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Posts by spetznaz

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  • BREAKING: Pope takes major step toward formal heresy

    05/27/2015 3:49:20 AM PDT · 202 of 431
    spetznaz to Gamecock; metmom; RnMomof7; Alex Murphy; Mark17; CynicalBear; daniel1212; Salvation
    To be very honest, at the very start of the thread I thought it was some sort of very intelligent sarcasm thread. Then I watched the video, and yet again I was amazed at the intricately woven sarcasm in the video ...until I got about halfway through and I realized the man was absolutely serious!

    Mouth agape, I re-read the thread with the knowledge that it was not a hoax/sarcasm but rather a real tirade that was saying Catholicism is the only Christianity, and all other Christian faiths are not only less but even condemn their followers to eternal damnation. That was the second stage ...shock.

    Then the third stage kicked in - remembrance. I grew up Catholic as a child, and by Catholic I mean proper old school African Catholicism where the mass was even said in Latin (African catholics are mostly the 'modern variety,' where there is even dancing in the churces, but there are still vestiges of the old school version. Think indulgences, think scapular, think penance, think cilice, think the Pieta and the 15 prayers of St Bridget).

    I remembered why I moved away from all of that ...the realization that when Christ was warning about Pharisees and Saducees, men who go around acting pious but instead are like white-washed tombs with the bones of dead men inside, when Christ warned about people following the traditions of men rather than the truth of God ...that all those warnings reminded me of what I was seeing, and I could not longer be part of it.

    I have not seen such people in a long time, as many Catholics I meet are what I would call 'Sunday Christians' ...I have even seem some go to church wearing the same clothes they were wearing when they were out drinking and partying at the club the night before. This is the first time I am seeing the old school Catholics, and the beliefs you hear are very well established among the old school set ...around the world. Unfortunately for them it is a rapidly decreasing group.

    It was interesting though reading this thread. It also gives a feel of how the Inquisition must have been.

  • Colt Python - Nickle...Opinions

    05/25/2015 2:26:37 PM PDT · 34 of 124
    spetznaz to CrazyIvan; Chasaway
    A Colt Python from your father? I would put the value at approximately the same as the Colt .45 ACP that I inherited from my uncle: priceless.

    Best response so far. Sir, that revolver is priceless based on what you said about it.

  • Humans 'will become God-like cyborgs within 200 years'

    05/25/2015 9:58:22 AM PDT · 60 of 61
    spetznaz to spetznaz
    Dog with myostatin gene defect:

    Bull with myostatin gene defect:

    16 year old Ye Shiwen:

  • Humans 'will become God-like cyborgs within 200 years'

    05/25/2015 9:49:06 AM PDT · 59 of 61
    spetznaz to Gritty; RoosterRedux
    I don't put much credence in the article, however to your point - humans have become significantly taller in the last several hundred years, and in the past few decades alone better health care and nutrition have had a noticeable effect in size. In some cases the changes have been extreme - currently, the average Dutch man is 5 feet 11 inches. Average, making them among the tallest people in the world. In 1856 the average height of the average Dutch male was 5 feet 2 inches.

    Another area that people have changed is speed. Running speed. At one point the three minute mile was 'impossible.' Now even some high schoolers have beaten it. Why? I believe, again, better nutrition and less disease enabling people to 'be all they can be.'

    As for genetic manipulation, that is also already happening. It is called gene doping and it is something that has been experimented on in dogs and cattle (by working with a genetic defect that limits myostatin and makes them have huge muscles), and apparently in China, humans. In China gene doping has been part of their military program (be it ACTN3 for increased speed or, more importantly, erythropoietin for increased endurance). That last one was of special significance in the London Olympics when "16 year old Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, came out of nowhere to win the Gold Medal in a World Record Breaking 400m swim performance. John Leonard, the highly respected American director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, described her performance as “unbelievable” and said that authorities should check to see “if there is something unusual going on in terms of genetic manipulation."

    Is this 'evolution?' No, not really. But it does show that manipulation is possible ...even if the 'manipulation' simply means better nutrition and less disease to ravage the body. Definitely when it comes to real manipulation, such as work on genes, the case of Ye Shiwen, and the amount of money the Chinese are putting into their military programs, definitely shows it is possible.

    This does not mean that Captain America will exist, or people who can fly or any such nonsense. But we will definitely see 'better people' from a genetic standpoint. Enhanced human beings that are on aggregate 'superior' to even a high normal-human average. In the same way today you find some people with better immune systems, or higher IQ, or a natural stronger will, than 'average.' Sure, anyone can work towards being healthier, or dedicate themselves to becoming smarter, and obviously will power is something anyone can do if they sufficiently dedicate themselves to it. But for some it is easier. Gene doping makes it even easier.

  • Superman's Dark Past

    05/24/2015 1:19:32 PM PDT · 16 of 33
    spetznaz to Swordmaker; EveningStar
    This movie will be a bomb. . . Fail. People want their heroes. . . Not feet of clay. It’s another nail in the coffin of our society from the Liberals.

    Based on FR's movie-prediction track record that statement probably means the movie will be a huge success. Even Avatar, before its release, was predicted to be a huge failure on FR before going ahead to gross over a billion (talking about 10 figures, I predict a billion as well for this movie once everything is added together. Consider that Man of Steel grossed a global tally of $668 million on 14 weeks).

    Predictions aside, I'm not too sure that people want their heroes as they used to be. People have lost something over the last decade or so, and many of the 'modern heroes' couldn't pass muster twenty years ago. The inverse is also true, with many of the pure white-hat heroes of yesteryear not making it today. Think about the first Superman movie starting Christopher Reeves. A truly wonderful and superlative movie, with some scenes that are simply wonderful (eg where Superman takes Lois up into the clouds, and Louis has her monologue/soliloquy where she wonders if he can 'read her mind'). Wonderful wonderful movie, but if it was released today it would bomb. Not enough violence, not enough gore, not enough action.

    The Superman vs Batman could be filled with 2 hours of Teletubbies dancing, and the mere fact that the title states 'Superman versus Batman' would guarantee that it would be a commercial success. Even if we ignore modern heroes with feet of clay versus yesteryear's golden gods, that movie is guaranteed success. But if we take the money out of the equation, I am still of the opinion that society has sufficiently changed that the modern hero is, at best, the anti-hero of yesterday.

    Who knows, maybe in another decade or two it will have shifted from yesterday's anti-hero to yesterday's villain. Maybe you'll see a movie with General Zod as the protagonist!

    But this movie will make money hand over fist, simply by its title card alone, even if it was simply a two hour montage of Mayweather 'fighting' Pacquiao and Romney 'fighting' Hollyfield.

  • Isis first Saudi Arabia attack: Shi'ite Qatif mosque targeted by Islamic State suicide bomber

    05/23/2015 10:23:40 AM PDT · 41 of 43
    spetznaz to spetznaz

    ‘Mythic branch’ should have been ‘mystic branch.’

  • Isis first Saudi Arabia attack: Shi'ite Qatif mosque targeted by Islamic State suicide bomber

    05/23/2015 10:22:46 AM PDT · 40 of 43
    spetznaz to ExCTCitizen
    I would actually consider them more the 'mythic branch of Islam' rather than the 'liberal branch of Islam' (for that you'd have to look at the Ismaili community, which is a very liberal branch of Shia Islam led by the Aga Khan). The Sufi follow more or less mystic paths, and if you have heard of the whirling dervishes those are Sufi.

  • Breaking: Historic Palmyra, Syria FALLS to ISIS

    05/23/2015 3:27:08 AM PDT · 118 of 122
    spetznaz to tcrlaf

    I hope you’re joking, and maybe you are. However I would sadly not be surprised if the US/West decided to inject some ‘democracy’ in Jordan.

  • Isis first Saudi Arabia attack: Shi'ite Qatif mosque targeted by Islamic State suicide bomber

    05/23/2015 3:18:02 AM PDT · 33 of 43
    spetznaz to spodefly
    The mosque was Shia, and that is the first (and most important) starting point. A little background - Islam is divided into three major groups. Sunni (nothing sunny about them), Shia (I wish they were more like Chia pets), and Suffi (the weedsmoking chilled out section of Islam). There are some more divisions (eg Ismaili), but those three are the main groups. Now, of those groups the Sunni are by far the majority. Over 90%, or close to it, I believe ...but numbers aside they are the largest.

    Issue One: Sunni Islam considers all other Islamic sects to NOT be Muslim. Thus, an attack on a Shia mosque is not an attack on a mosque but rather on a building used by heathens, blasphemers and apostates.

    Issue Two: Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Sunni Islam. Yes, the Shia claim direct descent from Mohammed (spit upon his soul), but Saudi Arabia is a Sunni country. Thus, a Shia mosque is Saudi Arabia is simply a target.

    Issue Three: Most of the worst terror groups are Sunni. Whether it is ISIS or Al Qaeda or Al Shabaab or Boko Haram or Jamiah Imailiyah ...all are Sunni. From Nigeria through Kenya to Libya to Syria to Iraq to Indonesia to the Philippines ...to the group that will some day give America the attack that will wake the people up...the terror groups are Sunni. The reason for this is thay Sunni Islam has within it some very radical sects ...the salafi/wahhabi sects of Sunni Islam (another dear gift from you and yours from Saudi Arabia).

    Issue Four: That's not to say that Shia Islam is, as a lower educated African American version of me would say, 'all good.' Nope! For one, the main support base for Shia is Iran. This is one of the reasons why all Arab countries (Saudi, the Emirates, Qatar, etc) hate Iran (which is Persian not Arab) with a passion. Iranians are non-Arab Shiites. To most Arabs, Iran is in the same category as Israel and the US. Shia Islam does have some hard core fighters in the Shia militias (probably the only people, apart from the Kurdish Pershmarga, that is not fleeing before ISIS), and of course there is Hezbo'llah! But generally, I will take the Shia any day over the Sunni. They are more likely to be THINKING. Secondly, I will take Iran any day over any Arab country ...the Persians have just had bad leaders, they're not Arabs, they're intelligent, and the youth have a high like for America!!!!! Hopefully someday Iran and the West will be allies, and it will take strong leadership from the US and proper leaders from Iran. Unfortunately there are many people from.both countries who don't want that.

  • Brave bird fights off double tiger attack to emerge victorious at China zoo

    05/21/2015 8:58:26 AM PDT · 7 of 16
    spetznaz to Jack Hydrazine

    Let’s see how many GungFu styles come out of this encounter.

  • Breaking: Historic Palmyra, Syria FALLS to ISIS

    05/20/2015 12:42:18 PM PDT · 36 of 122
    spetznaz to tcrlaf

    It was such a GREAT idea to try and get rid of Assad. Getting rid of Qaddafi was also a brilliant plan. I wonder what other leader will be removed from power without much thought being given as to who/what will fill the vacuum created?

  • Total collapse: “Elite” Iraqi units routed in Ramadi counteroffensive

    05/18/2015 5:45:08 PM PDT · 28 of 36
    spetznaz to Always A Marine

    That ‘Unit’ has a long tradition of doing superb work while keeping their mouths shut, even though it means another ‘Team’ tends to get a lot of credit since they tend to talk more. Both the Unit and the Team are extremely well trained and are beyond amazing, it’s just that the Unit tends to keep their mouths shut.

  • Donald Trump Will End Outsourcing If President

    05/18/2015 5:34:27 PM PDT · 23 of 67
    spetznaz to Cringing Negativism Network; conservativejoy
    Why he can't get the nomination? Well, you answered the question yourself in your post. You stated that there's a 'huge' segment of the populace that is fed up with businesses selling out America, and then follow that up with how one may see proof of this by going to any town in America and looking at what is at sale at the Walmarts. That's the issue CCC ...as one checks out what's for sale at those Walmarts, one will also notice that those supermarkets are full of people buying that stuff. That's the fatal flaw with your argument ...while there are many people who are wary of the flow of businesses outside the nation, the fact remains that there are many more who simply couldn't be bothered.

    Think about it in a different way, if even on FR Trump gets significant pushback and little traction, how is he to be expected to get national appeal? That point alone shows your man's in trouble, but to keep it even simpler the 'Walmart test' shows that most people simply don't care anyway.

  • D.C. couple was acting oddly before fire, police are told

    05/17/2015 6:53:02 AM PDT · 34 of 36
    spetznaz to pepsionice
    My humble guess is that there’s some guy who had some cash flow requirement in a hurry. He picked some rich family and assumed that the husband had some safe in the house with something of value. Things went wrong, and the results are obvious. He used the Porsche as a cash-for-trade item but his connection read through the issues and knew that cops would be all over this vehicle and whoever it was connected with. So burning it on the street was the only way to cover up your tracks.

    I think it was more professional than someone who selected this family randomly. They seem to have been a well chosen target, the perpetrator (s) even took the time to know the house keeping schedule, they held the family hostage for quite some time (most 'normal' thugs would do a hit and run, not wait as if they were timing the expiry of an automatic time lock), they killed the people and took the time to burn the house (most 'normal' thugs would just shoot or knife/bludgeon them), and as for the porsche found in the 'hood' that doesn't mean anything in and of itself. If I was to ever go rogue, I would also probably leave the burnt out car/murder weapon/murderous leprechaun in an area known for drugs and crime.

    Without knowing much about this case, that family was the victim of a professional robbery (probably held hostage while the robbery happened offsite) and then followed by a murder. Probably mob related. Why? Because they were professional enough to pull it off, but STUPID enough not to realize that video of them driving off in the porsche would immediately cast doubt on a murder-suicide story. That mix of brilliance and stupidity is usually indicative of the mob.

  • Celebrations erupt in Burundi amid coup reports

    05/13/2015 12:51:53 PM PDT · 13 of 18
    spetznaz to Zhang Fei

    Got the news this morning (I’m in DC for a private equity conference). The situation is quite volatile a d there’s a lot of dry tinder laying about waiting for the right spark to light the whole shebang to high heaven. It’s hard to tell what will happen (it could all fizzle and the only outcome being a short term mess), or it could properly erupt.

  • France Could Sell Mistral Warships Meant For Russia To China, Report Says

    05/11/2015 10:51:33 AM PDT · 5 of 9
    spetznaz to tcrlaf
    I actually laughed out loud when I read that. That's the most hilarious thing I have read in weeks.

    So, a potential solution for not selling to Russia (let's call that country a mangy dog that is acting like it has rabies) is to sell to China (let's call it a ravenous tiger with a bad toothache). Yup! 100% Mensa thinking right there chaps! True genius!

    Russia is a veritable 'bad guy,' but China makes Russia look like Mr Rogers. Maybe not right now, but in the next decade or two the West will miss the Soviet Union as China rises up (even higher than it is now) and shows what happens when you take Western capitalism, reject Soviet stupidity but keep the need to (at least eventually) defeat the West.

  • Lexington Institute: F-35 Critics Need to Calm Down

    05/11/2015 7:51:25 AM PDT · 8 of 11
    spetznaz to DariusBane; Portcall24; Sean_Anthony
    I remember some media hit pieces on the Bradley IFV. That machine has proven to be a war winning success.

    I used to be a critic of the F-35 until I came to the realization a couple of years back that, based on likely use, it will be an overwhelming success. An astounding success.


    Well, simply look at the countries that the West has been engaged in armed conflict with over the last several decades (probably going all the way back to WW2). None of them have been near-peer adversaries of the nature that Germany and the Axis gave to the US and the Allies. Looking at just the US we have the likes of Panama, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Viet Nam, Somalia, Bosnia, Dominican Republic, Grenada and Kosovo.

    In most of those cases the good guys were a coalition (whether it is the Dominican Republic or the Gulf War), and the good guys also have tremendous qualitative (good equipment and training) and quantitative (overall numbers) advantages over the bad guys.

    Result, a significant overhang on the likelihood of victory. In such a scenario, equipment doesn't really matter that much, and anyway, the F-35 will be better than 99% of equipment out there (and 100% of what may be utilized by the likely target countries). For example, in the Libya conflict, the US could have been using upgraded F-4 Phantoms, F-8 Crusaders and A-7 Corsairs and still had the same result as using F-15Es and Raptors. Against the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Afganistan, Panama and Somalia ...warmed-over WW2 P-47 Thunderbolts would have been more than sufficient.

    That may seem a tad tongue in cheek, but I am bloody serious! It is doubtful that the West (and the same I've written about the US could be applied to any other of the major Western countries ...e.g. France's use of Rafales in the Libya conflict could have easily been replicated with early 90s Mirages) will ever be in a major conflict with a near-peer adversary (i.e. China and/or Russia), and thus the F-35 will be absolutely perfect against any of the 'usual suspects.'

    To be honest with you, the only REAL challenge will only be if a conflict comes out between, say, Turkey and Greece (e.g. similar to the 1996 incident where a Greek Mirage 2000 shot down a Turkish F-16) or between India and Pakistan. A Greek-Turkey or India-Pakistan dust up is the only scenario I can see where leading aircraft can be brought against each other in a manner where the outcome may be debatable.

    In every other scenario, it will be an overwhelming mismatch, and thus the F-35 will be absolutely amazing and will have a great track record. It will be a war-winning success, and the chances of a F-35 being sent over Shanghai airspace is zero.


    Because even going after the likes of Iran and North Korea is off the table, thus it would be a hard sell to convince me the West would ever go after the likes of Russia and China. Russia could take the whole of Ukraine, and China the whole of Taiwan, and the most you'd look at is sanctions. You can take that to the bank!

  • Qatar Emiri Air Force To Get The Full Range of MBDA Missiles for its 24 Rafale fighters

    05/09/2015 2:33:14 AM PDT · 3 of 8
    spetznaz to faithhopecharity
    Even worse, the birth of ISIS owes a lot to Qatari money. A quick Google search will show articles going back a year or two on how money raised from Qataris (be they the wealthy or simple folk contributing less money for 'one RPG' or 'two Kalashnikovs') was of extreme benefit to ISIS before they managed to acquire sufficient funds via territory gains.

    However, just like Saudi Arabia, the West continues to ignore anything Qatar does. At most there was some article from some British politician, but that's about it. Thus, while I agree with everything you wrote, unfortunately your last sentence is incorrect ....the West wants everything to do with Qatar (and Saudi Arabia).

  • Russia's New Armata Tank Debuts in Parade

    05/05/2015 9:13:59 PM PDT · 22 of 27
    spetznaz to jmacusa; blueunicorn6; Jaxter
    The tank Jaxter posted is a T-90. This is the correct picture of the Armata:
  • Is having a loving family an unfair advantage? (true lunacy from the left)

    05/05/2015 4:31:28 PM PDT · 24 of 61
    spetznaz to naturalman1975
    Is this some sort of satire that is either so intelligent or so convoluted that I am having trouble getting the punchline? I ask because there is no way this is serious. It is the most asinine article I have read in ages, and thus it must be some sort of joke that didn't quite hit the mark.

    At least I hope it is

  • Army on a quest for new handgun

    05/05/2015 9:51:59 AM PDT · 48 of 52
    spetznaz to The KG9 Kid

    I have heard of the myriad issues the M45 CQBP had. An extremely beautiful gun, but unfortunately one with enough issues to make service wide adoption problematic. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that alone probably killed all chance of a 1911 adoption, although to be honest even with the M45 issues the fact would still have remained that there are better modern weapons available today than the 1911.

  • Army on a quest for new handgun

    05/05/2015 2:52:53 AM PDT · 30 of 52
    spetznaz to papertyger

    Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better. I think the writing was splattered all over the wall when the Marines allowed MARSOC to use Glocks.

  • Army on a quest for new handgun

    05/05/2015 2:50:52 AM PDT · 29 of 52
    spetznaz to mountainbunny
    There are nice compact versions out there, if that is what they decide on.

    Following on my previous post (#23), compact 1911s have some of the highest number of malfunctions. Many self defense trainers have gone to the extent of not recommending compact 1911s at all for serious self defense as the smaller pistol simply compounds the problems that even larger 1911-style pistols have. Take the issues raised in the links in #23, and now add the following issues for a compact 1911: slide speed issues for the shorter slide, spring weights and the need for adjusting them for the compact 1911, extractor tuning, and hammer spring/firing pin stop geometry. Issues significant enough that even 1911 forums speak on some of the main changes that need to be done to make a compact 1911 a 100% reliable self defense weapon, changes that do not make sense for a large organization like the military to do when there are many modern firearms available that don't need that.

  • Army on a quest for new handgun

    05/05/2015 12:43:26 AM PDT · 23 of 52
    spetznaz to doorgunner69; Jack Hammer; skeptoid; RC one; The KG9 Kid; papertyger; guido911; Axenolith
    According to these guys (including a 1911 armorer for a large org) the 1911 would not be a good platform for service wide distribution. It has several issues, and more importantly (unlike almost a century ago) there are many better modern designs available. The same message has been said by former Delta Force operators, and explains their shift away from highly specialised 1911s to Glock .40s and even 9mm (not to mention the recent shift by the Marine Corps to let their MARSOC spec ops operatives be able to select Glocks rather than their traditional .45 1911s).

    The Real Truth about 1911s

    My Personal Path away from 1911s

    ...but my 1911 works perfectly ...

  • Fight of the Century: Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins decision in richest fight ever

    05/03/2015 3:23:22 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    spetznaz to spetznaz

    They’re not many people = there are not many people

  • Fight of the Century: Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins decision in richest fight ever

    05/03/2015 3:21:01 PM PDT · 22 of 23
    spetznaz to CommerceComet
    Sometimes, I think that some boxing fans are blinded by Mayweather's obnoxiousness and under-appreciate his athleticism, his fanatical conditioning, and his all-around toughness and determination. 

    A salient point, and one that most people overlook. Mayweather is not a 'nice guy.' He is brusque, obnoxious and generally behaves in a manner that most people would not find a appealing. However, just because he is a 'bad' guy doesn't take away from the fact that he is one of the most tactical boxers in the world today. Manny Pacquiao is a better puncher, but Mayweather is easily a better boxer.

    People who know the sport of boxing knew that Mayweather was ahead. Be they pundits, betting websites, or simply fans of the sport, it was clear by the 10th round that Pacman had only one option left ....knock Mayweather out.

    On the otuer hand, mst people who don't follow boxing thought Pacman was winning because he was 'aggressive.' Unfortunately, aggressive doesn't mean much if the punches do not connect (only 19% of Pacman's punches connected). Ironically, Mayweather not only threw more punches that connected, he threw (overall) more punches!

    Mayweather is not the type of guy one would leave their kids with for a Sunday school chat, but that seems to make many people overlook that as a boxer they're not many people that can conceivably take him on a good day. He is one of the best defensive specialists that have existed in the sport.

  • Fight of the Century: Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins decision in richest fight ever

    05/03/2015 4:23:02 AM PDT · 4 of 23
    spetznaz to spetznaz
    From the link: Here’s an amazing statistic that tells the story of the fight, and of Mayweather’s Hall of Fame career: His previous 13 opponents connected on an average of 19% of their punches against him, according to CompuBox statistics.

    Pacquiao connected on — you guessed it –19% of his punches.

    In that same span, Mayweather landed an average of 50% of his punches. Against Pacquiao: 48%.

  • Fight of the Century: Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins decision in richest fight ever

    05/03/2015 4:15:21 AM PDT · 2 of 23
    spetznaz to SeekAndFind
    According to boxingjunkie.com, it was a match up between a puncher (Pacman) versus a boxer (Mayweather). Pacman threw a lot of punches that didn't connect based on the article below:


  • Mayweather VS Pacquiao LIVE THREAD

    05/02/2015 9:58:00 PM PDT · 230 of 266
    spetznaz to tennmountainman
    As expected. As I stated, I love Manny and his heart/zeal/faith, but he had three things going against him.

    1) Mayweather, love him or hate him, is one of the most technical/tactical boxers.

    2) It would be hard to beat Mayweather on points in Vegas, which means Manny would have to TKO/KO Mayweather.

    3) Mayweather is incredibly hard to knock out.

    Several boxers had said the same prior to the fight, and it came to be. Manny had to knock out Mayweather, and that is hard to do.

  • Mayweather VS Pacquiao LIVE THREAD

    05/02/2015 8:28:07 PM PDT · 23 of 266
    spetznaz to Manic_Episode

    I love Manny’s humility and anchoring, but my money’s on Mayweather.

  • Seven Reasons China Will Start a War By 2017

    04/30/2015 7:06:48 AM PDT · 32 of 40
    spetznaz to RoosterRedux
    Do any of these predictions ever come true? Every sixth month or so there will be an article showing that Israel is about to strike at Iran (going on several years now ...there were threads in 2007), or North Korea attempting an EMP strike over North America, or that China is about to strike the US. The China strike scenario is not as sticky as the Israel-Iran scenario, but I do recall before the Beijing Olympics in 2008 a lot of chatter on FR that China was waiting until the Olympics were successfully concluded before it attacked Taiwan.

    Seven years later and still no attack.

    This is not to say that China will never attack Taiwan, or the US, but that it is not as likely as it is made to seem, and if/when it happens it will be sudden and unforeseen (which means it will not be under open discussion on FR before it happens).

    I personally place such predictions just under the predictions of 'October Surprises' and discovered 'birth certificates/university transcripts' that would sprout up during the last two election cycles.

  • The Story Behind The Song: 'It Is No Secret: What God Can Do'

    04/28/2015 9:30:16 AM PDT · 8 of 13
    spetznaz to SeekAndFind

    Thank you. A song that got burned into my memory as a child all the way out in Nairobi, Kenya, and which came flooding back to active memory when I saw the thread. Thank you.

  • Round in the Chamber?

    04/26/2015 6:32:59 PM PDT · 159 of 193
    spetznaz to spetznaz

    One quest = One guess.

  • Round in the Chamber?

    04/26/2015 6:30:54 PM PDT · 158 of 193
    spetznaz to DirtyPigpen; rktman
    If you don’t feel comfortable with one in the chamber you may not need to be carrying. Or need more training. When it goes down you won’t have the time or muscle memory to chamber a round if needed.

    I respectfully disagree, and let me explain why. There are many people, particularly newer shooters, that are not comfortable with carrying one-up. Do they have a modern firearm that can safely carry Condition One? Yes. Do they need more training? Yes (and most people do anyway). Does Carrying Condition Three mean that they would require an extra second to chamber a round, and that in some circumstances they may not have that second (or use of both hands) to rack the gun? Yes.

    However, and this is where my disagreement with your post comes in, that doesn't mean they should not carry.

    By the way that is a statement I have often seen in several gun forums, and a statement that is wrong. Just because some do not carry Condition One does not mean they shouldn't carry, doesn't mean they have a hammer or chunk of metal only fit to be thrown, etc etc. What it means is that they have a gun that will require an extra second to put into battery, and in the vast majority of cases they will have the opportunity to do so. Most self defense cases with firearms are not Trayvon/Zimmerman situations where one gets jumped and pummeled.

    In fact in one of those forums someone put an interesting bunch of statistics contrasting armed people who had died simply due to being attacked and NOT having the time to get into Condition One, versus people who had died due to negligent/accidental discharges. One quest on which group had an overwhelming number of people!

    Anyway, I carry Condition One in a Glock 19. My choice, but that was after some time of carrying Condition Three until I was comfortable that triggers don't pull themselves. Until I was comfortable, and there are many people who are not comfortable yet doing so, but would still be a huge asset in, say, a mass shooting. It would be wrong for those people to be told to leave their firearms at home because they are not willing to carry one-up.

  • Russian Defense Ministry Reveals First Photo of New Armata T-14 Tank

    04/22/2015 12:00:14 AM PDT · 14 of 28
    spetznaz to dp0622
    Is it a good tank? No one outside those working on it would know that, but it is logical to assume that it is a better tank than the T-90 MBT that is in front-line service with Russia currently. The new tank is considerably heavier than the T-90 (by over ten tons from the last estimate I saw), which means more armor. It has better optics than the T-90, and will feature a new active defense system (the Afganit) that uses doppler radar to identify incoming projectiles, likes missiles, and fires small rockets to hard-kill the incoming missiles.

    Thus, overall, a more modern, better armed, better armored and more expensive alternative to the current Russian tanks, and a much better tank than anything Russia has. With the right crew and tactics it would definitely be formidable in the field.

    But that only answers one part of your question. The second is if it is better than the Abrams?

    Simple answer - no, it is not.

    The Abrams is a superlative tank, and not just because the latest version has some of the best armor available, best weapons available, best systems available, but also because the crews and tactics used as simply the best. It is never a one-to-one fight, but rather a battle-space that provides the Abrams crew with highly networked fighting capabilities that include working together with other tanks, as well as other fighting vehicles (e.g. before the M1s get near there is a high likelyhood that aircraft have already given the enemy tanks a heavy butcher's bill), and the information awareness is almost absolute. It is never ever a fair fight, and beating an American tank formation would be currently next to impossible (maybe if it is a full war with a near-peer adversary and tactical nukes are used, but I simply do not see it happening in a limited conventional war).

    There are some tanks that claim better armor (e.g. the British Challenger 2), or better technology (the French Leclerc claims a better fire control, and the S.Korean K2 Black Panther clone of the Abrams claims developed soft-kill ability), others have interesting aspects that the M1 doesn't have (e.g. the Israeli Merkava IV also doubles as an armored personnel carrier), and, finally, one plain claims to be a better tank overall (the latest iteration of the German Leopard 2). However, while one-on-one some of these claims MAY be true, the fact is that in a real battlefield with groups of tanks meeting up and things getting hot, none of them would have much chance against a full-on force of US Army M1A2s.

    Which says something about the T-14 vs M1 comparison. The M1 wins.

    The Motley Fool investment website had an interesting write-up of this new tank. I have attached it below.

    Russia's T-14 tank may feature a fatal flaw

  • Why some restaurants are doing away with tipping

    04/19/2015 8:57:40 AM PDT · 19 of 31
    spetznaz to ClearCase_guy

    Great tale.

  • Ramadi could fall as ISIS militants lay siege, Iraqi official warns

    04/16/2015 12:15:53 AM PDT · 5 of 9
    spetznaz to hosepipe; tcrlaf
    I think the problem is that when (at this point it seems a 'when' not an 'if') the worse group wins, then the worse group will have greater resources to target the West with. That is the main issue, and one that is largely (at least openly) ignored. A number of the main Islamist groups around the globe are starting to interact with one another, with several pledging allegiance to one or two of the major groups, and while currently the various Jihadi groups, in aggregate, are not that much of a threat to the West, and to be honest are more of a local concern to the specific areas that they are operating in, eventually they will be a far greater threat to the West.

    For example, look at Libya (and North Africa in general). The Jihadi groups there used to be small and weak, and in the case of Libya the likes of Ansar al-Sharia were under the heel of Qaddafi and couldn't do much. With Qaddafi's downfall they became stronger, but were still a local problem. Now, ISIS has expanded to the region, and the Libyan Ansar al-Sharia, the Tunisian Ansar al-Sharia, and the Egyptian Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis are getting affiliated.

    Move a little south of those groups and you come across Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which has always been an issue for Mali, Algeria and Libya. AQIM probably covers the most ground of any of the Jihadi groups, but because it has largely been a local problem it has been ignored. However, AQIM has been getting closer to Boko Haram, the Nigerian bogey man that has killed over 5,000 in less than two years. Again, Boko Haram has largely been ignored because it is primarily a local issue, but the head of BH just pledged allegiance to ISIS.

    Head over to the East and you find Al Shabaab, which has killed around 400 of my people in two years. They had already pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda some years back, but it appears that with the rise of ISIS they may be changing allegiance soon. Additionally, the crisis in Yemen has led to a lot of refugees moving from Yemen to Somalia (just across the sea), and there might be cross-pollination with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

    Going even further east, you find Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines meshing with Jemaah Islamiya in Indonesia, and both groups having affiliation with Al Qaeda (and maybe soon ISIS, considering Al Qaeda hasn't 'done much' lately).

    My point? As these groups, particularly ISIS, take more ground, they will eventually do away with any opposition - be it from government or competing Jihadi outfits - and end up controlling more land, and as a result, more cashflow and more followers. Once that is done, the main target will be the US.

    I understand that some may say that will be the best time to hit them, but I'd rather destroy a crocodile in its shell than when it is some 16 foot leviathan trying to introduce me to its gullet.

    These groups are not a problem to the West now, but they will eventually be a huge problem. Especially considering that some of those fighting for the likes of ISIS have Western passports.

  • India Makes it Official: The 'Mother of All Defense Deals' Is Dead

    04/14/2015 1:49:21 AM PDT · 8 of 14
    spetznaz to 2ndDivisionVet
    Why don’t we still make an export fighter like the Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighter and the F-5E/F Tiger II? Bueler? Bueler?

    The US can make a very effective and competitive 'cheap' export fighter - one that would be a world beater in its category - but that will never happen.

    A lot can be said on the reasons behind that assertion (of never), but the Cliff Notes version can be found by simply looking up the Northrop F-20 Tiger Shark. The F-20 was a significantly upgraded F-5 that was very capable and would have made a very successful export fighter. However, the program was snuffed because it would have been too successful. How and why? Well, it would have been a very viable lower-end competitor to the F-16 program, and would have leached a lot of potential F-16 sales ...which would have led to fewer F-16s built, and thus higher per-unit F-16 costs. There are many non-Soviet aligned countries that purchased F-16s that would have opted for the F-20 were it available. The F-20 had a lot going against it - it was independently financed by Northrop, the Airforce was against it due to it potentially leaching F-16 sales, the Fighter Mafia were against it (even though it fit better into their vision of a light-weight fighter than the F-16), and it was cheaper to buy and maintain. It could not be left alive as it would have not only been competing against other fighters for sale in its class (e.g. Mirages for non-soviet and MiGs for Soviet aligned/affiliated countries), but also competed heavily with the F-16.

    Long story short, the F-20 was cancelled. The F-20 story is one that would be good to read the long-version of as it clearly shows how procurement works.

    As an aside, this is also why the US will never construct Diesel-Electric submarines, even though there is a strong case for modern AIP-DE submarines like the ones Germany and Japan make that for littoral duties would be better than nuclear submarines. While some have made a case for a small component of DE subs, that will never happen as it would provide an alternative for the Virginia.

  • Vanity: Who Is The Antichrist And Is He Alive Today?

    03/11/2015 8:37:22 PM PDT · 45 of 45
    spetznaz to ConservativeMan55
    What about Putin?

    Same thing. Too obvious. The darned man cannot even fool a growing number of his own people, and thus it is inconceivable that he would fool the entire world. Again, the AC will be someone who the world will adore, who will be a savior (at least for a while), and who will bring ALL sides together. He will deceive most people - and to use the limited focal point of US politics, that means deceiving both Left leaning people and Right leaning people. That is NOT an Obama, or a Putin, or an Edrogan. I cannot speculate who it will be, but it is easy to see who it is not. Whomever, or whatever, he/it will be, he/it will be something that gets near universal approval. Probably a simple litmus test would be a person, or entity, that gets major kudos on FR and at the same time gets major kudos on DU. If you see Jim Robinson and Skinner going gaga over a person, then that is a major sign. Silly example, but I hope you see what I am driving at. Obama automatically fails as he is rejected by the Right in the US (and a growing segment of the world is disenchanted with him), while Putin automatically fails as he is rejected by most of the Free world.

    Now, when you see someone that (again to use the limited scope of American politics, but for the AC it will have to be global) the Republicans see as the second coming of Reagan, yet at the same time Democrats praise as a 'perfect' amalgamation of Kennedy and Clinton, THEN your spider sense better start a-tingling.

  • Vanity: Who Is The Antichrist And Is He Alive Today?

    03/11/2015 1:44:13 PM PDT · 29 of 45
    spetznaz to ConservativeMan55
    I don't know, but I do know two things.

    1. People have been speculating for ages who the anti Christ is/was/will be. The is obvious that most speculation is/was/will be wrong.

    2. It is written that false prophets in the last days will deceive even the very elect. This makes me think that the AC will not be someone that can be spotted from a thousand miles out as the 'big bad guy.' Thus, it will probably be someone that MOST people on FR will support, not some Obama or Turkish president.

  • That One Time Lockheed Hated on the Taiwanese Air Force

    03/08/2015 4:22:47 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    spetznaz to Sparticus
    Better yet would be a few tactcal sized nukes aimed at the Three Gorges dam.

    Such a decision would have to come after a lot of very deep thought. About 75 million Chinese live downstream of the Three Gorges Dam, and an attack on that dam by Taiwan would lead to such a massive nuclear response from China that it would be more akin to nuclear saturation than nuclear warfare. While targeting the dam seems like a doable thing, the fact remains that it is a consideration that I am 100% certain Taipei would never consider due to the consequences that would follow a successful attack (even an unsuccessful attack would kill tens of thousands of people based on some published research on what a large landslide would do).

  • Horrific video claims to show a nine-year-old 'ISIS supporter' being executed by Shia militia

    03/08/2015 1:12:48 AM PST · 47 of 50
    spetznaz to LeoWindhorse

    Salient point. The way I would phrase it is if you saw a baby rattlesnake would you let it be because it is a wee baby?

  • Is This The Shape Of Russia's Next Generation Long-Range Bomber?

    03/03/2015 8:09:09 AM PST · 15 of 15
    spetznaz to spetznaz

    Penetrative = penetrate

  • Is This The Shape Of Russia's Next Generation Long-Range Bomber?

    03/03/2015 8:07:28 AM PST · 14 of 15
    spetznaz to Lou L

    They already have a B-1 copy ...the Tu-160. The Pakda will be a low-observable aircraft (not pure stealth like the B2) that is only meant to get close enough to launch its cruise missiles. In that it will do its job very well. The design is not meant to penetrative an advanced IADS and drop gravity bombs, but rather to ensure just enough survivability to get within the edge of the engagement range of its cruise missiles, and after that it’s job is done

  • A Saudi nuke

    03/02/2015 4:15:00 AM PST · 22 of 22
    spetznaz to allendale; COUNTrecount
    Not the French - not by a long shot. When it comes to nuclear weapons the Saudi solution is Pakistan. This stems from the following:

    1. Since the early 1970s the Saudis have been funding Pakistan's nuclear program. going back to the days of Zulfikar Bhutto (the father of Benazir Bhutto).

    2. The Saudis have been very clear that should the situation in the middle east deteriorate (read: the Persians get nuclear weapons capability), they will very quickly have their own nuclear option.

    3. The Saudis own Chinese-made DF-3 (CSS-2) ballistic missiles since the 1980s, which are part of their strategic missile force. There is evidence that they may have upgraded to the DF-21 recently. They have several missile complexes, and these particular missiles are nuclear capable.

    I would personally put Saudi Arabia as a high-probability nuclear power. It can become a nuclear power faster than Iran can as it would only need to plug and play what it got from Pakistan into its missiles.

  • Samsung unveils sleek new Galaxy phones to battle Apple

    03/01/2015 11:23:45 PM PST · 10 of 63
    spetznaz to Blue Highway
    I agree. The battery and micro SD changes are major mistakes in my opinion, at least when it comes to my personal requirements. Obviously Samsung thinks otherwise, and considering what is at stake they must have given it a lot of focused thought and found it okay (and it has worked well for iPhones), but for my own usage this is a step back. I currently have two Samsung S5s (and an iPhone ...the second S5 and the iPhone are for work), and for the Samsungs I normally change batteries between them almost daily. This is largely due to always being at meetings, yet having busy usage of the primary S5 ...and whenever the battery gets low all I need to do is switch it with that of the other S5. This is more convenient than carrying one of those charge-bank thingimajigs.

    Same thing for removable storage. I have never really trusted the cloud for personal data, but now it seems I don't have much of a choice going forward.

    Anyways, Samsung must have thought it out and came to the conclusion that removable batteries and storage are not important. Maybe they are not to most people, and there are ways around them. But to me it is a step backward.

  • Marines Allow Operators to Choose Glocks over MARSOC .45s (G-19 9mm are preferred)

    02/28/2015 11:01:46 AM PST · 34 of 41
    spetznaz to Blue Collar Christian
    There are better rounds than Critical Defense. For one, Hornady's own Critical Duty is significantly better than Defense. Duty was created to be a barrier-blind round for law enforcement, while Defense is a more muted development for civilians (who may not need to shoot through hard barriers like car windshields, although personally I think that is an ability I would want to have). In either case, Critical Duty is significantly better than Critical Defense. The polymer tip for both is also not to initiate hydraulic expansion, but rather to prevent clogging of the hollow point and to initiate mechanical expansion.

    The best loads currently are Federal's HST (amazing expansion ...up to .70 for 9mm, and it holds together very well even though it is not bonded), Federal's Tactical Bonded, Winchester's Ranger T (the most up to date evolution of the Black Talon), Winchester's Ranger Bonded (currently the FBI load, and what I use personally ...how I managed to get these in Kenya is another story ...), Speer Gold Dot (a lot of good OIS with the 124+P), and some all copper bullet by Barnes I cannot recall off head right now.

    Anyway, the most important aspect is bullet placement. Even ball ammo will do the job if you do yours.

  • Marines Allow Operators to Choose Glocks over MARSOC .45s (G-19 9mm are preferred)

    02/28/2015 7:39:11 AM PST · 25 of 41
    spetznaz to RoosterRedux; Travis McGee; demshateGod; Tallguy; SpeakerToAnimals
    Based on the link below it appears the Glock was a good choice:

    The Real Truth about 1911s

    The article makes some points against the 1911 (as do the related articles at the bottom of the main one).

    Anyway, it is interesting that MARSOC has made the same decision Delta did some time back ...A move to allow operators to use Glocks. Delta, like MARSOC, has traditional used highly tuned 1911s until about a decade ago when Glocks started appearing in inventory (based on the various books written by recent Delta operators, such as Dalton Fury's Kill Bin Laden).

  • CRAZY Russian Special Forces CQB Confidence Drills

    02/26/2015 9:30:57 AM PST · 4 of 14
    spetznaz to w1n1

    Silly and largely useless tricks. Ballistic sleight of hand that has very little real-world functional use, and at best only looks ‘cool’ but in reality is just dangerous fooling around. The best pistol users in the world - the French GIGN, Germany GSG 9 and US Delta - don’t waste time engaging in such ‘drills.’ Not that they cannot (Delta’s hostage rescue training at times requires team mates to play the role of hostages in the Kill House, sitting still as their team mates rounds impact targets a short distance away) ...but their training has a purpose. What you’re seeing in the video however is simply buffoonery.

  • Done deal: Floyd Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquiao on May 2

    02/21/2015 6:43:36 AM PST · 6 of 18
    spetznaz to Beagle8U; Puppage
    Mayweather had to wait for Pac-man to get well past his prime before he would agree to fight him.

    How does that make sense when Mayweather is 37 and Pac-man is 36? Manny is younger than Mayweather.