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  • Standoff emerges at polygamist retreat

    04/05/2008 6:59:59 PM PDT · 41 of 160
    snodog to Lurker
    Did you just go first amendment on polygamy? How do you feel about human sacrifice? Child rape? Where do you draw the line?
  • Summary of Action Petty Officer Second Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor

    04/04/2008 1:44:48 AM PDT · 3 of 9
    snodog to Dawnsblood

    Another in a long line of American heros.

    God bless you Micheal.

  • Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

    04/04/2008 1:30:10 AM PDT · 70 of 71
    snodog to freepatriot32

    Corrupt cops? Next thing you will tell me, Catholic Priest’s are have sex with thier alter boys.

    It’s not true.

    save your breath drive by, most of them are good! The cops and the priests.

  • Attn McCain Apologists: Talk all you want! (Vanity)

    04/04/2008 1:22:54 AM PDT · 464 of 482
    snodog to Jim Robinson

    Why did I get lumped in here? I have never liked McCain. If I have ever said anything aout this election it was that I liked Rudy for his running of new york and being a law and order guy.


  • Toddler Dies After Hooters Mom Forgets Child in Hot Car

    12/21/2007 11:43:57 PM PST · 370 of 373
    snodog to rawhide

    F_cking fry her if your report is correct. I’ll Put a bullet in her head right now, I’ll even pay for the bullet...But I demand white gloves and a black hood, so it is a formal execution.

  • Toddler Dies After Hooters Mom Forgets Child in Hot Car

    12/21/2007 11:30:10 PM PST · 369 of 373
    snodog to trumandogz
    Come on, she works at Hooters. It is not like she is intelligent enough to remember to take the bay to daycare. Not only that she spends the next seven hours with other Hooters girls and customers who are just as stupid as she.

    Come on, how intelligent do you have to be to write on an internet message board? Intelligent enough to be able to spell? It's a simple word b-a-b-y. Not bay, as you rushed to get your opinion out, and let others know you didn't approve of the mothers job. Come on, a baby just died. Or are you so wrapped up in the fact that mom worked at hooters, you can't even see tragedy anymore?

    If any of you care, the correct responce to a story like this would be something like, my god I hope that never happens to me or someone I know, poor baby. Bless his/her soul.

    Not hooters whore kills her baby, serves her right, the dumb bitch.

  • Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

    12/21/2007 9:34:01 PM PST · 67 of 71
    snodog to freepatriot32
    Yes that is exactly what i suggest.During prohibition one almost every cop in every big city was on the take from the rum running gangs and after that failed experiment in social engineering there were a lot of out of work corrupt federal cops that were on the take to the rum runners that were in danger of having to get real jobs.So as a make work program for those guys they created prohibition two and j edger hoover was so scared that they would corrupt his new FBI agents that he had congress pretty much create the dea to funnel all the corrupt feds to that agency and keep them away from the new FBI.

    If you legalize drugs tomorrow the murder rate across the country would drop anywhere from 50-75 percent.The bloods and the crips would go bankrupt and most of the cops that are on the take to drug gangs would lose a lot of money and have fewer ways to be corrupt.There are still cops that protect bookie for a small fee but the classic barroom bookie is becoming an endangered species as Internet sportsbooks and casino gambling become more popular everyday

    One of the best and most thought out examples of why drugs should be legal. Can we agree on two things. Driving while under the influence should still be a crime, but that crime becomes a capital crime if you cross the center line, the fog line, brake constantly, or pull into a 7-11. Number(B):you were baked when you wrote this.

  • Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

    12/21/2007 9:12:22 PM PST · 66 of 71
    snodog to elkfersupper
    Actually, we only need to get rid of 90%, provided we disarm the rest and arm the citizenry.

    So what you are saying you want to deny someone of thier constitutional right to bear arms. Wow you anti-cop people are so forward thinking. No wonder people think some people here are on the fringe of society.

    I think if you want to win the war on drugs you arm all the cops with every thing available, and give out any and all drugs to who ever wants them, let nature take it's course. If you can do your drugs and not be a criminal you won't get shot by the cops. Simple, effective, and no ones rights are violated, utopia achieved

  • Caption this Photo (Hitlery)

    10/13/2007 2:35:18 AM PDT · 12 of 54
    snodog to snodog

    Rep. John Lewis, “Yes! I’m all over that side boob.”

  • Caption this Photo (Hitlery)

    10/13/2007 2:22:05 AM PDT · 11 of 54
    snodog to snodog

    Damn, white women is just freaky.

  • Caption this Photo (Hitlery)

    10/13/2007 2:18:06 AM PDT · 7 of 54
    snodog to TigerLikesRooster

    Representative John Lewis had no idea what he was getting into when he placed his order with

  • Caption this Photo (Hitlery)

    10/13/2007 2:12:01 AM PDT · 5 of 54
    snodog to TigerLikesRooster

    Now I know why they call it a Lewinski and not a Hillary.

  • Caption this Photo (Hitlery)

    10/13/2007 2:08:38 AM PDT · 2 of 54
    snodog to TigerLikesRooster

    I got’s me a man!

  • Woman died at airport on way to rehab

    10/01/2007 8:47:20 PM PDT · 78 of 169
    snodog to org.whodat
    What cops, but you are excusing the airport security. There is absolutely no reason to leave anyone alone in that condition.

    In what condition? Irate? Restrained in an empty room all by herself? Or did you mean alone without the support of her family that knew of her condition, and should have been there with her in case something like this happened?

    Have you ever even delt with a person that was unruly, or out of control? Ever have to place someone into custody?

    There is every reason to leave someone like that alone in a secure area. First they are a danger to everyone around them. Yes people that are handcuffed still kick, bite and spit. Second she was more than likely mad at anyone wearing a uniform or in a position of authority, so you leave them alone and let them cool down/sober up if that is what seems to be the problem.

    Why not just get the facts, without excusing, or blaming the cops/security personel first?

  • Couple Dead in Murder-Suicide After They Were Featured on The O'Reilly Factor

    08/10/2007 10:04:12 PM PDT · 38 of 74
    snodog to bluefish

    The FBI should post those types of vidoes on youtube. They would get thousands of hits a day, and maybe we could get more of these scumbags to off themselves.

  • Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?

    05/05/2007 9:20:05 PM PDT · 18,203 of 18,465
    snodog to Jim Robinson

    One thing struck me as odd in your reply. You listed all of the things that President Bush is, and I agree with you for the most part. He is all of those things, and like Giuliani he is a pro illegal alien supporter. Which you say is “totally unacceptable to conservatives”. We just didn’t know it when we voted for him.

    I haven’t made up my mind on any of the candidates yet, we haven’t had the time to decipher or digest what they all really stand for. That comes with debate, here and amongst the candidates.

    I’m not pushing to deny anyone, nor advocating for anyone to limit or deny others of thier rights, if I am advocating anything it would be that we further our right of free speech with open and honest debate.

  • Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?

    04/28/2007 12:00:26 AM PDT · 12,863 of 18,465
    snodog to Jim Robinson
    > Do you really expect me to do that?

    The simple answer is NO. But your network here has fostered a go along to get along mentality. We voted for Bush because it meant the (r) would win. What ever the (r) wants it gets. Did we know Bush would be so weak, no. Do we know that Romney will be as good as Reagan? No. We will make our decisions as time goes by. Everyone needs to relax on the candidates for now, we have plenty of time to decide. 18 months out is a long time. Relax, time will tell.

    As far as your issues. Abortionism: on the right track, ulimately a states issue. Feminism: Not sure what you mean, but remember the suffrage act? Homosexualism: All men are created equal? Global Warming: pseudo science. Illegal alien lawbreakers: The fewer the merrier, a true federal issue that can be solved with a powerful president. Gun control: Headed in the right direction, actually a states issue.

    I point out these issues to you because we don't agree 100% lock step. And that is why we are a great nation. And a great party. If you look at the democrat party candidates they are 100% pro abortion. No exceptions, tolorated. You must be pro abortion to be elected in thier party. You can be christian but not pro life. How they sleep at night is another question.

    On the other hand, I know that I can debate Jim Robinson of the right wing conservative web site and not be banned/shunned/when we disagree. Ask Sen. Leiberman how democrats deal will malecontents.

  • Suspected Flights of In-Bound Drugs

    04/27/2007 10:16:58 PM PDT · 42 of 56
    snodog to Stayfree

    look up a c-17 could be what you are describing.

  • (Texas) Senate OKs 'Jessica's Law' with limits on death penalty

    04/27/2007 10:02:28 PM PDT · 6 of 7
    snodog to zendari
    It's a new avenue of discussion though. I don't know how I feel about the Death Penalty in situations where nobody is killed.

    If you listen to those opposed to this type of law, all this law will do is ensure that people that commit these crimes will in fact kill thier victims knowing that they will face death anyway.

    I of cource disagree, they already know that by being convicted of child rape, most likely they will face bodily harm, even death within prison. Yet they still commit the crime.

    In my opinion this law and others like it, lessen the mortality rate of both the convicted and the victims. As the convicted will know with certanty that they will die at the hands of the state, for the simple act commited. Most will not attempt the act knowing that thier death would be the likely outcome. As it stands now most serve less than 5 years in prison.

  • The Freak of Disneyland

    04/15/2007 3:38:18 AM PDT · 49 of 81
    snodog to Brian_Baldwin
    What? I didn't really read what you had to say. Could you maybe repost it and ping me. That would be great. But if you could maybe "edit it up a bit", I'm really busy cause I I have a couple of kids to raise.

    Oh, they be pimps I ain't got no hoe's, least that I be knowing about.

    Really only 12%?

  • Rainbow PUSH coalition evacuated after bomb threat

    04/15/2007 2:49:39 AM PDT · 26 of 34
    snodog to RunningWolf

    Damn, just another illegal doing a job Americans won’t do for them selves.

  • Sharpton Security Increases Amid Death Threats

    04/15/2007 2:42:45 AM PDT · 101 of 104
    snodog to HarmlessLovableFuzzball

    You missed my point. Blacks make up only 12% of the population, how can they control 100% of the media, elections, and popular opinion?

  • Sharpton Security Increases Amid Death Threats

    04/14/2007 12:46:52 AM PDT · 26 of 104
    snodog to OKIEDOC
    Again I have to ask. How can one or two people that represent 12% of a population control the majority?

    Did you ever stop to think there are more pets, dogs, cats, and birds...etc in this country than there are blacks. Yet they dictate our media, our sports, and our schools, not to mention our elected.

    Just an observation.

  • Surge Results are Visible

    04/13/2007 8:28:23 PM PDT · 11 of 21
    snodog to Brilliant
    Don’t want to throw cold water, but the only statistic that matters is how many American deaths there are, and they aren’t going down. Of course, when you’re in an offensive mode, you can’t expect them to go down. But we ultimately need a big reduction in American deaths before Americans are going to say “We’ve turned the corner.”

    I would have to disagree. The only thing that matters in the "national conscience" is what is blarred at them 24/7 in the media. Right now Iraq is not even making the Headlines.

    Unless there is a dramatic battle or attack with a relatively large american casualty count, the war in Iraq will slowly fade even more from the media.

    I believe we have turned a corner, and it is fairly evident in the media coverage. But I would give it another two weeks or a month, before we can be assured the media has moved on.

  • Colombian leader favors extraditing Chiquita execs

    03/18/2007 12:34:48 AM PDT · 6 of 7
    snodog to mc6809e
    Would it have been much better for those executives to have been murdered?

    They the executives were never in danger, they paid to protect thier workers.

  • Colombian leader favors extraditing Chiquita execs

    03/18/2007 12:34:37 AM PDT · 5 of 7
    snodog to mc6809e
    Would it have been much better for those executives to have been murdered?

    They the executives were never in danger, they paid to protect thier workers.

  • Is Newt coming out for Rudy?

    03/02/2007 11:10:18 PM PST · 268 of 269
    snodog to EagleUSA
    ....and suggested electability is an issue for Republicans. ---- Yes, sadly this will be the governing element in the Repub candidate that is chosen, as opposed to principles as number one issue. Too bad the American voting public is that stupid.

    your principles or mine? Did you ever stop to think that the rest of the republican party held thier breath while we elected your candidate? I doubt it. As good as W has turned out, why not pass the buck and let the adaults of the party nominate a real leader.

  • Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative

    03/02/2007 10:59:10 PM PST · 130 of 204
    snodog to massadvj
    Is the 2nd Amendment clear enough? It says "Congress shall pass no law...." Giuliani's position is that it does not prohibit states and counties from passing laws. Just another ambiguity to ponder.

    And as stated, he is correct. A state may pass a law at any time for anything it wants, and will become the law of that state until it is challanged in federal court, ie the United States Supreme Court and either allowed as permissable under the Constitution, or disallowed, or ruled unconstitutional, under our Federal system of governance.

    That was my semi- long answer, my short terse answer would be, The second Admenment is part of the Federal Constitution dumbass he was refering to States rights!Who's the conservative now? You or Rudy? Get a clue.

  • Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative

    03/02/2007 10:33:50 PM PST · 126 of 204
    snodog to sockmonkey
    When did the definition of Conservative change to include one who supports abortion, gay unions, and gun grabbing? If people want to say they feel he would be tough on terror, I can live with that, but to say he's a conservative is just BS.

    I should have found your post first.

    When did the conservative movement become the stomping ground of intolerant evangelicals.

    Even the famed bastion of Reagan conservatism, the one I do not have to name, says he is pro choice, his choice happens to be life. So be it, that is the beauty of our society, and government, but do not tell me I am not conservative because we disagree, on an issue. That is narrow mindeness, and we all can see how that has turned out.

    Your conservatism is not my conservatism, and I will not sit back and let the "moral conservatism" run rough shod over a movement that started out with a simple statement, "less government is better government."

  • Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative

    03/02/2007 9:38:17 PM PST · 108 of 204
    snodog to massadvj
    The real question is "is he conservative ENOUGH?" I think on law and order issues, fiscal responsibility, and the war on terror, he is likely to be even more conservative than Bush. I think he will appoint tough law and order judges, in spite of the sliming he has been getting in that regard. Certainly, a lot of true conservatives will have to swallow hard to support him. In the end, I sincerely hope the 2006 wake-up call will persuade enough social conservatives to accept him as a compromise before we all become dinosaurs.

    I would like to know what conservative is. No seriously, I oppose gay marriage, but I am open to civil union. I oppose abortion morally, but accept it as the law. I do not support any type of gun restrictions, the 2nd admendment is clear enough.

    I guess if he can right the ship, then let him steer it.

    If everyone in the conservative movement would take a breath and look at where we are heading you all would see the evangelicls, are tarnished, the moderate go along Repubs, are gone, what we need is a leader.

    Now if you want Hillary to be your leader, sit out, not a chance for me!

    Oh by the way, those guns I bought during the Reagan admin, I still have them. The Clintons did not take them away.

  • Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative

    03/02/2007 9:21:01 PM PST · 103 of 204
    snodog to TommyDale
    He is NOT a conservative. He is on the wrong side of these conservative issues: Abortion Embryonic Stem Cell Research Partial Birth Abortion Global Warming Gun Control Homosexual "civil unions" He is NOT a conservative. He is on the wrong side of these conservative issues: Abortion Embryonic Stem Cell Research Partial Birth Abortion Global Warming Gun Control Homosexual "civil unions"

    You should at least be honest, and say he is not YOUR type of Conservative. Which would be an evangelical conservative, or a "radical right winger". You do know conservatism is bigger than your opinion, or ideals.

    I know this will fall on deaf ears, but the President does not make law, we the people through our Senators, and Reps. make law!

    If you want a strict anti abortion rep elect them, if you want a communist government, elect them. If you want a no nonsence leader that can and will buck the system for change, elect RUDY!

    Wow, how the heck did I get up on that soap box anyway?

  • McCain, Giuliani stay away from debate

    02/24/2007 11:42:33 PM PST · 16 of 25
    snodog to pissant

    Everyone does realize that we are more than a year away from actually voting. Relax you lemmings.

  • Prince Harry sets sights on Iraq

    02/16/2007 11:27:50 PM PST · 26 of 38
    snodog to naturalman1975

    Well he should, he wears the same uniform, and ensignia as the rest. He should serve the same tour. Way to go young prince, service will do you good.

  • U.S. General requests yet more troops for Baghdad

    02/16/2007 11:23:01 PM PST · 6 of 31
    snodog to jmc1969
    Don't back down General. If you win the peace you win the war. Get the victory, one town at a time, show the media, and congress victory is at hand and they will shower you with gifts upon your return. If they refuse your demands call them traitors and humiliate them in public.

    They have already voted that your mission is a failure, prove them wrong!

  • Bush has two moles removed from forehead

    02/16/2007 9:43:46 PM PST · 17 of 25
    snodog to antiunion person

    Two moles, no wonder his approval ratings are in the dumper.

  • Prince Harry sets sights on Iraq

    02/16/2007 9:41:20 PM PST · 12 of 38
    snodog to naturalman1975

    He needs to serve a tour, anything less, and he is just another royal, getting by.

  • Something kinda cool happened to me yesterday

    02/11/2007 1:04:54 AM PST · 37 of 76
    snodog to real saxophonist

    I'm gonna srap on the Class A's and hang out at the Taco bell now!

  • Vanity Radio [Rebuttal to Medved's RINO love-letter]

    02/11/2007 12:22:33 AM PST · 34 of 139
    snodog to Antoninus
    Hunter holds the rail! I am all the way behind that dude.

    Wasn't he the fat cop "sullivan" on Third Watch?

  • Vanity Radio [Rebuttal to Medved's RINO love-letter]

    02/11/2007 12:19:28 AM PST · 32 of 139
    snodog to Antoninus

    So Giuliani is pro abortion, so is the law of the land. Are you going to allow Clinton to take the White House over one issue? I'm not.

    Get over you self and your cause, Giuliani, may not be everything we want, but he isn't Clinton.

    I will vote for Giuliani everytime if he is the line that divides.

  • Obama Related To George Washington?

    02/05/2007 11:17:38 PM PST · 36 of 115
    snodog to melt

    Really, related to Madison, me too. That means he is related to Zachory Taylor, and Jefferson Davis. Yeah that Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. Interesting?

  • US Republicans block move toward Senate vote on Bush war plan

    02/05/2007 7:06:34 PM PST · 12 of 14
    snodog to okie01

    Collins of Maine, Dingy Harry switched sides too. He was the only(D)to vote nay, why?

  • Baby Mamas Defend Gangster in Rape Trial

    01/13/2007 5:13:54 AM PST · 11 of 20
    snodog to Poundstone
    Why? It's not like she knew what was going on.

    She probably said, look a pee pee.

    Rape of a child is funny!

    Just keeps me lauaghing.

  • Bystander Pulls Off Daring NY Subway Rescue

    01/11/2007 2:14:52 AM PST · 75 of 75
    snodog to shorty_harris
    This guy is my age. I volunteered for the Navy at age 17 in 1974 (my birthday is in August). I turned 18 in boot camp. I didn't go to vietnam, but nearly everyone in my squadron with more time in service than me had been there.

    So does he get Vietnam service by proxy.

    I will go on the record, what he did was heroic, and his service to this nation should be commended, anyone that served in the United States Military has my utmost respect, but why say, "during the Vietnam era"? Does that make him a bigger hero? That is like saying I served during "Panama", or "Libya"? Which I did, I sat in my living room in Germany and watched AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and Television Service) LIVE!

    I also had to battle Rangers at Sculthorpe,UK. twice during my service, and I'll tell you, Rangers don't give up thier place at the bar easily. Thank god for green lights, a door that opens on the left of the hall, and a brisk wind blowin outside. HOOK UP!

  • Employees find noose hanging at work

    01/11/2007 1:12:36 AM PST · 218 of 218
    snodog to snodog
    Are you saying that OJ killed Nicole because he is a racist? When did race ever become an issue in the OJ murders?

    I ask, again when did race ever become an issue in the OJ murders?

    I'll answer it for you. When it went before the cameras and a jury. Prior to that it was a double murder.

    Racism had nothing to do with the murders, but had everything to to with the verdict.

  • The New Face Of The Black Panther Party

    01/11/2007 12:57:52 AM PST · 13 of 15
    snodog to piasa
    These are the same ideas/ideals written by the Black Panther Party of the 60's. Communisim and racial strife, it does get old. If anyone wants to read the writtings of a lunatic, I suggest "Soledad Brothers" by George Jackson.

    I would then suggest reading anything from todays jihadis, if you don't find a similarity in thier lunacy, then I might be reading too much.

  • Employees find noose hanging at work

    01/07/2007 3:32:12 AM PST · 203 of 218
    snodog to supremedoctrine
    I seem to recall Nicole Brown's "first marriage" was for nearly that long to one O. J. Simpson, so could most people figure that neither of them could be racists either?

    I mean, you know, given how the marriage "ended".

    Are you saying that OJ killed Nicole because he is a racist? When did race ever become an issue in the OJ murders?

    Try and stay on topic.

  • Employees find noose hanging at work

    01/07/2007 3:26:20 AM PST · 202 of 218
    snodog to supremedoctrine
    Let's talk about REALITY and not some theoretical associations of imagery from your childhood days of watching Wild Bill Hickok or Tom Mix movies at the local moviehouse.

    Theoretical associations of imagery? How about the image of me getting my ass beat by a black kid because I was forced to "attend" his school by the school board. How about the image of race riots because the black kids where forced to attend our schools. How about the imagery of my friend being stabbed to death by a black man. How about that? I have had my fill of imagery about racism. This was a classic case of over sensitive blacks, and stupid whites, but a noose is not a symbol of racism.

  • Employees find noose hanging at work

    01/07/2007 3:04:10 AM PST · 201 of 218
    snodog to pandoraou812
    I find myself now racist towards most Muslims but then I watched the twin towers burning

    I know I hate all them, white...asian, What race is muslims? It must be hard to be racist against a religion, and not a race of people. I can see why you are confused.

  • Employees find noose hanging at work

    01/06/2007 12:35:08 AM PST · 59 of 218
    snodog to Lokibob
    unbelieveable!!! Do you really think this way.

    If the manager worked for me, he would have been out so fast, his shadow would miss the ride.

    WE, as Americans can not have this kind of racism in this country, and as FReepers, I find it disgusting.

    Absolutely, when racism is thrown around for racisms sake as news I make fun of it. And that is what this is.

    What is racist about a noose? When I think about a noose I think cowboy's and the wild west. I don't think poor black men in the south.

    To me a, native sun of the west it represents the law, and our desire to control the outlaws that wanted to take advantage of our peaceful ways. Racism has nothing to do with it. I would call for a hanging just as quick regardless of race if they committed the same crime.

    Lynching, now that evokes evil im my mind. Punishment without the rule of law. That is evil and racist when committed because of someones race.

  • Employees find noose hanging at work

    01/05/2007 11:27:43 PM PST · 51 of 218
    snodog to Sacajaweau
    I'm still trying to figure out why I went bonkers and tears came to my eyes. SNOOPY IS NOT REAL!!

    It is clear that you are trying to release your oppresive past. Snoopy, if you hadn't noticed has a little black in him. Not only the spots, but how he dances, he, to quote Scott Van Pelt of ESPN, "that's levitation homes". I don't get it either, they never show levitating houses, it has to do with, thier blackness I think.

    Stay cool, call me over the summer.