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  • 'Protection squad' for Gibson's Jesus (Security detail hired for James Caviezel)

    03/23/2004 11:38:33 AM PST · 147 of 147
    SolaGratia to SolaGratia

    By Kelly McGinley
    March 11, 2004

    Several months ago a film titled "Luther" was released in the theaters. There was no fanfare, no great marketing plan to all the churches, or free viewing for church leaders and government employees. But it was a remarkable film and one that should have been viewed by every Christian before going to see "The Passion of the Christ."

    Now that the world has flocked to see the Passion, we need a new Reformation. I guess the old one has worn off. Have we forgotten about the crusades, inquisitions, and the sex scandals? Look at the Catholic Church today almost completely taken over by sodomites. After priests abuse children and women, they threaten their souls if they tell! Our local bishop has threatened a woman to keep her quiet. He said it would be harmful to her, her husband and her children if she told anyone. Her soul was also threatened by her priest. The bishop and priest are still "serving Christ" here in Alabama.

    Masses of Protestants happily joining hands with the Catholics to see a 100% purely Catholic movie could seal the fate of those caught in this legalistic false gospel. It tramples on the souls of the martyrs who helped bring about the Reformation. And what of the poor souls who live in fear daily wondering where they will spend eternity since the Church has control over their fate? We have done them an injustice by endorsing this film. The Reformation was as important to this country as the Revolutionary War. Had there not been a Reformation, our country would look like South America.

    Not only have we done an injustice to the true saints gone before us who have died just trying to read the Word of God, what about the 11,000 that have come forward about the sexual abuse done to them as a children? What about all those souls caught up in a religion of works? They may never see the truth now that evangelicals have endorsed Catholicism.

    I have passion all right. Passion for the souls of those who may never know the truth because the church today does not separate itself from error. I have a passion for the Word of God. All this rhetoric about using it as an evangelism tool, yet at the same time we may have sealed the fate of millions of Catholics.

    Many asked me why I called the movie "satanic" in my last article. Because it is deceptive and has a strange hold on people. This movie blasphemes the Creator of the Universe, and hardly anyone notices. A crucifixion took place all right. Mel crucified God's word, God's character, and the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. He used visions from a mystical nun, Ann Catherine Emmerich, to write most of, if not all this story. Her book is called "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ." This book was rarely ever purchased, but this last week the sales have jumped to around 17,000.

    He added so much Catholic tradition, like the Stations of the Cross and took away biblical truths. Jesus was scared, shaking, fainting, falling and begging for mercy, plus shown nude still sitting in the tomb after the stone was rolled away! What ever happened to the Angel who said "He's not here, He has risen"? How's that for blaspheming? The women who played Mary Magdalene, Satan and Pilate's wife are all hard-core porn actresses . Mel starred in a movie,"What Women Want?" , where he tried to lay every woman his flesh desired. Can good fruit come from a bad tree?

    Mel and most Catholics believe that Mother Mary is CO-redeemer. Pope John Paul II stated: "She (Mary) completes in her flesh as already in her heart what is lacking in the suffering of Christ." Many Popes throughout the years believed that she suffered with Christ for the sins of the world. Mary herself states, in many of her sightings, that "she" gives the Grace needed for redemption. Mary was portrayed this way in the movie. She had psychic powers and a strange connection with Jesus. She transferred power to him so He could continue. Mel even brought the transubstantiation into this movie as he had Mary get Christ's blood in her mouth. Then after Jesus dies, Mary holds him as offering her Son for the sacrifice. Mel made this movie an actual mass. That's why the movie was made in a dead language. Greek is what most non-Jews spoke in Jerusalem during that time.

    What was Mel's rational for having Peter running to fall at Mary's feet to ask for forgiveness? Why would Peter think he needed Mary's forgiveness? What is this "flesh of my flesh" bulmalarky of Mary? And the betrayal could not be complete without Veronica at the sixth station of the cross. All this from the visions of Emmerich.

    Since when have evangelicals gone along with visions from anyone other than those in the Bible? Jeremiah 14:14 states: "Then the Lord said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart."

    Mel is a Traditionalist or a Latin Mass Only Catholic. He believes the doctrine confirmed by the Council of Trent. This council has 125 solemn curses against anyone who teaches salvation by Grace alone in Christ alone. They only worship in Latin and believe the rest of the world are going to hell or to purgatory. Gibson was recorded by Peter Boyer of The New Yorker as saying, "There is no salvation for those outside the Church." He does not believe what Christ did on the cross to be enough to get us to heaven. In his interview with Diane Sawyer, she took him to task with this philosophy, and he then claimed that everyone would eventually go to heaven but the Latin church was the easiest path to get there. Evidently talking about purgatory. All this was the official teaching of Rome prior to Vatican II.

    The most satanic of all was in the beginning when Jesus was being arrested. The Roman guards should have been lying on the ground if the Bible was followed, but instead Jesus's face was pulverized causing his right eye to be swelled shut. It then stayed swollen shut throughout the movie. It is funny how Mel has a one eyed icon as his logo for Icon Productions. A picture of Ann Emmerich shows her in bed with one eye in a pyramid over her, enlightening her with the vision to write her book. Keeping Jesus one eyed throughout the show, then showing him naked in the tomb reminded me of the picture that the Illuminati uses for the Antichrist. A one-eyed naked man on a white horse. In Zechariah 11:17, Zechariah is talking about the antichrist and says, "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened." Read that whole chapter, it is very EYE opening! Hey wasn't that Jesus's right eye that was swollen shut in the movie? View Jesus' right eye blackened out on "The Passion of the Christ" web page. (Wait till the picture of Jesus appears.)

    Vittorio Messor states in his telling article, "'The Passion'...for Its Author, Is A Mass", "no accident that it was pleasing to the Pope and to so many cardinals, not excluding Ratzinger, for whom "The Passion" is a manifesto that abounds in symbols that only a competent eye can fully discern." Mel Gibson used strange terms about the one-eye in his interview with Peter Boyer, "The Jesus War" in the New Yorker. Mel stated, "I wanted to mess up one of his eyes, destroy it." His other strange quote in the same interview, "It's just amazing to me how one-eyed some people are about this thing. I mean, it's like a veil comes down and they just can't see it. For instance, did you know that one of the priests helps take his body down from the Cross? It's there! Nobody sees it. They can only view it from one eye." I wonder to whom he is sending this one eyed message?

    The female Satan holding a satanic baby looked to some to possibly represent the Antichrist. I am not sure what Mel meant with that scene. It did not come from Emmerich or the Bible. In Mel's movie, I doubt there was any scene that did not have a very specific purpose.

    What concerns me the most about this movie is that the politically correct, dumbed-down, lukewarm, end time Church of the Laodicea cannot discern enough to know when they see a false Christ. Mel portrayed a false Christ and the evangelicals received him hook, line and sinker as the real Jesus. They have been well conditioned to accept the antichrist as a great and wonderful Holy Man deserving their reverence. They will even be begging to receive the mark. After all, Emmerich states in one of her visions that the antichrist will win the battle at Megiddo and rule the world. You all can follow Emmerich, but as for me the authority of the scriptures is the only authority. Let God be truth and every man a Liar.

    Of course I have taken a very unpopular position on this movie and will receive much persecution. I keep telling myself "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake". No one wants to be persecuted unless they really believe in something so much, or are obedient no matter what the consequences. Mel did receive some persecution for this movie. He brought on the persecution because he believes so much in Emmerich. I brought on persecution out of obedience to the WORD of God! All week agonizing over doing this article, I was haunted by this song I sang to my child "Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone." I hope its gone now.

    © 2004 Kelly McGinley - All Rights Reserved

    Kelly McGinley is a Christian radio talk show host. Her show is called Re-Taking America heard in Alabama and Florida and can also be heard 24/7 on the Internet at Her show is about cultural, political and world events through a biblical world view. Kelly can be contacted at
  • 'Protection squad' for Gibson's Jesus (Security detail hired for James Caviezel)

    03/20/2004 5:49:59 PM PST · 146 of 147
    SolaGratia to k2blader
    Actually, when asked by a New Yorker repoter, Sept.15, 2003 if only Catholic have salvation, Gibson said he goes with that.

    It does not matter if you are a protestant or Catholic or Jew, if you do not believe that Christ is the only way to salvation and that we are saved by Grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone without works of the Catholic church or otherwise you do not have salvation.
  • 'Protection squad' for Gibson's Jesus (Security detail hired for James Caviezel)

    03/20/2004 5:39:13 PM PST · 145 of 147
    SolaGratia to stands2reason
    Mel's Passion

    Confusion (at best) seems to be swirling around "The Passion of the
    Christ." An email was forwarded to me (and probably thousands of other
    believers) months ago asking for prayer for the cast and crew of "The
    Passion of the Christ," who, at the time, were undergoing "heavy
    spiritual warfare." The email originator, Ron Handley, said he was in
    contact with the film's star, James Caviesel, whom he had "discipled"
    when Jim was a student at the University of Wash. He noted Jim's prayer
    request: "This movie has the potential to bring the entire world,
    including the nonreligious, to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ."
    Handley then exhorts the reader to "pray right now for the people you
    need to invite to see the movie with you."

    So where's the "confusion"? The email gives the distinct impression that
    Caviesel is a fellow believer. Really? Does Caviesel have a "saving
    knowledge of Jesus Christ?" His subsequent interviews reveal him to be
    an extraordinarily devout Roman Catholic. There's not even a hint of
    that in the email. Yet Caviesel in other places proclaims his zeal for
    his Catholic faith, his taking the Eucharist daily during the film's
    production, his spiritually arming himself with relics of dead saints
    and "a splinter from Christ's cross," his praying the Rosary throughout
    the shooting of the film, his devotion to the Marian apparition of
    Medjugorje, and his belief that "The Passion of the Christ" was "made by
    Mary for her Son." Pray for James Caviesel's true salvation, and
    especially for discernment for the believers, shepherds, and the sheep
    flocking to this extremely Catholic motion picture.
  • The Jesus War (New Yorker Piece on Mel Gibson, "The Passion")

    03/20/2004 8:01:21 AM PST · 85 of 87
    SolaGratia to RaptureReady
    Jim Caviezel Tells of Meeting With Pope
    Actor Who Plays Jesus in "The Passion" Thanked Holy Father for Letter to Artists

    VATICAN CITY, MARCH 16, 2004 ( Jim Caviezel, who plays Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ," thanked John Paul II for his witness which the actor said has profoundly inspired his own life.

    Caviezel spoke today with a group of journalists about his private audience Monday with the Pope. They spoke, among other things, of the 1999 letter the Holy Father wrote to artists, Caviezel said. The actor said the letter has helped him personally.

    The rest was "private," Caviezel told journalists in the Vatican, including a ZENIT representative.

    The audience took place in the Pope's private library. "I couldn't tell you how long it lasted," said Caviezel. He said he did not look at his watch as he was absorbed in the Holy Father's conversation.

    ZENIT saw some of the pictures taken during the meeting, and learned that John Paul II gave Caviezel a rosary. Caviezel and his wife were seated in front of the Pope's desk.

    "John Paul II is a very special man for a very special world. He is the Pope of Fatima," Caviezel said in reference to the explanation given by the Holy See to the so-called third secret of the Virgin confided to the three little Portuguese shepherds. "The Pope is a mystic. He loves Christ."

    Caviezel said of the film's director: "Mel Gibson is very, very Catholic, very Roman Catholic."

    "Many celebrities say they are Catholics but they do not follow the Vatican, on pro-life issues, on capital punishment," Caviezel added. "When you see Mel Gibson's film, is it Protestant? Is it Muslim? Is it Catholic? What do you see?

    "It is very Catholic, very universal. It is a great way to introduce people to what it means to be Catholic: It is universal, for all peoples, for all times."

    For Caviezel, to be involved in the film was a "real spiritual experience."

    "You can't see what is shown and remain indifferent" -- much less so if, as an actor, one penetrates the character to give the best of oneself, he said.

    In acting the part, Caviezel said to himself: "I don't want people to see me; I just want them to see Jesus."

    To come to this experience, Caviezel added, "I began with the rosary, the rosary led me to confession, confession led me to the Mass, every day, and always when I have the Eucharist in my body, I feel more like being in Christ."

    The actor also responded to some accusations of anti-Semitism made by some groups against the film.

    As a believer, Caviezel said, "I am Semitic. It is my lineage. I am from the House of David and Abraham."

    If "someone says the film is anti-Semitic, the Bible should also be considered anti-Semitic," he said. Caviezel added that he has suggested to Jewish compatriots to make a film on Moses or David.

    On Monday, Caviezel presented the film "The Passion of the Christ" to some ecclesiastics who live in Rome, before it was shown at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum.
  • But Is Mel Gibson Catholic?

    02/20/2004 8:43:45 AM PST · 170 of 170
    SolaGratia to NYer
    Gibson told the New yorker reporter that only those in the Catholic church had salvation.

    Sept 15 2003
    I told Gibson that I am a Protestant, and asked whether his pre-Vatican II world view disqualified me from eternal salvation. He paused. “There is no salvation for those outside the Church,” he said. “I believe it.” He explained, “Put it this way. My wife is a saint. She's a much better person than I am. Honestly. She's, like, Episcopalian, Church of England. She prays, she believes in God, she knows Jesus, she believes in that stuff. And it's just not fair if she doesn't make it, she's better than I am. But that is a pronouncement from the chair. I go with it.”
  • The Jesus War (New Yorker Piece on Mel Gibson, "The Passion")

    02/18/2004 10:28:10 AM PST · 81 of 87
    SolaGratia to Oisín
    but the "body" is anyone who believes Jesus as savior and follows His example. This includes Catholosism.>>

    The Catholic church does not believe we are saved by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. They add many things such as sacrements, works, purgatory, etc.

    Just found out something about the Actress that plays Mary Magdalene, Monica Bellucci. She is a well know porn star in europe and has her own web-site to promote it.
  • The Jesus War (New Yorker Piece on Mel Gibson, "The Passion")

    02/16/2004 6:26:54 AM PST · 79 of 87
    SolaGratia to DallasMike
    To: Campion
    Oh, but he's right in saying that salvation is impossible outside the Church. He's only wrong in assuming he (Mel) knows who's outside the Church and who's inside. :-) Only He (God) knows that for sure.>>>>

    Yes, he is right when he says that salvation is impossible outside the church. The problem is Mel does not know what the "Church" is. He thinks it is the Roman Catholic church. It is not. The church is made up of the body of Christ. Those that believe we are saved by Grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. The Catholic church does not teach this so therefor the Roman Catholic that follows the teaching of pre Vatican 11 or post Vatican 11 teaching do not have salvation. This movie may do some good, I don't know. But I would say that most that see it have already heard the Gospel and you can not be saved by emotion. And if they make a commitment because of the movie and do not receive Christ as the only sacrifice for salvation and add the dogmas of the Roman church in addition then it is to no avail.
  • Fátima to become interfaith shrine

    11/18/2003 10:51:38 AM PST · 188 of 189
    SolaGratia to dutchee
  • Fátima to become interfaith shrine

    11/18/2003 10:38:38 AM PST · 187 of 189
    SolaGratia to Canticle_of_Deborah

    By Peggy Polk
    and Robert Nowell

    VATICAN CITY, Dec. 6 (RNS)--Tempering a controversial Vatican declaration on salvation, Pope John Paul II said Wednesday that all who live a just life will be saved even if they do not believe in Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church.

    © 2000 Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes
    On March 26, 2000.
    The popular Catholic Pope John Paul II blatantly contradicted the Bible on December 7 when he proclaimed "Heaven is open to all as long as they are good," even for "those who ignore Christ and his Church." The Bible clearly teaches only those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will go to heaven and the Father.

    The December 8, Electronic Telegraph reported the Pope as saying that "Heaven is open to all as long as they are good."

    3. The Holy Spirit is not only present in other religions through authentic expressions of prayer. “The Spirit’s presence and activity”, as I wrote in the Encyclical Letter Redemptoris missio, “affect not only individuals but also society and history, peoples, cultures and religions” (n. 28).Normally, “it will be in the sincere practice of what is good in their own religious traditions and by following the dictates of their own conscience that the members of other religions respond positively to God’s invitation and receive salvation in Jesus Christ, even while they do not recognize or acknowledge him as their Saviour (cf. Ad gentes, nn. 3, 9, 11)” (Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
  • Fátima to become interfaith shrine

    11/17/2003 4:31:09 PM PST · 186 of 189
    SolaGratia to Fifthmark
    This sounds like something the Pope would say