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  • The biggest spending bill loser: President Trump

    03/23/2018 5:06:32 PM PDT · 185 of 230
    Soul of the South to yoe

    “The Military won this time, which is good as both Clinton and Obama came close to destroying a modern GREAT COST to the United States has had to be rebuilt to be a major player in today’s unceasingly dangerous world.”

    A military deployed around the world at great cost is worthless if millions of illegal immigrants are streaming across the border resulting in the extortion of billions of dollars from citizens to provide the illegals with social services. The most expensive military on the planet by several times is worthless when foreigners colluding with our politicians and business men strip what was the greatest industrial infrastructure on the planet to a shell, selling it of to foreign nations and destroying the middle class. The most powerful military in the world is worthless if a tyrannical federal government spies daily on its citizens, uses secret courts to intimidate and punish its political opponents, and daily violates the liberties enshrined in the Constitution.

    Trump was apparently persuaded by McConnell and Ryan that additional dollars for the military were worth abandoning his other goals/promises and capitulating to the progressive agenda. There was another, better option which the president apparently did not consider. Bring the troops home from around the world and use the savings to fund the purchases of arms and supplies the military requires to defend the homeland. End the “foreign adventures” our founding fathers wisely warned us against. Deploy the troops along the southern border to end the invasion. A barrier of deployed soldiers would be as effective as a physical barrier.

    The average American citizen is much more likely to be killed by an illegal immigrant on any given day than by an ISIS soldier hiding in a cave in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet we spend trillions on a never ending deployment of troops to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Japan and other nations.

    A nation being gutted from within by treachery and a flow of illegals across the border cannot be saved by troops dying in the deserts of Iraq to preserve the flow of oil for western Europeans who will not fund their own defense. When a nation’s currency becomes worthless due to excessive borrowing and money printing, and its economy completely collapses, the rusting tanks and aircraft carriers it borrowed to build will not feed its starving people or protect it from the foreign lenders who swoop in to pick clean the carcass.

  • Under Trump, Elizabeth Warren Suddenly Discovers the Downside of Unaccountable.....

    03/23/2018 4:38:32 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    Soul of the South to PGR88

    “Why does the CFPB even still exist?”

    The GOP Congress continues to fund it and the GOP President continues to sign the spending bills.

  • 10 ways the GOP sold you out in the omnibus spending bill

    03/22/2018 7:15:38 PM PDT · 58 of 63
    Soul of the South to Obadiah

    “There is no question Ryan and McConnell simply gave up and surrendered here. However, it is important to also add context. This is an election year. This is an election year budget.”

    It wasn’t an election year budget. This vote was on the budget for fiscal 2018 which began October 1, 2017. This budget should have been wrapped up and approved before October 1, 2017 so it wouldn’t be deliberated and passed during an election year.

    Now they move on to the fiscal 2019 budget. The budget year begins October 1, 2018. Since they will all be campaigning for the November 2018 election, what kind of fiscal restraint can we expect? Zero. The Democrats are going to play games and stonewall all spring and summer. The Republicans are going to be trying to add as much pork as they can. If you think the budget just passed was bad, wait until you see the one they are about to start work on. Plus, you can be assured the Democrats will once again play the Republicans for the fools they are in September to create the maximum budget crisis drama just before the election.

    What price will the Democrats extract from the Republicans in September to get a continuing resolution putting off the budget vote until after the election. If the it looks like the GOP will lose the House or Senate you can bet the Democrats will exact a high price if they don’t precipitate a government shutdown they can blame on Trump. You can expect zero dollars for the wall in the 2019 budget, plenty of money for student loan bailouts. They may even get the DACA kids through with a quick pathway to citizenship without any concessions to the GOP. If Mitch and Paul wouldn’t put up a fight for the 2018 budget, they certainly will cave quickly to get the continuing resolution they will need before the October 1 start of the fiscal year.

    There will be no before or after the election. The lid has now blown off any pretense of fiscal restraint. Both parties are fully behind deficit spending and monetization of the debt by the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile the Chinese and Russians have been buying as much physical gold as they can. The day is coming soon when the US loses reserve currency status due to is fiscal irresponsibility. When that day come we will either have hyperinflation like Venezuela is currently experiencing or we will see the government make draconian expense cuts while piling on confiscatory taxes. Either way, the republic ends, the dictatorship begins, and the sheeple get to experience the ugly reality of life in a 3rd world hell hole.

  • Republican Omnibus Bill Will Authorize CDC to Perform ‘Gun Violence Research’

    03/22/2018 8:55:42 AM PDT · 27 of 45
    Soul of the South to rktman

    “As expected, the ones in charge capitulated and compromised with the evil alt left radical extermist anti-constitutional dems.”

    The die was cast in 2010 when the Tea Party movement arose organically in the Republican voter base and resulted in the GOP capturing control of Congress. Instead of embracing the Tea Party, the GOP establishment joined the Democrats in resisting the Tea Park. Remarkably in the 2012 presidential election, the establishment nominee Mitt Romney publicly distanced himself from the Tea Party as did House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority leader McConnell. The GOP leadership, and the majority of the GOP Senate (if not the House) are big government socialist globalists. They, like the progressive elitists, look down on average Americans and have much more in common with each other than the average GOP voter. They run for office as conservatives but behave as self serving progressive elitists. They are complicit with Barack Obama’s goal of fundamentally transforming America. They are also fully allied with the Democrats and the bureaucracy in bringing down President Trump.

    Prediction - one of three things will happen:
    1) Trump will resign before the midterms
    2) Trump survives through the midterms, the GOP loses the House and Senate, Trump is impeached and removed in 2019 with GOP votes.
    3) The GOP retains one or both houses of Congress in the midterms. After the election McConnell and Ryan use a hyped up event to join the Democrats in endorsing impeachment. Enough Republicans join Democrats to form a majority to impeach in the House. It is clear there are enough Republicans to join with Democrats in the Senate to achieve a 2/3 vote to convict and Trump is pressured by the GOP leadership and the media to resign (like Nixon). Trump choses to go down fighting and is the first president to be removed from office. Pence becomes president and turns the DOJ and IRS on Trump and his businesses. He spends the rest of his life fighting the government, losing his fortune in the process. Democrats win the House, Senate, and president in the 2020 elections, led by an extreme radical such as Kamala Harris. By 2024, the US is effectively a one party state.

  • Lawmakers release huge budget; big military, domestic boosts (But No Wall Funding)

    03/22/2018 7:47:14 AM PDT · 53 of 85
    Soul of the South to jacknhoo

    Trump said, “Most importantly, got $700 Billion to rebuild our Military, $716 Billion next year...most ever.”

    No one, including Trump ever discusses the alternative to increasing military spending and the deficit. Don’t increase military spending, lower costs by bringing troops home from abroad and stop interfering militarily in the affairs of other nations. Spend the money on homeland defense, not regime change abroad, propping up dictators, and allowing wealthy “allies” the luxury of not funding their own defense. Since WWII what have we actually accomplished with the trillions of dollars spent on military adventures in Vietnam, Africa, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the Middle East?

    What the neocons don’t realize, if we aren’t intervening there are other natural balances of power that come into effect. India, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia are other players in Asia that keep China in check, not to mention Russia which has been pushed into closer relations with China by US anti-Russia foreign policy. If the US leaves the Middle East, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel will have to come to terms with Iran. Unfortunately the US completely disrupted the balance of power in the region by removing Sadaam Hussein.

    The founding fathers consistently warned future generations against getting involved in “foreign adventures” and alliances. Their sage advice served us well for over a century as we stayed in our hemisphere and avoided engagement in the quarrels between nations in Asia and Europe.

    Consider the trillions spent on armed conflict and “rebuilding” of nations we destroy could have been spent on a strong anti missile defense system for the homeland and a secure wall along our southern border. The average American citizen is much more likely to be killed by someone who illegally entered the country across the southern border than by an Islamic terrorist, a Russian missile, or a Chinese missile. The first priority of government is to protect the citizens. We spend trillions on “defense” yet we are not safe because we are wasting the money we are spending.

  • McConnell says Mueller has ‘great credibility,’ shouldn’t be fired (RINO alert!)

    03/21/2018 1:45:11 PM PDT · 97 of 100
    Soul of the South to Sam Gamgee

    “Agree with you 100%. The GOP Senate hates Trump, as you said, with a few exceptions. “

    The impeachment drumbeat is getting louder. The GOP Senators seem to be defining a Mueller firing as a line in the sand. I notice none of these Senators, most of who are lawyers, are making a strong case that a year to investigate “collusion” is more than enough to bring forward a conclusion. No pressure on Mueller to fish or cut bait while plenty of resistance to the Trump agenda from the GOP team. A sad time for the country.

    Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes?

  • McConnell says Mueller has ‘great credibility,’ shouldn’t be fired (RINO alert!)

    03/20/2018 9:12:44 PM PDT · 90 of 100
    Soul of the South to Phil DiBasquette

    “So what’s the crime again?”

    Impeachment is a political process, not a legal process. There doesn’t have to be a crime. Not unlike employment in the private sector where the boss can fire you if he doesn’t like you (at least in right to work states).

    The one legal crime likely to be charged is obstruction of justice. Mueller may also have uncovered some crimes associated with Trump’s businesses, possibly going back a number of years. Tax evasion, fraud, bribery of public officials come to mind. Add a few non crimes such as “ “collusion” along with some technical campaign law violations which though minor will be portrayed by his opponents as evidence of corruption. Perhaps the payoffs to women will be portrayed as bribes. Then comes the nebulous issue of “fitness for office”. Imagine the House asks him to submit to an exam by an independent team of distinguished psychologists. If Trump agrees to the exam, and is found to be unstable, the House members have cover to vote to impeach. If he refuses, and goes on a Tweetstorm tirade, his detractors insist it is more evidence of his irrationality.

    A political process requires no crime to be proven. All it requires are sufficient votes by two bodies of corrupt political hacks who have a history of putting their own self interest before their constituents and the country. Remember they promised to end Obamacare and funding of Planned Parenthoid. Most promised to secure the border. Few have been held accountable by the voters for breaking these promises.

  • McConnell says Mueller has ‘great credibility,’ shouldn’t be fired (RINO alert!)

    03/20/2018 8:01:59 PM PDT · 87 of 100
    Soul of the South to Sam Gamgee

    “Not sure why Linda thinks it would be the end of the Presidency? Trump is the POTUS, thus the executive, and he can fire whom he pleases.”

    Impeachment, and the following trial, is a political process and not a legal process. What we seem to be hearing from the Republican leadership in Congress is if Mueller is fired they will lead the to remove Trump from office using the impeachment process. With Ryan and McConnell leading the charge it is conceivable there are enough votes in the House and Senate to convict. Only a simple majority is required to impeach in the House. A 2/3 majority (67 votes) is required to convict in the Senate.

    Likely there are 18 Republicans who would join with the 49 Democrats and independents. Consider corrupt politicians fear being exposed more than they fear the voters. Between the Trump haters, and the corrupt Senators who fear having their secret financial dealings, sexual escapades, or overt collaboration with foreign governments exposes it isn’t hard to believe there are 18 GOP senators who will vote to convict Trump. Lindsay Graham is certainly one of them along with McConnell, McCain, Flake, Sasse, Corker, Collins, Murkowski, Tillis, Burr, Cornyn, Rubio, Portman, Alexander, Hatch. When the time comes, getting 4-5 more votes should not be difficult. After all, when push comes to shove the GOP Senators have consistently demonstrated loyalty to the “club” comes before constituents and country. Many of these GOP senators are in bed with big multinational corporations who hate the tariffs and will be threatening them with loss of campaign contributions now, and lucrative lobbying or board assignments when they retire.

    Mueller may be timing the release of his report close to the election to ensure the maximum positive impact on the midterms for the Democrats. We are seeing a crescendo of events building to discredit Trump and prepare the public for a report the press and the Democrats can use to insist he is the president is unfit for office. Stormy Daniels, and now the Playboy model, haven’t been in the news for weeks for no reason. Now the press is report the honorable and distinguished Ted Olsen refuses to join Trump’s legal team. Every day they will be another flick in the death by 1000 small cuts. Trump is being primed for impeachment and when the big event occurs (Mueller firing or the Mueller report being issued), the Republican leadership will lead the charge. It will be a repeat of the Andrew Johnson impeachment of the 1860’s by his own party. It wouldn’t surprise me if the two former Bush presidents also come forward publicly and ask Congress to do the right thing for the nation.

    The tide is shifting subtly, just as it did for Nixon. It ended for Nixon when the leaders of his own party told him it was time to go. Ryan and McConnell have now openly signaled they are ready. Now it is only a matter of timing.

  • Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards

    03/17/2018 10:07:46 AM PDT · 16 of 18
    Soul of the South to Liz

    “After President Donald Trump called the investigation “a taxpayer funded charade,” Congressman Steve King came to his defense and called for legislation to avoid “a never-ending investigation that could go on for two presidential terms.””

    Has Congressman King introduced the legislation? Has Speaker Ryan put it on the calendar for a vote? No. Just more empty words from Republican Congresscritters who like to hear themselves talk, particularly if there is a camera nearby.

    More rope a dope from the do nothing Republican Congress.

  • Sessions mulling firing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe before he retires

    03/14/2018 4:41:45 PM PDT · 77 of 109
    Soul of the South to Magnatron

    Why is this even a decision?

    Why wasn’t it done weeks ago?

    Why haven’t charges been filed?

    Wake up Mr. Sessions!

  • Tillerson firing set to showcase just how little the media know (Here's what's really going on)

    03/13/2018 5:38:14 PM PDT · 38 of 46
    Soul of the South to rb22982

    “Great financial cost? He got his massive stock package tax free. He probably made over $50million in tax savings taking this position”

    To take a much lower job in government service he was forced by law to divest 611,000 shares of Exxon stock which deprived him of the potential upside in the stock price plus the flow of future dividends. The law also requires the proceeds be invested in government bonds which pay less than the 4.1% dividend yield of Exxon stock. Capital gains on the sale of the Exxon stock were not tax free. The taxes were deferred as long as he keeps the proceeds invested in low yield government bonds. At the point he sells bonds to reinvest the money, he pays the deferred capital gains.

    The government forces the sale of assets for people like Tillerson to avoid real or perceived conflict of interest. Forcing him to his assets and pay millions of dollars in taxes in order to take what turned out to be a short tenure job seems unfair, which is why the taxes are deferred, not eliminated.

    Forcing someone to divest property is a limitation on their freedom. To force the sale of property and immediately levy a heavy tax only adds insult to injury. Likely few wealthy private sector individuals would take appointed senior government roles if compelled to divest property and immediately taxed on the proceeds. Capital gains tax deferral, as long as the funds are invested in government bonds, allows the executive to preserve principal while giving up the potential for higher returns on equities. Ultimately Uncle Sam will collect the taxes because the government bonds will ultimately be sold or mature.

    The only thing certain in life is death and taxes. He got nothing tax free. One other thing to note. If he disposes of the bonds after the next Democrat administration takes power, it is likely he will likely face a higher capital gains rate than he does today.

  • Tillerson firing set to showcase just how little the media know (Here's what's really going on)

    03/13/2018 2:03:56 PM PDT · 14 of 46
    Soul of the South to SeekAndFind

    “RE: Tillerson will remain SOS until and including March 31st.
    Pompeo still needs to be confirmed by Congress. Will the Dems give him a hard time?”

    The Senate committee reviewing the nomination is led by Senator Corker of Tennessee. Corker said today he is scheduling hearings in April. Apparently there is no sense of urgency in the Republican leadership. Can’t blame Democrats for obstruction yet.

  • Tillerson firing set to showcase just how little the media know (Here's what's really going on)

    03/13/2018 2:01:18 PM PDT · 13 of 46
    Soul of the South to SeekAndFind

    The manner of the firing is troubling. Admired senior level leaders show respect for people and allow them to depart with dignity. They do the firing themselves, face-to-face, and create an exit process that allows the exiting employee to share in crafting the public story. The firing leader also does not talk publicly about the firing and never disparages the departed employee.

    Whether Tillerson was advised by General Kelly on Friday he was about to be fired, or Tillerson learned of his termination through Trump’s tweet this morning, Trump not meeting with Tillerson face-to-face to tell him of the change before the announcement is inexcusable and demonstrates a lack of character. Tillerson left a corporate CEO job to serve his country and the president at great financial cost and certainly some personal sacrifices. In fact Tillerson’s termination came a week after his father died and while he was on a grueling trip to Africa. Does Trump have no empathy for the people who serve him?

    Trump certainly had the authority to fire Tillerson at any time for any reason. I have no beef with that and if Tillerson wasn’t the right man for the job he should go. The manner of the firing was extremely disrespectful. Even if Tillerson didn’t agree with Trump on issues, simple human decency called for treating Tillerson with respect which means delivering the news personally, face-to-face.

    In my corporate career I had the opportunity to observe many senior corporate executives as well as a few politicians. The way an executive treated the people who worked for the executive was directly correlated with the executive’s reputation as a leader and the executive’s performance. For those who compare Trump with Ronald Reagan, consider if Trump comes even close to Reagan character.

    The people who left careers and made sacrifices for Trump, and the nation, deserve better. One thing is clear, if you work for Trump he doesn’t have your back. Not a comfortable position to be in as you try to do your job.

    Meanwhile in Trump’s world Sessions, who is only doing part of his job due to self recusal without consulting his boss, continues to sit comfortably in Trump’s cabinet.

  • Mueller invokes unusual ‘conspiracy to defraud government’ charge to ensnare more targets

    03/13/2018 12:16:54 AM PDT · 72 of 77
    Soul of the South to goldstategop

    House committee has concluded there was no collusion. The Constitution grants the power of the purse to the House where all spending bills must originate. Based on its own conclusions, and Constitutional responsibility, the House should immediately defund the Mueller investigation.

    Calling Mr. Ryan

  • David Hogg: Gun Ownership Should be “Privilege, Not a Right”

    03/12/2018 6:17:54 AM PDT · 88 of 169
    Soul of the South to governsleastgovernsbest

    The answer to the left on the 2nd Amendment is the process the Constitution provides for amendments. Organize a campaign to repeal the amendment. Get it approved by Congress and 3/4 of the states. Until you are prepared to go through the process, you aren’t serious.

  • Somali migrant hides in women's restroom at college, tries to rape student

    03/07/2018 8:23:29 AM PST · 44 of 44
    Soul of the South to LeoHohmann

    The 2017 budget for the National Endowment of the Arts is $150 million dollars. The budget for the National Endowment for the Humanities is $150 million dollars. The corporation for public broadcasting receives $450 million annually from the federal government to fund NPR and PBS.

    These should be easy cuts for our Republican lawmakers and would reduce federal spending by $750 million per year. Yet our GOP Congresscritters and Senators are too afraid of screams from the wealthy liberals who benefit from these subsidies to do the right thing. If they can’t cut subsidies for wealthy liberals who don’t vote for them, they certainly aren’t going to cut the billions of dollars in grant money subsidizing progressive indoctrination at colleges and universities or the billions the National Science Foundation spends on junk global warming research.

    In nearly every weekly newsletter my GOP Congresswoman pontificates on fighting wasteful government spending. Makes me ill.

  • Maxine Waters promises ‘reparations’ in 2020 ‘stump speech,’ vows to ‘take care’ of Ben Carson

    03/06/2018 4:11:54 AM PST · 36 of 61
    Soul of the South to Altura Ct.

    If the GOP had any public relations savvy they would encourage Maxine to introduce a reparations bill. Make sure the legislation provides for the funding, preferably a tax on specific segments of the population.

    Make this the big issue in the media during the home stretch of the 2018 elections.

    Start hearings the first of August and bring the legislation to a floor vote 30 days before election day, just in time for early voters to be aware of it. Force every Democrat member of Congress to cast a recorded vote just before they go to the voters. Let every Democrat candidate face the choice of explaining to black voters why they didn’t vote for the legislation or explain to white voters why they voted to tax them for reparations.

    Unfortunately Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell don’t play politics this way.

  • NB Power Company's costly electric charging stations generating little revenue.

    03/06/2018 3:46:17 AM PST · 3 of 20
    Soul of the South to jerod

    The installation of a single electric charging station drew two cabinet members. The story would have been much more interesting if the journalist writing the story had investigated if these two ministers own and use electric vehicles exclusively for their private use.

    I suspect even the few progressives who actually own an electric vehicle, depend on traditional internal combustion engines for most of their transportation needs.

  • The Chicken Littles Are Hammering Trump on Trade, but Charles Payne's Truth Bombs Blow

    03/05/2018 7:07:11 AM PST · 27 of 57
    Soul of the South to zerosix

    “FNC took Charles Payne back so why not Eric Bolin??????”

    Fox also took back Bob Beckel as a liberal analyst for a while. As I recall his issue was poor performance for either alcoholism or substance abuse.

    Charles Payne seems to be the only male in the past year who has regained his former position after being charged with sexual harassment. Since the circumstances have not been made public, only he, his employer, and the accuser know the reason.

    The self appointed court of public opinion, presided over by left wing intellectuals, thought leaders, and journalists, today determines guilt or innocence based on the politics, race, and gender of the accuser and and accused. Evidence and due process are absent from this court, only the advancement of the leftist agenda matters. Employers will throw an innocent loyal high performing employee overboard in a heartbeat, based on an unprovable accusation, just to avoid a media frenzy.

    Unfortunately our culture has lost its adherence to the principles of right due process and presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. Like the Romans who flocked to the Coliseum 2000 years ago too many Americans delight in the public spectacle of the lions devouring the accused in the arena of the 24/7 news cycle. It is impossible to prove innocence when charges are false, much less earn redemption if there is truth to the accusation, when the lion’s teeth are gnashing at your throat.

    The breakdown of our common culture, the politicization of the judicial system and the employer/employee relationship, and the divisive politics of group identity are destroying any commonly held notion of “fairness” and justice. Today’s barbarians, the social justice warriors, are inside the gates and gleefully seeking to destroy western civilization. History shows that instead of a new equal and just society, their actions will result in a thousand years of darkness, regression, destruction, and suffering as a broken society struggles to rebuild socially and economically. There were no winners in the dark ages of lawlessness between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. Even the lives of the lords of the feudal castles were constantly at risk from warfare, rampant disease, and treachery within.

  • Chinese billionaire 'hid $2bn aluminium pile in Mexican desert and then sold it across border(trnc)

    03/03/2018 6:44:08 AM PST · 6 of 42
    Soul of the South to smileyface

    Other countries cheat on trade. Previous US presidents, and most members of Congress, have generally ignored the cheating putting globalism ahead of the national interest. The US economy and US worker has suffered.

    Trump has called their bluff. Wall Street, the press, the CEO’s of multinational corporations, foreign governments, and “moderate” Republicans are squealing. Will Trump press forward, ignoring the intense pressure, or will he cave on tariffs like George W. Bush did early in his administration?

    Lest we forget, the period of highest tariffs in US history (1865-1900) were also the years of most rapid economic growth. In 35 years the US transitioned from an economy decimated by a brutal civil war to the greatest economy on the planet, surpassing the powers of Europe. We’ve seen a similar rise in the mercantilist Chinese economy over the past 35 years while the US economy has stagnated leading the globalist “free trade” agenda.