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  • James Comey: I Am a ‘Deeply Flawed and Fallible Human Being’ Who Did Not Stop Terrorists

    09/28/2016 10:12:16 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 71 replies
    breitbart ^ | 9/27 | howley
    FBI director James Comey conceded that he is a “deeply flawed” person who failed to stop some terrorist attacks before they happened. Comey made the admission while being interrogated Tuesday before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.
  • Senate Overrides Obama’s Veto of Bill Allowing Terror Victims to Sue Foreign Governments

    09/28/2016 9:36:26 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 171 replies
    WSJ ^ | 9/28 | peterson
    WASHINGTON—The Senate voted Wednesday to override President Barack Obama’s veto of legislation that would allow Americans to sue foreign governments over terrorist attacks, the first time the chamber has delivered such a rebuke to the president since he took office.
  • Michael Moore Says Trump ‘Won’ The Debate

    09/27/2016 6:11:03 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 49 replies
    daily caller ^ | 9/27 | jerkovich
    Michael Moore appeared frustrated on Twitter following the presidential debate, saying Donald Trump “won” and “we all lost.” The 62-year-old filmmaker warned “pro-Hillary gloaters” against celebrating over how Hillary Clinton did in the debate against the Republican nominee and insisted nothing she did changed things
  • Several injured in Houston shooting, scene 'contained' – police

    09/26/2016 6:01:08 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 39 replies
    rt ^ | 9/26 | rt
    A shooting in Houston, Texas, has resulted in several people sustaining injuries, police have said. The scene is now contained, but residents have been asked to avoid the area. The Houston Police Department has confirmed "an active shooter situation in a shopping center near the corner of Weslayan and Bissonnet in southwest Houston." Police also tweeted that the active shooter was shot by law enforcers. There are no reports of other suspects at this time.... The shooting is believed to have started at about 6:20 am local time. A witness told local ABC13 channel he heard about 100 “steady gunshots”...
  • Police say Robby Gordon's stepmother was strangled, and his father apparently shot himself

    09/16/2016 6:17:00 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 28 replies
    OC register ^ | 9/15 | sudock
    ORANGE - Confusion. Shock. Grief. And questions. But few answers. The violent deaths of Robert “Baja Bob” and Sharon Gordon – the father and step-mother of well-known race car driver Robby Gordon – shook the racing community Thursday. “This is devastating,” his son said, fighting back tears. “He taught so many, and I want everyone to know what a good man he was.” Some details emerged Thursday evening: A day earlier, Bob Gordon died from injuries consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the results of an autopsy by the Orange County coroner’s office, while Sharon Gordon died from...
  • Marilyn Monroe Or Albert Einstein? Optical Illusion Can Tell If You Need Glasses Or Not

    09/16/2016 6:12:59 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 103 replies
    tech times ^ | 4/14/15 | arce
    ...Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed the hybrid image called "Marilyn Einstein," which, if you have clear vision, will look like the Hollywood bombshell from afar but will shift into an image of the revered physicist when it gets up close. People who have vision problems may not be able to see a picture of Einstein anywhere....
  • Things I Trust More Than Hillary Clinton

    09/14/2016 8:41:29 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 30 replies
    twitter ^ | 11/14 | Bill Mccord
  • Hillary Clinton blasts 'outrageous' explosion in EpiPen pricing

    08/24/2016 11:30:49 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 71 replies
    Businessinsider ^ | 8/24 | engel
    Hillary Clinton released a statement Wednesday calling the skyrocketing price of the EpiPen "the latest troubling example of a company taking advantage of its consumers."
  • Apparent Army Opsec Brief Lists Hillary Clinton...As Examples Of Insider Security Threats

    08/22/2016 8:35:42 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 21 replies
    daily caller ^ | 8/21 | bennett
    A leaked Army operational security brief appears to show Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director David Petraeus listed as two key examples of potential insider threats. Admins of the Facebook page “U.S. Army W.T.F! moments” told The Daily Caller News Foundation this is the second time they’ve received a picture of this particular slide in the last six months. They posted the slide to their page Sunday. Admins said the picture came from a servicemember stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.
  • Now we know the real reason Aetna bailed on Obamacare

    08/17/2016 7:11:29 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 25 replies
    business insider ^ | 8/17 | bob bryan
    ... Now, however, it appears a large reason for the shift in tone was the Department of Justice's lawsuit to block Aetna's merger with rival Humana. A July letter, acquired by The Huffington Post, outlined Aetna's thinking on the public exchanges if the deal with Humana were blocked. The letter from Bertolini to the DOJ outlined the effect of a possible merger on its Obamacare business. ...
  • Hungary:carved sugarbeet is used 2 scare off #migrants.

    08/16/2016 7:25:29 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 22 replies
    twitter ^ | 8/15 | Szabolcs Pany
    #Hungary:carved sugarbeet is used 2 scare off #migrants. No crossings in 4 weeks,report says …
  • Firm suspends Heathrow airside security passes of 300 cleaners and caterers ...

    08/11/2016 7:47:31 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 10 replies
    daily mail ^ | 8/10 | spillett
    Three hundred employees at a company that supplies airline lounge services have had their airside security passes suspended after police arrested two women on suspicion of fraud at Heathrow airport. It is believed the two women arrested, who are aged 24 and 20, are workers at the airport. Airline services company Sodexo has suspended the passes as a 'precautionary measure', according to Sky News. Most of the affected staff are cleaners and caterers. Staff who work in the flight-side area of the London airport undergo rigorous security checks before they are given a pass to take them beyond passport control....
  • These 80-Year-Olds' Exact Replica of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" Is Unbelievable

    08/10/2016 12:07:06 PM PDT · by RummyChick · 8 replies
    elle ^ | 7/26 | bailey
    The heyday of Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" covers seemed over—and then this incredible last entry came along. Meet the residents of New Zealand's Julia Wallace Retirement Village, who star in their very own replica of Swift's video. The costumes are spot on! The dancing is spot on! (There is even a bit of breakdancing in there!) The Swift attitude is uncanny!
  • Hillary’s falls recall the health questions JFK tried to dodge

    08/09/2016 7:05:38 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 17 replies
    washington times ^ | 8/9 | pruden
    The health of a prospective president is one of the most important issues of any campaign, but whether to ask hard questions about a candidate is usually a matter of whose prospective president, and whose health. When the prospective president is a Democrat, the media only sends candy, flowers and best wishes.
  • Clinton Body Count or Left-Wing Conspiracy? Three With Ties to DNC Mysteriously Die

    08/09/2016 7:02:09 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 11 replies
    rsg ^ | 8.9 | alexander
  • Ivanka Trump: Critics 'scared' of Donald Trump presidency

    08/09/2016 6:51:07 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 19 replies
    msn ^ | 8/9 | dolan
  • Video of Silicon Valley Mogul Kicking His Girlfriend 117 Times Could Send Him to Jail

    08/08/2016 6:16:56 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 40 replies
    dailybeast ^ | 8/8 | dailybeast
    A video of Silicon Valley princeling Gurbaksh Chahal assaulting his former girlfriend could finally land him in jail. The video is high quality, as might be expected of a surveillance camera in the penthouse bedroom of a high-tech princeling. The footage was so clear that San Francisco police were able to determine that Gurbaksh Chahal punched and kicked his girlfriend 117 times in 30 minutes. He also smothered her with a pillow for 20 seconds.
  • Afghan asylum seeker arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attack in Paris

    08/05/2016 12:21:22 PM PDT · by RummyChick · 5 replies
    telegraph ^ | 8.5 | mulholland
    Police have arrested an Afghan asylum seeker in Paris who was suspected of plotting a terror attack on the French capital to be carried out within days. Security agencies had circulated a photo of the suspect to police earlier this week but they did not have a name for the individual, who had been claiming on social media that he was going to carry out an attack.
  • 'Yes We Khan'? Fundraiser Started to Get Khizr Khan to Run for Virginia Legislature

    08/05/2016 9:09:33 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 44 replies
    nbc ^ | 8/4 | chuck
    He isn't a politician, but many are hoping the father of a slain Muslim-American war hero will become one after his powerful Democratic National Convention speech. Leading the effort to get Khizr Khan to consider a run for elected office is Vietnam veteran and Democratic activist Tom Keefe, who launched a fundraiser on Wednesday called "Yes We Khan." The campaign, which aims to get Khan in the Virginia House of Delegates, raised more than $11,000 in just 24 hours. Keefe, who also attended the DNC and was on stage with other veterans during Gen. John Allen's speech, told NBC News...
  • The FDA just greenlit releasing mutant Zika-killing mosquitos in Florida

    08/05/2016 9:04:19 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 58 replies
    fusion ^ | 8/5 | brown
    ... On Friday, the FDA released a final environmental assessment of the trial, finding that it “will not have significant impacts on the environment.” The project, led by Oxitec, a biotech company that focuses on insect control, calls for the release of thousands of genetically engineered male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The lab insects are bred so that over time they could kill off much of the local mosquito population by passing on a gene fatal to any offspring they have with wild females.
  • Gold Star mom: Trump was soft-spoken, tender

    08/05/2016 6:22:01 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 10 replies
    cnn ^ | 8/4 | richmond
    (CNN)For the last week, headlines have focused on the war of words between Donald Trump and Khizr Khan, the man whose Muslim-American son died in the Iraq War and who spoke out against the Republican candidate at the Democratic National Convention. So it might come as a surprise to hear a group of Gold Star families describe a private meeting with Trump as "warm" and "compassionate." But Karen Vaughn, whose son Aaron, a Navy SEAL, died in Afghanistan, said she left it feeling that Trump understood where the families were coming from.
  • Trump floats Ivanka for Cabinet, prompting Clinton jab

    08/05/2016 6:18:55 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 41 replies
    wcvb ^ | 8/5 | wright
    (CNN) —Hillary Clinton jabbed Donald Trump on Twitter after the GOP nominee answered a question about potential female cabinet members by naming his daughter, Ivanka, as a "popular" candidate. Winking at a Mitt Romney gaffe from his 2012 presidential bid, Clinton wrote Thursday: "We know a guy with a binder, @realDonaldTrump. (He might not take your calls, though.)" The Democratic nominee was referencing Romney's remarks during a 2012 president debate about gender equality, when he said he'd reviewed "binders full of women" for positions in his administration as governor of Massachusetts.
  • BREAKING: Royal Liverpool Hospital in lockdown after man 'attacked with machete'

    08/04/2016 8:04:05 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 63 replies
    daily star ^ | 8/4 | evans
    A 26-year-old man is in a serious condition after being stabbed in the arms and legs. Police said the man drove himself five miles to hospital following the attack. Unconfirmed reports suggest there is a bullet hole in the vehicle he drove in.
  • Clint Eastwood: Dems Exploited Khan Family

    08/04/2016 7:59:00 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 28 replies
    tmz ^ | 8/4 | tmz
    Clint Eastwood says the Democrats used the Gold Star family as pawns at the convention. We got Clint leaving Craig's in WeHo Wednesday night, and he had criticism for both parties. He clearly thinks Trump crossed the line in his now-famous feud with the Khan family, but he thinks the Dems share in the blame for putting the grieving family on display for political gain.
  • Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions (today's hit piece meme)

    08/04/2016 6:39:02 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 87 replies
    politico ^ | 8/4 | Ben Schreckinger and Gabriel Debenedetti
    Nude photographs published this week are raising fresh questions about the accuracy of a key aspect of Melania Trump’s biography: her immigration status when she first came to the United States to work as a model. The racy photos of the would-be first lady, published in the New York Post on Sunday and Monday, inadvertently highlight inconsistencies in the various accounts she has provided over the years. And, immigration experts say, there’s even a slim chance that any years-old misrepresentations to immigration authorities could pose legal problems for her today.
  • Assange on latest leaks: Alleged Russian hackers not linked to Wikileaks docs (EXCLUSIVE)

    08/03/2016 10:35:55 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 22 replies
    youtube ^ | 8/3 | rt
  • Senior GOP Officials Exploring Options if Trump Drops Out

    08/03/2016 10:04:26 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 89 replies
    abc ^ | 8/3 | karl
    Republican officials are exploring how to handle a scenario that would be unthinkable in a normal election year: What would happen if the party's presidential nominee dropped out? ABC News has learned that senior party officials are so frustrated — and confused — by Donald Trump's erratic behavior that they are exploring how to replace him on the ballot if he drops out. So how would it work?
  • Nehlen: Ryan ‘Mercenary Champion’...‘Should Be Reporting In-Kind Contributions To Hillary’

    08/03/2016 7:35:14 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 9 replies
    breitbart ^ | 8/2 | hanchett
    On Tuesday’s “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” Paul Nehlen, the primary challenger of House Speaker Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), said Ryan “owns” Trade Promotion Authority and “should be reporting in-kind contributions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign” as the “mercenary champion for working against Donald Trump every opportunity he gets.”
  • Inside Ryan's primary strategy

    08/03/2016 7:01:52 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 18 replies
    the hill ^ | 8/3 | wong
    Last month, Paul Nehlen stood in front of Paul Ryan’s stately brick home in Wisconsin, channeled his inner Donald Trump, and demanded that the Speaker build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to keep out undocumented immigrants. “Paul Ryan, if you will not build a border wall for America, then I’m asking you to tear down your wall,” Nehlen, Ryan’s primary challenger, said in Janesville. “If you will not build a wall to honor the mothers and fathers of the dead,” he continued, “if you will not build a wall to protect our children, then, sir, you should tear down...
  • Caption This - Donald Eating KFC Fried Chicken

    08/02/2016 9:25:12 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 94 replies
    twitter ^ | 8/1 | trump
    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 14h14 hours ago Great afternoon in Ohio & a great evening in Pennsylvania - departing now. See you tomorrow Virginia!
  • Airplanes are more disgusting than you ever imagined

    08/02/2016 6:20:05 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 44 replies
    nypost ^ | 8/2 | shea
    There’s nothing worse than hopping on a flight to take a long-awaited summer vacation — only to land in paradise with a nasty cold or stomach bug. Airplane germs are unavoidable, but experts say there are ways to protect yourself. It all comes down to knowing what you’re fighting against and how to protect yourself. Around your seat, you’re likely to pick up germs that cause the common cold, flu, staph infections, or norovirus — many of which can live for days, weeks or months on a surface. In the bathroom, you should be on high alert for E. coli...
  • FBI employee pleads guilty to acting as Chinese agent

    08/01/2016 10:08:35 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 21 replies
    yahoo ^ | 8/1 | raymond
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - An FBI electronics technician pleaded guilty on Monday to having illegally acted as an agent of China, admitting that he on several occasions passed sensitive information to a Chinese official. Kun Shan Chun, who was employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation since 1997, pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan to one count of having illegally acted as an agent of a foreign government. Chun, who was arrested in March on a set of charges made public only on Monday, admitted in court that from 2011 to 2016 he acted at the direction of a...
  • Syrians granted temporary amnesty in U.S.

    08/01/2016 10:06:35 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 13 replies
    washington times ^ | 8/1 | dinan
    Homeland Security granted a new temporary amnesty Monday to more than 8,000 Syrians living in the U.S. right now, saying they can remain for up to 18 months longer no matter what their legal status. Secretary Jeh Johnson issued “temporary protected status” to Syrians, saying that if they are in the U.S. as of Monday and continue to reside here permanently, they can apply for work permits and other documents to remain and live in the U.S. without fear of being ousted. His order applies to some 5,800 Syrians who were granted status under a 2012 TPS program, and 2,500...
  • Dog crashes car into Walmart

    08/01/2016 7:41:05 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 41 replies
    wsaz ^ | 7/30 | wsaz
    Shoppers couldn't believe who was behind the wheel after a car crashed into the Wayne Walmart on Friday. A witness tells WSAZ she was standing in front of the store when she noticed a car started moving from its parking space at the front of the lot in her direction. The woman says the car slowly moved straight toward her, and she at first guessed the driver was someone she knew who was messing with her. That is until she noticed the face of the driver was a dog's. The woman got out of the way, and the car crashed...
  • Hero dog saves stricken owner by smashing window to summon help, cops say

    08/01/2016 7:34:09 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 7 replies ^ | 8/1 | attrino
    NORTHVALE – Police are crediting a dog with helping to save the life of its owner, a woman who suffered a medical emergency and lay unconscious inside the home for several days. Two women were walking near the home shortly before 8 p.m. Friday when they heard glass break and a dog barking loudly, according to Northvale Police Chief William Essmann. The women called police. "Our officers observed the broken pane of glass next to the front door with the dog inside the home," Essmann said in a statement. The officers called out for anyone inside the home to come...
  • Rep. Joyce Beatty's dress: Same as Melania Trump's?

    08/01/2016 7:23:13 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 15 replies
    youtube ^ | 7/28 | youtube
  • New ad campaign pins Paul Ryan as pro-Muslim refugee

    08/01/2016 7:08:30 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 12 replies
    wnd ^ | 7/31 | hohmann
    An immigration watchdog group hopes to repeat the successful campaign that helped unseat Eric Cantor in 2014 by launching a similar ad targeting House Speaker Paul Ryan, highlighting his support for President Obama’s executive amnesty decrees, sanctuary cities for illegals and Syrian refugee resettlement programs. The ad by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC hammers “Lyin Paul Ryan” for his leading role in negotiating a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill that fully funded Obama’s amnesty plans, sanctuary cities, and expanded refugee program. Read more at
  • Tony Baker Voiceovers: The Raccoon Cookout. (with cats)

    07/29/2016 10:07:35 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 15 replies
    youtube ^ | 7/27 | Tony Baker
  • We’ll Build a Wall and We’ll Get Philadelphia to Pay for It

    07/28/2016 7:24:38 PM PDT · by RummyChick · 7 replies
    observer ^ | 7/28 | kurson
    Giant fence expands further midway through the DNC as protestors find themselves miles from the action
  • Story of Seth Conrad Rich (DEAD DNC STAFFER)

    07/28/2016 11:58:19 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 60 replies
    youtube ^ | 7/28/206 | youtube
  • Official who oversees whistleblower complaints files one of his own

    07/28/2016 10:00:38 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 8 replies
    McclatchyDC ^ | 7/26 | taylor
    WASHINGTON The Obama administration’s top official overseeing how intelligence agencies handle whistleblower retaliation claims has lodged his own complaint, alleging he was punished for disclosing “public corruption.” Daniel Meyer, who previously oversaw the Defense Department’s decisions on whistleblowing cases, also says he was targeted for being gay, according to records obtained by McClatchy.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Infamous Hacker Detox Ransome Stole Democrat Databases in 2015

    07/28/2016 9:49:41 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 13 replies
    epochtimes ^ | 7/28 | philipp
    In September 2015, a hacker known as Detox Ransome breached a service connected to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and was able to steal large databases of emails, usernames, and passwords from people connected to major services and organizations for the DNC. Screenshots, chat logs, and video evidence of the attack were provided to Epoch Times by Edward Alexander, a cybersecurity expert who runs the world’s largest known team of darknet cybercrime undercover investigators. The darknet is a large segment of the internet only accessible with special software, which is often used by criminal groups to conspire and sell illicit...
  • North Bay Town Feeling ‘Berned’ After Sanders Rally Leaves $23,000 In Unpaid Bills

    07/27/2016 12:20:48 PM PDT · by RummyChick · 46 replies
    cbs ^ | 7/26 | cbs
    CLOVEDALE (CBS SF) — The Mayor of Cloverdale hopes it’s just a misunderstanding, but the Bernie Sanders campaign appears to have left her small town with $23,000 in unpaid bills after it hosted their ‘A Future To Believe In’ rally last June.
  • Explosion Near Migration Office In Germany

    07/27/2016 7:47:14 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 51 replies
    sky news ^ | 7/27 | sky news
    An explosion has been reported near a reception centre for migrants in Zirndorf, Germany. More follows...
  • Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily

    07/25/2016 10:03:39 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 22 replies
    rt ^ | 7/25
    The former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, retired US Army General John F. Campbell, was the mastermind behind the failed military coup in Turkey, the Yeni Safak daily has reported, citing sources close to investigation.
  • Ivanka Trump Was Not Happy About Ted Cruz's Revolt Against Her Father Donald

    07/22/2016 8:03:20 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 108 replies
    people ^ | 7/21 | mcafee
    Ivanka Trump is usually seen as the cool, calm and collected Trump, a quality that has been put to good use in her father's presidential campaign. But at the Republican convention on Wednesday night the daughter of Donald Trump appeared uncharacteristically angry as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took the stage and refused to endorse her father. Ivanka was photographed frowning and pointing her finger as Cruz, her father's fiercest rival in the primary, told Republican voters at the convention to "vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to...
  • Ivanka Trump, explained

    07/22/2016 7:44:42 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 12 replies
    vox ^ | 7/21 | libby nelson
    ...Ivanka was also heavily involved when Trump finally decided to oust his trusted campaign manager Corey Lewandowski earlier this year. Trump had been fiercely loyal to his aide throughout the campaign — even standing by Lewandowski when the latter was charged with battery for violently grabbing a reporter from Breitbart News. To many observers, it looked like Lewandowski would be a permanent fixture on the campaign no matter what he did. Until, that is, he made an enemy of Ivanka....
  • Ivanka Trump Steals the Show

    07/22/2016 7:40:44 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 53 replies
    time ^ | 7/21 | Jay Newton-Small
    ...It is striking that Trump was introduced not by a politician, or a business titan, not a religious leader or his wife, but by the person he is potentially closest to in the world. When asked who his closest advisers are, Trump always puts Ivanka’s name at the top of his list. Ivanka herself told the New York Times that when they are apart they speak on the phone five times or more a day....
  • Ivanka Trump wears her own label’s $158 dress to introduce Dad

    07/22/2016 7:33:13 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 74 replies
    nypost ^ | 7/22 | nypost
    Ivanka Trump doesn’t need a $2,000 designer dress to make an impact. The model entrepreneur introduced her father on the last night of the Republican Convention in Cleveland not in a high-fashion frock, but in a mass-market $158 dress from her own label, according to Women’s Wear Daily. It may not have been the chicest choice — the bold red outfit she sported earlier in the day made more of an impact — but it was a smart one.
  • US citizens in #SaudiArabia: Reports of a potential imminent threat against US citizens in Jeddah.

    07/21/2016 11:22:03 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 10 replies
    twitter | 7/21 | state dept
    US citizens in #SaudiArabia: Reports of a potential imminent threat against US citizens in Jeddah. Exercise caution.