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  • Obama To Propose $1.5 Trillion In Tax Increases Tomorrow

    09/18/2011 8:10:46 PM PDT · 7 of 81
    sc2_ct to blam

    Oh my GOD! That Obama, always coming up with novel ideas!

  • Just reported on Fox; Jimmy Hoffa Jr says of Republicans; "Let's take those sons-a-bitches out"

    09/05/2011 5:38:52 PM PDT · 149 of 172
    sc2_ct to vanilla swirl

    War? Finally. When do we start? I’ll be asserting my Beck rights immediately.

    BTW: Too bad the inner cities you speak for can’t grow food or provide their own water supplies. Eh, I’m sure you’ve thought all this out, so I guess I’ll just see you at the seige :)

  • Weekly Sci-Fi Thread (09/04/11)

    09/04/2011 4:13:07 PM PDT · 15 of 49
    sc2_ct to KevinDavis

    Favorite dystopian sci-fi of all time?

    Movie: Resident Evil
    TV: The Walking Dead
    Book: City of the Dead by Keane

    Yeah, I like zombies :)

  • New to homeschooling, recommendations from the pros?

    05/14/2011 9:04:06 AM PDT · 1 of 39
  • Synthetic Cocaine Sold As 'Bath Salts'

    01/18/2011 10:41:14 AM PST · 4 of 19
    sc2_ct to Red Badger

    I believe the article is referring to “mephedrone” which is much closer to methamphetamine in its effects. Very easy to get and I have already seen a lot of cases of it in suburban and urban areas (I work as a paramedic). In most cases the patient was complaining of chest pain, palpitations and were extremely anxious.

  • Apartment Residents Must Accompany Kids Or Pay Fine

    10/22/2010 9:26:34 PM PDT · 13 of 85
    sc2_ct to Rebelbase

    Even if the policy is allowed to stand, all existing leasees with children should be immediately released from their leases to seek housing appropriate for raising a family.

  • PICTURES: 19 Most Shocking X-Rays Slide Show (A misplaced flashlight among others)

    08/10/2010 9:43:25 AM PDT · 43 of 85
    sc2_ct to Mikey_1962

    Contrary to their statement about nothing being flammable in the human rectum, that is wrong — methane is highly flammable and has resulted in severe burns to people some very strange people.

  • First Female Arab Combat Soldier in IDF is Proud to Serve Israel

    08/10/2010 8:50:44 AM PDT · 20 of 37
    sc2_ct to Old Teufel Hunden

    You’re right about the being hot part!

  • Why Are Democrats and News Media Sabotaging Joe Lieberman's Campaign?

    07/05/2006 9:10:19 PM PDT · 20 of 84
    sc2_ct to LdSentinal
    To Avenge Yasser Yarafat.

    I have a vague recollection of him? He was some arab guy of little consequence right LOL? :)

  • This Place is Not a Place of Honor (warning future inhabitants of nuclear waste sites)

    05/18/2006 9:27:03 PM PDT · 20 of 27
    sc2_ct to Drew68
    Why not just put in a small chamber a hundred or so feet down that contains a hundred or so big gold coins with the radioactivity warning symbol on one side and a skull on the other. Blast them with enough radiation that they'll cause radiation sickness and let them figure it out? The goal here is to ensure they don't open what may turn out to be Pandora's Box, right? Then, every hundred feet bury large numbers of rocks with the same symbols in ever-increasing numbers as you go down. Even animals can figure out simple cause and effect.

    "Oh, every time someone gets near something with this symbol their hair falls out and they get blisters and vomit... hmmm... maybe this means 'not good'?"

  • Need help in NJ with Dr. Kevorkian clones

    05/10/2006 10:04:37 PM PDT · 5 of 122
    sc2_ct to Simplemines
    Wow, I am very sorry and disgusted to hear what you're going through. From my experience, one of the best things you can do is put a lawyer on a small retainer and have them make a call to the hospital and/or doctors involved and make it clear in no uncertain terms that you and your husband value life and that anything suspicious will be investigated fully. No doctor wants their malpractive insurance going up, and hospitals are terrified about their reputations being "marred".

    I hope for the best, please keep us apprised of the situation.

  • College does not prepare for real life

    05/04/2005 8:51:45 AM PDT · 31 of 118
    sc2_ct to qam1

    I've gone through several semesters at a community college (the first couple paid for by my parents, the last couple paid by me out of pocket) and while some of the programs are worthwhile, a lot of what is taught is useless. The only good classes I've had were in the history, political science and economics departments (though the liberal bias is astounding). I think I'm going to give an EMT-B certification a try and then consider moving on to paramedic later on (at least they won't be out-sourced LOL)

  • Student photo of reputed mobster is a hit - Have you seen this "Clown"?

    04/27/2005 3:10:54 PM PDT · 9 of 60
    sc2_ct to Kenny Bunkport

    Boondock Saints is a great movie, definately one of my favorites as well.

  • Massive energy bill shields MTBE makers

    04/23/2005 4:31:38 PM PDT · 9 of 31
    sc2_ct to KC_for_Freedom
    There never was a chance that the refiners would ever suffer from MTBE ground water contamination. But the sooner they get that stuff out of the fuel the better. This was a scam going in and a scam going out. And ethanol (which also works to reduce pinging) will be the same. Big oil, big contributions, big subsidies.

    I love Ethanol, I wish they'd use 2-3 times as much of it in my gas (I drive turbocharged cars though so I might be somewhat biased by the fact that then I could increase boost pressure LOL).

  • When nature calls, some cell phone owners should answer very carefully

    04/05/2005 1:23:32 PM PDT · 26 of 34
    sc2_ct to billorites

    Worst I've ever done was to drop mine into a bucket of solvents (xylene) when working on my car in the garage.

  • The Gay Child Left Behind (Maya Keyes, daughter of Alan Keyes, declared herself a lesbian)

    02/16/2005 11:25:13 PM PST · 21 of 44
    sc2_ct to Former Military Chick
    I definately am impressed (though not at all surprised) at the consistancy of Keye's message, which is one of the reasons that I respect the man so much. Too many whiny pansies would throw logic, reason and morals out the window just to protect the poor little feelings of those around them. In his position I would still stick to my beliefs.

    Now, I don't know all the conversations and exchanges that have taken place obviously, but as an uninformed observer, I might treat education differently. I'd offer to pay full tuition and school costs to a good, conservative college.

    Children when they become adults have the right to make their own decisions and to persue liberty and freedom as they see it, but I also have the freedom to put my money where my morals are.

    What really pisses me off is that the media is so gleeful in reporting it in that smug "take that" sort of style they are so familiar with.

  • Across US, locals rebel against noise

    02/10/2005 9:22:17 PM PST · 13 of 16
    sc2_ct to satchmodog9

    I've got a stereo system in my vehicle, but I only turn it up at nights when I'm on the highway or some country road winding through the woods without any houses nearby. During the day I keep the volume down and mostly listen to talk radio anyway. I have a surround sound system in my condo, but I always turn off the surround amp at 8:30 or 9:00pm so that I don't disturb neighbors. I've got one guy below me that I would like to slaughter though, since he starts pumping out spanish music at full volume at 9am (I don't get up until noon due to work shifts), and yet he pounds on the ceiling with a broom if someone happens to drop something at any time of the day.

    Pretty much, people should just be respectful of those around them, but these chronic complainers (i.e. the guy downstairs) should be dismembered and fed through a wheat thresher.

  • Need Firearm Purchasing Help

    01/04/2005 12:48:29 PM PST · 66 of 172
    sc2_ct to andie74

    I like the SKS, which is cheap, easily available, dead reliable and has tons of cheap ammo available for it (about $.08 or so per round). If you just want to take out annoying critters around the property, this should be more than enough, and has a light enough recoil that anyone over 120lbs should be comfortable with it. A short 4x scope should be more than enough, and including the gun, scope, 1000 rounds of ammo, cleaning kit and a gun case, you're looking at around $400.

    If you're interested in defending your house against the 2-legged threats, a 12-gauge pump shotgun is great.

  • Browser Wars

    12/20/2004 11:26:13 PM PST · 19 of 44
    sc2_ct to Redcloak
    I use Firefox exclusively and it fits my needs perfectly. Since I use only laptops and my main machine has a 1920x1200 15.5" display in a docking station, it's great to just hit "CTRL +" to increase font size while kicking back with my wireless keyboard and mouse. I could also never live without tabbed browsing again, since by the time I finish reading the page I'm on, the links I've opened are all loaded and ready in the next tab.

    I use the MOOX builds of Firefox since they are hands-down the fastest out there with full pipelining support and custom tailored to high-speed computers on high-speed connections. (

    Now if Microsoft would finally get around to releasing a version of Windows that supports the 64-bit extensions for my Athlon 64 3400+ and I'll finally be a happy man (I'm tired of having to reboot into SuSE in order to take advantage of my processor's 64-bit support while rendering videos).

  • Castro's Cuba gets ready for 'Yankee imperialist aggression'

    12/20/2004 11:06:29 PM PST · 6 of 20
    sc2_ct to M. Espinola

    You know, I'm so tired of hearing this poor addled man ramble on and on, I suggest we just invade Cuba so that he can finally get some closure. I mean, he's been going on and on about this since what, the 60's? Let's just get it over with, grab some cigars, and give the land back to the people already.

  • Lenny is Dead

    12/15/2004 11:02:40 PM PST · 21 of 93
    sc2_ct to Inyokern

    I pray for him.


    12/12/2004 11:15:27 AM PST · 10 of 15
    sc2_ct to VaBthang4
    I am fully persuaded that he is burning in hell.

    Having met him and talked with him, he was a genuinely kind person. As far as that goes, try to remember that line "Judge not, lest you be judged yourself."

    Either way, I pray that God is as merciful with him as he will be with the rest of us sinners.

  • Forecast Frosty for U.S.-Canada Relationship

    11/28/2004 10:13:45 AM PST · 11 of 86
    sc2_ct to Haro_546
    we should conquer Kanada

    NO!!! That would be even more blue states! :)

  • Microsoft offers amnesty program to pirated WinXP users

    11/26/2004 11:15:51 AM PST · 44 of 82
    sc2_ct to Joe Bonforte
    I doubt that this is true, and here's why. There is no one in the Linux space with the economic incentive to get it up to par and keep it on a par with Windows and Apple OS. Making an OS both flexible and easy to use is a very expensive undertaking. Keeping it integrated with leading edge technologies such as speech and handwriting recognition is even more expensive.

    One of the major advantages that Linix and Free-Source have is that they really do follow the traditional hacker ethic where the free and unimpeded flow of information is the goal, and the ego and recognition that comes from a good "hack" or developement is the goal. The traditional hacker ethic from the old TX-0 and PDP-1 days is still alive and well. The problem is that right now the developers are more interested in adding functions and control, not at simplifying. I believe that this is just a stage however. Remember that interactive computing was first embraced and developed by the same type of mentality. Open source efforts such as Linux work well to replicate technology that is already well understood. But by it's nature, open source is not good at innovation. That implies that commercial operating systems will probably keep their lead on Linux for implementation of new technologies such as speech and handwriting, not to mention better integration of new peripherals.

    Overall, open source is okay at innovation, but I would agree that this is one of the weaker links at this point. Take a look at open source projects such as Mozilla and OpenOffice though, and you will see that while office applications and web browsers have been around for a long time, the open source versions tend to have significant usability improvements over their commercial counterparts. Take Firefox for example, not only is it more stable and secure, it also has elements such as tabbed web-browsing and the structure necessary for pipelining web downloads -- both of which are valuable features not found in the leading commercial ventures. Couple that with the fact that the people who gain the most from open source are highly technical types, and are not representative of the user community. That means there is no appreciation of the things the typical, non-technical user wants, or even the understanding of what that non-technical user needs. How are such people ever going to produce software that appeals to the non-technical user?

    That is indeed a problem, but one that has been showing definate signs of change. Take a look at old 6.x versions of Red Hat and then compare them to the newer versions of Fedora, and you will see that some definate simplification has occured. One thing about technical guys is that once the thrill is gone, nothing frustrates them more than repeating pointless tasks. RPM package installers for instance are an example where up-close control has given way to automation.

    As things progress and more companies change over to Linux environments, you will see a rush of Administrators and Help Desk people clamoring for ease of use enhancements so that they don't have to keep dealing with the "end-users". Inevitibly this will lead to change. I'm happy to see Linux (and Apple) doing well in certain segments. Microsoft does much better when they have competition. They tend to get sloppy when they don't (which is why Internet Explorer stagnated so long). But that needs to be tempered with a realistic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of open source.

    So am I. Competition breeds innovation, and makes quality and robustness a more primary consideration. Apple has done a great job of "dumbing-down" their operating system while at the same time adding more functional control simultaneously. In terms of the Browser Wars, Microsoft won with Internet Explorer, and it's taken awhile for new competition to come out with innovative advantages and to start challenging market share. With the surging popularity of Firefox, it is safe to assume that we will be seeing a new IE sometime not too long from now. If Safari were to be released for use on Windows, it would further erode market share, and put even more pressure on Microsoft.

  • Microsoft offers amnesty program to pirated WinXP users

    11/26/2004 10:04:31 AM PST · 25 of 82
    sc2_ct to Publius6961

    I enjoy Linux (Fedora, SuSE and Mandrake primarily), but it's definately not ready for your average home user yet. The system will definately have to be simplified a bit on the UI end before the typical family will be comfortable with it. Gnome and KDE are starting to look real nice now, but the UI's are still geared to hackers (in the traditional sense), geeks, and power-users.

    Software and hardware installation processes really need to be unified and cleaned up a bit as well. Having worked in tech support, there are enough people out there that get confused by the InstallShield wizards on Windows that you're just not going to be able to get them recompiling or editing scripts for installations, no matter how powerful the new way is.

    If everyone in the world had the hacker ethic, then Linux would be a perfect solution, but most people really don't want to know how everything works, they just want it to be taken care of for them.

    Given another couple of years and some real effort at addressing these issues, I'm sure that Linux will be in a more suitable position to compete in the desktop market.


    11/23/2004 4:30:40 PM PST · 7 of 13
    sc2_ct to 7.62 x 51mm
    Personally I think that you are spot-on. With the EU becoming more and more an umbrella corporation of ex-soveriegn nations, and with the control of the parties of the "annointed" (-- see Thomas Sowell), I believe that Europe is setting the stage for a world war without equal and without traditional battle fields; to be fought amonst neighbors, in all the cities and and across all borders. The only qualm I have with your statement is that I believe the United States will have other more pressing concerns in regards to our own civil war, which I view to be in it's formative stages as we speak.

    A simple Constitutional disagreement over the rights of States led to our first war between the states. Now we have an overwhelming religious, social and moral standoff that I cannot immagine can be resolved without force of arms (though at the same time I pray that I am wrong). Whichever way the wind blows, I can only stand up for what I believe in and hope that the worst does not come to pass.

  • Random Insanity, Issue #2: Drinking

    11/22/2004 1:06:01 PM PST · 5 of 49
    sc2_ct to Pyro7480

    That is some pretty good stuff... for a lager. I'm more a fan of IPA's myself :)

  • Grumpy old — and young — men

    11/22/2004 12:56:38 PM PST · 13 of 49
    sc2_ct to Caleb1411

    For me it's not a syndrome, it's a hangover.

  • Terraforming Mars, The Noble Experiment?

    11/22/2004 11:37:26 AM PST · 6 of 138
    sc2_ct to Bikers4Bush

    I didn't think that Mars had a molten core, and thus no strong magnetic field to protect it. Would the increased distance from the Sun be sufficient, or would terraforming and colonizing Mars simply lead to a civilization of Anemic pale guys with Melanoma?

  • Taxing and Tracking us for Nothing?

    11/22/2004 10:36:22 AM PST · 8 of 11
    sc2_ct to Burlem

    Well, minus the tracking part, it would be nice to have the same tax liability in my 500-hp 94-octane supercharged 4000lb tire-scorcher as the guy in his little hybrid prius that can go from 0-60 in only a minute and a half :)

  • Bush comes to aid of Secret Service agent

    11/20/2004 4:14:55 PM PST · 3 of 1,343
    sc2_ct to wjersey

    Damn, I really like this guy!

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 2:18:27 PM PST · 68 of 80
    sc2_ct to pke
    Would you feel differently had it been a 78lb 90 year old woman on oxygen and using a walker?

    LOL, I think I'd be more concerned by a 78lb 90 year old woman on oxygen and using a walker, since chances are she'd be packing to be talking that much s**t LOL.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 1:15:53 PM PST · 51 of 80
    sc2_ct to Tijeras_Slim
    I can see nothing wrong with what you did other than not having a compact .45.

    I have a .45, but the Kel-Tec weighs about 1/3 as much, is dead reliable, easily concealed, no safety to fumble with and has a magazine full of 10 147-grain HP rounds plus one in the chamber that pack a hell of a punch at close range.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 1:13:28 PM PST · 48 of 80
    sc2_ct to robertpaulsen
    You're driving on a four lane divided highway at 45 mph? What was the speed limit? Were you slowing down? Was your right directional signal on?

    LOL, no, it was a normal road with a 45mph speed limit with lots of speed traps. I was just going straight doing the speed limit in the traveling lane as per state law. The guy was pulling out of a parking lot about 1/4mi from the nearest intersection.

    Now, this black man almost kills you by pulling out, then swerves into your lane, then flips you off, and you've got your 9mm "leetle fren", and you were "content to just sit there fuming in my car without causing an incident"?

    I carry a firearm because I believe that is is my Constitutional right to do so and one thing that I can do to make society safer (every legally concealed firearm out there makes everyone else safer, since the bad guys never know which one of their intended victims is armed). I'm actually much less likely to exchange one-fingered salutes or heated words when I am carrying because the last thing I want to do is help provoke a situation in which I have to use it. Carrying a loaded firearm in public is a pretty big responsibility, and I should do my part to avoid hostilities whenever possible. I'm a pretty big guy myself (6'1" and 195lbs), and not to flabby, so had I not been armed, I might have been a bit more vocal and expressive.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 12:59:59 PM PST · 41 of 80
    sc2_ct to Sola Veritas

    The reason I pulled it is that I was sitting in the seat wearing a seatbelt and it is in a holster in the back of my pants. I deliberately kept it out of sight, but by the time he got to the car, I never would have gotten it out before he could get in the car. I'm going down to the gun shop to pick up a more practical holster so I never have to do that again.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 12:41:16 PM PST · 35 of 80
    sc2_ct to MaineRepublic
    Why would the guy be mad at you when he almost caused you to crash? Are you sure this is all there was to the incident?

    That's one of the things that has me so perplexed also. I have no clue why this guy behaved the way he did.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 12:34:50 PM PST · 31 of 80
    sc2_ct to Manic_Episode
    I always leave a space between me and the car in front of me as an escape route just in case, and keep all doors locked at all times, obsessively.

    I do that all the time, it was just that how the other guys car was, there was no gap to get through until the car in front moved. I always leave about 6-8 feet between myself and the car in front of me so that I can get around the car if it doesn't move when the light turns green or and so that I can get out of the way if an emergency vehicle is coming through. Freeze plus P (tear gas) is terribly effective if need be, and a notch lower on the force continuum, if opportunity arises.

    I'll probably do that and keep it on my from here on out. I've been hit with tear gas before (at a concert when I was a teenager that turned rowdy, and I just happened to be down-wind), so I know how much that stuff hurts LOL.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 12:27:40 PM PST · 27 of 80
    sc2_ct to The KG9 Kid
    Take the Bush 2004 sticker off of your vehicle.

    LOL, the only stickers I have on this vehicle is an American flag and an NRA emblem :)

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 12:18:41 PM PST · 16 of 80
    sc2_ct to ken5050
    would you feel differently had it been a 250lb+ white guy?

    No, I was being descriptive, not bigoted.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 12:15:43 PM PST · 9 of 80
    sc2_ct to camle
    did you get his plate number and report him to the pd?

    No, I was a bit busy trying to get away from the guy and he didn't have a plate in the front (which is pretty common here). I wish I had, but there was just no practical way to get it. I just know it was a late-model black Lexus.

  • Vanity: Self-defense incident and questions

    11/17/2004 12:10:58 PM PST · 1 of 80
  • Arab man sets himself on Fire at the White House

    11/15/2004 11:02:06 AM PST · 17 of 851
    sc2_ct to Dog

    Oh well, but since he forgot to get any of us infidels, no virgins for him :)

  • U.S. tracking down 400,000 fugitives (illegal aliens)

    11/15/2004 10:54:58 AM PST · 2 of 57
    sc2_ct to Cableguy

    400,000 illegals divided by 80 agents means each agent only has to look for 5000 illegals. Hmmm, I'm not too excited yet :)


    11/06/2004 9:08:26 AM PST · 4 of 20
    sc2_ct to giotto

    Sorry, when you're ahead it's time to push along further. If the liberals are so unhappy about it, maybe they could try to use the MSM, Hollywood, musicians, celebrities and a handful of psychotic billionairs during the next election... oh, wait [/sarcasm off]

  • Arafat died

    11/06/2004 9:05:10 AM PST · 14 of 90
    sc2_ct to Reconray

    YES! The world's ugliest terrorist is finally gone! What a great week it's been so far! Time to get a bottle of a California sparkling wine and toast to his grizzled mug being gone!

  • freerepublic fan getting triple bypass

    11/03/2004 6:05:54 PM PST · 10 of 92
    sc2_ct to inprayer

    You are in all of our prayers. God Bless.

  • I Posted This On DU...

    11/03/2004 6:04:28 PM PST · 5 of 117
    sc2_ct to jambooti
    someone ought to let them know there is no inauguration when a president wins a 2nd term

    Why? Let them organize a gigantic protest and not realize until it's too late that there is nothing to protest AT :)


    11/02/2004 12:57:47 PM PST · 30 of 33
    sc2_ct to _Jim
    I've got a 1500 watt Coleman that is a one-man haul with one hand ...

    I've got a 5KW Craftsman generator that I can move solo, but I'm not a small guy and it's a bit heavier than is comfortable.


    11/02/2004 12:23:16 PM PST · 4 of 33
    sc2_ct to watsonfellow

    If the polls would still be open when I got there, I'd bring my laptops and a couple cellphones. Alas I'm from CT and with rush hour coming up, nearly 5-6 hours from there. See if you can get any cellphones from locals to continue the calls!

  • Geek Gibberish? What does this mean?

    11/02/2004 11:55:24 AM PST · 49 of 164
    sc2_ct to astonberry

    Search engines are supposed to look for a file named robots.txt in a root folder on a webserver to determine whether or not a site wishes to be spidered/crawled (in other words "scanned"). If the search engines are ignoring this file, then it means that the search engines are creating an additional load on the server. With today being a day that will probably have record bandwidth and server utilization statistics, any little bit they can do to reduce unneccesary usage will help to ensure that response times remain bearable.