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  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/15/2016 12:35:35 PM PDT · 219 of 224
    schaef21 to Mechanicos

    Nice response.....

    He gave SOME of his money to baby-killers.

    I’m done

  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/15/2016 11:56:05 AM PDT · 217 of 224
    schaef21 to Mechanicos

    I can give you a list twice that long for Trump....

    INCLUDING donating to Hildabeast and every other damn baby-killing, money stealing, anti-Christian Democrat he could think of.

    *****Globalists are not conservative. Cruz is a Globalist. Therefore hes not a conservative.*****

    People who donate to Democrats aren’t conservative. Therefore Trump is not a conservative.

    Cruz has a 100% conservative rating based on his voting record in the Senate.

    I’ll vote for the Republican nominee no matter who he is... will you?

    Nice talkin’ to ya, Mechanicos. I think I’ve wasted enough of my time.

  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/15/2016 10:43:57 AM PDT · 213 of 224
    schaef21 to Mechanicos

    Yeah, you’re right Mechanicos....

    Every single one of those polls is a “Push Poll”.’

    The one doing the insulting is you.... I’ve never accused you of anything but your responses are always dripping with accusations.

    I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. Will you vote for Cruz or stay home and give us Hildabeast and a ruinous Supreme Court for our children and grandchildren?

    The GOPe does not have a dog left in the fight..... Kasich can’t get it done.

    Cruz is a loyal conservative and you Trumpsters act like he’s Mitt Romney.

    Give me a break.

  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/15/2016 9:24:42 AM PDT · 211 of 224
    schaef21 to Mechanicos

    ***Sounds like a NeverTrump Rino supporter insulting our intelligence again.***

    You have no idea who I am or who I support. I would vote for a monkey over any “I’ve got my hand in your pocket” Democrat.

    I have grave concerns about Trump.... he gets more shrill and more unlikeable every day that passes. His schtick is wearing thin and he’d better figure something else out.

    My response was to a guy that said Cruz was unlikeable and I merely pointed out that Trump was in a worse position.

    ***approval numbers there for our eyes to see at his rallies ***

    If they were the only ones voting Trump would be in good shape. None of us Republicans believed the polls in 2012 yet we got Obama for four more years.

    Take off the rose-colored glasses.

    BTW - The word RINO applies better to a Trumpster than a Cruzer.... his conservative bonafides are unquestioned. Can you say the same thing for The Donald?

  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/15/2016 9:10:04 AM PDT · 209 of 224
    schaef21 to pgkdan

    ***That’s not the point...the media is irrelevant to my argument. Reagan was a very, very likable man. Cruz is the exact opposite.***

    The intimation here is that Trump is likeable..... have you looked at his “disapprove” numbers?

  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/15/2016 8:15:29 AM PDT · 207 of 224
    schaef21 to pgkdan

    ***Not even close! Reagan was endearing, charming, and funny...none of which can be said for Ted Cruz. Not by any stretch of the imagination.***

    Nevertheless...... the media poured out the “Reagan can’t win, he’s too conservative” line day after day.

    I voted for the man..... I was there... it was the first election that I was politically aware and not a media-fed dummy.

  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/14/2016 1:23:22 PM PDT · 67 of 224
    schaef21 to pgkdan

    ***Cruz can’t win. Period. He has absolutely NO appeal outside of a very narrow segment of conservatives. He’ll get no support from anyone else. Hillary will win a 49-50 state landslide.***

    They said the same thing about Reagan...... over & over & over & over.

  • Corey Lewandowski left 4 Americans to die in desert & Compromised National security

    03/30/2016 10:32:51 AM PDT · 31 of 46
    schaef21 to LS

    If he’d have apologized no one would even know it happened.

    There is audio of Fields and another reporter talking about it right after it happened.... so it did happen, the only question is to what degree. Overblown? Probably.

    Trump has a 73% disapprove number with women. Do you really think it helps him to pick a fight with a woman?..... I might add..... even if he is right?

    Apologize and move on. If Trump loses it will be totally the work of women voters. This whole thing was stupid and unnecessary.

    Everything doesn’t have to result in name-calling and conflagration.

    It will end up giving us Queen Hillary who will immediately pardon herself.

    Will that make you Trumpsters happy?

  • David the Young Earth Creationist

    03/18/2016 3:16:22 PM PDT · 17 of 56
    schaef21 to Tell It Right

    ***I missed the part in the Psalm that supports young earth creationism. Where is it?***

    How about what Jesus said in Matthew 19:4 - “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female.

    You can then look in Luke 3 at the genealogy of Jesus which ends in verse 38 with “The son of Adam, the son of God.”

    So..... male and female were made in the beginning, Adam was the first male and he’s in Jesus’ genealogy.

    That genealogy goes back about 6,000 years.

    I’d say that coming right out of the mouth of the Messiah is good enough for me.

  • Christians Flock to Groups That Help Members Pay Medical Bills

    03/10/2016 7:36:51 AM PST · 13 of 29
    schaef21 to Arm_Bears

    ***I’m a professing Christian; however, my problem is that I am not a member of a church due to my belief that organized religion is just as corrupt as everything else these days.***

    Hey Arm_Bears..... there are a lot of great non-denominational churches who have no affiliation to “organized” religion. Their authority is scripture itself.

    Do yourself a favor and check some of them out.



  • Evolutionary leap from fins to legs was surprisingly simple

    03/08/2016 10:38:46 AM PST · 11 of 116
    schaef21 to JimSEA

    ***More on the fossils of transitional species that some claim do not exist.***

    Evolution has always been and can never be anything more than conjecture. It is not observable, testable science. It is philosophy based on the premise that there is a natural explanation for everything..... an unprovable assertion that lies at the foundation of the evolutionary belief system.

    We see what we want to see...if there is a Creator, we’re accountable to Him. Most do not want any part of that.

    As for transitional fossils..... Gould posited punctuated equilibrium precisely because of the lack of evidence for them.

    They’ve been irradiating fruit flies for thousands of generations trying to get mutations and selection to produce a new species. What they wind up with are fruit flies, dead fruit flies and damaged fruit flies.

  • Vote For Donald J. Trump in Maine, Kansas, Kentucky & Louisiana today!!!

    03/05/2016 8:39:48 AM PST · 15 of 71
    schaef21 to JLAGRAYFOX

    Hmmm.. You’re worried about Beck supporting Cruz but it’s apparently not a problem that David Duke supports Trump.

    I believe I’ll vote for Cruz, who is without question the stronger conservative.

    Conservative used to be what Freepers espoused before the rise of the Trumpsters.

  • Grading the Debate: Fox News Unethically Coordinates with Romney

    03/04/2016 6:52:48 AM PST · 31 of 122
    schaef21 to Helicondelta

    So in your mind what is important is the number of checks..... not the fact that he gave money to Hildabeast??

  • American Conservative Union Ratings: Cruz 100% Rubio 98%

    02/26/2016 12:28:41 PM PST · 122 of 159
    schaef21 to New Jersey Realist

    ***I fail to see how TRUMP doesn’t fall into the conservative category.***

    I fail to see how Cruz doesn’t...... so why all the inane and unsubstantiated insults by the Trumpsters on this site?

  • American Conservative Union Ratings: Cruz 100% Rubio 98%

    02/26/2016 11:53:33 AM PST · 114 of 159
    schaef21 to sargon

    ***The American People want a WINNER who can UNITE the country***

    Is that what Trump’s rhetoric is doing? Really?

  • American Conservative Union Ratings: Cruz 100% Rubio 98%

    02/26/2016 11:51:01 AM PST · 113 of 159
    schaef21 to dragonblustar

    ***Seven years of Obama. At this point I’d vote for a cat if it were to run against Hillary.***

    Agreed. I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. My only point in this whole thread is that Cruz and Rubio have been reliably conservative in their voting pattern (yes...I understand Rubio’s immigration baggage), yet Trumpsters feel the need to crap on them.

    My fear is that they are so adamant about Trump they’ll stay home if he doesn’t get the nod. If that happens, Hildabeast will win and then pardon herself.

  • American Conservative Union Ratings: Cruz 100% Rubio 98%

    02/26/2016 10:56:22 AM PST · 75 of 159
    schaef21 to dragonblustar

    ***Wow, that’s one way to win people over to your side. Congrats on repelling prospective supporters.***

    You actually think there’s a chance of that? Have you been reading their posts?

  • American Conservative Union Ratings: Cruz 100% Rubio 98%

    02/26/2016 10:54:18 AM PST · 71 of 159
    schaef21 to truth_seeker

    ***Trump doesn’t have one of those damn scores, and he is in the lead***

    The scores are based on actual votes taken in the US Senate, ergo there’s no way of scoring Trump.

    There seems to be a lot of flamers here that don’t realize that.

  • American Conservative Union Ratings: Cruz 100% Rubio 98%

    02/26/2016 10:27:43 AM PST · 1 of 159
    Flame away Trumpsters.
  • A vote for Ted Cruz is a wasted vote

    02/20/2016 7:57:52 AM PST · 168 of 189
    schaef21 to JLAGRAYFOX

    Don’t know how old you are.... The same things were said about Reagan.

    HE CAN’T WIN!!!!!!

    Got news for you.....yes he can.

  • Is minimum height for pilots unfair to women? (Germany)

    02/18/2016 9:50:01 AM PST · 6 of 42
    schaef21 to PROCON

    I guess it doesn’t matter if it is unfair to short men.

  • VANITY: What's the atmosphere in downtown St. Louis?

    08/11/2015 8:06:19 AM PDT · 3 of 26
    schaef21 to HeadOn

    Hey Headon.

    I live in St. Louis. Downtown/Stadium is 7-8 miles from Ferguson. Just about everything going on there is isolated to that area and shouldn’t be a problem for you. I live 4 miles south of Ferguson in a mixed neighborhood.... there are no issues at all here, people are just going about their business.

    It is mostly out-of-town rabble-rousers coming in.

    You’ll be absolutely fine where you will be staying.

    Hope you see some Cardinal wins!!

  • Report: Tom Brady destroyed phone, suspension to be upheld

    07/29/2015 12:47:51 PM PDT · 57 of 64
    schaef21 to Lakeshark

    We’ve beat this horse to death.

    1. A ballboy with the nickname “The Deflator”
    2. Brady’s destroyed cell phone.
    3. The balls were under the prescribed weight (and there are arguments on both sides about the “science”... you have chosen to disregard those you disagree with). BTW... we see the same thing going on in the Global Warming debate, don’t we.
    4. The study done on the fumble rate being astronomically out of the norm for the Pats starting the year that teams were allowed to supply their own balls.

    These are all bits of circumstantial evidence (just off the top of my head) and without going back to reread the Wells Report, which I did... admittedly in part, not the whole, when it first came out.

    You don’t want to recognize it.... I get it. You’re a big Pats fan and you choose to dismiss all of this. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or that it is not evidence.

    I would say that you are the one not interested in evidence, not me.

    I believe we’ve exhausted this subject. Take some more shots at me if you’d like, I’m done.

  • Report: Tom Brady destroyed phone, suspension to be upheld

    07/29/2015 11:24:32 AM PDT · 55 of 64
    schaef21 to Lakeshark

    The bias doesn’t have to be on the part of the newspaper... it can be on the part of the columnist. It happens every day in every newspaper in America.

    There is plenty of circumstantial evidence for those who don’t mind opening their eyes to see it..... that obviously is not you.

    Incidentally..... I am a St. Louis Cardinal fan. Somebody in the Cardinal front office hacked the Houston Astros. They haven’t gotten totally to the bottom of it yet, the investigation is continuing.

    Regardless of who it was, or how pervasive or innocuous it was they will be penalized and they will deserve it.

    Please note how I answered you without calling you a moron or referring to the “small recesses of your mind”.

    Namecalling is the last refuge of a man with no confidence in his argument. You are no better than those on the left who do the same thing.

  • Report: Tom Brady destroyed phone, suspension to be upheld

    07/29/2015 10:19:32 AM PDT · 53 of 64
    schaef21 to Lakeshark

    ***What stake do they have in unearthing the stupidity and vapidity of the Wells Report?***


    What stake does the NFL have in soiling one of their marquis players and one of their premiere franchises? Is it in their best interest to do so?

  • Report: Tom Brady destroyed phone, suspension to be upheld

    07/28/2015 11:50:57 AM PDT · 37 of 64
    schaef21 to Lakeshark

    He tried to gain an unfair advantage.... whether he did or not is irrelevant.

    Guys who take HGH try to gain an unfair advantage... whether they do or not is irrelevant.

    They get 4 games, so should he.

    Spare the crud that they didn’t do it. The Ballboy was nicknamed “The Deflator”. Do you think he’d do that without Brady’s knowledge?

    BTW.... The Washington Post defends Hillary, too. I wouldn’t give them much credence.

  • Report: Tom Brady destroyed phone, suspension to be upheld

    07/28/2015 10:19:51 AM PDT · 28 of 64
    schaef21 to Sacajaweau

    ***he played better with the legal balls....the whole thing is a farce.***

    That is completely irrelevant. The fact is that he tried to gain an unfair advantage is what is at issue..... it’s the same thing as the guys doing HGH, etc. They get four games, so should he.

    One other thing.... please spare me the “he didn’t know about it” stuff and especially the “they didn’t tamper with the balls” stuff. The ball boy was referred to as “The Deflator”..... and it wasn’t because he was losing weight.

  • Scientists just found soft tissue inside a dinosaur fossil. Here's why that's exciting.

    06/09/2015 2:35:29 PM PDT · 94 of 168
    schaef21 to TexasGator

    ***Occam’s Razor would say that if it is not that old we would be finding the protein remains in all the fossils ... but we do not.***

    Occam’s Razor talks about protein? :-)

    The current scientific paradigm would say that no soft tissue or red blood cells (or stretchy ligament that still snaps back into place like Mary Schweitzer found) would last anywhere near 65 million years and therefore would not be found in the specimen..... but it was and continues to be, so they have to come up with something.

    It seems to me that the most logical explanation (and simplest....Occam’s Razor) is that it is not that old..... but evolutionists absolutely cannot go down that road, so what they do is try to come up with an explanation, any explanation, that supports their tautology.

    Science establishment will not go down any road that might lead away from evolution. In the end, this hinders the advancement of science instead of helping it.

  • Scientists just found soft tissue inside a dinosaur fossil. Here's why that's exciting.

    06/09/2015 1:20:43 PM PDT · 50 of 168
    schaef21 to SunkenCiv

    ***She has said her finds in no way support a recent age for the fossils of dinos.***

    Of course she said that..... she has to say it or she loses all cred with the “scientific community”.

    Occam’s Razor would say it’s not as old as they think.... but if that is true evolution is out the window and they would have acknowledge a creator.

    We can’t be having that, can we?

  • Which conservative seniors organization did you join, and why?

    06/09/2015 8:42:16 AM PDT · 6 of 25
    schaef21 to ken5050

    Hey Ken....

    I’m very happy with AMAC.

  • Is the Big Bang Cycling Through Hidden Time?

    05/30/2015 5:31:23 AM PDT · 59 of 100
    schaef21 to HiTech RedNeck

    Uh.... Hey RedNeck.... you might want to click on my screen name and read my profile.

  • Is the Big Bang Cycling Through Hidden Time?

    05/29/2015 2:57:24 PM PDT · 19 of 100
    schaef21 to cripplecreek

    ***It was Edwin Hubble whose telescopic observations of galaxies in 1929 led to the major discovery that the universe is expanding.***

    Fr. Lemaitre could have looked in the Bible..... where it says “God stretches out the heavens” seventeen different times.

    Of course, why would a priest look there???

  • Deflate-gate investigation implicates Pats, Tom Brady

    05/08/2015 6:42:00 AM PDT · 51 of 65
    schaef21 to detective

    ***They only tested 4 of the Colt’s footballs. Three of them were below 12.5 PSI.***

    For the actual measurements you can go to page 68 & 69 of the report. There were 8 measurements taken. One gauge had them all at 12.5 or above, the other had the low end as 12.15.

    The Patriots, on the other hand, In 22 measurements, one gauge had none of them at 12.5# and actually had 5 weigh less than 11#. In the 22, only one over 12# (12.3).

    You’re grasping at straws. You’re a Patriot fan..... I get it. In the grand scheme of things you’re no different than a Clintonista. No matter what the truth is you’ll deny it and claim conspiracy.

    The report.... if you read it.... is damning. Have you actually read it?

  • Deflate-gate investigation implicates Pats, Tom Brady

    05/06/2015 3:32:34 PM PDT · 34 of 65
    schaef21 to detective

    ***In the second half of the game in question the Patriots scored 28 unanswered points after the footballs were inflated.***

    I don’t care if he threw for 1000 yards.... that has nothing to do with going outside the rules to try to gain an unfair advantage. Isn’t that what the guys who get suspended for PEDs do? Can you prove they actually got an unfair advantage?

    ***The “investigation” had to justify their time(four months) and expense. They just said “more probable than not” when giving their opinions.***

    Yeah, you’re right. What the NFL wanted was to brand a future Hall of Famer AND one of their premiere franchises as cheaters. They’ve done it before..... what makes you think they’re not doing it this time?

    You’re no different than the Clintonistas who turn a blind eye to what they do.

    ***If the temperature is decreased and the football is wet the pressure of the air in the football will drop.***

    So then why didn’t that happen with the Colts balls.... did the weather only affect the Patriots sideline?

    Before you make a fool of yourself any further you might actually try reading the report. You can actually start at the bottom of Page 44 like I did and read about 6 or 7 pages. That ought to be enough to turn off the crocodile tears.

  • Deflate-gate investigation implicates Pats, Tom Brady

    05/06/2015 2:10:03 PM PDT · 32 of 65
    schaef21 to detective

    ***There is no proof of anything***

    Thanks, Hillary.

    Piles of circumstantial evidence but since nobody will fess up to doing it and there were no witnesses it can’t be proven.

  • Onward, Christian Florists

    03/31/2015 9:57:17 AM PDT · 10 of 18
    schaef21 to Kaslin

    So if a member of Westboro Baptist Church walks into a gay signmaker’s shop and orders a sign that says “God Hates Fags”, the signmaker has to make the sign, right?

  • Richard Dawkins: The state needs to ‘protect’ children from religion...and their parents

    03/05/2015 12:46:19 PM PST · 66 of 111
    schaef21 to sickoflibs

    *** What’s the Trinity there? Mao, Lenin and Stalin? ***

    No sickoflibs...... Dawkins (and all atheists & evolutionists) trinity is: Father Time, Mother Nature and Lady Luck.

  • Ten Scientific Problems with Biological and Chemical Evolution

    02/20/2015 7:30:17 AM PST · 40 of 47
    schaef21 to Moonman62

    ***None of your sites claim valves are in the artery. They either claim “blood vessels” or “jugular vein.” There are no valves in the artery of the giraffe.***

    Excuse me, Moonman.... I should have said “blood vessels”. Would you like to address the rest of the post?

  • Ten Scientific Problems with Biological and Chemical Evolution

    02/20/2015 7:12:41 AM PST · 38 of 47
    schaef21 to Moonman62; SpaceBar; Zeneta

    Hello Moonman.... thanks for your reply:

    ***I’m pretty sure giraffes don’t have valves in their arteries***

    It doesn’t take much research to find out that they do:
    Here are three websites that talk about it:

    ***could have evolved***

    That’s actually the point, isn’t it Moonman. I can also say “could have been created”. You have your worldview, I have mine. Although in the case of evolution, it would be an incredibly fortunate process that saw the giraffe develop all four of those parts by a random, undirected and purposeless process.

    A worldview without a creator gets rather convoluted.

    Natural Law says that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed by natural processes. Deductively then, they must have been ordained from outside of nature.

    Natural law also says that life only comes from life (Biogenesis). Deductively then, life must have been ordained from outside of nature. In fact to believe in chemical evolution you need to figure out a process by which chemicals learned how to think.

    We are thinking, reasoning, emotional human beings that, according to the atheistic theory of evolution, started out in a mud puddle full of chemicals. Can you come up with any reasonable scenario to explain that? Even if you did come up with something it would be filled with “could haves”, “might haves”, “maybes” and “I thinks”.

    The point is.... that is not science, it is philosophy... which was my original premise.

  • Ten Scientific Problems with Biological and Chemical Evolution

    02/19/2015 4:13:27 PM PST · 35 of 47
    schaef21 to SpaceBar; Zeneta; Moonman62

    ***You can’t test an orogeny (mountain building event) either, yet through the powers of observation and rational deduction about our tiny little time snapshot of the end result of an extremely slow process, the mechanisms of plate tectonics, pluton emplacement, ore body formation etc are well understood and accepted concepts.***

    Ok SpaceBar.... here’s one for you:

    The Bull Giraffe goes, on average, about 18’ tall. His neck, again on average, is about 6’ long. In order to pump blood against gravity up 6’ of neck to his brain requires a heart like a jackhammer.

    So now this giraffe has got his heart pounding like a jackhammer and decides to bend down and get a drink. With the pump now going with gravity instead of against it, he has just blown his brains his arteries are little valves that shut down the flow of blood as he is bending over. The last squirt of blood, then shoots into a sponge-like organism that just happens to reside underneath the giraffe’s brain and absorbs the blood.

    This, of course is extremely fortunate for the giraffe. As he’s drinking, he senses a predator and stands up quickly to run away. He then, from standing too quickly and having no blood flowing in his brain, passes out and gets eaten by the predator, only this doesn’t happen because the sponge has been circulating the blood to the brain the whole time.

    So, as he stands up, the valves reopen to resume the blood flow and the giraffe can flee the predator.

    Michael Behe has referred to this in his book “Darwin’s Black Box” as irreducible complexity. In order for this morphology to work, all of the pieces have to be present at the same time.

    The neck without the heart....dead.
    The heart without the neck....dead.
    The neck without the valves....dead.
    All of the above without the sponge....dead.

    In other words, the morphology of the giraffe requires that:

    1. A jackhammer heart
    2. A 6 foot long neck
    3. Valves in the arteries
    4. A sponge under his brain

    all be present at the same time or he’s dead meat. Or to put it another way, extinct.

    I said all that to say this: Science can observe all of this and realize that there is no way that evolution could randomly put all of these pieces together at the same time in the same animal. But they don’t. Because they don’t want to.

    Because the theory of evolution is a philosophy that they are comfortable with an they don’t want to consider a creator to whom they would be accountable. So they refuse to consider anything but natural/material reasons.

    If your keys are in the kitchen and you refuse to look there you are never going to find them.

    Blessings to you, SpaceBar

  • Ten Scientific Problems with Biological and Chemical Evolution

    02/19/2015 12:37:39 PM PST · 7 of 47
    schaef21 to sparklite2

    Please tell me how evolution is verifiable? You can’t test it.... since you can’t test it you can’t repeat the test and get the same result (verify it) and since you can’t test it you can’t falsify it. It lies outside the limits of the scientific method.

    It is therefore philosophy that is based on the non-existence of a creator and the need for a process to explain the existence of and the diversity of life.

    I would argue that the laws of nature argue powerfully for a creator.

  • The GOP's Electoral Cliff

    02/18/2015 1:32:01 PM PST · 66 of 118
    schaef21 to TangledUpInBlue

    This means nothing if Hillary is the candidate. Forget all of those polls.... it’s all name recognition at this point.

    People are sick of her.... she won’t wear well during an extended campaign and the Dems know it. That’s why we haven’t seen her lately, they are keeping her out of the limelight.

  • On Darwin Day, 5 facts about the evolution debate

    02/12/2015 2:50:04 PM PST · 19 of 33
    schaef21 to EveningStar

    Christian Trinity = Father, Son & Holy Ghost
    Darwinian Trinity = Father Time, Mother Nature & Lady Luck

    I’m sticking with scripture on this one.

  • Bill Belichick says he has ‘no explanation’ for Deflategate

    01/22/2015 8:40:30 AM PST · 68 of 167
    schaef21 to Alas Babylon!

    ***I understand you and many more assume the less inflated ball is easier to throw and catch, but the outcome seems to be it really doesn’t make things easier OR harder.****

    The point is not that it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. The point is that it was intended to affect the outcome of the game. They flouted the rules......AGAIN.

  • Assassinations? Blame Obama and Holder

    12/23/2014 6:37:00 AM PST · 10 of 19
    schaef21 to tumblindice; doug from upland

    tumblindice.... I am as conservative as anyone on FR. I love Ted Cruz and would eagerly vote for him for President.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why any consevative would have refused to vote rather than vote for Romney.... especially after having already experienced the first four years of Obama.

    Hold your nose, vote for Romney and then re-fight the battle in the next primary.

    You reap what you sew. Take a good look at it.

  • New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis, not dismissal

    11/25/2014 1:23:35 PM PST · 28 of 51
    schaef21 to PROCON

    I had an argument with an Obama sycophant about this.

    I tell him that yes, Fox is a right-leaning network where you do actually hear liberal opinions from liberals.

    The other networks are liberal networks where you hear liberals who consider conservatives to be heinous give the conservative opinion.

    People who hold those opinions don’t like to be insulted.

  • There’s no getting around Jesus’ teaching on the age of the earth

    11/25/2014 8:09:43 AM PST · 18 of 103
    schaef21 to C19fan

    ***Jesus was invoking Genesis to teach about divorce not some scientific statement that the earth was 6,000 years old.***

    Nevertheless, Jesus said male and female were created “
    from the beginning of the creation”. You can’t get around that.

  • There’s no getting around Jesus’ teaching on the age of the earth

    11/25/2014 8:08:21 AM PST · 16 of 103
    schaef21 to Tenacious 1

    ***Are we sure Adam and Eve were not actually single cell organisms?***

    Do you think single cell organisms were created in the image of God?

  • Aliens Removed or Returned: Fiscal Years 1993 TO 2013 (Obama lies)

    11/21/2014 8:31:20 AM PST · 7 of 10
    schaef21 to aquila48

    According to Krauthammer, the Obama Administration is actually counting people who are turned away at the border as having been deported. Those people were never counted as deported in previous administrations because they never actually got here.

    Does it surprise anybody anymore when Obama does something deceptive?

  • Senator Harkin says inaction by Congress forced president to act on immigration

    11/20/2014 2:59:05 PM PST · 31 of 53
    schaef21 to Tailgunner Joe

    Headline when “W” was president:

    Inaction by Congress forced President Bush to act on the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve. Drilling to start next week.

    Yeah..... that would have flown with the Dems and the media.
    You bet.