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  • Carrier to relocate Indianapolis manufacturing operations to Mexico, 1,400 jobs affected

    02/12/2016 8:16:56 AM PST · 58 of 59
    Soul of the South to Toddsterpatriot

    “Lower prices on imports. Larger markets for exports.”

    Decline in inflation adjusted average family income.

    Shrinking middle class.

    Rise of China as a military and industrial power.

    As to lower prices on imports, I worked for a country that outsourced its manufacturing in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Not one cent of the higher margins was passed to customers in price reductions. Instead the cash flow from the higher margins was used to buy back the company’s stock. Financial engineering to benefit the upper 1%.

    Here are some hard numbers with respect to trade. Looks like the trade advantage since the pro free trade George H.W. Bush administration took office in 1989 has been shifting to foreign countries.

    US trade deficit (goods) 1988: $118 Billion
    US trade deficit 2015 (goods): $736 Billion

  • Obama budget busts the $4 trillion mark

    02/12/2016 7:40:11 AM PST · 8 of 19
    Soul of the South to SeekAndFind

    “Obama budget busts the $4 trillion mark”

    Only if the GOP Congress passes it. Obama can’t spend a dime without it being first appropriated by Congress.

  • Carrier to relocate Indianapolis manufacturing operations to Mexico, 1,400 jobs affected

    02/12/2016 7:38:49 AM PST · 56 of 59
    Soul of the South to Toddsterpatriot

    Exactly what were the benefits to the US economy and the average American citizen from the tariff policies of the last 25 years?

  • France to Shut Down 100 to 160 Mosques; War-grade Weapons Found in Some

    02/12/2016 7:28:49 AM PST · 59 of 61
    Soul of the South to catfish1957

    “Most of us here were very supportive of W during his terms. Seems every day sense he left, that was a regrettable decision.”

    At one time we were under the illusion the GOP and its politicians believed in individual liberty and supported conservative positions. W helped us wake up as we discovered “compassionate conservatism” meant liberalism. Of course his father’s “no new taxes” lie should have been the wake up call. The one thing positive about JEB! is he doesn’t try to hide his progressive views.

  • Carrier to relocate Indianapolis manufacturing operations to Mexico, 1,400 jobs affected

    02/12/2016 6:02:59 AM PST · 53 of 59
    Soul of the South to The Ghost of FReepers Past

    “Tariffs do more harm than good in many ways.”

    From 1865 to 1900 the United States experienced the fastest economic growth in its history. It became the greatest industrial economy on the planet and developed a thriving middle class. Millions of people from around the world immigrated to the US to participate in the economic boom. During this era the United States had the highest tariffs in its history.
    Those tariffs were specifically designed to promote the development of US manufacturing and fully fund the federal government. The standard of living for the average household grew rapidly during this time as the technological marvels of the period became accessible to middle class homes.

    From 1988 to the present the federal government has pursued a low tariff policy. During this period the much of US manufacturing base moved offshore and with the migration millions of middle class jobs. The standard of living for the average household declined during this period for the first time in US history. The middle class is shrinking, most new jobs are not full time and the labor force participation is at historical lows. Income inequality is at historical highs.

    Free traders love to talk about the evils of tariffs. However, the economic boom promised by academics, big business, and politicians when we embarked on the great tariff reductions of the 1990’s and 2000’s has not occurred in the United States.

    As to the Great Depression of the 1930’s the facts are:
    1). The Depression began before the Smoot Hawley tariffs were passed in 1930. The agricultural economy had been in deep recession with falling prices and farm bankruptcies since 1926. The financial collapse on Wall Street occurred in 1929. Consumer and industrial demand for manufactured goods began dropping precipitously in 1929, before tariffs were raised.
    2). In 1929 foreign trade (imports and exports) comprised less than 5% of US GDP. About half of US exports were agricultural goods with the remaining half manufacturing goods and services.
    3). From 1929 to the depth of the depression in 1932, US GDP declined by 50%. Even if the 1930 tariff resulted in the loss of all manufacturing exports (which it did not), it explains only 2.5% of the 50% drop in GDP.
    4). At the bottom of the depression, foreign trade still represented 5% of GDP.
    5). Today most economists understand the collapse of the stock market followed by a credit crunch resulting from the Federal Reserve tight money policies exacerbated the decline in domestic demand for goods and services. From 1929 to 1932 manufacturing production dropped by 55% in the US. Less than 2% of that drop was attributable to declining exports of manufactured goods.

    The great free trade experiment of the past 25 years has been a disaster for average family, the middle class, and the US economy. What are the specific benefits to our country?

    If low tariffs and “free trade” are so good for our country and its citizens answer these questions:

    1). Why do the agreements require thousands of pages of exceptions, rules, and special provisions? If zero tariffs are so good, why aren’t they one page agreements?
    2). Why are the agreements negotiated in secret?
    3). Why does the passage of these agreements invariably require Congess to cede its powers to the executive branch to secure passage? Congress gives up its power to amend the agreements and in recent years the Senate has agreed to pass with a simple majority. Good agreements should easily secure a 2/3 majority vote.
    4). Why do these agreements result in the US ceding sovereignty to international organizations?
    5). Why do these agreements permit other countries to subsidize their exporters with export tax credits, investment capital, and non tariff barriers while US companies do not receive the same benefits?

    The zero tariff policy of the past 25 years is a failure on every measure that counts for the citizens of this country. It has been wonderful for the citizens of China, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, and other nations whose factories now produce goods once made in America. Return to the high tariffs of the 19th century and we will see a manufacturing boom.

  • FIX IS IN: PBS Moderators Ignore Clinton Scandals

    02/12/2016 4:30:24 AM PST · 14 of 23
    Soul of the South to Mr Apple

    Blame the GOP for public funding of PBS. They’ve controlled the power of the purse since January 2011.

    PBS is an example of funding that should be easy to cut. Only a handful of voters would vote against Republicans for “privatizing” PBS. Almost all of those voters would be leftists who wouldn’t vote Republican anyway.

    What would actually happen if PPS was privatized?

    1). There would be more and longer commercials. In recent years announcements of commercial sponsorship of shows have been morphing into commercial messages anyway.
    2). It would have to become competitive.
    3). For a time wealthy individuals and foundations would continue to subsidize some programming.
    4). Most American voters won’t care since they don’t watch PBS.
    5). Congressmen and Senators who voted to privatize PBS will be criticized at cocktail parties by intellectuals and wealthy donors who watch the network.

    Reason #5 is why the network has not been refunded. PBS is a government welfare program that benefits primarily the upper 1%.

  • O'Reilly Responds to Cruz's Complaints About Fox: Why Aren’t You Coming On My Show, Then?

    02/12/2016 4:07:03 AM PST · 41 of 50
    Soul of the South to grania

    “Everyone else on the thread: Why doesn’t Cruz go on O’Reilly’s show?

    Politics today is a communication game. Politicians gravitate to friendly media outlets, and commentators. Many interviews are contrived with the interviewer and politician agreeing on questions up front and the politician delivering scripted responses to which the interviewer offers no meaningful challenge. After the interview, the media outlet puts the agreed to spin on the reporting of the event. Obama and Bill Clinton are masters of the lapdog media manipulation. On the GOP side McCain and Graham are Republicans who play the media to their advantage.

    Sarah Palin is a prime example of a naive politician who exposed herself to open, no rules interviews with the media and was crucified for it.

    Cruz won’t go to media settings where he can’t control the outcome. Hillary, Obama, and others behave in the same way. The time Obama appeared on O’Reilly he did not receive a grilling, indicating O’Reilly agreed to certain questions and behavior to get the interview.

    At this point we can conclude O’Reilly isn’t willing to interview Cruz under the conditions Cruz is requesting. Cruz doesn’t perceive any advantage to appearing on O’Reilly’s show under the conditions O’Reilly is offering. Hence, there is a stalemate. Cruz has alternatives to O’Reilly for communicating his message.

    O’Reilly’s complaint about Cruz not coming on his show says more about the declining influence of Fox News and O’Reilly in this election cycle than it does about the candidate. Fox and its commentators have become selective shills and story makers. Fox is no more “fair and balanced” today than CNN, MSNBC or the other networks. Its agenda is anti-Cruz. Therefore to Cruz there is no advantage to being on O’Reilly.

  • Westwood One Announces Lifetime Extension for The Mark Levin Show

    02/11/2016 9:07:49 PM PST · 40 of 59
    Soul of the South to nathanbedford

    He was very wrong in strongly supporting the reelection of Orin Hatch.

    I agree he is good on many issues. However he treats many callers with great disrespect. In my opinion conservatives should aspire to be virtuous men and women, like many of the founding fathers. It is difficult to respect someone who delights in displaying boorish behavior. Those who cannot conduct themselves in a civil manner in public discourse only contribute to the erosion of the culture.

    Mr. Levin and others aspiring to leadership should be raising standards, not wallowing in the mud.

  • Gary Kaltbaum Explains How Zero-Interest Policies Screw the Middle Class

    02/11/2016 5:43:31 PM PST · 20 of 20
    Soul of the South to Hojczyk

    It would be interesting to understand Ted Cruz’s point of view on negative interest rates and bank bailouts.

    After all, his wife is a Goldman Sachs banker.

  • McCain: Anyone Who Says Waterboarding Works is a Liar

    02/09/2016 7:31:31 AM PST · 81 of 107
    Soul of the South to stanne

    “Anyone who runs for president should give up His senate seat. They used to”.

    In the last 68 years only one US Senator has resigned his Senate seat to run for President. here are the elections involving US Senators. I didn’t have time to look at elections prior to 1948, but I can’t remember any Senator other than Dole resigning to run.

    1948. - Senator Strom Thurmond ran on a third party ticket against Truman and Dewey. He did not resign his seat.
    1952 - Robert Taft ran for the GOP nomination against Eisenhower. He did not resign his Senate seat.
    1960 - JFK and LBJ competed for the Democrat nomination. Neither resigned their Senate seats. JFK did not resign his Senate seAt during the general election.
    1964 -Senator Barry Goldwater did not resign his Senate seat to run against LBJ in the general election.
    1968 - A number of Democrat Senators vied for the nomination including RFK and Gene McCarthy. None resigned their Senate seat.
    1972 - Senator George McGovern did not resign his seat to run against Richard Nixon.
    1996 - Senator Bob Dole did resign his Senate seat to run against Bill Clinton.
    2004 - John Kerry did not resign his Senate seat to run against GW Bush.
    2008 - McCain and Obama were both US Senators. Neither resigned their seats to run.
    2016 - none of the US Senators running for President have indicated they will resign from the Senate if they get their party’s nomination for President

    The tradition has been that politicians keep their jobs when running for President. Senators, governors, representatives, attorneys, and businessmen keep their jobs during the campaign in case they lose..

  • Donald Trump: Here's the one area where Bernie Sanders and I agree [WITH CHINA ON TPP]

    02/08/2016 3:48:00 AM PST · 14 of 77
    Soul of the South to St_Thomas_Aquinas

    Smoot Hawley passed passed in 1930, after the 1929 financial crash. A global economic crash, not unlike the 2008/2009 financial crash was well underway before Smoot Hawley was passed. Consumer and industrial demand was collapsing.

    At the time Smoot passed, foreign trade (imports and exports) accounted for 5% of US GDP. So if you are correct the entire drop in trade is due to Smoot, and none to lower demand, the reduction of US GDP attributable to Smoot from 1930 to the bottom of the Great Depression is 3%. The total decline in GDP was 55%. Sorry, free traders have argued for years high tariffs caused the Great Depression but the data doesn’t back up the claim. The fact is trade was too a small percentage of the US economy in 1930 for a 65% reduction in trade to cause a 55% reduction in the total economy.

    Other domestic factors caused depression which began in 1929. The huge contraction of the money supply by the Federal Reseve was a huge factor. The collapse of the banking system was another. Add to that the destruction of capital in the 1929 stock market collapse. Domestic agriculture was already in a severe recession before 1929 and was much more important than foreign trade. By the time Smoot passed the economy was in a free fall from a liquidity crisis and collapse in demand which had nothing to do with trade. Blame Smoot if you wish for a 3% decline in GDP. Look at other factors for the remaining 52% reduction in GDP.

    Consider also the greatest period of economic growth in US history occurred from 1865 to 1900. During that period the US had the highest tariffs in its history. Over the last 25 years the US has lowered tariffs to the lowest levels in its history. The free traders promised an economic boom. It happened, in China, not the US.

  • Aetna Joins Growing Chorus Warning About ObamaCare Failing

    02/04/2016 6:03:37 AM PST · 16 of 27
    Soul of the South to Lou L

    ” . . . but why would ANYONE believe that the government could get SP right when they couldn’t get Obamacare to work?”

    The VA medical system is a real example of a health care system run by the US government.

  • When Ted Cruz Said John Roberts Is Undoubtedly A Principled Conservative

    02/01/2016 9:26:57 PM PST · 137 of 137
    Soul of the South to castowell

    “Didn’t he also nominate Alito to the bench? Was that to appease the far left as well?”

    Remember, George W. Bush’s choice for what is now the Alito seat was Harriett Miers who served as his White House counsel. He nominated her to fill the seat on October 3, 2005. The nomination quickly ran into opposition from across the political spectrum. Conservatives were particular critics of the nomination. In almost all quarters she was considered a lightweight with no judicial experience and an unclear judicial philosophy. The opposition was so intense, it quickly became clear she could not be confirmed by the Senate. On October 27, 2005 Miers asked Bush to withdraw her nomination.

    After failing in nominating a mediocre candidate, who was likely a moderate, Bush under great pressure from the conservative wing of the party nominated Samuel Alito.

    The point here is, nominating a solid conservative was not a priority of Bush. Roberts and Miers were his picks. Alito was forced on him by GOP conservatives.

  • When Ted Cruz Said John Roberts Is Undoubtedly A Principled Conservative

    02/01/2016 4:47:11 AM PST · 69 of 137
    Soul of the South to grania

    Cruz is probably correct on GW Bush not wanting to fight for a conservative nominee. Bush was a big government statist, not a conservative. Like his Daddy who put Souter on the court, W was more interested in appeasing far left Democrats than in putting Conatitutionalists on the Court.

    As to Cruz he was a rising member of the political class trying to build a career in a moderate Republican administration. The lesson here is Cruz will serve his master. The question then is, if Cruz is the GOP nominee, and wins the general election, who will be his master? He is not independently wealthy so he is piling up debts and obligations.

  • American Tech Workers Defiant as GOP Lawmakers Push to Expand Foreign Labor Programs

    01/31/2016 4:18:43 AM PST · 31 of 40
    Soul of the South to Enlightened1

    Free trade to the founding fathers was simple:

    1). A high tariff on imported goods to fund the federal government without taxing citizens directly. One positive side effect of this tariff was protecting developing US manufacturing from cheap European imports. As a result the US had the strongest industrial economy on the planet by 1900 and a rapidly growing middle class. In addition, reliance on tariffs for funding had the benefit of keeping the federal government small.

    2). US merchants were free to trade with any nation on any terms these private actors, not the government, could negotiate with their foreign trade partners. Freedom of trade meant no government restrictions on who you traded with. It had nothing to do with tariffs (taxes on imports).

    It is interesting that even with high tariffs the US developed the largest economy in the world and became a great trading nation. Yankee clipper ships plied the oceans carrying US goods abroad and returning with products not produced in the US. Despite what today’s free traders tell us, America became the most prosperous nation in the world with very high tariffs and no trade deals with foreign powers.

    All government negotiated trade deals and regulations are anti competitive. They benefit foreign nations, domestic special interests and entrenched government bureaucracies, not the American people. It is long past time to learn from policies that really worked as opposed to the theories of academics and promoters of special interests. We need to raise tariffs and scrap all the trade agreements and rules negotiated over the last century. End taxpayer funded subsidies such as the Import-Export Bank. Let American business compete in the global economy (or not) through private deals and negotiations. If US multinationals can’t compete without US government help and intervention with foreign powers they should redirect their activities to the domestic market or fail.

    Immigration policy is a different issue than trade. The first responsibility of any national government is to protect its citizens, not to take in the world’s refugees, benefit private industry by bringing in foreign workers to undercut the wages of citizens, or changing the ethnic mix of society in order to change its culture and values. Free immigration is as dangerous to the nation’s economy and welfare as “free” trade deals encompassing thousands of pages of rules and regulations delineating special privileges.

  • South Carolina House Passes Bill Excluding Sharia Law From State Courts

    01/30/2016 8:12:11 AM PST · 20 of 26
    Soul of the South to stars & stripes forever

    Nikki Haley may decide she will get great admiration from the national press and the GOP establishment if she vetoes the bill. Whatever she decides will be based on politics and self interest, not a concern for the will and safety of the people.

    Even if the bill is signed into law, Obama with the acquiescence and support of the GOP in the US Senate has appointed hundreds of leftist judges to the federal district and appeals courts who will delight in striking down the bill with CAIR or another Muslim group brings a case to them.

  • GOP lawmaker: FBI ‘would like to indict both Huma and Hillary’

    01/29/2016 9:07:10 PM PST · 5 of 47
    Soul of the South to drewh

    Issa should keep his mouth shut. He has demonstrated time and time again he is inept. Making statements like this does nothing but play into Hillary’s meme that the email scandal is all political.

  • Swiss Cleaning Firm Dupes Refugees Into Working for Free

    01/26/2016 3:13:59 AM PST · 10 of 12
    Soul of the South to nickcarraway

    It happens in the USA as well. The government requires many companies to use minority and female owned suppliers. A company can easily outsource cleaning services to a minority owned firm and save money by doing it. The minority firm hires illegals and pays them below market wages in cash with no benefits.

  • Kid At CNN Town Hall Lets Slip It Was Fraud (VANITY)

    01/26/2016 3:04:55 AM PST · 23 of 27
    Soul of the South to TigerClaws

    If Fox were truly “fair and balanced” it would call out the other networks for the charade of giving politicians questions in advance and allowing them to read pre prepared answers from teleprompters. The absence of stories suggests Fox engages in the same practice.

    Prerecorded one on one interviews with almost any politician have become a farce on any network.

  • Will America survive?

    01/26/2016 2:36:09 AM PST · 7 of 14
    Soul of the South to Impy

    I don’t believe the fear of being blamed for a shutdown. Any competent PR and marketing firm can help craft a winning communications strategy explaining to the people it is the president’s veto of the spending bill shutting down the government, not the failure of Congress to pass a bill.

    The real reason Congress gives Obama what he wants is extortion. His files include details about mistresses, drug abuse, payoffs, tax evasion, and other care ending information. Even if the Congressman is clean, Obama has the dirt on family members. What GOP Congressman wants his wife’s abortion or son’s battle with drug addiction to become public knowledge.

    I strongly suspect the prosecution of Dennis Hastert for breaking a law pertaining to bank withdrawals was the cover to out him for homosexuality and pedophelia. This outing occurred only a few months before the Republicans completely caved on the budget. The Hastert outing was a message. Those receiving the message performed as expected.

  • How Trump is forcing Republicans to rethink poverty

    01/26/2016 2:05:55 AM PST · 42 of 47
    Soul of the South to fella

    “Lower the tax burden . . .

    Priming the pump by lowering taxes no longer works due to globalization and outsourcing. Pre 1990 when the federal government lowered tax rates or gave a one time tax break, the middle class and working poor use that unexpected shot of money to buy consumer products made in US factories. The washing machines, lawn mowers, toasters, furniture, bed linens, shoes, televisions, and other products bought caused demand to rise in the US factories producing the products. As demand rose, companies increased employment to accommodate higher production. Downstream in the supply chain rising factory production increased demand for steel, electronic parts, machine tools, plastics, chemicals, and other raw materials. The higher demand for end products resulted in greater employment through the entire supply chain. This is why the Reagan tax cuts of the 1980’s worked so well.

    In the 1990’s lower tariffs resulted in companies moving production abroad instead of investing capital in domestic factories and jobs. George W. Bush’s tax reductions didn’t have the economic impact of the Reagan tax cuts because the money wasn’t spent in the US. Mexican and Asian companies experienced the benefit of the tax breaks. Foreign workers got jobs, not Americans.

    The answer is to raise tariffs on imports, lower corporate taxes on profits earned from US production, and a realign our education system to focus on training people to work in 21st century manufacturing. Let higher tariffs fund the lower tax rates. Why shouldn’t Chinese and Mexican factories pay for access to the US market? Why should US factories pay high taxes and regulatory burdens to the US government while foreign government subsidized foreign factories get a free ride to compete with US factories and workers?

    US workers, and the US economy benefited from the trade laws in place before 1990. Since then production, jobs and capital have left the US and the standard of living for the average American family has declined.

    Until we address the trade issue decent paying jobs will be increasingly hard to find.

  • Economic Activity Is Slowing Down Much Faster Than The Experts Anticipated

    01/25/2016 6:53:03 PM PST · 32 of 66
    Soul of the South to SkyPilot

    The most ominous sign is the number of new business startups has been running below the number of small business closures for several years. Small business employs most people in the private sector.

  • Obamacare enrollment projections down nearly 40 percent

    01/25/2016 4:56:11 PM PST · 25 of 30
    Soul of the South to dhs12345

    You should also hate the Republicsns in the House of Representatives who have had the power to defund Obamacare since January 2010. Add the GOP Senators who have been in the majority since January 2015 and join with the Dems to fund the program.

  • Donald Trump comes out against letting states manage federal lands?

    01/24/2016 8:19:52 AM PST · 245 of 251
    Soul of the South to Romans Nine

    Actually state and local governments can’t be trusted either. Look at the situation in Flint, Michigan. Look at the New Jersey bridge scandal involving Chris Christie. Look at the road scandals in almost every state.

    If the state of Arizona had owned the Grand Canyon after statehood in the early 20th century, there would probably be expensive villas and high rise condo’s lining the rim today instead of a mostly pristine wilderness. Look at Niagara Falls for what state control and private enterprise without restrictions does to lands. Another example, the offshore coastal barrier islands of the east coast. Developers pushed state legislators to spend millions building bridges to those islands. States and local politicians then took thousands in political donations to look the other way while developers ruined those islands by constructing homes and condos on the ocean, often in front of the natural protective dune barriers. Today, government continues to subsidize this activity by declaring disasters and providing federal and state taxpayer financial support to the owners of damaged and destroyed buildings. Not to mention the millions of taxpayer money spent annually on seawalls and beach restoration projects trying to hold back the natural forces of wind and water.

    Sorry, I don’t trust the western states to administer millions of acres of public land wisely any more than the federal government.

  • Why the Justice Department Won’t Work with the FBI on Clinton’s E-mail Case

    01/23/2016 4:38:56 PM PST · 25 of 72
    Soul of the South to Sasparilla

    The statute of limitations doesn’t matter. A GOP president won’t go after members of a preceding Dem administration. How many Dems were prosecuted under Bush, Reagan, Nixon? GW Bush did have time to go after Republicans as Abramoff, Ken Lay, and Scooter Libby discovered.

  • Donald Trump comes out against letting states manage federal lands?

    01/23/2016 7:20:22 AM PST · 43 of 251
    Soul of the South to cripplecreek

    Do some reading about Alabama’s management of its state park system for an example of how states can mismanage resources. The GOP governor and legislature have done a fine job of diverting funds from the parks to the general fund. Two years ago they were threatening to shut down the entire system. Zero effort to make the system self sufficient. Other states have closed parks, reduced maintenance, and cut hours.

    Short tem and misguided management doesn’t just occur at the federal level. Many of the ills of federal management of public lands can be cured by a new president through the regulatory process, executive action, and replacement of appointees. A real president would develop a compressive long term plan for public lands and submit it to Congress for approval.

    I spend about a third of the year camping on state and federal government lands. I’ve seen the best and the worst. I’ve talked to rangers and administrators. Remove the leftist environmentalist political appointees, and the bean counter bureaucrats who never spend time on the land, and return management of the land to real conservationists.

    It makes no sense to just turn lands over to the states when most states are struggling to balance their budgets without the responsibility of managing millions of acres of gifted lands. I suspect Jerry Brown and the California legislature would love to take over federal lands and make them off limits to the people. Oregon, Washington and other Dem states would do the same. Some of the GOP states would likely let foreign companies come in, strip the lands of natural resources, and leave the lands barren like the Appalachians were stripped by loggers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • When will Hillary Clinton be indicted?

    01/21/2016 5:55:35 PM PST · 53 of 61
    Soul of the South to Chuckster

    Whoever is at the top of the Democrat ticket, the VP candidate will be the minority next in line for POTUS. Warren (66), Hillary (68), Sanders (74) and Biden (73) are all old. The Democrats will choose a younger minority to interest minorities and millenials in voting. Without a minority on the ticket, Dems may have trouble turning out the Hispanic and African American vote.

    My prediction is the VP will be Julian Castro (41) who is currently HUD secretary and previously served as Mayor of San Antonio. The Democrats will want to play to the rapidly growing Hispanic population and counter a GOP ticket with Rubio or Cruz in the top or second spot.

    If not Castro, the VP nod will likely go to Cory Booker (46) the black Senator from New Jersey and former mayor of Newark or Deval Patrick (59) the black former governor of Massachusetts. Kamala Harris (51) black attorney general of California or Attorney General of the US Loretta Lynch (56) are potential black female VP candidates.

  • Ted Cruz Will Campaign With a Conservative Icon In Iowa

    01/21/2016 5:35:28 PM PST · 31 of 69
    Soul of the South to COBOL2Java

    Campaigning with Beck is a bad move. Who is his audience anymore?

  • Bob Dole Backs Trump Over “Catastrophic” Cruz (Bushes and Romney next?)

    01/20/2016 6:46:46 PM PST · 44 of 60
    Soul of the South to 2ndDivisionVet

    Bob Dole was proven irrelevant in 1996. Twenty years later he is still irrelevant.

  • Who Is the Conservative? David Brooks vs. Ted Cruz

    01/16/2016 3:59:57 PM PST · 3 of 9
    Soul of the South to don-o

    Brooks is a conservative only in the sense he and other leftists falsely apply the label to him. In reality he is a progressive elitist, like the rest of the editorial staff at the NYT.

  • The Real Problem with Government Pensions

    01/15/2016 6:36:48 AM PST · 5 of 6
    Soul of the South to MichCapCon

    Many government pension programs were started when wages in the public sector were much lower than in the private sector for the same jobs. The private sector also had defined benefit pension programs. Over time wages for many public sector jobs were increased to parity with private sector jobs, or even higher than equivalent jobs in the private sector. At the same time private sector pay stagnated, and the private sector eliminated defined benefit pension plans. Politicians in many localities and states chose not to change the public pension plans often under pressure from unions.

    Democrats have a clear strategy with respect to public pensions. They will not reduce benefits and are perfectly willing to bankrupt a local or state government in order to preserve the current public pension system. They are counting on Congress to ultimately bail out states such as California, Michigan and Illinois.

    Having watched the behavior of the GOP controlled House of Representatives since 2011, it seems very likely a GOP Congress would appropriate funds from the national treasury to bail out the pension plan of a liberal Democrat state. Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and others will argue the US Treasury bailed out the big banks, therefore the government must protect the pensions of “public servants.” Ryan and McConnell will fold without a whimper, just like they did on the recent spending bill.

    Likely the first big test of Congress’s resolve is coming in 2016 with respect to Puerto Rico. Obama is preparing to tee up a Puerto Rico bailout. Will the GOP refuse to back Puerto Rico’s debt? Or will a GOP Congress whose campaign coffers are funded by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks bail out Puerto Rico and cover the debt owed to those banks?

    Once Puerto Rico is bailed out, we’ll see states (Illinois, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey) lining up at the Treasury as well as every Democrat controlled big city (Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Memphis, Washington. The Coward-Piven strategy will then be realized with the collapse of the dollar and the bankruptcy of the US Treasury, followed by hyperinflation and an economic catastrophe that will make the Great Depression seem like a boom era.

  • The Mullahs Humiliate America -- Again and Again

    01/14/2016 5:44:29 AM PST · 8 of 28
    Soul of the South to SJackson

    Once the sanctions are lifted and the money is in their hands, how will the Iranians play the next taking of a US Navy boat? That future incident will be the true test of Kerry’s personal relationship.

    Actually this is a setup. The next president, likely a Republican, will deal with the next taking of an American vessel by the Iranians. If he or she refuses to be humiliated, the Iranians will keep the Americans as hostages. Obama and Kerry will be on the nightly news telling the American people they were successful while the mean, nasty Republican hardline strategy doesn’t work.

  • LORD: David Brooks’ Disgraceful Attack on Ted Cruz

    01/13/2016 4:43:45 PM PST · 5 of 12
    Soul of the South to cotton1706

    David Brooks is a liberal elitist columnist for the leading progressive newspaper. If he was ever a conservative he sold out long ago for his 30 pieces of silver and a byline from the NY Times.

    The events of recent years have demonstrated that most members of the elite who call themselves conservatives, give their allegiance first to their social class and second to the global progressive movement. David Brooks, the Bush family, John McCain, John Roberts, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and most GOP members of Congress are elitists, not conservatives, not Americans, and not patriots. Patriots would not enable Barack Obama and the Democrat party. True American patriots would not remain silent, as both Bush former presidents have done, while a rogue POTUS ignored the Constitution and ruled by decree.

  • Obama vows to cure cancer ‘once and for all’

    01/12/2016 6:49:34 PM PST · 27 of 114
    Soul of the South to presidio9

    The war to end cancer by the federal government began in 1971 under President Richard Nixon. Obama is late to the party.

  • Planned Parenthood Backs Hillary Clinton in First-Ever Presidential Endorsement

    01/10/2016 7:38:37 PM PST · 6 of 40
    Soul of the South to Faith Presses On

    No organization receiving federal money should be permitted to endorse candidates or support politicL campaigns.

  • Question: Who might Hillary pick to be her Vice President?

    01/09/2016 12:31:05 AM PST · 8 of 58
    Soul of the South to dp0622

    Julian Casro, former mayor of San Antonio, Texas and current Secretary of HUD.

  • In New York, Fine $250K for Failing to Use a Transgender Person’s ‘Preferred’ Pronoun

    01/07/2016 2:40:18 PM PST · 43 of 70
    Soul of the South to beelzepug

    “Why in Hell does anybody choose to remain in New York?”

    This new rule is another good reason for me to never go back.

  • US Repeals Country-of-Origin Meat Labeling Law After Trade Rulings Against It

    01/07/2016 2:37:43 PM PST · 41 of 41
    Soul of the South to HereInTheHeartland
  • Ted Cruz: Supreme Court Will Dismantle Second Amendment if Hillary Clinton Is Elected President

    01/05/2016 3:39:52 AM PST · 39 of 80
    Soul of the South to House Atreides

    “And n that , he is completely accurate . .as I think we All agree

    We should also recognize a Republican president I’ll not necessarily make onservative appointments to the Court and a Republican Senate will not block liberal appointees to the Court.

    Blackman, O’Conner, Souter, Robert, Warren were all appointed by GOP presidents. Only four Republican senators voted no on Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

  • US Repeals Country-of-Origin Meat Labeling Law After Trade Rulings Against It

    01/04/2016 4:11:35 AM PST · 4 of 41
    Soul of the South to EinNYC

    Since visiting aquaculture operations in China several years ago I have been careful to avoid eating fish listing China as country of origin.

    For several decades the US poultry industry has been a big beneficiary of illegal immigrant labor. Illegals work for low wages in poultry processing plants doing work Americans citizens depending on welfare benefits will not do.

    Now US poultry producers plan to move the processing of chickens from American farms to Asia. Chickens will be shipped to China where they will be defeathered, processed, flash frozen, packaged and shipped back to the USA.

    The dirty little secret no one will talk about is the Chinese have a major issue with avian flu. Does anyone really believe when American chickens and Chinese chickens are processed in the same factories there will be strict segregation of chickens. More likely the healthy US origin chickens will be packaged and shipped to Chinese consumer and the sick Asian chickens will be processed and ship to US tables. Without country of origin on packaging we will never no. Certainly there will be no FDA inspectors in China watching. The CEO’s of the big agriculture companies will be looking the other way as well.

    The primary purpose of government is to protect the citizens. Our government fails on many levels. Open borders, outsourcing of the manufacturing, and now outsourcing of the food supply make US citizens vulnerable.

    However, in the 2016 election 95% of the Congressmen and Congresswomen who fail to stand up for the people will be reelected. The people get the government they deserve.

  • Massive Criminal Justice Reform Coalition Seeks To Triple Its Number Of Target States

    01/02/2016 6:08:23 AM PST · 4 of 14
    Soul of the South to Kaslin

    Why the incrementalism? They should propose what they want an end to arrests and prosecutions period. No one gets a criminal record. Billions saved on policing, prosecutions, and imprisonment. Minorities are not disproportionately tried and convicted.

    Utopia. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Racial prejudice is driving opposition to paying college athletes. Here’s the evidence.

    01/02/2016 3:06:07 AM PST · 16 of 54
    Soul of the South to MinorityRepublican

    Here are several options to deal with the issue:

    Eliminate all scholarships and payments to athletes. Return to all sports being student athletes. All scholarships awarded on academic merit.

    If #1 doesn’t work for them, here is the ultimate in fairness:

    a) Require all athletic teams have a racial mix equal to the student population. Federal government racial definitions will be used to determine the student population mix and the mix on the teams.
    b) If the university provides athletic scholarships, expense waivers, or other compensation to athletes, the awards will be the same for all athletes in all athletic programs.
    c) Any compensation to athletes above direct education expenses (tuition, fees, books, room and board) will be taxable.
    d) Athletes are required to carry a full academic load and be on track with earned credit hours required for graduation at the end of each semester or term. If athlete fails to meet any academic standard, he/she will be suspended from participation in athletics until she/he is on track academically. During the time of suspension all scholarship and other reimbursements cease.
    e) Under no circumstance will a player maintain eligibility for a period of more than 5 academic years after he/she enrolls at in a college level athletic program.

  • Dictators of the Roman and American Empires -- The Blue Ribbon Has To Go To Obama

  • Former Trump Aide: He’s Doomed

    12/30/2015 8:54:54 AM PST · 48 of 117
    Soul of the South to Reno89519

    “Former meaning disgruntled and likely proven incompetent.”

    To the man’s credit he is on the record. Most stories quote anonymous leakers such as: “unidentified source”, “high level official”, or “someone close to ____”.

  • The countdown is on for Pope Francis’ big decision on the family

    12/29/2015 11:23:09 AM PST · 14 of 22
    Soul of the South to ebb tide

    In my lifetime I have not seen the Roman Catholic Church discipline or excommunicate politicians and other other powerful people such as Pelosi, Biden, and Kerry who endorse and facilitate abortions, gay marriage, and other behavior the church claims to view as sinful. Pope Benedict publicly appeared with with twice divorced French President Sarkozy and his concubine Carla Bruni during his visit to France in 2008. The same conservative Pope had an audience with the self proclaimed “ardent Catholic” Nancy Pelosi in 2009. In the same year he also met privately with strong abortion and gay marriage advocate VP Joe Biden. John Kerry has also met with the Pope.

    Joseph Kennedy, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy were notorious philanderers and adulterers but still received the sacraments and were honored by church leaders at their funeral services. Teddy Kennedy even callously divorced his wife, when she was struggling with alcohol dependency. The church granted him an annulment. Why does the church deny sacraments to common sinners when it honors the wealthy and powerful despite their wickedness? What would Christ, who allowed a whore to wash his feet with her tears, say about denying Communion to sinners? Did he not share the last supper and his blessing with Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter, even though he knew in advance one would sin by betraying him and the other would sin by denying him?

    Perhaps Francis is struggling and failing to reconcile the church’s hardline view toward average sinners with its public tolerance of the same sins when committed by the wealthy and powerful. Would Christ accept Teddy Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi at his table while turning away a repentant divorcee who aborted a child? Should a mortal man presume to deny God’s grace to any person? Heavy questions for any Pope, holy man, or lay person of faith to ponder.


    12/29/2015 10:12:38 AM PST · 70 of 108
    Soul of the South to chris37

    “Gee, protecting one “religion” while ignoring all other actual religions seems highly unconstitutional.”

    Ryan and McConnell can put this one to bed by announcing they will not support an unconstitutional law that on its face results in the federal government providing special protection for one religion at the exclusion of others. This is a clear violation of the establishment clause.

    Unfortunately Ryan and McConnell are tone deaf to the Constitution and the religious beliefs of the vast majority of GOP voters. Likely they will rush to expedite passage of this bill.

  • Why the Establishment Fears Cruz More Than Trump

    12/29/2015 3:55:24 AM PST · 271 of 301
    Soul of the South to LS

    “So you are saying Cruz was an ineffective senator?”

    His accomplishments to date have been slightly disruptive to McConnell’s operation of the Senate. Like Barack Obama and Marco Rubio he has used the Senate primarily as a platform for his presidential ambitions. His national notoriety comes from his unsuccessful attempts to block legislation. These efforts have earned the applause of the conservatives who support his campaign efforts but have been unsuccessful in changing the direction of Congress.

    Most first term Senators go to Washington, learn the ropes, vote with the party, and develop a network of campaign contributors. As they gain seniority, and prove their loyalty, they gain positions of leadership. From those positions they are able to advance the agenda of the donor base. Some of those long term Senators (Kerry, Biden and McCain for example) sometimes run for president based on their years of Senate service and reputation for being “effective” in getting legislation passed.

    One could certainly debate the term “effective” when it comes to a sitting Senator.

    1) Is a Senator who tries to block harmful or unconstitutional legislation that was teed up to be rubber stamped “ineffective” because he loses his filibuster attempt or is he effective because he raises awareness of the failure of his party leadership and fellow Senators to stand for principle over favors to the donor class?
    2) Is a Senator who is frequently successful doing back room deals to bring billions of dollars to his home state in exchange for voting for legislation harmful to the Republic an effective Senator because he showers his state with federal money or is he ineffective because his actions result in the national debt increasing?

    In his first term Cruz has been ineffective in advancing the legislation for which he advocates. He has been effective in bringing national publicity to the unrealized objectives of the conservative base of the GOP. He tried, others didn’t. Sometimes you lose the first time out. It took Ted Kennedy 4 decades to realize his dream of national health insurance. Looking at his career, on the whole Kennedy was a very effective senator but he had good years and bad with respect to his leadership.

    If Cruz wins the GOP nomination, and the oval office in 2016, I’d say he was very effective because he successfully used his position in the Senate to become a power player decades before he would have become a power player in the Senate by paying his dues. If he loses his presidential run, he has the option of returning to the Senate, playing the game, and moving into a leadership position after a few terms. He might then become very effective in passing legislation.

    The reality is first term Senators have no institutional power and normally are invisible in Washington. Any first term Senator (Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio) who becomes a national figure during his/her first term is breaking through the anonymity imposed by the system. None of the Senators I’ve just listed were particularly “effective” in the first term leading the passage of substantive legislation. All have been, or were, extremely effective at playing on the national stage during their first terms.

  • Why the Establishment Fears Cruz More Than Trump

    12/28/2015 4:59:02 PM PST · 182 of 301
    Soul of the South to LS

    “There was no reason Cruz couldn’t have gotten at least a half-dozen supporters, and a really good leader would have gotten half the GOP caucus.”

    Leadership in today’s Congress offers members sex, money, and power to vote for the party. The consequences of not voting the party line are:
    1) Being outed on sexual behavior, drug abuse, or other human failings if you have them.
    2) Being denied campaign money from wealthy contributors. The kiss of death for most politicians who are not independently wealthy
    3) The denial of support for pork projects.
    4) The denial of choice committee assignments and leadership posts.
    5) A whispering campaign in the media against you.
    6) Ostracism by fellow members of the “club”.

    All Cruz as a leader had to offer was an opportunity to take a stand in support of the American people and conservative principles.

    The reason Cruz couldn’t have gotten at least half a dozen supporters is the same reason Peter denied Jesus in the garden. The majority of the GOP caucus is bought and paid for (sex, money, power) and they fear the consequences of bucking McConnell and the GOPe.

  • Don’t Let Hillary Draft Your Daughter

    12/28/2015 7:12:01 AM PST · 67 of 88
    Soul of the South to 2ndDivisionVet

    “No one has been drafted since 1973.”

    Within 10 years we will have the draft again but it won’t be just for the military. First step will be to require women to register. Then progressives will begin beating the drum for compulsory national community service for all 18 year olds, probably combined with free college education to follow. The groundwork was laid for this over the past 20 years as high schools and some colleges have instituted community service requirements for graduation (i.e. compulsory community service).

    I can see the day coming when all 18 year olds are drafted. Some will go to the military which by then will be a progressive indoctrination organization. Some will go to Americorps, Job Corps, and to be created Green Corps. Others will be outsourced to be government paid foot soldiers for progressive non-profits such as Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, the Urban League, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Black Lives Matter. Some may even be assigned to urban police forces.

    Two years of compulsory government paid political indoctrination followed by four government paid years being indoctrinated in progressive universities. By age 24 our youth will be good foot soldiers for the socialist state. The 10% of the population that resists indoctrination can be sent to reeducation camps or be exterminated for the good of the state.

    Utopia is coming. Even Al Sharpton supports the reinstitution of the draft. It isn’t hard to understand why.

  • IRS can now revoke tax offenders’ passports

    12/28/2015 5:42:53 AM PST · 44 of 76
    Soul of the South to mindburglar

    “The ability for an American to leave his country is not a right? So when the government decides you can’t leave and throws you in jail, I hope you enjoy your privilege. Sicko.”

    We are now a nation that locks it citizens in but allows the citizens other nations freedom of movement in and out of the country as well as guarantees the rights of citizenship to non citizens in our justice system.

    Exactly what is the advantage of being a US citizen inside the country today? Even the right to vote has been corrupted.