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  • US NEWS Muslim Figure: “We must have Pork-Free Menus Or We Will Leave U.S.”

    10/05/2017 8:42:55 AM PDT · by slowhandluke · 117 replies
    moment ^ | september 29, 2017 | Maria
    Muslim outsiders in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur are attempting to adjust the lunch menu in schools. Their arrangement didn’t work, so now they are proposing that schools offer “option lunch menus” that wo exclude any pork. Be that as it may, Mayor Michel Rotger stood up to them. The leader prohibited such menus to spare nearby government cash. As indicated by Rotger, elective menus dependably prompt waste. “We are setting up an operation so the youngsters eat everything and their eating regimens are adjusted. There is excessively squander so we will show them to eat meat, be it poultry or pork,” clarified Mayor...
  • Cheryl Strayed: Someday, a 'Nasty' Woman Like Hillary Clinton Will Win

    10/03/2017 11:23:08 AM PDT · by slowhandluke · 79 replies
    Time Magazine ^ | October 3, 2017 | Cheryl Strayed
    My kids didn’t have school the day after Donald Trump won the presidential election and eventually, near noon, they came into my room to see what was wrong with me. Perhaps they’d come to me at their father’s prompting. Perhaps they’d heard me weeping. They’d never seen me this way before. Inconsolable. “Hillary didn’t lose!” I insisted, as they sat on the bed around me, even as Hillary’s voice drifted into the room — her concession speech, on the radio downstairs, my husband shouting up, “Honey, you should come listen to this!” I would not listen. I would never listen....
  • The 15 Laws of Meeting Power

    11/14/2009 6:41:03 PM PST · by slowhandluke · 5 replies · 700+ views ^ | July 14, 2007 | Venkatesh Rao
    1. The Power Of The Obvious 2. The Power Of Polarization 3. The Power of the Dancing Referee 4. The Power of Positioning 5. The Power Of Listening and Citation ... Extra Credit: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Quoting your opponents more accurately than they can quote themselves is one of the most fascinating moves you can employ. The original speaker is put on the defensive, forced to fumble and clarify, and in the process loses control. If you want to experience true schadenfreude listen closely to what your opponents say. Do not admit to enjoying this...
  • John Basilone Parade, Sunday Sep 27

    09/24/2009 6:15:30 PM PDT · by slowhandluke · 5 replies · 348+ views
    Basilone Parade Site ^ | September, 2009 | John Basilone Parade Committe
    Parade will be Sunday Sept. 27th at 1 PM Downtown Raritan, New Jersey.
  • Best of the Web Today: Is 'Liberal Interventionism' Dead?

    04/25/2009 7:19:01 AM PDT · by slowhandluke · 1 replies · 676+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | April 24, 2009 | James Taranto
    Yesterday Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, delivered an important speech in Chicago. As Oliver Kamm of London's Times notes, it was a follow-up to a speech 10 years ago, also in Chicago, in which Blair, as Kamm puts it, "rightly perceived that rogue states posed a threat to civilised values and regional stability" and, in Blair's own words, "set out what I described as a doctrine of international community that sought to justify intervention." When Blair spoke in 1999, Saddam Hussein still held power in Iraq and Slobodan Milosevic ruled what was left of Yugoslavia. The end of...
  • Time To Adopt A Value-Driven Health System

    06/25/2008 3:59:05 PM PDT · by slowhandluke · 5 replies · 97+ views
    Investor Business Daily Editorials ^ | Tuesday, June 24, 2008 4:30 PM PT | MIKE LEAVITT
    What if we bought cars the same way we buy health care? The dealer would say, "Look, we don't really know the price of our cars, but we know you really need one. So, why don't you just come by and pick one up." Then three weeks later you would begin receiving a blizzard of bills — a bill from the people who made the chassis, a bill from people who made the transmission, a bill from the seat maker and the paint people and the folks who made the sound system. ... Gratefully, cars aren't sold that way. All...
  • France cracks down on citizen journalism when violence is concerned

    03/09/2007 6:23:04 AM PST · by slowhandluke · 11 replies · 409+ views
    ArsTechnica ^ | March 08, 2007 - 10:03AM CT | Jacqui Cheng
    Citizens who videotape violent acts witnessed on the street and/or publish them online in France could now face jail time, according to a new law passed by the French Constitutional Council. Only "professional" journalists will be able to videotape and broadcast acts of violence. The purpose of the law is to prevent regular citizens from provoking fights in order to create video to post online and profit off of (à la "bumfights," or "happy slapping"—physically attacking someone to generate a reaction and take video), but the wording of the law is broad enough that it has some civil-liberties groups concerned....
  • Keep on Going: Busy seniors live longer, more proof that it pays to stay active (not!)

    07/28/2006 11:37:17 AM PDT · by slowhandluke · 68 replies · 1,822+ views ^ | July 15, 2006 | Nathan Seppa
    Elderly people who bustle around the house, spend much time on their feet, climb stairs, and hold down jobs might be buying themselves precious years of life. In a new study, researchers used a precise measure of calorie burning to assess activity. A total of 302 people, ages 70 to 82, completed questionnaires regarding their daily activities. All the volunteers got around without help, and none lived in an assisted-care facility or had been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. This is a subscribers only page, so I expect it should be excerpted, so I did ...
  • Katherine Kersten: Gratitude, not anger, comes from Astrodome

    09/16/2005 5:34:51 AM PDT · by slowhandluke · 35 replies · 1,448+ views
    The Minneapolis Star-Tribune ^ | September 15, 2005 | Katherine Kersten
    Jim Lodoen shakes his head at some of the news reports out of Houston. They feature angry Hurricane Katrina victims lodged at the Astrodome who insist they are receiving insufficient assistance. Lodoen, a Minneapolis attorney with the Lindquist & Vennum law firm, just got back from a week as a volunteer at the Astrodome complex. "That's not what I saw," he says. Lodoen didn't plan his Houston trip with hurricane victims in mind. He went to visit his sick mother. But before he left, he mentioned to two colleagues that he would be staying at the Holiday Inn, temporary home...
  • Critical Situation (NRCC begging)

    06/28/2005 3:48:33 PM PDT · by slowhandluke · 7 replies · 422+ views
    NRCC ^ | Jun 28, 2005 | Tom Reynolds
    Dear ....., We have a critical situation on our hands. Because this is an off-election year, many NRCC members have failed to provide their usual support. As a result we are facing a serious budget shortfall. And that concerns me considering how the Democrats and their liberal allies have taken partisanship, obstructionism and attack politics to brand new levels in recent months. They are proving everyday that they will say and do anything in their desperate attempt to destroy President Bush's agenda and regain control of Congress.Please make your most generous contribution today! As we head into these early...
  • John Gambling/RINO Bloomberg lie about AWB

    09/17/2004 7:31:49 AM PDT · by slowhandluke · 5 replies · 299+ views
    wabc radio | Sep 17, 2004 | John Gambling
    John Gambling and Mayor Rino Bloomberg just said that the Assault Weapons Ban was about ;machine guns', and 'automatic and semi-automatic' weapons. Sep 17, 2004, 10:30 AM EST
  • Cornell - Guantanamo Protest and Counter-Protest

    04/29/2004 4:46:12 PM PDT · by slowhandluke · 6 replies · 102+ views
    Cornell Review ^ | April 29, 2004 | Paul Eastlund
    This is the story of a Guananamo Bay protest at Cornell, that sparked a counter-protest, with pictures of each.
  • Mpeg from Iraq, they can't hide ...

    04/22/2004 4:54:58 AM PDT · by slowhandluke · 50 replies · 2,301+ views
    I do not know where this mpeg originated, but it shows a scary level of competence in equipment & personnel. Here's the email note on the forwarded mail I received. This is awesome. This is unbelievable. Turn on your speakers and watch this Apache stop Iraqis from placing a bomb along the roadside to kill American troops.....the Iraqis can not hear nor see the apache because it is dark and they are 2 miles away...they are using infrared.
  • Ithaca Judiciary and Cornell Administration Show Indifference Towards Assault

    03/16/2004 3:04:21 PM PST · by slowhandluke · 8 replies · 128+ views
    Cornell Review ^ | 3/14/2004 | PAndrew Bernie
    The Cornell administration has sent a very clear message to the campus community. If you are a student who is unfortunate enough to be savagely attacked by six local residents who proceed to rupture your eardrum and cause you to need thirteen stitches, inflicting injuries that may take a year and a half to heal, all while shouting racially inflammatory comments at you, the University will take the incident very seriously. Or, at least it will in the imaginary universe where “taking the incident seriously” consists of immediately ruling out the conclusion that the incident was a hate crime, and...
  • Retort Card: Grading a Prof.(McKinney finds tough audience at Cornell!)

    12/17/2003 8:58:34 PM PST · by slowhandluke · 36 replies · 251+ views
    The Cornell Sun ^ | Dec 4, 2003 | Jim Shilferstein
    Cornell Daily Sun: Retort Card: Grading a Prof.Jim Shilfersteinsource "I'm not a teacher!" giggled Prof. Cynthia McKinney at a Nov. 20 panel discussion on U.S. foreign policy. Don't worry, Prof. McKinney. No one suspected that for a second. Your profound ignorance was our first clue. Though you'd memorized three or four Fun Facts About Haiti, you didn't even realize Saddam Hussein had effected a genocide of his very own, until the third incarnation of a question asking you to reconcile your interventionist stance on Rwanda's genocide with your isolationist stance on Iraq's. When first the question was raised, you denied...
  • Sparking Debate (McKinney speaks at Cornell, finds tough audience!)

    12/17/2003 8:50:54 PM PST · by slowhandluke · 27 replies · 258+ views
    The Cornell Review ^ | 12/8/2003 | Paul Eastlund
    The Cornell Review Conservative Newspaper Online Paul M. Eastlund Date: 12/8/2003 This was an editorial article appearing in the Sparking Debate? issue. From the Editor On November 20, 2003, Cynthia McKinney gave a talk on US foreign policy in the Statler. Against my better judgment, I attended. I expected not only to be disappointed, but disgusted; I expected to see Cornell University at its worst. Instead, I witnessed the school I love in its finest hour. McKinney herself was predictably inarticulate and unintelligent. She seemed positively inept in every aspect of her speaking save for her ability to evade questions;...
  • Racism: Back In Style? (at Cornell)

    11/12/2002 6:18:57 PM PST · by slowhandluke · 82 replies · 856+ views
    Cornell Review ^ | Nov 11, 2002 | Paul M Eastlund
    Racism: Back In Style? By Paul Eastlund, Published 11/11/2002 Last week, a panel discussion on ethnic-based program houses as racial segregation was held in the RPCC multi-purpose room. Fellow Review columnist Elliott Reed and I were invited to attend as panelists. As we approached the building before the debate, a group of black students crossed paths with us. A female in the group greeted Elliott and invited him to enter with their group; Elliott distanced himself from them. The other students walked on, but the female confronted Elliott about his behavior. Elliott explained, "I don';t even know those people." "You...
  • Son of a Freeperman @ Cornell

    09/25/2002 6:01:46 PM PDT · by slowhandluke · 8 replies · 35+ views
    Cornell Review ^ | Oct, 2002 | Paul Eastlund
    Politics in the Classroom Even Cornell’s moderate professors are extreme liberals Recently, the Washington Times, The American Enterprise,, and even Cornell’s own Daily Sun have brought up the topic of rampant liberalism on college campuses today. Having established the overwhelming tendency of college professors to be liberal, many writers have gone on to suggest that, naturally, any professor with such strong political ideas will undoubtedly slant the material they teach in the direction of their own opinions. As frustrating as it is for conservatives to have to study for four years under professors that almost invariably disagree with all...
  • Question: Where to go for comp-sci + non-PC poli-sci?

    11/20/2001 7:19:57 PM PST · by slowhandluke · 33 replies · 462+ views
    Vanity | self
    I've got a bright, conservative-to-libertarian son who is looking for a school that excells in both computer science & political science. His SATS were 1560, so he can handle the academic load. The problem is that he is headstrong, and likely to run afoul of a strongly PC administration. Another question is whether or not poli-sci is of any use at all. He's thinking about a future in politics; can anyone comment on where a poli-sci degree is headed? Do they end up as politicians or policy-wonk aides?