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  • Ted Cruz Is No Hero For Insulting A Room Of Persecuted Christians

    09/11/2014 2:00:31 PM PDT · 107 of 193
    saradippity to alstewartfan

    A question that I often see and find the answers very interesting is:What is a Jew?

    The answer may surprise you but is important to know.

  • Ted Cruz Is No Hero For Insulting A Room Of Persecuted Christians

    09/11/2014 1:51:49 PM PDT · 96 of 193
    saradippity to Pyro7480
    Thanks for posting that article. When I came to Free Republic I was impressed with the fact that the posters seemed level headed,practical,seriously seeking truth,generally speaking truth when they had facts backing it up and then I assumed that the posters were most probably living the truth. I thought that for the most part the membership/readership were a very reality based population and that I have always thought to be of utmost importance as we live our lives.

    Over the past few years I find more people posting on Free Republic with opinions,that they seem to place on a par with facts. This leads us away from truth and into a world that doesn't exist but in the minds of folks who have kind of lost their bearings. There is no more core or foundation for many. This is dangerous.

    I just pray everyone will step back and ask God to give them the mind or heart of those they hate and then try to understand why they might feel that way. It doesn't take long to figure it out.

  • Ted Cruz walks out of Christian event after being booed

    09/11/2014 12:03:50 PM PDT · 37 of 62
    saradippity to SoConPubbie

    Unfortunately I know quite a few thoughtful,christian conservatives who believe that the consequences of killing innocent men,women and children lead to ever escalating deaths of innocents as opposing parties defend what they believe to be their best interests and often are not.

    I think we need to spend far more time seeking the Truth and then we might find that the “Truth” is not what we were first told it was by men with agendas that were not in our best interest.

  • Ted Cruz walks out of Christian event after being booed

    09/11/2014 11:48:53 AM PDT · 29 of 62
    saradippity to Sacajaweau
    Another possible explanation!!

    There are many people who silently are upset with “standing with Israel”.

    Voters elect and/or support people who have values and ideals and principles that are consonant with the values,ideals and principles they,themselves espouse.

    Many conservatives do not believe that the United States and Israel are glued together,in fact many conservatives believe that it is not in the best interest of this country or any political candidate to take a political position pledging allegiance to any other country than the United States of America.

  • The Hail Mary of a Protestant

    09/07/2014 9:59:06 AM PDT · 633 of 941
    saradippity to narses

    That was excellent,both explanatory as well as very moving,thank you!!!


  • Yazidis Haunted by Cries for Help as Militants Bury Victims Alive

    08/23/2014 11:42:50 AM PDT · 37 of 40
    saradippity to hulagirl
    I think you hit the nail on the head with your assessment concerning their religious affiliation.

    The other reason you might think about involves what the Yezidies may look like. I am thinking if they are about 3 feet tall and weigh about 250 pounds and have purple hair it could well be they think it would be great to bring them here as refugees and add them to our “diverse mix” of cultures,religions and ethnicities.

  • The Last Daily Latin Mass in New York Is Facing Extinction

    08/15/2014 5:36:37 PM PDT · 34 of 37
    saradippity to Salvavida

    One tongue means one language and I thought we were talking about the Latin language which is used in the Latin Mass. You should study up a little more,you might end up appreciating it. God Bless You!!

  • The Last Daily Latin Mass in New York Is Facing Extinction

    08/14/2014 10:21:04 PM PDT · 13 of 37
    saradippity to Salvavida

    When I was little I complained to my parents that I couldn’t understand Latin and it was too hot in church.

    My father,who was driving pulled the car over,turned around and said:

    “Honey there is one God,one people,one prayer,one tongue and all over the world 24 hours a day,7 days a week people are telling God how much they love Him. I think it is a beautiful way to honor and worship God and I believe if you think about it you will too. I can’t think of a better way to show God how we love Him and that we love Him before and more than anyone or anything else.”

    I think my dad was right!!!

  • Is the ecomomy the untold casualty of abortion?

    08/03/2014 9:01:57 PM PDT · 64 of 67
    saradippity to wagglebee

    That is a great article,the kind that sold me on Free Republic many years ago. Lately things seem to be in accord with opinions and somewhat one sided. I believe that does little to help us resolve the problems and situations we find ourselves in these days.

    We need more intelligent,thoughtful pieces like that,thanks for posting it.

  • Stunning: California Couple Says They Were Asked to House Immigrant Children

    07/08/2014 4:19:35 PM PDT · 77 of 211
    saradippity to leapfrog0202

    That is what they did in Cuba when Castro took over.

  • Vatican Says Pope Will Demand ‘Sovereign Palestine’

    05/22/2014 3:42:07 PM PDT · 101 of 135
    saradippity to GOPJ; Petronius

    Why look at it with “new eyes”,I thought that truth is truth and not defined by “old or new”. The truth is as Petronius describes it,whether one likes it or not.

  • The Rosary & Mary’s Jewish Prayer Life

    05/15/2014 9:01:26 PM PDT · 19 of 42
    saradippity to aMorePerfectUnion; Biggirl
    I wonder if you have thought about how we know about the birth of Jesus,the visitation,taking Baby Jesus to Egypt;you know all those stories about what happened when Mary was with child and Jesus first twelve years. Have you ever thought about it? Does thinking about it make you curious?

    How did all of that information get into the New Testament,could it be that the scripture readings concerning all of that information came from the knowledge that Mary transmitted to the twelve after Jesus had been crucified and left in John's keeping? Could they have(the twelve) visited John and Mary and learned about the beginnings? If not,how did they know I think if you pray about it you may get some answers that may surprise you!

  • New clinical trials underway for advanced lung cancer patients

    04/23/2014 9:44:23 PM PDT · 16 of 21
    saradippity to Lurkina.n.Learnin
    I have learned that one of the reasons people live longer than five years after diagnosis is because they are able to find these cancers which may have lain dormant for ten/fifteen years before they were ever found years ago.

    When I was a young x-ray tech in the late fifties,and worked the night shift the pathologists would invite me down to the lab when they were doing autopsies,they (two) of them and the only two that invited me to watch both said that if one did a complete autopsy on folks in their sixties and older,they were sure to find four or five cancers that had encapsulated themselves and never bothered the person. I have found this substantiated through the years in different studies.

  • Perilous times for the church in America (vanity)

    04/22/2014 9:33:00 PM PDT · 73 of 89
    saradippity to JPX2011
    Thank you for your clear and wise responses. They are a joy to read.

    I used to participate on many of these threads but became sour and tired and got a little snippy. I prayed God would send the Holy Spirit to ensure that my comments did not turn people away from Him. Evidently the Holy Spirit thought they did because I sensed that discretion was probably the better part of valor and stopped commenting as much.

    Consequently I usually just stay silent and shake my head in disbelief at some of the posts and comments.

    I ordered and just received a book that was published this year called “The Mississippi Flows Into the Tiber”. It is over a thousand pages or thereabouts and riveting. I need to add that some of the writings are not as eloquent and substantive as other writings. It consists of thumbnail descriptions of notable Americans that have converted to the Catholic Church.

  • Fox News: Not so fair and Balanced in the Religion Department (Is MSNBC any Better?

    01/27/2014 8:37:15 PM PST · 113 of 127
    saradippity to oldbill

    You forgot to mention that they also have terrific senses of humor!!

  • Pope Francis’ doctrine chief: Bishops conference presidents are not ‘vice-popes’

    12/31/2013 10:53:40 AM PST · 29 of 63
    saradippity to .45 Long Colt; markomalley
    I wonder if non-Catholics pay attention to the person or group that Jesus was talking with or teaching when they interpret scripture. I learned that that was very important if one wanted to follow Christ correctly through relying on reading the scriptures.

    I believe it is so important because the lack of that kind of information can lead to serious divisions amongst us when determining what roles are assigned to what person or persons and what tasks accompany those roles.It may be at the core of many difficulties non-Catholics have in understanding Catholicism. I would be very interested in your thoughts. Thank you.

  • Health director who approved Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash

    12/14/2013 9:20:52 PM PST · 276 of 344
    saradippity to agere_contra
    So true about the stewardess,I believe she waited in town for several hours before they were able to put her on a plane to Ramstein Germany. She was able to talk to the people who were around the base and the town and then died on the plane trip to the base. The air traffic controller in the tower that day committed suicide the following Monday or thereabouts.
  • Morality and economics, Pope Francis, and Rush Limbaugh

    11/30/2013 5:44:17 PM PST · 37 of 124
    saradippity to JSteff; NYer
    FYI,Rush's comments took up over seven pages after I approximated and subtracted how much space was taken up by the pictures. Father Trigiliio's comment took up about 3 and one third pages at most.

    To put it another way Rush's comments used about 200 lines whereas Fr. Trigilio used only 90 or so to say what he had to say.

    I hope that Rush thinks things out more thoughtfully in the future,I think he and his opinions have created more problems than solutions,often he has relegated very good thinkers and men and women of integrity to the "fringe group" as he salivated over one of his favorites candidates.

    Thanks for a good article NY'er!!!!

  • Personal need

    11/18/2013 9:54:52 PM PST · 35 of 36
    saradippity to MarkBsnr
    I am sending prayers up from the desert and hope that you will soon be granted the relief,healing and release you would like.

    A friend and I were discussing how so often it seems that right before we have been ready to take a step forward in our relationship with our Triune God it has seemed that the “evil one” or something has entered and senses our increasing commitment and sends obstacles to distract and prevent an easy forward progression on the journey.

    So I hope and pray that something wonderful is in store for you. I enjoy many of your posts.

  • Biblical Evidence [Suggested by Protestants...] For Saints in Heaven Being Aware of Earthly Events

    10/30/2013 1:53:36 PM PDT · 46 of 101
    saradippity to aumrl; GonzoII
    I don't know whether either of you are Catholic or non-Catholic but I was happy that you,aumrl,said Jesus is Truth. I think that is Gonzo’s belief also.

    As a Catholic I get quite distressed that so many posters talk about “Jesus is Truth”,which of course is one of Catholicism's core beliefs yet never seem to understand the depth,scope,profundity and application of that simple statement.

    The same superficial understanding of the term “Jesus is the Word” permeates the discussions on that subject also. This creates much frustration and more between the Catholics and non-Catholics.

    Just know that to Catholics "Truth" and the "Word" means that everything that Jesus said,read,taught and did,where He did it,when He did it and who He spoke to is the "Truth" and the "Word",or in other words Jesus is all. Maybe Catholics have read too much into Scriptures and perhaps non-Catholics have limited Him by not considering everything written in the New Testament of great import.

    Whatever is creating this I believe that the time has come for Christians to recognize that our religion and western civilization will be erased from our world as we know it if we don't stand together and do as God commanded.

  • JFK, Conservative

    10/26/2013 11:00:43 PM PDT · 96 of 97
    saradippity to NKP_Vet
    Thank you for posting and commenting on John Kennedy. I agree with most of what you say and I have long wondered why all the animosity and vitriol about a bright,witty and conservative and inspirational president. I couldn't believe how the same people who vilified him did an about face and practically canonized him after the assassination.

    I was 23 and living in Texas when he was killed and there was no question that he was disturbing a lot of the power structure which led to the fantasy Camelot which certainly was not what the power establishment had thought when he was in office.

    The turnabout was so blatant that I was convinced that he had to die because he knew how corrupt this country was becoming,where the bodies were buried and who they were and intended to do something about it.

    The second person who I genuinely admired and voted for was Reagan,when the same establishment folks planned to off him early in his tenure,I knew that we were in big trouble and there would be a time when the middle could not hold,I am afraid we are there.

    BTW you are so on the money about Nixon who was as liberal as Ford,Clinton,Bush and Obama.

  • Jim Robinson is in need of FReeper Prayers [Jim's update in reply @ #1011]

    09/29/2013 12:09:00 PM PDT · 916 of 1,124
    saradippity to Jim Robinson
    Prayers for you are going up from the desert,God bless you and be with you and your doctors,Monday and always. Looking forward to messages from you on your laptop Tuesday!!
  • Has the Pope Taken His First Steps into Last Days Apostasy?

    09/26/2013 11:18:35 PM PDT · 236 of 347
    saradippity to jodyel
    I am amazed at your understanding of Catholicism. You describe it as filled with " light,love and lollipops". I have been Catholic all of my life,I have never been taught anything except what Christ directed his apostles to do before He ascended into heaven He told them to go out into the world,baptize all nations and "teach them what I have commanded you".

    In fact,the reason that the ex-Catholics I know,and I know many,left the Church to either opt out of all religious organizations or join protestant churches,was because what Christ had taught was demanding,there were rules that were difficult to follow especially if one wanted to do what they wanted to do.

    They also liked the social interaction in the protestant services and the lack of hard and fast rules and the fact that they didn't have to go to confession and if they didn't like the minister they would go to another church with a minister they liked more.

    Since the sixties there has been a group that were infiltrated into the Church pretty intensively after WWI(1917) and had risen to some high positions by the sixties. The idea was to destroy the Church from within so that come the millennium that Church would pose no threat. But the Triune God protects His people.

  • After years of decline, Catholics see rise in number of future priests

    09/25/2013 11:29:22 AM PDT · 7 of 32
    saradippity to MeganC; NYer
    Please don't worry, steps have been taken to eliminate most of the problems that led to this last devastating scandal.

    I think the Church now knows that many infiltrators were placed in the seminaries in order to implode the Catholic Church.

    I have observed that the most innocent and honest men are often the most easily fooled because they cannot imagine the duplicity and cupidity that exist in others.

  • "This Is How It Is" – In Mega-Interview, Francis Lowers the Boom. Again

    09/19/2013 9:19:30 PM PDT · 39 of 60
    saradippity to Mr Rogers; Mrs. Don-o; Tax-chick; NYer
    Early in the interview the Pope tells the interviewer that he (the pope)preferred to think rather than provide answers on the spot. The author goes on to explain that the pope interrupted what he was saying in response to a question several times,in order to add something to an earlier response. The author also goes on to describe talking with Pope Frances as “kind of a volcanic flow of ideas that are bound up with each other”. I think it is very important to understand that when commenting on the context of each comment in light of the entire article.

    With that in mind,several pages after the remarks that you found disturbing he gets back on subject and the pope says:”We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion,gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This not possible. I have not spoken much about these things and I was reprimanded for that. But when we speak about these issues,we have to talk about them in context. The teaching of the church,for that matter,is clear and I am a son of the church,but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all of the time”.

    I think he is telling his church that we need to be more Christlike if we are to draw people to Christ. He is giving us a tool to evangelize by acting more Christlike ourselves.I think it was St. Frances of Assisi that said “ago out and bring people to Christ,use words if you have to”. I for one needed to be reminded of that as I believe many others also need reminders every now and then.

  • Prayer Request For My Wife

    09/17/2013 10:55:45 AM PDT · 113 of 302
    saradippity to pgkdan

    Prayers going up from the desert; I will pray for you and Janet and dedicate the second decade of the rosary tonight to both of you.

  • Pope's letter to non-believers in Italian paper La Repubblica

    09/12/2013 10:50:40 AM PDT · 78 of 137
    saradippity to bramps
    I think he is coming from a different place. It is also difficult to know whether or not this is a flawed interpretation of a poor translation of what the actually Pope said.

    But in any case I would say that one could argue from scripture that invincible ignorance and the fruits thereof is in play throughout the New Testament at least.

    Christ said He had to leave but the apostles needn't worry because He would send the Holy Spirit,the Spirit of Truth to dwell in their hearts. Several persons were accepted as having the Truth when they acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God. Peter was elevated after he told Christ that was who He was. The thief on the cross was told that he would be with Him (Christ) in paradise because he spoke the truth both with regard to his own unworthiness and guilt as well as to Christ's innocence. Many persons knew the Truth because it is in ones heart,planted by God.(P)(p) Julia,Pilate's wife knew Jesus was innocent as did Pilate but he chose to wash his hands of the whole thing and throw it out to the crowd,hoping that they would not put Christ to death but too weak and scared of losing his position to act on the Truth. The crowd,through ignorance,brainwashing or pridefulness chose to ignore Truth and call for death. Two thousand years not much has changed.

  • Pope's letter to non-believers in Italian paper La Repubblica

    09/11/2013 10:28:23 PM PDT · 32 of 137
    saradippity to bramps

    I have read what the Pope said and did not see where he said that his statement applied to those people with a complete conception of God and still chose to ignore Him.

    I believe he was referring to people who for various and sundry reasons were “invincibly ignorant”. And those who are invincibly ignorant have always been thought to be able to get to heaven. In a nutshell they lived Christlike lives and so could be considered to have arrived in heaven or journeyed back to the Father through Christ unaware.

    If you did read the letter or interview and it stated what you said in your first paragraph,I would like to see it because it would make a considerable difference in my estimation of the Pope. Thank you.

  • Francis: War is Always a Defeat for Humanity (100,000+ attend Vatican vigil)

    09/07/2013 7:33:26 PM PDT · 60 of 107
    saradippity to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    I believe he was sniffing it to see if it was pure leather.

  • Francis: War is Always a Defeat for Humanity (100,000+ attend Vatican vigil)

    09/07/2013 5:52:49 PM PDT · 42 of 107
    saradippity to Bidimus1
    Your comment shows you have very little knowledge of what actually happened during World War II.You need to read up before you embarrass yourself to those who know the truth and the facts.

    You may be content with your misunderstandings but it is wrong for you to present error as fact to others who might believe your mistatements and that is what you are doing. Look up a playwright with the first name of Rolf who wrote a play called “The Deputy”,many years after the war ended. That is when the lies began and truth was untethered from reality.

  • Incredible skeletal remains of 'Catholic saints' dug up, still dripping in gems and jewellery

    09/06/2013 8:47:56 PM PDT · 296 of 503
    saradippity to jodyel
    I would guess that you are still quite young and probably have not studied history,literature,philosophy and maybe sociology or anthropology. And maybe you have not known people who were and still are very poor.

    When I was in my teens we had hot discussions with the nuns and the priests over the very same issues you are commenting on. We asked them why couldn't the church build spartan churches,donate to the poor and hungry,forget the beautiful altar cloths and the ornate statues and stained glass and help the needy. We were told that if we followed Christ,”the Way,the Truth and the Life”,we would understand and years later I realized that they were right.

    In this day and age,believe it or not,there are still many people who have not the money or the leisure time to travel,go to plays,museums,operas and attend other cultural events. Their homes may be very modest and furnished pretty sparsely and I have been to more than a few of those homes and had wonderful conversations about a myriad of subjects. One thing I learned was that many of them spoke glowingly about the beauty of their churches,I heard how when things got rough and they were just down they enjoyed sitting in the silence of the church praying and enjoying the beauty of the altar,or the stained glass windows or a particularly beautiful statue of a saint.

    The experiences were an awakening,I had been so arrogant as to use myself as the representative woman of the world and base my views of what would and should be. I hadn't ever recognized that for many people their experience of beauty was limited to many things that were close and of no cost.So if those things that are lovely,soothing,beautiful also honor God,what could possibly be more pleasing? I am sure that you probably know that if they sold all of the buildings and artwork and valuables of the Church it would all be gone in a very short time and soon we would see wealthy people e-baying then and making money to go round the world to see exotic places in person.

  • Obama Continues to Snub Israeli Leaders, Refuses All NY Meetings

    09/20/2012 11:34:41 AM PDT · 30 of 38
    saradippity to The Sons of Liberty
    And even if he has the Jewish vote locked up,in terms of actual numbers it really doesn't amount to much.

    What is really of great import is where is the Jewish money,that may very well be with Obama and that is what counts.

  • Benedict XVI: “Real Believers Don’t Kill”

    09/16/2012 11:30:00 PM PDT · 47 of 77
    saradippity to marshmallow
    I submitted this response about a half hour ago but it hasn't shown up.

    I just wanted to thank you for so many of the great articles you have posted such as this one as well as the many concise and clear comments,right now I'm referring to the comment you made to a responder.

  • Benedict XVI: “Real Believers Don’t Kill”

    09/16/2012 11:21:56 PM PDT · 46 of 77
    saradippity to count-your-change
    Nevertheless,in both Matthew and John,Jesus tells Peter to put away the sword. In one He says God would send a legion of angels if He chose;in the other He says He He must go.

    He also asks Peter in both gospels to put the sword away and in the one I had referred to He says those who live by sword shall perish by it.

    I only mentioned it to draw attention to the fact that despite some of the comments questioning what the Pope was doing and saying there are many good reasons to believe the Pope was "following" Truth (Jesus) and Jesus believes it necessary to warn His slumbering people that they should at least be very careful lest their actions cause even more grief.

  • Benedict XVI: “Real Believers Don’t Kill”

    09/16/2012 9:50:49 PM PDT · 42 of 77
    saradippity to count-your-change; Salvation; Mrs. Don-o; NYer
    Why do you think that Jesus picked up the ear of the centurion and placed it back where it came from? I am talking about the ear that Peter, roused from his sleep,and seeking to help save Jesus,lopped off.

    And then,what did Jesus say to Peter? I believe He said,"those who live by the sword will die by the sword",didn't He?

    It seems to me that since this was Christs last night on earth that the conversation was more than some casual back and forth between Jesus and Peter,just maybe He was telling Peter about the futility of fighting and killing. Maybe Benedict XVI follows Him,just as He asked Peter (in perpetuity) to do.

    And maybe Benedict XVI is obedient and understands what Christ is telling him to do today. And maybe we all ought to pray and think a little more about what our Triune God wants.

    I am interested in anyone's thought. I feel that we are just like those people that lived at the time of the Crucifixion.half asleep but eager to help and more often than not do the wrong thing because we forget what God has taught us.

  • Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile

    09/14/2012 7:50:34 PM PDT · 90 of 125
    saradippity to MestaMachine

    end of first sentence in the second para should read (unusual that he would be out of the embassy for 7/11.)

  • Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile

    09/14/2012 7:42:14 PM PDT · 89 of 125
    saradippity to MestaMachine
    Do you know if they drove the 400 miles to Benghazi or did they fly in? When did they get there and how long were they planning to stay?

    It does seem somewhat unusual that he would out of the embassy for 7/11. Whole thing seems awfully odd or evidence that the agencies our government relies on for info are incompetent,or that the analysts and government decision makers the agencies report to are not very bright.

    Hope you know the answers to my questions,I am just very curious. Thanks

  • Do Crosses at Catholic University Violate “Human Rights” of Muslims?

    08/14/2012 9:41:30 PM PDT · 52 of 82
    saradippity to muawiyah
    I think you are correct. Several years ago Georgetown took down their crucifixes so that they didn't offend students who were not Catholic.

    It was the Muslim students who asked that they be put back on the walls. They said that they certainly expected that there would be crucifixes on the walls since they were attending a Catholic University and were perfectly aware that there would be symbols and other things Catholic in the environment.

    They seemed to be offended that the University did not recognize the fact that they were intelligent enough to know what to expect at a school that was established and identified as Catholic when they enrolled.

  • Video Gov. Christie: Please Don't Send Me Any More Money To Hire More Public Employees

    08/08/2012 8:38:40 PM PDT · 6 of 10
    saradippity to winner3000
    It is both satisfying and fun to have bright,articulate truth tellers in the public arena. May some of what they say inculcate itself in people's minds and let us hope and pray that a well informed people will turn this country around.
  • Prayer request for a friend terribly burned

    08/08/2012 8:25:21 PM PDT · 14 of 79
    saradippity to Oratam

    I will be praying for Jen and her husband this evening. May God shower her with graces and may they mitigate the pain and heal her.

  • South Carolina Paper Whacks Gov. Nikki Haley Over 14-Year-Old Daughter's Gift-Shop Job

    07/28/2012 4:04:38 PM PDT · 59 of 67
    saradippity to newzjunkey

    The jobs I found for children of important people were all volunteer work jobs,most of them in a government acute care hospital and/or clinics throughout the county. When they went off to college or entered the real work world they were giant steps ahead of most of their friends and/or fellow students/new employees.

  • South Carolina Paper Whacks Gov. Nikki Haley Over 14-Year-Old Daughter's Gift-Shop Job

    07/28/2012 3:43:42 PM PDT · 56 of 67
    saradippity to newzjunkey
    Thanks for interjecting some good judgment into this thread. It is not at all difficult to see why some of the Republican shtick(?) doesn't resonate with intelligent Independents and other people of good sense.

    If a group of like minded citizens is trying to establish or reestablish a wiser,fairer,kinder,gentler,more exceptional America then wouldn't it be more in keeping with reality to have an important successful public figure's child,and a very young one at that, volunteering in some capacity or another.

    I seem to recall the outrage many conservatives felt when they learned that the young"volunteer" Americorps workers received compensation.

    It is not difficult to see how thoughtless it may seem to an average American struggling with financial problems to parade your fourteen year old daughter's job throughout the media. I have to wonder if there may not be quite a few older persons with or without families that may be looking for work,how might they feel? And,how would we feel if Malia got a job selling papers at the White House news stand?

    I am a former human resource employee in a public agency and I used to get sick and tired of requests to find work for high level bureaucrats and politicians children. I would suggest that they have their children volunteer for a couple of years so that they might be more ready to participate and improve the world we live in. Several of them thanked me and I found placement for their children in positions that allowed them to see the world they never saw from their nice homes and private schools.

  • Al-Jazeera: Tests suggest Arafat died of polonium poisoning

    07/03/2012 1:26:12 PM PDT · 18 of 42
    saradippity to E. Pluribus Unum
    I only heard rumors that he was "gay" after he died,I would like confirmation on that,can you provide it (not confirmation of the rumors,but of the disease).?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Rich families could sponsor poor ones, says Pope

    06/03/2012 12:47:13 PM PDT · 66 of 69
    saradippity to RKV
    I am sorry I was only trying to be helpful.

    However,I did go to New Advent and truly have no idea why you sent me there,there wasn't anything on the home page that reflected your citation. I did not go to the archives but I am sure that it would not be there either,especially as quoted.

    It doesn't seem to corroborate your misinformation or the original poster to whom I responded.

    Have a nice Sunday and a happy,healthy,holy year!!

  • Rich families could sponsor poor ones, says Pope

    06/03/2012 10:06:25 AM PDT · 50 of 69
    saradippity to RKV

    I had no idea that were so many ill informed posters at Free Republic. It is very sad.

  • Rich families could sponsor poor ones, says Pope

    06/03/2012 9:38:56 AM PDT · 45 of 69
    saradippity to .45 Long Colt
    Please read some books that at least strive for an objective view of history. Your remarks are so wildly exaggerated that you lose credibility with any thinking or caring persons.

    Additionally,if you are what you seem to imply,that is, a Bible believing Protestant,and you want to bring more people to Christ,you might want to reexamine your method of evangelizing because you would probably repulse most of the reading public.

  • Rich families could sponsor poor ones, says Pope

    06/03/2012 9:22:31 AM PDT · 44 of 69
    saradippity to Born to Conserve
    I just do not understand why people suggest solutions that simply cannot work

    I think you just simply haven't thought it through enough. If you read some of the replies that precede your comment you will find some interesting thoughts that indicate that it might very well be possible.

    It seems quite clear that whatever it is we are doing now certainly isn't working.

  • Cynthia Nixon’s Wedding Photo With Christine Marinoni Released!

    05/31/2012 9:28:37 PM PDT · 51 of 90
    saradippity to savagesusie

    I always enjoy reading your comments,they are clear,profound and true.

    I am convinced that this country is where it is today because we have denied Truth and untethered to Truth there can be no Trust and without Trust the fabric of society unravels. So here we are disagreeing,bickering,fighting and fragmenting,I’m praying for Divine Intervention since I can’t see any fixes or fixers on the horizon at this point.

    Pope Benedict XVI has written very eloquently about relativism,he is brilliant,humble and holy but since most people are convinced they know more than God Himself,they only listen to the voices in their own heads. I think he could give the world great direction but no one listens.

    Sorry,for being so down but being subjected 24/7 to a barrage of lies is getting on my nerves.

  • Israeli researchers find American Indians with Jewish genetic markers

    05/31/2012 8:00:06 PM PDT · 134 of 145
    saradippity to rmlew

    I believe you said Koestler was a communist,anti Zionist in your first comment. In this post you seem to agree that “Darkness at Noon” was a ‘devastating indictment of communism’. Did Koestler see the error of his ways or did you misstate his position?

  • Prayers needed for leukemia victim

    05/14/2012 9:11:12 AM PDT · 23 of 35
    saradippity to squarebarb
    I will be praying for Matt and is family. Thank you for telling us about him and asking us to pray.

    So often I forget all about the many people who are carrying great burdens and get caught up in my own petty problems losing sight of others' crosses. So many of the requests for prayers are a great reminder to me of what is really important in our lives.