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  • Iran Placing Medium-Range Missiles in Venezuela; Can Reach the U.S.

    12/09/2010 11:42:55 AM PST · 69 of 101
    shanec to MissesBush

    Why would anybody be surprised?

    Chavez has long courted all our enemies, funding al quida after 9/11, bringing in russian arms
    and libyan katushka missles & technicians, funneling middle easterners through their passport
    office before sending them onto north america, doing more business with china than all the
    rest of south & central america combined, envoys visiting and praising n korea, first head of
    state to personally visit and stand tall supporting saddam hussein after first iraq war, receiving
    secret c-130 shipments from iraq right before last iraq war. Chavez narco for arms trading with
    columbian narcoterrorists FARC/ELN. And, of course, castro is his mentor and chavez is cuba’s
    essential oil supplier. Oh, yeah, did I also mention he’s been for years pushing france to release
    ‘carlos the jackal’, brother of Raphael Ramirez, Chavez’s Minister of Energy & Mines, to venez
    authorities to ‘serve out’ his prison term there, yaa right.

    I’d gotten most of the above direct from his top military staff; head of army, air force, navy,
    coast guard and military academy and civil ministers down there, including the head of the
    passport office and his personal airbus pilot Major Diaz, who all quit him in disgust & public
    protest in late 2002. Got Diaz, in fear for his life, secreted out to Miami and arranged for
    extensive debriefing by FBI there, along with lots of documentation provided then, too.

    Tried to reveal some of what I’d learned back in 2002 & 2003 to media up here, but only
    got traction via internet...





    And, of course, reported first right here at FreeRepublic...

    Most of the photos from the two sites above don’t come up, as the protest site
    militaresdemocraticos run by a friend of mine is now down, but the archive
    here shows many of them from then when I was there of what all was going on...

    That archive site also links to more in-depth of all of Chavez diverse shenanigans.

    Stunned to see lack of interest by our major media and our govt back then, but got
    confirmation about insider ‘circles within circles’ and unseen agenda’s behind the
    scenes leaving us intentionally vulnerable. Love to see some wikileaks from back then.

    Shane Connor

  • Dr. Art Robinson for Congress (Oregon 4th District)

    09/21/2010 6:41:32 AM PDT · 2 of 8
    shanec to palmer
    I've known him for about 10 years, he's the real deal and deserving of all our support.

    Shane Connor

  • Russian SPETSNAZ arrested at powerplant by I-95 possibly with a tactical nuke?

    09/17/2010 6:11:25 AM PDT · 286 of 293
    shanec to Kabud
    I wrote and asked them yesterday when report would be done, they replied; "We are currently anticipating report delivery to Congress by the end of September. We expect the report to be available on the website in October."

    BTW, out of the 266 ideas submitted there at the National Dialogue on Preparedness, our proposal calling for renewed nuclear civil defense training of the public was voted #1. See it atop the list there at

    I've no illusions they will fully adopt it, or in-time, but it will help individuals to see that they could & should prep for nukes on their own and that it is not futile to do so.

    Shane Connor

  • Ron Paul Draws Passionate Support

    01/24/2008 11:35:49 PM PST · 30 of 39
    shanec to Sun

    I’m Catholic and voting for RP, too.

    And, while I’ve been a member here since 1998, I have not posted since fall of 2006, much less donated here again, with the neo-con shoutdowns and censoring.

    So, here’s a lengthy posting to make up for all that lost time, if any still reading...

    I know Ron Paul better than most, as I’ve been supporting and voting for him for close to a decade down here in Texas, as he’s been my Congressman, or was until the last re-districting mapped me out of his district.

    Most all politicians are liars, telling you whatever you want to hear and bribing you with promises to get your vote, but once in a while there comes along a Statesman. A person with integrity and principles. Occasionally seen on the local level, though very rarely arriving and surviving on the national level.

    How does anyone know with confidence who somebody really is and stands for and believes and would do when elected compared to what they say during the election?

    What you do is look/see closely at what they’ve done in the past, what their track-record is, not just what they’ve recently said, but actually done. The longer the track-record the better and clearer the picture of where they’d really be heading next.

    If you do so regarding Ron Paul, you’ll see why he has the nickname of “Dr. No”, for his consistent 20 years of voting against anything Un-Constitutional, voting against big government and higher taxes, voting against expanding police state powers and erosions of our freedoms and liberty, over and over again. For ten consecutive years he was awarded, out of all Congress members, the ‘Taxpayers’ Best Friend’ for these consistent efforts.

    Other candidates have a real disconnect between what they say today and have done yesterday, if you look. And, that says a lot about their integrity and principles, too, or rather lack thereof.

    You can also come to know any candidate by who their supporters are. In Ron Pauls’ case it has been uncontested that he has the most active duty military and veteran donors of any campaign. In fact, it’s his single largest group! Individual Americans, and lots of them, breaking all-time historic donation records, not PAC’s, bundlers, industrialists, lawyers, unions, and all manor of special interests that crowd the tops of other candidates donor lists. Look and you’ll see for yourself.

    You can also come to know any candidate by who their enemies are, and here everybody in the establishment status quo govt, political parties, special interests, banking, and media, that has had a hand in ruining this country, empowering and enriching themselves, while eroding our wealth and freedoms, is and has been blatantly tripping all over themselves to silence Ron Paul.

    Not just now, but for years this has been going on. He’s been one of the all time least popular and marginalized Congressmen on the hill, for so often voting Constitutionally and against his party and/or being the lone dissenter when all of Congress has embraced some feel-good or politically expedient resolution that was not Constitutional. He did not get the ‘Taxpayers’ Best Friend’ award for voting the party line, but for voting his conscience to always uphold his oath of office to support and defend the Constitution. Shame on Congress that it has been such a lonely stand.

    Ron Paul is all about re-instating the Constitution in practice, not just campaign rhetoric, and he should be ranked amongst the hero’s of our Founding Fathers for his decades long lonely stand against most all that we have hated seeing going on in this country all these many years. If he’s not ignored, he’s vilified, marginalized and ridiculed. And, has been for years in staying the course for what is Constitutional while fearlessly rejecting whatever was not.

    Most fair people that are not Ron Paul supporters, IMO, have been influenced or prejudiced by the media that he is not worth looking closer at, so they never have.

    It’s also why many who most need to be reading this are not, because they won’t bother to waste their time, as the media bias has already made up their mind for them.

    Even if you don’t support Paul, yet, you’ve got to admit that the fairness of the media and establishment GOP is horrendously biased against Ron Paul ever getting a fair airing of his positions, as seen here...

    And, consider, where would RP be ranked today if his positions had a fair airing, or at least as much media coverage as Rudy has enjoyed, whom Ron Paul has beaten 4 out of 5 times! Remember that every time you see Rudy mentioned on the air, but not a hint of Ron Paul or his sound proposals.

    That’s what stings, that we might never get to see if enough Americans would have come together supporting Ron Paul this election if they had, and that is a real shame for all America.

    What are they so afraid of you finding out, of possibly even have catch on nationally?

    But, don’t take my word for any of this, go find out for yourself.

    If he truly is who I say he is, you’d certainly be glad you did, for yourself, your children, your country, wouldn’t you?

    Go look/see at his record and stands for yourself at...

    Also, go look/see at his grassroots supporters here, too...

    If you do, you’ll discover that Ron Paul and his campaign are alone calling for a return to the Constitution and limited government.

    All the other candidates would maintain the current status quo and growing leviathan govt with all of us in the bus being driven right off and over the cliff’s edge. Their weight on the gas pedal might vary, but their track towards inevitable destruction surely would not.

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised, considering the hugely powerful and entrenched vested interests he is threatening to dismantle, that we are doing as well as we are with this rare historic opportunity to undermine TPTB via this campaign to regain our Constitutional based limited govt and freedoms.

    I was, admittedly, skeptical early on that there were enough un-apathetic American patriots left. Many, though, who had long ago opted out in disgust of the system, are jumping back in seeing the Ron Paul campaign as a last ditch attempt to wrestle back our country from the brink of destruction. The grassroots effort is truly and historically, record-breaking, amazing in their resolve and sacrifice to save their country.

    For me, I’ll be vigorously supporting Ron Paul getting his message out far & wide for as long as his star burns brightly illuminating the masses to the loss of their Constitutional freedoms and liberties.

    Win or lose, we are winning converts every day that are being inoculated by the Good Doctor for-life to never again settle for anything less.

    When it comes time to take this country back, whether he had won or not, we’ll have thousands more fellow patriots standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us then because of him and this historic campaign having awakened them.

    I hope/pray we can do so in-time, via the ballet box... before it’s gone.

    - Shane

    PS - It’s been personally enlightening for me these past months supporting Ron Paul in this Presidential bid. As one who would normally prefer to associate with people most like myself already, like most of us naturally do, I’ve found myself also rubbing elbows on occasion with fellow RP supporters that I’d consider pretty opposite of what I believe in spiritually and/or embracing lifestyles I don’t condone. There’s some of them, too, that just plain don’t look, act, talk, or live anything like I do.

    This was all a little disconcerting at first, to say the least, and required some introspection and then growth on my part, as I asked myself whether some of these people are whom I really want to be associated, so opposite a few of them appeared to me and my values.

    Except for that one big value that brought us together in the first place and unites us all, that one value that assures all our freedoms to be different from each other, we were all in agreement on preserving the Constitution, and that, for me anyways, eventually trumped any & all of the other usual personal differences.

    My conception of freedom and liberty has since been expanded to enthusiastically include that they, too, of course, have the same right to pursue happiness as they see fit, too. I don’t have to agree with how they use their freedom, and I will argue with some of them about their bad personal life choices if given half a chance, but I do now recognize more today than ever that it is their choice and that that is what we can all work together to preserve and regain, each our own freedom to live as we each see fit with minimal govt interference.

    Anyways, bottom line, really and substantially having America again embrace the Constitution via this campaign might first require many of us expanding and growing internally first our conception of what freedom and liberty for all really means in practice before we can all come together effectively. I know I’ve had to and my appreciation now of our interrelated reliance upon securing each others freedom has transcended any abstract theory of it and I’m better for it!

    Where in years past I’d of been first attracted to the Evangelical leader in the race, all else being equal, now though, after more than a few disappointments, here’s what I consider most important in a President to best secure both my personal religious freedom along with assuring an environment that’s least restrictive for all religious persuasions:

    #1 - In exercising his oath of office duties as President, I want a President that is foremost focused and dedicated to supporting, defending, and upholding the Constitution.

    #2 - If he does #1, then my religious freedom to worship as I see fit without interference will be most assured and protected and prone to flourish, regardless of the Presidents own religious beliefs, or lack thereof.

    #3 - A candidates religious beliefs and practices are of interest to me only to the degree that they might help illuminate or reveal his character and integrity to be, and remain, steadfastly committed to embrace #1 above, if elected.

    Make sense?

    Is America ready to fully embrace again the Constitution?

    We’ll see soon enough and enjoy or suffer the consequences for generations to come!

    If you don’t vote, you don’t count, and your children could suffer greatly for it while you stood by! Shame on you!

    If you do vote, but had failed to become fully informed about the candidates, your vote then is at risk of actually having helped darken their futures, too.

    Make sense?

    - Shane

  • US unprepared for nuclear terrorist threat, report says

    09/03/2006 10:30:56 AM PDT · 28 of 31
    shanec to FairOpinion

    This long standing disarmament supporter is doing a CYA move here with this inititive now calling for civil defense. They and others like them are responsible for much of the derision directed at minimizing civil defense over the last 40 years.

    The problem and the cure were posted at FR a week before their recent media grabbing 'revelations' at "The Good News About Nuclear Destruction" here...

  • Our Fallout-Shelter Future (What if there is no preemptive strike on Iran?)

    08/28/2006 8:52:04 PM PDT · 31 of 36
    shanec to IrishMike
    I found this paragraph especially interesting...

    "This leads us to what may be Rosen’s most striking recommendation. “Duck and cover” is back! In a post-proliferation world, we are going to be raising another generation of children (probably several generations of children) marked by nerve-wracking “retention drills.” And get ready...the fallout shelter is coming back, too. Given the Soviets’ overwhelmingly large nuclear arsenal — capable of turning the entire United States to dust in the event of a major nuclear exchange — fallout shelters came to seem like a joke. But when dealing with a possible strike from a single weapon, or at most a mere handful of weapons, the logic of the fallout shelter is compelling. We’re going to need to be able to evacuate our cities in the event of a direct attack, or to avoid radiation plumes from cities that have already been struck. Tens or hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved by such measures."

    Read my recent article entitled "The Good News About Nuclear Destruction" posted here...

    ...a few days ago to see why.

  • The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

    08/25/2006 9:01:52 AM PDT · 70 of 83
    shanec to All
    A little backgrounder on the guide "What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent!" referred to in the article.

    We'd written that for a future nuclear crisis and resultant mass panicked audience that has not yet arrived. As mentioned in it; "This guide was purposely designed with the sober realization that the overwhelming majority of our fellow Americans would not be compelled to read such a guide until a nuclear crisis was imminent and, unfortunately, their preparation options and time to prepare then would be very limited."

    We wanted something that'd be a simple step-by-step basics that was practical for the masses then that they might still be able to do and acquire locally, and for the media to distribute, when an event happened that had us, and other sources, again sold-out. Like after 9/11 when the Federal Office of Emergency Preparedness dispatched a Lear Jet down here and scooped up our last 300,000 doses of KI or when FEMA bought out our last 13 truckloads of MRE's for Katrina last year.

    The point is, as also mentioned in that guide; "If you are fortunate enough to be exploring your family preparation needs and options before such a future national crisis, there is much more that you can and should do now to insure that they are even better prepared."

    That guide is a starting point and the links in it will further deepen your nuke prep knowledge and expand your family preparation options and odds of survival.

    The original article posted here "The Good News About Nuclear Destruction" will, hopefully, now have many more seriously considering actually doing so, and well before a nuclear crisis unfolds and their options/time then had run out.

    - Shane

  • The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

    08/24/2006 6:08:31 PM PDT · 25 of 83
    shanec to Wiseghy

    The following four drawings show what level of blast damage (at different psi overpressure) and fire ignition from the thermal pulse might be expected for different strength nuclear explosions (both ground and air bursts) at different distances from ground zero. Take note of the damage range distances from GZ - ground zero. (Courtesy of Nuclear Attack Environment Handbook, FEMA - August, 1990)

    Nuclear Blast Distance Effects

    Nuclear Blast Distance Effects

    Nuclear Blast Distance Effects

    Nuclear Blast Distance Effects

    Obviously, the bigger the weapon yield the larger the area of overpressure damage from the blast wave. But, notice that the damage range does not increase in a linear fashion with the more powerful explosions. For instance, comparing the 200 KT air burst with the five times more powerful 1 MT air burst, the range of moderate damage and initial fires increased from only 4.3 miles to 7.3 miles. This is because the reach of blast and fire effects varies as the cube root of the weapon yield ratio and the cube root of 5 is 1.71. So, instead of a five-fold increase or 500% we have only about a 70% increase in this comparison.

    A readily portable terrorist nuclear bomb would likely be only a fraction as powerful as the examples above, but for reference, the Hiroshima nuclear bomb was only a 15KT air burst. (The RA-115 backpack nukes reported missing from Russian stockpiles are one kiloton yield each, and they would most likely be surface exploded.)

  • The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

    08/24/2006 5:48:56 PM PDT · 22 of 83
    shanec to MD_Willington_1976

    Best single nuke prep book, IMO, is "Nuclear War Survival Skills" published originally by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Free on-line copy is here...

  • The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

    08/24/2006 5:21:57 PM PDT · 18 of 83
    shanec to Argus

    Some suggestions on keeping your Livestock, Farm, Crops & Land Safe from Fallout are here...

  • The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

    08/24/2006 4:37:59 PM PDT · 1 of 83
  • Chechen terrorists rumored to possess nuclear weapons provided by disgraced Russian oligarch

    10/19/2005 9:05:18 AM PDT · 14 of 14
    shanec to ASOC
    Many erroneously figure they will see coming the Soviets intention of launching WWIII, before they unleash their nukes on the USA and our allies, when they first commence to evacuate their cities and shift their ample Civil Defense into high gear.

    I see, instead, a scenario where they could orchestrate that evacuation, prior to unleashing WWIII, in plain view of the world to where none would notice at all its true intentions and what was really coming.

    With supposed growing terrorists threats inside Russia, by Chechyan and/or others, the Soviets could have a supposedly terrorists small nuke set off out in their countryside or even sacrifice a small city. As all nations then gasped and explicit news video flashed around the world, this would be accompanied by formal public threats by the supposed terrorists that additional nukes were already pre-positioned within various major Soviet cities and if the terrorists (outrageous) demands were not met by a certain time they would then be unleashed, too.

    Then the Soviets could evacuate all their cities and go on full alert with all the world watching, praying, and offering them their support in their time of 'dire need'.

    Bottom Line; Evaluate carefully any supposed increasing terrorism reported within Russia and especially for any potential excuse the Soviets then present for their internal national emergency need to defensively 'go to ground'. It could just be a deviously orchestrated excuse that hides their 'coming soon to a town near you' true offensive intent.

    - Shane

  • Ashcroft: Nuke Threat (nuclear terrorism) the Largest Danger

    02/17/2005 8:00:39 AM PST · 25 of 26
    shanec to All
    Another quote, this by former secretary of defense William Perry yesterday...

    ...where he said in part...

    "I fear that we're headed toward an unprecedented catastrophe where a nuclear bomb is detonated in an American city," Perry said. "The bomb will not come in a missile at the hands of a hostile nation. It will come in a truck or a freighter at the hands of a terror group."... A truly nightmare scenario would involve a terror group using nuclear weapons acquired clandestinely, he said: "After 9/11 that threat seems all too real."


    BTW, good family prep guide to read, bookmark & pass along is What to Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent!

    - Shane

  • WND 'Why First Responders Won't Respond'

    02/15/2005 2:34:15 PM PST · 39 of 54
    shanec to ExSoldier
    Another big variable involved here in determining the blast damage area is whether the nuke is detonated at ground level or is an air burst. The following is from where it's readily evident that a 500kt ground blast is not as destructive as the much smaller 200kt air burst...

    Nuclear Blast Distance Effects

    Nuclear Blast Distance Effects

    A readily portable terrorist nuclear bomb would likely be only a fraction as powerful as the examples above, but for reference, the Hiroshima nuclear bomb was only a 15KT air burst. (The RA-115 backpack nukes reported missing from Russian stockpiles are one kiloton yield each.)

    As noted above, blast effects drop off quickly with distance. At Hiroshima a brick building survived only 640 feet from ground zero. And less than a mile away a trolley car remained intact and on its tracks.

    For concerns of a future Soviet attack, the current thinking is that with the continuing trend towards more accurate MIRV'ed (multiple, independently targetable, re-entry vehicles) nuclear weapons, they are now mostly smaller than in the past, averaging on the order of 500 KT or less and for submarines only 200 KT. Of course, there are now more warheads per missile (4-10) and they are substantially more accurate than during the height of the cold war. Also, any targeted military installations can expect to receive multiple hits.

    Again, we are exploring here only the initial direct effects of a nuclear explosion, and specifically, the shock wave and blast effect. (Thermal Pulse effects will be covered below.)

    All buildings will suffer light damage from the shock wave at even 1 psi peak overpressure--shattered windows, doors damaged or blown off hinges and interior partitions cracked. The maximum wind velocity would be only about 35 miles per hour. As the overpressure increases, so does the blast wind--exceeding hurricane velocities above about 2 psi.

    So, how much blast or overpressure is too much to survive?

    It, of course, depends on where you are when it comes charging through, but from a 500 KT blast, 2.2 miles away, it'll be arriving about 8 seconds after the detonation flash. (An even larger 1 MT blast, but 5 miles away, would give you about 20 seconds.)

    Like surviving an imminent tornado, utilizing those essential seconds after the initial flash to 'duck & cover' could be the difference between life & death for many. Both the overpressure in the blast shock wave and the blast wind are important causes of casualties and damage.

    ...continued on

    - Shane

  • WND 'Why First Responders Won't Respond'

    02/15/2005 1:23:44 PM PST · 34 of 54
    shanec to All
    My posted comments that followed the WND article got pulled because I had a commercial link in my signature, so here they are again without it...

    I'm the original author and though WND did edit this a tad, the basic theme is intact that the 'first responder' community has been pushed towards overly sensitive radiological instruments. This will someday be seen as a major tragic blunder when it unfolds live atop the emergency response to a future nuclear disaster. These instruments are better suited for interdiction, the discovering of a bomb before it has gone off, as they are totally unsuited for use in Civil Defense after a bomb has detonated and contaminated an area. These instruments pegged out at these low levels make it impossible to then determine whether the local intensity is a little above it's detectable range or 100 or 1,000 times more so. That could be the difference between a local population being safe to stay put for a month or needing to get out within minutes. First responders will be hard pressed then to determine which areas should shelter in-place, or most need evacuation first and even what the safest routes out are. They will be crippled to confidently enter, respond or direct anybody anywhere! This will be the 'big story' of the needless loss of life via the failed emergency response that'll erupt shortly after that day 'none will ever forget'.

    BTW, this free guide is both worthwhile reading and bookmarking for when a future nuclear crisis is brewing... What to Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent!

    - Shane

  • WND 'Why First Responders Won't Respond'

    02/14/2005 3:21:46 PM PST · 19 of 54
    shanec to Modernman
    I live no more than 3 miles from the White House and the Capitol. If someone nukes DC, I figure I have about a 0% chance of surviving, so I'm kind of fatalistic about the whole thing.

    The biggest surprize to the greatest number of people will be that they actually did survive the inital blast. But, they will then need to know what to do next, and quickly, or they risk not surviving for too long. Ideally, they need to have found out well beforehand, figured out their sheltering/evacuation best options and already acquired some minimum preps, mostly stuff they can someday use anyways even if nothing bad ever does get unleashed. Read the guide linked above, and discover how many more families could survive than currently think so.


  • WND 'Why First Responders Won't Respond'

    02/14/2005 2:34:08 PM PST · 14 of 54
    shanec to Modernman
    The damage from a dirty bomb are mostly psychological, unless you happen to be standing next to it when it goes off.

    True, but there are a couple things to know to minimize radiation inhalation exposure downwind.

    There's not much the authorities can do if a nuke goes off in a US city.

    True, but more families could start to become better prepared the sooner they grasp the reality that they've always been on their own. Also, from the guide What to Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent! we state; Government information and guidance is a vital resource in your response to a nuclear crisis, but for many reasons it may be late, incomplete, misleading or simply in error. While evacuation might be prudent for individuals who act quickly in response to a threat, governments will be slow to call for mass evacuations because of their potential for panic and gridlock. As the recent government calls for duct tape and plastic sheeting led to sold-out stores, anxiety, and derision from the press, there will be great reluctance to issue similar alarms. If you want to assure that you have adequate food and supplies for your family you must act BEFORE the panic without first waiting for government instructions that may never come or as urgently as warranted. You alone are ultimately responsible for your family.

    People within the blast zone will die quickly, people within a certain radius will die slowly and people within a certain radius will have their cancer rates go up.

    True, for the ground zero blast zone victims, but there is really 'Good News' awaiting that larger vast majority that will be downwind that will only have to deal with radioactive fallout. See the guide linked above for effective and practical tactics to dispel those widely held and self-defeating nuclear un-survivability myths. They are what will have many families tragically failing to even try for lack of well proven basic knowledge.


  • Boston terror threat probed

    01/19/2005 3:48:01 PM PST · 101 of 308
    shanec to All
    A great practical family response guide, well worth bookmarking for if/when one of these threats starts getting too real, is;

    - Shane

  • Boston receives threat from Dirty Bomb: ABC radio news

    01/19/2005 3:44:21 PM PST · 601 of 875
    shanec to brooklin
    "A so called "dirty bomb" has nothing to do with a nuclear explosion."

    A distinction too few understand, brooklyn.

    A great practical response guide, well worth bookmarking, is;

    - Shane

  • Venezuela Says It Has Evidence of Plot to Assassinate Leaders

    05/11/2004 7:42:55 PM PDT · 7 of 16
    shanec to livius
    Many tried to rein Robert in, but it's understandably frustrating for some to sit still and bide their time as they know the noose continues to tighten daily.