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  • Donald Trump's Huge Admiration for Globalists

    04/10/2016 1:27:38 PM PDT · 1 of 56
  • Cruz's Exposure of Republican Leaderships Quiet Surrender

    03/24/2016 6:26:07 AM PDT · 1 of 27
    Shery under the DC crowd hates him, and wanted him to bow down and apologize to Mitch McConnell if he wanted their backing. Praise God he didn't!
  • What if it is made public that Obama WAS born in Kenya?

    03/10/2016 6:51:55 AM PST · 70 of 373
    Shery to Drew68

    Truth is, we don’t know where Obama was born. We do know his mom was not of age to confer citizenship, because she was a minor. She got pregnant as a 16 year old and unless she carried him a really LONG time, she was still a minor at his birth. I personally think the reason he is a citizen, and why he doesn’t release the real BC is because of the name of the real father, whom he looks very much like! He was a married man.

  • Trump: "I Hear Rubio is Getting Out"

    03/08/2016 3:46:02 PM PST · 115 of 148
    Shery to G Larry

    Rubio made up the lie that it was Cruz, thinking that after Cruz being (falsely) accused and it being believed that he could make some gains, but it was probably Rubio’s own team.

    Cruz’s Lawyers have already already sent Rubio a cease & desist because he is accusing them falsely. If you all recall, it was a Rubio fan, a journalist that heard the first call by Armstrong Williams that Carson was taking time off and he sent Rubio the tweet before 6>30 that night in Iowa. The CNN tweet went out about 6 minutes till 7. Rubio’s team had the info about Carson about 25 minutes BEFORE any other team knew anything. This is the LIAR!

  • The Manasseh Project

    02/23/2016 6:27:20 PM PST · 5 of 10
    Shery to Nita Nupress

    Follows their faith and is consistent, has asked God’s forgiveness and accepted Christ’s atonement, lives in a manner that others see Christ in that person, or growth towards it, because they see That person being changed b God’s transforming power.

  • The Manasseh Project

    02/23/2016 5:54:10 PM PST · 1 of 10
    In one sermon he gives on youtube he enumerates many of the judgments that God brought against us, citing specific events, etc.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Tea Party Founder: Rush, I Love You, But You’re Dead Wrong About Marco Rubio…

    02/06/2016 3:40:34 PM PST · 60 of 84
    Shery to Fai Mao

    Rubio voted for TPP< not Cruz.

  • Ted Cruz on Immigration in 2011. The Only Video You Need to See…

    02/06/2016 10:41:01 AM PST · 43 of 67
    Shery to Skywise

    He only voted to close the discussion. He did not vote for the bill, as Rubio did. Rubio’s vote was the 60th vote needed. He gave it t them.

  • An Open Letter to Ben Carson

    02/06/2016 6:00:34 AM PST · 1 of 32
  • Greta lets Trump Smear Cruz Directly without Greta Stating that CNN Announced Carson Exit

    02/03/2016 5:59:29 PM PST · 89 of 94
    Shery to mitchell001

    Greta and Palin are best buds. That’s why.

  • Biblical Prophecy Reveals Pope’s True Intentions Concerning the Jews

    01/25/2016 7:21:06 AM PST · 9 of 29
    Shery to PlateOfShrimp

    While there are some good points to the writer’s article, I agree with you. I don’t see where Edom was ever associated with Rome other than the fact that Edom (the area to the east of Israel, that includes Jordan and Saudi Arabia) was also under captivity by all the beast empires. Edom attacked Israel often and relentlessly. Edom was never a world power, but the combined Arab world and other now Muslim countries WILL come against Israel. However, I think that Jordan does allow Israel refuge after antichrist reveals himself in the temple and the Jews flees Jerusalem. Jordan is way more moderate than many of the surrounding Muslim countries.

    Just my take on Biblical prophecy.

  • More to Conservatism Than a Vibe

    01/23/2016 9:01:32 AM PST · 18 of 26
    Shery to Theophilus

    You know, if we REALLY want Trump, God is going to let us have him, even though Scripture explicitly admonishes us to elect godly men and women to be our leaders. But, since judgment is already in store for us because we have legalized the abominations of abortion and same-sex marriage, God will use Trump to judge us, as He has been letting Obama do the same.

    We have a chance/choice to turn back from judgment, or at least to postpone it, but we are settling for a lot of hubris, hot air and “experience”. No one can get near Trump in this campaign without being slandered, and his supporters will not listen to anything about him. I get that, but we are having another 2008 moment here, with a so-called conservative “god” instead of a reasonable debate. We have a few Christians in the line-up this year but no one listens to them anymore. We’ll get what we think we want in a candidate, but he’ll not be who we think he is after the election. Conservatism will be over. We’ll be relegated to the leftist trash bin and they’ll be celebrating that they’ll never have to run against a conservative again...if we have a country left, that is. The warnings are all around, but the siren call to elect another celebrity is very powerful. We are avoiding the clear warnings of Scripture, something we have been getting very good at, but God’s patience just might be running out. If we do nothing to undo the SC rulings that have turned Christian America into a hell-hole, and to make it worse, we force other countries to bend to those same things if they want to receive money from us...just remember...God is not mocked. Remember Israel. God took them into captivity for these same things, then Judah followed afterwards. We need to learn from history. God gave us His Book for the teachings and the warnings.

  • Saturday Morning Conservatoons

    01/23/2016 8:37:30 AM PST · 1 of 9
    Good ones!
  • JRandomFreeper (Johnny) died at 4:33 pm, January 22, 2016.

    01/22/2016 7:44:39 PM PST · 328 of 548
    Shery to Marcella

    Condolences to and prayers for the family.

  • The Leadership Crisis in America

    01/22/2016 12:18:08 PM PST · 1 of 5
  • Brandon Friedman: The deeper damage done by Sarah Palin

    01/22/2016 5:56:34 AM PST · 12 of 30
    Shery to Wolfie

    That is exactly what MANY of the servicemen wrote in to say, some in Trip’s own unit. They had very unkind words for Palin’s excuse for her son and said that Trip did not exhibit those signs when he was in. Some even questioned whether he had ever been diagnosed with PTSD.

  • Robert Reich Makes The case For Ted Cruz

    01/22/2016 5:01:03 AM PST · 53 of 91
    Shery to Gaffer

    Trump’s real reason for turning on Ted, other than he was catching him was this: Ted hurt Mitch McConnell;s feelings in that public rebuke. As a former federal worker, I know that it’s not considered “nice” to say anything about your superiors and they can get real nasty about it. However, I think the founding fathers were rejoicing! They surely would’ve stood to say the exact same thing...many of the...had they been alive.

    There have been so many times that I’ve wanted to suffer the expense of taking a trip to DC, getting entrance to the Congress, when in a dual session, and read them the riot act. We’d be taken out in shackles and arrested for disturbing the “peace”. We’d not even get a chance, honestly and truthfully. The fact that one of our own Tea Party guys stood FOR us, where we could not, risking his career, and possibly his life was such a thrill to watch that I realized then that Cruz deserved our vote. IS he a perfect candidate? Nobody is, but of the 16 who started, way more morally and fiscally a strong leader, and as Scripture admonishes us...we should elect only godly leaders.

    Here is a very good article:

    He cannot be a person who listens to lies, for the Bible says, “If a ruler harken to lies, all his servants are wicked” (Proverbs 29:12). Men and women with fortitude and honesty, guided by what is right, make history.’ from Adrian Rodgers, Leadership Crisis in America)
    And here’s the whole article:

  • Of Course Sarah Palin Is Endorsing Donald Trump: If You're Surprised By This, You Shouldn't

    01/20/2016 10:24:15 AM PST · 82 of 95
    Shery to SeekAndFind

    You could see it coming in 2014, when Palin supported establishment candidates over Tea Party candidates. It was a little shocking then, but I’d have to say that some of her comments over the past couple years has given me a lot of pause. Then this last spring, asked by some reporter, she stated she’d taken up Yoga. This is a totally different world view than Christianity. Right then I felt that she was now totally in decline.

    She has tried a little of everything since 2008, and I felt she was still conservative through 2012. Then she started to come undone personally. It has shown on the “world stage”. She is coming undone and probably doesn’t even understand it.

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 Open Discussion Thread

    01/20/2016 4:26:06 AM PST · 48 of 109
    Shery to Windflier

    Vote Cruz

  • Where have you gone, Sarah Palin? The woman who just endorsed Donald Trump is not the rogue...

    01/19/2016 8:35:30 PM PST · 86 of 284
    Shery to Isara

    Yes, that Sara Palin is gone, for sure, but I sensed it coming when she commented about getting into Yoga. Scripture warns about other religions and God not liking the mixture...different religions, even working together, because what has Light to do with Dark? Yoga changes your mind about things. Now she apparently sees things differently. That is sad. I pray that it has not changed how she sees Christianity, because that would be a disastrous act, to adopt Yoga with Christianity.

    The same could be said of political things, too. God warns us to elect godly men and women as leaders, but those who are double-minded we are to reject. God allows judgment to come upon the people when they are unwise and give ungodly men/women control over their lives. Trump obviously got a little coaching before his speech at Liberty, but before that it was obvious that he did not have a relationship with all of a sudden he does and it has been for years. Just a couple months ago he stated publicly that he did not feel he needed to repent or ask God’s forgiveness for anything. Now, all of a sudden he is more spiritual than anybody he knows. One has to wonder at the big change in Palin. It is distressing to lose a good conservative voice. Hopefully she comes to her senses.

  • Reworking the Constitution to Save the Constitution

    01/19/2016 7:10:05 PM PST · 9 of 21
    Shery to MarvinStinson

    With all the craziness that has been added to it, it needs to be reintroduced to the people. The real document needs to be seen by people who have no idea of its original intent, but only hear the siren calls of politicians to destroy it even more.

  • Conservative Activists Ignore Leader (Eagle Forum), Back Ted Cruz

    01/19/2016 10:17:29 AM PST · 6 of 30
    Shery to JSDude1

    Maybe some of them listened to Eric trump when he stated on a few morning shows that his father really is for amnesty, just a different route than Rubio. Rubio will let them stay, but Trump will send them out, letting them come back in and go to the head of the line.

    Phyllis Schafly said she supported Trump because he was going to tough on illegal immigration and sending them home. She apparently missed him saying the opposite.

  • John McCain Finally Ready To Advance First Openly Gay Army Secretary

    01/19/2016 5:55:57 AM PST · 43 of 46
    Shery to 2ndDivisionVet

    That would make it impossible for anybody who reported sexual harassment to get justice...or even be heard. Obama’s goal is to destroy the military from within by making it weak, causing it to be absorbed in sexual deviancy rather than its real purpose. For McCain to add his weight to this shows that McCain is not a decent man.

  • The Tea-Party Warriors Who Are Now 'Establishment Republicans'

    01/19/2016 5:49:21 AM PST · 19 of 28
    Shery to Cincinatus' Wife

    Let’s put our frustration this way. When they seem to pander to the GOPe it bothers us conservatives. Ryan became very close with Boehner after he and Romney lost the election, almost as if...well, I tried conservatism and it didn’t work, so I’m going to align myself with those in power. I’ve always liked Nikki Haley, but why attack our side after the president’s speech? He HAS fundamentally transformed America to something that would be unrecognizable to our forefathers and even to those of us older Americans. She gives Obama a pass? Incredible! And, Rubio? We were FL residents then and voted for him over Charlie Crist, and probably still would have after knowing his stand on amnesty because of Crist and his democrat stands. However, he kept all this to himself and it sure seems to me that the “Gang of 8” did not change Rubio, but he has always been one of them. The rule of law apparently doesn’t matter to him. He has voted for other nefarious bills that give him less than 80% conservative rating now. Anybody below 80% is not a consistent conservative.

  • Here is how to destroy Trump, seriously this is it..

    01/18/2016 7:40:50 PM PST · 68 of 116
    Shery to bigtoona

    Here’s one for you:

    Marc A. Thiessen @marcthiessen
    November 13, 2015 11:38 am | AEIdeas

    Message to the GOP: Trump supports amnesty

    Foreign and Defense Policy, Immigration, Politics and Public Opinion

    Trump’s supporters loved his promise this week to create a “deportation force” to remove all 11 million illegal immigrants living in America, and his repeated declaration that everyone here illegally will “have to go.”

    But his supporters tend to overlook is his other promise — repeated in Tuesday’s Fox Business debate — that under his immigration plan “they will come back.”

    That’s right. Under Trump’s immigration plan almost all of 11 million illegal aliens (save for a small minority with criminal records) will get to return and get permanent legal status to stay here in America.

    On the Kelly File Thursday, Trump’s son Eric expressed frustration that the media overlooks this:

    The point isn’t just deporting them, it’s deporting them and letting them back in legally. He’s been so clear about that and I know the liberal media wants to misconstrue it, but its deporting them and letting them back legally.

    Eric Trump is right. His father has been crystal clear that he wants all the illegals to return and live in America.

    Listen closely to what Trump is actually proposing. In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash earlier this year, Trump explained his plan this way:

    I would get people out and then have an expedited way of getting them back into the country so they can be legal…. A lot of these people are helping us … and sometimes it’s jobs a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do. I want to move ’em out, and we’re going to move ’em back in and let them be legal.

    This is a policy called “touchback” and it was first proposed in 2007 by moderate Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX). She offered a “touchback” amendment on the Senate floor that would have required illegal immigrants to return to their home countries to apply for a special “Z visa” that would allow them to reenter the United States in an expedited fashion and work here indefinitely.

    Her amendment lost by a relatively close margin, 53-45. It was supported by most Republicans and even got five Democratic votes — Sens. Claire McCaskill, Max Baucus, Jon Tester, Byron Dorgan and John Rockefeller all voted for it.

    The idea was considered so reasonable that in an April 22, 2007 editorial entitled “Progress on Immigration,” the New York Times declared:

    It’s not ideal, but if a touchback provision is manageable and reassures people that illegal immigrants are indeed going to the back of the line, then it will be defensible.

    So what Trump is proposing today — sending illegal immigrants back to their home countries and then allowing the “good ones” to return in an “expedited” fashion — was endorsed by the liberal New York Times!

    In fact, the idea even got the support of — wait for it — illegal immigrants.

    In 2007, the Los Angeles Times did the first telephone poll of illegal immigrants and asked whether they would go home under a “touchback” law that allowed them to return with legal status. Sixty-three percent said yes, 27% said no and 10% were undecided. If they were promised a path to citizenship when they returned, the number who said they would leave and return legally grew to 85%.

    Donald Trump’s detractors were aghast at his invocation during the Fox Business debate of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” which forcibly removed 1.5 million illegal immigrants, and his promise the following day to establish a “deportation force” to remove the 11 million illegal immigrants living in America today.

    Never mind the fact that we already have a “deportation force” – it’s called US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    The fact is, Trump won’t need a “deportation force” or an “Operation Wetback” to get illegal immigrants to go home – because he has promised that they can return quickly with legal status.

    The vast majority of illegal immigrants say they would voluntarily cooperate with Trump’s plan.

    If anything, the “touchback” plan Trump endorses was attacked by conservatives back in 2007. In an editorial, National Review called touchback a “fraud” that gives illegal aliens “their own privileged pathway” ahead of “applicants who have complied with US immigration laws.”

    That is precisely what Trump is proposing. Under his plan, illegal aliens don’t have to go to the end of the line behind those who have complied with our immigration laws. They get an “expedited way of getting them back into the country so they can be legal.” They get to cut the line and then stay in America.

    So if you get past Trump’s bluster, the plan he is proposing is so liberal that it earned the support of the New York Times and the opposition of National Review.

    The reason is simple: Trump’s plan is in fact a form of amnesty — you just have to leave the country briefly to get it.

    So when Trump says of illegal immigrants “they all have to go,” don’t overlook the fact that under his plan almost all would be able to immediately return – and stay.

    This means there is very little difference between his plan and what John Kasich and Jeb Bush are supporting.

    And most of his supporters don’t even realize it.

  • Donal Trump says he will force Apple to build its "computers and things" in the United States

    01/18/2016 6:27:53 PM PST · 54 of 125
    Shery to Tzfat

    Actually, he did say how he’d do it the other day. He said that he’d make the import taxes so high for products to come into the country that they’d give in. Maybe he’d do better to say he’d make the taxes so low they’d want to come back, instead. He wants to punish them for leaving...sounds a lot like Obama.

  • John Roberts Should Be a Quick Confirm.

    01/18/2016 5:07:11 PM PST · 100 of 115
    Shery to true believer forever

    Well, I still give Roberts a B- rating for this reason. Obama has PUBLICLY threatened him, his life, his family, his co-workers if he didn’t give a favorable result to Obama, especially on the Obamacare issues. Otherwise, Roberts voted mostly with the conservatives.

    Maybe you forget the number of people who have died or disappeared since Obama first ran for president. There was a list of them at Nachum’s List for some time...and I think Roberts understood the threat to be real.

    I would like to hear Roberts’ story sometime (when the threat of death is not hanging over his head).

  • The Establishment Sidles Up to Trump?

    01/18/2016 3:09:18 PM PST · 24 of 36
    Shery to dforest

    No, that’s a lie. They HATE Cruz.

  • Trump’s New York Values: Appoint Pro-Partial-Birth Abortion Judges, Like His Sister

    01/18/2016 3:02:58 PM PST · 20 of 50
    Shery to justlittleoleme

    That should be the most important issue in this election. I know that illegals have dominated the talking points almost without interruption until Cruz got close to Trump and then he did what he said he’d have to do...take him out at any cost. So, now the issue is birtherism. What a distraction! Truly nothing else.

    If we elect another moderate or liberal, there is NO saving America, period.

    And Trump’s real position on illegals? Well, I guess we should be able to take his own’s word for it: AMNESTY. Granted he’d do it a little different than Rubio, but it ends up being the same thing. Trump will send them all out, only let the non-criminals back in. Rubio will keep them, but send the criminals out. NO DIFFERENCE! Amnesty is amnesty.

    Trump may bring a few more jobs to the economy, but to what good if we are going to face God’s judgment due to legalizing abortion, same-sex marriage, and who knows what else? They are preparing cases to take away the status of children as minors so that pedophilia will be legal, then beastiality, then every other perversion under the sun. With Kennedy voting mostly with the liberals on the court, they basically have a majority on all the wrong issues. We MUST have a correction in the courts to hold the line, and possibly even turn back some of the recent evil decisions.

    I continue to pray that America elects a godly man this time around, that we are able to stem the tide of corruption, lawlessness and ungodliness. I’m not sure that America will ever truly repent, but maybe having a godly man would buy America some time before her destruction.

  • Did Hillary Avoid Shaking Hands With Bernie After Democrat Debate?

    01/18/2016 12:54:40 PM PST · 34 of 39
    Shery to PJ-Comix

    No worse than Trump refusing to shake hands with Cruz.

  • EXCLUSIVE–Linda Tripp: ‘Bill Had Affairs with Thousands of Women’ [Overdoing it Barf Alert]

    01/18/2016 12:46:45 PM PST · 13 of 42
    Shery to Fhios

    I’m sure she meant over the years. He was our governor when we lived in AR. It was common knowledge there. Not only that, but Little Rock police offered women who got traffic citations a way out of a ticket if they were good looking...a ticket to the governor’s mansion or a nice little hotel room. I know that because it had happened (was offered) to someone we knew.

    Besides, it was Magic Johnson who also claimed to have personally had sex with thousands of women, as well. Bill Clinton had already had a head start. Knowing Clinton and his pride about his ability to get women, he no doubt bragged about it, himself. I don’t find this claim ridiculous. It is the very personality of Clinton. And he’s proud of it, as well.

  • Although I Love Donald Trump, I’ll Be Voting For Ted Cruz

    01/18/2016 10:39:22 AM PST · 41 of 53
    Shery to Starman417

    I am still voting Cruz, and at one time, I thought Trump was my 2nd choice, but his view on amnesty has come undone. There is LITTLE difference between him and Rubio.

    Trump’s View: round them all up, send them all home, let all those without criminal past back in=amnesty

    Rubio’s view: Let them all stay, except the criminals, who we’ll deport.= amnesty

    Trump’s own son stated that his father is FOR amnesty.

    Yes, Trump has been good for this election season, but I don’t trust him on very many probably the most, but the others...not so much. I don’t trust him to choose conservatives for the SC. Not at all. He just stated after the brouhaha about the videos showing PP selling baby parts that he’d not defund PP. He criticized the KY clerk for refusing to certify marriage certificates for same-sex marriage. He has thrown around several VP names that are all liberal republicans, not conservative at all.

    I’d vote for him over Hillary or Bernie, but I’d have to say that his recent conversion to praying, seeking godly help, stating that he is a believer after just recently denying the need for God, etc. What can one believe? As a Christian, I’d say that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. The Bible warns about people like this.

  • Judge Jeanine on Nikki Haley’s Criticism of Trump: ‘Republican Party Is in Real Trouble’

    01/18/2016 6:03:41 AM PST · 20 of 35
    Shery to meyer

    So did I. Now the SC republicans need to seek a real conservative to primary her next time around. So many disappointing so-called conservatives. Power corrupts and they seem to think that once they are in office they are free to do as they please...Joni Earnst, another example. I was listening to the Mark Levin show one night, on my way home from work and he had a sub, a lady from CA that I really love listening to. She said that she was walking up to greet and shake Earnst’s hand and both were smiling until she introduced herself as Mark Levin’s “sit-in”. Earnst’s smile disappeared and she barely touched her hand and quickly moved on.

    I still think that we need to take all the conservatives and move to our own party. It’s getting to be that you cannot tell about them until they get into office. Take Rubio, for instance. We were FL residents who were working overseas. We did not know his past experience in the FL legislature as the majority senate leader. But we did not like Crist, so we supported him, sent him donations. Same thing. He turns out to be a RINO. He votes conservative just long enough to get an 80% rating, which is the landmark for most people, then he turns and the real Marco Rubio comes out. He supported amnesty in the FL senate, but we were not aware of that.

    Several others have been quite disappointing, like Flake of AZ. Cotton from AR has been generally very good. It is hard to know for sure until they have been elected, but it is good when they have a past to examine. Wish we’d examined Rubio’s before we supported him! Not that we’d have voted for Crist, but at least we’d have known up front.

    We live in GA, now that we have moved “home”. We’re not from GA at all. While it is considered a “conservative” state, it is moderately so. We have no real strong conservatives. We should have looked at that more before moving here. Oh well. It is hit and miss on votes here, but I do have to say, that almost always, when I write our US Rep and the 2 Senators, requesting they vote for or against something, they seem to listen, so they are at least tuned into our voices at times. I write a lot of letters to them and I also try to remember to thank them when they support our concerns.

  • 2016 01 17 John Haller's Prophecy Update "The Destroyers" (video)

    01/17/2016 5:52:55 PM PST · 4 of 4
    Shery to Lera

    Very good. Very interesting and up-to-date.

  • Trump Floats Scott Brown as Potential VP

    01/16/2016 12:24:38 PM PST · 50 of 140
    Shery to Rational Thought

    Not really. He said that Cruz MUST very his eligibility because he would not choose him unless he did.

  • The Founders Would Vote to Impeach Barack Obama

    01/16/2016 12:21:06 PM PST · 36 of 42
    Shery to Kaslin

    and yet, we the people seem to have no standing on the issue.

  • The Founders Would Vote to Impeach Barack Obama

    01/16/2016 12:11:34 PM PST · 35 of 42
    Shery to Kaslin

    Maybe they couldn’t perceive a Congress that would give up its powers without a fight. One party makes secret promise to never call for a recount if fraud was prevalent in an election, they promise to do the people’s bidding only to cave tot he president, although I’d say that it doesn’t look to me like they are caving...that would infer there had been some sort of fight first. There never is one. What other secret deals have the republicans made with the democrats?

  • New Birther Controversy: A Festivus For The Rest of Us

    01/16/2016 9:48:18 AM PST · 8 of 8
    Shery to alloysteel

    Wonder why Grayson didn’t go after Obama’s BC issue. After all, Obama wrote a book, stating he was born on Kenya, his mother was 16, when she got pregnant, so she was 17 when she delivered, not 18. She was NOT of age to confer citizenship. Grayson is going after Cruz because he fears his conservatism. We should all be signing a petition for the judge to drop the suit. Obama is actually not a valid citizen, having become a citizen of Indonesia and holding that passport. He came to Occidental as a foreign student. If the rules don’t apply to Obama then the Constitution has already been breached.

  • New Birther Controversy: A Festivus For The Rest of Us

    01/16/2016 9:47:57 AM PST · 7 of 8
    Shery to alloysteel

    Wonder why F Grayson didn’t go after Obama’s BC issue. After all, Obama wrote a book, stating he was born on Kenya, his mother was 16, when she got pregnant, so she was 17 when she delivered, not 18. She was NOT of age to confer citizenship. Grayson is going after Cruz because he fears his conservatism. We should all be signing a petition for the judge to drop the suit. Obama is actually not a valid citizen, having become a citizen of Indonesia and holding that passport. He came to Occidental as a foreign student. If the rules don’t apply to Obama then the Constitution has already been breached.

  • Lay off New York, Ted Cruz

    01/15/2016 6:06:37 PM PST · 77 of 112
    Shery to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain

    I lived in NYC for 6 years. It is not conservative, nor is upstate NY. However Trump’s answer really was off the mark in this way. When do Americans NOT jump in and help one another? After tornadoes, earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes, you name it. Does it make them conservative? NO! Of course not. It means we are all human...well most of us...and we do not have hearts of stone. It has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism, but humanity, taking care of one another. So, Cruz did not jump the shark there. Trump only proved that NY-ers are like the rest of the country, who jump in and do what needs to be done after a disaster. It has nothing to do with being conservative and Cuomo’s remarks pretty well prove Cruz’s observations.

  • Mark Levin DID go Beck

    01/15/2016 6:01:07 PM PST · 10 of 68
    Shery to ShivaFan

    I lived in NYC for 6 years. It is not conservative, nor is upstate NY. However Trump’s answer really was off the mark in this way. When do Americans NOT jump in and help one another? After tornadoes, earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes, you name it. Does it make them conservative? NO! Of course not. It means we are all human...well most of us...and we do not have hearts of stone. It has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism, but humanity, taking care of one another. So, Cruz did not jump the shark there. Trump only proved that NY-ers are like the rest of the country, who jump in and do what needs to be done after a disaster.

  • Michelle Malkin: ‘My Base Is Fed Up with Fox Murdoch ‘Treacherous Bedfellow’

    01/15/2016 2:19:57 PM PST · 42 of 65
    Shery to Hojczyk

    From someone who has not had a TV for over 35 years, what is OAN? Is it on the internet at all? I don’t want to buy a cable for one station, which might not even show up. I live in a very isolated area...internet takes forever to stream, sometimes things time out before completing.

    I’d like to see Breitbart become a full station, but then, it seems like even the goods ones start leaning left as soon as they start selling stocks for it. The stockholders want their voices to be heard. Unfortunately, the left seems to have the most money.

  • New York Daily News blasts Ted Cruz over N.Y.C. ‘values’

    01/15/2016 12:37:48 PM PST · 87 of 100
    Shery to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain

    Cruz was right. I lived in NYC for 6 years. It is NOT conservative, and Trump’s answer really spoke to the fact that Americans always respond to crises and work together. After flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. They always work together, both democrats and republicans, as neighbors. That has nothing to do with conservatism, but that fact that we don’t have stone hearts.

    But, NYC is NOT conservative. PERIOD. It wasn’t when I lived there between 1966-1972, or since. In fact, NY state made abortion legal 2 years BEFORE the SC decision in January 1973. One of the reasons I left NY as a nurse was because they did not want to honor conscience clauses....they “would if they could” was the answer, but if one was ordered to participate in an abortion, you had two choices, quit or do it. Before NY legalized abortion there was a robust weekend abortion industry known as the D&Cs, where all a woman needed to do was to say hat she’d started bleeding and was losing the baby, would they please complete the procedure. These D&Cs were not sent to any pathology labs because of it being the weekend.

  • Walmart Continues Sharpened Focus on Portfolio Management (Store Closing List)

    01/15/2016 11:58:45 AM PST · 31 of 34
    Shery to Stalwart

    One has to wonder if The Won isn’t rejoicing. I’m fully aware of the Walmart clientele situation and the abuse of welfare recipients in using their EBT cards in Walmart stores...been behind them and have seen it so much that I’ve almost become immune, but the MAJORITY of Walmart employees BY FAR are blacks. This will hurt that community more than any other segment of the population.

    Nice going, Mr. president.

  • this is why the joint chiefs showed utter contempt for obama at sotu address

    01/14/2016 6:02:46 PM PST · 18 of 35
    Shery to Roman_War_Criminal

    I remember writing a comment on several sites, to include FR that Obama was mimicking Erdogan in the way he was decimating the military...bringing false accusations against MANY top men, many of them losing not only their jobs, but also their retirements, etc.

    Erdogan in Turkey started putting generals and colonels in prison, fired many, accusing them of insurrection, and all kinds of other made up stuff. As soon as Obama took office, the same exact thing started happening to our military. Take out anybody who can think for themselves and don’t feel a need to kiss your you-know-what. Put lackeys in those positions, and if they act up, you purge them. This has been going on. I saw the list of officers who’d been purged by Obama a couple years ago. It was mind-boggling.

    When he leaves office (which my husband doesn’t think he will), the military will be at risk, we’ll be in a financial crisis, and basically sitting ducks for any foreign power to attack successfully.

    This man should be impeached. I only wish there was a way that the citizenry had the power stop take action to impeach him ourselves.

  • Left Wing Pulitzer Prize Winner Exposes Obama as a Traitor, but is Afraid to Use that Word

    01/14/2016 10:49:30 AM PST · 1 of 19
    Lots more at the site.
  • Update: Cruz Did In Fact Disclose the Goldman Sachs Loan

    01/14/2016 9:29:08 AM PST · 89 of 162
    Shery to conservativejoy

    I still find it difficult to believe that true conservatives read and believe everything they see on the NYT, or any other lefty rag. You know they will never retract the story and if there is ANY apology at all, it will be on page 13 in fine print as the bottom of another disclaimer.

    Part of the problem EVERY Damn election cycle is the outright lies perpetrated by the media. It gets major coverage and WAY TOO MANY people, to include those who should be shrugging it off, believe the opening story hook, line, and sinker. For crying out loud...PLEASE stop this nonsense! Why even waste money on these lies? You know very well that every lie has some effect, even a small amount can change your impression. They do this for that VERY REASON!

    This is why I have no TV, and have not had one for over 35 years. This is why I do not subscribe to newspapers. It is all propaganda. It is all crap.

  • The Absolutely Stupidest Thing Ever Said By A Conservative Pundit

    01/14/2016 9:19:40 AM PST · 81 of 225
    Shery to Vision Thing

    Maybe you forget the daily diatribe from Coulter on ignoring Obama’s birth info (from 2008-now) because in her humble opinion he was a bonafide citizen, even though his mom was under age, and his father a UK citizen. Meanwhile, all we get from Obama for proof is a fraudulent BC, a fraudulent SS#, he did not properly register for the draft (Selective Service), among a mountain of other things. We are supposed to believe her on her excellent IQ. Well, as we’ve seen from many an Ivy League grad, that IQ and or intelligence doesn’t equate to common sense. At one time Coulter had both IQ and common sense with a wicked wit, but her fame has caused her pride to take her to heights she cannot sustain. She is “full of it” now.

  • TRUMP MOVES TO THE CENTER: I Support Amnesty

    01/14/2016 9:08:57 AM PST · 36 of 95
    Shery to Theo

    the elephant in the room is how is he going to get them all to leave? If you think they are going to voluntarily leave unless given super great incentives, like going to the front of the line, paying no fees. I doubt that he will get more than a couple million out of the country.

  • Attkisson: ‘Overwhelming Body of Evidence’ Benghazi Rescue Teams Turned Back

    01/13/2016 8:51:39 PM PST · 29 of 45
    Shery to Hojczyk

    We’ve had evidence for years now, but the media will not cover it, the DOJ will not prosecute, the Congress will not even consider impeachment. We are at a standstill unless the next president decides to take action and bring criminal charges against the both of them (Obama & Hillary).