer: U.S.

    04/13/2016 2:11:09 PM PDT · 39 of 63
    Robert357 to Oldeconomybuyer
    I certainly hope that the pictures taken from the Russian helicopter and the Russian jets showed the Phalanx CIWS (close-in weapon systems) were tracking and spinning.

  • Huma Abedin named as a target in ISIS's new hit list of high profile Western Muslims

    04/13/2016 2:03:07 PM PDT · 9 of 35
    Robert357 to rdl6989
    biting tongue. We should prevent ISIS from killing any US citizen.
  • Obama’s Gun-control Hypocrisy Called Out by Alabama Senator

    04/12/2016 9:11:29 AM PDT · 12 of 15
    Robert357 to detective
    Everything that the Big Zero does is about illusion. His legacy will be nothing. His campaign motto of Hope & Change is becoming “hope and disappointment” to those who supported him.
  • Hillary Clinton's Greatest Fear from FBI Probe Isn't About Email

    04/11/2016 5:14:17 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    Robert357 to markomalley
    Actually, Hillary should have two real concerns.

    The first is that she “obstructed justice and a federal investigation” by ordering evidence to be destroyed. There might be a paper or electronic trail on this that she thought she had destroyed or that an assistant can verify under an immunity deal.

    The second fear should be lying to a federal investigator. This is the charge that has brought down so many people in the past. Hillary is smart and will lawyer up so she is likely to WANT to use her 4th Amendment Right and refuse to incriminate herself. However, she may get trapped into an obvious situation of you said this under oath and now you are implying something else under oath, which is it? At that point she has a real problem.

    I think that the FBI has a smoking gun in the form of some resurrected email that had been deleted from the hard drive and potentially the computer guy who has been given immunity confirming that he was ordered to destroy evidence in an investigation by Hillary.

    I also think that the Romanian Hacker probably has some juicy bit of information that he may have sold to a foreign power after taking from Hillary's hard drive.

    If those things are right, she is toast. At that point the Big Zero is likely to give her a Presidential pardon. Then it will be a question of how corrupt a leader can the Democrats stomach.

    In my opinion Democrats don't care if they elect criminals, as long as they are Democrats.

    However, it will politically destroy her chances of becoming President as independents will not want a corrupt President and traditional Democratic base voters will not be all that motivated to vote for her.

    But before that happens, I think that Hillary will have a stroke. They run in her family. He dad died of a stroke. She has likely had a number of them already. The pressure of the FBI questioning, it coming out into the open, he having to defend herself on TV interviews will all be more stress than she can handle.

    In the mean time Democrats who supported Sanders are going to make the Tea Party rebellion in the Republican Party, like like a church social.

    Please pass the popcorn for an interesting summer of reality political TV.

  • "This Is Devastating News For Republicans": Poll Finds Denying Trump Nomination Would Crush GOP

    04/10/2016 7:27:32 PM PDT · 72 of 253
    Robert357 to LibFreeUSA
    What the leadership of the Republican Party doesn't understand is that the “rank & file” hate the leadership.

    Look at the how frustrated the Tea Party was. Look at the political fight that removed Boehner from House Speaker. Look at how people hated the idea of Bob Dole, John McCain, and even Mitt Romney at Presidential candidates.

    People, who identify as Republicans, and who are not aligned with the leadership of the Part are in the majority and want THEY DEMAND CHANGE.

    This is not surprising.

  • Source: No 'coincidence' Romanian hacker Guccifer extradited amid Clinton probe

    04/08/2016 12:24:07 PM PDT · 33 of 40
    Robert357 to Nachum
    My hope is that either the extradited hacker

    (1) has some juicy stuff hidden in the cloud and can confirm something important that Hillary & crew tried to remove from her hard-drive, so that he can collaborate FBI retrieved material, Hopefully it involves a clear bribe she asked for from a foreign government; or

    (2) took some sensitive documents from Hillary and sold them to Russia, China, North Korea or Iran, which would document that Hillary did damage national security by her server scheme.

  • Valerie Jarrett Demands End To ‘Gender Biases’ In Media And Toys

    04/08/2016 8:21:16 AM PDT · 69 of 79
    Robert357 to DeathBeforeDishonor1
    I hope someone takes away all of Valerie Jarret's sex toys that aren't gender neutral! That should make her a little more frustrated and understand that there are real differences between men and women.
  • Everything Is About Race

    04/08/2016 12:58:24 AM PDT · 48 of 52
    Robert357 to Altura Ct.
    “When all you have is a hammer.....everything looks like a nail.”

    If you view that racism is the cause of everything, then you will see racism everywhere. It is all about projecting your perspective.

  • Scarlett Johansson on Defunding Planned Parenthood: ‘We're Moving Backward’

    04/07/2016 6:48:30 PM PDT · 26 of 31
    Robert357 to Morgana
    Planned Parenthood should be defunded immediately and allowed to get funding if and only if they spin off their entire abortion business.

    The services that Planned Parenthood provide are all covered by ObamaCare. Birth control....its covered. As some have found pregnancy care may or may not be funded but abortion is. Breast exams, STD testing, its all covered by ObamaCare.

    So Ladies, get your services through a doctor or medical clinic under your ObamaCare policy and if you don't have one, pay your fine to the IRS and STFU as you probably voted for the Big Zero.

  • New Guidance Warns Landlords They Could Face Discrimination Charges For Turning Down…

    04/07/2016 9:28:16 AM PDT · 6 of 18
    Robert357 to Olog-hai
    So fascinating. You can't check criminal history to rent (but schools routinely do criminal background checks on volunteers in the schools—I wonder how much longer that will last). I wonder if credit scores are also racist? I am sure that cleaning deposits and first and last months rend will also be viewed as racist.

    Maybe a rent discount for having a concealed carry license will be how landlords have to go, so they can insure nothing but “good guys” in their building.

  • Former Defense secretary: Obama 'double-crossed' me

    04/03/2016 11:14:43 AM PDT · 18 of 22
    Robert357 to MtnClimber
    Another example of how hope and change was a con-job.
  • Stanford University Activists Demand Its Next President Be Nonwhite and Female or Transgender

    03/31/2016 7:31:16 AM PDT · 24 of 91
    Robert357 to SeekAndFind
    Go Indian princess Debbie
  • The New Part-Time Job: "Get Paid $15 An Hour To Protest At The Trump Rally"

    03/30/2016 11:59:23 AM PDT · 15 of 25
    Robert357 to Rufus Shinra
    Since this is an enterprise hiring people at $15 an hour, you have to wonder at what point does it “cross the line” into an interstate commerce criminal enterprise? I mean anyone can file RICO charges.
  • Anti-Trump Protesters Take Over Janesville, Wisconsin Hotel Where Trump Set to Speak Tuesday

    03/28/2016 9:30:37 PM PDT · 34 of 57
    Robert357 to bobsunshine
    Tear gas the protesters and let them untangle themselves....then arrest them outside.
  • Why did Liz Warren pick a fight with Trump now? (Cause her want-um be chief)

    03/28/2016 9:21:23 PM PDT · 19 of 29
    Robert357 to Zakeet
    Hillary's health is so fragile that she can not stand toe to toe with Trump. Hillary needs all the surrogate Trump fighters she can get.
  • My Life with the Rohrbaugh R9 Stealth

    03/25/2016 10:23:43 AM PDT · 26 of 31
    Robert357 to Jack Black
    Nano yes, a pocket carry (and if you like modern striker fired, one of those).

    PPK sort of. My FEG PA-63 is a modified PPK but has many parts that are interchangeable with the PPK. FEG use to be a licensed mfg for Walther. The PA-63 is a little on the long side for pocket carry, but still as you say a pocket carry pistol in the right pants.

    My KelTec PF-9 can be pocket carried in a holster that is large enough to not print, while the PA-63 in a pocket holster will have the butt visible in some pants pockets from the right angle (but not my standard jeans).

    What I like about the PA-63 is that it is chambered for a slightly more powerful cartridge than the .380 Auto or 9mm Short. Buffalo Bore Ammo makes some hot 9mm Mak that seems to feed well in the PA-63.

  • My Life with the Rohrbaugh R9 Stealth

    03/25/2016 9:17:51 AM PDT · 23 of 31
    Robert357 to papertyger
    A hammer fired weapon is fairly simple. The main safety issue with it is if the firing pin is a floating firing pin or not. If it is, then in theory the weapon can discharge if dropped in exactly the right way, which is a low probability event. That if an issue can be solved by a grove in the firing pin or a ring on it that a safety claw prevents from moving past a certain point.

    There are a number of stiker fired semi-automatic designs. Some have been around since the early 1900’s. There are two general kinds of striker fired weapons one where the firing pin has some to a lot of spring tension in it under most conditions and the other where it does not.

    Those where it does not can sometimes require lots of trigger pull. What I don't like (and it is from a design preference) is that to actuate a striker requires a lot of tight tolerances in a firearm. The recoil of a slide moving back a hammer or a trigger lever actuating a hammer is usually over a broader area of contact than associated with a striker being fully cocked.

    That means (to me) that more things can go wrong. Don't get me wrong there are thousands of people who swear by Glocks and Glock has done a wonderful job of improving the design of striker fired weapons. In my collection, though, I have seen a lot of striker fired semi-automatic pistols that I think are dangerous. Which is why as a general rule I favor a hammer fired pistol.

  • My Life with the Rohrbaugh R9 Stealth

    03/25/2016 9:07:57 AM PDT · 22 of 31
    Robert357 to Jack Black

    generally, to be a pocket pistol the overall length and height need to be less than most of those in your list. Weight can also (but not always as it depends on the clothes you wear) be a significant factor.

    While an older chart, you might want to look at the following that shows many pocket carry pistols. The number that are in the 9mm class are few and far between. I have tried a number of them.—/YXBwaWQ9c3JjaGRkO2g9NDMwO3E9OTU7dz0zMzM-/

  • My Life with the Rohrbaugh R9 Stealth

    03/24/2016 4:10:56 PM PDT · 12 of 31
    Robert357 to pboyington
    I have a number of concealed carry pistols. Your R9 is a sweat piece of engineering.

    You started to point out a number of things about ultra light, ultra compact pistols and then you stopped.

    I would like to continue on a bit so people really understand what this is about.

    First you correctly say this is not a service pistol. How true. Physics controls the design and operation of firearms. You can make them small and you can make them light, but you can't change physics.

    What I am saying is that recoil is about momentum. Small pistols have tight tolerances for recoil in multiple aspects.

    On very powerful ultra compact pistols, the hand (and how it grips the pistol) is an important element in the design of the recoil cycle. If your hand moves with much significance, it will rob the firearm of energy/power needed to cycle the action. Often time this is referred to as limp wristing. That isn't what is happening. What is happening is that the hand/arm are absorbing some of the energy during the cycling.

    I have been on the KelTec PF-9 and other forums and argued that most of the reliability complaints regarding any brand of small lightweight semi-auto pistol has to do with not adapting your shooting style to conform to the firearm's requirements. Also tight tolerance firearms require specific kinds of ammo to be reliable. Sometimes there are firearms that are designed for a specific brand/model of ammo, like the famous SeeCamp-Winchester Silver-tip marriage.

    For me and my KelTec PF-9 just about anything that has a Hornady ogee bullet shape will feed reliably. If I toss in certain hollow points of other specific brands it will not shoot reliably. Is that the firearm's fault? No, it is just how it is designed and you need to adjust your purchases and shooting habits to the firearms design tolerances.

    I congratulate you on expending the money on an R9. I agree with you on the benefits of a hammer fired over striker fired weapon. At least that is my preference as a design engineer. As to DAO, I have mixed feelings. My KelTec FP-9 is DAO. My FEG PA-63 9mm-Mak is DA/SA with de-cocker, my Sig P938 is SAO. My AMT .45 Backup is DAO.

    Ultra small or compact semi-automatic pistols shoot differently. You need to adapt your technique to them as opposed to expecting them to shoot like a 1911-A1 or some larger heavier pistol.

    I would rate the R-9 from what I have read as one of the most powerful lightweight & compact pocket pistols. I love my KelTec PF-9, but I have done a lot to learn how to shoot it. I also like my other pocket pistols, even if some are a little larger and heavier.

  • Obama admin: Bush released Gitmo detainee who killed Americans

    03/24/2016 10:23:20 AM PDT · 19 of 21
    Robert357 to Olog-hai
    I guess the Big Zero never gets tired of blaming Bush. I wonder if he will accept blame for what the Big Zero did or did not do for the next 20 years? Probably not.
  • American University Law school Profs sign letter saying "all lives matter" is white supremacy.

    03/24/2016 10:21:15 AM PDT · 42 of 51
    Robert357 to MarvinStinson
    The Left can't stand public ridicule. It causes them to go crazy mad. Turning what they had thought was a rallying cry “Black Lives Matter” into a sobering truth, “All Lives Matter,” is something that they can not stand and must fight.

    It is an attack on the Left from two directions, the TRUTH and belittling what they thought was a sure fire rallying cry.

  • EPA Execs Rely On Private Emails To Talk With Lobbyists

    03/23/2016 5:35:18 PM PDT · 4 of 18
    Robert357 to Nachum

    I sure hope that the MSM picks this up.

  • President Obama Calls Out Ted Cruz for Muslim Surveillance Proposal

    03/23/2016 12:23:39 PM PDT · 45 of 48
    Robert357 to E. Pluribus Unum
    If Ted had thought first, he would have said that Police need to not loose control of certain neighborhoods where radical Muslims try to establish Sharia law and exclude local law enforcement. No one should object to that.

    The problem in Brussels and large parts of France around Paris is that there are housing projects that have become virtual no-go zones for local police.

    One commentator on the Brussels neighborhood where the Paris bomber has been staying pointed out the poverty in that neighborhood and that the largest economic activity was the sale of illegal hashish. In such neighborhoods the commentator pointed out that police are viewed as an economic threat and kept at arms length, which is why terrorists love such places.

    While I don't feel it is appropriate to make a politician's dumb or crude statements for them. There was a hint of truth to what he was trying to say or at least what he should have said.

    As to Barry, the Big Zero......he just is so weak and biased toward Muslims that it is a joke.

  • The Supreme Court Just Smacked Down A Terrible Anti-Gun Ruling

    03/22/2016 3:50:21 PM PDT · 24 of 62
    Robert357 to Lorianne
    When my liberal friends give me this kind of BS, “..because the Second Amendment right to bear arms only applies to the types of weapons commonly used at the time the amendment was ratified.”..”

    I like to ask them if the 1st Amendment only applies to hand operated printing presses and not computer printers, electric driven newspaper printing presses, TV or radio communication, since none of them existed at the time of the writing of the Constitution?

    I usually get something from them well that's different. Like how? Well it just is!

  • Bernie Sanders calls Joe Arpaio's Tent City a 'disgrace to this country'

    03/22/2016 12:04:02 PM PDT · 53 of 57
    Robert357 to kevcol
    Hey Bernie! Pound sand! Let Sheriff Joe do what he does best, preserve law and order.
  • After Belgium Attacks, NBC Warns of ‘Rise of the Right Wing’ in Europe

    03/22/2016 10:23:01 AM PDT · 107 of 133
    Robert357 to mandaladon
    Dear media personality;

    So you are afraid of loosing Europe to the “right wing?”

    Does the “right wing” use suicide bombers who kill innocents? Does the right wing cause trains, schools and business to close causing people to huddle in their homes with no real form of protection?

    Open your eyes. The problem is not the right wing, the problem right now is lawlessness and terrorists. The “right wing” wants that addressed. Current governments can address the fundamental root problem or allow the right wing to gain more political power, until it will address the root problems.

  • Hillary Accuses Trump Of "Playing Coy With White Supremacists"

    03/21/2016 3:28:49 PM PDT · 46 of 52
    Robert357 to Biggirl
    I can't wait to see how Trump responds to this. It should be great. I hope it is a video that goes viral and every news outlet feels compelled to cover it, but secretly doesn't want to.

    Hillary, slinging mud at Trump is going to be a very stressful and humiliating game in which you will be hurt more than you hurt him. If has nothing to do with you mud, but everything to do with who Trump is and the secrets that you and Bill have hidden for decades.

  • How H. Clinton's team is putting together a playbook against Donald Trump

    03/21/2016 9:55:54 AM PDT · 45 of 65
    Robert357 to Daffynition
    Hillary and her attack team will go after Trump and it will be a mistake. Trump's standard operating procedure is if you say something evil about him, he will yell and scream and say worse things about you.

    That is who he is. That is his bully approach to life. If you threaten him, he will threaten you back with legal action or worse.

    Trump lives in a “your fired” reality TV world. Hillary doesn't. Hillary is in frail health as is Bill Clinton.

    Hillary will not be able to go toe to toe with Trump and survive the stress without serious hospital time, that will cost her the election. Trump is smart and knows this.

    Hillary will need to have a “proxy” to be her chief attack dog. Trump will call her out for one-one debates, that she must refuse.

    She will call Trump out on past business dealings, friends who have mafia connections, and bunches of rude statements and “flip-flops.” Trump will brush off the rude statements and the flip-flops, so they will have little impact. As to the business dealings and condemnation by acquaintance, Trump will bring up all of Hillary's past scandals and those of Bill and shove them in her face to deny or explain.

    Hillary, if she plays dirty will only hurt herself. With someone who isn't the Bully that Trump is, she might get away with a mud-slinging campaign. With Trump, she will just bury herself, potentially literally.

  • Relatives Outraged After Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglary Suspect

    03/18/2016 1:20:48 PM PDT · 47 of 50
    Robert357 to chit*chat
    You have it all wrong. I would not have shot the punk because I wouldn't want to have some crooked attorney take away everything I own, all my retirement savings, my house, pension, etc.

    You really need to look at the wacko lawsuits that are filed in civil courts over the wrongful death of criminals who were shot by law-abiding citizens and no criminal charges were filed. The “lotto-ticket” mentality of some juries in handing out money to what an attorney paints as a “victim of society” is insane.

    If you both to look into it, you will find that if you shoot someone you are rolling the dice (depending on how good your attorney is versus the contingency based attorney of the dead punks family). Both attorneys will financially bleed you dry. I would not want my wife to go on public assistance because some dead punk's family hired a good attorney.

  • Trump's Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    03/18/2016 10:42:56 AM PDT · 61 of 77
    Robert357 to Kaslin
    Democratic activists have been wanting riots in the streets for years. Look at the whole “Occupy-where-ever the hell” movement. It was designed to create riots on Wall Street and most major cities.

    Look at the whole Ferguson riot movement. Everyone was quick to judge and wanted the riots to continue and continue, but it just fizzled out.

    Look at Baltimore and its riots. I mean you had a mayor saying let them riot to the police.

    The Democratic party wants riots and has wanted riots for years.

    There is an old saying and that is “Be careful for what you wish for, as you may get it.”

    I think that the Democrats may soon get their wish of public disruption and riots. I also think that it will galvanize and motivate voters in ways that will be hard to fathom.

    My fear is that there will be a lot of blood that will actually be spilled. It will be interesting to see what the public will define as domestic terrorism if people start getting killed. It is also interesting what the public will define as organized criminal activity if Democratic agitators are found to be conducting interstate activities that promote criminal violence.

    Do I think that the Obama Administration will stop such activity? Nope. But I have faith that others would.

    It could be a very interesting summer. A summer where public perception on firearms laws changes so that more people feel they should be armed. A summer where the Republican and Independent voter base becomes very energized to vote Republican. A summer where blood and criminal activity gets publicly traced to the Democratic Party insiders.