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  • Video: Clinton Delegate Attacks Bernie Supporter With His Cane

    06/23/2016 7:35:29 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 5 replies
    The Mental Recession ^ | 06/23/2016 | Rusty Weiss
    A Democrat party meeting in New York erupted in chaos earlier this week, as Bernie Sanders supporters were denied a motion to vote for DNC chairman and had their microphone cut during an objection. In the ensuing commotion, a delegate for Hillary Clinton allegedly smacked a woman of color twice, once with his hand and another time with his cane.
  • Cuomo Administration Knew Upstate Residents Were Being Poisoned … And Did Nothing

    06/08/2016 7:27:11 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 31 replies
    The Mental Recession ^ | 06/08/2016 | Rusty Weiss
    New reports indicate the Cuomo administration tried to subvert information about a cancer-causing chemical in the water supply of the town of Hoosick Falls … and nobody seems all that concerned. Documents obtained by Politico show the New York State Department of Health dismissing warnings from the EPA, and refusing to alert residents of the very dangerous situation. Over a year ago, health department officials issued a ‘fact sheet’ indicating that “health effects are not expected to occur from normal use of the water” within days of a contradictory declaration by the EPA which advised residents not to drink or...
  • New York Health Insurers on Obamacare Exchange Seeking Massive Rate Hikes

    05/23/2016 7:19:40 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 16 replies
    The Mental Recession ^ | 05/23/2016 | Rusty Weiss
    Insurers on the New York health exchange are requesting rate hikes averaging in excess of 17%, with UnitedHealthcare going as high as a whopping 45.6%. UnitedHealthcare has already announced that they would exit most of the Affordable Care Act state exchanges in which they operate in 2017, New York being one of the few exceptions. The biggest health insurer in the country announced that it lost $475 million on the ACA exchanges last year and could lose another $500 million this year. They explained that states in which they would continue to serve – like New York – would be...
  • College Baseball Team Will Be Denied Shot At Nationals Due to NC Bathroom Controversy

    05/12/2016 5:13:46 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 55 replies
    The Mental Recession ^ | 05/12/16 | Rusty Weiss
    Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in upstate New York has a solid baseball team this season. In fact, player Kyle Bestle believes “I think we have a real shot at going to the national championship.” It would be the culmination of years worth of work, practice, and dedication to reach the nationals. A dream come true. Alas, it is not to be. Why? Is it because of a player injury? An unfortunate outcome in the qualifying tournament? Not quite. The HVCC baseball team will not be going to nationals because of Governor Cuomo’s ban on non-essential travel to North Carolina,...

    04/26/2016 5:17:11 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 18 replies
    The Mental Recession ^ | 04/26/2016 | Rusty Weiss
    The woman who sparked a topless protest against gender discrimination because she claimed she didn’t identify as either male or female, seemingly had no problem committing to one sex when she starred in an all-female cast of the Vagina Monologues a year earlier. Cedar Brock claimed she “was scared” when she was allegedly “forced to put a shirt back on” by a security guard and responding police officers, after sunbathing nude in a city-owned park maintained by Russell Sage College in Troy, New York. Brock, whose real name is Tonya Brock, is a student at Sage. The security guard asked...
  • 7 Ways Obama Failed to Lead During the Bin Laden Raid

    05/28/2014 12:44:01 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 25 replies
    With her memoir, Hard Choices set to be released in the coming weeks, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her publishing company have provided an excerpt in which she claims President Obama’s actions during the Bin Laden raid were “as crisp and courageous a display of leadership” that she had ever seen. Here are 7 reasons that Obama’s leadership during the raid was neither crisp or courageous...
  • Video: Teacher’s Union President Says Common Core is Child Abuse

    11/17/2013 2:02:41 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 51 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 11/16/2013
    At a Common Core forum held Tuesday at Ward Melville High School, Beth Dimino ripped New York State Education Commissioner John King, calling for his “resignation and firing” and describing the Common Core curriculum as a form of “child abuse.” Dimino is a 16-year science teacher in the Comsewogue School District, and serves as President of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association (PJSTA). Her speech, a short two-minute blast on the curriculum and its supporters received several outbursts of applause, as well as a standing ovation when she walked away from the podium. Here is the transcript of her speech:
  • Journalists Receive Specialized Training From Group Led by Former Health Adviser to the President

    11/05/2013 8:49:26 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 18 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 11/05/2013
    As the month of October has rolled on and stories regarding the train wreck that is Obamacare mount, one has to wonder when the President’s media allies will come to the rescue and skew reality on health care reporting. The answer may be … now. The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) is once again teaming up with a private U.S. foundation known as the Commonwealth Fund. The Fund, a self-described ‘progressive’ organization, is currently led by David Blumenthal, former senior health adviser to the Obama campaign. The group makes little to no secret of their support for...
  • Paging Bill Clinton – NY Judge Rules That Interns Can Be Legally Groped

    10/10/2013 5:18:29 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 6 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 10/10/2013
    This should come as fantastic news to former President Bill Clinton, or on a smaller scale the serial molester Vito Lopez and his enabler Sheldon Silver. Via the New York Post: It’s bad enough that unpaid interns can’t earn wages — but now a federal judge has ruled they’re not even protected from being groped by their bosses. Manhattan federal Judge Kevin Castel determined that Lihuan Wang, a former intern at Phoenix Satellite Television US, couldn’t bring a sex-harassment claim against the Chinese-language broadcasting company and her former supervisor there because unpaid interns aren’t employees — so they’re not covered...
  • No Joke: Proposal to Open Museum of Political Corruption in New York

    08/01/2013 9:13:42 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 8 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | Corruption,New York,Museum,Albany
    Capture No Joke: Proposal to Open Museum of Political Corruption in New York August 1, 2013 // By: Rusty Weiss // Corruption, Crime, Culture, New York, Scandal // 1 comment 2 inShare Share via email inShare Submit to reddit Whether it’s bilking taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, funneling money into non-profits so that pet poodles can get spa treatments, trying to rig the New York City mayor’s race, serially harassing women and then covering it up, perpetually sexting one’s junk, or committing extensive and persistent voter fraud, the Empire State has certainly had more than its fair...
  • New Guide Shows Illegal Immigrants How to Get Free Government Cell Phones

    07/15/2013 10:20:58 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 2 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 07/15/2013
    A new 36-page e-book, purports to guide “undocumented immigrants” through the many numerous manners in which they can receive free government cell phones. Otherwise known as Obamaphones. The book is produced by a website called, which is run by a man named Mark Henry. Henry had been linked to another pro-Obamaphone website prior to the election, which featured flattering imagery of candidate Obama, gave him credit for spreading the wealth around, and served as a campaign propaganda tool. In fact, the new guide for illegal immigrants doesn’t hide their love of the program, or their love of the man...
  • Who knew the best form of birth control would be the President himself?

    07/13/2013 1:05:51 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 5 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 07/13/2013
    Shortly after the historic election of Barack Obama in 2008, Newsweek magazine ran an article basking in the afterglow of victory, opining about the possibility of American citizens themselves … um, basking in the afterglow. In an article which showed the depths of worship in which the media had descended to support their chosen candidate, Jessica Bennett projected her own excitement upon readers, discussing the possibility of a baby boom sparked by “exhilarated” and “euphoric” Obama fans being “in the mood for love.” The title of the piece, Change You Can Conceive In, tells you all you need to know....
  • Are Conservatives Being Systematically Blocked on Facebook?

    07/03/2013 7:29:23 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 28 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 07/03/2013
    So what is the main difference between the Huffington Post article, shared 2,300+ times, and our post, which elicits a ban? As near as I can tell, one is from a conservative website, and one is from a liberal website. One is pro-abortion, while the other one mocks the pro-abortion writer. Is there something more going on here with Facebook? We haven’t heard similar stories of censorship from the left side of the aisle. And yet, there seems to be an emerging trend for conservatives on Facebook. Fox News reporter Todd Starnes was recently banned from Facebook for what he...
  • The Media Owes Boston an Apology

    04/19/2013 1:02:02 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 69 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 04/19/2013
    In the April edition of the Blaze Magazine, the question was asked of the media, why have American journalists “chosen to embrace Islam and defend it to the hilt against any perceived form of defamation”? The fact that we haven’t answered that question twelve years after the murder of thousands of innocents on September 11th, shows that we have failed to deter the American media’s anti-American agenda. And by extension, we have failed the people of Boston. And for that, we owe the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing a sincere apology. Nowhere has our failure to hold the American...
  • AP Pussyfoots Around Extremism, Revises Use of the Word ‘Islamist'

    04/05/2013 3:01:35 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 11 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 04/05/2013
    Rather than focusing on the real issues here, the AP is doing everything in its power to avoid pointing out the relationship between radical Islamists and terrorism. Similar to the Benghazi terror attack, in which the media found every possible angle to focus on other than the link between Islamic extremists and the attacks. They pointed to Mitt Romney for his statements, they pointed to Newsweek’s ‘Muslim Rage’ cover, at the author, Ayaan Ali Hirsi, and they pointed it at an obscure film that was at that time unknown to the general public. The relationship between radical Islam and terrorism...
  • President Obama Will Consider Executive Order to Get Indiana Back in the NCAA Tournament

    04/01/2013 10:57:20 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 19 replies
    His NCAA bracket a bust, President Obama believes he has a solution that will help salvage his predictions and his pride – Executive orders. Having recently used the power of the executive order to further his gun agenda, the President believes it can be used for other major policy issues as well. The first item on the agenda? Getting his pick for the NCAA men’s basketball championship back in the tournament. The President explained, “Getting the Indiana Hoosiers back in the tournament is not just a victory for any one party – it’s a victory for the American people.” Recent...
  • New York Ranks Dead Last in Freedoms; 8 Out of 10 Worst States for Freedom Are Blue

    03/29/2013 11:40:38 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 11 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 03/29/2013
    Burdensome taxes and regulations, further taxes disguised as fees, and a reputation as a nanny state have finally reaped rewards for New York State: They’ve been heralded by a George Mason University study as the worst state in the nation for such things as fiscal, regulatory, and personal freedoms. Here are the final rankings: Fiscal Freedom – 50th Regulatory Freedom – 47th Personal Freedom – 48th Overall Freedom – 50th Via the New York Post: New York’s big government — with its hands deep in taxpayers’ pockets and regulations controlling everyone’s lives — has made the Empire State the worst...
  • New York State Offering $500 to People Who Snitch on Gun Owners

    03/20/2013 1:38:25 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 43 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 03/20/2013
    WRGB in Albany has a breaking news story posted to their Facebook page, claiming that the state of New York is offering up bribes for people to rat out those possessing illegal firearms – an interesting development considering the adoption of the new anti-Second Amendment SAFE Act legislation. In other words, a firearm that may have been obtained legally could become illegal under the SAFE Act, and anybody who knows you possess said firearm can report you and earn themselves a cool $500. In addition to the Facebook page, Pat Bailey, a reporter from at CBS 6 in Albany, tweeted...
  • Legislator Introduces Bill Banning Kids Under 12 From Attending Gun Shows

    03/14/2013 5:58:44 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 28 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 03/14/2013
    You’ll shoot your eye out kid! Or at least that’s what one Assemblywoman must believe of children that attend gun shows with their family. Linda Rosenthal (D) has introduced a new bill that would ban children under 12 from attending a gun show in New York state. Via the Times Union (the sarcasm is fantastic): The bill was put forward by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, who hails from that trackless wilderness and sportsmen’s paradise known as Manhattan. “Children should be learning to read and write, not to shoot a firearm,” Rosenthal says in a statement, as if the two skills were...
  • Four NY Democrats Sentenced to Community Service, Jail Time For Role in Voter Fraud Case

    03/13/2013 2:33:07 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 33 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 03/13/2013
    Four Democrats involved in an upstate New York voter fraud scandal were sentenced yesterday for their respective roles, receiving punishments ranging from hundreds of hours of community service, to jail time. The group consisted of a former city clerk, an ex-City Councilman, a Democrat operative, and a Committeeman who a year ago had declared ballot forgery in upstate New York to be “a normal political tactic“. Those sentenced yesterday were cooperating witnesses in a scheme which saw dozens of voters testify that absentee ballots had been submitted in their names during the 2009 Working Families Party (WFP) primary. Securing the...
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: We Will Not Comply With New York’s Gun Law

    03/11/2013 5:15:34 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 3 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 03/11/2013
    Citing a pesky little thing known as the Constitution of the United States, the Department of Veterans Affairs has vowed that they will not comply with a provision in the New York SAFE Act that requires doctors to alert authorities to people they deem “likely” to pose a threat. Via New York World: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said it will not comply with New York State’s new law requiring mental health providers to report potentially dangerous individuals to state authorities. The Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act, the sweeping gun-control law that goes into effect this week,...
  • Councilwoman Who Spoke at Pro-Domestic Terrorist Event, Requests Anti-Violence Program Funding

    03/08/2013 12:03:57 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 1 replies
    An Albany Councilwoman who attended and spoke at an event last year that featured a veritable who’s-who of former domestic terrorists (bomb makers, convicted cop-killers), is now requesting funding for a “community based anti-violence program” according to the Times Union. As an esteemed member of the Common Council, Barbara Smith is requesting state funding for the anti-violence program known as SNUG. According to the Times Union report: A local delegation — including state Sen. Neil Breslin, Harris Oberlander, head of the Trinity Alliance, the nonprofit that runs the SNUG program; Common Councilwoman Barbara Smith; and Assistant Police Chief Brendan Cox...
  • Democrat Assemblyman’s Comments About “Sexy” Underage Girl Led to 911 Call, Child Abuse Report

    03/08/2013 12:02:00 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 11 replies
    Downstate Democrat Assemblyman Vito Lopez not only leered at a 14-year-old intern and encouraged other women in his office to dress as “sexy” as the teen does, but his remarks were so startling that it prompted another staffer’s mother to call 911, and the police to file a sexual harassment/child abuse report, according to the Daily News. Remember, this is the same man that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver used hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to shield from sexual harassment charges. We reported on this incident last month. Here’s a little background…
  • Video: Here is What Is Wrong With Your GOP Today – McCain Tells Rand Paul to “Calm Down”

    03/07/2013 10:09:54 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 24 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 03/07/2013
    The entire conservative blogosphere was energized by Rand Paul’s defense of the Constitution, Due Process, and the American people yesterday, and McCain ridicules them as “impressionable libertarian kids”. Lindsey Graham also chimed in, saying he was “disappointed” with those who joined Paul’s filibuster, and added he would vote to confirm Brennan … because of the filibuster. Let me get this straight – You’re going to confirm a man as Director of the CIA because somebody had the balls to ask the President of the United States whether or not he feels he has the authority to execute an American citizen...
  • Dem Assemblyman Drops F-Bombs on Second Amendment Advocates, Gets Bar of Soap Mailed to Him

    03/07/2013 9:32:55 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 12 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 03/07/2013
    Apparently the heat from last week’s gun control rally got to state Assemblyman Al Stirpe, a Democrat representing the 121st district. Stirpe voted in favor of New York’s gun legislation, the SAFE Act. During a meeting on Thursday, several protesters asked the Assemblyman questions that they described as “legitimate and sincere”. But Stirpe felt he was being shouted down without being able to provide answers to the questions. And that’s when this happened… Via “I said ‘If you blanking guys would care more about education and the crumbling roads and bridges in our state, you’d be living in a...
  • You Lie! Illegal Immigrants by the Thousands to be Released by Obama Administration

    03/04/2013 1:23:03 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 5 replies
    A follow up to this story, in which it was reported that “waves” of illegal immigrants were being released from jail buoyed by the excuse of budget cuts via the sequestration. After that news came to light, an official from the Department of Homeland Security ‘resigned’, and the White House started claiming that it wasn’t waves of criminals being released, but rather “a few hundred”.
  • Upstate Democrat To Gun Supporters: You’re All A Bunch Of “Gun-Toting Tea Party Psychotards”

    02/27/2013 4:06:10 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 34 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 02/27/2013
    Hudson city Alderman, Dave Marston, has found himself in a bit of hot water after an e-mail exchange that saw him refer to Second Amendment supporters as “gun-toting Tea Party psychotards”, implying that all gun supporters are “unemployed”, threatened to “beat you barbarians back”, and tosses in a Nazi reference for good measure. Apparently Mr. Marston didn’t get his party’s memo concerning the “new tone” in politics.
  • Democrats Plan To Pay Second Amendment Protesters Gets Shot Down

    02/25/2013 7:29:53 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 13 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 02/25/2013
    A ‘Second Amendment Rally’ is being held in Albany this Thursday the 28th, and will feature National Rifle Association President David Keene, and various other speakers opposed to new gun legislation passed last month in New York state. The Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act of 2013 currently hails as the single most restrictive assault on Second Amendment rights in the country, and was forced through the legislative process without public review – a tactic that even Governor Cuomo admits was the only way to enact the law. As a counter to the massive Second Amendment support being demonstrated...
  • WWE Invites Glenn Beck To Appear On Their Monday Night Raw Show

    02/22/2013 11:48:26 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 1 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 02/22/2013
    Beck responded on his Blaze TV program, ripping the WWE for creating a “stereotype of a conservative that I’ve never met” and calling Linda McMahon a “progressive Republican that we worry about”. McMahon is the former CEO of the WWE and helped current Chairman and CEO of the WWE, her husband Vince McMahon, manage their wrestling empire. Now the WWE has responded by officially inviting Glenn Beck to appear on their primetime Monday night wrestling show, Raw. Here is the WWE press release: WWE has extended an invitation to talk show host and political commentator, Glenn Beck to appear live...
  • Political Cartoon Mocks Murdered Navy SEAL To Make Point On Gun Control

    02/14/2013 2:54:47 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 12 replies
    Political cartoonist Lee Judge took an abhorrent cheap shot at Second Amendment supporters recently, by using the murder of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle as a means to belittle their argument. Kyle is the decorated American sniper that was tragically murdered earlier in the month by an Iraq war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Kyle’s friend, Chad Littlefield was also murdered that day. As is typical of gun control fanatics, Judge completely ignores the mental health issue involved in the killing, and instead mocks Kyle’s inability to stop the shooting. Via BizPac Review (h/t Weasel Zippers): . . ....
  • Court Rules School Bus Driver Who Failed Drug Test Should Get Job Back

    02/13/2013 9:16:31 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 12 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 02/13/2013
    The driver on the bus goes puff, puff, puff… How comfortable are you with a marijuana smoking bus driver bringing your kids to school? Students at a school in upstate New York are being forced to deal with it. Cynthia DiDomenicantonio, a bus driver for the Shenendehowa School District in Clifton Park, was fired from her job for failing a drug test. An Appeals Court however, decided the firing was “too severe a punishment”, and have ordered the school to reinstate DiDomenicantonio.
  • NY Democrat Allegedly Falsified $67,000 In Travel Expenses

    02/05/2013 4:03:53 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 9 replies
    New York State Assemblyman William F. Boyland, Jr., already under federal indictment for bribery, now stands accused of falsifying more than $67,000 in travel expenses over a five year period. According to the Times Union, Boyland filed false claims on 609 out of the 975 days that he requested travel reimbursements during that time span. The State Comptroller’s Office has declined to make the report public, and Albany County District Attorney David Soares, a Democrat, has still failed to take action against Boyland, despite specific requests from colleagues in the Assembly. Via the New York Post: Embattled state Assemblyman William...
  • Pro-Choice – As Long As It’s The Same Choice They Make

    02/05/2013 3:12:57 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 1 replies
    The Mental Recession ^ | 02/04/2013 | Frank Razzano
    Why is it that The Right is described as “anti-choice” when The Left is talking about abortion? But The Left is not regarded as anti-choice when they talk about gun control? When The Left talks about “saving just one life” by doing things like banning guns, why doesn’t that logic apply to late term, partial birth, or any abortion? Have you ever seen an Intact Dialation and Extraction procedure? There no denying that what the doctor is doing is killing a viable human life. Let me be clear on this, I believe an abortion, in 99% of cases, is a...
  • "One Gun With One Bullett": More Evidence that NY Democrats Are Coming For the Second Amendment

    01/21/2013 9:20:07 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 19 replies
    Last week we showed you a Democrat wish list for gun control proposals, as presented by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin. The list was given to McLaughlin by a colleague in the Senate, and includes a host of radical Second Amendment-trampling ideas, including the confiscation of so-called 'assault weapons', the re-labeling of semi-automatic shotguns as 'assault weapons', and the confiscation of magazines hosting 5 rounds or more. More video clips from the debates leading up to the Governor's over-reaching gun grab are surfacing, and there is clear evidence supporting the list presented by Mr. McLaughlin as reality. Democrat proposals are so radical...
  • Democrat: Please Don't Release That Document Showing We Actually Do Want to Confiscate Guns

    01/18/2013 2:42:20 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 23 replies
    Late last night, New York Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, one of the few Republicans with a strong enough spine to stand up to the new gun legislation, released the following statement on his Facebook page. "Here it is. This is the video where I was asked to keep the Democrat proposals for the NY SAFE Act away from the public. This list was given to me by a colleague and it is not confidential. This bill was an attack on the 2nd amendment and the Democrats clearly wanted to dismantle the work of the Founding Fathers. None of these amendments were...
  • Petition Urging Repeal of New York's Gun Law Gets 40,000 Signatures In One Day

    01/16/2013 3:35:25 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 11 replies
    Yesterday we reported on only two Republican state Senators here in New York having the courage to stand up against Governor Cuomo's political gun grab legislation. One of those Senators, Kathy Marchione, had started a petition on her website in an attempt to demonstrate "strong public support for preserving our Constitutional freedoms". The support is indeed strong, with reports indicating that signatures are being placed on the petition at a clip of over 1,300 per hour. Since yesterday, the petition - found here - has received over 40,000 signatures in total. Marchione posted this on Facebook earlier this afternoon: "40,402....
  • Can the Governor of New York and 2016 Presidential Hopeful Actually Be this Thick?

    01/15/2013 7:13:03 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 15 replies
    In reading up on Governor Cuomo's new gun legislation in New York, I came across a rather startling statement. Startling in it's pure and utter stupidity. And in what Cuomo termed "the Webster Provision" — a reference to the Dec. 24 killings of two firefighters fatally shot while responding to a call in a suburb of Rochester — the murder of a first responder will become a felony punishable by life in prison without parole. That's right, a future Presidential hopeful for 2016 is actually bragging about a provision in his gun law named specifically for one individual gun man,...
  • Dems in Scandal Targeted Stroke Victim Because He Would Have "A Hard Time Getting to the Polls"

    11/28/2012 5:53:42 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 11 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 11/27/2012
    Democrat and local school board member, Ed McDonough is on trial in upstate New York for his alleged role in a voter fraud scheme that has already seen numerous colleagues implicated, of which four have already pled guilty. One of those colleagues, Dan Brown, brother and former campaign manager for Democrat City Councilman John Brown, received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony. Monday's testimony may have revealed new depths to which the Democrats were willing to stoop in order to win elections. Mind you, we've already heard prior testimony that gives insight into just who the Democrats felt...
  • Occupy Albany Insists Movement Isn't Dead, Proves It By Holding 5-Person Yoga Class in a McDonald's

    10/24/2012 4:30:50 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 10 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 10/24/2012
    This past Sunday, remnants of what is left of the Occupy Albany movement celebrated their one-month Anniversary by tying up traffic and insisting that they were "taking it to the man". Who that man is, is anybody's guess. A report from WNYT-Albany showed protesters insisting that despite a meager number of participants in the historic one-year march, the movement was far from dead. “As the capacity of an organizer, it never left. It’s not dead. It’s alive and well. It’s just that most of the organizers like myself, had school to do,” said Eddie Alkubari. It's not dead. It's alive...
  • Scandal: 'Obama Campaign is Clearly Soliciting Donations From Foreign Nationals'

    10/08/2012 6:50:20 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 15 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 10/08/2012
    Over the last few days, the internet has been abuzz with the possibility that the Obama campaign was about to be nailed with a major foreign donor scandal, with some even speculating that the President was so distracted by the pending story, that it contributed to his horrible debate performance. Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner wrote: President Obama's reelection campaign, rattled by his Wednesday night debate performance, could be in for even worse news. According to knowledgeable sources, a national magazine and a national web site are preparing a blockbuster donor scandal story. The campaign tried desperately to block...
  • Clinton Promises Answers on Benghazi Attack ... After the Election

    10/03/2012 1:04:28 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 13 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 10/03/2012
    On Monday, leaders from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (Darrell Idea and Jason Chaffetz) sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking why requests for protection were denied to the consulate in Libya despite repeated attacks against U.S. personnel. The letter outlined 13 specific security threats over a six-month timeframe prior to the deadly attack on September 11th, which claimed the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other diplomats. The committee also indicated that they would be holding a hearing on the security lapses next week. Clinton's response was to urge the committee not to...
  • Bombshell: White House Covers Up Ambassador's Murder, Were Warned of Attacks Months in Advance

    10/02/2012 5:42:16 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 6 replies
    We know the Obama administration has been actively engaged in a cover-up as to why the U.S. consulate in Benghazi came under attack on September 11th, killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other diplomats. How else to explain the weeks-long campaign to convince people that the attacks were not terrorism. Now we're finding out more details as to why they may have engaged in such a wide-ranging cover-up. But the real smoking gun is whether the Obama administration was warned in advance that al-Qaeda was planning an attack. A number of Israeli newspapers have suggested that Washington was warned as...
  • Even Democrats Are Demanding Answers From the President

    09/28/2012 8:04:43 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 4 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 09/28/2012
    They're normally just so obedient. But the Obama administration's lies are obvious, and the cover up is becoming more scandalous on a daily basis. Via the Washington Examiner: Senate Democrats joined Republicans Thursday in questioning the Obama administration's handling of the fatal Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and why the administration refused for days to acknowledge that it was a terrorist attack linked to al Qaeda. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., circulated a bipartisan letter addressed to Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides, asking for an "accounting of the attacks...
  • Obama Provides Free Parking For Ahmadinejad's 'Iran Air' Plane

    09/26/2012 1:13:12 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 33 replies
    It's a Presidential love triangle gone awry. While Obama has openly dumped one of our most important ally's in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an appearance with the ladies of The View, he has also been showering Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with gifts - such as free parking for his Boeing 747 in Washington. The plane, named "Iran Air", exchanged fleeting glances with the President's plane. Via the Washington Post: Free parking is hard to find in Washington — but not, apparently, for the Boeing 747 that ferried Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to this week’s United Nations General Assembly gathering in...
  • Obama Donor Heads Organization that Freed Terrorist Accused of Plotting Attack in Benghazi

    09/21/2012 8:01:50 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 24 replies
    Mental Recession ^ | 09/20/2012
    There are reports tonight that a radical left-wing organization is responsible for helping to free a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay named Abu Sufian bin Qumu. Bin Qumu has been cited by multiple sources at Fox News as at least being involved with, and possibly playing the lead role in the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Those attacks resulted in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American diplomats. Michelle Malkin has revealed that the Center for Constitutional Rights represented Qumu and helped lead the charge in freeing him back in 2007. President Emeritus...
  • Top 5 Reasons Romney Would Beat Obama in a Fistfight

    09/15/2012 7:38:28 AM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 20 replies
    At first blush, this might seem like a gratuitous post. A post designed to lure in readers with its over the top rhetoric and a forced analysis of a ridiculous and fictitious scenario. A sensationalizing of the campaign battle by literally determining who could win a knock down, drag 'em out fight. And you'd be right. (We need readers) But it's also a response to a recent poll conducted by the Yahoo!/Esquire Langer group in which, for some reason they decided to ask likely voters which of the two candidates would win in a fistfight. It wasn't even a close...
  • United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Accused of Filing False Tax Return

    09/14/2012 1:19:49 PM PDT · by rustyweiss74 · 47 replies
    Citing what they call an "impossible transaction" the campaign team for Wendy Long sent out a press release today accusing United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of filing a false tax return in 2010. Here is a copy of the press release: A cursory review of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's taxes indicates a transaction that was impossible. But the New York Times refused to even examine the issue. U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long said, "Two things stand out here: we have a tax code that even a U.S. Senator can't get right and a liberal media goliath that is playing one side...
  • Video: Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Condemn Democrat Who Compared Paul Ryan and Republicans to Nazis

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    Mental Recession ^ | 09/03/2012
    Earlier this morning, we alerted you to a report that the Democrat Party Chair from California, John Burton, compared Paul Ryan and the GOP to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. From the Chronicle (who will be posting audio shortly): Greetings from the California delegation breakfast at the DNC where before he had a cup of coffee Democratic Party Chair John Burton – much like his ol’ pal Guv Jerry Brown once did – just compared the Republicans to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, for “telling the big lie,” a reference to several falsehoods GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan recently told. “They lie...
  • Breaking: California Democrat Compares Paul Ryan to Nazi Joseph Goebbels

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    Mental Recession ^ | 09/03/2012
    New tone alert... According to a just released report from the San Francisco Chronicle, California Democratic Party Chair John Burton compared Paul Ryan and the GOP to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Let's see how - or if - the media reports this outrageous comment. Had this been a Republican, you would have already heard about it, as opposed to having to read it here. From the Chronicle (who will be posting audio shortly): Greetings from the California delegation breakfast at the DNC where before he had a cup of coffee Democratic Party Chair John Burton – much like his ol’...
  • Guy With Laser-Like Focus on the Economy Releases His Home Brewed Beer Recipe

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    Mental Recession ^ | 09/01/2012
    Amidst a flooding crisis in Louisiana that has left thousands seeking help in emergency shelters and thousands more lined up seeking necessities, and in the midst of the longest period of sustained unemployment since World War II, with an administration that recently claimed the President has "a lot on his plate", so much so that he can't meet with his jobs council that hasn't convened since January, the over-worked President had time to release this - his recipe for making home-brewed beer. From the official White House website: Ed. Note: There's been a lot of buzz online recently about the...