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  • Self-driving vehicles.... dangerous?

    03/20/2018 8:48:51 AM PDT · 103 of 115
    savagesusie to Alberta's Child

    They are designing cars for the “ultimate solution” of completely atomizing the population and putting them under totalitarian rule. That is their LAST needed “control”-—of ALL transportation. THEY will dictate where you can go and when you can go anywhere. (All “self” driving cars will be able to be controlled by the govt. elites....ALL.) They can kill you or prevent you from going places like they did Michael Hastings. You will be marked like we are today with “smart” phones and all new cars now-—the NWO is real, folks!!!

    The psychopaths are using the Hegelian Dialectic to force us into total servitude and slavery, and we “beg” for the “freedom” to have IPhones for our children, so their brains are artificially “mapped” by psychopaths and pedophiles and so our children lose agency as the Marxists desire—just programmed “bots” who can’t “think critically” EVER.

    “Smart” technology destroys autonomy and mental cognition in people to “not have to think about important things—not make those little decisions—not memorize and habituate things will destroy neurons in the brain. They “learn” to use machines in simplistic ways with inanimate objects-—never other “humans” in Reality. They lose the ability to even interact with other humans—the most complex, creative computer out there—is being destroyed DELIBERATELY for the elite’s Technocracy of Slaves. (Read Huxley’s Ultimate Solution speech to Berkeley of 1962—the evil pedophile “plan” known by then-—to make us into their happy controlled “bots”.)

    Oh, but we are SO happy staring at their cr@p, the TV, etc. and letting them control and addict our brains with artificial emotions—their bread and circuses, as we ignore the most important human relationships and true politics (reality) and control. True meaning in our lives is destroyed and we lose the ability to control and determine our own lives.

    We allow them to control and shape our children (destroy their brains) in their public school indoctrination centers since the communist John Dewey destroyed our Classical Christian curricula for “socialization” into slavery/stupidity system, to destroy natural instincts, esp. in masculine, alpha males who will be drugged and emasculated and embed dependency only. No Davy Crocketts possible with their system of mass indoctrination and conformity using peer pressure, conditioning. revisionism (lies) of history, and hyper-sexualized TV images to destroy virtue formation which is needed to be free (have agency).

    Just like the IPhone atrophies the brain and is destroying the ability of people to navigate and remember phone numbers, etc., “smart” cars will do the same. The IPhone is doing all the work of the brain—atrophing the brain—LITERALLY—and will prevent the brain of children from integrating properly and building the neuron network, naturally. How many children will know how to fix a car that can’t run? NONE. All men knew how to do that 100 years ago. They weren’t controlled and dependent on others.

    All “smart” technology is to put us into a totalitarian, dependent state of total control by elite—like in the cities of China where they have complete slavery. The word “smart” is Orwellian and a ‘laugh” for the psychopaths as they literally destroy your children. Smart phones make them dumb. Children need to work their brains and memorize, etc., like they used to in the one-room school houses where common sense was created-—not killed like in today’s “artificial” AI worlds. Children have to DO things in nature—with ALL five senses and have FREE PLAY and FREE ASSOCIATION with REAL people, trees, dirt, rocks, etc., to map their brains NATURALLY-—as God designed which creates agency (thinking for self) and creativity.

    Memory and creativity will be destroyed if using IPhone, since the phone does all the work for your brain. Same with watching TV-—the programming literally destroys areas of the brain—atrophies it—and remaps it with artificial (irrational) emotional patterns. It isolates and removes people from Reality (and remaps the brain to be “happy” with addiction/programming systems which do all the work of the mind. It especially harms children who are just starting to map their brains and learn to use it properly (naturally).

    Children already are having their minds (agency) destroyed by the Pavlovian/Skinner public school system (and most private skools). They destroyed explicit phonics, rhetoric, mathematics, Great Books, Bible—the curricula which actually created minds that had agency and could be coherent and understand this cabal and their insidious pederastic plans (Sex Ed) for little children which objectifies all people—reduces them to cattle to be herded and culled.

    We are being controlled-—Mind Controlled—(conditioned) and massively since Eddie Bernays (Freud’s Nephew) who was used by the elites psychopaths to poison us (and make us LOVE the poisoning). (Read his book “Propaganda” and watch Century of Self.)

    We are remapping brains of children so they are incapable of agency-they will just be “bots’ repeating whatever has been programmed into them and they are given lies and hyper-sexualized to destroy virtue formation. The mapping of the brain creates “cognitive dissonance” when exposed to the Truth (God) or any facts, etc. Typical “snowflakes” who believe sodomy is a virtue, boys can be girls and Evil is Good—complete atomized, sterile people for the psychopath’s depopulation plans (killing billions).

    The automobile was the worst invention for the monopolists in our history when Ford made cars affordable to the masses. It is what help created the most free and independent, prosperous nation on earth even more than the horse and wagon. It created a STRONG MIDDLE CLASS. People who could escape the control and monopolies of the psychopathic elites who for 200 years has tried to get total control of the World, esp. America (and who set up the System in 1913 so they could eventually get total control like today—(the Federal Bank/Marxist Income Tax/Public skools) and get us into all their wars, depressions, so they can steal the wealth, minerals, lands, banks and eventually destroy the middle class.

    With their “smart” grid and “smart” cars and “phones”, etc., they are destroying the worldview in human beings which created the mindset of Western Civilization (Christian worldview) at its apotheosis. They will make the Christian worldview impossible in children with their programming because it is the destruction of the natural integration of the brain.

    Sorry this is so long, but had some time this morning......LOL

  • Graham: Trump firing Mueller would be 'the beginning of the end of his presidency'

    03/18/2018 9:59:42 AM PDT · 71 of 87
    savagesusie to Magnatron

    Yep. The sodomite pedophilia trafficking is being targeted by the Trump administration. All the people who are bribed and controlled (with boys under their beds like in the Franklin Cover-Up) better be VERY, very afraid. NSA knows everything about these rapers and killers, and Pres. Trump has knowledge of ALL the corruption and the trillion dollar child-sex-organ-gun-drug trafficking which was rampant in the Bush, Clinton, Obama White House. Evil Satanists (Lucifereans) ran our government. That evil System is used to bribe all the congressmen and it has to end. Hopefully, Graham will be one of the treasonous, sick people who will be put in prison for treason and trying to destroy this country and our Constitution.

    Hopefully, Trump is one of the good guys. I am praying so, for the System is rotten and satanic and it goes all the way up to the so-called Supreme Court. Our Supreme Law—the Constitution—has to be put in its proper role which the treasonous justices threw out long ago. We have to have Rule of Law again (Higher Law/God’s Laws)-—not rule by the sodomites/satanists who are trying to erase the Christian Worldview and flip Good and Evil with their Orwellian terms like “homosexual marriage” and “transexual” and “gender theory”—all Marxist irrational terms which strip Right Reason and Natural Law from our “Justice” system (which is unconstitutional)—to reduce us to useless idiots—just immoral, rutting cattle—as they try to normalize their vile, satanic ethics of pederasty and sodomy and baby-sacrifice in our children (Ba’al Rites).

  • Ex CIA chief John Brennan to Trump: ‘America will Triumph over You’

    03/17/2018 11:22:25 AM PDT · 60 of 211
    savagesusie to sam_whiskey

    It should. The evil CIA was funded and created by the Rockefeller cartel and are the brownshirts of the Deep State (CFR/banking cartel). They killed Kennedy and got away with it, and they will kill Pres. Trump if they get a chance. They control all the “candidates”, but maybe Trump was a uncontrollable “cog” in their Hegelian wheel.

    He is dismantling their cartel system who were destroying Western Civilization (Christianity). Trump is dismantling the pederasty rituals of Lucifereanism, thanks to Wikileaks, along with their child, drug, gun, organ trafficking (Benghazi) systems, which makes them trillions—particularly the child-sex orgies with their bribery system of all our congressmen and “justices”. Brennan is as evil as they come!

  • Collapsed Miami bridge was put in place WITHOUT the central tower and suspension cables [tr]

    03/16/2018 4:59:28 PM PDT · 235 of 262
    savagesusie to C19fan

    Maybe it was built and constructed by illegals and Mexicans who can’t read and understand English very well (like in LA area). (Or am I being “racist”)

  • WATCH: David Hogg asks in new video, ‘What if our politicians weren’t the bitch of the NRA?’

    03/16/2018 4:56:44 PM PDT · 66 of 106
    savagesusie to OttawaFreeper

    What a super, creepy, brainwashed kid.

    If you still have children in the public school indoctrination centers—GET THEM OUT before it is too late and they all morph in to ugly, ignorant, warped people like this conditioned and brainwashed Hogg (name is appropriate!!!)

  • What's Happening to Our Young Men?

    03/14/2018 8:01:29 PM PDT · 39 of 41
    savagesusie to US Navy Vet

    Yep. As Cicero stated when unjust laws promote vice or unequal “laws’ then it will collapse culture because people are easy to corrupt.

    No-fault divorce made the contract of marriage worthless. It is the same thing that Lenin did to destroy the Natural family in Russia—and it worked. Even Stalin had to firm up the marriage contract again, because of all the abandoned children, who were just feral and not even good for “useful idiots” and slaves for the state.

  • Marco Rubio introduces bill to keep nation on year-round daylight saving time

    03/14/2018 12:08:26 PM PDT · 59 of 111
    savagesusie to al_c

    “Social engineering” should never be allowed for more than 4 hours a day so children learn agency and independence which demands free association and free play.......which is wiped out to destroy thinking for self, and create little programmed “bots’ for the State.....same system which created the Hitler Youth and Brownshirts—dependent order-takers.

    Schools have to dump their evil unconstitutional Dept. of Brainwahsing into Satanism and reestablish the only worldview that is consistent with our Constitution and Natural Law (common sense). Classical Christian curricula only since it is the only one consitutent with Natural law, and Free Will and Individual Natural Rights from God. All collective systems of slavery need to be vilified—the Truth (God) and science (natural Law) must be presented in all curricula. For Rule of Law we need Higher Laws—God’s Law and anything else is Rule of Man (completely unconstitutional and irrational) and the promotion of satanism (vice).

    Justice is the Queen of Virtue (only Christian Virtue) and only public virtue can be promoted in all “just Law” the only constitutional kind. We need all evil law repealed starting with the Federal Reserve Act and the Marxist Income Tax Act—the system, along with Foundations, used for money laundering and to take over all our institutions, churches and MSM.

  • What's Happening to Our Young Men?

    03/14/2018 11:26:53 AM PDT · 22 of 41
    savagesusie to Governor Dinwiddie

    Your describing the childhood of most American boys when Christianity was the only worldview for the “Justice” system—based on Common Law, the Magna Carta, etc. and when Classical Christian curricula was all that was allowed in any school. With the communist John Dewey, they started in with the social engineering of the minds of children-—to condition them to flip 2000 years of ethics to Satanism (baby-killing “rights”, sodomy “rights” and socialism (slavery)).

    The Wright Brothers went to neighbors to help with so many things to make a few dollars to buy kite materials or bike parts. They never even graduated from high school and neither did Edison. Children were only trapped for four years and for only a few hours a day—so they could learn agency and how to think for themselves (be creative).

    Free play and free association has been destroyed in our System of Mass indoctrination which destroys the neurological normal pathways of the brain. The children are being programmed like “bots” so they have NO ABILITY to think for themselves—which has to be practiced and habituated. TV and screens literally create addicts and artificial, unnatural emotions in children and make real life “boring”. Dopamine hits are part of the design in video games, etc., to create addicts and future addicts—lazy, antihuman people.

    The Pavlovian/Skinner conditioning has been on steroids now in America for one whole generation!!! with the help of the sodomites in Hollywood (the ones raping all the boys) and the corporations dumping soy and contaminating our water with fluoride and birth control hormones which is destroying literally sperm production in our boys and WORSE!!!!

  • Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed

    03/14/2018 11:14:22 AM PDT · 37 of 38
    savagesusie to Crucial

    It only takes one generation of brainwashed children who embed self-hate, baby-killing “rights” and sodomy “rights” to corrupt and destroy the souls of the little children so they grow up with no virtue and allow themselves to be the happy slaves of any abusers and the State.

    The Socialist English school system, always made up of vile pederasts, normalized the dependency and destruction of virtue formation on purpose, in most children—to create useful idiots, and collapse culture, for the elites like old Uncle Monty and occult Jimmy Saville (necrophilia and Ba’al Rituals of killing (sacrificing) and raping children). The psychopaths have controlled the Bank of London for a very long time to create their NWO where Christianity is wiped out of the minds of all the children—all history and traditions are erased to destroy virtue which will ALWAYS destroy civilizations. They are funding the invasion by evil ideology to be the jackboots of their NWO of total slavery.

  • One Thing All School Shooters Have in Common (no dads)

    03/14/2018 8:04:47 AM PDT · 30 of 57
    savagesusie to ActresponsiblyinVA

    They are determined to destroy Western Civilization (Christianity) since the Rothschild’s invented Bolshevism and had Marx write the Communist Manifesto and Darwin created the religion—To Kill God.

    It is intentional, to destroy the Natural family unit-—that which creates moral, loving (Christian) people. Without nurture and love, there is no ability to be human—and moral.

    Cruz was neglected and abused in early childhood and didn’t have virtue embedded into him which occurs in early childhood and has to be habituated in childhood. He had little chance to be good (virtuous).

    Freedom is impossible without a virtuous people. The Cultural Marxists knew to destroy the Natural family will corrupt and destroy the moral formation of most children. We have a toxic culture and weaponized curricula in the pubic schools——and it was put in by the communist John Dewey. We have been controlled and conditioned for 100 years and the Marxists took over our “Justice” (virtue) system in 1912 to flip Good and Evil and normalize vice in children. Vice will create slaves only (Socrates).

    We are raising addictive, conditioned, ignorant children (Truth and traditions are banned since the 60s in publik skools).

    Children can’t relate to Reality (it is boring) and to other human beings (it is boring compared to video games, etc.) . They are atomized and incapable of having flourishing relationships with other humans. They are raised to be simpletons, narcissists, addicts, and ignorant of all traditions, social cues, true history, and ability to relate to others using reason, in their controlled brainwashing system which denies free will, free play and free association. Their limbic area of the brain is enlarged to create emotional dimwits where “cognitive dissonance” occurs if exposed to the truth (God) or facts (science). They are so irrational boys can be girls, up is down and Evil is Good (sodomy and baby-killing and socialism (slavery).

  • National School Walkout planned by students worldwide after Parkland shooting

    03/13/2018 12:55:46 PM PDT · 52 of 129
    savagesusie to 1Old Pro

    They aren’t learning in those creepy artificial mass indoctrination centers with weaponized curricula and pure Marxist literature which bans only Western civilization (Christian Ehics for Satanism/sodomy/baby-killing, slavery (welfare)) which embeds only an irrational “utopian” slave culture.

    These children are being made into group-non-thinkers, intentionally since the communist John Dewey destroyed our curricula for Darwinian Marxism—total removal from Truth (God) and Reality (science). Habits of virtue are destroyed in such a artificial, dehumanizing system which destroys agency and independence. Individualism is gone for Collectivization for mass conformity where emotions rule and Reason is non-existent like these pathetic brainwashed people prove.

  • National Geographic acknowledges decades-long coverage was racist

    03/13/2018 11:47:25 AM PDT · 50 of 60
    savagesusie to bk1000

    It was the Darwinist point of view being forced into the mushy little heads of children-—that the blacks were closer to the naked apes. Whites were civilized. It is weaponized “news” to embed hate (hate for others and hate/guilt for self) for the future race wars—the Dialectic—for the chaos needed so total takeover of the World can “progress”.

    The dehumanization of the Blacks has always been No. 1 in Hollywood—but since the 70s it is the destruction of the Natural Family (the foundational unit for all civilizations which makes agency and individualism possible) and pitting Blacks against Whites—because the elimination of White culture (Christianity) must happen for mass slavery again, since only Christians considered “slavery” Evil. Now, the media is normlaizing vice in little children since vice creates slaves for the State. Only virtuous people can be free and create a “Just” government and even then, power will corrupt some.

    The control of perceptions of the masses is the reason that the cartel. got control of all publishing agencies, including Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, Life, etc., and owned (or killed) MSM producers to control the narrative and to flip Christian worldview (Kill God group) to the pagan, Darwinism of Marxism. (Collectivist v. Individual Natural Rights from God (Western Civilization destruction tor totalitarianism).

    The elite cartels took over the major Christian organizations and the Catholic Church with VII to dechristianize them—ecumenicalism—to make Good into Evil, etc. and flip 2000 years of ethics back to paganism—Babylonian culture of baby-sacrifice, pederasty, homosexuality (narcissism), occult orgies, slavery, pedophilia, misogyny (objectifying all human beings reduced to irrational godless animals.)

    To control the narrative is to control the minds.....and the Darwinian Marxists have controlled even our skools by 1930s, and completely by 1970s. They habituate a sick worldview in young children inside the Prussian mass conformity center, designed to destroy agency (free will) and individualism, to create atheists, a dependent, materialistic, nihilistic worldview in children, so they will be happy slaves for the elites. (Their weaponized curricula is working. Get your children out of public schools, and off of screens—dehumanizing systems).

  • Academia: Last Refuge of the N-Word

    03/12/2018 9:24:27 AM PDT · 7 of 12
    savagesusie to bk1000

    “And after white men have been the ONLY race of people to abolish slavery, this is what we get?”

    We have a programming system (public schools) which embeds dependency and slavery. (We used to embed Classical Christian curricula and family values in our little children—with free play and free association in intact families which embed natural laws (God’s Design)). Now, they are programmed “bots”, hyper-sexualized to destroy all virtue formation and normal sexual identity formation, and they will become people who can’t “think” for themselves-—they haven’t the tools, nor Wisdom of the Ages—so it will be back to serf/slave minds fed on instant gratification). The Christian worldview is being erased in our children, as I type (intentionally—for the NWO of total slavery and atomized, programmed, sterile “bots”).

    Virtue is essential for Freedom (Socrates) and we have a culture/systems which destroy virtue formation in everyone. It is the Hegelian Dialectic forced onto us with the evil, bribed President Wilson and the satanic House of Rothschild. Slavery is just so much easier than freedom (responsibility).

  • David Hogg: Gun Ownership Should be “Privilege, Not a Right”

    03/12/2018 8:58:07 AM PDT · 127 of 169
    savagesusie to governsleastgovernsbest

    He is such an ignorant Marxist b@stard who was brainwashed with weaponized Marxist curricula in our publik skools of mind control, those dehumanizing factories using peer-pressured psy-ops. His parents are useful idiots, obviously. Get your children OUT of the government programming hell-holes which force “group-(non)-think” and embed irrational emotions to irrational concepts and force such stupidity and ignorance with their twisted words and “language” (concepts), like ‘transgendered” and “homosexual marriage” and “gender” and “socialism”, diversity, tolerance, Darwinism (a religion), and multiculturalism which just embeds lies and hate for the “Other” (true diversity: male/female). Marxist curricula is embedding tribalism and hate in children —just like the irrational, artificial, emotions of boy harems do in Afghanistan to the little children that grow up in such an evil environment.

    Control the Words and you will control the mind. The curricula (words/textbooks) were written by highly intelligent and evil psychologists who embed evil ideology into YOUR little children!!! You are allowing your children to embed irrational, vile, anti-christian worldview (socialism/Darwinism/materialism/Mother Gaia worship, Ba’al rites, etc.) if they stay in those artificial, brainwashing systems of sophisticated psy-ops. Children need FREE PLAY, FREE ASSOCIATION (for NORMAL SEXUAL IDENTITY FORMATION) and TRUTH (GOD) to be rational and have virtue formation which needs HABITS of Virtue—thinking for self (Virtue is completely absent in the programmed, ignorant puppet, Hogg).

    Only Classical Christian curricula gives the mind “tools” to think for themselves and the hyper sexualization (Sex Ed) in all the skools will destroy virtue formation by warping concepts of male and female, reducing them to meaningless animals, and the curricula was designed to destroy Christian (Western Civ) worldview (wisdom/virtue) in your children. The skools are erasing the Age of Reason, free will and individualism for group/tribal atomization (so children will not be able to connect with opposite sex, each other in a positive way, and they grow up to hate and want to kill their own children)-—all for the NWO of test-tube babies (if any), tiny micro-apartment “smart” cities of total controlled and programmed “bots”. PC is self-controlled slavery. No ability to say the truth—no free will and no ability to “think” period.

    Controlled “words” in schools do control the mind. It is Mind Control—exactly the plans of the evil communists/Freemasons/sick Crowley groupies, John Dewey, Horace Mann, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, DuPont, Carnegie, etc., who have always tried to control textbooks with embedded psychological control of minds of young children (won completely by 1970 in America). (Wundt, Fichte, Pavlov, Watson— Leipzig U. did lobotomies and conditioning experiments on humans in 1800s Germany to perfect mind control).

    Big Pharma is used also (part of the Marxist “soma” plan to control proper emotions) to destroy agency (the mind) and keep people sick and dependent (atomized—destroy the Natural family is essential for Marxism to flourish), so they are incapable of fighting the “System” (all unconstitutional since takeover by The House of Rothschild (Lucifereans) in 1913 with the bribed and controlled evil President Wilson who put the Hegelian Dialectic into full force with continual monetary support from us, the taxpayers).

    As Kruschev stated; We will pay for the rope that hangs us. He knew we had a massive brainwashing system in place (”Marxist Income tax”, Federal Reserve (to create and fund wars/depressions/people depopulation), public schools and Pravda/Hollywood Press) in America by the 50s which could control our attentions, and embed Big Lies by repetition (esp. with programmed, conditioned “bots” from cradle to grave). The Marxists had almost total control of America “kulture” (along with all publik schools) by the 70s.

  • Former NYT Executive Editor (Jill Abramson) Keeps Barack Obama Therapy Doll In Her Purse

    03/10/2018 11:57:26 AM PST · 50 of 76
    savagesusie to Eddie01

    The Ivy League is able to seduce the brilliant and naive into their covens and secret societies of Crowley “Sex Magick” (of sodomy, baby-killing/cannibalism/transgenderism/androgyny) and once in the Blood occult Luciferean club....they CAN’T get OUT. They will be killed or destroyed if they DARE turn on their masters—kind of like what they did to Bill Cosby and Andrew Brietbart, once they had a platform where they were a danger to their secret societies.

    Truth will set us free!!!! as the Bible states. These secret societies and all the “judges” and politicians, who are in these occult, evil, satanic organizations who give an oath to Lucifer, need to be run out of office and off of the Bench and never allowed near a courtroom.

    Their Crowley goal is to make little children believe that Up is Down, Good is Evil, Boys are Girls, and God is Dead-—to remove the Christian worldview which created free will and individual Natural Rights from God only. They need slaves and little victims for their orgies and occult blood sacrifices and spirit cooking.

  • Former NYT Executive Editor (Jill Abramson) Keeps Barack Obama Therapy Doll In Her Purse

    03/10/2018 11:26:37 AM PST · 45 of 76
    savagesusie to E. Pluribus Unum

    You wouldn’t believe the truth about these evil occult devil worshippers, like obama and his cult members, who glorify sodomy and the irrational concept of “genders” to children, and baby-sacrifice, if I showed you the real photos of their vile, orgasmic activities before Baphomet.

  • Scarborough: Let’s Face It, Trump Agreed To This Summit With Kim Because Of … Stormy Daniels

    03/09/2018 2:47:33 PM PST · 29 of 37
    savagesusie to proust

    Perhaps, a dead intern found under his desk, or there about, and Joe’s being a close *friend* of Rep. Gary Condit, who was involved with another young woman who was mysteriously killed (Levy).

    Friends of a Feather.......

    Joe should NEVER have a platform with his record......never, but he does because he is a puppet of the Deep State (the elite psychopaths)—they have too much dirt on Joe, so he is their butt boy and just reports the New Age script for the NWO he is given. He will rot in hell if he doesn’t repent.

  • How a Trade War Escalates: Europe retaliates against U.S. exports and Republican states.

    03/08/2018 12:14:54 PM PST · 82 of 129
    savagesusie to MichaelRDanger

    You nailed it. And there is no such thing as “free trade” with communist, slave, socialist cultures. NONE. Trade with evil countries promotes only evil. Capitalism has to be done by moral people—for without virtue, there can be no freedom. Evil capitalists/monopolists are destroying freedom and virtue which used to be embedded in our curricula but the communist John Dewey destroyed our “educational” system for a Marxist, brainwashing, “group-non-think” one. Virtue is being destroyed in our children intentionally with Lukacs type explicit “sex ed” and promotion of perversions to very young children. Get your children out of public skools.

    We need tariffs to protect our vital industries that have been decimated by evil, communist and socialist countries dumping their polluted, subsidized products, so they can kill our industries here, which will evolve into our slavery, and the “NWO” where all Christians are silenced or killed—no free will, no natural rights from God-—no private property rights.

    We are flooded with polluted, plastic crap-—making the masses so happy for cheap cr*p and meaningless lives-—just materialists, who spend time with cr*p literally, instead of with family and friends and educating themselves (true purpose of leisure).

    It is EASY to take the cheap, toxic road....always, but it will result in complete slavery (vice). A true Justice system only promotes virtue-—so trading with evil, socialist/communist people would be unconstitutional anyhow.

  • Can we criticize the Parkland kids?

    03/01/2018 10:45:53 AM PST · 43 of 63
    savagesusie to jiggyboy

    It is about WHO controls the Narrative. The evil Leftists have TOTAL control of MSM-—and have for 60 years.

    It is ALL about controlling EMOTIONS and perceptions, So you can’t WIN when you debate irrational, emotional people EVER-—esp. children and young brainwashed adults.

    That is why brainwashing “publik skooling” WORKS-=they embed irrational emotions to concepts which will trigger strong emotions so you can’t debate with them (”cognitive dissonance” is all brainwashed people can experience—all facts and truth is blocked from their minds). Ex-KGB Yuri Bezmenov explained this thoroughly when he defected, what happens to generations of brainwashed (us) people (and he noted that ALL Americans were being brainwashed in their “school” system and by TV and by MSM and Hollywood which was totally controlled by Marxists (satanists/Lucifereans/sodomites).

    Only the internet gave us some “freedom”—ability to know the Truth (God), other than the Bible and Reality-—real life experiences, human interactions without SCREENS/TUBES. Other wise you are “programmed” and your neuropathways are determined by the PROGRAMMERS (TV/SKhools).

  • Threatening tweet against Marco Rubio

    02/22/2018 9:30:43 PM PST · 21 of 37
    savagesusie to ilgipper

    It is the intention to destroy the minds of all people-—with the Prussian School of mass indoctrination. It created the Hitler Youth—such dumb, adoring socialists (ideologues) who would even turn in their parents, their minds were so fried from mass indoctrination into mass conformity (emotions RULE—like at this CNN farce). All controlled Narrative and Rubio on the Defensive, etc.

    The Mind Control is REAL-—get your children OUT of the indoctrination centers—they will be so warped and stupid they won’t be able to tell if they are a boy or a girl since the lies begin in preschool and earlier if you allow your young children to watch TV. Free association and free play and conversation with humans only (not staring at screens and artificial crap) are what create people who can think for themselves (with reason and logic and not programmed emotions which is what the weaponized curricula is designed to do so children can’t use reason).