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  • Haditha Marine home for Pa. Christmas

    12/24/2006 3:38:26 AM PST · 17 of 28
    sinbad17 to Dubya
    I have been retired from the military for some 45 years so am not up on the procedures for Courts Martial. Can anyone tell me if the defendants are allowed to select Iraqi combat veterans to serve on the jury judging them? Seems to me the circumstances confronting these young warriors is so much different today that only those having experienced the same life threatening dangers could thoroughly understand the actions taken that day to ensure they receive a fair trial.
  • . . . but if he (OBAMA) does, he'd better be ready to face nasty opposition (GREELEY ALERT)

    12/09/2006 9:41:11 AM PST · 32 of 62
    sinbad17 to wita
    At this moment I see Newt as the best possible candidate for Republicans; however, in the Democrat party I see only two and both are horrible thoughts. Looking at hillary and osama I think we all should get behind him every chance we have. Bad as he might be he is a far lesser evil than hillary. Knock him when talking with conservatives but praise him with your Democrat acquaitances. Get a real conflict going if possible.
  • Hide The Sharp Objects: 'Today' Expert Sees Nothing Winnable in 'Colossal Error' of Iraq

    11/30/2006 5:12:28 AM PST · 4 of 36
    sinbad17 to governsleastgovernsbest

    Why keeping watching this crap???? Better to write a few letters to its sponsors objecting to their bias and letting them know you are dropping their product until the bias is removed.

  • Rumsfeld 'Threatens Our Democratic Values,' Says General

    09/26/2006 8:27:10 AM PDT · 24 of 55
    sinbad17 to Sub-Driver
    I think much of these type comments could be stopped simply by recalling all these dissenters to active duty and sending them to Baghdad to lead clean up terrorists troops in the field. Think if they were there wearing full gear going from through the streets with the rest of the grunts their criticisms would change in a hurry.
  • Teacher training is chaotic, study says

    09/20/2006 8:22:24 AM PDT · 19 of 52
    sinbad17 to DaveLoneRanger
    Several points: Ed majors can only learn what they are taught, thus it is not their fault they appear in classrooms unprepared. Many do eventually learn what to do but that takes time and experience. Next, most teaching jobs pay far less than other professionals earn thus tending to fix in the classrooms persons of lesser abilities. The better college students don't become ed majors knowing their salaries would be smaller. Finally, much of education courses revolve around methodology rather than cause and effect. A physician tests the patient, determines the cause of the malady and prescribes the appropriate remediation. The teacher tests the student, tries to ascertain why learning isn't occurring then tries to adjust the prevailing method being used in the hope it will help - cause and effect become hit and miss cause to the best of my knowledge no absolute cause and effect have been uncovered in the learning process.
    One thing we all must understand someone has to do the teaching and even if the teachers out there aren't all that great at least they are trying which is more than people who only complain about their inabilities. If complainers are so good then why aren't they in the classroom??
  • Full text: Muslim groups' letter

    08/12/2006 10:50:12 AM PDT · 13 of 54
    sinbad17 to dervish
    I think they have a point. I believe the PM should make all the signatures a committee and send them to Lebanon to meet with the Hezbollah terrorists and insist they stop killing helpless Jewish civilians.
  • Senator's gay bashing decried

    07/15/2006 11:32:46 AM PDT · 15 of 37
    sinbad17 to DuxFan4ever
    Why is it deemed acceptable to refer to homosexuals as gays but not as queers?? Seems to me the homosexuals have indoctrinated most Americans into using politically correct terms?????
  • Senator's gay bashing decried

    07/15/2006 11:32:42 AM PDT · 14 of 37
    sinbad17 to DuxFan4ever
    Why is it deemed acceptable to refer to homosexuals as gays but not as queers?? Seems to me the homosexuals have indoctrinated most Americans into using politically correct terms?????
  • CA: Best way to teach English skills argued

    07/15/2006 11:17:12 AM PDT · 6 of 25
    sinbad17 to calcowgirl

    I would teach them how to read and write their native tongue and forget about English all together. Teaching them English only helps them to stay in this country. Learning their own tongue would not!

  • 36TH S.F. GAY PRIDE PARADE: Huge celebration of pride

    06/26/2006 7:59:15 AM PDT · 45 of 60
    sinbad17 to Zender500
    If these queers are so PROUD, why do they hide under the alias "GAY?" Seems to me that when someone is proud of "being something" they should not hesitate to use the appropriate word - HOMOSEXUAL rather than gay or lesbian. I don;t usually refer to such people as queers but thought it appropriate in this discussion to point to the differences in people's thinking about homosexuality.
  • Education Myths

    06/18/2006 7:01:54 AM PDT · 23 of 184
    sinbad17 to Valin

    I have no quarrel with the comments stated herein;however, there seems to be one major ingredient missing. LEARNING! To the best of my knowledge ( which I admit has not been updated in some time), NO ONE truly knows how a person learns. Yes there are many theories but NOT A SINGLE LAW. Seems to me that this is where the emphasis should be, finding out how people actually learn then one can direct the other aspects to ensuring such learning does occur.I think we blame teachers for students not learning when the teachers and those that govern education, themselves have no idea exactly what should be happening in the classroom.

  • Students Make A Stand For Their Rights, Defy ACLU And Judge’s Order To Censor

    05/21/2006 10:51:41 AM PDT · 23 of 78
    sinbad17 to Political Junkie Too

    My contention right along has been simply ignore these stupid rulings that come from the liberal judges on behalf of the ACLU! What can they do? Like the case out in SD where the city has to remove a cross or pay a fine, hell ignore it. Let the judge remove it if he can. As for the fine, don't pay it, time we got some backbone in this country and return it to the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  • We're at War, You Say?

    05/20/2006 2:55:59 AM PDT · 24 of 145
    sinbad17 to neverdem
    While serving in the Navy, in 1944 I was able to go home to St. Louis on leave. As I looked around me at the various places I visited in and on my way there, I was astounded at the nonchalance attitude of the general population. They went about their way as though totally unaware there was a WAR being fought by millions of young American men. I heard their comments about gas rationing and meat rationing as though that was a terrible price they were paying for this war. They stilled filled the restaurants and movie theaters and took their cars out for Sunday drives, it was obvious they did not know there was a War being fought. Then I thought, hell that is great, isn't that what we were fighting for, so Americans could do their things, live normal lives. Everyone doesn't have to be totally immersed in the war effort to still be participating. I do very little today yet feel I am a very patriotic American and while rarely seeing any DO SUPPORT those in the military 100 percent.
  • Inside the President's Terrible Poll Numbers

    05/09/2006 8:56:19 AM PDT · 9 of 115
    sinbad17 to Cautor

    It seems to me too much is being made of President Bush's popularity. He is not going to run for office again nor is any of his administration. Seems to me, the more important numbers are those of the Republican house and senate members who WE DEFINITELT want to be reelected. What can be done to raise theirs is the more challenging issue!

  • Poll: Almost as certain as death and taxes is feeling that income tax system is not fair

    04/16/2006 1:42:50 PM PDT · 11 of 14
    sinbad17 to mewzilla
    Seems to me that EVERY AMERICAN should be happy to pay taxes. All one has to do is look at what every American enjoys: freedom, liberty, safety, etc.- and that alone is worth paying taxes. My gripe is that far too many pay nothing. Think there should be a minimum tax where by everyone has to pay something, even if only $10.
  • Clerics: Convert This Christian or He DIES

    03/24/2006 6:04:46 AM PST · 25 of 78
    sinbad17 to Highest Authority
    That's why I think we ave been fighting the wrong people. Our troops are merely killing off the disciples rather than the source, they should target the blasted preachers of this hatred.
  • Saddam General: Newsweek Translation of Saddam Tapes Wrong

    03/24/2006 5:56:20 AM PST · 15 of 71
    sinbad17 to reformedliberal

    I find it difficult to believe that some young energetic newman isn't digging into this thoroughly. The one that would come up with an honest, valid interpretation of what was what surely would make a name for himslf the envy of the profession.

  • Cancel This Deal, Diplomatically (Bill Bennet-Important Read)

    03/01/2006 1:52:04 PM PST · 26 of 203
    sinbad17 to STARWISE

    My question relates to the terminals. If the deal falls through will these terminals shut down? If not who will run them? If so, what will happen to all the workers?

  • Many faces of Hillary -- none a winner

    01/26/2006 4:16:18 AM PST · 24 of 61
    sinbad17 to YaYa123
    I have yet to locate even one thing this "female?" has accomplished that merits consideration for becoming president of the United States. She never "managed" anything other than the MSM and to the best of my knowledge never met a payroll, so what are her gifts for the country?
  • Navy carrier USS Reagan sails from San Diego on first deployment

    01/04/2006 1:26:22 PM PST · 23 of 37
    sinbad17 to LouAvul

    What I wouldn't give to be a young sailor again heading out into the Pacific for the first time. I truly envy those sailors!