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  • Search for an old FR thread

    03/16/2008 9:58:38 PM PDT · 10 of 15
    Rte66 to perfect stranger

    Luckily, this was the one night I was able to use Google - I have terrible virus probs with my computer and haven’t been able to do much of anything, so just got lucky tonight.

    I used the “advanced search” option in Google, then where it asked to restrict to which domain to search, put in “” - then all I did was put in “reagan” and “419” as two words, no connectors or quote marks, and it was the first thread hit result that came up.

  • Farmers in Fear: Risk of Higher Wheat Prices Has Many in the Industry Scared to Death

    03/16/2008 9:52:27 PM PDT · 15 of 59
    Rte66 to TigerLikesRooster

    Oklahoma farmers might be a bad example - at least, the ones who own their own minerals rights under their land. Those farmers should be doing well right now.

  • Search for an old FR thread

    03/16/2008 9:36:05 PM PDT · 5 of 15
    Rte66 to perfect stranger

    Oops, sorry for the duplicate - the other one wasn’t there when I went searching!

  • Search for an old FR thread

    03/16/2008 9:35:00 PM PDT · 4 of 15
    Rte66 to perfect stranger

    This one?

    UCI Psychiatrist Bilked by Nigerian E-Mails (had claimed Reagan had diminished mental ability)
    Los Angeles Times ^ | March 2, 2006 | William Lobdell,

    Posted on 03/02/2006 6:01:17 AM CST by Cincinatus’ Wife

  • Fed acts Sunday to prevent global bank run Monday ( Bear Stearns Taken over,...rates cut )

    03/16/2008 8:39:59 PM PDT · 130 of 194
    Rte66 to AmericanInTokyo

    Grab your coat and get your hat,
    Leave your worries on the doorstep!
    Life can be so sweet
    On the sunny side of the Street ...

    Can’t you hear the pitter-pat?
    And that happy tune is your step
    Life can be all reet
    On the sunny side of the Street!

    I used to walk in the shade,
    With my blues on parade ...
    Now I’m not afraid ...
    This rover’s crossed over ...

    If I never have a cent,
    I’ll be rich as Rockefeller!
    Gold dust at my feet ...
    On the sunny, sunny side of the Street!

  • (Vanity) Prayer Request

    03/16/2008 8:19:34 PM PDT · 3 of 9
    Rte66 to Lost Dutchman

    Bless your heart and God rest Dianna’s soul. Prayers and hugs for all her loved ones.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    03/16/2008 5:07:57 PM PDT · 5,281 of 5,772
    Rte66 to Jane Austen

    Well, I’m not positive, but I *think* the “quick” search is for threads started most recently, but not sure of the cut-off point - it may be the past 2-3 months or so - like 60-90 days. A lot of the newspaper online archives are like that.

    This thread was started so long ago (6 months), that it’s considered “archived” - so that’s the first qualification that we would probably overlook, because it’s still currently active.

    I know what you mean about other sites, since I’ve been confined to here at FR with the virus stuff attacking constantly. If I clear everything, reboot, and know when I get online that I will get kicked off at some point and am prepared for that eventuality, I can *try* to look at TMZ, but haven’t been able to in several weeks - it always shuts down my browser.

    That’s the only other one I’ve tried, and even that was screwed up, as is google - the virus puts in search terms that I didn’t type!

    I feel like I’m in computer “handcuffs” or something! Can’t wait to get on the “newer” one soon!

  • More Manson Family victim's bodies found

    03/16/2008 3:50:55 PM PDT · 103 of 116
    Rte66 to Inyo-Mono

    Please do! Thanks!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    03/16/2008 3:44:40 PM PDT · 5,279 of 5,772
    Rte66 to Jane Austen

    Try putting in the words

    anna justice


    anna seeking

    then use the drop-down box for “archive” instead of “quick” and the drop-downs for “match all words” and “sort by post time” - it will come up near the top, but not the top.

    There is another way, using google, but my puter is still messed up and I can’t google now to tell you in detail exactly how to do it.

    It’s in “advanced search” and you can specify “” as the domain, then try whatever you’re looking for as the search terms - something relatively unique and recent, such as “anna nicole” and “inquest” and “march” or something like that.

  • More Manson Family victim's bodies found

    03/16/2008 3:25:22 PM PDT · 101 of 116
    Rte66 to Inyo-Mono

    Right after Buck Gibbons died, I had reason to talk with Phil McDowell, his successor, who spoke very highly of him. Sounded like a decent guy.

    Prior to my joining FR, I was involved with a group of crime forum posters who had a hoax perpertrated on us by a disturbed woman who had lived in Trona.

    She was claiming info on the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and we were trying to find evidence to prove or disprove her story. At any rate, a sidebar to her fabrication was that her mother was good friends with Cappy Gillies, a Manson Family groupie whose grandmother owned the neighboring Myers Ranch, where the Family started out in DV, before Barker Ranch.

    Because of all that, I had to do a lot of research on the items being discussed here - so I am really interested in hearing what comes out of it.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    03/14/2008 6:55:43 PM PDT · 5,275 of 5,772
    Rte66 to JusticeDenied

    Oh, I live in a big city (perhaps yours) but not near any computer or discount stores - and don’t have a car anymore and am too sick to do much of anything. *No money* to order or buy a monitor. A FReeper FRiend is trying to help out with it, tho - thanks!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    03/14/2008 5:54:21 PM PDT · 5,273 of 5,772
    Rte66 to JusticeDenied

    The expert said it would be useless, because this puter (which I didn’t get new - it was someone else’s work computer long before it was mine) just doesn’t have enough oomph or memory to support all the needed firewalls and defense stuff required by XP in today’s spyware and virus environment.

    Thanks for the suggestion - I asked about doing it, but that’s the answer I got! Since I have the other newer computer, but it isn’t compatible with my very old monitor, I just need to get a new monitor - but no money for it or way to get one.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    03/14/2008 11:48:00 AM PDT · 5,269 of 5,772
    Rte66 to apocalypto

    Thanks to a generous FReeper, I already had a geek-on-call come out a couple of days ago and try to fix it. He couldn’t and said it’s really not fixable - that wiping it and putting XP back on it won’t really help, as it’s too old and underpowered to run it.

    I guess I got lucky that I was able to use it so well for almost 4 years without probs until last Aug (clicked an FR link to a wrestling mag about the Benoit murders and everything has been screwed up ever since).

    I had done everything already that the geek did - but after all this time of it not being completely free of the virus, it had corrupted some important files that just can’t be corrected.

    As it was, this was a “free” puter that had been a loaner while my regular computer was in the shop for an upgrade and new modem - then that shop went out of business without finishing fixing my old one and told me to keep the loaner. I do have the old one, but it’s still unusable.

    I’m just too poor to do anything about anything! All I really need is a newer monitor to go with the newer puter I do have - all of these are thanks to dear ANS thread FReepers! Thank you! It will work out soon - just not in time for my List update before the inquest. (Unless, of course ...)

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    03/13/2008 7:35:11 PM PDT · 5,267 of 5,772
    Rte66 to apocalypto

    I don’t get it, either. I’m in a bind here because all I have is this one FR browser window that works, all my Windows buttons are gone - so I don’t have access to my Word docs or notes and I also can’t go to any other websites.

    It’s crazy, because the browser was the one thing that wasn’t working properly all this time - then the “thing” erased everything else (just for each session, after I post).

    When I reboot, all the barrage starts all over again, so it’s peaceful while all the Windows controls are gone - except that I can’t DO anything except read here and fortunately, post occasionally, if it lets me.

    I can’t even go back to see what was posted earlier about what the judge said to justify this ruling. LB is certainly not going to speak up, and I assume everyone else is “afraid” of the “no contesting the will” clause - EXCEPT, of course, the one who benefits - HKS.

    Wonder when we’ll get a picture of what the Bahamas probate is going to include. I just can’t see how there is anything in her estate to be crowing about, that’s for sure.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    03/12/2008 7:05:46 PM PDT · 5,263 of 5,772
    Rte66 to All


    My computer is still messed up with eternal popups and viruses and hijackers and downloaders and trojan horses and parasites and on and on, which are resistant to all erasure means tried (and many, many have been!) - geek doctor has pronounced it dead.

    Can’t use the other two my dear FReeper FRiends sent to me - but I’m working on trying to get one of them up and running - it doesn’t work with my very old monitor and the laptop doesn’t work with my phone dial-up!

    Hoping to be able to get a new (to me) monitor of some kind - but it’s all too late for the inquest deadline on the Case Name List revision.

    What’s anAnna poster to do?

    Still here in spirit. {{{Huggss}}} to ALL!

  • S. Korea: Ex-CEO charged in fake anti-virus software scheme

    03/01/2008 9:02:26 AM PST · 8 of 8
    Rte66 to blackdog

    I’m in the same boat with AVG. It scans, tells me it’s all “healed” and then 500 cookies are deposited on my computer within seconds.

    Even with cookies disabled (which also keeps me from FReeping) and even when I’m offline - with the modem disconnected and even the phone unplugged - it’s prompting my puter to connect constantly and I can’t even get regular computer chores done.

    Had to do my only online bill-paying today by phone. These people who do this should be shot!

  • Police: Man in critical condition after exposure to ricin

    02/29/2008 1:26:52 PM PST · 61 of 159
    Rte66 to fatima

    Oh, ha ha! Nope, still on the old one - but have to scan every few hours if I want to post. So I post real fassstt and then “clean,” so I can read without popups till it starts again.

    I believe the ricin showed up because I used the name of “castor beans” in vain just in the past few days, after possibly never posting those words before in my life, lol.

    On the “turmeric for an enlarged heart” thread, someone thought turmeric was in Worcestershire sauce and I said no, that’s “tamarind” - then I posted a pic and pointed out that it looks like castor bean pods!

    So, *I* did it!

  • Police: Man in critical condition after exposure to ricin

    02/29/2008 1:12:24 PM PST · 51 of 159
    Rte66 to fatima

    Been trying to switch back to night-sleeping, but having to take it slowly! Hope you’re doing well!

  • Police: Man in critical condition after exposure to ricin

    02/29/2008 12:51:56 PM PST · 24 of 159
    Rte66 to goodnesswins

    Unless it’s *Wayne* - then, it’s required.

  • What caused westward expansion in the United States?

    02/29/2008 11:48:33 AM PST · 80 of 86
    Rte66 to Raycpa

    Which, of course, gave rise to telling these westbound nomads to “get thy kicks on Rte66!”

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    02/29/2008 11:35:54 AM PST · 5,229 of 5,772
    Rte66 to blueplum

    No, I don’t think Anna bothered to get one of those cards, or ever needed to, because she was fast-tracked straight to the higher-level “residency” status.

    It sounds more like something Shelley or Thompson might need or use for their spouses and/or kids or parents.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    02/29/2008 11:31:05 AM PST · 5,228 of 5,772
    Rte66 to Sacajaweau

    I thought they had said all along he had gotten those specific drugs in Europe. I thought that was a “given.” At one point, they also thought he got some of them over the Internet.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    02/29/2008 11:27:41 AM PST · 5,227 of 5,772
    Rte66 to All

    Oh, yeah, I remember he was ‘Stralian.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    02/29/2008 11:26:13 AM PST · 5,226 of 5,772
    Rte66 to TrishaSC

    They announced this several times on local news here in Houston, but earlier in the day, they didn’t know where in Texas the 2nd doctor was located - I see now they know he was in Houston.

    Maybe later in the day or sometime soon we’ll find out who it was. Since I had very little idea who Ledger was before he died (didn’t see *the movie*), I can’t contemplate what his connection to Houston was. I don’t think he was from here or lived here, but guess I could be wrong!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    02/29/2008 11:22:30 AM PST · 5,225 of 5,772
    Rte66 to Lizarde

    She had to have started taking it at least as early as 2002-2003, because Kapoor said that his prescribing was just following the regimen started by the previous doctor, Kovner, who had seen Anna before Kapoor inherited Kovner’s practice when he retired to San Diego.

    Somewhere in my notes I have the exact year and maybe month, from a web page Kovner wrote, describing when he moved down to Bonsall - but I wasn’t able to get my hands on that page of my files quickly just now. Also can’t find the web page again on google quickly, either.

    I believe it was probably 2003, as I can still find things for Kovner dated 2002 at the Studio City address (now Kapoor’s).

  • What caused westward expansion in the United States?

    02/29/2008 9:57:53 AM PST · 76 of 86
    Rte66 to Ditter

    Oh, I know a lot about mine. Both grandmothers were in DAR, and one was in Colonial Dames and the other in Daughters of the Confederacy, so both had to have lots of documentation.

    I know the most about my paternal-paternal lineage, as my dad got interested in it before he died and I did quite a bit of research on it and got BIA cards for both of us, after a man gave us a report he wrote on my great-grandfather.

    Indian Territory was pretty small in 1858 when my g-g-gf first moved from Miss., so there was a lot written about the family and in-laws in the Chronicles of Oklahoma.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the grandmothers’ papers in my possession and whatever I’ve had otherwise was lost two computers ago. Some of it is still online, so I should probably gather it again after I switch to a newer non-virused one (this one is bad and will be gone soon).

  • Prayer request for abused 3 year old

    02/29/2008 9:01:40 AM PST · 34 of 73
    Rte66 to leenie312

    Prayers up from an area of TX where two similar incidents in the past few months have taken the lives of two precious children. Please, Lord, don’t let Aadon join that roll call - spare him to stay here and teach us all. Thank you!

  • What caused westward expansion in the United States?

    02/29/2008 7:45:46 AM PST · 74 of 86
    Rte66 to Ditter

    Mine mostly came west in the mid- to late 1700s, too.

    Of my four grandparents

    .England to VA to MS to IT/OK
    .England to VA to KY to IT/OK
    .Scotland to VA to AL to OK

    And much later (1800s):

    .Germany to PA to OH to OK

    First settlement in TX was in very late 1940s. First and only child born here in my direct lineage was *moi*! Haven’t stayed here the whole time, however - I am *bi-statual* - the *other state*? You guessed it - Boomer Sooner.

    One of my KY relatives introduced the bill to the US House to ratify TX’s annexation as a state in 1845. I figure that counts! (Except on the 2nd weekend in October.)

  • Crude oil price hits new high of $102.59 a barrel

    02/28/2008 7:36:30 PM PST · 27 of 92
    Rte66 to bjs1779

    Boone Pickens told the Energy Summit here in Houston today that oil may be $150/bbl in the not too distant future.

    His $100/bbl prediction from last year, ridiculed by many at the time, has already materialized.

  • Jury spares the life of Bobby Cutts Jr. [Sentenced to 57 years]

    02/28/2008 11:44:52 AM PST · 63 of 63
    Rte66 to Ditter

    Fuuny, because I *almost* said Tiki might have been the only place they could’ve floated - but that’s still pretty far.

    He lived in some flophouse near downtown and this wasn’t too far from there. Seems like a friend of mine and I went and checked it out back then while on a trip to the Strand to shop.

    (I am a shut-in now, but I think I read that my favorite little offbeat shop had closed - Hendley Market - do you know?)

  • Jury spares the life of Bobby Cutts Jr. [Sentenced to 57 years]

    02/28/2008 11:40:37 AM PST · 62 of 63
    Rte66 to Ditter

    Well, I was just a veritable font of misinformation, lol. Lawyer was Dick DeGuerin (the “ue” brother). First wife, Kathleen, disappeared and has never been found - that’s who he is suspected of killing.

    Her best friend was Susan Berman, the writer who was later killed assassin-style with a bullet to the back of the head, while at home. She was about to go to cops with some info she had developed on Kathleen’s disappearance - and she had been Durst’s buddy all that while. Could be the info was on him.

    It was a witness in the Galveston trial who found Durst in her front yard one day when he was not supposed to ever set foot on the Island, under his parole terms.

    Just the quick google showed him last October, 2007, shopping for a new condo on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, but no word on if he moved there.

  • Jury spares the life of Bobby Cutts Jr. [Sentenced to 57 years]

    02/28/2008 11:24:59 AM PST · 60 of 63
    Rte66 to Ditter

    Seems like the body parts washed up right away, somewhere near the wharves - like at the curve on Harbourside or thereabouts. East Bay, anyway - maybe just east of the Causeway - not around beach houses.

    The big news about him was when they set bail at $1 billion after he bonded out on the first low bail, then jumped it.

    Yeah, there may have been some jurors paid off - I can’t recall exactly what came out afterwards - but he had DeGeurin (I think it was the “eu” brother) who pulled all kinds of fancy footwork, of course.

    I remember when he was supposedly being electronically monitored and then showed up at the house in Galveston of either the judge or the DA or the jury foreman - no, wait, he ran into one of them in the Galleria one day when he was supposed to on home confinement, lol. He did whatever he wanted to.

    I’ll see if I can find the latest on him somewhere. Last I recall, he had a condo in the Montrose, but that’s been a while back.

  • Alfred Delucchi - veteran judge dies at 76

    02/28/2008 9:33:26 AM PST · 2 of 3
    Rte66 to Borges

    May he RIP - I liked him.

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 9:16:38 AM PST · 226 of 234
    Rte66 to blam

    Well, sort of! Spoken Ebonics is unintelligible to me, but the Urban Dictionary manages to put some of this stuff in writing that can be read and somewhat comprehended, lol.

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 9:14:12 AM PST · 224 of 234
    Rte66 to Cold Heat

    I heard a black actress say yesterday in a “Black History Month” mini-interview that so-and-so was the first “Bl .. African-American” to do such-and-such.

    I thought it was kind of funny that she didn’t think “black” was the right term to use, so switched mid-thought to “African-American” - and this was a spot for “Black History Month.”

    How is anyone supposed to know the “speech rules” when they keep changing?

  • Jury spares the life of Bobby Cutts Jr. [Sentenced to 57 years]

    02/28/2008 9:07:52 AM PST · 58 of 63
    Rte66 to Ditter

    No, Durst and Black had argued (Durst said) while Durst was holding his own gun and it ... well, you know ... *discharged* ... and umm, Black was shot in the face and died.

    Durst readily admitted getting drunk and dismembering the body and throwing the parts in the bay - he said he panicked because ... now think about this ... he would be a suspect, since he was already under investigation in another death close to him.

    (That was the woman who was researching the Mob for a book about her father - or, maybe it was her best friend - details are fuzzy for me at this juncture, lol.)

    I can never remember his first name, whether it’s Richard or Robert, which is why I didn’t post it.

    It’s Robert Durst, so just google that and you’ll find all kinds of stuff about him. I have a file full of notes somewhere, but have lost track of his last bizarre actions.

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 8:51:25 AM PST · 217 of 234
    Rte66 to 2ndDivisionVet

    What will really show the truth of Obama’s intentions, would be *IF* he were to be elected POTUS (Please No!), his followers were to stand and sing the Black National Anthem instead of the Star-Spangled Banner.

    It happened here in Houston when Lee Brown was inaugurated as our mayor. I posted about this once here on FR and got shouted down and told it was a beautiful hymn or something. So, to answer your last question, yes, I think it’s possible.

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 8:46:01 AM PST · 216 of 234
    Rte66 to television is just wrong

    I had to look it up, too. I would’ve guessed “down with the North,” as said by a Southerner - but I would’ve been way wrong (and I knew Whitney Houston wouldn’t have been saying that, anyway!).

    Here’s the Urban Dictionary entry:

    ” ... hell to the naw

    It simply means “hell naw”, but it really means “no.”
    It’s used to describe surprise and opposition towards a comment and/or situation. usually in a major way

    WOMAN: I need a huge favor.
    MAN: What.
    WOMAN: Will you pay my rent and bills? I’ll give you something to make it worth your while.
    MAN: HELL TO THE NAW!!!!!!!! You just gonna use me, then set me up. ...”

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 8:40:33 AM PST · 215 of 234
    Rte66 to LibLieSlayer

    Pushing Marxism is so true. I don’t post much about him or read any threads about him, because I can’t stand it - so I’m probably repeating what others have said - excuse me, if so.

    He’s running a commercial here in TX before our March 4th caucuses and primaries, saying “would you believe that some CEO’s make more in 10 minutes than regular workers make in a year?”

    My mouth was agape the first time I heard it and now I just mute the TV when it comes on. I had never heard that all people in the US were supposed to make the same amount of money! (But hey, I want *mine*!)

    This is very scary.

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 8:33:45 AM PST · 213 of 234
    Rte66 to societygirl

    Don’t you know she was? These promos had Borat (Barack) doing some of the voiceover, saying that, like Jackie O, when his wife walks into a room everyone stops to stare and that her fashion sense is just so extraordinary.

    Those aren’t direct quotes, just my paraphrasing of what I remember overall. Also, the first day, they were using a photo of MO that cast her skin in a very dark light, so dark you couldn’t make out her features at all - the contrast with Jackie KO was unbelievable, lol.

    Then, someone must have complained, because the 2nd day of promos, they had changed MO’s pic to one showing her with a much, much lighter skin tone.

    It certainly didn’t change anyone’s opinion, but I found it kinda “enlightening.”

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 8:24:03 AM PST · 210 of 234
    Rte66 to CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC

    Thanks for the reminder! I remember it well. Too funny. And, *ancient history* now.

    There was also a skit once when Jimmy Smits was guest host and he played a new “token” Hispanic news anchor at a TV station. All the other employees started using exaggerated Spanish pronunciations for everything from Los Ang-uh-leez to on-chee-lawd-uhz, while he just spoke regular English, which shocked them.

  • Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergency

    02/28/2008 8:11:25 AM PST · 70 of 84
    Rte66 to chimera

    I love that story! I worked for the REA co-op in OK (OAEC) for some years as a consultant and I know I would’ve loved being among those first Rural Electrification workers who went to the farms and signed people up, then watched as the plant switches were turned on across the countryside over the years.

    Your REA rep was like a county extension agent - had to have answers for all kinds of farm living questions - my favorite area of expertise would have been in recipes, canning, preserving, cooking and so forth. I just think it would’ve been a fun job and a friendly way to make a living.

  • Ingredient In Yellow Curry Can Reduce Heart Enlargement And May Prevent Heart Failure

    02/28/2008 8:02:31 AM PST · 82 of 82
    Rte66 to rimtop56; sweetiepiezer

    Thanks to you both for your info. I keep a file of things I might try in the future.

    I suspect it’s something like a chicken pox/herpes virus thing - I’ve never had that *other kind* of herpes, mind you! - just because of the way it recurs. It came back two days ago when I got stressed out over something, after it had been dormant or non-existent for months.

    What’s odd, to me, is that it always comes back in a new place where it hadn’t broken out before - and I’m talking about teeny-tiny spots here. If I could have “mapped” them, the new ones are always in-between where older spots were.

    I’m only talking about a very small area on my hands, but when it’s bad, I can’t use them at all for anything productive - especially cooking and preparing meals or personal care stuff. I’m trying mind over matter this time and just putting HC on it and then ignoring it, if possible. The more I mess with it, it gets worse.

    Thanks again - I have your posts copied into my file!

  • Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergency

    02/28/2008 7:48:34 AM PST · 65 of 84
    Rte66 to hadaclueonce

    No, I didn’t know that about high winds shutting down the turbines, prior to learning it here, today. Doesn’t make sense, but after pondering it for a minute or two, I guess it does.

    Spent a lot of growing-up years in Oklahoma, where windmills stood sentinel at every farmhouse and they seemed to be running more often than not, when I was driving past them.

    As it happens, the days the TX windfarm went down were also the days that same weather front was passing thru here in my town in far SE TX and we had very gusty winds, which is unusual for here.

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/28/2008 12:16:24 AM PST · 96 of 234
    Rte66 to pandoraou812; yorkie

    I agree. I would go on, but I have to limit my posts about Borat and his wife, because of my blood pressure.

    You know how John Belushi used to get all wound up on the SNL “news” segment and just go nuts, banging his fists on the desk and falling off his chair? That’s how I feel about the O’s.

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/27/2008 11:41:36 PM PST · 81 of 234
    Rte66 to fish hawk

    There you go, *shuckin’ and jivin’* again!

  • Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

    02/27/2008 11:40:24 PM PST · 79 of 234
    Rte66 to societygirl

    LOL, one of the entertainment shows ran promos all one day saying they would have a special segment on how much Michelle Obama resembles Jackie Kennedy!

    They even showed side-by-side pix of each of them. Ummm, I didn’t see any resemblance and I don’t think anyone else did, either!

  • Jury spares the life of Bobby Cutts Jr. [Sentenced to 57 years]

    02/27/2008 5:33:25 PM PST · 43 of 63
    Rte66 to Lizavetta

    No, Durst - he cut up his “roommate” and put him in Galveston Bay in trash bags - but it was just because he panicked when the guy died on him, dontcha know?

    “Abuse of a corpse.”

  • Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergency

    02/27/2008 5:25:20 PM PST · 9 of 84
    Rte66 to Sub-Driver

    I was looking all over for the “/sarc” or “parody site” disclaimer, but alas.

    First of all, I’ve never heard of West Texas being without wind EVER and second, I cannot imagine this being a source of electric power for anybody. Kinda like solar panels that don’t work on cloudy days in Seattle or something?

  • Jury spares the life of Bobby Cutts Jr. [Sentenced to 57 years]

    02/27/2008 5:15:18 PM PST · 33 of 63
    Rte66 to LWalk18

    Oh, Lord, I didn’t know that. I hadn’t followed the case these past months. No wonder it turned out this way - I couldn’t imagine anything mitigating, but I suppose that would be it.

    I’ll never forget little Blake saying “mommy broke the table” and “mommy was in the rug” while he walked around so distraught ... that poor child.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Cutts will have the hard time in prison that most here think he will - he seems like the kind of con artist that will fit right in. Hope I’m wrong.