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  • How Do we Decide Who Is a ‘Real’ Candidate for President?

    03/26/2015 11:26:43 AM PDT · 22 of 37
    savagesusie to dblshot

    “”Heck, how do we decide who is a real voter.”

    It is extremely hard in today’s World, where all our perceptions (emotions) have been largely controlled by the few elite cabal who want only power and control over your mind. (I don’t watch TV (dog and pony show). I choose my sources from very few trusted sources-—and even those sources, I am leery of-—since anyone with a platform can be a “useful idiot”.

    Truth wil set you Free. Well, yes, but HOW do you know the Truth. So much is hidden and most is “Smoke and Mirrors”. As Reagan stated, it ain’t what you know, it is what you know that ain’t so, that matters.

    You decide the Truth by going to original sources only——don’t take anyone else biased concepts unless it is a truly reliable person who is known for truth. Also you judge by actions——the past actions, and most of all, you look at the family and friends....who does he “love” and how moral are these people who formed his Soul. Is he a narcissist, or can he truly be humble, self-sacrificing and truly love (have strong moral character).

    I like Cruz’s father’s mind a lot and he had a great influence (of course) on his son. He suffered and people who truly suffer become very wise if they turn to God and don’t turn to hate and nihilism.

  • Happy Holidaze, from New York City

    03/26/2015 11:06:32 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    savagesusie to savagesusie

    BTW, the whole Vatican II Marxist takeover, is to destroy Traditions and remove the ability to transmit Knowledge, Belief, and Wisdom of the Ages to the children. The infiltration which Pope Pius X spoke of had also infected the formation of men in seminarians in the early 1900s to “blur truth”—the infiltrators “changed” the curricula and standards (just like John Dewey did to public school curricula in USA, intentionally and Common Core has done completely now—even with math)..

    Removal of the Traditions (Classical Education) destroyed the Catholic Church, destroyed Logic, from within and released the most vile and irrational pagan practices that are evident today in the Church (Cardinal Dolan and glorification of sodomy “for the children”) and created a system of “tolerance” (of evil) which tolerated the vile use of children by Satanic men. (They still are promoting Satanism openly now).

    When Traditions are destroyed-—and our government systematically has unconstitutionally destroyed our Freedoms and Traditions since the turn of the last century, they use “Law” to promote Vice and Evil and destroy those who promote Truth/God. As Machiavelli stated: The Truth is more hated than Lies. The Catholic Canon is ONLY supposed to promote Truth (as is all “Just Law”) always, so they do not destroy the understanding of Truth in children and deform their Natural moral development. Virtue is essential for Freedom (all the founders and Marxists know that and that is why Sex Ed was developed—to destroy Natural Sexual Identity in children—literally destroy Virtue development in the next generation).

    It is destroy Wisdom—that ability to discern Good and Evil. Because they want a New One World religion where Man is god and God’s Laws can be totally ejected for their slave utopia. They need to create ignorant “useful idiots” since moral people would never agree to slavery. That is why the promotion of sexual libertinism—it is the easiest form of political control: Libido Dominandi—as St. Augustine stated, you have as many masters as you have vices. Vice makes slaves and you have the purposeful sexualization of children 24/7 so that passion will control Reason. It is to create puerile, irrational adults.

    Christianity is the only religion aligned with Reason and Natural Laws. It is based on historical fact and gave us the concepts which made using other human beings (ANYONE—even the unborn) as a Means to an End is always evil.

    “God is Dead” was shouted in the 1800s-—with the Wisdom of a man who understood the nihilism which would occur when you destroy 2000 years of Traditions and beliefs for a belief in “nothing” and impose it on a people; He predicted Stalin, Mao, Pot, Lenin, the sodomite John Maynard Keynes, etc.. You kill the only rational “God” and you kill Universal Truth and the Moral Law, and it will become Rule of Man.

  • Happy Holidaze, from New York City

    03/26/2015 10:17:56 AM PDT · 10 of 12
    savagesusie to Academiadotorg

    Identity has to be erased to create drones (happy slaves) for the elites—all human beings are cogs in the wheel—interchangeable and the State can cull and kill and control everyone at Will when children are ignorant and “group thinkers” which is what they will be after a few years of public school indoctrination or absorbing TV programming.

    The elites do this through control of Words/Language in the Wittgenstein way-—they can create the proper perceptions in your little children: muslim Good; Christians Evil. They have been intentionally doing this in Hollywood and public schools since we outlawed Christ and God from the public square in the 50s and 60s which was elimination of Christianity while a promotion of all other ideologies/faiths like Atheism, Satanism, paganism, and islam, hinduism, yoga, etc (Collectivist ideology).

    It is to destroy Traditions and Wisdom and Individualism (Christian concept only). (Knowledge of all real History) so children remain ignorant and easily controlled by “perceptions” they receive by the controllers (mass media which is controlled by a very satanic, sodomite few who want power over your little Bieberized Johnny). Perceptions are all that are given to children, along with fear to go against the popular culture. Fear to speak Truth and think outside the “PC” (cultural Marxism) box. PC is the control of all perceptions allowed to the masses.

    Their main objective is to dehumanize children (remove from nurturing mothers and fathers for the artificial institutions so there is no objection to killing your loved ones or your own genetic offspring, etc). All biological connections have been their targets: grouping to divide (men v. women, women v. children, etc, multiculturalism/diversity). A tolerance of Evil is normalized-—and made into the highest Virtue, to destroy Reason and Logic and Truth/God.

    There is no identity to be transmitted to children-—even that of mother and father, or male and female, wife/husband is being erased to destroy ALL Natural Instincts in children-—so they can CHANGE truth/Reality to their “utopia” (man-made laws)-—Male, Female is the most intimate, Natural fact which affects a child’s whole life and emotions, and development and they are told lies that the family can be anything, and boys can be girls, etc—to destroy Logic development in children and destroy Normal Identity formation. It creates tribal minds where every idea is based on emotions. They are totally warping all concepts of Reality, Natural Law which is the basis of Western Civilization and the Age of Reason and Modern Science.

    Truth and Reality is being blurred, erased for this kumbaya, irrational Eastern yoga mysticism-—One World Unity-—One Mind-—One Way to Think-——which has to eliminate Christian Worldview and our Constitution—because Individual Natural Rights from God and not the State has to be erased to prevent Revolutions-—to prevent Knowing-—to prevent Wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Our Founding Fathers eliminated socialism-—they created a movement where we were are OUN masters since we were Designed in the image of God.

    Christianity is the main pillar of Western Civilization and gave us the True idea of true Freedom, and that is why it has been targeted to be erased in the minds of children: it is vilified and marginalized in all of America and Europe 24/7-—even outlawed and persecuted by unconstitutional laws which promote Vice and reward Evil (unjust laws).

    The Marxists and NWO cabal knew to make “happy slaves” (Fichte 1810) you have to get children out of the Natural (loving) Family-—away from nurturers and true educators (family)-—to destroy their ability to be Wise. (Cicero: Wisdom is discerning Good and Evil). GK Chesterton warned about the elite imposition of “mandatory” education systems in the early 20th century: The only purpose of mandatory education is to destroy the Common Sense in the Common people.

  • Transgender Homecoming King Dies From Apparent Suicide: Report

    03/25/2015 6:54:40 PM PDT · 43 of 61
    savagesusie to Prince of Space

    Homosexuality ejects Reason and Logic and goes with “feelings” and is an immaturity, a fixation in a puerile, irrational age.

    It is caused by neglect or child abuse or/and peer rejection, and rejection of Christianity (moral formation), is intrinsically disordered. When normal sexual identity formation is destroyed in a young child-—or trauma occurs and proper bonding to both parents doesn’t exist-—you have all sorts of emotional trauma to the child’s formation-—and a “warping” of Reality and desires and emotion damage.

    With two parent families rare and satanic TV the role model of dehumanization and dysfunction normalization, and the artificial, sexualization in the public schools which destroy innocence and normal sexual identity formation and Virtue——you will get confused, immoral, emotional cripples.

  • 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson under fire for graphic anti-atheist speech

    03/25/2015 3:10:02 PM PDT · 55 of 98
    savagesusie to Pietro

    It depends on what Christian Ethics the Atheists are raised with, and many atheist had the Bible and Christian Ethics embedded into their childhood which make them “feel” correctly-—about “Right and Wrong” although without God (Universal Truth) there is no Moral Law-—Nietzsche said as much.

    People, like Marquis de Sade and Godwin and Shelley and Byron had no problem with incest and sodomy and any dehumanizing, degrading use of others or themselves and were vile human beings, who didn’t believe in marriage or the Natural Family. They were godless.

    You are also stating the genius Dostoevsky is wrong. LOL. Sorry-—you are incapable of having a mind close to his. He stated “Without God, everything is permissible.”

    See-—without God-—you make yourself into God and decide, like Jeffrey Dahmer, what is good and evil.

    All the most evil people in the world were people who threw out God/Christianity and made themselves the measure of all things, like Jeffrey Dahmer, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pot, Rothschild, etc. etc.

  • Meet the 'Gay Sweater' Made from the Hair of 100 LGBT Kids

    03/25/2015 11:09:11 AM PDT · 40 of 66
    savagesusie to QuisCustodiet1776

    Muslim cultures are homosexual (sexist) cultures-—as Walid Shoebat stated “Saudi males prefer boys for sexual recreation”. It is like the Afghanis who have harems of boys——it is a learned behavior and a practice since their existence-— because of childhood abuse and neglect and lack of mature, moral male role models. Mohammed was a sodomite and had transexual followers, and he himself was a cross-dresser and pedophile. (Theodore Shoebat).

    All warped behaviors are learned and habituated by culture and experiences. Canada is grooming their children to be satanist and pagans and atheists......or muslims, where sodomy is taught to be a virtue. They are forcing vile behavior to be normalized and Lust to equate “love”-—the using oneself and others in vile, dehumanizing ways—as a Means to an End which is always evil in Christianity.

    The Leftists need to destroy the possibility of Chrsitian Worldview which is antithetical to collective cultures with their Individualism (unique—Natural Rights for everyone including babies—from God which is unalienable ). They need a slave mindset in children by indoctrinating them when they are irrational and incapable of wisdom. The operant conditioning will prevent Reason and Logic.

    As St. Augustine stated, you have as many masters, as vices. Libido Dominandi......sexual liberation creates a slave mindset-—exactly like islam. When passion ejects Reason (Natural Laws)-—you are ignorant and easily managed and controlled by politics and economics.

    Yes, it is truly depravity when children are actually taught that Evil is Good which is what our public schools have been doing for 50 years now to erase Christian Ethics. (The “God is Dead” group to flip Good and Evil to satanic, muslim, Marxist ethics-—all collectives).

    Dostoevsky: Everything is permissible without God.

  • THE GLENN BECK RADIO PROGRAM, Live 9am-Noon weekdays ET, Mar 24, 2015, Tuesday

    03/24/2015 7:51:51 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    savagesusie to lysie

    I have to agree with you. The non-thinking masses will become a problem for the Leftists-—the “herd” may likely vote skin color and for the Name-—and the Hispanic vote can be a game changer now.

    That is why the Leftists fear him so. They created useful idiots using our public schools but it is always hard to control the mobs, that “herd” mentality when you have freedom of press (internet so far) and an articulate, statesman (like Reagan) is extremely dangerous-—because when they are as clever and intelligent as a Cruz, they can control the narrative (to an extent) and all elections are about “perceptions” and “emotions”. It will be hard for them to make this brilliant man look stupid and evil-—few fell for it with Reagan—although the press tried 24/7.

    He has the ability to capture a landslide-——like Reagan did—even as the Leftists try to mobilize their useful idiots-—the useful idiots are so dumb they may just vote for Cruz because of his name and ignore any other letters which fall after it. Leftists are terrified of that-—the Mexican vote will probably be deciding factor.

    God is in control though——but even if Cruz is not perfect, no one is— his basic belief system is that our Natural Rights come from God and not man-—that is all I care about right now. He has the underlying correct Lockean/Montesquieu/Blackstone philosophy that is embedded in our Constitution and our Justice System, which has been ejected for decades.

    It is time God was put back as the author of our Rights (the only true “Rights” ) and Virtue promoted in a true “Justice” System.

  • Rand Paul Responds to Cruz’s Candidacy: ‘Throwing Red Meat’ Won’t Win 2016

    03/23/2015 9:46:41 PM PDT · 67 of 83
    savagesusie to MeshugeMikey

    ““intellectually enticing” messages to new groups of people “

    Yes-—like the dreamers and illegals and somalis-—but ALSO the sodomites since he doesn’t have a problem teaching young children that Vice is Virtue to normalize Afghanistan harem boy ethics in our little boys and girls and eliminate Reason and Logic and God’s Laws to flip 2000 years of ethics.

    I guess he wants to erase the “Natural Rights” based on Christian Ethics and Individualism which are the First Principles of our Constitution.

    Shame on you, Paul. Stand for Truth/God like our Justice System is supposed to do.

  • Cruz launches 2016 presidential campaign with fiery speech (Gutfelt says "It's All About Cruz")

    03/23/2015 9:22:50 PM PDT · 35 of 44
    savagesusie to NKP_Vet

    Sad that he is selling his soul for the Dialectic. Cruz is for the First Principles of the Constitution: Individual Natural Rights from God that Rove and the elite sodomite Republicans are trying to erase, for a pagan, satanic ethic system of “Justice” (a Virtue).

    Gutfield sounds like part of the elite cabal......and I wouldn’t have thought that after reading his book, although he is a little wishy-washy on sodomy and wants to force little children to “think” like the little harem boys of Afganistan. (Maybe he didn’t raise four sons like I did, and he doesn’t understand how crucial culture is to worldview/sexual identity formation, and that you NEVER force Vice into a “Justice” System-—as Montesquieu stated that ALL Just Law has to promote “public virtue”.

    Any person who wants to normalize the irrational and unnatural concept of “homosexual” marriage——to destroy Right Reason and eject Natural Laws from our Constitution (which destroys Logic and Reason in children ) is trying to destroy ALL Traditions and the Natural Family (which is pure Marxism) to flip our Christian Ethics system to a pagan, Afghani ethic system of slavery.

    As St. Augustine stated-—we have as many masters as we have why is the elite Republicans trying to force sodomy on the minds of our children??????. It sounds like a “Fichte” move-—to destroy Free Will in children to make them so irrational they think “snow is black” and are just ignorant “happy slaves” for the State.

  • Ben Carson: Is He the Real 'Progressive' on Homosexuality?

    03/23/2015 2:24:02 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    savagesusie to SeekAndFind

    He was quoting Freud-—who thought every normal boy wanted to have sex with their mother and every normal girl wanted to have sex with their father.

    It is a lie-—and Freud perverted the whole idea of natural sexual identity formation in children and created the sexualization (destroying Virtue formation) in children which will collapse culture.

    Children are innocent of such warped ‘desires’ unless they are sexualized or traumatized in unnatural ways in early childhood. Kinsey was a pervert and child abuser-—and he “normalized” the sexualization in children which warps their natural identity formation-—to destroy Virtue.

    Lukacs developed “Sex Ed” for schools to destroy the innocence of children and promote vice and perversions, which is necessary for warping Reality/Truth/God and destroying moral Virtue which the Cultural Marxists knew would destroy Virtue. (Christian Ethics).

    Note the destruction of marriage and morality after “sex ed” and Kinsey/Freud ethics were forced into curricula by the 50s-—and sex was stripped of morality by the normalizing of perversions and muslim/pagan ethics in little children.

    Virtue is learned and habituated in early childhood. Parents do no moral formation anymore-—they allow TV sodomite morality and school perverts who write all the curricula, to form the worldview of their children. Even the Catholic school curricula has been sexualized and devoid of moral formation with their wishy-washy religionless Christianity of Pope Francis since the 70s and ejection of true Classical Education.

  • Ben Carson: Is He the Real 'Progressive' on Homosexuality?

    03/23/2015 2:08:01 PM PDT · 8 of 11
    savagesusie to Dilbert San Diego

    Desires which are unnatural (as “uniting” with an anal cavity or goat” ) is never a “born with desire” (genetic). Man is not “born” with a desire to rape babies or children or other males. It is a warping (intrinsic disorder) of desires (Worldview) which is formed by a toxic culture/environment.

    All Virtue is learned and habituated by experiences in nature. Without a loving mother and father, children can easily be warped and their desires perverted-—like with Chastity Bono being raped when she was 11 by a Lesbian. The perversion can be caused by peer rejection (emasculation) also and absent fathers or by fathers who belittle their boys or overbearing mothers.

    All unnatural desires are learned and habituated by early child abuse usually (or neglect). (Moberly, Psychogenisis).

    OR-—there is absolutely no moral formation in young childhood, so children grow up with the mindset of Marquis de Sade (or Jeffrey Dahmer), who was a sodomite along with a believer in the destruction of marriage and all biological connections (Marxism) and could do any dehumanizing and degrading thing to anyone, even children. Homosexuality is pure lust and narcissism and a fixation in a puerile stage of life.

    There is no such thing as “genetic”-caused desires which go against Natural Laws-—although there could be abnormalities at birth—which can be measured scientifically—but those are extremely rare and caused by toxins in the environment.

    All history proves that little boys that are raised in harems and abused, will grow up to lust after males/boys and goats or whatever-—there is no sexual morality formation—none. They will hate and mutilate the opposite sex-—who will be relegated to “breeder” and children will be bought and sold-—usually for sexual abuse like with the Samurai and the Spartans and in Afghanistan, which end up being the most sexist cultures on earth.

  • Ted Cruz's Dazzling Announcement Speech Scared the Heck Out of the Left

    03/23/2015 12:32:16 PM PDT · 18 of 46
    savagesusie to Vigilanteman

    He is a true Intellectual genius-—a true God-fearing person who has the identical belief system of our Founders—and a belief in the First Principles of our Constitution— that our Natural Rights originate with God (Natural Law Theory) and not with these unconstitutional bureaucracies, or the oligarchy (courts) or the executive branch (tyranny).

    All these corrupt systems (courts, IRS, etc) need to be obliterated and the courts have got to remove all unjust (unconstitutional) “laws”-—which are “null and void” anyhow.

    No other “belief” system is aligned to our Supreme Law of the Land, like Christian Ethics/Natural Law Theory, both compatible (You can never use a human being in a degrading manner, or promote such in “Just” Law-—that which dehumanizes or strips dignity from anyone-—not the old, not the unborn, etc. Using human beings as a “Means to an End” is unconstitutional (like slavery, prostitution, sodomy, etc) and Just Law can never promote Vice, slavery, theft-—unequal “law” or treat human beings as a “collective” with no Individual Natural Rights from God.

  • Hamas Terrorist Promised To Teach Little Boys Jihad, Raped Them Instead

    03/20/2015 8:16:20 AM PDT · 23 of 39
    savagesusie to Perseverando

    Homosexuality is the result of warping the psycho-sexual development of children-—or it is just evil, people, like Marquis de Sade, who have no morals-—sexual libertines who believe incest, pederasty, etc. is “good”. They had no moral formation.

    Cicero: Wisdom is discerning Good and Evil. We became the most powerful, “good”, “free” people on earth because of the Bible and Pilgrims Progress being the only two books in the homes of all Americans if they could read....and most did read the Bible. They understood Good and Evil-—they were Wise-—they had Common Sense (Wisdom).

    Now—with the elimination of Classical Education, we have no moral formation-—no Virtue and really ignorant, evil people “graduating” from our Marxist indoctrination system (to collapse culture).

    Muslims are raped as boys, and abused in many other ways also. It is why they grow up to hate and mutilate women (they are trained to) and it is no different than the Spartan or Samurai “lifestyles”. You live and learn and what you experience will determine your “desires”. It is simple Wundtian psychology. These boys are warped and it is a miracle if they grow up to be mature, masculine males (love “the Other”/true diversity). They are satanic-—it is a satanic cult founded by satanic people.

    Libido Dominandi. Young recruits are also sodomized. It is about control and dominance, like with the Spartans.

    Any person out there who supports the homosexual agenda is promoting the abuse of children. It is a learned behavior —as all behaviors, but it is because of vile abuse of children——where their sexual integrity is destroyed by being raped, or emasculated by peers, or fatherless, etc. There are lots of ways to warp a child——and putting them into public school indoctrination systems is a BIG way to create a Bieberized boy.

    Public schools inculcate “group think” and destroy Virtue (moral formation) and habituate immature behaviors of dependence. The schools are designed to destroy Virtue-—keep the child trapped away from Truth/God and Virtue formation (The Natural Family). As GK Chesterton stated in the early 1900s: Mandatory education is designed to destroy the Common Sense in the Common People.

    It is to create “happy slaves” for the State (Fichte 1810). As St. Augustine stated, we have as many masters as we have vices. Immoral people are easily controlled and managed and bribed....etc. They are devoid of Virtue: Wisdom, Courage, Temperance, Perseverance, Justice, etc.

  • Boys need a stay-at-home dad LEGO figurine [Hurl]

    03/19/2015 11:52:52 AM PDT · 6 of 23
    savagesusie to C19fan

    It is their Marxist utopia where males and females are interchangeable (cogs in the wheel with no identity)......for their NWO of “happy slavery” and where they are totally irrational and deny God (and God-Given Natural Rights).

    It is essential to embed the irrational ideas in early childhood-—so that there is no Natural Instinct in males and in females. They are deliberately destroying Logic in children by putting women in combat and showing more female policemen/firemen/plumbers-—to destroy Roles in male and female.

    The pagan, satanists undermine children’s natural instincts and destroy (emasculate) risk-taking and individualism/autonomy in males while destroying the nurturing instinct in girls (so it is “good” to kill your own genetic offspring). Children “learn” (embed the proper emotions) that females and males are exactly the same to destroy patriarchy and roles of males and females. (a biological lie).

    It destroys the efficiency and Common Sense in children and collapses culture (efficiency) warping Natural Laws (God’s Design)——and kills Common Sense which made the Age of Reason possible and caused our Revolution and Individualism (Natural Rights from God).

    French Revolution was caused by passions-—an ejection of Common Sense and Reason, and the Laws of Nature and God’s Design.

    The elites are programming our children to be ignorant and sexualized....Libido Dominandi. When you destroy Virtue (Excellence) in children by sexualization and Lies which deny Natural Law theory (that which created the US Constitution/Lockean philosophy), you will change them into irrational pagans/Satanists—who deny God’s Design of the Universe so they will believe any irrational, dumb thing the elites tell them. (Happy Slaves which was the methodology put into Common Core and all John Dewey curricula to destroy Reason and Logic in children and elevate the Limbic area of the brain which Classical Education (Reason) always suppressed so human beings could “mature” and control base emotions—unlike the pagan Democrats who let emotions erase facts/reason).

  • Christian Videographer Faces Legal Action After Refusing to Work Lesbian Wedding

    03/19/2015 9:38:55 AM PDT · 51 of 58
    savagesusie to 444Flyer

    It is tolerance of evil, which is extremelyevil, and should never be promoted in a true “Justice” system which is required to only promote “public virtue”.

    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.—Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • Christian Videographer Faces Legal Action After Refusing to Work Lesbian Wedding

    03/19/2015 9:32:05 AM PDT · 47 of 58
    savagesusie to Rodamala

    It is worse then just “forcing” us to celebrate depravity which their “Just” laws certainly do (LOL) which is unconstitutional-—they are forcing the concept/worldview of satanism/paganism in our Christian children, that Christianity is evil and bigoted and haters, and that sodomy and vile, degrading, irrational behaviors are “Good”.

    It removes Reason from Just Law and creates Lies for the foundation of our children’s minds......elevates the Limbic area of the brain—sexualizes children which in a virtuous culture, the Limbic area should be suppressed (the irrational, so Reason will eventually rule) (Classical Education). Virtue is habituated and learned always in young childhood.

    They are literally flipping 3000 years of ethics and meaning of Words with all the “Pride” indoctrination and lies-—esp. in schools—to the satanic, pagan and satanic ethics of Ancient civilizations and that of some European “child Sex Ring” capitals in Scandinavia with the ethics of Afghanis and ME cultures where boys are used for recreational sex.

  • Dick Cheney accused Obama of 'playing the race card' in a Playboy interview

    03/18/2015 11:01:52 AM PDT · 38 of 52
    savagesusie to bramps

    Exactly. A culture devoid of Virtue. And we all should know that the Founders knew that without Virtue, there is no possibility of Freedom.

    The sodomite pagans have normalized objectification of sex and the degradation of human beings—and reduced them to godless animals with no dignity. The so-called “Christian” churches were complicit (bought off) years ago as Pastor Bonhoeffer referred to many mainstream American Churches as “religionless” in 1930.

    Normalizing objectification and instant gratification demoralizes always and destroys Virtue. It normalizes using human beings s a Means to an End which is the slippery slope to Stalin and collectives and a destruction of Individualism.

    It literally is the END of the Christian Worldview and the destruction of Shame. It eliminates-the profound thinking which created the Age of Reason, Modern Science and the US Constitution: the most brilliant and free cultures in the history of man.

    We are like Babylon or today’s Afghanistan cultures where it is “Just” to use others in degrading, evil, irrational manner and our “Justice” System actually is allowed to promote Vice. LOL

    You have as many masters as you have Vices. (St. Augustine). “ Libido
    Dominandi”-—the more sexually “liberated”, the more political control our earthly masters have, and the more emotionally crippled and demonic “future” children who imbibe in the toxic culture, will be. Vice leads to more Vice always. Cheney always promotes pagan ethics which he knows will make the masses into slaves for the elites and make them filthy wealthy and totally dependent. (Just typical politics and the Dialectic—historicism).

  • PARODY... It wasn't the Truck

    03/18/2015 9:04:33 AM PDT · 17 of 48
    savagesusie to The Californian

    It is the removal of God and Reason (Common Sense) from our culture——it is nihilism where Reason and Logic can never exist since the belief in everything from nothing is so totally irrational and contradicts all science. All assumptions will be based on such irrational assumptions which will warp everything more and more, the further down you bury the source.

    Remove “Cause and Effect” and the Laws of Nature——by teaching little children that Up is Down and Sodomy is a Virtue and males and females are exactly the same (radical Marxism) and you remove the ability to EVER be rational. You will believe any irrational statement by the people who control the perceptions of the masses (Hollywood sodomites) and the Alinsky-ites who embed psychology into all curricula to get only irrational, warped “happy slaves” and useful idiots.

    Vaccines companies care nothing for your children: they exist for profit only, and ethics have been totally removed from educational systems in the early 50s. Evil people only will rise to power. Very rarely now will the CEOs have “virtue” since our toxic culture targets it intentionally and elevates the evil and dysfunctional.

    Virtue is habituated and learned and schools destroyed Classical Education (and removed the Bible)—the only Rational ethic system, Christianity, in the history of mankind. Constant demeaning and ridicule in media and banning all Christian Ethics from the public schools while promoting all other beliefs: Satanism, paganism, Atheism, Marxism, islam, etc. is creating a pagan, irrational culture where Common Sense can never exist.

    Everyone has Faith—the only “ethic” system which is in line with Natural Law is Christianity and Deism with Christian Ethics. Nothing else is as perfect or will lead to Excellence and Justice for all (true virtue) (Individual Natural Rights from God).

    We are collectivized and enslaved. Big Pharma can’t be questioned-—you will be labelled a radical or crazy for having any Common Sense. Same with the sodomite promoters. To disagree, you are a hater and a bigot and irrational, when it is all Science and Common Sense biology.

    Fichte’s plan of 1810, to destroy Free Will in children so they “believe” “snow is black” has arrived. Just talk to any graduate of high school today. They are as dumb as stumps. Wisdom is discerning Good and Evil (Cicero) and they are incapable of even recognizing simple biological facts..

  • It Really Happened! [Catholic Cardinal Archbishop Leads Gay Pride Parade]

    03/17/2015 9:40:10 PM PDT · 41 of 95
    savagesusie to Twink

    Indeed, Dolan DOES know he is a tool....but he is a tool of Satan. He had his goons shove Michael Voris and his camera crew out from interviewing the Cardinal.

    You should have seen the dirty look Dolan gave Michael Voris when he confronted him about allowing a platform for such evil antiCatholic beliefs—and sodomy and pederasty were a major problem of the Celts which St. Patrick had to eradicate.


    03/13/2015 9:39:12 PM PDT · 6 of 9
    savagesusie to Fungi

    Absolutely. It is nothing but a money laundering scheme, so the elites can use millions of dollars to control corporations, judges, churches, universities, publishing companies, etc. They have literally funded church building, and then dictate who is the “pastor” and who is on the front page of Time magazine. This has been going on since the early 1900s.

    It is all about the perceptions of the masses (”Edward Bernays Reality” is what we “think” is true (exactly what the elites WANT us to think)-—when we have been fed Big Lies which are repeated over and over in hundreds of their controlled magazines and controlled radio stations and TV programs, and we have swallowed it and it has made us into slaves little by little for a century and dumb as stumps, since all we know is lies and misinformation.

  • Pope says Koran is a book of peace and Islam is a peaceful religion

    03/13/2015 8:46:47 PM PDT · 96 of 163
    savagesusie to livius

    No. He is a Jesuit. Jesuits may be extremely evil and devious, but they are always extremely brilliant. There is a reason he promotes lies, when Catholics (esp. the pope) are only supposed to promote the Truth in clear and concise language. All words matter and he KNOWS that simple truth.

    He is using the Dialectic to “move” or “evolve” Catholics further to Marxism/Socialism/paganism, where divorce and sodomy is “normal’ and good. He is an anti-pope if what they report is true.

    All popes up until VII, condemned the most evil ideologies on earth—Marxism, Islam and Freemasonry (secret societies). Personally, I think the Freemasons infiltrated the Catholic Church, since Pope Pius X stated there was infiltration, and the pope that was murdered after 33 days in office (Pope John Paul I) was going to fire the head of the Vatican Bank (mafia) who took control of the Vatican Bank in the 40s and 50s and was never fired with the “new” pope.

    Some of the most evil people in the history of the World, have been Jesuits, or taught by Jesuits. Jesuits created the system of “education” where you can create people who rule and are brilliant, or you can create slaves (happy slaves, of course). Our Prussian system of “public education” is based on the Jesuit system which makes children only capable of taking orders and reading just enough, so they can read simple directions. They are conditioned to be “group thinkers”—only use emotions and unable to be critical thinkers because they have no understanding of anything worthwhile—ideas which created the most brilliant cultures and the most Freedom in the history of the world.

    This matrix of systems imposed on us and our children has been in the making for over a hundred years. The final nail is almost in the coffin NOW-—with the capitulation of the Catholic Church, the last power which stood between Communism/Socialism and all the porn and sexualization of children (destruction of the souls/worldview of our children ) (homosexual push).

    As the book “Libido Dominandi” explains and St. Augustine knew, the more sexually liberated, the more political and economic control for the State. Vices creates slaves for the State. The more vices, the more masters. The elites know that through sexualization, you can collapse culture. It was the combination of Freud with Marx (as explained in the “Closing of the American Mind”). Lukacs (Cultural Marxist) created Sex Ed in Hungary to collapse their culture—which it did in one generation. The USA adopted their “Sex Ed” programs starting in the 50s-—but it took until the 70s before they could do it more blatantly.

    That is why Vice is promoted in the satanic media and public schools 24/7 now (parents are too stupid to understand child psychology because the “parent magazines” have been promoting lies and misinformation forever.

    Sex Ed does corrupt and warp our children so they have a tribal worldview like little Afghani harem boys. They will be conditioned to see others as objects to be used, when they grow up and be obsessed with porn or vulgar entertainment/no growth/no maturity-—very puerile minds, controlled by base urges and never reason. Sex is just a recreation tool—which will collapse the Natural Family. People will end up like the Ferguson mobs, easily controlled and bribed by the powerful, totally immoral and ignorant, or just hiding in their basements masturbating.

    As Montesquieu stated, Virtue is essential to Free Republics. Christianity (Virtue) was targeted by the Germans in the 19th Century and they are trying to destroy the pillars of Western Civilization for the elites NWO and they KNOW you have to have a One World Religion. That is why the Catholic Church was infiltrated. They are destroying all the tenants of Christianity (done in most Protestant Churches, since 1930-—so Christianity is wishy washy and meaningless and everyone gets to Pastor Bonhoeffer stated in 1930 about the Riverside (”religionless”) Rockefeller “church” in NY.

    The Natural Family (which protects the moral and emotional formation of children and transmits Christianity and culture (now TV is doing parent’s job)—the most brilliant and perfect theology in the history of man has been targeted by taxes/forcing women into the workforce/ vilifying motherhood and having children, etc-—all done on purpose to create the pagan, Marxist worldview in children (hate/fear) where biology is meaningless—there is no family connections-—the State is god and mommy and daddy. Support systems only consist of the State—no church, family like one hundred years ago.

    Christianity has to go because it is the only theology which is consistent with Natural Law Theory and the concept of Individualism-—Individual Natural Rights from God ONLY, and collectives have to destroy the individualism and God idea, which is natural in children raised in a loving Christian home. The concept of “identity” stems first from their sex, biological connections—knowing grandparents and uncles/aunts/cousins, and self-worth comes from having a loving mother and father and belief in God-—which creates healthy, dynamic, hopeful, principled mature males and females. It is imperative to have active role models of both sexes but now children have creepy cartoon characters for role models and know nothing of great men in our history. In fact, our heroes are vilified (on purpose) to make children hate themselves and their heritage-—so they will dismiss the ideology of Individual Natural Rights from God (Christianity-—look at Columbus and Galileo-—all lies about them to generate hate for their profound Christianity).

    When children don’t experience a healthy family life, they become dupes and ignorant and needy with low self-esteem. True self-esteem exists because of being loved which takes TIME with loving parents and siblings #1, and being able to master tasks #2-—learning skills, and understanding complex things.

  • Ted Cruz: Gay Marriage Rulings 'Danger to Our Liberty'

    03/11/2015 2:36:41 PM PDT · 16 of 34
    savagesusie to nonliberal

    Because our Constitution is based on Lockean philosophy of Natural Law theory and God’s Design of Natural Law (God’s Laws).

    There are only Natural “Rights” from the Creator not from the State——and ALL positive law has to be in line with Natural Law, otherwise it is unjust law—(unconstitutional)-and goes against Natural Law and God’s Law.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. destroyed “Rule of Law” (made it Rule of Man) when he was “Supreme Justice”. We have been living under fascism (unconstitutional laws ever since). Justice John Marshall stated that ALL unjust law is “null and void” and shouldn’t be obeyed and all judges had to declare them “null and void”. Our justices have been bribed or Marxists or dumb.

    There is Universal Truth embedded in our “Justice” (virtue) System” and it is NOT based on satanic or muslim or hindu or pagan ethics of sodomy. To promote Vice in a “justice” system based on Christian Ethics like ours, is not only unconstitutional-—it is diabolical and will destroy “law” and civil society, since all Free Republics must Always promote “Justice” (public virtue). (Montesquieu).

    The Lockean philosophy guarantees Natural Rights and all children have the Natural Right to be born in a system which allows them to be brought up by their biological parents, not bought and sold to the highest bidder. Biologica connection is important and Natural and why Marxists want it destroyed.

    The Natural Family is the most conducive to well-being and emotional health of children. The Natural Duty of all human beings is to do their Natural Duty and raise and nurture any Natural offspring-—and Natural Law is the basis of our legal system.

  • Kudos to teachers like Ruthanne Stadnick. (Basketball Jones student punched her out)

    03/10/2015 1:01:31 PM PDT · 17 of 27
    savagesusie to tanuki

    The “public school” system is an abomination-—and a government Marxist system of indoctrination. It is evil.

    Until this artificial system to remove children from their Natural Family so all Common Sense and humane learning is destroyed——it is designed to destroy morality in all children, have “peer” (immature) morality habituated, “group think” forced. Virtue formation which is learned and habituated in the formative years, is obliterated, this country will sink deeper into the moral morass of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Libido Dominandi—so-called “sexual liberation” (the sodomy Sade crowd), is just about political and social controls. The more sexual freedom, the less freedom.

    It goes back to Socrates, as the Founders ALL knew, so our Natural Rights were from God—never the State. Without Virtue, there is no Freedom possible. Promoting vice-—which is all schools and our government have been doing since 1960s will collapse culture. That is why unconstitutional law is any which promotes Vice (in theory).

    We are almost there with the forcing (through “Just” Law LOL) of all people to recognize sodomy as a Right from God.....flipping the Wisdom of over 2000 years to Marquis de Sade’s “moral system” which will lead to chaos and tyranny only, just like his beloved French Revolution which was the culmination of his “ethics” system..

  • Glenn Beck: Ben Carson’s Prison Sex Comment ‘The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

    03/09/2015 11:47:31 AM PDT · 74 of 93
    savagesusie to GladesGuru

    Because, maybe, he is just part of the Dialectical Materialism——for New One World Religion?????

    It was because of the Mormons that homosexuals were allowed to be promoted and normalized into the Boy Scouts of America. If they would have stood against it, the BSA might not have been forced to change their Traditions and Moral stance (to Marxism/Moral Relativism). A few years ago, a large homosexual ring of Mormons abusing Boy Scouts was discovered and some were prosecuted. The infiltration of sodomites is pervasive since the French Revolution and Sadism.

    Sodomites control all our institutions, now. They literally are forcing the Vice of sodomy to be normalized through “Just” Law (based on Natural Law and Reason and God’s Laws, no less)-—even the Republican party is caving to the pressure of these evil sodomite elites-—it is the strongest lobby in America. Why? Because if they can normalize sodomy, they completely obliterate Natural Law and Christianity (the Constitution) for all the children who are exposed to the abomination. It will create harem boy type minds who will be incapable of profound philosophy. Passions will rule Reason-—what the Postmodernists have been trying to make happen for over 100 years: to “kill God”.

    As the Marquis de Sade knew, promoting sexual promiscuity destroys self control and Freedom, just like St. Paul and St. Augustine stated: Vice creates Slaves, so that the elites can gain power over all political and economic areas of culture. Porn makes enormous profits and addicts are just slaves to be controlled and managed like slaves. Addicts of any vice, destroy all relationships, destroys any children they produce, destroys the Natural Family, and they are easily manipulated, bribed (Epstein) and controlled.

    All behavior is learned and the operant conditioning in Common Core (NCLB, Goals 2000, etc) has all been to destroy Virtue formation in children and normalize vice-—to flip 2000 years of ethics—to the Marxist, demonic ethic of slavery. Only Classical Education (tools to learn by self from original sources) is true education. Everything else is brainwashing and the operant conditioning is to attach the “proper emotions” to concepts. (Sodomy good, Christianity evil).

    Get your children and grandchildren OUT of public schools and monitor everything they watch on TV, etc. YOU control their worldview and emotions. Christianity is dangerous-—it is revolutionary—true Christians will not bow to evil, even if they are killed. They will not be silent, or bend to evil when people promote the evil vice of sodomy, and they certainly wouldn’t give it a platform like that evil Cardinal Dolan is forcing on the St. Pat’s parade. Mocking God in a parade for a saint. (LOL/sarc)

    The sodomites/Freemasons/Marxists infiltrated the Catholic Church in the 20s and 30s and got control over the Vatican Bank-—Fr. Oko’s report on Homoheresy is a great read.

  • Ben Carson Is Fighting a Culture War: His remarks on homosexuality more likely to help than hurt

    03/07/2015 7:25:01 AM PST · 19 of 33
    savagesusie to SeekAndFind

    Truth is more hated than Lies (Machiavelli).

    What you are seeing, is the suppression of Truth (again) for the “perceptions of the masses” which is the ONLY ocncern of the Marxists Ba’al (nature) worshippers.

    It is particularly dangerous to have a physician (who has a platform) to claim that sodomizing others is a “learned behavior” and a “choice’. That delusion that it is genetic is imperative to make “Evil” into Good and normal “for the children” like the days of Ba’al worship.

    Why? Because homosexuality is caused by child-abuse always (neglect or abuse in infancy by fathers and/or mothers, peer rejection, rape, etc—where the normal sexual identity process is warped-—children learn to “desire” irrational objects because of experience (many proofs—such as the harem boys of Afghanistan—particularly of neglect of an emotional need, which is habituated). But with outright rape-—embedded emotions will determine later desires and the sexual drive is one of the strongest to overcome.

    The public schools destroy Virtue in children intentionally with Sex Ed (Hollywood does too). Innocence is necessary for normal sexual identity formation-—the mystery, and wonder is what gives dignity and respect for the sex act.

    When you “teach” Sex Ed in schools esp. you destroy what makes the sex act moral: privacy and intimacy-—and children are immature and can in no way, shape or form, develop a true understanding of the meaning of sex when taught by strangers (esp. perverted, immoral people which will warp their desires and understanding of Truth/God/Life/Love.


    03/06/2015 11:29:10 AM PST · 49 of 55
    savagesusie to JudyinCanada

    Scotus understands very well what is coming down the pike. The oligarchy has been destroying the Constitution for a century.

    This final blow to true marriage will make little children fair game for the perverted and warp their worldview as much as the harem boys’ worldview is warped with the destruction of Logic and Reason and Natural Law Theory-—the First Principles of our Constitution.

    The Constitution and the philosophy behind our “Justice” System is being erased in the minds of the next generation to create “happy slaves” (tribal minds) for the State-—children who are so irrational they will believe “snow is black” because their whole world will be one artificial sewer—with no possibility of real understanding of Reality and Universal Truth/God.

    The operant conditioning will be able to eliminate all Christian concepts in children and destroy the ability to be critical thinkers—the minds of our Founders. (They will be ideologues where Facts and Truth don’t exist——Marxists or useful idiots who have no meaningful biological connections). The total dehumanization of children-—to be bought and sold with no Individual Natural Rights to their biological parents.

    Just a very evil, dehumanizing system to destroy Christianity and Virtue in children and collapse culture.

  • After Uproar, Ben Carson Backtracks, Apologizes for Homosexuality Comments [+video]

    03/05/2015 6:24:26 AM PST · 20 of 41
    savagesusie to MrB

    Exactly. It makes him appear “dumb”. And that is what the homofascists want-—to discredit anyone who knows that their evil, dysfunctional lifestyle promotion is going to collapse civil society and flip 2000 years of Good and Evil and normalize paganism, satanism and Ba’al worship in the children.

    There is no other religion, but Christianity, which is aligned with Natural Law Theory (embedded philosophy of the US Constitution)-—”laws of Nature and nature’s God” which supports the Justice System of our Founders-—where Good and Evil is Universal Truth and NEVER evolves. Using human beings as a Means to an End is unjust always, using people in disgusting, degrading manner-—as sodomy always does—can NOT be promoted in a “Justice” (virtue) System.

    It flips Good and Evil and erases Christianity. Without sexual morality—thee is no Christian “faith” allowed in the public square. Franklin Graham is correct——Christians are going to be punished and there will be no possibility of religious freedom for Christians who are not willing to tell their little boys to take Pride in anal sex.

    The homofacists are promoting Satanism and trying to normalize their muslim behaviors in little children, and making Satanism or Luciferean the National Religion of America-—flipping the Ethics System of America to the old pagan, muslim ones where Good and Evil is relative-—Might makes Right-—Rule of Man——

    And we will have eliminated Rule of Law (Higher Law than irrational man-made up base urges “law”) which used to be America’s system prior to FDR and Oliver Wendell Holmes, jr. who deformed the Language and Words——twists “justice” to be meaningless as all good Marxists do. He let the camel under the tent-—to completely destroy our “Justice” System and reduce it to Stalin’s justice systems which is tyranny and evil.

  • LIberal heads EXPLODE over Ben Carson saying being gay is a CHOICE

    03/04/2015 1:17:32 PM PST · 52 of 56
    savagesusie to Calpublican

    LOL-—if you are normal and mate with the mother of your children for Life-—you are doing your Natural Duty (which is the Reason for our Constitution-—to protect our unalienable Natural Rights which are only God-Given.)

    The only time you will have desires like an Afghani harem boy, is if you are warped in young childhood or at psycho-sexual crucial ages of development.

    All homosexuals “learn” their behavior by child abuse and emasculation or some unnatural trauma or neglect in childhood.

    If you are “normal”-—(natural)-—then no perversion of Reality was taught-—like in the days of the Spartans and Samurai where young boys are separated from the Natural Family to cultivate unnatural desires and habits. Cultural influences are huge, but so is living and being raised by your Natural family where you have role models of both sexes so you can observe truly natural interactions between all people.

  • Dr. Ben Carson: Prison sex shows being gay is a choice

    03/04/2015 7:42:02 AM PST · 45 of 77
    savagesusie to TruthShallSetYouFree

    Sex does not equate “food”.....You can live without sex and many people have quite successfully. Today’s culture is saturated with sex (sexualizing even children as the Cultural Marxists intended (like Lukacs)-—and sexualized because of media 24/7 and physical laziness—no real life exercise needed in this ‘technological’ artificial world which disconnects all emotions from Reality and Truth/God (intentionally).

    Behavior is learned and habituated. As Aristotle stated: Virtue is habit.
    What people “desire” is a cultural construct —especially when unnatural.
    Pederasty was always essential in homosexual cultures, like the Spartan and Samurai and today’s Afghani cultures-—because hate and dislike for women is learned and unnatural since a nurturing mother is the first humane contact a child has.

    People who have warped desires were abused or neglected as young children. People who can do immoral deeds-—are immoral because they are not virtuous.

    Habits are formed in childhood, and normal sexual identity formation is one which is not warped by peer rejection or by sex abuse or by neglect and emasculation by parents or culture.

    Worldview is mainly formed by your environment and the attitude of parents and peers toward you, With attitudes of those around you (peer rejection) or the emasculation by not having a loving father or male role model will “normalize” any odd, unnatural “desire”. The sex drive is one of the strongest ones, so when that is warped, it will destroy all relationships and you will “see” others only with lust-—as a Means to an End. You are incapable of true Love, which is selfless always. It warps all relationships and destroys the ability to have true (same sex) friends. You can never become one with the same sex, so the void will always exist-—the meaninglessness of “life” will never cease.

    Our culture since 1960 has been using operant conditioning in schools and on TV to normalize evil and vilify God/Truth/Good-—to destroy Individual Natural emotions and make sexual addicts out of our boys/girls who are dumb. Wisdom is being able to discern Good and Evil and with Classical Education destoyed, children have mush for brains. They understand none of the great ideas, philosophy, and the greatest religion-—no Christian apologetics—even in Catholic schools the curricula was destroyed in most “schools”-—for “group think” and sexual addiction-—so they have slave mentality and are easily controlled and manipulated for “happy slavery”.

    Homosexual “desires” are sexism and narcissism and idolatry. It is a learned desire-—by sexualization of children which warps normal sexual identity formation. Innocence in children is a Virtue and virtue is destroyed by Sex Ed in the schools which normalize group sex and destroy the privacy and intimacy of the sex act-—reducing it to a doggy act with no meaning. Most TV does the same-—it desacralizes sex and destroys Virtue.

    Without Virtue, there is no Freedom. (Socrates/The Founders).

  • Moral Dumbing-Down

    03/03/2015 8:13:04 AM PST · 2 of 3
    savagesusie to Kaslin

    Aristotle: The only purpose of education is to teach Virtue (Wisdom, Knowledge, Courage, Temperance ).......Excellence. With the minds of our Founding-—we pinnacled in Wisdom——it seems that the ability to debate Great Ideas and do critical thinking is GONE. The heads of our children are filled with mush——no profound thought in their heads. Just tribal minds.....they couldn’t understand Hayek or Adam Smith or Natural Law Theory if they were paid.

    Aristotle: Virtue is a habit and it must be taught to the young.

    The Cultural Marxists in the 30’s knew to destroy Virtue in children and they will own them.......can control them. Make them into “happy slaves for the State”.

    Collapse Virtue (Kill God) and you destroy Wisdom-—the ability to discern Good and Evil.

    Dostoevesky: Without God, everything is permissible.....that is what our children are taught to believe by TV and video games and public school curricula (Common Core which is operant conditioning for slavery)——it is moral relativism and it will destroy us from within-—like it is doing to the Catholic Church.

    The dumbing down since Dewey has climaxed.....there is absolutely no virtue in most of the young people who graduate now unless homeschooled or Classically trained schools-— (but they KNOW they KNOW everything worth knowing when they are the dumbest in our county’s history).

    Only Classical Education is true education......and learning from experience (work) with your family/parents and NOT in artificial institutions. The Christian Worldview is the only rational one—along with the Intelligent Designers——( Natural Law Theory is the basis of our legal system, along with God’s Laws which determines Justice (what is virtue).)

    Without Virtue, there can be no Free Republic.....that is why our Justice System is ONLY suppose to promote “public virtue” (based on Natural Law and God’s Laws). Promoting welfare/theft (Stalin’s Constitution) and vice are unjust laws and unconstitutional as long as our Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.


    02/28/2015 8:46:52 PM PST · 25 of 37
    savagesusie to PGalt

    Absolutely, There will be no America if we don’t take back the minds (worldview) of our children. The Socialists/Progressives/Marxists have had control over too much curricula since 1930....with their foundation billions buying off the publishing companies and teaching colleges and taking over the universities—etc., to force their Wundtian/Fichte psychology onto our children which is designed to destroy Free Will, to make children so irrational they believe “snow is black” (1810) and Vice is Virtue in their Prussian system of indoctrination.

    There is no Freedom possible without Virtue inculcated into young children. Classical Education is the only true educational system.....all others leads to puerile minds incapable of understanding Natural Law Theory and God’s Laws (theology)-—that which formed our Constitution.

    Only one religion is banned from the public schools and it is Christianity. All the Atheist, pagan, occult, Satanic, muslim ethics are normalized and forced onto our children while Christian Ethics (the most Rational religion)-—that which formed the USA Justice System is being erased from the minds of children.

    He who controls the allowed Words and Language controls the perceptions of the masses——that is how they are flipping Good and Evil (Political Correctness (”Hate Speech” which is unconstitutional) which is Cultural Marxism).

  • My Gender Is 'Fill In The Blank'

    02/28/2015 7:35:06 AM PST · 5 of 42
    savagesusie to Kaslin

    These mentally ill people have been destroyed by the Progressive culture which emasculates and destroys the feminine nature of motherhood and promotes lies and misinformation 24/7, esp to little boys. Lots of evil visuals to destroy virtue in boys.

    The system for 40 years has been to destroy Virtue (Wisdom/Excellence/Justice) and promote satanic, pagan religions while banning the only rational and most perfect religion—true Christianity-from the public square and public schools. It is only demeaned and mocked 24/7 in public schools.

    Progressives are totally irrational-—like Marxists and tell little children lies from day one and form their sick, evil worldview by neglecting babies and putting little children into institutions to be dehumanized and misinformed and embed irrational emotions.. All behaviors are learned-—all dysfunctions are caused by a warped, evil environment.

    All desires are embedded in early childhood and are not easily changed-—that is why John Dewey wanted younger and younger children—so they could shape their desires and beliefs to their warped artificial Reality where Slavery is Freedom and Vice is Virtue.

    The Cultural Marxists knew that to destroy Virtue in children—to sexualize them at crucial sexual identity formation periods they could be made into tribal irrational minds like the Afghani harem boys.

    Our Constitution and Worldview is based on Natural Law Theory-—Reason and Christian Ethics only-—no other ethical system treats all human beings equally and fairly-—with dignity and worth for all.

  • Obama circumvents military, makes it harder to discharge transgender soldiers: Report

    02/26/2015 12:12:26 PM PST · 7 of 22
    savagesusie to wagglebee

    Of course. The best way to destroy our moral Christian military (the best in all of history and the most moral) is to promote vice and dysfunction (Machiavelli).

    He needs jackboots who will mutilate and kill their own citizens, even women and children, like the homosexual SS troops and the homosexual Bolsheviks and Russian atheist armies-—truly immoral and inhumane.

  • Jeb Bush, 2016’s Gay-Friendly Republican

    02/26/2015 10:35:42 AM PST · 8 of 37
    savagesusie to SeekAndFind

    Anyone who promotes Vice in “Just Laws” should be in prison. There is no “Natural Right” to sodomize others in our Constitution. This promotion of “equality” destroys Science and Reason and is Marxism-—pretends that males and females are is diabolical. Satanic because it makes children into commodities to be bought and sold. It promotes evil; people who do not raise their own biological offspring which is a NATURAL DUTY protected by our Constitution.

    Children should have a Natural Right to a biological parent—and a system set up to destroy their Natural Rights is evil and satanic.

    Our Natural Rights come from God only-—not from a judge or perverts who have been raping our boys. Pederasty is a practice in all homosexual promoting cultures-—since the Samurai and the Spartans and todays muslims (google harem boys of Afghanistan). Homosexuality is a learned behavior from child abuse and daddy issues. Psycho-sexual development is being perverted in our children who are being de-feminized and emasculated, to destroy Virtue/Truth/God in them-—the possibility of Christian Ethics, so they can posit only Marxist feelings, satanic ethics of collective rights from hell/masters/elites.

    To look with such warped, unnatural, degrading desires at another person, is evil-—it is lust and never is Love which is selfless. To embrace such evil in a “Justice System” will be toxic to the moral formation of all children in such a vice promoting culture.

    But that is what Marxists want-—to destroy Virtue in children. That is what Common Core is designed to do-—excite the Limbic area of the brain and destroy the concepts of Good and Evil in children.

    Without Virtue, civil society will collapse (Aristotle/the Founders).

    Wisdom is discerning Good and Evil (Cicero). When we banned our heritage and culture from the public square and schools (Christianity) we allowed Satanism, paganism, atheism and islam to take its place and be the ethical system of our children. Only Christianity is banned from the schools and that is unconstitutional.

  • LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM? Housing for 15 Alternative Sexualities Is OK, but Men-Only Fraternities Are Not

    02/26/2015 10:12:40 AM PST · 27 of 27
    savagesusie to jsanders2001

    The Marxists are trying to destroy all natural instincts and they have to destroy paternalism and the idea that males are leaders to destroy the mindset which created the Age of Reason and Modern Science. They wish to eliminate the possibility of a Washington, Adam Smith or John Locke. They want feeble, tribal minds, devoid of intellect-—just basing everything on “feelings”. No Reason and Logic (Common Sense).

    German psychologists in the 1800s created the Prussina system of operant conditioning so they can warp children and “Natural”-—by removing them from their Natural Family and institutionalizing children and forcing them into group think.

    This destroys the ability to be a critical thinker because they embed irrational emotions-—and force “belief” on the children which are unnatural and defies Reason (lies are embedded in their foundation with parents never shaping their worldview-—TV/radio/schools determine what the children believe and all our insitututions were taken over in the 1930s to force a Marxist, evil worldview into our children to destroy Individualism for the Collective worldview which is necessary to kill off the useless eaters and dissenters.

  • Kerry names LGBT envoy (QIA kicked to the curb)

    02/24/2015 5:23:50 AM PST · 19 of 27
    savagesusie to Libloather

    As Walid Shoebat stated: The Saudis prefer boys for sexual recreation anyhow, so they welcome normalizing sodomy (that is why the normalization of sodomy in our military—at the request of muslims), although they will not allow the perverted version of the institution of “marriage”aside from polygamy, which allows no new generations for their harems.

    They are all sodomites and hate and mutilate women already. It is to normalize sodomy, like 50 Shades does—normalize homoerotica in our young people, especially in girls now, which totally destroys Virtue and will collapse civil society (the Cultural Marxist Gramsci plan from 1930).

    Promoting Vice 24/7 and destroying Virtue formation in children (since John Dewey) has been going on openly since the 1960s and totally corrupted large pockets of the younger generations (destroys critical thinking because of operant conditioning). The Leftists are literally flipping Good and Evil to the Ancient pagan homosexual cultures, which worshipped Ba’al and where pederasty, child-killing, and slavery were normal.

    It is Fichte’s plan: to destroy Free Will in the children which will create “happy slaves” for the State; people so ignorant of Truth/God that they will be easily controlled and actually believe “Snow is Black” and all Lies like the State puts out-—like sodomizing others is a Natural Right from God. It is beyond evil and vile and habituation of such an evil warped way at looking at others is the slippery slope to the Nazi Brownshirts and Hitler (all sexual perverts).

    All the Freemason elites, Hollywood elites are sodomites and the Kissinger type/Epstein/Savile type who abuse children, want the young corrupted for their orgies, exactly like in the days of Nero and Sodom. That is why they “killed God” in the 1800s with their sick, evil ideology—to destroy Christianity and the Natural Family so they can create tribal minds where Truth/God doesn’t matter and there is no intellectual depth to the minds of our children-—they are useful idiots only and are incapable of critical thought.

    Culture will totally collapse with normalizing vice and lies (against Natural Law which is the Foundation of American Jurisprudence), like with the Weimar Republic when sexual perversion is normalized and glorified in culture. Children are warped and corrupted by toxic cultures like the days of Sodom where they “see” vice made normal 24/7 and glorified, it becomes normal. You can not protect your children from the homosexual indoctrination now, if you have a TV, computer or send them to public/private schools.

    Homosexuality is a sick, vile worldview where human beings are “Means to an End” as in Marxism-—a disordered evil way to look at male and female that is narcissism and idolatry and ends in puerile, evil cultures where there is no sexual morality allowed. Christians will be persecuted. The Bible warns of the days of Sodom returning. It is here.

  • Judge: Religious expression is not protected by the Constitution

    02/23/2015 5:42:40 PM PST · 75 of 76
    savagesusie to Ohioan

    They now teach little children it is evil to discriminate (which is a lie). Discrimination is essential to all of life. “Toleration” is promoted in schools to destroy Virtue formation in children and make them into “good Germans”—so they will look the other way when evil is done to others.

    Our children, since the multiculturalism (moral relativism/lies) and ‘diversity” has been forced on them in the 70s, can no longer be critical thinkers because they are ignorant of Truth/God and all our Traditions and Great Books (ideology which formed Locke and Adam Smithe, etc). They are dumb, ignorant emotional addicts of materialism. They were “conditioned” with lies and misinformation since Sesame street and trying to normalize evil and socialism (group think”.

    Cicero stated that Wisdom is discerning between Good and Evil.

    Our kids grow up to be so dumb they embrace all sorts of evil, dysfunctional behaviors. Look how 50 Shades is embraced by our young. They are so brainwashed they believe Good is Evil and Evil is Good and by the time they realize they were lied to and deceived by the sodomites in Hollywood and the atheist Ba’al worshippers who control Common Core (NCLB), they will have wasted the most productive years of their lives, be addicts, and have destroyed all their important relationships so they are dependent on the State for everything.

    Fichte devised a Prussian System of brainwashing in 1810 to destroy Free Will in children, make them believe “Snow is Black” and be unable to be critical thinkers——have minds like Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, and Adam Smith. They will have minds like tribal people-—only “happy slaves” of the elites/the State.

    Get your children and grandchildren OUT of public schools and control the ideas that they are fed. It will shape their worldview-—and you don’t want the evil John Maynard Keynsian minds of Fabian Socialists which is what Common Core creates.

  • Judge: Religious expression is not protected by the Constitution

    02/23/2015 5:28:26 PM PST · 74 of 76
    savagesusie to wagglebee

    The whole purpose of a “Justice” System is to promote “public Virtue”-—(Montesquieu/Cicero/Founders). For Freedom can not exist with immoral people-—people who use other human beings as a “Means to an End”.

    The most perfect ethical system, the one the USA used, is based on Natural Moral Law which includes God’s Laws (Christian Ethics) and it created the most perfect civilizations possible in the history of man. The most free and diverse, creative and powerful.

    Individual Natural Rights from God is antithetical to all collectivist, socialist cultures. You can not deny one single person (even unborn) their Natural Rights from God——but the Cultural Marxists and Fabian Socialists devised “Progressivism” to destroy Virtue formation in the masses, to create a godless, collectivist, socialist culture, so individuals have no Individual Natural Rights-—only Rights and permission from the State (and their Masters)/elites/sodomites) for every aspect of life.

    All promotion of Socialism is unconstitutional and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. knew he was destroying our Constitution with unjust (unconstitutional always) law. Justice John Marshall—who is the father of jurisprudence, stated that there can be no rule or regulations which are antithetical to the Supreme Law of the Land. None. They are naturally “null and void” and shouldn’t be obeyed by anyone (as Nuremberg Trials reiterated).

    Our evil Supreme Justices enshrine Stalin’s Constitution-—and kick out ours.....with Common Core and obamacare and sodomy “laws” LOL—the Marxist total control of all minds of our children with the promotion of lies and irrational vile behaviors, will develop evil irrational people.

    Just Law can never promote Vice and evil or socialism which destroys Individual Natural Rights from God which are unalienable!!!!!

    Great book for anyone to read on Socialism is written by a scientist from the Soviet Union with the foreward by A. Solzhenitsyn. Even a little bit of Socialism rots the Soul of people and he explains why Socialism is antithetical to individualism and freedom always (Our Constitution). It is “The Socialist Phenomenon” by Igor Shafarvich.

  • Ancient Behaviors and Modern Barbarians

    02/12/2015 11:16:12 AM PST · 11 of 13
    savagesusie to SMARTY

    No-—Christians did NOT evolve....from the beginning it was a religion of selfless Love.

    It took Christianity hundreds of years to change the hearts of the ignorant masses-—many who never had a Christian thought in their head.

    That there was a Crusades was a wonderful Catholic event-—otherwise Western Civilization would have been completely destroyed along with the ideas of the Greek Masters, and there would never have been a USA with Christian Worldview based on Reason—and Christian Ethics which made Slavery into an Evil, along with pederasty, homosexuality, child-killing, polygamy-—all still “normal” and “good” in muslim nations (don;t delude yourself about their homosexual cultures where sodomy of boys is preferred sexual recreation and women are hated and mutilated and just used as cattle/breeders).

    This marginalization of Christianity has been going on since the Postmodernists and Fabian Socialists-—most sodomites and haters of God”s Design and the fact that Christians created Individual Natural Rights from God-—only-—and those Natural Rights are unalienable.

    The elite sodomites want “happy slaves” so they have to destroy Christianity which will destroy the Free Will concepts which created the most brilliant and free cultures in the history of man.

    To get ignorant slaves for the State——they need to make our children dumb and ignorant and sexualize them (Sex Ed in public schools is a Lukacs invention to destroy moral formation in children ).

    Sex Ed destroys Christian Ethics completely, because it desacralizes sex (makes humans into godless animals) and creates addicts and dysfunctional, puerile, “adults” and reduces man to rutting animals devoid of Virtue, who can be culled and killed with no protest from the majority of useful idiots (like the conditioned Germans) -—for their collective culture.

    Desensitization of our children is done by Hollywood sodomites-—so that evil is tolerated and glorified, and is what “toleration” means to them. DON’T judge EVIL. It is Good. The Leftists are flipping our “Justice” System—into a Vice promoting system which is unconstitutional to warp our Language-—and Virtue System which is embedded with Universal Truth and Natural Laws-—and God’s Laws-—which the Leftists want GONE.


    02/10/2015 6:24:51 AM PST · 29 of 42
    savagesusie to Slyfox

    Yes-—it destroys Virtue and without Virtue there is no Freedom.

    Our Justice System is to promote “public virtue” as Founders and Montesquieu noted, since Virtue is essential for Free Republics (or any type of Freedom). Promoting vice is corrupting and vice breeds slavery only.

    This is all about NWO and totalitarian control of the masses—the “happy” slaves, of course, for the elite sodomites who have been controlling all perceptions by use of media and schools since John Maynard Keynes said (as he was raping the boys) that the enlightenment of the masses would eventually occur—when they will recognized the “Love” that cannot be spoken.

    This satanic, evil worldview is almost completely embedded into our “Justice” system.... LOL....(sarc) with this evil concept (Vice becomes Virtue) that males and females are identical (which is irrational Marxism and total slavery and antithetical to our Constitution and Natural Law)—not even mentioning “God’s Laws).

    Worldview will be embedded in all children who are raised in such a pagan, demonic, toxic culture-——Normal will once again include slavery-—and Christians will be treated like in the days after Christ’s Resurrection.

  • Jindal unveils national plan to repeal Common Core

    02/10/2015 5:13:21 AM PST · 2 of 8
    savagesusie to cotton1706

    Yes. Now, if we just had some Justices and judges and lawyers who aren’t on some Epstein video tapes who can’t be bribed to destroy the Constitution that they pretend to uphold.

    Our Rule of Law was forced into Rule of Man (totally unconstitutional) since Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. deformed our legal system and twisted Words and Language so our “Just Laws” now promote vice, slavery, Russian mafia and cartels. The “legal system” is organized, forced slavery which is entirely antithetical to our Constitution and illegal..

  • Ohio girl, 11, takes visiting baby upstairs, beats her to death, police say

    02/09/2015 6:24:32 PM PST · 51 of 71
    savagesusie to Rusty0604

    Marxists are wiping out Christianity and destroying the Natural Family. It is that simple-—to collapse civil society and erase the ideology which created the men who founded the USA. Can’t have Individualism and God-Given Rights in a collective.

    Behavior is learned and habituated in human beings in early childhood. Without a moral mother and father, children have little chance to grow up and be decent people and Rational. They become puerile, angry, hateful and destroy their own genetic offspring. Dalrymple, the psychiatrist in England, has written extensively, how the destruction of the Natural family in England has destroyed the next generation-—made them into drug-addicts and emotional cripples who abuse their own offspring.

    That is why the Cultural Marxists since 1930 attack the two pillars of Western Civilization: the Natural Family and Christianity. Without either—the Worldview of a Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, or Adam Smith is IMPOSSIBLE. People will have dumb-tribal minds-—irrational, and incapable of using Logic and Reason which is Natural Moral Law and the Bible —the Western gift to the World, which created Freedom and Individualism/Natural Rights for all.

    Western Civ flipped Good and Evil in the Worldview of people in the West. Pederasty, Slavery, Homosexuality, polygamy, child-killing, collectivism/serfdom all became “Evil” because Christians have to give ALL people, no matter how weak, old, etc., dignity and worth—and equal (natural) rights. Sodomizing others is not a Natural Right—nor is it Natural. It is always a Vice and is extremely sexist and anti-science, anti-Truth.

    To destroy culture, you create Rule of Man-—just make up any irrational laws and force them onto the masses. When there is no Universal Truth, no God allowed which means no Natural Laws-—then you have irrational, made-up laws based on nothing.

    Without God, everything is permissible. (Dostoevsky).

  • Gay Marriage Being Forced Down Throats via Alabama Newspapers

    02/09/2015 5:04:21 PM PST · 23 of 25
    savagesusie to greene66

    It is exactly like the Weimar Republic-—the German National Vice in the early 1900s in Germany was homosexuality. The Weimar entertainment was the most vulgar, vile and homoerotic. Pure toxic culture for children to absorb and deform their character and desires. The German boy scouts in late 1800s was founded by homosexuals so they could molest the boys. These organizations became the Hitler Youth who were routinely used by the Nazi SS troops for their orgies.

    All homosexual cultures have to groom and train the children—like they do in the boy harems of Afghanistan. Sodomy becomes normal and “fun” and when the boys grow up they are completely warped and lust after males and boys and goats-—and they hate and mutilate women and brutalize children all over again.

    Homosexuality is a learned behavior from child abuse always. To promote such a vice, you are promoting child abuse.

    All fascist groups were founded by homosexuals (Hari) like the Nazi Brownshirts and the Bolsheviks. All homosexual cultures like the Samurai and the Spartans (and today’s Afghani) use and groom the little boys.

    It is a vile irrational use of the human body-—it is a Vice and should still be a felony.

    Lukas developed Sex Ed to destroy Virtue (and normal sexual identity formation) in children. The homosexual “marriage” had to be forced so little children learn to “think” of sodomy as “Good” and “Natural” so they can never use Reason or Logic. Emotions control their worldview and Christian Ethics is totally erased—the ideology which created Modern Science, Individual Natural Rights from God.

    Our ethics system is being destroyed and replaced by the pagan, Satanic, muslim ethic system, to collapse civil society (Freedom/individualism for collective worldview).

    Having adults pretend homosexuality is “Normal” and “Natural” destroys Wisdom in children—for Cicero stated that Wisdom is discerning Good and Evil and the sodomites in Hollywood have been blurring Good and Evil on purpose, since the Catholic Church dropped the opposition to their filth promotion in the late 60s-—and the Supreme Court (sodomites opened the floodgates to so to promote Vice and corrupt the youth in the public square—instead of promote “public virtue” which ALL Just Law does.

    Why? Virtue is learned and habituated. Without Virtue, there is no possibility to set up a “Free” society. Without control of base emotions from responsible citizens, you need government force to force order which destroys all Freedom.

    The sodomite elites-—just study the typical Fabian Socialist like Sugar (John Maynard) Keynes of Harvard (sex orgies with kids-—like Epstein/Clintons/Dershowitz)——all the same—dig deeper in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and I guarantee you that the real victims were little boys—not that some girls are also used. But more boys are raped than girls. .

  • Brian Williams: Natural Result of a Pathological NBC Culture

    02/08/2015 9:16:09 AM PST · 40 of 47
    savagesusie to Savage Beast

    They are “useful idiots” . It is exactly what Solzhenitsyn stated in his Harvard Commencement speech in 78——that our press was no better than Pravda’s.

    Of course, we were “told” the Big Lie over and over-—that we had a Free Press and people in those years believed it because people were basically good and naive (then) and believed that human beings had some integrity.

    All MSM is used to control perceptions and create a Marxist Worldview in children. It is to destroy Virtue in people, which will collapse civil society. It was Gramsci/Lukacs plans to destroy Free Will and make people so irrational they will believe “Snow is Black” and any irrational thing the State dictates-—like boys can be girls and male/females are interchangeable. It destroys Natural Law—and the Natural Family-—which destroys the ability for children to be normal and rational and not warped, manipulated and controlled by the State.

    We have to return to true education: Classical Education which includes knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

  • Brian Williams: Natural Result of a Pathological NBC Culture

    02/08/2015 8:29:25 AM PST · 35 of 47
    savagesusie to Lake Living

    True—there has been, since Fichte, and Wundt and especially Edwards Bernays, a total control of all ideas and information fed to the masses. They create the “proper perceptions” in the masses-—and people are literally destroyed if they go off of the allowed plantation. You have to understand Material Dialectics-—(the appearance of choice (Free Will) which never really exists in USA today.

    The useful idiots may appear to lead to Freedom——but, in fact, they actually lead to totalitarianism—they are manipulated and just keep the masses content with the status quo-—and the slippery slope goes on -—controlled by the few billionaire sodomite elites who bought off the courts and politicians 100 years ago.... who are so demonic, they want total control of all private property and all men. The US Constitution has been the only thing stopping them—so they destroyed it totally now. The destruction started right after the adoption of the Constitution, since the Satanic few have always desired power. Our Constitution doesn’t exist anymore-—it is in shambles and made meaningless by the destruction of Words and Language and the flipping of Good and Evil. Rule of Law is no more. We have Rule of Man-— anarchy ( the pagan system of Might makes Right). Just judges dictating their “truths” and lies as “good” and rejection of the Universal Objective Truths of the Constitution. No longer “Laws of Nature and nature’s God” which creates the only true Freedom—and true Rights which are ONLY Individual. Collectives can’t have “just” systems with disregard for the Natural Rights of Individuals.

    Those who go “off” the “group think only” are demonized, destroyed or killed (like Breibart if they have the ability to get the Truth out).

    The Truth/God is more feared than anything else, and must be shut down completely (suppressed by Laws (unconstitutional in USA) so that the ignorant masses stay in their “happy slavery” and are so dumb, they believe the irrational and whatever the State dictates (Vaccines are “safe” or whatever)-—like “Snow is Black” and Slavrey is Freedom and Sodomy is a Virtue.

    It is all to destroy the minds of any children (destroys Logic and Reason and the ability to think critically) growing up in the toxic culture which discards all the ideology which created the US Constitution and Individualism (Natural Rights come from God only). Can’t have the Individual mindset/Christian Worldview) for “happy slave” /peasant/serf/tribal collective cultures——all people who are incapable of profound thinking and seeing the Truth/God.

  • The Totalitarianism of Same-Sex “Marriage” (what has happened in Canada since 2005)

    01/27/2015 6:03:30 PM PST · 19 of 22
    savagesusie to jasbd1985

    Homosexual “marriage” is about pure Marxism and the elimination of Truth and Natural Laws and Christian Ethics from the public square and the minds of the future. (Marxism—destroy all Traditions and Wisdom of the Ages for their irrational “utopia” of total slavery)..

    Reason (modern science) was only possible with a Christian Worldview-—recognization of Natural Law——all homosexuality is perversion in nature—denial of Laws of Nature and nature’s God (Designer) is the removal of Common Sense and identity in human beings and all moral religions——making Lies into truth (which is irrational emotions only).

    This removal of Reason and Truth and Faith is Marxism and Fascism-—imposing a worldview on children using indoctrination forcing irrational, identity denial-—removing that essential human characteristic (truth) Male or Female for biological lies.

    Marxists have to destroy identity in children-—create an artificial, unnatural world so children are so dumb and ignorant of Laws of Nature they believe “Snow is Black” (Fichte 1810) and Vice is Virtue to collapse civil society for irrational tribal mindsets (serfdom/slavery)-—they can’t understand Natural Laws (which created the Age of Reason and US Constitution and OUR legal system).

    For total slavery, Marxists have to destroy the Constitution. Taking Truth and Reason out of our “Justice” (virtue) System, (which homosexual anything does) destroys Rule of Law. It is fascist Rule of Man.

  • Walker vs. Cruz on Gay Marriage - [Oct - 2014]

    01/25/2015 8:19:56 PM PST · 58 of 73
    savagesusie to Erik Latranyi

    No-—the number one issue is homosexual marriage. Nothing else matters. You destroy the concept of the Natural Family (Marxism) and you collapse civil society and Christian morality-——you reduce the children to mindsets of pagans, or Afghani tribesmen, and Satanists who believe any irrational vice is “Good”. It normalizes degrading, vile, warped behavior which is learned by child abuse. All behaviors and desires are learned.

    The culture becomes toxic by having a legal system promoting Vice and degrading human behavior which is irrational and evil—and promoting the Vice of Sodomy is promoting unjust law (Rule of Law (Higher Law) becomes Rule of Man which is unconstitutional). Montesquieu stated correctly, that only Virtue is to be promoted in any “justice system”.To promost vice destroys morality in the children and that will collapse civil society.

    Without Virtue, there is no possibility of Freedom (Socrates/Founders).

    There is no “Freedom” in a Vice system-—and any laws that promotes sodomy, a behavior so vile and dehumanizing, as “Good”-—is erasing ALL Christian Ethics which created Individualism and dignity for all human beings—the only ideology suitable for US Constitution.

    Christian ethics created the US Constitution and “Justice” (virtue) System and replacing it with the pagan, Satanic cults, where pederasty has to be the training ground for sodomy; abuse in childhood causes a warped evil sexist, unnatural worldview of hate/anger/sexism.

    Sodomy promotion removes all logic and reason in children—all understanding of Natural Law Theory (basis of our Constitution). It removes all sexual morality, and therefore, all virtue—and that will collapse civil society. It makes children into commodities to be bought and sold-—total dehumanization and removal of biological parents (Natural Rights of children) and destroys the Legal System which is REQUIRED to promote Natural Duty of parents to raise their own biological offspring.

    We will raise children with the minds of Afghani harem boys-—and that is what the Marxists want——to emasculate the males and create tribal mindsets to destroy the possibility of a Washington, Jefferson or a Lincoln. Mature masculine men love women (true diversity) and protect their children and families. Fixated (abused boys) are immature, narcissists, hate diversity and idolize themselves-—and can end up brutalizing women and children.

  • Huckabee Defends His Breaks from Conservative Orthodoxy [Accepts Common Core, Amnesty, Cap & Trade]

    01/25/2015 10:03:31 AM PST · 11 of 41
    savagesusie to Steelfish

    He is a pseudo-Christian. He is a useful idiot-—to mislead and fill with lies-—and BLUR the TRUTH.

    The Truth is that Common Core is a Marxist (top-down) “operant conditioning” program to destroy Individualism and wipe out the Christian Worldview from the minds of children. It fills them with Lies and misundersatnding of history/Truth/God and embeds emotions which are antithetical to God’s Laws and the Constitution which is based on God’s Laws and Natural Law (Foundation of US Constitution and our Legal System).

    Only true education is the Classical Educational system (Trivium) which gives the tools to be a critical thinker. Everything else is indoctrination.

    The Christian Worldview created Individualism and the worldview that we are created to be Free—and have Free Will and no masters (but God).

    Huck is promoting the German Prussian system which creates “group think” only which is only emotional-—devoid of Reason and Logic which is essential to true Christianity.

    Reason and Faith can never be separated and H works ONLY on is truly diabolical. He is a tool of Satan—and he doesn’t even know it....or he is evil. One or the other.


    01/22/2015 5:57:50 AM PST · 11 of 13
    savagesusie to Pikachu_Dad

    There already is a Federal Law which prohibits the killing of human beings—it is the Supreme Law of the Land (The US Constitution) and is being violated by “State Laws”.

    We have no Right to kill any is inhumane and promoting Vice in our “Just Laws” which is an oxymoron.

    Laws antithetical to the Constitution are “Null and Void”.

    We are NOT a democracy: we are NOT able to destroy certain groups of their UNALIENABLE Natural Rights from God.

  • Boy Scout membership falls again in 2014

    01/17/2015 2:53:12 PM PST · 44 of 57
    savagesusie to Morpheus2009

    That is the reason for the sexualization of children-—to warp all perceptions of others and women/men and relationship and destroy moral formation which requires non-sexualization in childhood.

    They are forced to “teach” kids about perverted acts when they promote “homosexual” marriage or civil unions-—and that will normalize the vile behavior in children. (It is flipping our ethics system of 2000 years to the muslim, Satanic, pagan ethic system).

    Worldview is learned, and the homosexuals want boys to be groomed and trained to “see” others in sick warped ways and not in a Christian way.

    The Cultural Marxists knew to destroy Western Civ. all they have to do is destroy Traditions (Natural Family) and Christian Ethics. Without Virtue (and sodomy is a Vice), there is no civil society. Vice breeds vice.