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  • CNN: Ryan's Job 'May Be Under Threat' From Pro-Trump Rebellion in House

    10/14/2016 7:06:32 AM PDT · 111 of 111
    Sideshow Bob to ridesthemiles
    There is no wall around Ryan's house. There is a fence. He doesn't live in a secluded isolated area or in a high rise condo with private security. He lives in a neighborhood in the middle of a city. He has young kids and a dog and wants to maintain some sense of privacy for his wife and kids.

    Do you have a fence to keep your horses? Is your land posted?

    If you were a public figure, would you want your political opponents filming your home and your children? What about creepy stalkers? The media?

    Beyond that, Ryan is 2nd in line for the presidency. I am quite certain that his government security detail has advised Ryan to build even more security than actually exists.

    What's next? Are you going to complain that Ryan's private home has drapery and blinds, but he doesn't want to install them on the US-Mexico border?

    Stop whining about Ryan's yard fence. And for the love of God, stop the infantile revenge fantasies against those you fantasize to be Trump's enemies!

    Focus your efforts on putting Trump in the White House. Go out and knock on doors. Make phone calls.

  • CNN: Ryan's Job 'May Be Under Threat' From Pro-Trump Rebellion in House

    10/13/2016 7:14:19 AM PDT · 105 of 111
    Sideshow Bob to ought-six
    Not if he (Ryan) loses his seat. If Republicans in his district leave that race blank, the Dim wins by default.

    Please stop with these Trump revenge on Ryan fantasies.

    Here are the facts:

    In Wisconsin's April Presidential Primary Trump received less than 20% of the vote in Ryan 1st congressional district.

    In August a Trump surrogate candidate - after a 6 month anti-Ryan Breitbart barrage by Steve Bannon - lost the 1st congressional district GOP primary to Ryan 84% to 15%.

    This is just the latest Bannon-led quixotic jihad against Ryan.

    In polling released yesterday by the Marquette University Law School poll - the most reliable pollster in Wisconsin - Trump actually took a 1 point lead (his first lead in Wisconsin) before Friday's video release. On Saturday after the video, Trump dropped SEVENTEEN points in Marquette polling. Trump has recovered somewhat and now trails by 7 points.

    Those drops didn't come from ardent Trump backers. Do you honestly think Trump will reclaim 8 points in Wisconsin by attacking Ryan?

    I would much rather see Trump & Bannon spend 100% of their time trying to win the White House and ZERO time trying to topple windmills.

    Still want to live in Trump Revenge Fantasyland?

  • RUMBLINGS: Top Paul Ryan Advisor Leaked Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo

    10/11/2016 12:28:17 PM PDT · 216 of 225
    Sideshow Bob to MountainWalker
    I hate Ryan like anyone else but this strategy doesn’t add up to me, even for a terrible strategist like Ryan. If R’s had access to it they would have dumped it during the primaries or right before the convention.

    Hold on there, why apply any critical thinking when irrational invective is so much easier and enjoyable.

  • Twitter: TRUMP - Our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan...

    10/11/2016 7:58:22 AM PDT · 18 of 28
    Sideshow Bob to Georgia Girl 2
    Kinda like how Nehlen was going to knock off Ryan in the primary?

    Look, Trump is not well-liked in Wisconsin. Ryan is loved - not just liked - in Wisconsin.

    Right or wrong, Wisconsin voters have always viewed Trump as an odious, loud, boorish, slimy snake-oil salesman from New York City offensive to Wisconsin's honest, Midwestern sensibilities. Ryan is viewed as a virtuous, hard-working local boy who has over-achieved to reach a position of honor.

    Ryan will win his race with nearly 60% of the vote in the general. Trump will likely lose Wisconsin 49-42.

    Trump had been building momentum and it was hoped that a unifying rally with Ryan & Gov. Scott Walker last Saturday would push Trump into the lead. But Friday's planned leak harmed Trump in Wisconsin far more significantly than anywhere else in the country. It turned the anticipated Saturday positive local news stories into multiple negative local news stories with all of the local TV news reporters filming live reports direct from the rally Trump wasn't at every 20 minutes.

    And Trump's strong debate performance on Sunday was not seen in Wisconsin. The Packers were on Sunday Night Football. So, there will be no Trump debate bounce back here.

    I will vote for Trump. And I do hope he wins in the general, but please don't delude yourself with fantasies of Trump crushing all of his conservative and GOPe foes. Not gonna happen.

  • Ryan is an IDIOT!

    10/10/2016 11:53:06 AM PDT · 82 of 118
    Sideshow Bob to SamAdams76

    Nehlen was NOT a decent guy. He was a ScamPAC plant who was used to generate money from naive out of state Trump email lists. 90% of the funds Nehlen generated ended up in the pockets of his campaign manager and the cardboard cutout consultants located in the same DC based office.

  • Shock poll: A third of NFL TV viewers boycotting games because of Colin Kaepernick-led protests

    10/06/2016 12:20:15 PM PDT · 76 of 87
    Sideshow Bob to scooby321
    I have my doubts about the faith of Ray "Accomplice to Murder" Lewis. But he was a lousy analyst and unwatchable.

    I did enjoy Cris Carter's work.

  • Cruz Courageous Right Move

    09/26/2016 10:03:59 AM PDT · 48 of 50
    Sideshow Bob to norwaypinesavage
    Y’all ain’t from Texas, are ya?

    or Wisconsin

  • Faux Tea Party Groups Enrich Vendors, Waste Donor Dollars

    08/31/2016 8:15:17 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    Sideshow Bob to gspurlock
    So glad I send all of my donations directly to the Candidates’ websites. It’s more work to be familiar with the candidates, but at least you really are helping the right people.

    Not necessarily. Any contributions made directly to Speaker Ryan's primary opponent Paul Nehlen still largely ended up in the pockets of Dan Backer - who served as Nehlen's campaign manager/treasurer - and the insider vendor groups to whom Backer directed Nehlen campaign funds (including vendors owned or controlled by Dan Backer).

    As the article points out, Backer also managed 36 other candidates. There is a good chance that FReeper dollars have helped to make Backer's monthly luxury car payments.

  • Faux Tea Party Groups Enrich Vendors, Waste Donor Dollars

    08/31/2016 7:26:57 AM PDT · 1 of 14
    Sideshow Bob
    Sadly, too many FReepers have been fleeced by Dan Backer and these scamPACs.
  • How Ryan Lochte turned a drunken, frat-boy night into an international mess

    08/18/2016 1:47:35 PM PDT · 41 of 54
    Sideshow Bob to donna
    I just knew girls were involved.

    Geez, aren't you glad to hear that girls - and not boys, trannies, vinyl sex toys or farm animals - are involved?

  • LIVE THREAD: Ryan vs Nehlen Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Primary 8/09/2016

    08/10/2016 8:27:47 PM PDT · 403 of 430
    Sideshow Bob to bushwon
    After giving us Obama, no Illinois resident should ever be allowed to talk smack about GOP politics -- EVER!

    btw, FIBber - what specifically have you done to help end the career of your true GOPe Senator Mark Kirk?

  • LIVE THREAD: Ryan vs Nehlen Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Primary 8/09/2016

    08/10/2016 8:27:47 PM PDT · 402 of 430
    Sideshow Bob to bushwon
    So talk radio, with help from the Milwaukee newspapers put out some negative pieces on Nehlen and sequestered positive stories about him.

    Let's look at your statement again and how galactically stupid it is. The Journal Sentinel doesn't even acknowledge that the Milwaukee conservative talk radio shows exist. One would never help the other. Period.

    As for positive Nehlen stories - what would those be?

    His two drunk driving convictions in North Carolina?

    His phony status as a small business owner?

    His decision to never renew the registration of his phony business?

    His non-existent record as a former Ryan "supporter"?

    His inconsistent voting record?

    His attempt to blame the state GOP for getting kicked out by Trump staffers for not having a ticket to the Green Bay rally last week?

    How much campaign money he and his manager scammed from unwitting conservative dupes across the country?

    His operation of his dump truck gimmick without a proper operator's license?

    His creepy press conferences on the sidewalk in front of Ryan's campaign office?

    His creepy press conferences on the sidewalk in front of Ryan's private residence?

    His creepy reference to Ryan's young children in Nehlen campaigning?

    His attempt to leave fraudulent call back numbers so that he could blame talk radio for blackballing him?

    His multiple voting law violations on primary day?

    Funny, Ann Coulter & Breitbart never talked about any of those things.

  • LIVE THREAD: Ryan vs Nehlen Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Primary 8/09/2016

    08/10/2016 8:27:47 PM PDT · 401 of 430
    Sideshow Bob to bushwon
    Sad...Pretty snarky of them. Who knows? He may run again.

    And I would be willing to wager that Nehlen leaves Wisconsin within the next 6 months.

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/10/2016 8:27:47 PM PDT · 257 of 277
    Sideshow Bob to sailor76
    If it wasn't for Illinois tourist dollars, you'd still be living in wigwams. novelty fashion industry. I know, that's all you've got.

    Plus milk, cheese, tractors, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and - of course - BEER.

    Actually, your state -Florida, I believe - would still be a backwater swamp without air conditioning and tourist dollars. I love Florida, but using your logic that would be the case.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • LIVE THREAD: Ryan vs Nehlen Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Primary 8/09/2016

    08/10/2016 2:23:24 PM PDT · 393 of 430
    Sideshow Bob to bushwon
    So talk radio, with help from the Milwaukee newspapers put out some negative pieces on Nehlen and sequestered positive stories about him.

    Umm, which Milwaukee newspapers (plural) would those be?

    There is only one paper and it's a liberal piece of crap which would have loved to use any Nehlen info to attack Ryan.

    Get over it. Nehlen was a fraudulent and craptacular candidate. Nehlen deserved the thumping he received.

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/10/2016 1:59:05 PM PDT · 249 of 277
    Sideshow Bob to sailor76
    Wisconsin - where the pejorative insult of "Cheesehead" is reversed into a positive identifier for residents of the entire state and into a multi-million dollar headgear and novelty fashion industry.

    Hey, is it true that Bears fans have stopped gambling on the outcome of Bears' games and instead bet on which game week Jay Cutler develops his annual vaginitis malady?

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/10/2016 12:39:54 PM PDT · 247 of 277
    Sideshow Bob to sailor76
    Now for an important message to WI from Mike Ditka:

    Now for an important rebuttal to Mr. Ditka from the Happy Schnapps Combo.

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/10/2016 10:38:56 AM PDT · 242 of 277
    Sideshow Bob to sailor76
    After giving us 8 years of Obama, no Illinois resident should ever be allowed to talk smack about GOP politics-- EVER!

    Stupid FIB.

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/10/2016 7:46:01 AM PDT · 221 of 277
    Sideshow Bob to lodi90
    If you want to stop Paul Ryan’s anti-American agenda the proper action now is to vote for his Democrat opponent.

    Well then, please follow Paul Nehlen's example and move to Wisconsin. We'll kick your ass, too!

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/10/2016 7:46:01 AM PDT · 220 of 277
    Sideshow Bob to central_va
    Hmm, the difference is I cannot vote for SOTHOR. In this case Ryan is chained to the people WI-01 which is very liberal district. His first priority is to be re-elected. So all of us are being held hostage to a SOTH that is in turn held accountable by liberals. See the difference?

    The difference is: You are sadly mistaken.

    WI-01 is NOT a liberal district. Thanks to state GOP redistricting in 2000 and 2010, WI-01 has moved from being a swing district when Ryan was first elected in 1998 to leaning Republican to solidly Republican.

    Out-of-state FReepers simply need to stop posting erroneous information they think they "know" about Wisconsin. You are all laughably ignorant.

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/10/2016 7:46:01 AM PDT · 219 of 277
    Sideshow Bob to ObamahatesPACoal
    Wisconsin is like the mecca of cuckservatism. Scott Walker has pretty average record. He “stood up” to snowflakes & moron Democrat candidates.

    Wow, that has to be one of the most moronic posts I have ever seen on FR!

    For the record, Walker stood up to the ENTIRETY of the union movement. Hundreds of millions of union dollars from DC were spent in the Capitol demonstrations & sit-ins in Madison, the flight of Democrat legislators out of state to prevent the Legislature from meeting, the recall petitions, the recall elections and the enforcement of Wisconsin Act 10. Walker broke the Teachers Union figuratively AND financially.

    Your Kleagle perjorative is also noteworthy. Nice.

  • LIVE THREAD: Ryan vs Nehlen Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Primary 8/09/2016

    08/09/2016 7:23:42 PM PDT · 338 of 430
    Sideshow Bob to lodi90
    Why would Ryan go to Trump's rally? Trump had just sent a "shout out" to Ryan's primary opponent and then delivered a "witty" insult that he (Trump) wasn't "there" yet in endorsing the sitting Speaker of the House.

    Ryan wasn't going to show up at the rally to give Trump another chance to go off script to insult him again.

  • LIVE THREAD: Ryan vs Nehlen Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Primary 8/09/2016

    08/09/2016 7:23:41 PM PDT · 337 of 430
    Sideshow Bob to bushwon
    Nehlen is not a small business owner. His "business" exists on paper only. It has no products or services available to the public. He has never made a sale, hired an employee, etc. He has never filed any tax statements or maintained the required paperwork necessary to keep his "business" legally active. In short, he's a fraud.

    So glad Nehlen was destroyed tonight!!!

  • Light-Hearted Wisconsin Dairy Fun Facts to Read While We Wait For Wisconsin Polls to Close

    08/09/2016 5:50:27 PM PDT · 24 of 37
    Sideshow Bob to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    New Glarus Brewing is owned by an uber liberal. NEVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!

  • An Election Eve Message To Wisconsin Voters

    08/09/2016 10:06:46 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    Sideshow Bob to itsahoot

    Nope, just you.

  • An Election Eve Message To Wisconsin Voters

    08/08/2016 12:15:27 PM PDT · 16 of 20
    Sideshow Bob to itsahoot
    If you really want to get rid of Ryan not voting is not enough besides voting for the dim gives your vote twice the weight. Trading a corrupt Speaker for a powerless junior democrat is an improvement.

    But I'm from Wisconsin and I don't want to get rid of Ryan. Please explain how trading a guy who votes, writes or pushes legislation supportive to me 90% of the time (and is endorsed by Trump) for a Democrat who is supportive of me 0% of the time makes any sense whatsoever?

  • An Election Eve Message To Wisconsin Voters

    08/08/2016 9:43:04 AM PDT · 12 of 20
    Sideshow Bob to itsahoot

    Really? Vote for the Democrat?

  • NRO (National Review) Is Moving to Facebook Comments

    08/04/2016 3:01:34 PM PDT · 43 of 55
    Sideshow Bob to AU72
    on NRO today the anti-Trump articles beat the anti-Hillary ones 5 to 1.

    And on FR today, the anti-Ryan comments beat the anti-Hillary ones 326,273 to 1.

  • Paul Manafort Acknowledges 'Conflict' Within the Trump Campaign Over Paul Ryan Endorsement

    08/04/2016 2:26:16 PM PDT · 62 of 63
    Sideshow Bob to Jane Long
    Like another poster said, upthread....I’d vote for a ham sammich, over Lyin Ryan.

    But like all other Trumpers on the thread, you can't vote for the ham sammich because you are not from the district or even from Wisconsin.

    I understand your frustrations with Ryan and even agree to some extent with some of them. But Ryan's opponent is a cutout. He may even be a Democrat. You cannot expect Wisconsin voters to dump Ryan - and all of the influence his position creates positively for our State - because Ryan is a Biderberger or Stonecutter or hates puppies or whatever you Trumpers say he is.

    Go ahead. Send Nehlen another check. In fact, I think all of the Trumpers on FR should max out and each send Nehlen $10,000.

    It won't change the results of next week's primary, but it will keep the poor, destitute DC lobbyists running Nehlen's campaign from missing any 3-martini lunches for the next few months. After all, they are people, too. Those Lexus car payments just won't happen by themselves.

  • Paul Manafort Acknowledges 'Conflict' Within the Trump Campaign Over Paul Ryan Endorsement

    08/04/2016 9:27:27 AM PDT · 47 of 63
    Sideshow Bob to lewislynn
    Nehlen didn’t do himself any favors on Fox and Friends this a.m. They asked him to introduce himself...He's not running for President. He's running for a seat in Congress from some podunk rinky-dink district in Wis. The people in his district probably already know who he is.

    Actually, the voters in Wisconsin do not know him. Nehlen and his DC based lobbyist handlers have gone to great lengths to hide and distort who Paul Nehlen is.

    Nehlen has advertised himself as a local small business owner and former supporter of Paul Ryan. He is none of those things.

    Nehlen did register a business identity several years ago in the state of Delaware, but has never filed the required annual paperwork in Delaware to maintain that identity. His "business" has never filed any income taxes in Delaware or Wisconsin or any other state. His business address is listed as Nehlen's home address in Wisconsin. His business' website provides NO contact info - no phone number, no email address, no Twitter, nothing.

    When pressed by local media about his campaign's claims of business ownership, operation, lack of continued registration, tax filings, etc., Nehlen's campaign spokesman grudgingly acknowledged that Nehlen's company had never actually conducted any business per se. Nehlen's "business" had merely provided some pro bono advice and consultation to some personal friends whom the campaign spokesman refused to identify.

    Nehlen's alleged past support for Ryan is equally sketchy. Nehlen is a recent 2014 transplant to Wisconsin. There is no record of Nehlen making any contribution to Ryan or any other state or federal candidate from Wisconsin. Similarly, no local GOP or TEA party has ever heard of Nehlen. Nehlen has NEVER attended a local event for either group.

    Nehlen's campaign manager is a DC-area lobbyist who has previously designed long shot campaigns against longtime GOP politicians with no actual strategy for winning. Instead, these scamPAC campaigns are designed to generate PAC contributions from unknowing out-of-state contributors. These campaigns advertise in national conservative publications identifying their opponent as being a globalist, corporatist, free trader, Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, unicorn hunter, etc. The PAC dollars then roll in from unwitting dupes from across the country. The campaign manager then pays himself a hefty salary and also pays his consulting company huge service fees. Very little money is actually spent on the campaign locally.

    According to the latest FEC report, 98% of Nehlen's campaign contributions are from out of state contributors. Very little has been spent locally.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    If you gave money to Nehlen, you have probably been scammed.

    Further, local polling indicates Ryan will win the primary next week by +35 or 40%.

  • #NeverTrump Kansas GOP Lawmaker Loses Primary to Pro-Trump Challenger

    08/02/2016 10:40:40 PM PDT · 306 of 483
    Sideshow Bob to Just mythoughts
    Guess what lying Ryan is far more despised nation wide than a few social justice tax and spenders in your progressive state of WI!

    Guess what? You don't have a vote in the primary next week.

    btw, your ignorance on the current political nature of Wisconsin is very telling. The cities of Milwaukee and Madison are highly liberal. The west coast and Northwoods are moderate, but the highly populated eastern half of the state (minus the Milwaukee/Madison) is extremely conservative.

  • #NeverTrump Kansas GOP Lawmaker Loses Primary to Pro-Trump Challenger

    08/02/2016 10:12:07 PM PDT · 256 of 483
    Sideshow Bob to fortheDeclaration
    Ryan's district went Trump in the primary, so it is possible.


    Trump was trounced in Ryan's district. Trump did win in Ryan's county, but the majority of Rock County is in the far-left 2nd Congressional District.

    Nehlen is a scamPAC candidate. According to the latest FEC reports, 98% of his campaign donations are from out-of-state contributors. Nehlen's campaign is designed to fleece out-of-state Trump backers. 90% of Nehlen's campaign dollars will end up in the pockets of Nehlen's Virginia-based campaign manager as salary and/or service fees to "outside" consultants.

    Trump is despised in Wisconsin. Ryan will win +35%.

  • Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words

    08/02/2016 12:27:09 PM PDT · 42 of 45
    Sideshow Bob to aspasia
    So you are a Russ Feingold supporter, then.

    Russ Feingold as in McCain-Feingold. As in Russ Feingold, the only Senator to vote against the Patriot Act. As in, the only Senator to the left of Bernie Sanders.

  • Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words

    08/02/2016 12:24:01 PM PDT · 41 of 45
    Sideshow Bob to lodi90
    Nehlen is a “scam”?

    Yes. The Nehlen campaign is a scam. His campaign manager is based in Virginia and has previously managed longshot campaigns against entrenched incumbents.

    It's called a scamPAC and the scam works like this: First, the Virginia consultant seeks and signs with a local unknown candidate. Next, the campaign manager designs a campaign to advertise and fundraise on national conservative outlets accusing a local entrenched incumbent of being NWO, corporatist, globalist, pro-NAFTA, pro-immigrant, etc. The campaigns generally make very little effort to gain support locally.

    Add in a few "Cantorize" comments on a few conservative news discussion websites and -- VOILA!! The money rolls into Nehlen's campaign from out-of-staters who have no real clue. They only know that they HATE the guy who is currently in office.

    The campaign manager pays himself a hefty salary from the national fundraising. The scammer also owns a consulting company which the campaign - funded by a national donor base who are otherwise unconnected to the candidate or district - then pays high service fees.

    The candidate may or may not be in on the scam. It doesn't matter. He's not supposed to win, but as long as he doesn't have to self-finance, he loses nothing.

    If you gave money to Paul Nehlen, you've been scamPACked.

  • Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words

    08/02/2016 11:59:52 AM PDT · 39 of 45
    Sideshow Bob to exit82
    Well, hope you enjoy Hillary as your President in WI.


    And we'll be sure to thank all of the out-of-state Trumpers daily for it.

    Seriously, I want Trump to win in November. I really do. I actually was very glad that Trump came out of convention as well as he did. I actually sensed a potential for some Trump campaign momentum - even in Wisconsin.

    Do you realize that Trump is so disliked in Wisconsin that Pence's campaign visit to Wisconsin last week was referenced in public service announcements and official invites from state GOP officials without actually referencing Donald Trump's name?

    Yet Trump could still win in Wisconsin - that's the weird thing. Trump could win in Wisconsin if he would only stop insulting Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and their supporters.

    Trump used to attack Reince Priebus, too. But Reince has no spine (never has in the 20+ years I've known him) and is now permanently glued to Donald's arse - so Donald has stopped trying to bully him.

    Trump doesn't need to praise Wisconsin or Ryan or Walker - he just needs to be silent on Ryan or Walker or at least stop giving Wisconsin the finger. If Trump learns anything this year, you should never taunt an angry Badger.

    Pence gets it. His visit last week was fantastic and started to mend fences here. And it seemed to move Wisconsin voters in local polling (which I am privy to).

    But the Orange Oaf can't help himself and gave a shout out to Nehlen.

    It's like that episode of Cheers where Carla wants to remove Cliff Klaven from the room, so she tells him that there is some guy in the back room who thinks that Cliff doesn't know anything about photosynthesis.

    Cliff jumps off his barstool and shouts "Oh yeah, well I'll show him!" and storms off into the backroom to berate the phantom doubter.

    That's kind of how I view Trump. Smart guy. Knows lots of stuff. Good heart. But a blowhard and braggart always looking for a verbal smackdown to placate nothing more than his enormous ego.

    Settling tiny personal scores at the expense of potential electoral gains is not a winning campaign strategy.

  • Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words

    08/02/2016 11:12:24 AM PDT · 37 of 45
    Sideshow Bob to lodi90
    Your big mistake is calling supporters of Amnesty Ryan and his progressive corportist agenda “conservative.”

    And your big mistake is thinking that Cantorizing Ryan and losing a safe House seat with a scamPAC stooge like Nehlen is conservative.

    You are all being fleeced by a Virginia-based con artist who is paying himself megabucks as a "campaign manager" for Nehlen and extracting exhorbitant fees for the consulting firm "advising" Nehlen's campaign.

    The next refrain will be "Well, at least Nehlen isn't a progressive corporatist like Ryan!"

    To which I respond, "And how do you know that?"

    Nehlen has no local roots, has NEVER participated in GOP or Tea Party activities and was unwilling to respond to a Right to Life questionnaire which would have resulted in a co-endorsement for his primary campaign. Nehlen is cypher, not an alternative.

    I'm not saying that I love Ryan. I don't. Is Ryan a conservative? Not as much as I would like, but he has a far more conservative record than Trump. Ryan is also the highest elected official ever to come from Wisconsin and I'm not going to trade that for some magic beans.

    Wisconsin conservatives will engage Ryan when it makes sense, when there is a reasonable alternative and when so much else is not at stake.

    Trump's shout out for Nehlen is juvenile, unnecessary and politically tone deaf. But i'm sure it felt good for his ego. Lord knows it has been at least 17 seconds since Sean Hannity last kissed his ass.

    Trump is blowing his race in Wiscosnin and will take down Ron Johnson and GOP cpntrol of the US Senate with him.

  • Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words

    08/02/2016 9:13:25 AM PDT · 34 of 45
    Sideshow Bob to exit82
    Well, that was depressing.

    It sure is.

    There is next to nothing of an effort by the Trump campaign and local Trump supporters to push the Wisconsin electorate.

    Where are all the Trump supporters to operate the GOP phone banks, knock on doors, volunteer at county fair booths, etc?

    It's like Donald expects all of the local GOP party officials to do HIS heavy lifting.

    But go ahead, insult us some more. That will sure cause us to want to storm to his support.

  • Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words

    08/02/2016 9:01:02 AM PDT · 32 of 45
    Sideshow Bob to lodi90
    Your primary season amnesia shows you must be a deluded Cruzlim. There was huge push by the GOPe in WI to get behind Cruz. Kasich was a total non factor there.


    Umm, no. I was actually here in Wisconsin on the front lines.

    The "hardcore" GOPe Wisconsin voters and politicians did back Kasich. Kasich took up to 20% in some congressional districts. Hardly a non-factor.

    Did some local GOPe throw in behind Cruz? Sure.

    But Cruz had more than 60% support in Wisconsin's WOW counties surrounding Milwaukee - home of Wisconsin's conservative base.

    What you are missing is that there was ZERO GOP support for Trump in Wisconsin during the April primary. There was exactly one village board member in just one very small suburb of Milwaukee who endorsed Trump. That's it.

    Yes, Democrat Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark supported Trump, but hadn't yet endorsed him.

    Only those politicians and party officials you have slagged as GOPe have boarded (albeit reluctantly) the Trump train in Wisconsin. From my perspective, some of those endorsers are - in fact - GOPe. Others I have viewed as generally more conservative, but understand their endorsement in terms of party unity. But to this day, most conservatives in Wisconsin have refused to endorse Trump.

    We Wisconsin conservatives will vote for Trump in November, but only if our votes potentially matter (i.e. polls indicate that Trump has a fighter's chance of winning Wisconsin's electoral votes).

    Our efforts are focused on re-electing Ron Johnson to the US Senate.

  • Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words

    08/02/2016 7:26:35 AM PDT · 30 of 45
    Sideshow Bob to lodi90
    WI GOP voters acted like GOPe sheep in the primary.

    That's a lie!

    The GOPe sheep (led by former Gov. Tommy Thompson) voted for Kasich.

    The GOP Conservatives voted for Cruz.

    Democrat crossovers voted for Trump.

    For the April primary, Trump came into our state and insulted Wisconsin GOP voters, lied about Governor Scott Walker and our GOP State Senate and Assembly and falsely claimed (using 2015 Democrat talking points) Wisconsin is operating on a budget deficit. After the extreme fight Wisconsin Republican voters endured to gain & maintain control of our state government against the Democrats and their Unionista backers, we GOP voters took Trump's clumsy and stupid attack personally.

    I expect they will do same in Ryan’s primary and he will win.

    That's true. Ryan will tally 75%+ in next week's primary. Since Nehlen has so little local GOP support (98% of Nehlen's campaign contributions are from out-of-state donors), Nehlen's latest campaign strategy is to call on Democrats to crossover and vote in the GOP primary. Yes, that's proof of your conservative bona fides - call on liberal Democrats to carry your campaign!


    And House “conservatives” have been quiet as mice while Ryan repeatedly frags Trump.

    That's your characterization.

    Disagreeing with or distinguishing yourself from Trump whenever he says something galactically stupid is NOT fragging Trump. Perhaps because Trump shoots himself in the face so often, it can seem like fragging to Trumpboners.


    Seems near everybody in his district and the beltway is just fine with Ryan’s brand of faux conservatism.

    I really don't care what the Beltway thinks - I care what Wisconsin thinks. While I'm not always happy with some of Ryan's actions, the fact that a Wisconsin congressman sits in the Speaker's chair is far more important to me as a Wisconsin Conservative.

    Wisconsin Republicans REJECTED Trump in April, have had difficulty warming to the Orange Menace up to convention, grudgingly accepted Trump's ascendance to GOP nominee - only to be insulted by the Donald as he gives "our" Speaker the finger.

    Tell me again...what was the point of Ryan endorsing Trump?

    Bottom line, this Trump shout out may have just cost Trump any chance he had of carrying Wisconsin. Trump will need those suburban/exurban Milwaukee GOP voters who LOVE and will easily re-elect Ryan.

  • Tim Kaine: Under Speaker Ryan, U.S. Will Enact Amnesty in 2017

    07/27/2016 11:36:13 AM PDT · 8 of 46
    Sideshow Bob to WashingtonFire
    WE NEED NEHLAN!(sic)


    Fine, you can have Nehlen in your state. We don't need/want him in Wisconsin.

  • Desperate Paul Ryan Floods Wisconsin with Misleading Television Ads

    07/20/2016 2:09:42 PM PDT · 31 of 32
    Sideshow Bob to Lurkinanloomin
    Everything you just posted is irrelevant.

    Walker and Ryan have been the 2 most conservative and well-liked politicians in Wisconsin history. Before I throw them overboard for something else, I am going to make damn sure of the bona fides of anyone I would choose to replace them.

    Do you know Paul Nehlen? What has he done? Why hasn't he previously been involved in the politics of a state that has been the epicenter of GOP political battles for the past decade? Why do 96% of his political contributions come from out of state? Why is his campaign manager a shady operative from Virginia instead of some professional from the area? Why won't Nehlen declare a pro-life stance to Wisconsin Right to Life?

    These are legitimate questions. And shouting down those who raise these questions as GOPe or Cheap Labor supporters isn't just rude, it's foolish.

    I've known Speaker Ryan for many years, not well but I do know him and have worked with him on legislation. Scott Walker has been a personal friend of mine since he was my state assemblyman 20+ years ago. They are good and honorable men and far from the grotesque caricatures depicted by some on this site.

    Do I agree with them 100% of the time? Absolutely not. But it has been my experience that they can be reasoned with and are always open to discussing amending their positions, especially if shown they are in error.

    I don't live in Ryan's district, but have a background in knowing the voting precincts of all 8 Wisconsin congressional districts. It's why I was able to accurately predict the results of Wisconsin's presidential primary in April.

    I say unequivocally even if Nehlen were a real candidate with a local background, local management and local support, he would still lose his challenge to Ryan. There are many candidates who are far more worthy of your support who could really use the help.

    Wisconsin voters are simply not going to dump Ryan from the highest elective office ever held by a Wisconsinite because of a bunch of out-of-state tin-foil Trumper tantrums.

    Just sayin'.

  • Desperate Paul Ryan Floods Wisconsin with Misleading Television Ads

    07/20/2016 12:28:41 PM PDT · 29 of 32
    Sideshow Bob to Lurkinanloomin
    Sideshow bob is a propagandist for the Cheap Labor Express. Saving the Democrats in R jerseys so they can thwart the will of the citizens to stop the illegal alien inundation.


    Wow. You caught me.

    My deep cover as a nearly 20-year active and posting conservative on FR has been blown.

    Go ahead. Check my posts for the past 18+ years. It's amazing that I've been able to maintain such an elaborate, multi-layered cover of lies and deceit for sooo long. (/sarc)

    Lurkinanloomin - oth - is an angry FReeper noob who likes to call names.

    I live in Wisconsin. I have been a leader within local and statewide GOP units and involved in conservative politics for more than 25 years. I know who is who in state GOP and conservative politics. If Paul Nehlen was actually 1/100th of the conservative Breitbart claims him to be, I would have met or heard of Nehlen.

    When our state went through the hell of Democrat obstruction, protestor occupation of our capitol and multiple recall efforts, where was Paul Nehlen?

    Nowhere to be seen. Some of us here in-state initially thought Nehlen was a Democrat plant. Now it appears more likely that Nehlen is just a front man (knowing or unknowing) for a Virginia-based scamPAC operator.

    Examine Nehlen's FEC reports for yourself. Try to trace his background. Try to chase down the background of his "campaign manager."

    Or you could just shout me down and call me names.

    If you Trumpers have so much money lying around, send it to Trump. Send it to Trump-affiliated PACs. Send it to the RNC (Trump is the GOP nominee, after all). Send it to some conservative politician in your own state who needs it and could win.

    Nehlen won't win his primary against Ryan. It won't even be close. The Nehlen campaign is an astroturf out-of-state operation designed to line the pockets of a Virginia scamPAC operator.

    Or you could just shout me down and call me names.

  • Desperate Paul Ryan Floods Wisconsin with Misleading Television Ads

    07/20/2016 8:29:43 AM PDT · 26 of 32
    Sideshow Bob to Paine in the Neck
    Regardless of how you or I feel about Ryan, don't you feel stupid for helping to line the pockets of some sleazy scamPAC operator from Virginia?

    If and/or when the people of Wisconsin's 1st congressional district decide to replace Paul Ryan, it won't be by a dufus like Nehlen or caused by a bunch of out-of-state keyboard tough guys.

    You are being fleeced and scammed. End of warning.

  • Desperate Paul Ryan Floods Wisconsin with Misleading Television Ads

    07/20/2016 7:33:21 AM PDT · 21 of 32
    Sideshow Bob to Paine in the Neck
    Paul Nehlen is a front man stooge for the scamPAC operator from Virginia who is listed as his campaign manager.

    The scamPACs are constructed to generate legitimate PAC money from contributors who are not closely tied to a specific candidate or electoral district. The scammers then pay themselves high salaries as employees and/or pay themselves high fees as "outside consultants" or vendors.

    The stooge inexperienced candidates headlining the campaign may be unwitting dupes or participants in the scheme.

    Paul Nehlen has NEVER been active in a local TEA Party or Republican Party. There is no local grassroots support for Nehlen.

    From the last week's FEC report, 96% of Paul Nehlen's political contributions are from outside of Wisconsin.

    I am laughing at all of you foolish Trumpboners. You hate Paul Ryan and anyone that doesn't kiss Donald's ass sooooo much that you have sent thousands of your hard-earned dollars to attack Ryan, but are merely unwittingly lining the pockets of a Virgina scamPAC con artist.

    As further evidence that Nehlen's "campaign manager" is not managing the campaign, Paul Nehlen was ticketed for operating his "Dump Ryan" dumptruck without a proper operating license.

    For this operation of Nehlen's "dumbtruck", Paul Nehlen was named today's Loser of the Day.



    Paul Nehlen is Today's Loser of the Day

    Count this as news you’re never going to read on Breitbart about Paul Nehlen.

    In his long-shot, sleaze-filled campaign to challenge Speaker Paul Ryan, one of the most familiar symbols of the Nehlen campaign has been his “Dump Ryan” dump truck. Nehlen has been seen driving it throughout the 1st District and in parades.

    One problem according to the Janesville Gazette, neither Nehlen nor anyone on his campaign had the proper licensing to drive the truck in the first place. As a result, he was ticketed by local authorities and forced to pay a fine.

    Paul F. Nehlen, 47, of 2520 Countryside Drive, town of Delavan, was pulled over on County O in the town of La Prairie at 8:15 a.m. May 19, according to the criminal complaint.

    A State Patrol inspector had noticed the truck's front license plate was missing, according to the criminal complaint.

    “There was no indication when I registered the truck that it was a CDL-class vehicle, so I had been driving it without one,” Nehlen said in a statement issued by his campaign.

    “An officer pulled me over on May 19th for a missing front plate that I'd accidentally forgotten to remount after having the truck painted with the '' message,” the statement continues. “The officer noted that the vehicle was properly registered and that I was clearly competent to drive it. He simply told me what the DMV didn't--that I needed a CDL to drive the truck legally.

    Nehlen tells the Janesville Gazette he has since “settled the matter” when it comes to driving the truck. But for his “dumb” truck move, Paul Nehlen is our “Loser of the Day.”


  • Dr. James Dobson: Donald Trump Has Accepted Christ

    06/28/2016 6:48:03 AM PDT · 216 of 243
    Sideshow Bob to Talisker
    It’s for Trump to say. I hate this kind of crap. Dobson is just playing games to pump his business. If Trump doesn’t want to talk about it, what position does this put him in? What Dobson is doing is wrong.

    I agree, but be careful about criticizing Dobson on FR. 8 years ago I was flamed for calling out Dobson on his pharisaical political hackery.

    So, if you are keeping score at home per James Dobson:

    2008 - Fred Thompson is not a Christian
    2016 - Donald Trump is a Christian

  • DEVASTATING: Paul Ryan’s Opponents Post Billboards That Could Take the Speaker Down

    06/26/2016 12:21:48 AM PDT · 111 of 120
    Sideshow Bob to Enchante
    Most of us here want to see him replaced with anyone at all. His replacement as a rep. will not be Speaker of the House, of course, but merely the most insignificant of 435 US reps. I’ll take a door stopper or a Bernie Sanders acolyte over Paul Ryan, thank you.

    And most of us in Wisconsin actually like Paul Ryan and do NOT want an insignificant congresscritter or Democrat plant to replace him, thank you.

  • DEVASTATING: Paul Ryan’s Opponents Post Billboards That Could Take the Speaker Down

    06/25/2016 10:36:55 PM PDT · 102 of 120
    Sideshow Bob to Helicondelta
    And by the way, Trump won Ryan’s district.

    Wrong. Trump lost in Ryan's district by a good margin. Trump did win in Rock County - which is partially in Ryan's district.

  • DEVASTATING: Paul Ryan’s Opponents Post Billboards That Could Take the Speaker Down

    06/25/2016 10:19:54 PM PDT · 101 of 120
    Sideshow Bob to fireman15
    “Mr. Nehlen has likewise established his own small business in Wisconsin. Blue Skies Global LLC leverages key networks and technologies on behalf of the companies with which it partners, in order to ensure that they can deliver outstanding, cost-effective engineered products and projects.”

    Did you even bother to read the news story I posted? The above statement you quoted from Nehlen's campaign website is a proven lie. The "company" has conducted zero business, reported no income, paid zero taxes, has no employees and - at best, if what Nehlen's campaign manager says is true - has provided "pro bono" consulting to his friends.

    When Wisconsin Republicans were under siege at the state capitol and fighting recall elections, where was Nehlen? Voting in other states, if he voted at all.

    For crying out loud, Nehlen announced his candidacy on a notorious liberal Madison talk radio show.

    But go ahead, send Nehlen a check. It's not going to matter. Ryan is going to pound Nehlen into the ground in August.

  • DEVASTATING: Paul Ryan’s Opponents Post Billboards That Could Take the Speaker Down

    06/24/2016 9:28:30 PM PDT · 34 of 120
    Sideshow Bob to Helicondelta
    Is Paul Ryan's Primary Opponent Really a Small Business Owner?
    By Dan O'Donnell
    News/Talk 1130 WISN
    Common Sense Central

    Posted June 20th, 2016 @ 8:20pm
    Read more:

    Paul Nehlen has made his business experience the centerpiece of his primary campaign against House Speaker Paul Ryan, but while he claims to be a “Wisconsin small business owner,” there is no evidence that his business has ever actually done business in Wisconsin...or anywhere else, for that matter.

    In a biography posted on his official campaign website, Nehlen says that he has "established his own small business in Wisconsin. Blue Skies Global LLC leverages key networks and technologies on behalf of the companies with which it partners, in order to ensure that they can deliver outstanding, cost-effective engineered products and projects."

    On his LinkedIn page, he lists one of his current occupations as "Small Business Owner," having run Blue Skies Global LLC from March of 2014 until the present. Nehlen’s profile describes the company as being "dedicated to providing outstanding engineered products and projects. Through expertise and experience each customer receives personal, professional attention."

    However, a closer examination of Blue Skies Global LLC reveals a small business that doesn’t appear to do any business at all.

    Its website,, features a brief and vague description of the services that it provides, but displays no way for users to contact the business. There is no phone number, no email address, no physical address; no way whatsoever for a potential customer to reach anyone at Blue Skies Global LLC.

    The only link on the site is a “Volunteer” tab, which redirects to Operation Homefront, a charity for whom Nehlen serves as an advisory board member (according to his LinkedIn page).

    Similarly, a LinkedIn page for Blue Skies Global LLC provides no way to contact the company, it is not listed in the Yellow Pages or any other phone book, and neither its phone number nor physical address is easily accessible on the internet.

    In fact, the only place online that Blue Skies Global LLC’s number and address appear to be published is on the domain registration for Nehlen’s campaign website,, which has since been renamed

    The address is a single family home in Lake Geneva that is owned by Nehlen, while the number appears to be a personal cell phone.

    Of course, plenty of small businesses are run out of their owner’s homes, but Blue Skies Global LLC does not appear to have done any business since it was formed two years ago.

    It was incorporated in Delaware on June 6th, 2014, but Wisconsin’s Department of Revenue does not have any record of Blue Skies Global LLC ever filing a tax return in Wisconsin.

    Similarly, Delaware’s Division of Corporations does not have a record of Blue Skies ever filing an annual tax report, which is “required by law [and] due March 1 annually.”

    The Division says the “Last Annual Report Filed” field in its publicly available Corporate Entity Report “reflects the most current tax year that has a report on file,” but Blue Skies Global apparently never filed the legally required report in either of the two tax years since it was incorporated.

    This does not necessarily mean that Blue Skies Global LLC has not done any business since it was founded nearly two years ago, but it does indicate that there is no record of the company paying taxes either in the state in which is headquartered or the state in which it was incorporated.

    There is also no record of Blue Skies Global LLC ever employing anyone.

    When asked about this lack of evidence that Blue Skies Global LLC actually operates as a small business, a Nehlen campaign spokeswoman provided contradictory answers.

    "Blue Skies is a side gig, doing mostly pro bono work at this point to help build businesses," she said, but in an email to News/Talk 1130 WISN added that "Blue Skies doesn't charge for service yet. They help others grow."

    So has Nehlen never charged his clients? Or has he charged some clients, as indicated by the phrase "mostly pro bono work?"

    And who exactly are those clients? The Nehlen campaign refused to name any of them.

    "Companies insourcing from other countries or utilizing Nehlen's sourcing network and skill set, developed through almost 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience, don't need to advertise for him, or him for them," the campaign said in an email. "Their growth is the only gratification Nehlen wants or needs, so the client list remains private."

    As for how those clients would ever be able to contact Blue Skies Global LLC since it does not have a publicly accessible phone number, email address, or physical address, the campaign said “Nehlen isn't actively soliciting new business at the present time."

    "When he hears of someone who needs a hand, he lends it to them as best he can, or directs them to someone he personally knows who may be able to help."

    “Nehlen essentially only does word of mouth right now. He works with those he knows.”

    In other words, Blue Skies Global LLC appears to be nothing more than Nehlen giving business advice to his friends. It is a small business with no employees, no revenue, no tax filings, and no clients that the Nehlen campaign wished to identify.

    Isn’t it a tad disingenuous to call that a small business?

    When asked directly what states Blue Skies Global LLC has done business in and in what states the business has paid income taxes, the Nehlen campaign responded, "No taxes have been paid so far precisely because nothing has been charged for services to date."

    In other words, by the Nehlen campaign’s own admission Blue Skies Global LLC has never conducted any actual business.


    Paul Nehlen - phony small businessman

    Paul Nehlen - unknown to local GOP AND TEA Party groups

    Paul Nehlen - possible Democrat plant?

  • Parents of Trump’s Would-Be Assassin Say He’s Lovesick and Autistic

    06/21/2016 12:54:49 PM PDT · 49 of 64
    Sideshow Bob to orchestra
    Parents of Trump’s Would-Be Assassin Say He’s Lovesick and Autistic

    Donald Trump is Lovesick and Autistic?

    Proper English be damned when writing headlines.