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  • Grocery shopping during Venezuela’s food shortages

    06/24/2016 8:17:28 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 35 replies
    Youtube ^ | 6/21/2016 | VICE NEWS
    Grocery shopping during Venezuela’s food shortages
  • Michael Savage to Cruz: Renounce Colorado result

    04/11/2016 1:16:33 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 303 replies
    WND ^ | 4/11/2016
    Calling the Colorado Republican Party’s decision not to hold a primary popular vote a scandal, talk-radio host Michael Savage declared Sen. Ted Cruz should disavow the move and call for a vote. “What just happened in Colorado should, frankly, disqualify Cruz, who claims to be a constitutional conservative,” Savage told his listeners Monday. Savage is a strong supporter of GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who has been a regular guest on “The Savage Nation.” (full article at link)
  • Teenage Terror Arrested For School Brawl

    04/10/2016 11:36:03 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 58 replies
    The Smoking Gun ^ | April 9, 2016
    APRIL 9--An 18-year-old student whose educational history includes a staggering 102 disciplinary referrals and 62 separate suspensions was arrested Wednesday for fighting with a fellow pupil in their Florida high school’s cafeteria, a brawl that prompted the “evacuation of all students,” ...Citing school records, an investigator reported that Wilson has been the subject of “102 disciplinary referrals, including striking another student, numerous disruptions, and possession of a dangerous implement.” As a result of that record, the teen has “served 31 in-school and 31 out-of-school suspensions.” (full article and perp-pic at link)
  • GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump

    04/08/2016 12:46:22 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 125 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 04/08/2016 | Roger Stone
    The next time you hear Mark Levin on the radio, or watch Glenn Beck on TV, or read Erick Erickson, on the Internet, you might just ask yourself who is paying for the message? And why is it so stridently anti-Trump? Don’t fool yourself. They’re doing it for the money. ... Follow the Money The Conservative Tree House blog exposed the financial nexus supporting prominent “conservative” pundits to promote in their media outlets Ted Cruz as the last, best hope to block Trump in Wisconsin, a state considered by the Washington-based GOP establishment as perhaps the last establishment firewall...
  • America's Unique Fascism

    11/29/2015 7:44:26 AM PST · by SpaceBar · 21 replies
    Mises Institute ^ | October 21, 2011 | Anthony Gregory
    "The dirty little secret is that there has been a bipartisan project of corporatism, the economic underpinning of fascism, for almost a century." Five years ago, antiwar liberals calling the Bush administration fascist were labeled as kooks, marginalized by their own party leadership, accused by conservatives of treasonous thoughts worthy of federal punishment, even deportation. A few years pass, the policies hardly change, and the political dynamic turns upside down: tea-party conservatives accusing the Obama regime of fascist impulses are compared to terrorists, accused of being racists, told that their hyperbole is a real threat to the country's security. The...
  • A Female Physician in Munich, Germany Sends a Warning Message to the World

    10/26/2015 3:06:53 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 56 replies
    BlazingCatFur ^ | 10/14/15 | unknown
    Yesterday, at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals. Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we, women, are refusing to go among those animals, especially from Africa. Relations between the staff and migrants are going from bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units. Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases that we, in Europe, do...
  • Aircraft Part Confirmed to come from Missing Malaysian Flight

    08/05/2015 11:07:47 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 28 replies
    no source (fox radio)
    Just confirmed on the radio.
  • Sex ed class at Acalanes High School under scrutiny (SF Bay Area)

    12/17/2014 10:38:00 AM PST · by SpaceBar · 9 replies
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 12/12/2014 | By Jennifer Baires
    LAFAYETTE -- Acalanes Union High School District is once again under fire for its sex education course taught by Planned Parenthood instructors -- this time for material from that course and what some parents see as a failure to involve parents appropriately. At issue are two handouts parents say violate the California Education Code. One is a checklist entitled "Sex check! Are you ready for sex," which lists physical, emotional and relationship questions to consider before having sex. Included are phrases like, "I know when my body is sexually aroused," and "I can tell my partner what feels good." Some...
  • DA Brandenburg denies bribery, witness intimidation allegations

    12/08/2014 3:19:54 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 16 replies
    Albuquerque Journal ^ | December 8, 2014 | Mike Gallagher
    District Attorney Kari Brandenburg denied allegations of bribery and witness intimidation during a Monday morning press conference held at the the offices of Albuquerque attorney Peter Schoenburg, whom Brandenburg described as a friend. “I never at any time violated the law,” Brandenburg said. The allegations, which were reported in a Journal story Sunday, involve an Albuquerque Police Department investigation into Brandenburg’s role in contacting victims in two burglaries and a larceny in which her son, Justin Koch, was a suspect. The cases involve thousands of dollars in property, including a 9mm Smith & Wesson. Bradenburg said she has yet to...
  • Dem Candidate for NM Gov. Endorsed by Weather Underground Member

    05/30/2014 5:32:00 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 6 replies
    Washington Free Beacon ^ | May 21, 2014 | Elizabeth Harrington
    New Mexico Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alan Webber has a history of radical views, including ties to the Weather Underground and urging empathy for a child sex offender. Webber has raised the most money of Democratic candidates vying to challenge Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, and is competing against four other Democrats, including Lawrence Rael, who exaggerated his resume on his campaign website. The primary will be held on June 3. Mark Rudd, a leader and founder of the domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground, which has advocated for the violent overthrow of the United States and committed multiple bombings of public...
  • THE SAVAGE NATION 11-19-13 !

    11/19/2013 5:44:39 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 12 replies ^ | Nov 19, 2013 | Dr Michael Savage
    Borders, language, culture Tuesday.
  • What Anchor Babies?

    09/18/2013 6:41:09 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 12 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | September 8, 2013 | Thomas Clough
    Complaints from the neighbors brought building inspectors and the police to a row of connected town houses in San Gabriel, California – all that noise and all those pregnant women coming and going at all hours of the day and night. When the inspectors entered one kitchen they found a row of bassinets holding several infants who were being attended by a nurse. The cops had uncovered another maternity house that caters to the growing trade in “maternity tourism.” “These were not women living in squalor – it was a well taken care of place and clean, but there were...
  • On the Death of Trayvon Martin

    08/02/2013 7:55:25 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 27 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | July 24, 2013 | Thomas Clough
    George Zimmerman had been elected and deputized by his racially-diverse community to enforce their collective right to home security and property protection. He was put on trial for the shooting death of a black 17-year-old named Trayvon Martin on the evening of February 26th, 2012. The moment America got the false impression that Zimmerman was “white” and probably a Jew, the very same racial racketeers who had raised full-throated “stand your ground” and “castle doctrine” defenses for John White, a black man who shot to death an unarmed 17-year-old white boy in Miller Place, New York back in 2006, were...
  • Obama administration paid contractors millions to snoop through Americans’ financial data

    06/28/2013 8:34:51 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 39 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 06/27/2013 | Brendan Bordelon
    A secretive data collection program run by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allows private contractors access to millions of Americans’ personal financial information, according to a government accountability group. The information may also be shared with other federal agencies. Documents obtained by Washington-based Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act illustrate the cost and scope of the program, which business groups and some Republican lawmakers have assailed as invasive and potentially illegal. The Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported how the CFPB compelled banks to comply with the program by making successful passage of routine inspections conditional on supplying...
  • THE SAVAGE NATION!!!!!! 6-21-13

    06/21/2013 5:46:58 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 23 replies ^ | 6-21-13 | Dr. Michael Savage
    Open mic to Mike Friday!
  • THE SAVAGE NATION!!!!!! 6-14-13

    06/14/2013 5:58:22 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 13 replies ^ | 6-14-2013 | Dr. Michael Savage
    Open mic to Mike Friday!
  • THE SAVAGE NATION!!!!!! 6-13-13

    06/13/2013 5:57:25 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 8 replies ^ | 6/12/2013 | Dr. Michael Savage
    Thursday Savage
  • IMF head Lagarde's flat searched in Bernard Tapie probe

    03/20/2013 11:28:37 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 7 replies
    BBC ^ | 20 March 2013
    French police have searched the Paris apartment of IMF chief Christine Lagarde, as they investigate her role in awarding financial compensation to businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008. As finance minister, she referred his long-running dispute with bank Credit Lyonnais to an arbitration panel, which awarded him 400m euros (£340m) damages. Mr Tapie was a supporter of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy. Critics say she abused her authority but Ms Lagarde denies any wrongdoing. "This search will help uncover the truth, which will contribute to exonerating my client from any criminal wrongdoing," Ms Lagarde's lawyer, Yves Repiquet, told the Reuters news agency. The...
  • The Death of Marriage

    03/16/2013 3:56:30 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 17 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | March 4, 2013 | Thomas Clough
    After centuries of mischief making, homosexuals would have us believe that they have abandoned their former ways and embraced domesticity. In truth, an influential minority of homosexuals have chosen to momentarily mimic heterosexual restraint for the calculated purpose of mainstreaming homosexuality. A splinter faction of gay radicals want to fix in the minds of normal heterosexuals the false notion that homosexuality is an alternative co-equal of the universal mammalian standard of species-preserving heterosexuality. This notion is nonsense. A normal heterosexual disposition is the consequence of many biological developments progressing normally. In every healthy human culture the normal inborn proclivities of...
  • The Case Against Women in Combat

    02/28/2013 5:09:50 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 14 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | March 15, 2011 | Thomas Clough
    Imagine your seventeen-year-old daughter fighting for her life in hand-to-hand combat with battle-hardened enemy soldiers. How long would she survive? Two minutes? One minute? There is a resurgent movement to push female military personnel into ever more intimate contact with hostile forces. The few arguments mustered in support of doing this focus narrowly on manpower issues or misplaced feminist vanity. In all the literature on this subject that I have collected over several years, not once have I found a proponent of women in combat who would speak honestly about the consequences of thrusting our daughters into man-against-woman festivals of...
  • Phony Minorities and the New Gay Hell

    02/27/2013 3:47:24 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 12 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | February 9, 2013 | Thomas Clough
    Are girls with eating disorders an oppressed minority? I ask this question because the rexies are demanding some respect. ------------ If all of this is more than you can imagine, then come to terms with these historical facts: this fanciful arc of an upcoming Rise of the Rexies is exactly the pathway to “gay acceptance” that was paved by homosexual activists. This is the history of the Gay Movement. ------------ The media campaign of gay activists is modeled on a battle plan scripted by the queer theorists Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill. This strategic document is appropriately titled “The Overhauling...
  • Queer Liars and Liberal Idiots

    02/27/2013 3:22:24 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 3 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | February 22, 2013 | Thomas Clough
    The most destructive ideologies of modern times have favored the notion that an essential human nature does not exist or, at most, is faint and extremely elastic. The enemies of civilization must subvert the idea that humans cannot be conditioned to accept any behavior, no matter how grotesque. These practitioners of human desensitization understand that getting humans to accept a repugnant behavior requires a slow and incremental and persistent exposure to behaviors that were previously felt to be disgusting. The enemies of civilization believe that humans as humans share no guiding moral sensibility. “Little by little we were taught all...
  • Monsters in America

    01/10/2013 1:21:04 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 5 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | January 4, 2013 | Thomas Clough
    The Monster of Bath Andrew Kehoe was an intelligent man with a prickly disposition. Neighbors recalled how Kehoe had shot a neighbor’s dog to death after it wandered onto his property and annoyed him by barking. Kehoe had beaten one of his horses to death when its performance displeased him. Andrew Kehoe was impatient with anyone who contradicted him. Mr. Kehoe had studied electrical engineering; he had worked as an electrician. In 1919 he and his wife had purchased a farm outside Bath, Michigan, about ten miles northeast of Lansing. Kehoe had a reputation for thriftiness and in 1924 he...
  • The Obama Hate Squad

    01/10/2013 1:13:06 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 10 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | December 17, 2012 | Thomas Clough
    Before he met Michelle Robinson, Barack Obama had no traction on the streets of Chicago. In a head-to-head contest against Bobby Rush, a charter member of the Black Panther Party, Barack Obama suffered a painful ego deflation. In their competition in the 2000 Democrat primary for Illinois’ first congressional district Bobby Rush had deftly whitewashed Barack as a creature of white culture – of his white mother and his white grandparents, his white girlfriends and his white and Jewish advisors and benefactors far from the gritty South Ward in rich-and-comfortable Hyde Park. “He went to Harvard and became an educated...
  • President Obama Attacks Private Citizens

    01/10/2013 1:08:40 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 6 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | December 3, 2012 | Thomas Clough
    Armed with the intimidating powers of the SEC, the IRS and the Justice Department, which can fine, audit and indict citizens into oblivion, President Obama has taken to singling out the private-citizen donors of his opponents for special abuse. For example: One of Obama’s campaign websites posted a blurb titled “Behind the curtain: a brief history of Romney’s donors,” which named eight private citizens, describing all of them as having “less-than-reputable records” and accusing them of being “on the wrong side of the law” and of profiting at “the expense of so many Americans.” The “crimes” that Team Obama refers...
  • Socialism Is A One-Way Street To Oblivion

    11/20/2012 12:32:53 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 5 replies
    CNSNews ^ | July 9, 2012 | Charlie Daniels
    We are all aware of the slippery slope that the profligate spending of our politicians has put our nation on, and those who are honest enough to admit it know that the mighty United States of America is headed for a fiscal disaster that, if our course is not drastically altered, will shake the very foundations of our stability and reduce the greatest nation the world has ever known to a Greece-like shell complete with social upheaval and worthless currency. When we think about the ramifications of our decades of foolishness, we tend to be concerned about the social fall...
  • Making Obama Seem Intelligent

    10/13/2012 10:02:02 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 9 replies
    Wierd Republic ^ | October 6th, 2012 | Thomas Clough
    Late night comics love Joe Biden because he relieves them of having to make fun of Barack Obama. Making jokes about Obama makes them very uncomfortable. So never mind that Mr. Obama told us that there were 57 states or that he doesn’t speak “Austrian.” Never mind that Obama called the Malvinas the Maldives during a visit to South America or that he pronounces the word corpsman “corpse man” or that he lamented the atomic bomb that fell “on Pearl Harbor,” or that he told a shocked audience that 10,000 people had been killed that very day in a Kansas...
  • Obama’s Race War is Right on Schedule

    04/08/2012 11:22:15 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 2 replies
    Conservative Crusader ^ | July 17, 2010 | jb williams
    Instead of using federal powers to uphold laws protecting our nation’s borders, the Obama administration has chosen to use the full weight of the federal government to attack the state of Arizona for attempting to legally enforce standing immigration laws. This is consistent with Team Obama’s heavy-handed dictatorial tyranny over the states and the people, which has manifest in several full frontal assaults on both state and individual rights. But there is much more to it than meets the eye for most American citizens. It is all part of a grand plan for leftist political domination… Three Sanctuary States –...
  • These High Energy Prices Are Part of Obama’s Plan

    02/19/2012 9:29:33 AM PST · by SpaceBar · 14 replies
    The Lonely Conservative ^ | February 28, 2011 | Lonely Conservative
    Have you noticed it’s getting a lot more expensive to drive your car and heat your home? Do you think it’s just a coincidence, or due to the turmoil in the Middle East? That may have something to do with it, but remember, before he became President, Barack Obama stated in no uncertain terms that energy prices needed to skyrocket to force us into using alternative energy sources. He didn’t state at the time that his friends on the left would profit from the alternative energy he’s pushing, but we all know it’s true. The Washington Examiner‘s latest editorial details...
  • Abramoff credits Savage for prison epiphany

    01/29/2012 12:56:51 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 29 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 1/27/2012 | WND Staff
    Once Washington’s most notorious lobbyist, Jack Abramoff is now a repentant campaigner for cleaning up corruption in Washington, and he gives some of the credit for his turnaround to talk radio host Michael Savage. In an interview on “The Savage Nation” last night, Savage noted that Abramoff wrote in his book “Capitol Punishment” of having a revelation during his 43 months in prison in which he came to acknowledge he had lost perspective and did wrong. “Yes, yes, it actually is true, and, frankly, part of the ability to rethink was listening to you every night in jail, as a...
  • How To Bring The Cancerous Derivatives Market Under Control

    01/25/2012 9:35:12 AM PST · by SpaceBar · 57 replies · 1+ views
    The American Almanac ^ | September 6, 1993 | by Christopher White
    On March 9, Lyndon LaRouche intervened in the economic crisis to propose a plan that is as simple and direct, as it is potentially effective in its execution: a sales or transaction tax on the turnover of ``financial derivative'' securities or financial instruments. Each time such a security or instrument is traded, he said, it should be taxed at 0.1 percent of its face value, or, as it is called in the derivatives trade, its notional principal amount. ... Talk to most people about ``derivatives'' and you pretty soon discover that they have no idea what they are. Still less...
  • Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses at an All-Time High

    11/24/2011 8:07:46 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 137 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 22, 2011 | Michelle Macaluso
    The newest trend in American communication isn't another smartphone from Apple or Google but one of the elder statesmen of communication: Ham radio licenses are at an all time high, with over 700,000 licenses in the United States, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Ham radio first took the nation by storm nearly a hundred years ago. Last month the FCC logged 700,314 licenses, with nearly 40,000 new ones in the last five years. Compare that with 2005 when only 662,600 people hammed it up and you'll see why the American Radio Relay League -- the authority on all things...
  • Obama's Torpedo: The Strange Case of Elena Kagan

    11/24/2011 7:49:02 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 23 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | October 17, 2011 | Thomas Clough
    Who Is Elena Kagan? There was a brief period in her early 20s when Elena Kagan expressed clear and forceful opinions on matters legal and political. That window of expressiveness abruptly closed and she has been a cipher ever since. She was bright, had stellar grades, garnered glowing teacher recommendations, had boundless self-confidence and a winning personality. She is also a typical creature of the newly-emerged230 meritocratic system that now funnels bright kids onto elite college campuses. Unlike earlier generations of students who were intellectual risk takers willing to challenge authority, Kagan's cohort was more subdued, strategic and calculating. Kagan's...
  • Dennis Ritchie, father of C programming language, dies

    10/13/2011 9:00:43 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 94 replies · 1+ views
    CNET ^ | October 13, 2011 | by Steven Musil
    Dennis Ritchie, an internationally renowned computer scientist who created the C programming language, has died at age 70. Ritchie died at his home over the weekend, according to a Google+ post from longtime colleague Rob Pike. His Wikipedia entry was updated to say he had died in Murray Hill, N.J. His death was confirmed today by Bell Labs, in a message from its president, Jeong Kim, to employees. That message reads, in part: Dennis was well loved by his colleagues at Bell Labs, and will be greatly missed. He was truly an inspiration to all of us, not just for...
  • The Liberal Fear of Voter Identification

    09/22/2011 6:06:59 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 20 replies
    Weird Republic ^ | August 31, 2011 | Thomas Clough
    Our Modern Lives To cash a check or rent a movie or buy a six pack of beer you might be asked to show a photo ID. In the aftermath of Muslims behaving badly on September 11th, 2001, laws were passed to enhance our security. Henceforth, everyone entering a federal building or boarding a commercial airliner was required to present proof of identity that included a photograph. The most persuasive photo IDs are issued by state and federal authorities who at some time had demanded that the ID's holder present a birth certificate and other documentation. So is it really...
  • Van der Sloot charged with murder

    09/02/2011 2:45:12 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 5 replies
    CNN ^ | September 1, 2011 | the CNN Wire Staff
    Peruvian authorities have charged Joran van der Sloot with murder in the death of a Peruvian woman. Van der Sloot was arrested in June of last year, but was not formally charged until Thursday. Prosecutors are asking for a 30-year prison sentence and a restitution payment of $73,000 to the family of Stephany Flores. They also charged van der Sloot with theft. Charged alongside van der Sloot were three Peruvian drivers who allegedly helped him flee into Chile. Prosecutors want five-year prison sentences for them and fines of about $1,800. Flores was found dead in van der Sloot's Lima hotel...
  • Is Obama fomenting a race war?

    08/31/2011 7:54:11 AM PDT · by SpaceBar · 52 replies
    The Washington Times) ^ | April 30, 2010 | Jeff Kuhner
    President Obama is inciting racial division. He rightly fears that the Democrats will suffer huge losses in November’s midterm congressional elections. Republicans are within reach of retaking control of the House of Representatives. Even the Senate may be in play. His party’s grip on power is threatened - and with it, Mr. Obama’s radical socialist agenda. Fear breeds desperation. Hence, Mr. Obama is resorting to the worst kind of demagoguery: playing the race card. In a video to Democrats, the president embraced identity politics; black, Hispanic and female voters are to be courted at the expense of white middle-class America....
  • Birth of an Oddball: The Perplexing Mr. Obama

    06/25/2011 2:00:38 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 12 replies
    WeirdRepublic Blog ^ | May 15, 2011 | Thomas Clough
    The authors of New York Times editorials once again struck the pose of exasperated schoolmarms on April 28th, 2011 with an editorial titled “A Certificate of Embarrassment.” It was subtitled, “The president is finally forced to react to a preposterous political claim about his birth.” Yup. Barack Obama had “finally” produced a facsimile of his birth certificate and the sages on the New York Times editorial staff were expressing their dismay that this commonsense act was somehow beneath Obama’s dignity. These nameless editors had collective amnesia about Obama’s Inauguration Day, when Chief Justice John Roberts bungled the Oath of Office...
  • Assange could be charged under Espionage Act: report

    11/30/2010 2:53:58 AM PST · by SpaceBar · 26 replies
    The Hindu ^ | November 30, 2010
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could be charged under the Espionage Act for making public classified U.S. government documents which he obtained illegally, a media report said here on Tuesday. The U.S. authorities are investigating whether Mr. Assange, also Editor-in-Chief of the whistle-blower website, violated criminal laws by disclosing the classified information, ‘The Washington Post’ reported. The FBI is examining everyone who came into possession of the documents, including those who gave the material to WikiLeaks and also the organisation itself, it said, citing those familiar with the probe. According to the Post, charges against WikiLeaks and Mr. Assange could be...
  • THE SAVAGE NATION!!!!!! 11-16-10

    11/16/2010 3:15:10 PM PST · by SpaceBar · 19 replies ^ | 11-16-10 | Michael Savage
  • THE SAVAGE NATION!!!!!! 10-26-10

    10/26/2010 3:07:59 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 27 replies ^ | 10-26-2010 | Michael Savage
  • Shocking testimony reveals police inaction in Conn. horror home invasion

    09/15/2010 8:50:24 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 38 replies · 1+ views
    New York Post ^ | September 15, 2010 | LAURA ITALIANO
    Podunk local cops wasted more than half an hour assessing the Connecticut home invasion and setting up a vehicle perimeter -- time the two attackers used to strangle the mother in her living room and set the fire that claimed the lives of the two girls upstairs, according to shocking testimony today. The revelation -- which suggests perhaps the family could have been saved but for police bungling -- came on day three of testimony in the murder trial of crack addict Steven Hayes, charged as one of the two monsters who launched a rein of rape and murder against...
  • Sunday Night With Bill Cunningham 5/23/2010

    05/23/2010 7:00:01 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 2 replies · 291+ views
    Premiere Radio ^ | 5/23/2010 | Bill Cunningham
    A place to discuss Bill's radio program.
  • Sunday Night With Bill Cunningham 5/16/2010

    05/16/2010 7:00:03 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 1 replies · 294+ views
    Premiere Radio ^ | 5/16/2010 | Bill Cunningham
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  • Sunday Night With Bill Cunningham 5/2/2010

    05/02/2010 7:00:01 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 2 replies · 220+ views
    Premiere Radio ^ | 5/2/2010 | Bill Cunningham
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  • Sunday Night With Bill Cunningham 4/25/2010

    04/25/2010 7:00:01 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 1 replies · 325+ views
    Premiere Radio ^ | 4/25/2010 | Bill Cunningham
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  • Sunday Night With Bill Cunningham 4/18/2010

    04/18/2010 7:00:01 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 3 replies · 304+ views
    Premiere Radio ^ | 4/18/2010 | Bill Cunningham
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  • Sunday Night With Bill Cunningham 4/11/2010

    04/11/2010 7:00:01 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 2 replies · 318+ views
    Premiere Radio ^ | 4/11/2010 | Bill Cunningham
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  • Housing protest leads to takeover of duplex

    04/05/2010 8:17:37 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 17 replies · 946+ views
    SFGate ^ | Monday, April 5, 2010 | James Temple
    A group of homeless people and housing activists took over a privately owned Mission District duplex on Sunday in what served as the climax of a protest designed to promote use of San Francisco's vacant buildings as shelters for the needy. But the owner of the property - who was targeted over his eviction of a tenant - said the demonstration was nothing more than breaking and entering. "It's not actually vacant. I use it for my own personal uses," Ara Tehlirian of Daly City said in an interview, adding that he was in contact with the San Francisco Police...
  • Sunday Night With Bill Cunningham 4/4/2010

    04/04/2010 7:18:55 PM PDT · by SpaceBar · 4 replies · 333+ views
    Premiere Radio ^ | 4/4/2010 | Bill Cunningham
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