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  • Kentucky Clerk ‘Out Of Options’ In Gay-Marriage Dispute, May Face Stiff Penalties

    09/02/2015 9:26:44 PM PDT · 49 of 100
    spinestein to hoosierham

    [. . . they don’t keep it private and that is the problem.]

    Personal anecdote: I know a lot of people and am fortunate to have made many friends over the years. A significant number of them are gays and lesbians. My personal experience tells me that “deviants” are no more or less moral than straight people.

    I’m truly sorry that your 2000 year old book of wisdom has mislead you into believing they are depraved and evil. And they are certainly not demanding attention other than where necessary to achieve equality under the law. Two of my lesbians friends waited patiently for 6 years until the state of Illinois began issuing same sex marriage licenses last year. They were the first ever same sex couple to be married in Kane County, yet they made no big deal of that fact and sought no publicity. They were just happy they could be legally married. By the way, I took the pictures at their private ceremony. Both brides were radiant.

    Now why can’t those who personally believe they should act according to words written in their Bible keep their practices “private”?

    A great number of people, myself included, don’t want our government basing its laws on a primitive book of fairy tales that dubiously claims to be the word of God and the source of all that is moral, but condones tribal warfare, slavery, the subjugation of women and the murder of those who think the wrong way.

    There. I trust that makes clear the position of tens of millions of decent American citizens who are fed up with religious zealots trying to control everyone’s private lives all the time. Mind your own business.

  • Kentucky Clerk ‘Out Of Options’ In Gay-Marriage Dispute, May Face Stiff Penalties

    09/02/2015 8:56:40 PM PDT · 43 of 100
    spinestein to mrsmith

    Okay, now I understand your point.

    You’re comparing the court that ordered this Kentucky clerk to do her job and get back to issuing marriage licenses to the Holy Inquisitin that sentenced Galileo to house arrest for the rest of his life against the threat of death by torture.

    Yeah, I can see the similarities. . . .

  • Kentucky Clerk ‘Out Of Options’ In Gay-Marriage Dispute, May Face Stiff Penalties

    09/02/2015 8:46:55 PM PDT · 38 of 100
    spinestein to greene66

    What part of ‘Keep your nose out of other people’s genitals and mind your own business’ do you find so hard to practice?

    This is the exact reason why this Kentucky clerk is so wrong. It’s not her business to judge the private sexual practices of the citizens she was elected to serve.

  • Kentucky Clerk ‘Out Of Options’ In Gay-Marriage Dispute, May Face Stiff Penalties

    09/02/2015 8:34:04 PM PDT · 33 of 100
    spinestein to mrsmith

    [The law punished Galileo]

    The Holy Inquisition, presided over by the Pope himself, tried and convicted Galileo. Their sole evidence of Galileo’s guilt was quotes from the Bible that were used as “proof” that the Earth was the center of the universe.

    I admit to being puzzled by your point in trying to compare Galileo’s trial with this clerk’s refusal to comply with the court order.

  • Kentucky Clerk ‘Out Of Options’ In Gay-Marriage Dispute, May Face Stiff Penalties

    09/02/2015 8:02:03 PM PDT · 23 of 100
    spinestein to mrsmith

    [The court that punished Galileo had law behind it, too]

    No it didn’t. They acted outside the law and cited the authority of God (according to their interpretation of the Bible) as justification.

  • Kentucky Clerk ‘Out Of Options’ In Gay-Marriage Dispute, May Face Stiff Penalties

    09/02/2015 7:50:25 PM PDT · 16 of 100
    spinestein to Sacajaweau

    Not issuing a license does no harm? Really?

    Would you say the same thing if you went to the DMV for a drivers license and the clerk refused to give you one based only on his personal religious belief that you shouldn’t have one?

    How about if you wanted to get a permit to put an addition on your house and the city official denied you that?

    Do you usually exercise your right to vote? Maybe you’d like to experience being told you can’t register to vote because some public official says that God told him you were a sinner.

    On the other hand, all this self righteous woman needs to do is perform the task she was elected to do and fill out some paperwork. No harm done. Unless you want to believe that gays having a piece of paper that says “marriage license” somehow causes harm.

  • ever-before-seen Bill Cosby deposition from 2005 reveals IN HIS OWN WORDS pursuit of sex

    07/19/2015 2:12:10 AM PDT · 26 of 56
    spinestein to Talisker

    Get ready to be accused of condoning “rape” because you’ve seen past the media hype and recognize what has really been happening - consensual sex between free willed adults.

  • Fact Check: The Washington Post on Donald Trump and John McCain

    07/19/2015 1:48:01 AM PDT · 25 of 64
    spinestein to Kazan

    Is John Kerry a war hero?

    He did serve in Nam and was awarded 3 Purple Hearts.

  • Archaeologists Find Assyrian Tablets in Turkey, Some About Women's Rights

    07/19/2015 1:28:00 AM PDT · 3 of 21
    spinestein to GraceG

    Rights for women - 4000 years ago. Like
    the right to a 5 minute rest between beatings.

  • DEA to traveler: Thanks, I’ll take that cash

    05/09/2015 4:44:18 PM PDT · 46 of 48
    spinestein to stephenjohnbanker

    [Hard to believe anyone would carry this amount of cash, or be this dumb.]

    I’ve done this before and it’s pretty arrogant of you to assume that those who do sometimes carry thousands of dollars in cash are “dumb”. There are quite a few reasons why it’s not just the smart thing to do but why it’s sometimes absolutely necessary.

    If we’re talking about a young musician who is moving to Hollywood to pursue his dream then it’s easy to understand why having a pile of cash on your person is the way to go.

  • DEA to traveler: Thanks, I’ll take that cash

    05/09/2015 4:35:23 PM PDT · 45 of 48
    spinestein to Rome2000

    [Anybody that carries 16 grand in cash should be armed.]

    That’s ridiculous. We have laws to protect people from government abuse. The best way to make sure the system works is to hold law enforcement legally/criminally accountable when they do infringe on our liberties.

    I’m 100% certain that had been armed, it would not have ended with him being told to “Have a nice day” and being sent on his merry way with his money still in his possession.

    [Not defending the action of the DEA but this guy is some kind of crook.]

    And you know this, how?

  • 22 former NIU frat members guilty of misdemeanors in death of pledge

    05/09/2015 3:22:12 PM PDT · 13 of 22
    spinestein to Citizen Zed

    I attended NIU for two years. Like many schools, drinking and partying is a big part of school life for some. For many of these, being in a frat house is the best way to party hard with new friends who won’t judge you but actually enable you to binge drink and engage in other hazardous activities for fun. It’s the primary reason why they join.

    It’s too bad the kid died and this doesn’t lessen the guilt of the reckless idiots who put him up to it, but he did know what he was getting into and why. He gambled that he could handle a night of absolutely reckless drinking and lost.

  • 22 former NIU frat members guilty of misdemeanors in death of pledge

    05/09/2015 3:13:43 PM PDT · 12 of 22
    spinestein to PAR35
    [Band members at FAMU killed one of their own, and they ended up with felonies.

    Privileged white dudes in Yankeeland kill one of their own, and they end up with slaps on the wrist - wouldn’t want brand them for life.]

    Are you being serious??

    The FAMU “hazing” death resulted from a mob actually beating the victim to death. He was punched, hit with sticks, kicked and stomped on repeatedly and continuously for many minutes on end by dozens of his fellow students.

  • Where are the supporters of RFRA? Silent out of fear of 'bullying,' law's architect says

    03/31/2015 10:04:31 AM PDT · 20 of 22
    spinestein to gemoftheocean
    [so you’re okay with the gay printer being forced to print up “God hates fags” or the black seamstress being required to sew up KKK robes. GOT IT. Cuts all ways you know. THINK.]

    Maybe you could hypothesize a situation that might actually apply to the issue at hand.

    But since you want to invent this alternate universe scenario, let's then suppose that I am okay with it. We can let the courts decide if they want to force a printing company owned by gays to print “God hates fags” fliers or to force a black seamstress to sew up KKK robes and these companies using only the new Indiana law to support their side.

    Personally, I'd like to see that play out. Perhaps you'd get your wish and this type of fiasco would be the catalyst that makes the Indiana law valid and Constitutional.

    But my main point stands. I don't see this affecting more than a handful of the 300 million Americans and even those it does affect it doesn't even matter that much, except symbolically. To me it's not an issue.

  • Where are the supporters of RFRA? Silent out of fear of 'bullying,' law's architect says

    03/30/2015 11:02:16 PM PDT · 13 of 22
    spinestein to 2ndDivisionVet

    I don’t believe there really is that much support for the new law.

    Not only is it fundamentally wrong in the view of most Americans, myself included, but it’s very unlikely to have any useful benefit in the lives of ordinary citizens.

    It seems the whole purpose of this law is to provide an exemption to render service to the occasional florist or bakery that objects to gays being married. Is this really important? A useless, symbolic gesture that will quickly be struck down by the courts
    the first time it’s tested.

  • School house Rock Spoof - Saturday Night Live

    11/23/2014 3:33:11 PM PST · 2 of 4
    spinestein to Impala64ssa

    That’s very, very funny.

    And terrifying at the same time.

  • My American exceptionalism fantasy is over: How these midterms sealed the deal (Delicious tears)

    11/07/2014 3:33:06 AM PST · 61 of 70
    spinestein to haroldeveryman
    Every couple of election cycles, one Party or the other gets shellacked - and then we citizens are allowed to watch the winners and losers “analyze” the results for us. It seems to me that whenever the Republicans lose, they just quietly pick up the shreds of their dignity and go home to ponder for themselves what happened so they can then discuss strategy among themselves for moving forward.

    There can be no doubt that the Democrats are far, far better at being sore losers. They never fail to blame everyone else for their loss (it's never their fault) and it's always attributed (in the end) to basic stupidity on the part of the voter. The reasoning being: no sensible person would ever vote against the Democrats, who are obviously the smartest people around.

    This is true right now. Democratic pundits are going around complaining that middle class voters have been duped by FoxNews and the Koch Brothers into supporting the Republicans and slitting their own throats in order to benefit Big Corporations. They say this is proof that conservatives are inherently stupid because they will vote against their own economic interests.

    Of course this presupposes that the liberal/progressives are actually smart enough to know what's best for everybody. Good luck winning elections with this kind of smug, arrogant attitude.

  • Why GOP won: Shifting white votes hurt Democrats

    11/07/2014 3:03:48 AM PST · 77 of 108
    spinestein to Blue Jays
    [Repeatedly identifying non-racist, decent, and honorable white people as racist over, and over, and over again just might make them turn against the politician making that absurd accusation.]

    Exactly. The Democrats have offered nothing in the way of positive reasons to vote for them. All they do is yell the same old screed “Republicans are racist, bigoted, misogynist homophobes.”

    And then the pundits go out and bemoan the fact that the typical white American male votes against the Democratic Party?

    Sorry, but this seemed to work as a strategy for a couple of years after President Obama was elected but that is no longer the case. It's become obvious the Democratic Party is all symbolism and no substance. Fabricated outrage over fabricated issues.

  • M Brown's mother accused in armed robbery of Ferguson vendors selling t-shirts

    11/07/2014 2:38:26 AM PST · 8 of 37
    spinestein to Altura Ct.

    This little family incident will probably make Thanksgiving dinner a bit awkward.

  • Utah appeals ruling striking down polygamy ban in case involving 'Sister Wives' family

    10/10/2014 4:33:05 AM PDT · 12 of 18
    spinestein to YankeeReb

    [There is more historical precedent for plural marriage than for gay marriage. Courts and legislatures have put same sex marriage on the same footing as traditional one man one woman marriage, but all their reasons and arguments can apply to polygamy just as easily.]

    We cater to the 10% of the population that is gay yet discriminate against the nearly 100% of the population that naturally favors multiple partners.

    How does that make sense?

  • Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Differ on Gay Marriage and Military

    10/09/2014 12:15:38 PM PDT · 4 of 36
    spinestein to thetallguy24

    Rand Paul is absolutely right about the need for the government to stay out of this issue as much as possible.

    The individual states should be very cautious about interfering with what their citizens want. If they want gays to be able to marry then so be it.

    And no matter what, the federal government should leave this completely alone.

  • Penn State Officials Threaten to Call Police on Students Handing Out US Constitutions (Video)

    09/21/2014 5:23:48 PM PDT · 50 of 62
    spinestein to ealgeone

    [Another penny state alum refusing to acknowledge what their school did to cover up pedophilia]

    Really? This is your answer to those who say the school is correct to restrict tables in free speech zones? That they sympathize with pedophiles?


  • Penn State Officials Threaten to Call Police on Students Handing Out US Constitutions (Video)

    09/21/2014 5:05:41 PM PDT · 48 of 62
    spinestein to Sola Veritas

    [They should not be restricted and “zoned.” You may not like what these “preachers” are saying (they are right by the way), but the COTUS is clear in the First Amendment. The First protects religious expression and speech. It never guarantees anyone (except on private property) protection from hearing “religious” or any other “speech” (especially political or religious). We have freedom of religion and speech in this country....not freedom from religion or speech.]

    Your right to free speech ends where another persons nose begins.

    In an ideal world, we’d have to ability to say whatever we wanted, wherever we wanted, and everyone would be able to choose what to listen to. But in the real world, there is only so much space available and it’s often the case that high traffic areas get quickly saturated with activists all shouting over each other in their attempt to be heard. If left completely unregulated, then chaos would result and the concept of “free speech” would become meaningless.

    In my first hand experience on campus, there are always so many groups trying to stake out the most heavily trafficked areas like the campus commons in order to hand out pamphlets that it’s sometimes like running a gauntlet. When you are trying to get from one building to the next in only 10 minutes and you have to pass through these high traffic areas, being forced to navigate through a minefield of tables and other stationary structures is no longer just a minor inconvenience, it’s an impediment to being able to participate in the classes you’ve signed up for (and spent thousands of dollars on). Understand that it’s the goal of these groups to try to stop as many people on their way through so they can plead for their cause - whatever it may be - and setting up obstacles (like folding tables) right in the middle of the flow of pedestrian traffic is the best way to accomplish this.

    Finally, the right to free speech is in no way abridged by prohibiting groups from setting up tables, booths, gazebos, circus tents or any kind of encampment - whatever its size. They can stand there like everyone else and speak their minds and pass out as many pamphlets that they can stuff into their backpacks.

  • [Photos] Aspiring Model Spent $45,000 Transforming Herself into a Sex Doll

    09/21/2014 4:34:58 PM PDT · 40 of 81
    spinestein to ChildOfThe60s

    Seems like a violation of ethics on the part of the “doctor” who performed the surgeries.

    I would guess that any qualms he may have had disappeared after her checks cleared.

  • Florida spends billions on toll lanes, but public has little input into how money is spent

    09/15/2014 5:11:20 PM PDT · 2 of 17
    spinestein to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    If you want to see how corrupt the highway toll system has become, then take a look at Illinois. I’m not surprised to see Florida want to get in on the scheme.

  • What can we, as a community, do so support Newt?

    01/20/2012 10:39:43 AM PST · 20 of 51
    spinestein to Raebie
    The best thing we can do to support Newt is to completely lay to rest the idea that Newt can't win because he has too much baggage. I've lost track of the number of times I've heard variations of the theme, “I really like Newt Gingrich and I would normally support him but he's damaged goods and he has too much baggage to win an election.”

    The truth is, the only baggage Newt has is entirely a fictional product of the establishment Republicans who feel threatened by him and fear to lose their cushy leadership positions withing the party to some of their more conservative colleagues. They invented this so called “baggage” as a way of convicing conservative voters to follow the “safe path” and support moderate candidates who (according to them) are the only ones who can attract enough independent voters to win a general election.

    So look where we're at now. Newt is leading the field by taking on Obama and taking on biased journalists as well, going over the heads of the media and giving his message directly to grassroots conservatives. This has convinced many that the idea of “damaged goods” is just a fiction and there is nothing to stop Newt from taking on Obama and beating him in a head to head fight over ideas and the direction the country will take over the next four years.

    The only thing standing in the way of that is people who still haven't got the message that the damaged goods and the baggage concepts were bogus from the start. Make sure everyone on our side does get the message. Maybe some will support another candidate than Newt - and that's fine. But nobody who likes Newt's ideas should be hoodwinked (by the Republican establishment as well as Democrats) into believing he doesn't have a great chance of beating Obama.

  • Fact Check: Romney Ad 'Mischaracterizes' Gingrich on Abortion, Freddie Mac

    12/21/2011 1:50:00 PM PST · 4 of 5
    spinestein to TBBT

    I would be much more inclinded to support Romney on the issues, even if I don’t agree with all of them - except for his continuous and extreme attacks on the other Republican candidates. He sounds just like Harry Reid with his rhetoric and we don’t need a leading Republican candidate making commercials that sound like they were written by Michael Moore.

    He should have figured out (like Newt has) that the best way to win popularity from the Republican voter is to criticize DEMOCRATS.

  • Gingrich's Lead Over Romney Among Republicans Collapses

    12/19/2011 1:13:39 PM PST · 12 of 45
    spinestein to bimboeruption

    The establishment Republicans haven’t been able to shove Mitt down our throats so they’ll smear Gingrich instead.

  • Gingrich wins Tea Party Patriots straw poll

    12/19/2011 1:10:49 PM PST · 11 of 33
    spinestein to TBBT

    The establishment “country club” republicans are doing their best to sabotage Gingrich to make him seem unpalatable to the true conservatives (particularly fiscal conservatives). This tells me more than anything else that I want to support him even more than I did before.

  • Is Newt Electable? Hell Yes!

    11/17/2011 9:42:56 PM PST · 116 of 141
    spinestein to Confab

    Newt was taken out by Tom Delay and others in the GOP. I consider what they did to be motivate by little more than petty jealousy. Delay is proud of his role in getting rid of Newt.

    From a transcript of Rush’s show with Delay as guest:

    [RUSH: Now, how many of the ‘94 freshmen were involved in the coup? I’ve talked to some of them, and of course they arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and they really believed that they were there to implement the agenda they had all campaigned on, and it was a revolutionary thing here. They had taken over the Congress. A number of freshmen here that gave the Republicans this huge majority, how many of them were dispirited by what they learned and saw and how long did it take for that to happen?

    DELAY: At least half of them, 35 to 40 of them. It took a couple of years, particularly the second term of Newt Gingrich, where the members had just had enough. At the end of 1997, they wanted to see a change, and they didn’t see Newt bringing about that change, so they were going to take him down. So Dick Armey, myself, Bill Paxon from New York, and John Boehner — the now minority leader — came together, frankly, to handle the situation and try to keep that up. Whether you were supporting Newt Gingrich or not wasn’t the point. The point was our conference did not need this kind of divisive action right in the middle of our Congress. It would have destroyed everything that we were working for.]

    This leads to an obvious question: Considering how much was accomplished under Newt’s leadership compared to what the Republicans accomplished after his departure, why would anyone be proud of having gotten rid of him?

  • Is Newt Electable? Hell Yes!

    11/17/2011 4:02:21 PM PST · 84 of 141
    spinestein to dfwgator

    How can anyone say Newt is all talk and no walk? Did everyone simply forget that he was the primary architect of the true fiscal conservatism in the 90’s when he managed to get a Democratic president to go along with his agenda?

    Welfare reform brought down government spending and forced millions of able bodied Americans to get off their duffs and go get jobs. This resulted in lower unemployment and a wider tax base and contributed to balanced budgets.

    Remember federal spending limits? This was Newt’s biggest accomplishment (though Clinton seems to get credit for signing it) making sure our goverment wouldn’t spend our country into debt. Along with trade agreements and other fiscally responsible policies the United States was immensely prosperous because of the government staying out of the way and letting free markets work the way they should.

    And then the GOP tossed him overboard. The Democrats made him a target and threw so many mudballs at him that the establishment Republicans abandoned him to prove to the media that they weren’t a bunch of meanies who want to starve children and kick old people out to the curb. The reason he has a reputation as “damaged goods” is because the GOP put that label on him themselves. It’s a shame so many grassroots conservatives went along with this.

    I’ve been saying for months that he is not just electable, but that he’s a terrific candidate. He’s also one of the few candidates who is taking care to NOT criticize other Republican candidates because there is a higher priority - criticizing Obama and the Democrats. If you’ve noticed, he has been consistent in explaining exactly what is wrong with Democratic policies and telling us what Republican policies will replace them.

    I will certainly be voting for whomever the Republican nominee is from among this field in order to get Obama out of the White House. But my most enthusiastic vote would be for Newt.

  • Sexy Sex Offender List Causes Outrage

    05/14/2011 9:22:20 PM PDT · 10 of 25
    spinestein to latina4dubya

    I’ll take your (and airborne’s) word for and it and pass on clicking the link.

  • Gov't warns on use of psych meds in nursing homes

    05/14/2011 9:14:28 PM PDT · 16 of 28
    spinestein to TennesseeGirl

    Unfortunately, there are no miracle treatments or medications that universally help all those suffering from the effects of dementia. Spend some time in nursing homes like I have (as a CNA) and you’ll see victims of various mental diseases screaming all day or exhibiting other signs of obvious distress. Often, the only relief they have is by medication that might be intended for other purposes.

    I don’t pretend to have the answer to the problem but I know first hand that the simplistic explanation that it’s nothing more than a conspiracy to keep money flowing to the Big Pharma coffers is not correct. There are millions of Americans who are nearing the end of their lives in physical and emotional pain and truly need powerful (if hazardous) medication to help ease their suffering.

  • Sexy Sex Offender List Causes Outrage

    05/14/2011 8:45:33 PM PDT · 4 of 25
    spinestein to TheDingoAteMyBaby

    In spite of the countless times this is posted as a joke, I can honestly state here that this thread is useless without pics.

  • Christopher Hitchens: Don't Trouble 'Deaf Heaven' With Prayers for Me

    04/02/2011 10:42:20 PM PDT · 27 of 45
    spinestein to SeekAndFind

    He has been a man of consistent and honest beliefs - even though such consistency and honesty has brought him condemnation from former friends who hoped he would join them in hypocrisy.

    This is rare and it’s to be respected.

    I wish him well, though if it isn’t to be, then I wish him a dignified and painless death.

  • Charlie Sheen takes stage in Detroit: 'I'm a giant and leaky bag of mayhem' (Opening Night Meltdown)

    04/02/2011 10:29:05 PM PDT · 67 of 82
    spinestein to jimbo123
    This is not unlike a certain experiment that took place a few years ago when they took a failed comedian and tried to turn him into a political talk show host. Al Franken’s “AirAmerica” was an instant train wreck and an embarrassment to those who unwisely participated. Yet that limped on for an eternity, supported by infusions of cash from generous Democrats who didn't mind throwing good money after bad.

    Hey, once Charlie Sheen's “Winner” tour is over maybe he can run for a Senate seat in California. Who should he replace - Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer?

  • Joe Scarborough: Scott Walker's Stand Against Collective Bargaining 'Seems Kind of Un-American To

    02/28/2011 4:31:42 PM PST · 33 of 46
    spinestein to Nachum

    J.S. is a nitwit if he thinks it’s “un-American” to be against collective bargaining.

    In order for you to have a right to collective bargaining it’s necessary for you to surrender your right to bargain as an individual. But more than that, it’s also necessary to force all of your co-workers to give up their rights to bargain as individuals. The inevitable result is the prohibition of merit pay for everyone - and those who work harder and accomplish more than others receive nothing in return.

    How is that an American ideal?

  • Catholics and the Tea Party Movement

    06/18/2010 10:19:21 AM PDT · 3 of 7
    spinestein to NYer

    [ . . . there are many reasons for libertarians and social conservatives to work with one another, especially in the present political climate. Consider first that the Tea Party’s origin is not the Republican Party . . . ]

    This needs to be emphasized. The popular press likes to portray the movement as a group contrived by the Republicans, which is ludicrous, considering the vocal and public frustration the movement has for mainstream Republicans, but they are entirely motivated by a particular ideology - that of limited government, constrained to fulfill its proper Constitutional role, no more and no less.

    The movement was initiated by disgust at the ever increasing reach of government, whether run by Democrats or Republicans.

  • Reid says Nevada jobless would be worse if not for Dems, stimulus

    06/18/2010 10:09:55 AM PDT · 7 of 27
    spinestein to Zakeet

    [“We are one of the leading states in the union with unemployment but think how much worse it would be if we have not been able to create these jobs in Nevada with the recovery bill.”]

    That’s good stuff, right there. He should use that as a campaign ad this fall.

    Good luck holding on to that Senate seat, Harry.

  • 'It's the Magna Carta of physics!'

    03/12/2010 4:59:00 PM PST · 12 of 26
    spinestein to ROLF of the HILL COUNTRY

    With all due respect, your post contained more errors about Einstein, relativity and physics in general than I would have thought possible in such a short space.

    A few corrections:

    -Einstein was, first and foremost, a physicist who had a uniquely intuitive understanding of the concepts his theories explained. He was merely an adequate mathematician.

    -Einstein’s work has not set physics back.

    -Einstein’s work was only tangentially related to nuclear energy. It was primarily related to explaining how real objects actually behave.

    -Much of his work greatly advanced our understanding of how the universe works.

    -He came up with two separate and independent theories of relativity. Special and General.

    -Relativity is not one of the universal forces and his relativity theories did not cause a lapse in work on electromagnetic force theories. Electromagnetism and Relativity are not in competition.

    -No scientists claim any theory is valid without extensive and compelling physical evidence. With only math to back it up there is no theory and all good scientists agree with this.

    -There are no “modern mathematical models of aerodynamics” that “prove” a bumblebee “cannot fly”.

    Those things you cited are all something like urban legends of science and keep getting repeated by non-scientists. They are nonsense.

  • United States of Atheists

    03/12/2010 12:13:11 PM PST · 31 of 31
    spinestein to LeGrande

    [You say that we are organized under the banner of communism? I am a libertarian and most of my fellow atheists I know are libertarians too. We make you Christian conservatives look like pikers in comparison to our support of Freedom. Maybe you should rethink your intolerance a little before posting next time.]

    Well said.

    I have no desire for religion in my life yet I have no desire to preach atheism to others, either. Keeping my nose out of other people’s faith is not only good manners but it’s an ethical imperative for most people - religious or not. My many friends and family who are religious appreciate that I don’t preach atheism to them and I appreciate that they don’t preach religion to me.

    But a common thread to most of my friends and family - religious or atheist - is most of us aren’t sympathetic to Marxism, communism, socialism or any other modern derivative of this type of intrusive government thinking.

    Genuinely religious people shouldn’t think that atheists are the problem. It’s no more true than for atheists to think that religious people are the problem. We should be united in our common ideological cause against an ever expanding and more powerful government.

  • How Obama can shift the health-care debate

    03/06/2010 3:18:24 PM PST · 10 of 39
    spinestein to ricks_place

    [The ground of debate shifts when a prominent figure says that a contentious topic is a matter of morality, not politics.]

    Al Gore began framing his global warming hysteria in those terms and immediately afterward the bottom began to drop out from under the “scientific consensus” claimed by the IPCC.

    It seems to me, when some politician suddenly declares that their political agenda is a matter of morality, not politics, then it’s a clear sign that their agenda is really about how much power they can grab for themselves.

  • Reconciliation...What The Nuclear Option Really Means

    03/06/2010 3:09:54 PM PST · 30 of 32
    spinestein to CIDKauf

    [The newest talking point is that Republicans have used this procedure (I won’t call it a rule since sticking it in your keester is also a procedure) saying both Bush tax cuts and Medicare part D were done this way (and I don’t know that for sure).]

    They’re just lying. The only time the Republicans have used the budget reconciliation process is for budget bills.

  • Reconciliation...What The Nuclear Option Really Means

    03/06/2010 3:06:29 PM PST · 29 of 32
    spinestein to Political Junkie Too

    [In order to make it “legal,” they are planning to pass what thay can get away with under reconciliation, with the promise from the Senate Democrats to fix what they couldn’t do under reconciliation at a later date.

    They won’t go through reconciliation until they get the promise of future corrective action from the Senate. Why anyone would accept a Democratic Senate promise is beyond me.]

    I see that one theory is the Democrat leadership will try to get the Senate bill passed in the House by promising the recalcitrant moderate House Dems that they will modify the Bill in reconciliation in order to come in line with their demands.

    But if the House does pass the Senate bill then there is nothing to stop the leadership from sending it right to Obama’s desk for him to sign into law. Of course, that will double cross the House Dems and they will likely be kicked out of office in droves in November - but why should the Democrat leadership care as long as they get to take over the health care industry? They’ll gladly give up the House and the Senate (temporarily) in exchange for that.

  • Reconciliation...What The Nuclear Option Really Means

    03/04/2010 12:49:10 PM PST · 27 of 32
    spinestein to CIDKauf

    It depends. Considering the Senate bill has already been passed all it needs to do is pass the house in identical form. Then it goes to the President to sign into law.

    However, the Dems don’t have anywhere near enough votes to pass the House because too many House Dems want to be re-elected in November.

    Since the Democrat leadership knows this, they are trying to get a different bill passed in the House and then “reconcile” them afterward. Following this plan, they would then need to bring the new bill back up in the Senate where it would again need 60 votes. But the Dems want to bypass Senate rules and claim that it would only need 51 (because they are calling it a “budget” bill.

  • Reconciliation...What The Nuclear Option Really Means

    03/04/2010 8:16:36 AM PST · 24 of 32
    spinestein to CIDKauf

    [With less than 60 votes, if my understanding is correct, then they will never get to vote on the bill because they will not have the votes for “cloture” or to end the debate on the floor.]

    According to the rules, correct.

    But it seems the Democrats are planning to break the Senate rules. Since they know they can’t get the Senate bill passed in The House, as is, they are going to use the budget reconciliation process to pass a different House bill and then modify the Senate bill to merge the two together. According to the rules, they would then need to pass the new bill again in the Senate with 60 votes, but since budget bills only need 51 votes they plan to pass it as if it were a budget bill. ILLEGAL - but this is their plan.

  • Reconciliation...What The Nuclear Option Really Means

    03/03/2010 4:05:18 PM PST · 4 of 32
    spinestein to Neoavatara

    If the Democrats hold a vote on a Senate health care reform bill and they pass it with less than 60 votes, then the outcome is illegitimate. The bill needs 60 votes to pass.

    Republicans need to be unified in getting this message out to the American public and the public needs to make sure to contact Democrats who can be persuaded that it’s in their best interest to not participate in such an illegitimate process. They need to know that there is a very good chance they’ll be kicked out of office this November if they go along with their Democrat leaders in this corruption.

  • Obama Calls for 'Up or Down' Vote on Health (VIDEO)

    03/03/2010 3:57:10 PM PST · 18 of 21
    spinestein to GOP_Lady

    According to Senate rules, the health care bill MUST have 60 votes. Simple majority is only for budget bills or to confirm judicial nominees. Those who say there are extenuating circumstances or this health bill is some kind of exception that only requires a simple majority are flat out wrong because there is no factual basis to make that claim. The bill needs 60 votes.

    If the Democrats insist on voting on a health reform bill in the Senate and pass it with less than 60 votes then that is against Senate rules and the outcome is ILLEGITIMATE. Any Senate leaders who would drive such an illegitimate process are participating in an act of corruption.

    Republicans need to go on the offensive and make sure the public understands this.

  • Obama Buddy George Soros Trying to Bring Down The Euro

    02/27/2010 2:38:36 PM PST · 13 of 16
    spinestein to Shellybenoit

    Soros is amazing. He made his billions by betting on whole countries going broke (even if he has to sometimes help the process along). I don’t know how it’s possible to be a bigger scumbag.

    It’s telling how he is so loved by the political left.

  • We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change [Op-Ed Contributor AL GORE........]

    02/27/2010 2:30:46 PM PST · 26 of 47
    spinestein to Sub-Driver

    [. . . requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.]

    Translation: turn over trillions of dollars to AlGore and his buddies and they will try to keep the Earth from frying.