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  • 'Stephen Colbert's sister' represents the worst of American politics

    04/10/2013 8:48:51 AM PDT · 1 of 8
    Forgetting the pros and (many) cons of Mark Sanford. One thing that's been overlooked in this race is just how brazen Stephen Colbert has been about the level of support, if not worship, he gets from large pockets of the population. Even worse, the media are afraid to call him out on it, lest he make fun of them. ("Stephen, how are you so much better at telling the truth than we are?") Colbert stopped lampooning a self-absorbed blowhard and became one himself some time ago. I can barely watch the show anymore, but when I do, it seem his "jokes" these days are little more than self-righteous statements designed to get hoots and hollers of approval from his audience. I'm just wondering what kind of segments Colbert would have if O'Reilly actively pushed for HIS sister to get elected.
  • Most Obnoxious Press Questions For Obama: A Roundup (barf alert)

    03/24/2009 10:21:34 PM PDT · 1 of 7
    This is what I put on their message board. Gee, I wonder if they'll post it. I'm not holding my breath:

    What you call "obnoxious press questions", most of us- even a lot of Democrats- call "freedom of the press". I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with it had these questions been posed to a Republican. It's also quite ironic that, of all sites, would call OTHERS in the media "obnoxious". (pot, kettle, etc.) When you get away from celebrity gossip, and move on (no pun intended) to politics, you just sound like a bunch of hyperpartisans. Give us all a break, and stick to what you know best, will you?

  • Compare and Contrast (Sullivan says Bush & Cheney "more brutal" than the gestapo)

    03/17/2009 4:01:52 AM PDT · 1 of 16
    How do you feel about this? Let Andrew know at Though you are certainly free to do and say what you want, please TRY to refrain from 1) making comments about his sexuality, 2) wishing him actual harm- though that last one may be ESPECIALLY difficult, when he compares our former President & VP to the Gestapo and sanctimonously states, "That's who we are. That's what we've become." No, Andrew- just you. And he calls Glenn Beck insane?!

    Also, please remind Andrew that Bush & Cheney never dunked soldiers in water to see how long it would take them to die, set up death camps, and- oh yes- never sent HIM to one! (guess his sexuality CAN be somewhat relevant here) Yeah yeah- he'll probably respond that he was "only" talking about interrogation techniques. If he does that, make sure to let him know how full of **it he is- by bringing up Nazis, he knows exactly what he was doing.

    One more thing- remind him that he supported the Iraq War, and no amount of shilling for the ultra-ultra-ultra-left will EVER take that away.

  • Drudge Report Showcases the Least Sympathetic Populist Rage Ever

    02/19/2009 3:37:24 PM PST · 16 of 29
    sarcastro to sbMKE

    They may set the bar low, but apparently not low enough for me! I still haven’t seen my comment posted, and all I did was call them out on their left-wing hackery (and said it much more nicely than that on their site).

  • Drudge Report Showcases the Least Sympathetic Populist Rage Ever

    02/19/2009 2:39:59 PM PST · 11 of 29
    sarcastro to sarcastro

    also, I received an automated response that I would need to “audition” before posting. Yes, they actually used that word...

  • Drudge Report Showcases the Least Sympathetic Populist Rage Ever

    02/19/2009 2:36:47 PM PST · 10 of 29
    sarcastro to pgkdan

    I noticed that Gawker hasn’t published my comment, which was somewhat harsh, but respectful. We all know how open-minded those open-minded liberals are about opinions that don’t sync up with their own!

  • Drudge Report Showcases the Least Sympathetic Populist Rage Ever

    02/19/2009 2:16:57 PM PST · 1 of 29
    freep this site! Show leftwing Gawker what you think of this "least sympathetic populist outrage ever"!
  • Taking Yes For An Answer

    12/19/2008 9:11:30 PM PST · 12 of 12
    sarcastro to sarcastro

    Since it looks like my original commentary was deleted (was that part of the copyright issue?), I’ll just say it again- my problem here is that he has become a caricature of his already ridiculous self. If Sullivan has a cold cup of coffee, he finds a way to blame Dubbya for it. He is the most shrill commentator around, but all of a sudden he just happens to finds “reason” at the moment his savior does something that he considers unsavory. I also enjoyed his comment that he can’t be a “real Christian” if he doesn’t embrace Warren, so to speak. I’m sure his fellow gays & lesbians would object to not being “real Christians” for not meeting this standard. Plus, after years and years of Sullivan screaming about people that do not accept the gay agenda 100+%, now he decides, “Welllll...maybe we should be more tolerant”? And he calls HUGH HEWITT a hack?! What a hypocrite, and what a blowhard...again, so to speak...

  • Taking Yes For An Answer

    12/19/2008 9:02:59 PM PST · 11 of 12
    sarcastro to Admin Moderator

    My apologies. I post here roughly twice a year, and just forgot the rules. And sorry for the uber-capitalization- I guess if I’m commenting on a shrill blogger, I should make it a point not to become one!

  • McCain on Glenn Beck Now (Live Thread)

    10/14/2008 7:47:22 PM PDT · 31 of 31
    sarcastro to Texas4ever

    Though I agree with some of his views- especially about the collapse of our faux economy- it seems like Glenn Beck is a little bit of a weasel. He had Huckabee on his show, and it bordered on lovefest. Then, Glenn tore Huckabee to shreds every chance he got. Ben Stein has been on Glenn’s show many, many times, about the economy, yet Glenn never confronted Ben on his cheerleading for financial stocks last year! And now this; years of McCain bashing, followed by a cordial interview, followed by complaining! Hey Glenn, say it to their faces!

  • Andrew Sullivan links Bush & co.'s Iran position with Osama's! (see for yourself)

    05/20/2008 4:26:31 PM PDT · 1 of 4
    3 questions for Andrew:

    1) Since Roosevelt was against Hitler, and Stalin was against Hitler, would it have been fair to make the Roosevelt to Stalin analogy, as you've done with Bush/Cheney to Osama?

    2) Since you've been so infuriated at Bush & Cheney, based in part on your perception of their attitude towards the gay movement, and given IRAN'S policy towards gay people- which, rumor has it, is quite a bit worse- why wouldn't you loathe Iran, as well?

    3) Given how angrily and forcefully you've reacted to just about ANY criticism levelled at Obama, how would you feel if a conservative pundit linked him to OSAMA BIN LADEN, as you've done with Bush & Cheney (and Lieberman), even in "jest"? Just wondering.

  • Recession, recession, where's the recession?

    05/09/2008 2:26:40 PM PDT · 33 of 33
    sarcastro to envisio

    The credit spigots are still on! That’s why we’re still seeing this nonsense- not because the economy is still strong. Most people are out of money. When the credit card companies start suffering the same fate as the subprime mortgage, all the borrowers will whine yet again on how they “were tricked” into taking those loans, and around and around we go...

  • Recession, recession, where's the recession?

    05/09/2008 2:23:50 PM PDT · 32 of 33
    sarcastro to Mr. Jeeves

    Larry Elder used to (correctly) chide Bill Maher for calling himself a libertarian. Well, Larry should do the same thing for himself. I know, I know- he calls himself a “Republitarian” now- whatever the heck THAT’S supposed to be. But come on. He should just be honest his listeners, his readers, and most important of all, himself, and drop the “tarian” part altogether. Yes, of COURSE there’s liberal media bias, but no, that does NOT explain allt he negativity! How can a libertarian be so trusting of these awful government statistics, that say there’s no inflation?! That ALONE skewers the GDP number. I could go on, but this whole thing can be summed up in one sentence- Elder became an infomercial for the Bush administration a long time ago.

  • My email to Andrew Sullivan

    05/04/2008 10:00:53 PM PDT · 1 of 1
  • Obama-Clinton, a hate-filled dream ticket

    05/04/2008 9:57:22 PM PDT · 64 of 71
    sarcastro to brushcop

    Here’s my email to Andrew Sullivan:

    “That’s a shame - because Obama clearly represents, whatever his faults, a different racial politics than that of Jackson, Sharpton and the past.” (that’s Andy’s quote. my response below)

    and what are those “faults” you speak of? I’d like to know, Andrew. Really, ‘cause I haven’t seen much about that from you. And now you’re giving Democrats advice on how to heal the divide by bringing HILLARY to the VP slot?! Wow, have your priorities changed. I mean, your style hasn’t, but your priorities have. Also, after basically writing off Hillary as the devil (one of the few points of yours I still agree with these days), it seems worse than cynical for you to want to bring her to the fold, just to have your hero win the nomination. And what’s worse than cynical? I’ll give you a hint- it starts with “R” and ends with “ovian”.

    One other thing, when your admiring reader Wrights that Obama “appeals to Republicans (like yourself)”, how in the world do you not correct him? You’re a lot things Andrew, some of them even good. But you are certainly no Republican these days. I think that’s one thing you and I can agree on, no?

  • Powell: We Are Losing In Iraq

    12/17/2006 9:29:35 PM PST · 90 of 90
    sarcastro to jnsun

    Colin Powell is, and has always been, a Democrat. He never liked George W, they were just using each other; Dubbya wanted Colin's popularity, Colin wanted a platform to advertise his "doctrine". He was the Barack Obama of the 90's. Remember how he insulted Republicans about affirmative action at the 2000 convention? Remember how he said he'd work for Gore? Remember how his apologists on talk-radio kept acting like he was one of them, regardless of what he said? The whole thing was pathetic, and no one should be surprised by what he's saying to the media. The only real interest I have about Powell is why he is a registered Republican, when he clearly believes in NOTHING conservatives believe.

  • Fox Fires Lyons for Insensitive Comment

    10/14/2006 10:57:11 PM PDT · 15 of 19
    sarcastro to Romney08

    Pinella isn't white?! Since when?

    Seriously, I hope he doest the right thing and speak up on this madness...

  • Market May Cool Oil Frenzy-Greenspan

    04/05/2005 7:37:56 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    sarcastro to oceanview

    "Although incoming inflation data are somewhat elevated, a portion of the increase in recent months appears to have been due to transitory factors" -Alan and Friends, June 2004

    If the media scrutinized him 1/10th as badly as the rest of the Bush administration- let alone MISREPRESENTED- Alan's career would be over. He may not be a political hack, but he is a hack.

  • GET OUT OF GOLD! Head for the exits! (Commentary)

    12/16/2004 12:23:18 AM PST · 48 of 58
    sarcastro to blackbart.223

    "I've heard that it occasionally suffers from "melt-down."
    Like most commodities.

    As opposed to stocks, which NEVER go down?! (see crash, 2000-2002)

    It's hilarious to watch the guy who wrote this article congratulate himself over his "advice" to buy gold three years ago, as he screams to sell the stuff now because "everyone" is into it. Except one problem- everyone is STILL into stocks and real estate! Nothing has changed. These people are worse than Wiley Coyote.

    Save this article, and take a look at it in 3 years. Stock and real estate holders will need a good laugh.


    03/18/2004 5:47:07 PM PST · 57 of 58
    sarcastro to NYCVirago
    He did, but I guess they made up, and now Howard tells his fans to leave him alone. Well, that was 2 or 3 years ago, already, so who knows? Maybe the feud is on again. Either way, the FCC IS wrong, and Howard IS acting like a baby. Both things ARE possible at the same time.