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  • Victim Battered With American Flag (No Hate Charges for Burka-Clad muslim)

    06/03/2016 6:34:07 AM PDT · 13 of 27

    “Respond to hate with love and a .357...”

    Or you can get a 2 year subscription to,
    for a lot less than what you had budgeted for 3rd and 4th
    quarter contributions. Adios freerepublic.

    Hay moderator, you know what to do.

  • Outrage: San Jose Mayor blames Trump for violent, leftist mob

    06/03/2016 5:32:05 AM PDT · 53 of 110
    Slambat to Tupelo

    “I full expect to see someone killed at a Trump Rally before this is over.
    Whether it is a Trump supporter or a fascist, I full expect we will be blamed by EVERYONE, from the MSM to the GOP to LaRaza.”

    Read the tea leaves. Trump has the full government of the U.S.
    on the run tucking their tails. The Obama is in near meltdown. Hillary wont last a minute in a debate with
    Trump. The only things that the Obama has in his arsenal
    is inciting riots and EO’s. The threat of violence through
    riots is what took “impeachment off the table” with the
    spineless congress. Maybe he can create enough
    “civil unrest” that he can suspend the elections or refuse
    to let Trump take office. I know that conservative views are
    frowned upon around here and in all honesty this is not meant
    to bash Trump.

  • FBI agents: Hillary 'bullied' Vince Foster to death

    06/03/2016 5:32:05 AM PDT · 32 of 61
    Slambat to Travis T. OJustice

    “Hillary ‘bullied’ Vince Foster to death”

    Being accused of bullying is chump change compared to
    being accused of murder for hire. I think this is all
    just a setup to get the topic off the table before the
    beast has to go before Trump. Just like the Benghazi video,
    it’s all set to point the blame on something other them what
    really happened.

  • Donald Trump warns Barack Obama he’ll ‘hit him’ like Bill Clinton

    06/03/2016 5:05:04 AM PDT · 54 of 59
    Slambat to Arthur McGowan

    “Cruz is almost certainly an illegal alien, ineligible to be a Senator, let alone VP.”

    Bald face lie #1

    “He’s also a liar, and physically and vocally repulsive.”

    Balf face lie #2

    “I welcome communication from FReepers, especially those with sincere religious, moral, or philosophical concerns.”

    Bald face lie #3.

    “I am a Catholic priest. I am much nicer than, but not so smart as, Arthur McGowan.”

    Most likely untrue as well but as far as you using the word
    smart in context with yourself, I find highly questionable.
    You don’t seem to be to smart at all.

    When you bash a conservative it just tells people you are
    nothing more than a lying liberal. And a cheep sellout to boot.

    But when it comes to conservatism, then your a typical liberal hack. I’m surprised you’ve been here since 98.
    One of Trumps greatest features is exposing liberals
    for what they are.

    So maybe you should think about that next time you trash
    a conservative in the presence of other true conservatives.
    You’re true liberal nature will be exposed.

  • Cruz-McConnell tension flares anew as GOP leader casts Texan as bit player in Senate

    06/02/2016 6:20:51 AM PDT · 21 of 63
    Slambat to Lurkinanloomin

    “Cubanadians are not eligible to be President.”

    Ignorant people who make comments like that should go back to
    DU with the rest of the liberals. Cruz is obviously more of
    an American than you. Though I doubt you have the IQ to have
    come up with a better and more realistic insult of a true
    conservative, something that you are not, you could at least
    come up with something original rather than repeating things
    other morons repeat.

    Your just another liberal disrupting nobody trying to create
    some form of a normal personality, pretending to be a conservative by, of all things, bashing the only conservative
    that was running for president. You don’t even realize just how stupid that is. Well there is something that you can do.
    Your good at letting people know just how big a fool you are.

  • Trump: Americans "sick & tired of not being able to lead normal lives" (Terrorism)

    05/23/2016 2:54:38 PM PDT · 162 of 173
    Slambat to papertyger

    “your” and “you’re”?

    Really that’s it? That’s what passes for moderate debate?
    Tell me when you were a conservative, if you ever were,
    what did you think of people who thought you were crazy
    for having those principals?

    All this is so far over your head it hurts. You want Trump
    for president, great, I’m all for it. I’ll be right there voting for
    him right along with you. But don’t set there and tell me
    not to voice my concerns about him and don’t expect me to
    abandon that and my principals for a fad. This is a conservative
    forum, my critic of Trump is from a conservative perspective. We are abandoning the grounds that FreeRepublic is based on in the same fashion we have
    been abandoning the principals of our constitution,
    compromise. Sorry I’ll vote for Trump but that’s about as
    far as I’m willing to go.

  • Trump: Americans "sick & tired of not being able to lead normal lives" (Terrorism)

    05/23/2016 2:37:09 PM PDT · 161 of 173
    Slambat to quesney

    “TV “conservatives” had their chance - for years that included full control of all branches. It’s time for something new.”

    When was that?

    “People want a proven disrupter - a shock to the system.”

    Ok. Fine with that, fine with Trump.

    What gets me is that I’m supposed to fork out all conservative
    principals and join the false group think that conservatism has
    been tried and failed? Now I have to be all up the the moderate worship tree or get
    attacked and ridiculed for having legitimate concerns about Trump.

    Other than you, the best response I get is sore loser and
    your wrong because you get your and you’re mixed up. Is that
    what passes for moderate debate? How easy is it going to be
    for those in this particular group thing to throw out being
    moderate for socialist or fascist.

    Why did everyone just give up?

  • Anti-Israel protesters hunt Jews at UC Irvine

    05/23/2016 8:06:15 AM PDT · 10 of 17
    Slambat to Olog-hai

    One might say,

    “Might be worth hanging out with Jews if for no other reason
    than a chance to kick some Palestinian a.......”

    Legitimately with justification.

  • Amin David, founder of Los Amigos of Orange County, dead at 83

    05/23/2016 8:01:00 AM PDT · 4 of 5
    Slambat to Vigilanteman

    Mexican mom, Syrian-Lebanese father.

    “Were there many people of this descent in Chihuahua?”

    “Yes, my Dad and his family belonged to a Syrian-Lebanese community very closed. In the eyes of this community Dad made the serious mistake of marrying a Mexican, this was not allowed.”

    “Then we moved to Sacramento where I graduated from Sacramento High School. There, I was recruited by the Army in 1953 for the war with Korea and I became a naturalized citizen in November, said Amin David.”

    Wetback? Became a citizen by serving in our military then
    moves on to become a race baiter. Just another stupid
    imigrant who has no clue to what this country is
    and what it’s all about. A social-progressive.

  • Reverse discrimination? Man sues two officials of private Monroe County community [Poconos PA]

    05/23/2016 7:40:49 AM PDT · 10 of 12
    Slambat to arl295

    “the gang bangers will steal the copper, etc when you leave your home to go to the store.”

    To bad booby trapping your house is illegal. Just rehung all
    the interior doors in a house here in Houston. Replaced late
    20’s era 6 panel mahogany with paint grade poplar. I’m sure
    someone loves their wetback contractor for getting them such fine
    doors. That’s life in a sanctuary city. At least your allowed
    to be armed to the teeth here.

  • Reverse discrimination? Man sues two officials of private Monroe County community [Poconos PA]

    05/23/2016 7:31:24 AM PDT · 8 of 12
    Slambat to StAntKnee

    “When you use the term, “reverse discrimination,” you’ve already begun losing the argument.”

    The same can be said for “affirmative action”. Well in a way.
    The best and most qualified should get the job. Take professional
    sports for example. In some sports blacks dominate because they
    are the best and most qualified. “Affirmative action” is
    just another word for “racial handicap” and a way around the
    the best and the most qualified to appease the true racists.

    Racism is the belief that one race is better than another
    even if it isn’t one’s on race.

  • Trump: Americans "sick & tired of not being able to lead normal lives" (Terrorism)

    05/23/2016 6:22:54 AM PDT · 144 of 173
    Slambat to johniegrad

    “Your tag line is a lie. It tells us that you’re going to shut up but you can’t.”

    Oh, so I’m supposed to shut up and compromise on my conservative
    principals like you? I’m not allowed to point out a potential hole in your kings clothes?
    Your a pathetic sellout, doubt you were ever conservative at all with your silly attempt at dodging debate.
    Talk is cheap pal. Back it up. This had nothing to do with Cruz. What has Trump ever done to stop terrorism? Where’s the track record? Three years ago he was a liberal
    just like you and as far as that goes he was as big a sellout but unlike him, your too lazy to debate it or even
    give it serious thought. In that reguard at least Trump tries
    you go the lazy rout, the liberal rout.

    Like I said “Talk is cheep but tweets are priceless.”
    Even for sellouts.

  • Makin' Thunderbirds

    05/23/2016 4:39:48 AM PDT · 4 of 7
    Slambat to Steve_Seattle

    New tune for the pied piper?

  • It’s Okay To Compare Australia In 2016 With Nazi Germany, And Here’s Why

    05/23/2016 4:36:52 AM PDT · 33 of 58
    Slambat to melsec

    “God I wish we could import most Freepers and keep this country from going down the same road as Europe!”

    I don’t know about that. There are a lot of freepers that are
    most willing to compromise on their conservative principals
    (if they ever had any) to jump on a fad wagon. This muslim
    outreach is probably looked at as the last chance to strike
    another cheap compromise with the cult of death. If something
    isn’t done to stop the jihad the only alternative is to wipe
    them out. Before doing so, I guess they need to justify it
    by saying they tried to appease the daemon. It’s not going
    to work.

  • Trump: Americans "sick & tired of not being able to lead normal lives" (Terrorism)

    05/23/2016 4:24:46 AM PDT · 114 of 173
    Slambat to quesney

    Talk is cheep but tweets are priceless. Can’t wait for him to
    get elected to see if he has the balls to back up his tweets.

  • One Year After Shootout, Waco’s Bikers Struggle to Move On

    05/21/2016 5:23:17 AM PDT · 12 of 53
    Slambat to Texas Fossil

    “This is part of several pilot Fed programs aimed at general mass arrests.”

    When are we going to see the mass arrests of the real
    criminal element that is doing the worst damage of all.
    The low life criminal employers that hire wetbacks.
    Now that’s scum we can do without. We could probably
    put a good dent in our national debt if we just prosecuted
    the trash and confiscated everything they own as ill gotten gains.
    People who hire wetbacks, no matter what the purpose, are
    true enemies of this country and should be in jail.

  • Soros-Backed Group that Helped Sell Iran Nuclear Deal Funds Media, DC Think Tanks

    05/21/2016 5:14:57 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    Slambat to lewislynn

    “Ted Cruz and others might someday have Israeli and or American blood on their hands as a result.”

    Had nothing to do wit this. Save your spam, you’ll need to
    eat it later.

  • Glenn Beck: Facebook Employees ‘Liberal’ but ‘Not Progressives’

    05/21/2016 4:59:03 AM PDT · 12 of 58
    Slambat to C19fan

    “Quisling. Zuckerberg to Beck: “Here is your thirty pieces of silver.”

    No kidding. What a sellout. But then again there is a lot of
    that going around. Sellout or be assaulted.

  • Defense to Focus on Gary Condit in Chandra Levy Retrial

    05/21/2016 4:55:45 AM PDT · 30 of 33
    Slambat to nickcarraway

    “Condit has lived in Arizona over a decade.”

    Good example of how viral California liberalism is. Now
    he’s polluting Arizona.

  • NRA, Trump: Clinton would abolish 2nd Amendment, gun rights

    05/21/2016 4:51:00 AM PDT · 3 of 18
    Slambat to Lionheartusa1

    “The 2nd amendment is our guarantee against TYRANNY .”

    That’s right. But, the only arms it covers are military
    grade. Not sporting and self defense small arms. We have
    the right to anything that is:
    A. Military grade
    B. Anything one man can carry.

    That’s what we’re up against, that’s what we need.
    22’s, 410’s, 380’s, bb guns etc. can be regulated
    because they are not military grade.

    Now whether this will be debated on constitutional grounds
    or on moderate talking points is to be seen but a good
    argument can be made.