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  • The Terrorist Threat To Our Schools Pt. 1 (Remember Beslan?)

    02/23/2015 3:51:08 PM PST · 13 of 13
    Robert Teesdale to All
    Beslan was a murderous atrocity.

    There is little question a similar event will take place in the United States if the current trajectory of Islamic planning continues unabated.
  • Report: ISIS To Declare Expansion Into Lebanon

    02/23/2015 3:46:17 PM PST · 10 of 19
    Robert Teesdale to All
    Most importantly, if Lebanon falls to the Caliphate, it is one more flag raised in sworn oath of fealty to the Emir of the Islamic State.

    The West is just a few dominoes away from a cascading explosion of encircling armies, encouraging and coaching insurgent attacks from the embedded resources of the Caliphate.

    Rome is correct to deploy troops.
  • ‘You’re Either a Cop or Little People’: The American Police State in 2014

    01/08/2015 6:24:21 AM PST · 73 of 77
    Robert Teesdale to L,TOWM
    Nobody wants to really admit where this is headed.

  • ISIS executes two men suspected of being gay

    11/26/2014 12:12:25 PM PST · 32 of 38
    Robert Teesdale to All is available.

    Someone forward it to their local LGBT activist team for purchase and social justice pursuits. Would love to lurk on their forum with some popcorn.
  • What do y'all think about the riots in Ferguson?

    11/26/2014 12:02:54 PM PST · 176 of 262
    Robert Teesdale to Jim Robinson
    What do y'all think about the riots in Ferguson? Rocks, bottles, bricks, Molotov cocktails thrown. Stores looted and burned. Private property destroyed. Cars burned. Churches burned. Smoke, tear gas. Gunfire, including from automatic (assault) rifles. Looked and sounded like a war zone.

    I think it's self evident that those denizens of Ferguson who are currently engaged in insurrection against the State, are clearly incapable of directing massed and aimed fire in a concentrated and disciplined manner by well-coordinated fire teams in order to effect the societal changes they have communicated a desire for.

    Considering the idiocy and ignorance in motivation on display, that is a good thing.

    I also find it self evident that amongst those supposed non-denizens of Ferguson who have reportedly traveled to participate in said insurrection, there is a distinct absence of any Von Steubens.

    Considering the opportunity at hand for exacerbated Cloward-Piven outcomes by the collectivists, that is an astonishing thing.

    Dang. Almost as bad as those tea party rallies the DHS has been warning us about.

    Correct, it does not rise to the same level of high performance execution we would anticipate there. That portion of the general population does not require Von Steubens, and already understands the concept of applying 4GW.

    It is very sad to see the success the collectivists have had in utterly crushing the integrity of the black family structure and the parallel destruction of the American spirit in their communities. Understandable sympathy for their current state is now being used to hook broader segments of the general population into the same cycle of dependency on the State, and will result in the same devastation.

    C'est la vie, c'est la Republique.
  • Local police bring military vehicle to collect civil judgment against elderly resident

    11/02/2014 6:22:04 AM PST · 62 of 63
    Robert Teesdale to Chode

  • VIDEO: Man says it’s discrimination that people won’t hire him because he’s covered with tattoos

    10/24/2014 11:23:25 AM PDT · 82 of 144
    Robert Teesdale to All
    In using solely the picture as a decision making guide, I would not hire this person in my industry. Here's why:

    • He is an adult, but dressed as a child.

    • Furthermore, dressed as a child for a media interview.

    • Neck tattoos display over a collar, meaning this person has already signaled they will place their personal desires over professional presentation.

    • Posture has a hunted look, which does not inspire confidence in knowledge, experience, or competence.
    Mostly it's the vacant look and the adolescent clothing on an adult that is a little disturbing.

    The other tattoos seem irrelevant to me.

    10/24/2014 8:27:19 AM PDT · 7 of 51
    Robert Teesdale to All

    Top Ten...

  • Meet the New Serfs: You; Accountability is only for the little people.

    10/24/2014 7:03:35 AM PDT · 25 of 30
    Robert Teesdale to Paladin2
    setting his house on fire?

    Aren't there laws against that?

    Excuse me, but where the hell have you been for the past twenty years?

  • Canadensis man targeted repeatedly as Frein suspect

    10/22/2014 12:49:30 PM PDT · 90 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to Tamzee
    Well, are you referring to our civil liberties as outlined by the Founding Fathers, or the warped caricature of civil liberties we have today where a free government paid cell phone is considered a civil liberty but my driving over the NY State boarder with a loaded 38 special is not?

    The latter isn't anything more than the dripping effluvia of a rotted empire.

  • Canadensis man targeted repeatedly as Frein suspect

    10/22/2014 11:27:06 AM PDT · 87 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to Tamzee
    I’m dealing with facts and the reality of what is happening around us here.... you’re apparently insisting on some twisted, dark fantasy world in your head. Careful, the Unabomber thought his twisted fantasy world was real, too.

    What systemic inappropriate attitudes and conduct, contrary to civil liberties, do you perceive on the part of law enforcement in general in the United States today?
  • Nashville Police Chief: Secret Service Tried to Fool Armed Homeowner with Fake Search Warrant

    10/16/2014 2:06:16 PM PDT · 40 of 57
    Robert Teesdale to marktwain
    Very nicely done.

    The Leviathan, at times, eats Itself. That is what happens when indiscriminate feeding meets insatiable appetite.
  • Man killed by cops after car thief alleges meth find

    10/07/2014 12:59:11 PM PDT · 174 of 174
    Robert Teesdale to sagar
    It looks like there was a warrant for the search. Also, the constitution does not mandate a knock on the door to accompany the warrant, so I don’t know why a no knock entry complaint was relevant.

    The relevancy is that no knock was unnecessary.

    Moral of the story: when cops have warrant for your house search, you cannot brandish weapons. Well, you can, but that would be suicide by cops.

    How about turnabout being fair play?

  • Police to citizens: Be careful what you tweet

    08/22/2014 6:48:30 AM PDT · 29 of 29
    Robert Teesdale to BenLurkin
    ....sorrowful violins playing....

  • Shocking SWAT raid captured on helmet cam raises questions (Video)

    08/22/2014 6:47:01 AM PDT · 84 of 86
    Robert Teesdale to HammerT
    The video provides an excellent presentation into weak points during a SWAT event. It is particularly fascinating to observe that there is little discipline surrounding the initial stacking.

    It is often commented that SWAT teams are not prepared to operate on an even-force basis. The linked video presents as highly supportive of those comments.

    Just sayin'.

  • Police Officer: 'if you don’t want to get shot...just do what I tell you.'

    08/22/2014 6:37:56 AM PDT · 102 of 102
    Robert Teesdale to LevinFan
    "LE aren’t Olympian gods, even though they have the ego of one."

    Hubris and nemesis are inseperable.

  • ‘A Real Via Crucis’: Pope Francis, Patriarch Plead on Behalf of Iraq’s Christians

    08/08/2014 6:29:58 AM PDT · 3 of 18
    Robert Teesdale to marshmallow
    How amazing, and historic, were the following words to be spoken by the Pontiff in a globally prepared announcement in St. Peter's Square:

    "What a disgrace if such a despised and base race, which worships demons, should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of Christ! With what reproaches will the Lord overwhelm us if you do not aid those who, with us, profess the Christian religion! Let those who have been accustomed unjustly to wage private warfare against the faithful now go against the infidels and end with victory this war which should have been begun long ago. Let those who for a long time, have been robbers, now become knights. Let those who have been fighting against their brothers and relatives now fight in a proper way against the barbarians. Let those who have been serving as mercenaries for small pay now obtain the eternal reward. Let those who have been wearing themselves out in both body and soul now work for a double honor."

    Not going to happen, but it would still be a marvel and a Darn Good Thing.
  • ISIS Threatens America: "We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House"

    08/08/2014 6:24:02 AM PDT · 53 of 65
    Robert Teesdale to artichokegrower
    That is so intolerant. Are you a hater?

    Somewhere, someone on the Internet is actually asking that without any humor at all. Probably in the basement of DHS.
  • Tolerate or Be Stamped Out

    08/08/2014 4:23:20 AM PDT · 3 of 61
    Robert Teesdale to Kaslin
    ...we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly

    How glamorously fascist. Quite a gleam on those boots there, Sparky.
  • 86-year-old veteran sniper still has perfect aim.

    08/08/2014 4:18:46 AM PDT · 21 of 21
    Robert Teesdale to Vermont Lt
    I remember seeing my Dad shoot long the first time. My Dad left the Army long before I was born. He was a paratrooper with an EIB. He picked up a deer rifle, made two shots...adjusted the sights...and put up a whole bunch of shots within an inch of each other at about 500 yards.

    That is a deeply wonderful thing. I had a similar experience when as a 13-year-old I told my Dad I wanted to start shooting. He was immediately agreeable and right there a lifelong mutual passion for skill and performance was born between us.

    He'd been a Royal Horse Guards officer in the Household Cavalry just after the war in Occupied Germany. Didn't see combat but had some interesting stories about meeting up with the advancing Russians on the bridges.

    I remember watching him shoot. Only man I'd ever seen benchrest with a .375 H&H and consider it comfortable... and group at .10 MOA. Anything less than a one-hole group was considered a slightly embarrassing event - you put that target away and didn't talk about it. On reading his private memoirs it was clear that it ran in the family. He'd been captain of the rifle team at his English public school. His father had been captain before him. And so had been his grandfather, who was also a musketry instructor in the British Army and eventually commandant of the Machine Gun School.

    Sometimes family knowledge trickles down nicely.

    He put his shoulder to the flat steel buttplate and grasped the smooth grip with his right hand. The left thumb and forefinger pressed the sides of the buttstock, urging it to the exact spot. Collins placed the officer's throat equidistant between the man's heel and the center dot of the reticle. Then he moved the dot over two head-widths. Too far. Ease it back some. Fourteen inches? Collins willed his head closer to the eyepiece, straining for that last bit of definition with which to measure the fourteen inch space. He was glad that he never failed to fire a fouling shot with commercial, non-corrosive ammo after cleaning his rifle. The first shot from a clean, dry bore never went into the same place as subsequent ones. Let's stick this one in his ear.

    Urged on by the gradually increasing pressure of his index finger, the sear released and the rifle bucked, taking him just a little by surprise. A good letoff he instantly realized as the steel eyepiece at the back of the scope met his forehead and left a crescent-shaped gash on top of a half-dozen tiny white scars of the same shape. Crowded it too close again he thought with the small part of his brain that wasn't filled with more important issues.

    As the blast rang off the ceiling of the bell tower, Max Collins' flushed all the concerns of the last three hours from his mind, and replaced them with an entirely new set. He had fired the only shot he was going to get. He had to get down and away immediately. And for one absurd, sickening moment, he had the irrational fear that he had found the wrong town, and the rest of the 82nd Airborne was miles away, about to storm the real Ste. Mere Eglise. He dismissed this nightmarish thought and scrambled down the ladder.

    The barometric pressure had been a bit higher than Max had estimated, and the range thirty yards farther. The bullet struck several inches lower than Collins' calculations had predicted. The general had been standing in profile at attention addressing his men, and the bullet struck him on the point of his shoulder. It deflected off the underlying bone and assumed a banana shape, as engineers a generation before had designed it to do. Yawing slightly, the slug ranged upwards, exited out the trapezius muscle, and immediately slammed sideways into the German's neck. The tumbling bullet severed the General's spine, leaving his head attached only by a few muscles in the left front of his neck, before burying itself in a door frame thirty meters beyond.

    The quick commands stopped in mid-sentence with a noise that sounded like a leather bag bursting. Several enlisted men were sprayed with the dead officer's blood as he fell on his chest, struck down as if by a thunderbolt. His face bounced off the granite cobblestones with a sickening sound, breaking off both the front teeth. The force of the impact twisted the head around so that the corpse's face stared sightlessly to the side. One-and-a-quarter seconds later came the distant roar of the rifle.

    By the time the German soldiers realized what had happened, Max Collins was at ground level, exiting the church. By the time the shocked Major realized that he was now the senior officer and began issuing commands, Max was halfway to the relative safety of the woods. There, he knew he stood a chance of holding his own by silently removing his pursuers one at a time. I can stay alive at least for a day or two, and by that time it will all be decided, one way or the other.

    John Ross

    As for the Guards, they do know how to shoot:

    Confirmed by GPS, Craig Harrison (UK) of the UK’s Household Cavalry killed two Taliban insurgents from a distance of 2,474 m/2.47 km (8,120 ft, or 1.54 miles) in November 2009. It took the 8.59 mm rounds almost three seconds to hit their targets, which were 914 m (3,000 ft) beyond the L115A3 sniper rifle’s recommended range. A third shot took out the insurgent’s machine gun. The rifle used was by Accuracy International.

    Longest Confirmed Sniper Kill

    There are, statistically speaking, several tens of thousands of American males with similar innate and practiced skills.

    Just sayin'. I'm no revolutionary. Just an spotter observer.

  • Americans Killed by Cops [in ten years] Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

    08/08/2014 3:47:57 AM PDT · 16 of 62
    Robert Teesdale to DB
    I blame the unions, lawyers and the war on drugs for the majority of this attitude.

    I don't. I blame human nature, combined with the utter moral and cultural collapse of the United States. Murderous tyrants in armored vehicles throwing grenades into homes and shooting pets in front of children is exactly what the People have asked for and they are getting it in spades.

    Shrug. Karma is a bitch. While I have sympathy and anger for those individuals impacted by our domestic paramilitary legions I have no sympathy for the nation as a whole. It is getting what it wanted.
  • It's Time for Cops to Stop Shooting Dogs

    08/06/2014 3:15:19 PM PDT · 22 of 40
    Robert Teesdale to Kid Shelleen
    " he fired his weapon as required by training."

    Why do I hear in my mind, "destructive of these ends" and "alter or abolish"?
  • Actor Beau Bridges Praises James Brady's Firearms Fight

    08/06/2014 3:06:25 PM PDT · 53 of 54
    Robert Teesdale to TigersEye
    "Why would any civilian want a weapon that sprays bullets at such a rapid rate? Certainly not to use for hunting or target shooting."

    He's quite correct. Deployment of high-rate indirect suppressing fire against the enemies of the People is not accurately termed as "target shooting", and in covertly engineered one-one-one 4GW encounters it's also rather graceless to call it "hunting" regardless of the skills involved.

    Shrug. Don't have a problem with his comments.
  • Shock Video: NJ Cop Tells Citizen 'If Obama Doesn't Follow The Constitution, We Don't Have To'

    08/06/2014 2:44:46 PM PDT · 39 of 50
    Robert Teesdale to All
    Seems to me everyone is missing the point here. It is not about abiding by the Constitution, it's much more consequential than that.

    It is the State abrogating itself.

    Consider that the State is only in existence as a consequence of the powers contractually delegated to it by the People via the Constitution. When the State power no longer abides by that contract, there is no longer legitimate government.

    Just my $.02 for thought.
  • Senior Abu Sayyaf leader swears oath to ISIS

    08/05/2014 4:17:29 AM PDT · 4 of 5
    Robert Teesdale to LSUfan
    if Abu Sayaf has made bay'at to the Caliph, it facilitates towards Indonesia. Look to Lashkar-e-Tayyiba in Jammu and Kashmir soon for the Indian subcontinent.

    Caliph Ibrahim and his inner circle do not waste time on Honey Boo Boo or cat pictures on Facebook. They want the world, and at this stage I'd judge their current odds as better than not.
  • Terror study finds “sovereign citizens” & “militia/patriot groups” among greatest threat to US

    08/05/2014 4:11:26 AM PDT · 6 of 21
    Robert Teesdale to 2ndDivisionVet
    Disband your paramilitary units. Divest of your military equipment including shock troop gear, heavy weapons and armored vehicles. Announce fealty to the People and publicly reaffirm your oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution that is the agreement by which said People give their consent.

    And we won't have any problems. What do you say, Professors? Sleeping safely in your beds at night? Believe that war isn't interested in you, despite your incitement of State power towards your ideological adversaries?

    Hubris and nemesis go hand in hand. Delusions of safety in the age of war are a form of hubris. So is being enamored of one's own ability to discern and analyze, without concomitant cultivation of power to respond dynamically.

    The Great Game has moved to the finals in this generational round, and there are no longer any noncombatants. Pick a side, professors. And equip to fight for it in a 4GW environment. I see you've done the first, but am sanguine on the depth of the second.

    But it's all good. We all roll the dice in our own way, don't we.

  • Police Chokehold Killed Eric Garner, Medical Examiner Rules

    08/02/2014 6:38:09 AM PDT · 75 of 122
    Robert Teesdale to null and void
    Excuse me, alleged failure to pay taxes.

    Not seeing anywhere that the evidence was collected, maintained in chain of custody, presented to a jury, witnesses called and confronted, and due process followed.

    Show me the man with power, and I'll show you the wolf.
  • Police Chokehold Killed Eric Garner, Medical Examiner Rules

    08/02/2014 6:32:02 AM PDT · 73 of 122
    Robert Teesdale to Leaning Right
    Some will try to defend the cops by pointing to the contributing factors. Well, guess what? Many Americans have at least one of those conditions.

    "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime."
    Iosef Stalin
  • The Neo-Nazis of America

    08/01/2014 11:55:54 AM PDT · 16 of 18
    Robert Teesdale to GeronL
    It’d be a leftist wet dream come true

    Be a dream come true for a lot of other folks, I suspect. Who have been murderously champing at the patriot bit in fury for over twenty years.

  • Muslims Cut Countless Heads, And Hang The Heads On Electric Wires Throughout The City (Raqqa, Syria)

    08/01/2014 11:49:41 AM PDT · 27 of 49
    Robert Teesdale to wiggen
    those soldiers surrendered. These bastards have a well known history of committing atrocities. How could they possibly allow themselves to be taken prisoner?

    When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
    An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.

    Nothing new here, just a helping of Kipling flavored with a seasoning of hope that the crocodile will eat them last.
  • First Ebola Patient Coming to USA for Treatment

    08/01/2014 4:36:51 AM PDT · 64 of 82
    Robert Teesdale to Hetty_Fauxvert guess is that they anticipate more cases here in the U.S. sooner or later, so the doctors want to get hold of a couple and basically experiment with them, to see if there’s any way to improve patient outcomes when they’re in a First World setting, rather than Third World.

    I expect this is the case. And this is more important than I think people realize.

    The ability to defeat a weaponized Ebola is a critical and urgent need for national security. It is going to be damn near impossible to monitor and test cares and outcomes with useful information in a dirt floor, bloody table, rag-curtained hut surrounded by social unrest and virtually no quality controls.

    I suspect the patients in question are fully expected to die and this is mostly a forensic care effort.

    We vitally need this information.
  • I’m Jewish, and I disagree with the Muslim bashing that’s been going on

    07/30/2014 5:13:28 AM PDT · 11 of 163
    Robert Teesdale to grundle
    "Bashing" is a silly term.

    The West is at war with the Caliphate.

    Everything else is sophistic sociopolitical idiocy masquerading as nuance and profundity.

    These people really need to get over their political hand-wringing and face reality before their heads are taken off and used as displays by the conqueror.

  • FL:Court Uphold Florida Law Limiting Doctor Snooping and Recordkeeping of Patients Gun Ownership

    07/27/2014 5:51:34 PM PDT · 19 of 23
    Robert Teesdale to Haiku Guy
    The sad thing is, they may actually believe that...

    Bahahahaha lol LOL bahaha HAHAHA hehehe snicker (cough).

    Assuredly. No one with an income to preserve would ever assist the State.
  • Man Says Police Wouldn’t Let Him Help His Dog After They Shot It

    07/27/2014 5:39:11 PM PDT · 48 of 63
    Robert Teesdale to Robert Teesdale

    At some point I think I’m going to question whether I’m a thread-killer.

  • Man Says Police Wouldn’t Let Him Help His Dog After They Shot It

    07/27/2014 1:51:51 PM PDT · 47 of 63
    Robert Teesdale to Robert Teesdale
    There will, inevitably, be the following type of situation(s) here in the United States if this trend of police militarization and tyranny continues to accelerate:

    Graphic warning: 4GW in Chechna.

    Do not watch if you have a weak stomach or are sensitive to violent material.

    The thing about this video that I find notable is not the shooting itself, but the extremely calm and collected action and body language of the shooter immediately subsequent to it. That, to me, reads out a planned stop and search, and it wasn't a split decision on the part of the detainee but a planned killing.

    Fire twice and go home. We've all heard that, right? No more free Wacos. We've all heard that, too. Lots of talk and bluster, and sometimes everyone on both sides forgets what it really looks like.

    Graphic warning: This is what Waco looked like.

    If the latter takes place here again... who would argue odds against the former taking place here as well?

    There's one thing that would immediately lower the hostility between the People and the State... and that would demonstrate that law enforcement is in fact not viewing the citizenry of the nation as an enemy of said State:

    Disband your paramilitary units. Divest of your military equipment including shock troop gear, heavy weapons and armored vehicles. Announce fealty to the People and publicly reaffirm your oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution that is the agreement by which said People give their consent.

    Follow the example of the police in the Ukraine who begged publicly on their knees for forgiveness from the People.

    Graphic warning: Display of moral character by law enforcement

    Anyone think the Albuquerque Police Department has it in them to perform an act of contrition like this? How about the ATF? What about Lon Horiuchi, did he apologize? Let's see Louis Freeh demonstrate remorse. Perhaps the US Marshal's Service?

    Excuse me while I snort cynically and don't invest in waiting for that to take place. It won't take place until they have learned the hard way.

    And by that point, if history is an accurate guide, the kneeling is usually not while begging forgiveness but while saying goodbye. The Ukrainian police were lucky.

    Just my observational $.02 only.

  • Man Says Police Wouldn’t Let Him Help His Dog After They Shot It

    07/27/2014 1:19:38 PM PDT · 46 of 63
    Robert Teesdale to IMR 4350
    Today you would be massacred by multiple badges emptying multiple magazines into you while screaming, "Stop resisting!"

  • Police To Pay $1.8M For Dorner Manhunt Shooting

    07/25/2014 6:34:50 AM PDT · 24 of 43
    Robert Teesdale to LevinFan
    "And yet the ‘good’ cops remain silent to what is going on. They want us to support them, but they won’t support us against the thugs, morons, cowards, and criminals among them. They will always choose Team Blue over right and wrong."

    The prior professed need for support of the citizenry is no longer necessary where they no longer consider themselves part of the People, but rather dominant overseers of human cattle.
  • Ben Carson on 2nd Amendment: People Can 'Protect Themselves From an Overly Aggressive Gov't’

    07/23/2014 10:15:37 AM PDT · 14 of 23
    Robert Teesdale to RIghtwardHo
    However, we do have the right to bear arms. It can protect us against many things. But to think it would protect us from a determined government is laughable.


    Just $.02.
  • Policing America

    07/23/2014 9:48:35 AM PDT · 15 of 16
    Robert Teesdale to Kaslin
    This is a stupid, weak and inexcusably enabling article that reads like the defense of a wife beater by a codependent.

    "'s harder to assume -- as conservatives often do -- that as long as you behave yourself, you have nothing to fear."

    Who the hell in the conservative world has assumed this since Ruby Ridge and Waco?

    "Conservatives worry about a repeat of incidents like the raids on religious radicals at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas."

    Worry is not what Americans have been doing.

    Planning IS what Americans have been doing since Waco and Ruby Ridge. Hint to Mr. Stossell: I don't care whether they are "religious radicals" or not, they are still Americans and you don't burn, gas, crush, and shoot Americans to death without trial in this country and claim that there's any legitimacy to it - or expect forbearance on the part of the citizenry that remembers the concepts of "consent" and "duty" where governance is concerned.

    "If cops continue to take a warlike us-versus-them approach to policing the population, they just might bring the left and right together."

    My estimation of the rule of Constitutional law in the United States bottomed out at about the same time Vicky Weaver's cranial contents hit the ground next to her infant. And I bulldozed my expectations of future legitimacy right alongside the tractors at Waco removing the evidence.

    I understand that John Stossell wants to preserve his image of reasonability and centrist calm along with politically correct line-towing when he uses language like "may" and "concern" and mitigates with "religious extremist".

    Moderation is no virtue here. Pick a side, Mr. Stossell.

    A million Americans already have.

  • Sending pink slips to a war zone

    07/10/2014 9:02:45 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    Robert Teesdale to Gaffer
    Obama does not want battle tested combat soldiers as part of his American Pacification Army - he wants as many of them as he can disarm and dispersed into the civilian population

    If so, then it was poorly thought through. The more battle tested combat soldiers we have dispersed into the civilian population - where there are >300 million available light weapons in private hands - the better off the People are. I think, if your summation is correct, that it represents an immensely valuable and wholly positive game changer for the nation.
  • SWAT Unit Kills Two Dogs, Finds Little Evidence In ‘No-Knock’ Raid

    07/10/2014 5:40:06 AM PDT · 30 of 56
    Robert Teesdale to EnigmaticAnomaly
    Unless they fear for their lives in executing no-knock raids, these will continue indefinitely.

    I'd change "in" to "after" in order to accuracize your statement.
  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/09/2014 10:19:36 PM PDT · 104 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to FBD
    That is quite possibly the most concise and accurate article I have read in quite some time.

    However, the author fails to call out the most predictably successful survival method in his worst case scenario.

    I'm not going to call it out. However, I'm certain that those who spotted it, are thinking it.
  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/09/2014 9:56:22 AM PDT · 98 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to driftless2
    More fodder for you:
    • ~1,600% increase in military-style assaults

    • 92% of judges say police are liars

    • Sexual assault rate 2x as high as citizen population

    • >50% of law enforcement ignore criminal misconduct by police
    Details on the above with linked sources
  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/09/2014 9:45:30 AM PDT · 96 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to driftless2
    You tell me. You’re trying to convince people on this forum that ALL! police are jackbooted thugs.

    Certainly not. Many members of law enforcement do their jobs properly. However, in my view - and that view is widely shared by, I believe, a strong majority of Americans - the police are focusing on enforcement, not on law... and care nothing for civil rights, but rather proving power.

    The term "Officer Friendly" is now an open joke. The acquisition of military grade vehicles and equipment is tantamount to an open, not merely practical, declaration of war on the People and the literal formation of a standing army annihilative of liberty.

    Posting isolated cases of what might be legitimate bad behavior by some cops does not make your case. There are over 300 million people in the country and around 800,000 law enforcement people. How many of those do you think are jackbooted thugs?

    Any that engage in violation of rights under color of authority or use force when so engaged.

    Those that do, are defined as domestic enemies of the United States and ought, quite frankly, to be treated as such by armed citizens.

    Like Indiana.

  • Colorado Man Who Gives ‘No F****’ Asks Obama If He Wants Some Weed

    07/09/2014 8:15:18 AM PDT · 21 of 40
    Robert Teesdale to Proud2BeRight
    So Obama, his handlers, and the Secret Service was present as a federal law was broken and he simply laughed?

    That was my instant reaction as well. Then I remembered that faithful execution of the law is not part of the current Presidential impetus. And I chastised myself for the temporary insanity, seeing as how it resulted in temporary loss of cynicism.
  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/09/2014 8:10:20 AM PDT · 91 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to driftless2
    I suspect you belong to some group that has an interest in chaos and eventual power for your own sake.

    How fascinating. What group would that be?
  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/09/2014 7:07:59 AM PDT · 89 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to driftless2
    Nobody where I live is screaming about bad cops.

    Post your zipcode and we'll investigate the facts. Dismissively referring to angry public reaction as "screaming" does not advance your argument.

    Don’t you think that if there was a problem with cops being some sort of evil occupying force (like what I heard from leftists during the sixties and seventies), many people, including many leading conservative pundits and spokesmen, would have noticed?

    American Civil Liberties Union

    Huffington Post Salon

    Wall Street Journal

    New York Times

    World Net Daily

    The Atlantic


    I'm sure you've heard the expression, "Google is your friend". Use it.

    Some of these anti-police screeds on this forum are bizarre.

    So are many of the pro-jackboot posts. Your point?

    Which makes me believe there’s a hidden motive.

    Why would a motive be hidden? What sort of hidden motive do you suspect? From my standpoint, there is no need to hide the motive: preservation of American freedom from tyrants who murder, steal and lie under color of law.

    And no, I’m not nor never have been a policeman.

    One does not need to be a Nazi to be a good German. Hyperbole? Perhaps, but in the pursuit of making exactly that point.
  • Obama getting cold shoulder in Colorado

    07/08/2014 8:14:41 AM PDT · 9 of 13
    Robert Teesdale to FrankR
    If I ran into him face to face, I would turn my back to him and walk away.

    Ideally, after letting a news crew aware that you'll have some pointed comments to make beforehand. :)
  • Sheriff's deputy will NOT be charged for shooting dead 13-year-old boy ...

    07/08/2014 8:09:56 AM PDT · 31 of 152
    Robert Teesdale to Boogieman
    Otherwise we could shoot police officers on sight with no repercussions, if simply carrying their firearms constituted a threat.

    Be patient, they are getting us to that point of threat as fast as they can.
  • Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

    07/08/2014 6:08:07 AM PDT · 78 of 106
    Robert Teesdale to driftless2
    At what? Changing the mind of someone who has already predecided their position?

    No need. You are either right, or return gunfire from the citizenry will eventually indicate your error.