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  • Trumps mic is rigged to pick up every little snort. (vanity)

    09/26/2016 8:04:00 PM PDT · 56 of 60
    savagesusie to RoosterRedux

    That is done on purpose....back in 1910, the Leftists knew they could create the proper perceptions by controlling light and sound and colors, image etc—. They literally have gotten us into wars through agitprop and staging false flags—just by repetition of lies and showing emotional scenes in print, or on the radio and TV. with TV they can warp even little children now-—impossible with the radio and newspapers and books. TV is effective to control the minds of little children-—to shape their worldview and beliefs/desires. It is extremely Satanic-—artificial “reality” and destroys the integration of the brain-—and neuron mapping of the brain in normal ways since all five senses are crucial to brain mapping and interconnection of the brain.

    They can literally make a person appear dumber, slow,or brilliant by lighting, sound, make-up, etc....remember what they did to Nixon with the cake makeup-——people who watched the debate said Kennedy won—but Nixon won on radio.......

    Image is controlled by the Marxists now. We need to have Freedom in MSM and get rid of the monopoly (censorship) of Hollywood/MSM where just a few people have total censorship power. They are all psychopathic sodomites and can promote their ideology 24/7 in culture where it is impossible to avoid-—esp. if you are children. The evil, homo-erotic Weimar Republic corrupted a generation of Germans (and that was planned by the nihilists/Marxists of the 19th century. The homosexual movement along with Marxism/Darwinism started in Germany-—where the rot hit the hardest.....and flowed from the Rhine into all of Europe and to America by 1930.

  • University of Utah finds legal case to impeach Trump should he be elected

    09/26/2016 10:55:05 AM PDT · 84 of 92
    savagesusie to onedoug

    You do know that Shakespeare knew EXACTLY what lawyers were up to-—they were setting up a rigged system where THEY (with judges) make millions (parasites) off of the producers.

    It is an organized mafia system-—USING “JUST” LAWS to make us SLAVES in our OWN country——big joke is on us!!!!!!!!

    We need to get rid of all the unconstitutional “rules and regulations” which destroy our private property rights and steals our wealth from our children.

    Lawyers and government need to be OUT of MOST of our TRANSACTIONS. We are SUPPOSED to have freedom of association and FREE CHOICE-—and the govt. ended that a century ago.

    GOD-GIVEN Natural RIGHTS-—not man-made up irrational “rights” like baby-killing and sodomizing others.....flipping 2000 years of Ethics to Satanism (Marxism).

  • ISIS Sex Slaves Auctioned Off in Saudi Arabia – Hillary’s Top Donor Country

    09/26/2016 10:31:12 AM PDT · 17 of 47
    savagesusie to hal ogen

    They are evil. Pure Satanists. They “know” what they are doing-—it is all planned-—the destruction of Christianity and all Christians so they can eliminate the worldview in children.

    The elite/Satanists/Marxists targeted Christians even before the Russian revolution-—they funded Lenin to destroy all Christian churches—etc. so they could “Kill God” and have man be god (the satanists). That movement has been sweeping the world-—to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth.

    It is the Worldview-—which created meritorious hierarchy, Modern Science, Free Will, Individual Natural Rights from God, the Magna Carta, the US Constitution.

    All the above is anathema to the NWO-—which will be total slavery, the elimination of private property rights and concepts of mother and father.

    ALL being erased by Common Core-—group-think (collectivization) of children which erases agency-—the ability to think for oneself-—outside the Marxist “box”-——total (self) slavery indoctrination for the NWO.

  • Hillary Gets Super-Sized Podium To Compete With Trump

    09/25/2016 11:59:40 PM PDT · 9 of 143
    savagesusie to Helicondelta

    It is the “clever” Marxist meme to control perceptions of the useful idiots. Hillary big and powerful....ha ha. Actually, she is a witch—it is true.

    All MSM is a dog and pony show to distract from the Truth...which was banned by our “Justice” system over 60 years ago——but “shhh”-—nobody is supposed to know that only Christianity (Truth/God) was banned from the skools and public square so Ba’al arches and statues could be erected and Wicca/Satanism promoted to children and in our military 24/7.

    It is working-—they flipped 2000 years of Ethics back to Ba’al Rites of baby-sacrifice and sodomy/orgies with children in Rites of worshipping the he/she (trans) goat-god or whatever so Right Reason is erased in children and they have irrational tribal minds of slaves.

  • Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain

    09/24/2016 11:31:04 AM PDT · 26 of 48
    savagesusie to ProtectOurFreedom

    American Thinker has brilliant content/writers.

  • The Dallas Morning News Is Paying Dearly for Endorsing Hillary Clinton

    09/24/2016 10:49:40 AM PDT · 26 of 28
    savagesusie to onyx

    Most MSM (major media—with a lot of power to control opinions) is controlled by the Left. I quit all big city/state “newspapers” over 10 years ago and that freed me to read many more original source documents and the Great Books which promotes virtue formation and expands the mind) instead of wasting an hour or two every day on programmed, puerile writing/thinking (controlled) news. The few journalists worth reading and our time are easy to find on line anyhow—and free.

    As Bradbury stated over 20 years ago-—the MSM/TV is a dog and pony show-—just White Noise—to addict (destroy precious time in learning/knowing thyself) and to distract (fill with misinformation, dumb content/idiot opinions to control your emotions artificially. They actually orchestrate and control information so they can control “opinions” 100%-—part of the Hegelian Dialectic. Much is misinformation, worthless cr*p, and lies (Diana West).

    My opinions in the 00s were never allowed in print—and if they were, they were highly edited—and then I was banned for 30 days from responding to criticisms.... ALL TOTALLY CONTROLLED by the gatekeepers funded by Soros-type money, for the control of emotions and perceptions of the masses and control of their desires and “thinking”. Just like Ann Landers-—totally controlling your “virtue” system so they could eventually normalize vice without you even realizing it since very clever psyops was employed.

    Develop inner control (Virtue) which is necessary for Freedom. Vice creates Slaves and only “vice” is pushed in “culture” now to your children-—satanism—to erase Christianity which is the only religion which created Logic and Reason/Modern Science and the US Constitution. No socialist/communist belief systems are compatible with our Constitution and Christianity. There is no unity possible with opposite ideologies and Satanism/socialism is complete slavery of the individual when Christianity is the ONLY religion other than Deism, which believes in Free Will and Individual Natural Rights from God. All other “religions’ teach hate other groups/ethnicities, etc.-—all anti-Christian, anti-Constitutional worldviews which should NEVER be promoted in a “Justice” system which can ONLY promote “public virtue” if we want to remain Free.

  • The EPA’s “Power Plan” Is An Unlawful Power Grab

    09/23/2016 7:11:33 PM PDT · 9 of 19
    savagesusie to umgud

    Absolutely! But that isn’t the only unconstitutional bureaucracy which needs to be eliminated. EPA has been poisoning our waters for decades (on purpose). It is as evil as the IRS and Dept. of Education.

  • March organizer wants to tear down Andrew Jackson statue

    09/23/2016 2:15:59 PM PDT · 21 of 34
    savagesusie to CyberAnt

    For the Marxist “utopia,” everything Christian and which wreaks of Christian Tradition and History has to be removed for the NWO of total slavery.

    Our children are being made by the Marxist “reeducation” system, into dumb, immoral, lazy drones for corporations/state “jobs”-—slaves for the elite sodomites (Lucifereans), who are controlling the narrative to destroy and isolate EVERYONE who “thinks” like a Christian. Christian thinking was BANNED from sckools by 1960s, so they could promote satanism (sodomy) and hedonism 24/7-—to destroy Virtue formation. Vice creates slaves only and collapses freedom.

    Pretty soon the gulags for any Christians and people who love the history of America and respect Christianity; people who know it was the greatest, most just, most free country in the history of the World created by WHITE HETEROSEXUAL MALES.

    To control Words/information is what they did for 100 years to FLIP Worldview in the masses with lies and misinformation to teach self-hate and embed vice, and destroy the Natural Family so children are easy to control and warp and abuse.

    This is their last chance to destroy America, like the Marxists did to Germany and Europe, hopefully it will be reversed when Trump gets in and Rule of Law (Higher Law/God’s) is restored. That would be a start toward sanity-—Right Reason back into our “Justice” System which is now an evil, unconstitutional vice system.

    It is important to restore the Natural Family and teach parents the effectiveness of TRULY parenting and molding Virtue into children which takes the Natural Family-—not artificial institutions which only warp children and destroy the ability to be a critical thinker. Group-Think is NO thinking..

  • California University Students Call Words ‘Crazy’ and ‘Stupid’ Hate Speech, Play in Big Ball Pit

    09/22/2016 9:22:00 AM PDT · 22 of 54
    savagesusie to MeganC

    Yep-—Dennis Prager, correct in this instance, stated that the longer a person was in “higher education”, the dumber and more irrational they became.

    The Marxists took over the skools in America in the 1930-—total curricula by 1970s— to destroy Wisdom, all Traditions and Logic and Reason for irrational tribal pagan minds. Kumbaya and Mother Earth worship and satanism (into baby-killers and sodomites).

    To create “Happy” Slaves for the State, they have to brainwash the masses, destroy Virtue formation to collapse cultures-—get them out of the Natural Family and fill them with warped history and lies, so they can flip 2000 years of ethics/Wisdom and force irrationality where Up is Down and Boys are Girls for their radical egalitarianism where all individualism and uniqueness of individual is completely erased, so everyone is interchangeable—like drones....easily ruled/controlled for life.

  • Chinese teen starves mother to death in fury at brutal Internet addiction boot camp

    09/22/2016 9:09:51 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    savagesusie to apillar

    They will be psychopaths and totally programmed (triggered)....incapable of empathy which is learned by being in unstructured loving homes with vertical “education”-—learning from moral mother and father (modeling their behaviors/roles) and learning to think for yourself—which gives integrity for your feelings/opinions (the individual). Dealing with siblings gives a giant advantage, older and younger (vertical structure is God’s Design for Learning and Autonomy (thinking for self) by practicing and learning rejection in a loving, humane environment and how to negotiate with all ages (Reality).

    Horizontal learning was est. by the communists-—massive numbers compared to adults—all the same age so peer-pressure is used to great advantage (total brainwashing into irrationality)—is a set up for programming only (operant conditioning/Common Core)—to destroy individualism (thinking for self). Agency will be eliminated in such an evil system which is filled with neo-Marxist, neo-Freudian texts. The complete hyper-sexualization destroys identity formation and virtue in children-—making them into godless animals. (completely irrational). They embed unnatural, irrational emotions/desires in the controlled, programming ‘system” which naturally shames self-reliance, and groups (Marxism).

    Children with no real life experiences which teaches self-reliance-—and is only programmed by screens, tubes, or strangers will not learn to trust, have empathy or connection to their own parents-—exactly like the Marxists/Mao wanted-—no biological connections-—all severed by the system which removes children from the Natural Family so “day cares” and other institutions create emotionally stunted “children” who will be dysfunctional, easily controlled/managed slaves for the System.

    Virtue formation is necessary for Freedom and Civil society. The Chinese culture is programmed and has normalized an artificial reality-—where “family” is meaningless and not connected.

    Profound human connections only occurs in Freedom and within the Natural Family-—destroy the Natural Family (no siblings/cousins/aunts/uncles) that have close ties with the growing children will be devoid of the embedded emotions and experiences which create meaning and true self-esteem.

    Others and status—outer irrational superficiality—form her “sense of self”which is godless/unconnected with Reality and Truth—which is only garnered inside the Natural Family which should have at least 3 children, if not more.

    Their system is set for suicide and complete slavery—no agency at all. Marxism denies agency (Free Will). (She is programmed to “kill” by the dehumanization-—lack of family interaction/love/connection).

  • Hillary Clinton Appears on "Funny or Die" with Zach Galifianakis

    09/22/2016 8:10:37 AM PDT · 17 of 40
    savagesusie to fhayek


  • A Hard Rain is Going to Fall

    09/22/2016 5:58:48 AM PDT · 15 of 42
    savagesusie to Kaslin

    What the brilliant Hanson is missing, is that all these “wars” and “Hitler” and the “incidences” where the wars are triggered-—were all planned by a few psychopathic elites who used their millions to fund and arm the aggressors, create the assassinations or bombing of ships with civilians. The Bankers funded Lenin and put him into place where he could usurp power over Russia and destroy all the churches/priests and destroy private property, or whatever.

    It is all orchestrated with millions of people ALWAYS being killed. “They” (as JFK referred to the “Shadow government/Secret Societies), are Malthusians and psychopaths.

    As Machiavelli noted, usually really evil people will be the ones who rise to power. Just because they are in secret societies doesn’t make them imaginary or non-existent. So many politicians pretend they work for the USA under the Constitution, when the CIA and every influential institution, works for the elite psychopaths and for their globalist agenda to destroy the Constitution and remove all private property rights and corral us into little 10 by 5 hovels and off of all federalized lands which will be ALL land eventually. Ah, the Leviathan.

    Like today. The BLM is created and funded by the psychopath Soros and his puppet-master, and the “hate” is manufactured by the Marxist takeover of “education”—intentional programming of little children to destroy virtue formation and fill them full of hate and lies.

    Removing young children from the Natural Family—creating “Just Laws” that destroyed the marriage contract, just like Lenin did—to create emotionally disturbed and drugged children so they are easily controlled and manipulated and incapable of Agency. It is all PLANNED.

    Nothing is an accident-—as FDR stated long ago.

  • Did Anthony Weiner Homeschool a 15-Year-Old?

    09/22/2016 5:22:23 AM PDT · 16 of 34
    savagesusie to detective

    Same ole, same ole. These “people” like Clintons who do the Work for the NWO will never be tried or put in prison, unless they become useless to their controllers. It is the can tell that Justice Roberts has some photos out there with the little kids, also-—since he literally wrote the most twisted bizarre opinions in history. All these puppets (most in congress) are being bribed and controlled. If they have power, you can BET that the NWO has dirt on them and if they don’t-—they kill them. They even had to kill Kennedy because he had enough virtue to go after the cartels/shadow government and condemn the secret societies even though they had dirt on him.

    We are DONE-—if we don’t get back control over the CIA/all branches of government, remove the Patriot Act, which are literally run and controlled by people with no morality whatsoever and are used to destroy Christianity/USA. They can kill 3000 people with no remorse whatsoever. They set up Mao (their utopian culture) and Stalin and Lenin—all the “wars”-—they are all psychopaths, like Kissinger and the Bushes, who want to make us all into cattle—and they want billions of cattle KILLED for their utopian NWO.

    This is serious and we need to Wake Up two decades ago-—but we are too distracted with the Dog and Pony show and porn 24/7 to look behind the curtain, as Ray Bradbury would have said. We ignore the Federal Reserve and their complete control of our country by creating money out of thin air. The System is ROTTING from the TOP DOWN.

    Without Virtue formation in children this culture will collapse and the SYSTEM forces children into these brainwashing, dehumanization centers. The system—Common Core/TV/Computers/”smart” phones literally destroy virtue formation in children and the intellect, and dehumanize them to the point of a Bill Clinton. Clinton has no virtue—he is literally controlled by the outside, by others. No inner control at all. He is worthless as a person (totally dehumanized/a slave)—only as a “bot” for others.

    Vice creates slaves for the State (Socrates). We are pumping out slaves for the NWO-—in the indoctrination system into immorality/dysfunction where Up is Down, Agency is impossible and Boys are Girls-—to destroy individualism and all identity in the sheeple—into irrationality, mutilation, slavery for Life. TV is the programming echo chamber.....where children lose all creativity and all initiative-—are programmed “bots” like Clinton—who can’t access their brain—use it in a coherent way since all their emotions are artificially controlled and programmed by others and Agency is impossible (the Communist Ideal).

  • 'Nonpartisan' Ken Burns Goes Trump Bonkers Again

    09/21/2016 8:13:39 PM PDT · 16 of 32
    savagesusie to MUDDOG

    Such daddy-issue males——so emasculated by our culture (on purpose) They drank a lot of Fluoride in the water growing up and ate a lot of soy products with all the phytoestrogens (or drank our water without filters which is saturated with birth control runoff LOL

    They are unable to understand Reality——Men so feminized, they actually believe in this little utopian Marxist meme, which the Progressives put out 24-7 to promote the total destruction of Western Civilization (Christianity) for the hellhole of Marx, where men and women are interchangeable, girls are boys are girls, Vice is irrational and total erasing of all identity and individuality and all history and Traditions (dehumanization).

    They probably call Jenner a “she” and love it when mutilated, drugged males go into their granddaughter’s locker rooms and they reveal their penis (after all males and females have to be interchangeable in their irrational hellhole and little girls have to be exposed to male genitals so they will have all their innocence and mystery and modesty destroyed-—and complete privacy erased-—(get used to the Big Brother spying EVERYWHERE, even on the toilet).

    Wake up, little Kenny and Georgie. You guys were useless dupes and only made millions because the Shadow Government you helped hide and excuse, OWNS YOU.

  • This U.S. city has more Syrian refugees than New York and LA combined [ Boise, Idaho ]

    09/21/2016 7:30:36 PM PDT · 16 of 32
    savagesusie to HokieMom

    These people are plants or they will be killed if they don’t agree....and they know it.

    Anyone in our unconstitutional “system”—HAS to go with the FEDERAL PLAN (of annihilation)-—or they are destroyed by Soros money going to all the MSM and organizations that will be released on the governors who won’t obey.

    They are COMMANDED to take them.

    BTW, wasn’t Idaho the place where MSM covered-up the crime where the little 5 year old girl was stripped and molested—peed on, and in the mouth, by 3 muslim “youths”?

    We should try Obama for Treason once he is thrown out of office. What evil, vile satanic people, he and hillary are. They love satanic muslims.

  • Obama: God-Given Rights 'Was a Radical Idea'

    09/21/2016 10:35:33 AM PDT · 37 of 52
    savagesusie to Exeter

    Exactly why atheists, nor communists, nor muslims were not allowed to hold office or be on courts for hundreds of years. They would not uphold our Natural Rights from God.

    That is what we see in SCOTUS-—a bunch of Marxists (atheists) who have literally kicked God out of our Constitution, which destroys the whole document. It flips our Rule of Law for Rule of Man (oligarchy).

    It is all unconstitutional-—but what the hey!

  • Obama says 50 countries to take in 360,000 refugees

    09/20/2016 7:14:40 PM PDT · 25 of 30
    savagesusie to Iron Munro

    They won’t survive it....that is the Marxist’s point. Obambi is laughing....he hates Whites, but he hates Christianity the most-—that which has been the enemy of the evil, irrational Marxists from day one. He is the devil’s spawn.

    The only thing between Civilization and Barbarism/paganism/slavery is God (Christianity). Without God-—everything is permissible-—incest, sodomy, baby-killing, pederasty, polygamy (all muslim/satanic ethics, btw). Talmud supports pederasty and sodomy of children, incest and raping of girls under 3. Not much different than islamic “ethics”and Hollywood “ethics.

    Only Christians created the Theology, Philosophy which created the Age of Reason and Modern Science, and the Lockean philosophy which created the US Constitution and Free Will and Individualism (Natural Rights from God). No other worldview allows for Free Will and Individualism and Natural Rights only from God and recognizes the 10 Commandments as being God’s Commandments—used to be the basis of American laws..

    WORLDVIEW MATTERS-—WHAT YOU TEACH YOUR CHILDREN MATTERS. WHAT THEY SEE MATTERS. WHAT THEY HEAR MATTERS!!!! WHAT THEY DO MATTERS! VIRTUE IS HABITUATED AND LEARNED. YOU CONTROL THAT!!!!! Satanists control Hollywood. Without Virtue, children will be evil.....will never be free—Vice enslaves for Life. The Founders’ picked GOD’S LAWS, not irrational man-made up “laws” or evil “rights”.

  • Public School Teachers ADMIT To Pushing LGBT Agenda in Class (VIDEO)

    09/20/2016 5:21:05 PM PDT · 5 of 8
    savagesusie to CivilWarBrewing

    For the NWO——where all natural instincts have to be destroyed in little children. To get control over the little children they have to destroy concept of mother and father-—remove all biological connections, to destroy those who would naturally protect their offspring. (Check out Jimmy Savile and all the royals and Hollywood-types/boy rapers and killers).

    The schools condition girls to kill their own genetic offspring now, and to hate males and reproduction. (Hate their body and God). They condition little children to take Pride in anal sex (like in 50 Shades of Gray to condition women into sodomy (like the homosexuals). All people have to be made interchangeable for the NWO where identity and uniqueness is not allowed-—ERASED. NO INDIVIDUALISM-—NO THINKING OUTSIDE THEIR EVIL BOX!!!!!!!! No Male or Female/ERASE mother and father, wife and husband. TOTAL DEHUMANIZATION!!!!!! REMOVE REASON—all TRADITIONS, ALL HISTORY, etc.! That is the ENDGAME of COMMON CORE.

    The children will be conditioned to be “happy” slaves for the Lucifereans who LOVE to sodomize little children on their altars (esp. boys but girls will do too (Polanski) and sacrifice them-—just like in Ancient Babylon. That is their goal, people. Paganism/Pantheism Yoga-—ONE MIND-—ONE RELIGION.

    I am not kidding-—the end game is to force a pagan/hedonistic worldview onto children. Destroy all Virtue formation so they are “happy” perverted, warped human beings, incapable of virtue and thinking for themselves. They will be incapable of critical thinking-—period-—like a tribal Inca brain..

    Virtue formation and Classical Christian Education is essential for Freedom. The Age of Reason was ONLY a Christian event, as was the creation of Modern Science. Without that fundamental Christian education at the time, there would be NO Reason and NO Logic/NO Ethics which would have resulted in getting rid of slavery and pederasty and incest and polygamy and homosexuality-—all normal in paganism.. Without Virtue formation, you remain a slave for life.

  • Daniel Radcliffe: Hollywood undeniably racist

    09/20/2016 4:30:45 PM PDT · 7 of 24
    savagesusie to SMGFan

    The Hollywood producers rape and drug all the kids. Parents prostitute them. Radcliffe was probably raped and molested, like Elisha Woods claimed before he was silenced. Groomed into the lifestyle. His parents sold him for fame and money, so the children become permanently warped and emotionally destroyed.

    All behavior is learned and habituated.

  • Sources: Bush 41 says he will vote for Clinton (CNN)

    09/20/2016 3:57:36 PM PDT · 19 of 68
    savagesusie to Ouchthatonehurt

    The Kennedy’s who had any honor were all assassinated or killed because they were trying to expose the banking cartel/shadow govt. and the mafia system. The Kennedy’s that would cave for the psychopaths, like Teddy (who was blackmailed his whole life) lived long and died by natural causes.

    Pre-VII Catholics were anathema to the Culture of Death and Marxism/Socialism-—baby-killing agenda, mutilation/trans agenda, sexualization of children, and sodomy/pagan pederast Ba’al worshipping and sacrificing cultures. All Christianity was banned by the 60s by our “Justice” (vice) System which has to only promote paganism, satanism and Pride in anal sex 24/7 to flip 2000 years of ethics, back to paganism and the Sacred Feminine (Burning Man hedonism).

    Vice creates willing slaves for their system (also plenty of little boys for the elite He/She goat-god sacrifices.) Christianity is the ONLY ideology which ended Slavery as a “Good”. They need ALL of us to be slaves.

  • One in five Germans now has immigrant background

    09/20/2016 1:36:15 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    savagesusie to Pearls Before Swine

    National suicide.

    All Christian cultures were taken over by Marxists (nihilism) to destroy the Christian Worldview and posit hate and division-—esp. making killing babies, making it a “Right” and “Good” along with any evil perversion—dehumanization of people/the family, male and female to erase Common Sense and create people who hate themselves and their history,

    Only one solution-—return to God. Return to their original Christian roots which made Germany flourish. Take back the minds of their children from the Marxist cr*p that destroys Agency and morality and reproduce/create solid Christian loving families and kick out “leaders” who undermine Truth/God/Justice/Freedom and the Natural Family—building unit of all cultures.

    Our Natural Rights only come from God, not these evil “leaders” who undermine morality, unity, and virtue and freedom and literally steal private property to make themselves masters and filthy rich, with taxes or whatever. Common Sense has to return to the Land. Revolution is needed.

  • President Obama Continues to Divide Americans (Did anyone expect anything different?)

    09/20/2016 9:10:10 AM PDT · 2 of 4
    savagesusie to Kaslin

    Typical hard-core Marxist. It is what these evil people do: divide to destroy (creating hate and chaos is essential like in BLM). It is designed to destroy Virtue in the masses-—because Freedom collapses without virtuous people-—that is why he promotes Vice 24/7 to all our children. Vice creates slaves. (Socrates/Aristotle/Founders). Justice Systems ONLY promote virtue (Christian virtue has proven to be the most rational and flourishing-—so it is TARGETED to be erased from minds of children).

    Marxism is the exact opposite of Christianity, the only religion of true Love for ALL of humanity (even the unborn and old and weak and all races).

    It is why he hates and wants to destroy Christianity the most, and wipe it off the face of the earth. Free Will, Private Property Rights, the Natural Family, Individualism (all Christian constructs) is anathema to the Marxists who wants people to be godless, non-thinking, non-connected cattle, beholden to only government, to be herded and culled when necessary by our rulers (the psychopathic Marxists like obama and hillary).

  • Diversity without Dissent

    09/20/2016 8:41:03 AM PDT · 5 of 8
    savagesusie to Jack Hammer

    The whole “system” was hijacked completely by 1970 by Marxists (one way to think). The system was made possible by allowing the massive brainwashing of our children in the mandatory “public schools”-—and plugging them into the Satanic MSM (Hollywood pederasts) who normalize vices and addictions to keep people in the boiling pot (and “happy” and stupid).

    Just a matter of time before there is the NWO (Happy Slavery for the masses) of programmed, useful idiots who are unable to have any opinion but the one decreed by the university and programmed for 12 years into their empty heads of mush, along with the echo chamber, MSM which normalizes evil, dysfunctional behaviors and desires in children.

    There is no critical thinking in the masses-—because of the system of brainwashing that was completed by the 70s with the evil Jimmy Carter.

    There is no Freedom of Press -—we do not get the Truth. We never got the “truth” since Teddy Roosevelt because the monopolies bought up all the news sources in 1910s, etc.

    The Truth was banned by our “Justice” system by the 60s (controlled judges by the Rothschild/Carnegie/Ford/Roosevelt foundations-—all textbooks censored by them), so that lies, obscenities and misinformation would be rampant and promoted to corrupt children and addict adults so they were worthless against tyranny and destruction of their home and private property rights. They remain ignorant and brainwashed.

    Without Truth, we have no ability for Free Will (choice). That is why Truth was banned by 1970 in our schools and in the public square.

    A Justice system which promotes evil and vice will collapse all freedom—the whole culture. We have a Vice System—Justice is banned. Just a matter of time before all the children are totally brainwashed and corrupted by the evil system (culture).

    We need to get back to allowing Truth and Freedom of Religion-— the Theology/Ideology which created the Age of Reason and the US Constitution and this Republic—we are NOT a group-think “democracy” which is a mob rule system of idiocy. They banned only Christianity as they promote Atheism, Satanism, Humanism, Materialism, Paganism, Hinduism, islam, Gaia, Mother Earth Worship——and brainwash children with these evil irrational systems of non-think.

    Instead of banning Christianity (the most rational religion in history) and demonizing the only group of people who flipped pagan irrational ethics where Slavery, polygamy, misogyny, pederasty, incest, and homosexuality were made into evil, vile, dehumanizing behaviors that corrupted cultures and punished by a true “justice” system-—we now are making them “normal” and natural again

    Slavery has to be made “good” because that is the NWO plan so we are just cattle to be culled and herded into little 10 by 5 hovels and kept off the playground (earth) of our masters (the psychopaths).

    Sorry for my rant-—but this is so obvious now—that it is becoming a JOKE to those who have a brain left.

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH and THOUGHT are fundamental to being human and are FUNDAMENTAL to the CONSTITUTION of the USA. Without Truth though-—we can not “think”——and so the University is only pumping out lies and banning the truth-—for truth is very dangerous....very dangerous to the people who want total control.

    LOOK through history-—all truth sayers have been KILLED by their own governments or exiled or poisoned-—Socrates, Jesus, Machiavelli, Solzhenitsyn, Dostoevsky, Sen. McCarthy, Brietbart-—the list is in the tens of millions, BTW——you don’t want this post to go on for a mile.

  • Trump to do town hall at black church with Hannity

    09/19/2016 4:18:06 PM PDT · 38 of 55
    savagesusie to lesko

    Quit watching him a decade ago because of his repetition....but he will be effective here since he will hammer home all the evil the Democrats have forced onto the Black communities.

    It is just the repetition that the Marxists do —repeat the lies over and over and it become the truth. You can repeat the Truth over and over and it will again become the Truth-—works both ways. Hope the Truth sticks.

    D’Souza is correct and Hannity is good on hammering a point...even though it can be annoying. I think he has a good heart.

  • Trump to do town hall at black church with Hannity

    09/19/2016 4:11:56 PM PDT · 36 of 55
    savagesusie to oblomov

    Good-—Spread the Truth. The Truth will set these people Free (once again).

  • Fraternity Gets Slammed For Hanging Colin Kaepernick Sign Outside House

    09/19/2016 4:09:36 PM PDT · 9 of 40
    savagesusie to Donglalinger

    Communist indoctrination and brainwashing centers.

    That is all they are now. Re-education camps. Who would “pay” to put their children through these evil idiot-makers, where Freedom and the Christian Worldview (Rationalism) is BANNED?

    We have a RIGHT to offend......a Natural Right from God which is unalienable. Universities are suppose to promote Truth (God) only-—never lies and irrational behaviors or evil Marxist/Communist/Socialist ideologies which kill millions of people or babies, and enslave billions.

    Just Systems only promote “public virtue” (Freedom/Justice etc). We have come a long way, baby-—from Truth/Reality -—to the irrational Marxist totalitarianism of control of every thought and action. It is NOT America. This is fascism.

  • Reid: Dem gun bill 'would prevent the next attack'

    09/19/2016 3:53:38 PM PDT · 39 of 75
    savagesusie to Sirius Lee

    No. He is evil. and worships Ba’al-—the he/she goat god. He is so evil, he is pathetic.

  • Reid: Dem gun bill 'would prevent the next attack'

    09/19/2016 3:51:41 PM PDT · 37 of 75
    savagesusie to PROCON

    Yep. That is the Marxist plan....get those evil guns out of the hands of the Patriots and Christians. Destroy the Constitution even more.

    He who controls the Words will control and determine the emotions/feelings and worldview of the useful idiots. The Leftists are pumping out of public skools pure idiots. All they have to do is just repeat the lies over and over and over again, like Reid, and it becomes the “truth” (Hitler) for these ignorant lemmings which our evil skools create. (unconstitutional system, btw).

  • Political Correctness Continues To Beat Up On Free Speech

    09/19/2016 12:58:45 PM PDT · 6 of 12
    savagesusie to reaganaut1

    The lawyers and the judges are responsible for all this fascism. They removed our Constitution in 1913 and with their establishment of the concept of “Hate” crime (It is Orwellian). THAT was unconstitutional....the beginning of irrationality=removing Right Reason and God’s Laws from our Justice System and the Constitution. (which is unconstitutional).

    All crime is “hate” crime. This Marxist meme of destroying the meaning of Words is to flip 2000 years of Ethics to make laws irrational (arbitrary and meaningless (unconstitutional)). For Satanism (Marxism) where Up is Down and Good is Evil and Boys are Girls.

    To control WORDS is to CONTROL THE ATTITUDES AND BELIEFS OF THE MASSES. Cultural Marxism is Political Correctness to destroy Western Civilization for total slavery. This destruction of meaning of Words-—twisting and warping and destroying words like Liberty, Right, Justice, Hate, Religion, Left, Vice, Marriage, etc-—literally removes “Right Reason” from a Just Law-—which makes laws irrational, arbitrary and unconstitutional ALWAYS. They have to be declared “null and void”.

    You can NEVER remove Reason and Natural Law (Truth(God)) from a Just Law-—it makes it all “Null and Void”. Our Justice (virtue) System is ONLY based on Christian Ethics-—only one which NEVER allows humans beings to be used as a Means to an End (like in slavery, sodomy, old-people killing (euthanasia), baby-killing). All other Ethic Systems destroy Freedom of some group or class of people-—like the unborn or parents or the weak and old or some religions. Any “law” which is unjust (promotes evil—any of the above) are “Null and Void” according to Justice John Marshall, Father of American Jurisprudence.

    Natural Rights (our Constitutional “Rights” are ONLY Rights which come from the Christian God and they NEVER can be GIVEN AWAY if you want——they are unalienable.

    Our “legal” system has been a JOKE for decades. We need to RETURN to Constitutional Laws and put many justices in prison for treason and disbar thousands of attorneys who promote evil, theft, crime and criminality and the literally DESTRUCTION of the Constitution.

  • Sowell: Our Political Predicament

    09/19/2016 12:22:01 PM PDT · 15 of 56
    savagesusie to Eddie01

    Thomas Sowell is brilliant but not perfect and misses the Common Sense of Donald Trump which has been missing from many politicians, since Ronald Reagan. He shouldn’t underestimate people who have a true understanding of the Natural Family—male/female paradigm—who have real life experience like a Thomas Paine. Common Sense is a basic component of the American Revolution, along with a profound belief in God (Christian God) for an understanding of Free Will and Individualism (Natural Rights from God only).

    Living in the artificial world of books, “the Intellectuals” after the Modernist period, has really destroyed America, as Sowell’s book on Intellectuals revealed. He should actually know better. The people who don’t have to experience Reality/Failure or take real life risks usually end up worthless and communists and totally evil and lazy.

  • Mike Pence looks at Dick Cheney as a role model for vice presidency

    09/19/2016 11:52:55 AM PDT · 27 of 37
    savagesusie to Cobra64

    True. It is hard to understand insanity.

    You now live in an Orwellian World now where Up is Down and Boys are Girls and Vice is Virtue and Slavery is Freedom and ONLY Truth (God/Christianity) is banned from the public square/public schools (minds of children).

    YOU are sane-—but the psychopathic sodomites control MSM, most “information”, so they make YOU “think” you are the crazy one-—or insane. That is the goal-—to drug all the sane people—or kill them or lock them away. The Jackboots are the evil, insane ones who will run the asylum.

    It is the old Stalin/Mao trick....if you don’t tow the party line (group-”think”)—YOU are IRRATIOANAL and MENTALLY ILL and have to be drugged, put in the gulag, or killed. In other words, if you are an individual who is self-directed or believe in God and not Rule of Man-—you will be banned or destroyed.

    The Leftists are removing Reason and Logic from the public discourse and only use logical fallacies. They can NOT think logically-—the useful idiots can’t since they have been brainwashed for literally all of their lives if they go to public skools or watch Hollywood’s version of “Truth”...LOL.

  • Mike Pence looks at Dick Cheney as a role model for vice presidency

    09/19/2016 11:37:21 AM PDT · 24 of 37
    savagesusie to simpson96

    Then Pence is a very dangerous man-—and controlled by the NWO/globalists. It will be like the Reagan/Bush forced match, where Trump must watch his back ALWAYS.......The Reagans, both—even Nancy, were demonized 24/7. He was an Alpha male, a Nationalist, etc. and articulate (could control the Narrative which is a “No-No” for the psychopathic sodomites who have to flip 2000 years of Ethics for total slavery (socialism/communism) with irrationality in our children). Truth (God) has to be banned from the public schools and public square. Censorship of Ideas is almost complete in our children-—so they literally are incapable of thought.....just tribal mindsets/serf minds so they will make good slaves for corporations and the State. (totally controlled bots).

    Hinckley’s family was very close to the Bushes.....Google it sometime. Funny how daddy Prescott Bush was a money-launderer for Nazis and brought them into America, and made his millions in nefarious ways, and Daddy Bush was in CIA -—that organization which funded magazines, books like Kinsey’s pedophile book, and people like Gloria Steinam, man-hater, and Harry Hay, the pederast, to destroy the Natural Family (virtue), and the CIA was running the Man-Boy sex ring into the White House while Reagan was there-—(Franklin Cover-Up).......everything goes back to the CIA doesn’t it?-—and the Bushes-—that infiltration of atheism into America to elevate baby-killing and sodomy “for the children”-—to flip 2000 years of Ethics-—to the socialism of now.......where Free Will and Individual Natural Rights from God can NEVER exist. It is ONLY possible with a Christian Worldview. Think about it sometime.

    ....that is why Christianity is being destroyed-—the whole Worldview has been under attack by the Marxists/Darwinists for 200 years so they could establish their pagan hellhole of slavery/sodomy/baby sacrifice (Ba’al Rites) again. The He/She goat-god worshippers want control over your children like they did in pagan, hedonistic days-—they are Lucifereans, like Kissinger and the Bushes and possible Cheney????

    Their little secret: Everyone has Faith-—in something. You can’t separate “faith” from the human being. The State has banned only Christianity as they promote Satanism, Atheism, Humanism, Darwinism and all sorts of Faiths and Religions which is unconstitutional-—but Cheney knows that, doesn’t he? Only Truth (God) is allowed to be promoted in schools-—not irrational, evil ideology ever—like the promotion of socialism/slavery and Marxism (slavery) and sodomy (vice as is baby-killing-—and BOTH are promoted in a “Just Law” (LOL)-—impossible...but Right Reason was removed from our Justice System to make it a Vice System....Cheney knew that and was ok with the promotion of sodomy (vice) into the military when the great thinker, Machiavelli stated promoting vice in the military is the easiest way to destroy it. (Isn’t Cheney well-read?????).

  • The key to understanding Hillary

    09/19/2016 10:31:16 AM PDT · 19 of 32
    savagesusie to TigerClaws

    No-—she worships power-—absolute power. And she and her worthless pedophile husband have sold this country to China and other totalitarian cultures because they are pure evil. She will destroy us for her huge piece of the pie and billions. She will be eliminated though-—communists will kill the useful idiots, which is all that the Clintons are, but not until they destroy this entire nation and take complete control of us for the NWO slavery.

    Obama is the same-—no worse than Hillary. Just a puppet of evil pschopaths-—but because he is Black, they can’t impeach him because of the “perceptions” of the ignorant. He needed to be impeached almost 8 years ago. His flooding our country with the Jackboots for the Fema camps and to infiltrate our “justice” departments and all institutions—universities is to destroy the Minds of all our children (remove Reason for irrationality/slavery). and place evil people in control over the masses. Without Virtue, Freedom is impossible. He is putting sodomites in control over the military—extremely evil and irrational, mentally ill, narcissistic people.

    MSM is all about “perceptions” of the ignorant masses who are just slaves......MSM is completely controlled by the psychopathic sodomite elites who control almost the entire world now-—certainly 90% of all our “information” sources and economies.

    We are living in the Hegelian Dialectic——where there is only “false” choices now, in most everything-—a totally CONTROLLED society-—which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL-—but what the hey!!!!!

    if we don’t go back to God (Christianity) and “Rule of Law” (Higher Laws/God’s and our Constitution) we will not last as a nation.

    We need a Great Awakening-—or we will be as Hobbes noted for the godless cultures——a totalitarian hellhole with no Free Will (choice) or Individual Natural Rights from God, which ONLY comes from the Christian worldview/Ethics System. Our Justice (ethic) System is a Christian one ONLY-—always was and HAS to RETURN. Good and Evil can NOT be defined by man and his base urges like baby-killing and sodomizing others.

    Now we have irrational made-up man “laws” which are removed from Truth/Reality-—positive laws. ALL “true” Justice Systems promote Truth and “public virtue” only (Montesquieu/Founders/J. Marshall) (God can’t be removed from Truth with a capital “T”. It is what formed Western Civilization and the US Constitution-—our Supreme Law of the Land.

  • Detroit civil rights lawsuit attempts to assert a constitutional right to literacy

    09/18/2016 11:25:10 PM PDT · 17 of 35
    savagesusie to Lera

    “Literacy starts at home , not at school.”

    Yes. It should, but literacy ends in schools.....they are brainwashing and PsyOps factories to destroy Virtue, Common Sense, and critical thinking in our children.

    Self-reliance and true education only comes from Classical Education and real life unstructured experiences with nature and other human beings, not in artificial controlled dependency centers (emasculation of boys).

    Education is done without the peer-pressured group-think system of mass indoctrination and programming by the State (Common Core is Marxist curricula bathed in hyper-sexualization to destroy intellectual development (as Rousseau said it would-— (brainwashing into irrationality/base urge controlling for life).

    There is no Natural Right to “education”-nor to baby-killing or to sodomy. There is a Natural Right to raise your own biological children, though-—not to have babies be killed (Life) and to have FREE WILL (Freedom of religion and thought) which is destroyed in the programming factories like that skool above does to its students.

  • VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren runs away when Ohio State student says “you lied about your ethnicity

    09/18/2016 8:44:44 PM PDT · 42 of 52
    savagesusie to oldvirginian

    Trump has done more good in just a few months than Rush Limbaugh has done in two decades..... Hmmmmmmmmm Wonder why Rush was so ineffective in fighting the complete Marxist takeover of our government and SCOTUS?

    It is so easy for Trump to control the narrative in the MSM and watch the evil cockroaches run. Never seen this chaos on the Left since Reagan’s run. They have completely controlled the narrative for over 20 years.

  • Strategist: Kasich won't be 'bullied' into backing Trump

    09/18/2016 8:07:09 PM PDT · 31 of 66
    savagesusie to kevcol

    Kasich is one of the evil ones....worships Satan, he does. They must have footage of him in a hotel with boys or something. The Left always has something on anyone who holds any power (like Justice Roberts). If he was clean-—he would be like Scalia.

    There are only two choices in life-—God or Satan. Sitting on the fence is no choice.
    God is for Free Will and Natural Rights only from God-—never the State or Man. Kasich is making the State into a god-—pure Marxism/Satanism and wants our children to be psychologically destroyed by Common Core and massive peer group-think. He is SO EVIL.

  • EU should expel Hungary for mistreating migrants, Luxembourg minister says

    09/18/2016 7:54:28 PM PDT · 16 of 21
    savagesusie to Lorianne

    They have been brainwashed since kindergarten to hate Christianity, hate White culture, hate Reason/Common Sense, etc. Bringing in tribal minds/evil worldview will erase Christianity and kill all Christians eventually. That is the NWO plan-—”Kill God” from the Fabian Socialists/Cultural Marxists. Infiltrate all powerful institutions and control all information—indoctrination.

    They have been brainwashed for 3 generations. There is no ability for Common Sense—to understand Reality (Read “Rape of the Mind” by Meerloo). The PsyOps were put into curricula early in Europe since it originated in Germany, then Russia (Stalin).

    They are moral relativists (Satanists)——the Pope claimed that the Culture of Relativism is one of nihilism (suicidal)——Nietzsche recognized that also——Kill God-—and you kill Western Civilization which was only in existence because of Christianity which created the Age of Reason and all the most free, just cultures in the history of mankind-—which elevated Free Will and Individualism.

    For the collective/socialism of the NWO where boys are girls are boys, you need to destroy Reason so Free Will (individualism) never exists.

  • MTV Unbound Promotes Absurd Gender Neutral Term 'Latinx'

    09/18/2016 6:48:47 PM PDT · 20 of 29
    savagesusie to ifinnegan

    It is social engineering to destroy all identity in human beings-—to remove any Common Sense (Natural Law Theory which created the Age of Reason/Modern Science and the US Constitution and Justice System).

    Without Reason, the ability to “think critically and coherently, we become just animals to herd and corral and “feel”-—easily bribed, manipulated and controlled for the State’s NWO——where all the masses will be interchangeable (billions killed of course for the Malthusian elites).

    It is all programing little children so they have no ability to Reason and use Logic. They are having all Traditions erased, all history warped so they remain irrational for life.

    -—like the tribal culture of the Incas-—no abstract thinking-—just serfs/lemmings to be controlled by a few evil megalomaniacs. Used as slaves and totally dependent on the State/Masters.

    To intentionally make children insane/irrational-—they remove the concept of mother and father and program them from birth to grave-—so they never have the ability to “think” for themselves-—programmed “bots” for corporations/State slavery. They won’t even tell if they are a boy or a girl, they will be so warped and removed from Truth (God) and Reality to total irrationality -—an artificial “utopia” LOL-—like Brave New World/1984 where Slavery is Freedom, up is down, Boys are Girls.

  • Pope Francis: Hospitality to Refugees Is ‘Our Greatest Security’ Against Terrorism

    09/18/2016 6:28:55 PM PDT · 76 of 102
    savagesusie to Rockitz

    He’s an anti-pope. He drips heresy and irrationality and promotion and embrace of evil, vile, irrational theologies of hate and mutilation and Earth Worship (Mother Gaia).

    He is evil.....Smoke of Satan entered the Vatican in the 60s, as Pope Paul VI stated correctly——bunch of Freemasons (Secret Society types/Illuminati) took over the Vatican Bank, and later the Chair of Peter) to destroy the Church from within with bribes and killings-—the Modernists as Pope Pius X stated in 1907 were infiltrating the Church. It has been accomplished.

    Bella Dodd, the ex-communist—wrote and reported in Congress about all the Marxist homosexuals she fed into the Church in the 30s and 40s. They are in power now. Fr. Oko’s Report is about the Homomafia (the ones raping all the boys and how they chased all the “Good” men from seminaries (”Goodbye, Good Men) if they didn’t go along with their program (raping)-—and orgies. Like Cardinal Dolen allows and encourages the homosexual orgies in parishes which he has jurisdiction over.....he ignores the pleas and outrage of the parishes and the THEFT of millions in the parishes for orgies and corruption.

    Complete takeover was VII. The Pope can only promote Truth and the popes after VII dripped heresy, kissing the koran, Black Masses, Liberation Theology (Marxism/Socialism) in Mexico/Latin America/South America, and murdering popes, and teaching moral relativism in their seminaries.

    Marxism/Socialism (collectivism) is anathema to the Catholic Canon which is based on Natural Law—subsidiarity of the Natural Family which is antithetical to communism/collectivism. Individualism and private property rights are essential to Free Will and Top Down control is anathema to even the hierarchical Church which is based on Reason/Natural Laws/God’s Laws-—much like the Constitution of the USA. The pope only is for clarifying the Truth—not to “rule” us.. Anything which smacks of Marxism/Communism/Socialism is heretical and anti-Catholic. There is no such thing as a Marxist Catholic-—it is an oxymoron-—they are either or-—never both. Just like a practicing homosexual can’t be a Christian. Practicing demonic behaviors makes you a follower of Satan.

  • Why Mexican American Men Will Not Vote For Hillary Clinton

    09/18/2016 12:07:49 PM PDT · 15 of 43
    savagesusie to ConquerWeMust

    It is why the Alpha male Trump was so dangerous to the Leftists. They will even attract the useful idiots-—who are programmed followers only and can’t think for themselves.

    Trump-—if he gets the press-—will backfire on the Leftists and capture a lot of the programmed “bots”——because he doesn’t have that emasculated, creepy male personification of an Anderson Cooper or a Romney.

  • Johnson: Turn back migrant boats

    09/18/2016 11:57:51 AM PDT · 25 of 35
    savagesusie to caww

    Wow-—note all the young males who fled the women and children and old men-—left them to die or whatever......real moral males.

    Without virtue, civil society will collapse.....and Germany and Europe are facilitating the total annihilation of their cultures for these evil young males with satanic fascist cultures? They have been brainwashed by their own culture (skools and press) for decades into suicide—nihilism.

    Constant Marxist agitprop/socialism forcing total irrationality. Right Reason, Free Will and Indivdualism—(Natural Rights only from God) only comes from the Christian Worldview-—all others are collectives and hellholes. Atheism (communism) is the worst and is responsible for the killing of hundreds of millions of people. Islam is no different than the collective/socialism of Marxism——it is a totalitarian worldview, unlike Christianity.

    All of the above is incompatible with Freedom and Individualism-—Individual Natural Rights from God only——which is the basis of the US Constitution. People with antithetical belief systems to Freedom and Individual Natural Rights from God only, should never be allowed to hold office or become citizens. The Founders never allowed it. A true “Justice” System wouldn’t allow it either-—we have to return to Rule of Law (Higher Law/God’s) and our Republican government again......get rid of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax-—all pre-1913.

  • It's never been this bad? Remember 1968

    09/18/2016 11:41:17 AM PDT · 11 of 15
    savagesusie to rktman

    It actually was a communist takeover of the USA-—all the institutions—particularly all the universities and curricula in pubic schools, to create a vast brainwashing and drugging system for our children (boys esp.) to destroy or warp the most brilliant minds of our future.

    The McCarthy warnings were absolutely true, but the commies were allowed to destroy the senator and his name so that the communists could continue their complete infiltration of all our churches, institutions and all our media/Hollywood. JFK, jr. was killed for warning us also—and about the banking and Vietnam scam forced onto us by the psychopathic NWO sodomites-—the Shadow Government-—Secret societies that JFK referred to and was killed by two weeks after his dire warnings. Eisenhower warned us also-—but no one listened. Kissinger was one of the psychopathic puppets as is Soros and all the puppet organizations and new outlets he funds. All MSM is bought and controlled.

  • Police stumped over motive of mall attacker who spoke of ‘Allah’ and asked victims if Muslim

    09/18/2016 8:27:43 AM PDT · 66 of 71
    savagesusie to Starboard

    Actually, it is because of no Freedom of Press in America. We have had a controlled media by psychopathic sodomites since the early 1900s. People who put out Truth—like Breitbart, if they have a great platform, will be killed if they can’t be bribed and controlled by the NWO goons.

    Just look who bought all the APs and Reuters, etc., 100 years ago-—and controlled all the magazines. They could CENSOR EVERYTHING the masses “thought” was “information”. They even owned the publishing companies-—the CIA actually funded MS and Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinem, to destroy marriage/the family (Christianity). The CIA controlled New York Times—to control the narrative (promote lies) and controlled what could and could not be said for over 60 years——to control Minds.

    Since Eddy Bernays (1910), Freud’s nephew, the pschopathic sodomites—the Luceferean He/She god worshippers who need to “kill God”-—God is Dead crew from the 19th century to destroy Christianity—wipe it off the face of the Earth, since it is the only rational religion in history of man which is incompatible with Slavery/collectives since Christianity founded Free Will and Individual Natural Rights from God only (Magna Carta/US Constitution) which is ONLY a Christian Justice system.

    Repeat the Big Lie over and over, and as Hitler states-—it becomes the “truth” for the dumb sheeple. (indoctrinated masses that our publik skools pump out).

    The media is allowed to LIE-—24/7 and they are NEVER held accountable for their obvious Lies-—except Katie Couric is now being sued by the NRA. FINALLY. She needs to NEVER be hired by ANY “news” organization in a Just system-—NEVER.

    She should have LOST HER JOB immediately and been tried. The trial can easily PROVE the deceptions/Lies/and the PERCEPTIONS that the media push—since they have documented proof of her show.

    THE MSM CONTROL THE NARRATIVE-—FOLKS——WE HAVE JUST BRAINWASHED NON-THINKING MASSES. Wittgenstein knew in 1900 that whomever controls the Words/Language people hear over and over will determine what people “think”. Yes!!!! YOU!!!!! What you put into your brain will determine who you are!!!!!! Garbage in, garbage OUT.

    Ray Bradbury noted the dumb ignorant masses-—who believe the media—treat the media like the Bible-—have “faith” in what they see and hear-—all ARTIFICIALLY CONTROLLED BY SODOMITES—YOUR REALITY controlled by a you will actually flip your worldview to a Satanic one-—a programmed “bot”. You will be conditioned exactly like they condition the minds of children in their group-”think’ factories and YOU “think” it is “education”. LOL-—Go read a McGuffey Reader sometime. Your children are fed GARBAGE and LIES if they do not have Classical Christian Curricula.

    We have to put TRUTH back into the NEWS-—like before 1908. After Theodore-—the psychopaths KNEW they had to control everything-—the President (like Wilson) and ALL THE NEWS the masses received so they bought all the main APs, etc., so they could control us-—get us into wars to make them filthy wealthy and destroy Christianity/young men/families/churches, etc.

    Why? THE SYSTEM-—is controlled-—all our “skooling” is psyops on the Minds of children. THEY DESTROY CRITICAL THINKING intentionally-—they destroy the integration of the brain (maturity/the ability to Reason). They program children with a paganism/satanism (sodomy, baby-killing nihilism), so they will be irrational, and capable of killing masses and cheating and theft for the corporations they will be enslaved by or the State killing force.

    They won’t bat an eye. Their conscience will be destroyed and they will be incapable of morality (Right Reason), like the Russian army or the Nazi homosexual SS troops—NO Virtue whatsoever-— since it is destroyed-—and not habituated in childhood with truth-—Classical Christian Curricula.

    BTW, if Hillery wins, they will have rigged the machines, exactly like they do if they don’t own both of the candidates, like they did with Romney and Obama. They didn’t have to “cheat”. Romney is one of the controlled puppets of the NWO, like McCain. The press just lied and lied about the muslim, sodomite obama, because “black” could move the agenda FASTER. We wouldn’t know about his sodomite orgies and drugging in high school, nor all the dead bodies of homosexuals in his “church” and his Marxist worldview and training from infancy. Obama is devoid of morality. He can kill millions and will, if he has to. He is filled with hate and anger-—probably sodomized as a little boy (traumatized) and since he was deserted by his father and mother he has particularly Daddy issues (totally emasculated). He is emotionally devoid of the ability to “love”-—to be human.

    But Crickets from the “Free” press.

  • Police stumped over motive of mall attacker who spoke of ‘Allah’ and asked victims if Muslim

    09/18/2016 7:36:51 AM PDT · 58 of 71
    savagesusie to detective

    It’s because we no longer have local control of police officers which is unconstitutional. The Feds have total control over who the police fire and hire which is unconstitutional and corrupt and Marxism. Their oversight has destroyed our system of law-enforcement which has to return to pre-50s.

    The police are in Fear of their jobs and families-—period. They are total slaves, not allowed to “think” for themselves anymore. It HAS TO END-—WE HAVE TO GET LOCAL CONTROL BACK or we are DONE.

    If they do not march to the orders from above (the Feds) who are antithetical to the Constitution-—who are actually evil islamic Brotherhood people or Saudi agents or Chinese Maoists—they will suffer and be forced out of the force.

    Also, you have obama and his ilk—Huma and Clinton and Kissinger, etc. etc., all jumping up with glee, celebrating at the chaos and drooling over the blood, since it is necessary in their Moloch worship and for Marshall Law to be possible, shedding blood and fear in America as it is in Europe, is energizing to these psychopathic sodomites— decrepit irrational old people, who feed off of chaos and the satanic bloodletting....and child sacrifices (PP (baby-killing and selling and raping). The people in control of our government are Lucifereans, like Kissinger, if you haven’t noticed yet. They are going to destroy Christianity-—wipe it from the face of the earth since it is the ONLY rational religion and believes in Individual Natural Rights-—is not a socialistic, fascist, hateful worldview which condones killing of babies (Ba’al Rites) and the old, weak and non-conformers).

    And taxpayers are paying to promote this evil, vile worldview of chaos (immigration) and baby-killing—to teach our own little girls that killing their own genetic offspring is a Natural Right from God (LOL) or little boys that they have to take “Pride” is sodomizing others-—both evil, vile anti-social behaviors that promote Satanism..

    We got to take our country back-—and get the minds of our children OUT of the sewer (TV/Movies/Computers/Video Games/Indoctrination Factories) etc——so they are humanized-—learn real life skills and how to negotiate (live life) with Reality-—real people....they have to practice THINKING FOR THEMSELVES——not being PROGRAMMED 24/7 which habituates “bots”——just programmed useful idiots for the corporations/State slavery.

    Without Virtue formation in our children (Christian Worldview), our Freedom cannot exist. Our Republic will cease to be. Only Christianity teaches real Love-—(self sacrifice). Without true love, we destroy our children-—give them to the State to raise and form and destroy (brainwash).

  • Google Subverting Election for Hillary: Stump TRUMP (Video)

    09/17/2016 10:57:53 PM PDT · 2 of 6
    savagesusie to aquila48

    Black Pigeon is awesome.

    Solzhenitsyn warned us that the US press was worse than Pravda in his 78 Harvard Commencement speech. The masses have been manipulated and controlled for decades by the “free press” (lol)—but the internet is a more powerful Mind Control system than newspapers and TV ever were-—since they can control the search engines and “trending” stuff. They can literally control your beliefs in ways TV never could since they can personally track you and target your weak areas.

    It is all psyops——been so for decades. Ray Bradbury stated it best when he said the MSM is all a dog and pony show, meant to distract and addict so that people remain dumb and ignorant and little sheeple. They feed you lies and misinformation CONSTANTLY-—no Truth, for Truth was banned in the 60s so they could flip 2000 years of Western Ethics back to the Satanism of Ancient Babylon (paganism/islam/Marxism/Socialism/slavery-—all the same irrational, vile worldviews where people can be used in evil, filthy ways and it is “Good”).

    Computers and the technology now make it much easier for an Orwellian world-—a true 1984. Esp. for children to totally create an artificial “utopia” where Slavery is Freedom and Boys are Girls because children are being brainwashed and removed from nature and unstructured human interaction—they are totally controlling every second of their lives in ways that would have been impossible for the parents of Davy Crockett. Individualism/risk-taking/self-reliance is being erased in our children (on purpose by the unconstitutional “system”).

  • CNN Anchor: Average Citizen Would Be ‘Hauled Away’ for Trump Remark on Disarming Hillary Bodyguards

    09/17/2016 11:27:22 AM PDT · 136 of 162
    savagesusie to governsleastgovernsbest

    What fascists these CNN Marxists are.....they are so evil or just plain stupid and ignorant-—or both.

    Why does ANYONE listen to these useless idiots??????? Shows you how dumb and brainwashed the masses are by our “edukation” system of mass indoctrination into satanism/stupidity/ignorance.

    Without Virtue formation in childhood, there is no possibility of Freedom. The schools intentionally hyper-sexualize children and literally DESTROY virtue formation——on purpose....a John Dewey moral relativism construct which is embedded into the subconscious of children to erase our Christian Ethics (Justice System-—for a Vice (Marxist) System like CNN embraces.

    Makes these people incapable of Reason, Logic and Common Sense-—which is the WHOLE purpose of public “education”. (Destroy Western Christian Civilization for NWO slavery of everyone by the pschopaths/Satanists who want you to offer your boys up for the altar of Ba’al Rites).

    Most children don’t have the capacity anymore to “think” like John Adams or Jefferson or a Ben Franklin today-—they are so programmed by screens, so emasculated, so they lose all self-initiative (thinking for self) and have all artificial emotions removed from Reality embedded——no real life expeerisnces like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone had——and not the same nutricious food and exercise.

    Let’s take the minds of our children BACK from the State system of mass indoctrination, horrible nutrition and no exercise and create unstructured PLAY TIME-—where autonomy is learned and habituated!!!!!! Don’t let Hollywood destroy their creativity (program them with evil desires and embed unnatural, warped emotions into your children. YOU form their Worldview and make it a Christian one (The Age of Reason/Modern Science) where Up is Up and Boys are Boys and Natural Rights and Free Will (individualism) exists.

    All other worldviews are slave/tribal/serf (socialized) systems of slavery-— It is why our Justice System is ONLY based on Christian Ethics-—the most perfect virtue system in the history of man. The Marxists are making it an irrational, satanic system where Boys are Girls and Up is Down and Slavery is Freedom-—and to make it “work”, all our children are being corrupted so they embed unnatural perversions as “normal” so they “feel” good and evil only. Reason and Common Sense are impossible for brainwashed people. (Happy Slavery).

  • Drudge Report hits back on Hillary's Birther claim with Video (trunc)

    09/17/2016 10:47:46 AM PDT · 10 of 23
    savagesusie to stars & stripes forever

    So true. I love Drudge.

  • Jane Goodall: Trump debates like a chimp in a dominance ritual

    09/17/2016 10:36:57 AM PDT · 51 of 101
    savagesusie to dowcaet

    It shows you the CFR founded CIA control over information again. They founded many magazines and funded MS. magazine, along with Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan and National Geographic to destroy the Natural Family—promotion of concepts for population control (Malthusian worldview), and created NY Times-—so they could control the narrative-—distract and addict (as Ray Bradbury stated).

    Of course the CIA is controlled by the Luciferean Rothschild family and his NWO goons, the Mossad, and his henchmen like Soros and Kissinger, et al-—all sodomites (Lucifereans/Satanists). They are losing control over the internet-——that is their NEXT target that they are DESPERATELY trying to control.

    It is kind of like Pandora’s Box (LOL) now.

    They have to have total control over all debate of ideas-—all information that the sheeple can get since the Truth (God) has a “ring” about it.

  • Angela Merkel Declares: We Will Bring In More Muslim Immigrants Into Germany

    09/17/2016 10:24:19 AM PDT · 33 of 63
    savagesusie to mancini

    She is EVIL....pure Satanic———controlled by demons and doing the devil’s work (Rothschild’s) to rush in the NWO where boys are girls, Up is Down, everyone is exactly the same, etc..

    The total enslavement of all people is the endgame where all identity is wiped off the face of the earth-—by these few elites who decide EVERYTHING for the masses.

    Hopefully, there are a few good men in Germany who haven’t been completely emasculated and fixated in submissive roles by their evil indoctrination system. (feminized).

    The Prussian system of “education” (indoctrination) originated in Germany. It is why they are the most easily managed/controlled....the masses are incapable of Reason and Logic and Virtue after a childhood of massive indoctrination into slavery worldview. Vice makes slaves and only vice is promoted into their schools (embedding dependency for Life).

  • Amazon Reviews of Hillary's New Book.

    09/17/2016 9:41:23 AM PDT · 4 of 81
    savagesusie to proust

    They’re hilarious. I am surprised that they remain posted.