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  • State Says It is Prepared (NM Prepared for TB)

    06/01/2007 10:21:35 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    Solon to greyfoxx39
    "If a situation similar to that in Georgia were to occur in New Mexico, we have experience in using our State law to quarantine an individual who would represent a risk to the public’s health,” said Dr. Steve Jenison, medical director of the Department’s Infectious Disease Bureau.

    That's good. But since it can take up to 4 months to determine the exact strain of TB, what happens in between diagnosing TB & determining the particular strain of TB? That's what has me shaking my head.

  • TB Patient Apologizes For Causing Scare

    06/01/2007 9:45:29 AM PDT · 44 of 50
    Solon to TornadoAlley3
    According to MedicalNewsToday To evaluate drug susceptibility, the bacteria need to be cultivated and tested in a suitable laboratory. Such a final diagnosis for TB, and especially XDR-TB, may take 6-16 weeks.

    Not knowing the strain of TB, I find it incredulous that any doctor would tell this idiot that he was of no threat to others.

    It sounds more & more that this selfish POS just did not want to wait for the results. So, other people be damned, off to a European wedding & honeymoon he goes.

  • THE BIG ONE (Hurricane Cycle for NY now overdue)

    09/16/2005 8:27:12 AM PDT · 26 of 76
    Solon to NYer
    "Hog Island largely disappeared that night," Coch says. "As far as I know, it is the only incidence of the removal of an entire island by a hurricane."

    Never heard of Hog Island or the storm of 1938. This was a fascinating article.

    The article centered on NYC. But what of Long Island? In googling, they say that the hurricane of 1938 holds the forward speed record for any Atlantic hurricane. That means more lead time is needed for evacuations but... in a Cat 4/5 hurricane how do you evacutate millions of people off LI? The Throgs Neck?

    Born & bred in Bay Shore, so this article sent chills down my spine.

  • "An Awful Howling" -- animals dying in New Orleans

    09/08/2005 2:45:21 PM PDT · 45 of 165
    Solon to Black Tooth
    It may sound stupid, but I couldn't leave my German Shepard behind. Period.

    No way does that sound stupid. I feel the same way about my GS mix. She's a creature that would give her life to save mine. Loyalty goes both ways. It would be a cold day in hell before I left my dogs behind.

  • Dying Pets Break the Hearts of Helpless Rescuers...Please Help the Truly Helpless

    09/02/2005 9:07:10 AM PDT · 99 of 374
    Solon to Iluvlabs not libs
    Thanks - just made another donation to Katrina - Noah's Wish.

    Never heard of them before this. Hope they're good.

  • New Orleans Mayor Fumes Over Slow Response

    09/02/2005 8:00:46 AM PDT · 77 of 101
    Solon to dfwgator
    Uh Mr. Mayor, what about all those school buses that were submerged in the flood waters? Did you ever consider for one second that those now useless busses could have been deployed on Saturday to get those people out?

    I don't understand this at all. Not at all. Florida commandeers school buses to evacuate the elderly, so why were all those elderly left in New Orleans?

    If the LA-SPCA had the forsight to evacuate all their animals to Houston-SPCA on Saturday, I'm at a complete loss to understand why NO didn't undertake a massive evacuation of its elderly.

  • City rallies around futuristic car (Austin)

    08/23/2005 7:16:51 AM PDT · 15 of 103
    Solon to Cat loving Texan
    It is a car that runs largely off a battery, switching to gasoline as electricity runs low

    The article doesn't mention the life span of the battery & the cost to replace it. Anyone know?

  • The Age of Autism: The Amish anomaly

    04/20/2005 1:31:12 PM PDT · 280 of 457
    Solon to TomB
    No, ALL CHILDREN's vaccines (the flu vaccine isn't on the child vaccination schedule, you are not required to get it) have had thimerosal removed from them for years.

    But on the link you provided the CDC has included the flu vaccine:
    Influenza (flu) vaccine is a new addition to the recommended childhood immunization schedule. In 2004, the CDC added the vaccine to the childhood immunization schedule, recommending that children 6-23 months of age be vaccinated against flu each year.

    True the CDC states that thimerosal is not used as a perservative in pediatric vaccines but then it states:
    Thimerosal still may be used in the early stages of manufacturing of certain vaccines, but is removed through a purification process, with only trace, or insignificant, amounts remaining.

    According to the CDC, the last batch of pediatric vacs with thimerosal expired in 2003 with the exception of the flu & tentanus/diphtheria vac.


    04/13/2005 10:05:26 AM PDT · 66 of 72
    Solon to A. Pole

    How sophomoric but none the less predictable.


    04/13/2005 8:38:15 AM PDT · 64 of 72
    Solon to A. Pole
    "State church"?!!! Not only Soviet Union had explicit separation of the church and state (it was in the constitution) but the atheism was the established state belief system. How ignorant can you be Mr. Solon?

    Have you gone daft? We all know that on paper the Soviets severed connections between church and state in 1918.

    But you can have all the separation of church & state on paper all you want, but when a church, albeit a persecuted one, cooperates and supports a regime, at a time when other churches are outlawed, it becomes a de facto state church.

    According to your logic since the Soviet Union guaranteed freedom of religious worship, it therefore was fact.

    And you are forgetting the abysmal failure of the Militant Atheist League.

    A History of Russia, Nicholas Riasanovsky - 4th edition- page588

    Yet, according to an official report based on the never-published census of 1936, 55% of Soviet citizens still identified themselves as religious- while many others presumably concealed their belief.

    That stubborn fact in conjunction with the general social stabilization of the thirties made Stalin & the Politburo assume a more tolerant attitude toward religion. The war and the patriotic behavior of the Church (ROC) in the war added to its acceptance and standing.

    The activities of the Union of the Godless and anti-religious propaganda in general were curtailed. In return the patriarchal Church declared complete loyalty to the regime, and supported, for example, its international peace campaigns and its attempts to influence Balkan Orthodox.

    More unfortunately, the two co-operated in bringing the two or three million Uniates of former eastern Poland into Orthodoxy.

    The following is from Stalin's Holy War by Steven Miner- a website Destro was so kind to offer:

    During the war, many Western observers believed that Stalin eased legal strictures against the Orthodox Church as a "reward" of sorts.[23] Although this was a widely held view at the time, it was not an accurate explanation, as informed people knew well enough. As early as 1927, Metropolitan Sergii, the patriarch locum tenens of the Russian Orthodox Church, had called on his followers to accept and obey Soviet power as divinely ordained.

    And first learn to get the gender correct before addressing someone.


    04/12/2005 7:39:10 PM PDT · 60 of 72
    Solon to A. Pole
    So a persecuted state church equates to being legally abolished in your mind.

    Relative of Destro?


    04/12/2005 6:17:57 PM PDT · 57 of 72
    Solon to Destro
    What are you talking about?

    Are you drunk?


    04/12/2005 6:16:26 PM PDT · 56 of 72
    Solon to Destro
    You just don't get it. Those churches are not Catholic.

    And that attempt lasted what 8 years?

    The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church at the beginning of the 1930s was liquidated.

    Now go read a book.


    04/12/2005 2:49:11 PM PDT · 52 of 72
    Solon to Destro
    The Communists first allowed the "Uniate" and "Ukranian Nationalist" Churches as a tool to fight the Russian Orthodox Church

    One thing I have to admit - you don't let facts get in the way of your disgusting bigoted agenda.

    Communists never allowed any such nonsense as you are expousing.

    Are you not aware that Ukrainian Catholics fell under Soviet rule in 1939 when western Ukraine was incorporated into the Soviet Union as part of the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact? It was liquidated in 1946. The repression of Catholics started immediately in 1939.

    Did you even know that western Ukraine was not under bolsheviks/Stalin until 1939?

    You are aware that the seat of the Ukrainian Catholic church was in Lviv because Catholics previoulsy had been expelled from Kyiv by tsarist Russia?

    And btw, that web site was certainly not complimentary towards the Russian Orthodox church. Did you read it? What were you thinking?


    04/12/2005 7:37:43 AM PDT · 47 of 72
    Solon to A. Pole
    It was abolished & outlawed

    No it was not. Being persecuted in the early days and being under state control does not constitute being legally abolished.


    04/12/2005 7:20:14 AM PDT · 46 of 72
    Solon to Destro
    In fact it was under the Soviets that the Uniates were allowed to reclaim Churches - while the Orthodox were still locked out of theirs.

    Wholly Karp!! Dude be not afraid of the Dewey decimal system. It can be your friend.

    But then again why bother. It's alot more fun to make up facts to suit an agenda.


    04/11/2005 3:34:17 PM PDT · 36 of 72
    Solon to Destro
    The Catholic Church was "legal"

    Can you be any more ignorant? The Ukrainian Catholic Church was the largest illegal church in the world up until 1989.

    I did not write about Stalin. And you still do not address the supportive role of the partriarch of Moscow(Aleksei) in the persecution of other Eastern Churches.

    It is a fact that the Russian Orthodox Church was the recipient of confiscated churches & properties, so it begs the question.............

    Why do the Ukrainian Orthodox & Catholic Churches, to this day, have to butt heads with the Russian Orthodox Church to have their properties respectfully return to them? It would have been the honorable thing to do but it seems denominational vanity gets precedence over morality.


    04/11/2005 2:02:01 PM PDT · 34 of 72
    Solon to Destro
    The USSR was not Orthodox nor was Orthodox tolerated

    But the Russian Orthodox Church was not abolished & outlawed as was the Ukrainian Orthodox & Ukrainian Catholic Churches.

    In fact, is it not true that the Russian Orthodox Church was the only one to fuction legally in the USSR?

    And was this attempt to obliterate rival Eastern Churches done so with the supportive role of the partriarch of Moscow(Aleksei)?

    Is it also not true that the Russian Orthodox Church was the recipent of confiscated Catholic churches and to this day not all churches & properties have been returned to their rightful owners?

    Interesting standard of toleration you have.

  • With The Highest Murder Rate In The U.S., Puerto Rico Needs Immediate Solutions

    02/04/2005 11:24:50 AM PST · 58 of 61
    Solon to Sergio
    Uncalled for. There are a lot of good people on the island, and many from the island who have given their lives for the United States of America in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, GWI, Bosnia, and now in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Just had to pipe in here and add Operation El Dorado (1986)Canyon to your list in honor of Maj. Ribas. I never forgot this story.-----------------

    Capt. Ribas-Dominicci was one of the pilots who participated in the Libyan air raid. His F-111F was shot down in action over the disputed Gulf of Sidra off the Libyan coast. Ribas-Dominicci and his weapons systems officer, Capt. Paul F. Laurence, were the only U.S. casualties of Operation El Dorado Canyon.

    Major Fernando L. Ribas-Dominicci was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico. In 1983, while holding the rank of Captain, he was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal. In 1985 he completed his master's degree in aeronautical science at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Bunnell, Florida, USA.

  • Modern life without a cell phone is not any kind of life at all

    01/18/2005 9:42:37 AM PST · 133 of 167
    Solon to the_devils_advocate_666
    Thank-you for this thread!

    The opinions of other posters regarding being cell-less was most comforting. I thought we were the last ones on this planet without a cell. Whew! Feel normal now.