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  • Boycott Liberals

    01/01/2013 3:56:38 PM PST · 5 of 37
    saundby to Hugin

    I agree.

    To the OP: Is there anywhere to get a version of this formatted for readability? Appreciate the effort to compile the list, but my eyes are sliding off of the mass of text.

  • Where's a good place to get GOP Convention video?

    08/28/2012 5:57:04 PM PDT · 1 of 2
  • Obama 'disappointed' by Russia band verdict

    08/17/2012 12:45:54 PM PDT · 14 of 43
    saundby to Free ThinkerNY

    This case isn’t about free speech. The politics in the songs is just being used as a cover for the fact that they’re abusing the property of others to make their (profitable) internet music videos.

    Believing in the narrative of this bunch’s “impromptu” performances is like believing that The Monkees TV show was a documentary of actual events. Each of their preplanned video escapades is a way of adding spice and popularity to their videos.

    If they arranged with the property owners to stage an “impromptu” performance for the sake of their videos like responsible members of civilized society, their fans would be calling them fakes and sell outs. Instead, they violate property of others, profit off it, then try to hide behind the politics in their lyrics.

    Abusing property rights in the name of “free speech”...sound familiar?

  • Hiker climbs 13,000ft to rescue Missy the German Shepherd after owner left it to die

    08/17/2012 12:27:03 PM PDT · 28 of 88
    saundby to Mountain Bike Vomit Carnage

    A local article has less of an antagonistic slant than the DailyFail article:

    There was a younger hiker there the person was responsible for as well, and the person recognizes their own mistakes—they’re not being insistent about getting the dog back.

    Dailymail wants to pretend it was simply the owner abandoning the dog, and that each side wanting the dog are in some sort of cage match battle.

    People make mistakes. Who should have the dog? Not my call. Darn glad this beautiful little girl has been rescued. If she goes back to the original owner, I think she’s going to be more appreciated. Certainly the original owner learned the hard way a government agency isn’t going to take the owner’s responsibility on themselves.

    Fortunately, the folks I see around here that take their dogs on rocky trails mostly put the little shoes on their dogs and keep an eye on their condition.

  • Green monster - Dangerous giant weed on the loose

    07/07/2011 12:46:10 AM PDT · 4 of 18
    saundby to shibumi

    The Genesis song tells us what to do: strike by night!

    Giant Hogweed Scare—here we go again. Every day it seems to become yet more the 70’s all over again.

  • CALIFORNIA: Dems reject GOP budget proposal

    03/26/2011 2:53:30 AM PDT · 26 of 33
    saundby to SmithL

    I love how the CC Times refers to it as “a list of demands.” Yeah, right. They have to cast anything Rep. as eeeevil. It’s George Miller’s a— kissing rag. They’re convinced they got him elected after Watergate, and they’ve been spewing the imbecile party line ever since.

    *As if* the Reps are in a position to issue a “list of demands.” Brown asked (demanded) the Reps’ position—he wanted material to use against them, after all.

    They give it, and now the CC Times calls it “demands”. Those Rep meanies! Bark, bark, bark!

    What a place. That Brown could even show his face, much less get re-elected, tells all.

  • MU Researcher Says the Next Large Central US Earthquake May Not Be In New Madrid

    02/08/2011 6:36:17 PM PST · 21 of 33
    saundby to Rebelbase

    Archeology Paper from 2345 A.D.:

    “New evidence reveals that the move to casual daily clothing in the early 21st century may be related to the use of formal dress when sleeping...”

  • Dog saves family after severe snow causes roof to collapse

    02/07/2011 9:30:01 AM PST · 6 of 39
    saundby to Immerito

    So they rushed in under a collapsing roof to save their car? I say they should be made wards of the dog.

  • Small Snack for Milky Way: Astrophysicists Find New Remnants of Neighboring Galaxy in Our Own

    02/03/2011 10:41:14 PM PST · 14 of 30
    saundby to Graybeard58

    Amen to that. We need a filter to drop out the jokers and Helen Thomas pics on science and tech threads.

  • Looters Destroy Mummies in Egyptian Museum: Official

    01/29/2011 6:25:36 PM PST · 37 of 50
    saundby to Hodar

    Anything from before Mohamed is from the “Age of Ignorance”, therefore of no value, to many Moslems. There are exceptions, but it’s a general view.

  • Palin Zings Obama Speech: WTF

    01/28/2011 4:23:56 PM PST · 5 of 53
    saundby to MadIsh32

    You’re right. Our old-fashioned, tried and true term from the past, “NFG”, would have been far more appropriate.

  • Mo Hassan case

    01/18/2011 11:06:55 PM PST · 4 of 8
    saundby to VeniVidiVici

    That gets me, too. Second degree? This is aggravated first: planned, prepared, committed and followed by desecration. I don’t know NY law, maybe the surname Hassan gets you free bargaining points with the DA?

  • Urartian king's burial chamber opened for first time [ Argishti ]

    01/17/2011 7:14:41 PM PST · 28 of 33
    saundby to SunkenCiv

    Same article, with pictures:

    I didn’t see any images in the original.

  • OLPC XO-1.75, ARM Powered OLPC XO Laptop is faster than x86! (Video) ( Marvell Armada 610 CPU )

    01/17/2011 7:00:16 PM PST · 6 of 6
    saundby to Ernest_at_the_Beach
    The new OLPC system looks like a step ahead for them. But, "One Laptop Per Child created the Netbook market" happened right after the ASUS Eee PC 701, while the OLPC itself was trapped in waffleville. It took a successful commercial product to get them off the pot.
  • State cracks down on handgun ammo sales ( CA )

    01/13/2011 11:05:18 PM PST · 47 of 75
    saundby to Paladin2

    Gov. Moonbeam started the “Agricultural Inspection Stations” last time he was in office during the Medfly Crisis he created.

    So don’t put your ammo boxes in a hollowed-out watermelon. ;)

  • Human operations beyond LEO by the end of the decade: An affordable near-term stepping stone

    01/10/2011 11:29:52 PM PST · 5 of 5
    saundby to KevinDavis

    With a real Orion spacecraft in the works and the SLS to launch it on (DIRECT 3.x Jupiter derivative), there’ll be an infratructure to support doing this.

    Without a spacecraft and launch vehicle, it’d just be fairy dust.

    Still, I gotta wonder how well a space voyage to an empty place in space will sell to the public, no matter what its utility. In support of a moon base, maybe.

  • NASA'S Kepler Mission Discovers Its First Rocky Planet

    01/10/2011 11:22:59 PM PST · 9 of 9
    saundby to onedoug; KevinDavis

    Here’s data:

    In brief:
    Orbital Period-just under 306 days,
    4.56 x Earth Mass,
    1.42 x Earth Radius.

    Parent star: Kepler-10 is a relatively old (11.9±4.5 Gyr) but otherwise Sun-like Main Sequence star with
    Teff = 5627±44K,
    Mass = 0.895±0.060 Solar Masses,
    R = 1.056 ± 0.021 Solar Radii.

  • Today’s Schoolchildren (French) Guess What ’80s and ’90s Technology Does (Did)

    01/09/2011 11:04:52 AM PST · 9 of 19
    saundby to Artlover; Dallas59

    I pulled out a portable record player and a 45 back when my kids were about this age. They were certainly enchanted by it. The shock came when they asked how many songs were on the record. Then came their amazement when they learned that you could turn it over and play the other side.

    To be fair to the kids, a lot of these items were presented to them in a way that removes them from any context. They did a pretty good job with the game cartridge considering it’s a box of plastic around a small printed circuit board.

    One kid did a pretty good job guessing that the 8 track tape was a movie. Obviously videotape isn’t quite too old for these kids. :)

    Fun video!

  • What Are You Reading Now? - My Quarterly Survey

    01/01/2011 1:57:52 PM PST · 200 of 227
    saundby to MplsSteve

    The Works of Isambard Kingdom Brunel by Alfred Pugsley and The Sailor on the Seas of Fate by Michael Moorcock.

  • XCOR Completes Lynx Supersonic Wind Tunnel Tests at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

    09/26/2010 1:43:17 AM PDT · 8 of 8
    saundby to TalonDJ

    Except that Dyna-Soar never got the chance to fly. This one might. Robert MacNamara and the “best and brightest” aren’t in a position to kill this program, and since it’s commercial it won’t get manloaded by other projects looking for funding to leech until the program becomes an unmanageable boondoggle.

    Fingers crossed, here.

  • Key House Races - 4 September 2010 Update - Sabato & EP Predict Republican Majority

    09/09/2010 10:22:03 PM PDT · 52 of 55
    saundby to InterceptPoint

    I tells me a lot that they’ve started attacking the Republican Speaker Presumptive the past couple of days. Whether it’s to warn people of how “dangerous” it will be to support Republicans in the election, or to try to reduce him to “damaged goods” before an election they now believe they’ll lose, I don’t know.

  • Salem man, girlfriend, arraigned in killings of Dallas farm couple

    09/02/2010 4:37:04 PM PDT · 11 of 16
    saundby to Justaham

    Brings to mind the saying “Hanging’s too good for ‘em.”

    There’s nothing we can do on this Earth that’s sufficient. Just best to put them to sleep like animals and let their Maker sort them out.

    But, with our “justice system”, that brings to mind the saying “Justice delayed is justice denied.” I get the feeling justice will be denied.

  • Adopt Rare Surnames to Save Them

    09/02/2010 4:29:46 PM PDT · 7 of 38
    saundby to nickcarraway

    I wonder if this is one of those recurring “discoveries” of science, like how they “discover” about every 25 years that blondes will be bred out of existence, ignoring all science to the contrary while making enough of a fuss to feather their own nests for some time to come.

  • Soldiers Going without Necessities???

    08/25/2010 9:55:52 PM PDT · 25 of 31
    saundby to JohnKinAK

    Crap article.

    Here’s my favorite charity:

    I help with the usual packages, too. It never hurts to give to help out. But this article still has a bunch of nonsense that’s intended to get people on the side of the war Zilch wants them on. He wants them “twisting his arm” to cut and run.

  • Solar System older than thought

    08/24/2010 4:51:14 PM PDT · 52 of 54
    saundby to dragnet2

    Actually it’s impossible to know what further study will find. It’s not valid to see this as the start of a trend, it’s just another data point.

    The fact that the error box is considered to be so small that a two million year shift is seen as a big deal to anyone is interesting, though. I really wonder whether that’s the case or whether the pin in the chart that this study moves back by 300,000 to 1.9 million years is just a straw-man case for raising a hoopla when in fact it’s just adjustment within the box.

    If we’ve really got a solid, and I mean solid, basis for dating the solar system’s “beginning” this accurately, it’s news to me. While this isn’t my current work, it’s close enough to it that I’ve got some basis for being surprised.

    I’m also wondering at which of several different points within a very long and drawn out process they’re putting the “start” peg.

    Two million years, which is just more than the box of adjustment they’re giving for this study’s finding, is a blink of an eye when it comes to the creation of a solar system.

    At any rate, my strong suspicion is that we’re seeing the adjustment of a prior finding being treated as some sort of revolution when it’s really just another data point. Personally, I’d consider anything that comes in this close to be more in the way of a _confirmation_ of a prior finding than in opposition to it.

    It’s like saying a gun’s inaccurate if two holes are within a minute of angle of each other, but don’t lay one on the other, though they’re kissing distance apart.

    If I had time right now I’d go look at the source papers, but it’ll have to wait for now.

  • Solar System older than thought

    08/23/2010 6:11:23 PM PDT · 43 of 54
    saundby to DBCJR

    When it comes to science, the media are the last folks to judge what’s newsworthy. My first reaction on seeing the headline was that it was a misprint, two million years being so insignificant as to be silly to report on. I expected the story to be about a possible two billion year adjustment.

    This is more like adjusting the error box around the presumed value than saying anything Earth-shattering has been learned. It’s valuable, but it’s not really general news, IMO.

    Headline: “Scientists discover Mount Whitney is two million nanometers taller than previously thought! Film at ten!”

  • Magazine Circulation Fails to Rebound Despite Rise in Ads

    08/09/2010 11:29:15 PM PDT · 10 of 19
    saundby to caper gal 1
    Why I'm not subscribing to as many magazines?

    In a word, content. If there's nothing for me to read, there's no point in buying the magazine. Many magazines that used to be filled with interesting content and good writing have been reduced to ads for a pay-to-see web site that's inferior to the free web sites.

    Part of what they need to address is their submissions process. Plenty of good stuff goes to the web first because of the outdated means of submission and waiting on judgement from the editorial gods. Instructables and lots of other web sites get plenty of material.

    Anyway, that's the short form. If you're interested in more, have a look at a post of mine from last October: Why I Didn't Renew My Subscription

  • Think of a name for the Gay Bar, to be across from Ground Zero Mosque

    08/09/2010 11:14:19 PM PDT · 121 of 209
    saundby to Nachum

    Catamite Caliphate
    Mo’ Bois
    The Prophet’s Beard

  • Exciting Hints from the Hunt for Habitable Planets

    08/09/2010 10:41:10 PM PDT · 30 of 30
    saundby to 6ppc; KevinDavis

    If they aren’t human, they’re not a race.

    You’d be bigoted, maybe, but not at all racist.

    Plus, if it turns out the green guys are the power-wielding majority with a history of mistreating third-world creatures like ourselves, then you’re good. Hate away—it’s social justice to resent them for the past, not bigotry.

  • ZOT!! Overturned Same-Sex Marriage Ban is a Win for Freedom

    08/05/2010 12:26:58 PM PDT · 104 of 106
    saundby to Secret Agent Man

    ROFL! You got that dead on.

    Amazing what some people choose for leaders, isn’t it?


  • ZOT!! Overturned Same-Sex Marriage Ban is a Win for Freedom

    08/04/2010 3:50:01 PM PDT · 5 of 106
    saundby to BenLurkin

    Or, maybe we've got this all backward.
  • Yellow Lobster Pulled From RI's Narragansett Bay

    08/01/2010 2:41:06 AM PDT · 8 of 20
    saundby to nickcarraway; beaversmom; dayglored

    The original article has a nice pic. It says he’s going to an aquarium, not a dinner plate:

  • Lisa Simpson Gets Married on Sunday August 1st, 2010

    08/01/2010 2:27:43 AM PDT · 5 of 6
    saundby to Dallas59

    I busted up during this episode when the fortune teller said she just did the relationships where you get jerked around.

    Still gets a chuckle out of me.

  • The Unfriendly Skies

    07/29/2010 3:03:56 AM PDT · 11 of 40
    saundby to B-Chan

    The article seeks to avoid the fact that the decline came =with= regulation and government-supported protectionism and government-supported trade unions. The good days were the during the earlier relatively free market.

    A market that airlines figured they could safely kill since they didn’t want a chance at competitors displacing them. And the government claimed to be terrified of looking bad if the US airlines died like the government regulated railroads, besides, it seemed like it’d buy some votes.

    By the time “deregulation” (in name only for the most part) came we had already lost the days so fondly recalled. The author’s mind goes from the sixties to post-deregulation while conveniently forgetting how things really were under regulation between the early 70’s and the early 80’s (remember, “deregulation” was so dangerous it had to be phased in from 79 to 85.) Flying in the days of OPEC embargoes, strikes, strict route controls and government subsidies was not the days of comfort and gentility.

  • Awake during surgery: 'I'm in hell'

    07/29/2010 2:34:17 AM PDT · 23 of 80
    saundby to Cindy

    Personally I don’t do general anesthesia for surgery because I’ve already got enough health problems without dealing with the effects of a general. In my case, the tugging and cutting and cauterizing and all doesn’t bother me much. But for anyone it does bother, yeah, I can see wanting to be out for the count.

    In the article, it =is= pretty terrible. Disco music? Arrrgh! Make it stop, make it stop! Not ABBA-noooo! Aiiiieee, it’s ELO! Must...stop...BeeGees... :D

  • Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by millions

    07/29/2010 2:18:52 AM PDT · 7 of 16
    saundby to Gomez

    Conjugation lesson:

    I improve the customer experience.
    You harvest user data.
    He/She/It embeds spyware.

  • Ross Store in Texas Accepts Pesos

    07/29/2010 2:14:37 AM PDT · 36 of 78
    saundby to NorwegianViking

    When I sold computers in Spokane, we did great business with our Canadian neighbors in their currency. They were excited to drive six hours to our shop and get deals that weren’t available to them at home.

    This “news story” is populist garbage.

    When we take their currencies, we’re “stealing” =their= country’s business. Mwa-ha-haaa!

    Good thing, too. With our present set of “best and brightest” in D.C. I can see US dollars being less attractive for US business than relatively “hard” currencies from overseas. Like, maybe, the yuan and the baht. ;)

    Start stocking up on those currencies. Remember what FDR did to gold when he’d sunk the dollar—it’s no protection. :)

  • An Open Letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

    07/29/2010 1:56:57 AM PDT · 4 of 5
    saundby to Concerned_About_NASA_2010

    Charles got the deal he signed up for. Lori was part of the package. There’s no room for him to go back and complain now. If he did, he’d be at more risk than she would be. Can you say “Administrator Garver”?

    Bolden had high hopes once, but he’s sold his inheritance for a mess of pottage. Too late to go back and complain now.

    The real problem starts with the boss, and while Garver has had a hand in things, Bolden has, too. At the very least, he didn’t have to stump for something he didn’t believe in—the door was standing right there all the time. He chose not to use it, his only real means of protest.

    The letter needs to be written to the voters, not to a man who’s doing the job he was hired to do.

  • How to Start an Online Business for $100

    07/29/2010 1:40:20 AM PDT · 12 of 20
    saundby to 2ndDivisionVet

    Yeah, it’s possible to start up a web business with only $100 and make money. If you’ve =already= got skills worth about $70-120k/year, even in the present economy.

    If not, expect to pay more and wait longer before things start covering their costs.

    Never mind that it’s cheaper and takes less in the way of technical skills to start turning a profit in a whole lot of non-online businesses...

  • Marine Accused Of Throwing Kitten at Wall

    07/29/2010 1:23:20 AM PDT · 23 of 59
    saundby to arthurus

    My wife’s got a deep infected scratch on her hand right now. The cat was sleeping on top of her while she was asleep. I was laying alongside with a book, had been for an hour. With no preceding incidents, the cat literally flipped then took off to the floor on far side of the bed, where she sat staring into vacant space.

    My wife then muzzily held her hand out to me and said, “Am I bleeding?”

    Some common sources of “provocation” around here:
    -You looked like a good source of traction.
    -Racing across your sleeping face, all claws out, seemed like the best way to convince you that 3am really =is= play time.
    -There were Artesians in the wall just now. No, really!
    -You were vertical. Cats come with crampons.
    -You were imitating a stepladder while next to the bookshelf they want to scale.
    -Primary means for provoking cat bites and scratches: You weren’t paying enough attention to the cat! Look at the cat!

    I’ve been beaten up by all sorts of critters through my life, from pets and livestock to wildlife. Statements like “they only do it if provoked” are silly and poison the use of reason in discussion.

    Animals do all sorts of things. Like humans, there’s often little logic to it.

  • Strange Beast In Ecuador Ripping Cattle Apart

    07/29/2010 12:58:01 AM PDT · 25 of 41
    saundby to nickcarraway

    My guess? The cows are being mutilated by gangs of armed peasants looking for monsters in the dark.

  • CBS adding three gay characters to shows

    07/29/2010 12:52:31 AM PDT · 42 of 71
    saundby to smokingfrog

    Wait, what? There are still big-3 TV networks? I thought that all went away about the time my local shop stopped selling games for my Commodore 64. Man, this takes me back.

    They could have been showing all-gay all-the-time shows and without FR I’d never know. Granted there’s no escaping that talent show (name escapes me now, basically a version of The Gong Show without the fun, humor and talent as far as I can tell), at least so long as grocery clerks keep trying to make small talk about TV.

    Well, I’m sure they know what they’re doing. After all, think of all those other shows saved from cancellation by inserting trite characters tied to current politics. Well, they did cancel Soap, but I’m convinced that’s because they made the mistake of dropping the sex-crazed space aliens from the show.

    Heh, TV. Network execs. What a blast from the past.

  • Potentially hazardous asteroid might collide with the Earth in 2182

    07/29/2010 12:17:28 AM PDT · 63 of 66
    saundby to KevinDavis

    “Scientists have estimated and monitored the potential impacts for this asteroid through 2200 by means of two mathematical models (Monte Carlo Method and line of variations sampling).”


    “Some guys built a loaded numerical model. Then they threw some WAGs into the model, but used the fancy ‘scientific’ names for WAG.”

  • Food for Mars

    07/29/2010 12:04:06 AM PDT · 24 of 24
    saundby to KevinDavis

    Answer 1: NERVA. Get there faster.

    Answer 2: Stop whining. You’re getting a chance to go to Mars but you want to whine about the menu? Take a look at what crews ate shipboard in the 18th century then get a grip.

    Answer 3: ORION externally pulsed nuclear drive. Get there fastest, and take the entire mall food court, a Ruth’s Chris, and a couple of good oriental food restaurants with you.

  • Space Elevator Pioneers Yuri Artsutanov and Jerome Pearson to Appear

    07/27/2010 12:47:40 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    saundby to KevinDavis

    Look out! Here comes the ISS!!!


  • * No need for manned spaceflight, says astronomer royal Martin Rees

    07/27/2010 12:45:17 AM PDT · 25 of 28
    saundby to KevinDavis

    This year, to reduce the unnecessary and burdensome expenses of manned vacation travel I’m sending my camera to the Azores with a microcontroller timer and a return envelope. Since there’s really nothing I can =possibly= do there that a really good camera and microcontroller can’t, right?

    Next year I’ll send a sample return mission. I’ll put a quarter in glass vial. It’ll collect material off the fingers of whoever digs it out. Whee! I can hardly wait for vacation.

    And why should I go into space when I can just launch a webcam on a hobby rocket? It’s not like travel does anything to my perspective or teach me anything I cant learn from =really= =detailed= data analysis...

  • Should Environmental Protection Extend to the Planets?

    07/27/2010 12:31:07 AM PDT · 40 of 54
    saundby to KevinDavis

    Yeah, I remember all the imbecilic headlines about us “bombing” the Moon with LCROSS. No wonder John and Jane Whathuh think this is an issue.

    I’m in favor of another Moon Hoax, with nasty trash-scattering profiteer lunarians. Then we can send the Greenies to teach them of the evil of their ways. We won’t send any Earth air, though, that’d be a pollutant.

  • We may yet be walking on the moon

    07/22/2010 3:17:18 PM PDT · 30 of 33
    saundby to surroundedbyblue

    Progressives are incapable of colonization, that’s why they are the ones left behind.

    Progressives tried colonizing North America. They died like flies.

    When collectivism was cast aside in favor of individualism, the colonies thrived. The hard conditions of the New World created a new kind of person.

    Now the New World and its people are becoming indistinguishable from the Old World.

    When the time comes to move from space exploration to space colonization, the hard conditions there will have the same effect of forging a new sort of person steeped in individualism as the colonization of the New World, provided they are in a position to break their ties as effectively as the colonists of North America did. If the colonists are living under the thumb of Old Earth, as many of the colonists in other parts of the New World were, then it will only be an extension of collectivism into space.

    Which is will be will be determined by who goes, and why. It can either be colonists seeking a new way of life free frfom the entanglements that limit their freedom, or victims of mass resettlements performed as a stunt to demonstrate the power of the state. Sometimes one becomes the other, witness Australia.

    But before anyone can go, either by choice or not, the basic techniques of getting and surviving there for short periods, at least, need to be worked out. Such is the role of human exploration. Sending humans is important, even when it is only a few, to begin with.

    You can’t say you’ve been to the Grand Canyon if all you’ve done is look at pictures taken by a robotic camera. If someone else has been there, you have from them a testimony that the pictures don’t do it justice. Now we can get there by pulling the family car onto I-40. But first the explorers, then the builders had to come. 150 years ago people wondered why bother going. Now that we can easily, thousands do every year. And there are quite a few people who find it worthwhile living in Flagstaff and the surrounding area. The same goes for the Moon.

    It’s hard to get there now, and will remain so if we keep destroying the infrastructure to do so each time we arrive. If we keep and build on it, however, we can improve it, open the way to more people, making it easier and easier until ordinary people can expect to go.

    Meanwhile those who go earliest, to stay, will be in a position to thumb their noses at the powers that be here on Earth, and thrive in a place where others see only wasteland. Just as the North American settlers taught the folks of the Old World a thing or two, so would the first space colonists teach the people of Earth that it’s possible to live with greater personal responsibility, simpler laws, and industry—in a place so hostile that you can’t even get the air you breath for free. It might even be enough to make people wonder why they let their government tell them what sort of light bulbs they can use on the front porch.

    But if we just sit here, that perspective will be lost. The Great Age of Exploration was started by governments on the make, but its benefits were realized by those who went to a free place to live.

  • The British are Coming ... to Team up with Space Florida

    07/22/2010 2:48:21 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    saundby to KevinDavis

    The administration wants foreign partnerships to get other countries to pay for our space program. Foreign countries want to join us to get the notoriety of having a space program without putting up any money.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Apple Holding iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday

    07/14/2010 11:42:27 PM PDT · 10 of 34
    saundby to Yo-Yo

    I’m guessing you’ve got it with the scotch tape. But the Apple version will be pre-cut to shape with swoopy-doopy outlines on a Reely Kewl(TM) backing with a Precision Plastic Applicator to avoid thumbprints in the stickum.

    In fact you’ll probably have to get an Apple Genius (try not to laugh) to apply it for you.