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  • Harry Reid: The stain in the Senate’s briefs

    04/15/2014 3:07:27 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 10 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-14-14 | DrJohn
    Harry Reid is an execrable human being. He is the brown stain in the Senate's undershorts. Reid has always been a jerk, the master of the insult: About George W. Bush: About Clarence Thomas: About DC tourists: About Mitt Romney: about John McCain: To his colleagues in the Senate: Reid once told the NY Times: “I’m just who I am, O.K.?” What he is is a classless POS. Dana Bash of CNN once asked Reid: "But if you can help one child with cancer, why won't you do it?" And Reid answered: "Listen," Reid said. "What -- why would we...
  • Income Inequality: Biblical and Earthly Perspectives

    04/15/2014 10:56:11 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 5 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-14-14 | Warren Beatty
    Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) views income inequality as a moral issue that governments should address. Warren also says that a minimum wage increase is needed to stop income inequality. She equated the minimum wage to income inequality. Warren said that concentrated wealth as the result of a rigged system that funnels the gains from workers' productivity to their bosses, who suppress minimum wages. Isabel Sawhill, co-director of the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution, about a minimum wage increase: "It will reduce inequality." Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama loves the idea of income inequality. Obama says "I...
  • The ugly story behind the persecution of Catherine Engelbrecht

    04/14/2014 10:50:37 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 28 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-13-14 | DrJohn
    I finally understand why Elijah Cummings wanted so badly to persecute Catherine Engelbrecht. And as far as democrats go, it's lies all around. True the Vote is a organization made up of volunteers who are interested in preventing voter fraud. Our initiatives include: •Mobilizing and training volunteers who are willing to work as election monitors •Aggressively pursuing fraud reports to ensure prosecution when appropriate •Providing a support system for our volunteers that includes live and online training, quick reference guides, a call bank to phone in problem reports, information on videotaping at polling places, and security as necessary •Creating documentaries...
  • How Obama Has Enabled The Russian Seizure Of Eastern Europe

    04/13/2014 9:05:58 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 4 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-13-14 | Skookum
    Our president promised us skyrocketing energy prices and a new era of "Green Energy". So far, he has been able to deliver an ever-increasing price for energy, and with the crisis in Eastern Europe, we can anticipate a continuing rise in energy prices. In an administration known almost exclusively for corruption and for its ability to lie, it is at least reassuring to see a "smidgen" of truthfulness., it's Obama's combination of national self-defeatism as an energy policy and of enabling our enemies that has become more bizarre with the passage of time. His refusal to allow drilling...
  • democrats: women are stupid and we mean to take full advantage of it

    04/09/2014 2:30:28 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 10 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-08-14 | DrJohn
    Last night I watched Mara Liasson on the Fox News Special Report panel together with George Will and Charles Krauthammer. It was an education. The woman could not be the least bit swayed with facts and kept repeating falsehoods and was convinced that democrats had a winning issue by lying. Both Will and Krauthammer spoke to the illegitimacy of the democrat argument that women are making only 77% of what men make but Liasson would have none of it. She took a breath, licked her lips, grinned and asserted that the truth didn't matter to women. democrats would be able...
  • Wile E. Obama and his bag of tricks and anvils…

    04/08/2014 10:49:07 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 5 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-08-14 | Vince
    One of the great things about children’s cartoons is how the characters can do the craziest things and somehow everyone walks away unscathed. How many times has Tweety Bird ended up in Sylvester’s mouth or under a clock only to end the episode smiling as Granny scolded Sylvester? How many times did Scooby Doo and Shaggy seem to be scared into heart attacks only to be back eating in the next scene? Then of course there is Tom & Jerry who seem to spend every episode blowing each other up, or poisoning one another or pounding on one another with...
  • Samsung gets the best of Barack Kardashian

    04/07/2014 11:48:25 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 9 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-07-14 | DrJohn
    Sweet. It was brilliant. It was well thought out. It was simple. Then again taking advantage of narcissists is easy. I am a Yankee fan, but I am now also a fan of David Ortiz. And Samsung. The selfie from the South Lawn that Red Sox slugger David Ortiz shot with President Obama may have gone viral -- but the White House isn’t happy about it. Ortiz shot the picture as the 2013 World Series Champions appeared at the White House with Obama on Tuesday -- but it quickly emerged that it wasn’t just artistic expression -- but a publicity...
  • Show no respect, get no respect

    04/06/2014 1:02:52 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 6 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-06-14 | DrJohn
    Hillary Clinton recently lamented the "excessive partisanship" that courses through the country: NEW YORK (AP) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday night that excessive partisanship flowing through the nation's political system is causing the U.S. to march "backwards instead of forward" and pointed to fall elections as a sign of how the country might tackle problems. The former secretary of state reflected on her time at the State Department, the U.S. relationship with Russia and the advice she gives to young women during her appearance at the annual Women in the World summit. But when the moderator asked her to...
  • SSCI votes to declassify Report on CIA Detention and Interrogation Program

    04/04/2014 10:47:56 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 6 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-04-14 | Wordsmith
    Yesterday, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted overwhelmingly 11-3 in releasing to the public its 2012 report which concluded a 3-and-a-half year investigation into the CIA detention and interrogation program, implemented after 9/11. Senator Dianne Feinstein: “The Senate Intelligence Committee this afternoon voted to declassify the 480-page executive summary as well as 20 findings and conclusions of the majority’s five-year study of the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program, which involved more than 100 detainees. The purpose of this review was to uncover the facts behind this secret program, and the results were shocking. The report exposes brutality that stands in stark...
  • CIA Knew al-Qaeda Involved In Benghazi Attack From The ‘Get-Go’

    04/02/2014 4:53:49 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 18 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-02-14 | Curt
    "The analysts said from the get-go that al Qaeda was involved in this attack" -Mike Morell, Deputy CIA Director So today we find out from Mike Morell, the Deputy CIA Director at the time of the Benghazi attacks, that he crafted the talking points which were ultimately used by Susan Rice on talk shows based on what a few CIA analysts believed had happened instead of the on the ground accounts from the CIA Station Chief. The idiocy is mind-boggling. So mind-boggling you have to wonder if he isn't just covering his ass along with the ass of the...
  • Obamacare falls 38 million short

    04/01/2014 4:00:16 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 20 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-01-14 | DrJohn
    The fall offensive has begun. It is now claimed McObamacare has now served 7 million! More than seven million people enrolled in ObamaCare by the March 31 deadline, topping the White House's initial goal, the administration said Monday. Press secretary Jay Carney opened his daily briefing on Tuesday by saying the enrollment figure was 7,041,000. “Today we can say definitively, that at midnight last night, it's fair to say we surpassed everyone's expectations, at least everyone in this room,” Carney said. More people could be added to that number, since the administration is allowing consumers who were unable to complete...
  • EPA Strikes Again: This Would Be Funny If It Wasn’t True! (Guest Post)

    04/01/2014 11:15:58 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 8 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-01-14 | Warren Beatty
    We have to first assume that global warming, or climate change, or whatever it's called this week, is caused by us. That is a big assumption, one that Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama embraces. Plus, as reinforcement, we have this Fact Sheet from Obama about methane gas as a contributor to global warming, I mean climate change, uh, I mean ... : ... last June, President Obama issued a broad-based Climate Action Plan, announcing a series of executive actions to reduce carbon pollution, prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address global climate...
  • Should All Political Parties Embrace Liberal Values? The Left Seems To Think So.

    03/31/2014 4:36:17 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 7 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-31-14 | Dave The Sage
    The concept that the whims of public opinion, the fads of the moment, or the opinions of an ideological opponent should fundamentally alter what a particular political party stands for has always seemed rather odd to me. It is an argument I see trotted out in articles from Left leaning sites on a regular basis. The argument is always, without fail, that the Republican Party needs to become more like the Democratic Party. Yet the reverse is never suggested for consideration. Great "concern" is showed time and time again by often very radical and liberal writers, as well as general...
  • Remember when?

    03/31/2014 10:33:01 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 7 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-30-14 | DrJohn
    Remember when they promised the website would be functional on October 1, 2013? when they said the rollout of Obamacare would be smooth? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services maintains that concerns are unwarranted. "We are on schedule and will be ready for the marketplaces to open on Oct. 1," HHS spokesman Brian Cook said. Remember when Obama said there would be no delays? when Kathleen Subelius said that delay was not an option? when they were certain there would be no delay past March 31? when delaying Obamacare would cause people to die?...
  • Obama: "Americans Don't Deserve To Be Free"

    03/28/2014 10:41:54 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 16 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-28-14 | Warren Beatty
    Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama, on December 6, 2011, spoke in Osawatomie, Kansas. What Obama said that day is STILL pertinent today. Obama, in effect, thumbed his nose at us and said that "Americans Don't Deserve To Be Free." How was that conclusion drawn? Well, see, after reading this, if you agree that Obama said that we don't deserve to be free. Obama began his attack on freedom with this statement: We are better off when everybody is left to fend for themselves and play by their own rules. I am here to say they are wrong. I'm here...
  • Billionaire will meet and greet you for $1000

    03/27/2014 12:05:37 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 27 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-27-14 | DrJohn
    Billionaire Oprah Winfrey is planning a tour to help you with your life. The Oprah Winfrey experience is coming to an arena near you. Starting in September, Winfrey will set out on an eight-city Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend tour. The plan: pack 18,000-seat arenas for a two-day experience featuring a keynote by Winfrey, who will share her personal story and advice on Friday night, and group activities and speakers picked by her on Saturday. Among those signed to participate: Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, pastor Rob Bell, OWN star Iyanla Vanzant and, in certain cities, guru Deepak...
  • Barack Obama: The greatest threat to press freedom in a generation

    03/26/2014 10:32:29 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 10 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-26-14 | DrJohn
    "First he came for the whistleblowers and I didn't speak up because I was a liberal...." A conference called "Sources and Secrets" was held a few days ago at the Times Center in New York. The conference is described as "A conference on the press, government and national security." It's supported largely by left wing organizations and news outlets. At the meeting James Risen of the NY Times expressed an interesting opinion: New York Times reporter James Risen, who is fighting an order that he testify in the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer accused of leaking information...
  • Ted Cruz, Thomas Sowell and Battles Worth Fighting...

    03/25/2014 9:40:04 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 7 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-25-14 | Vince
    In my opinion Thomas Sowell is easily the smartest man in America. From Basic Economics, to Black Rednecks and White Liberals to his definitive dissection of the most recent economic collapse in The Housing Boom and Bust, his books are nothing short of brilliant. And of course it’s not just books, he writes a weekly column as well, does interviews, lectures and does research at Stanford’s Hoover Institute. His prodigious talents make him one of the great thinkers and writers of our time. As much as I enjoy and agree with almost everything Sowell writes, I believe he’s wrong about...
  • Democrats Have Been Waiting For ObamaCare To Become Popular For Four Years

    03/24/2014 6:15:21 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 4 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-24-14 | Curt
    They're going to be waiting a long time: Democrats have been waiting for ObamaCare to become popular for four years. And counting. Congressional leaders and senior White House advisers have been saying since 2010 that public opinion will turn their way sometime soon. Be patient, they have told anxious members of their party again and again. ...ObamaCare helped catapult Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) to the speakership of the House, and demolished dozens of Democratic political careers. Democrats now face the prospect of a second midterm drubbing in 2014, and the healthcare law is even more unpopular than it was last...
  • WaPo suffers self-inflicted wound in the war on the Koch brothers

    03/21/2014 11:09:07 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 18 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-21-14 | DrJohn
    It's become very obvious that Saul Alinsky continues to live on in the democrat party and among the decerebrate left. Rule 13 says“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”The 2014 Democrat Party target is the Koch Brothers. Private citizens, they are the 2014 left wing whipping boys and the left has donned its asshats in unison. An article in the Washington Post screams: The biggest lease holder in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It’s the Koch brothers. You might expect the biggest lease owner in Canada's oil sands, or tar sands, to be one...
  • ou want the good news or the bad news about Obamacare?

    03/19/2014 1:42:54 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 9 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-19-14 | DrJohn
    OK, that was misleading. There is no good news. It's all bad. In fact, it's raining bad news. Remember this bullsh*t? was exactly that. Bullsh*t. Pretty much just like everything Obama says. Bullsh*t. Well, here it comes. Health care premiums are up 39-56% BECAUSE of Obamacare: Americans buying health insurance outside the new Obamacare exchanges are being forced to swallow premiums up to 56 percent higher than before the health law took effect because insurers have jumped the cost to cover all the added features of the new Affordable Care Act. According to a cost report from eHealthInsurance, a...
  • King Barack, the Declaration of Independence and a Textbook Definition of Tyranny

    03/18/2014 2:01:49 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 5 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-18-14 | Vince
    The two great founding documents in American history are the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Today, more than two centuries after each was written, people often conflate the two. How often have you heard someone say “It’s my right… it’s right there in the Constitution… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Of course, that phrase is not in the Constitution at all. It’s in the Declaration. That conflation belies the fact that while both documents are important to our history, they are fundamentally different and do different things. The Declaration of Independence severed the ties with Great...
  • Shame On You! What’s Your Consumption Factor?

    03/18/2014 11:24:32 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 14 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-17-14 | Dave The Sage
    It is interesting how wealthy liberals are continually blaming the American middle class for global warming, terrorism, and pretty much all of the world’s problems. Simply put, it is all your fault. Our Consumption Factor Imperils Us All“People in the third world are aware of this difference in per capita consumption, although most of them couldn’t specify that it’s by a factor of 32. When they believe their chances of catching up to be hopeless, they sometimes get frustrated and angry, and some become terrorists, or tolerate or support terrorists…The only way out is to make consumption rates and living...
  • Top Ten Obama - Putin threats

    03/17/2014 4:12:13 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 11 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-17-14 | DrJohn
    In response to Russian interference in the Ukraine, Barack Obama has flashed bursts of umbrage: The president on Monday ordered sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian officials following Sunday’s secession referendum in Crimea, a vote he said was “a clear violation of the Ukrainian constitution and international law.” He said the United States would “calibrate our response based on whether Russia chooses to escalate or deescalate the situation.” “We are imposing sanctions on specific individuals responsible for undermining the sovereignty, territorial integrity and government of Ukraine,” Obama said. “We're making it clear that there are consequences for their actions.” Pledging to...
  • Malaysian Air Flight 370: what you need to know

    03/16/2014 5:30:23 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 112 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-16-14 | DrJohn
    I've avoided this topic, waiting for another shoe to drop. Now it has. Malaysian Air Flight 370 has been an enigma almost right from the beginning. Large jet aircraft do not simply disappear. Not in 2014. A little voice in my head kept saying that there's a lot more than we're being told. No debris field was found. Had the jet exploded high in the air, a large debris field would have been spotted, as seen following the loss of TWA flight 800. If the jet dove into the water, the debris field would have been smaller, but most definitely...
  • Obama’s Libyan legacy

    03/16/2014 11:41:43 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 2 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-16-14 | DrJohn
    Benjamin Franklin is believe to have said it first: "Our Constitution is in actual operation. Everything appears to promise that it will last; but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." We can add another. Nothing is certain but death, taxes and Barack Obama lying.Two years ago I wrote Why you’re an idiot to believe anything Barack Obama saysIn it were documented the mounting lies told by Obama: - We’re not after Gaddafi - We won’t impose - No boots on the ground None of that was true. Obama got his wish and toppled Moammar Gaddafi. Shortly...
  • The Age Of The Great American Dissolve

    03/13/2014 11:36:48 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 7 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-12-14 | James Raider
    America’s consciousness has shifted.  We live in a predominantly unstable and unpredictable world, a situation long accepted as the norm, however,  we also live during the first period of history in which America's prominence in the world and its own vision and notion of itself, has been blurred.  A majority of Americans have adopted self doubt and the confidence America has held through much of its story has been dissipated. Through the fog of apprehension Americans plucked an unknown to take the helm of their governance.  The fog did not lift, and in fact with the unknown’s propagation of envy, the...
  • No, you don’t have to sign up for Obamacare

    03/12/2014 4:31:29 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 8 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-12-14 | DrJohn
    Maybe not ever. At least not until after the 2016 election. Obamacare is on double secret probation. ObamaCare's implementers continue to roam the battlefield and shoot their own wounded, and the latest casualty is the core of the Affordable Care Act—the individual mandate. To wit, last week the Administration quietly excused millions of people from the requirement to purchase health insurance or else pay a tax penalty. This latest political reconstruction has received zero media notice, and the Health and Human Services Department didn't think the details were worth discussing in a conference call, press materials or fact sheet....
  • The Race Democrats Couldn't Afford to Lose

    03/12/2014 12:51:55 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 16 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-12-14 | DrJohn
    A few days ago Barack Obama issued a warning to democrats: It's time to worry. The election is coming, the election is coming! That’s the message coming from President Obama as he tries desperately to rouse Democrats out of a midterm election stupor that could cost his party control of the Senate — and bury his agenda once and for all. Obama has increasingly sounded like the nerdy kid in a bad horror movie constantly warning his friends to stay out of danger as he’s called on the Democratic base to not be complacent in 2014. “You've got to pay...
  • Eco-fascist bullying

    03/11/2014 12:48:24 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 5 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-10-14 | DrJohn
    Climate change skeptics are headed the way of Christians in Egypt and the left is readying the machetes and torches. Yesterday Harry Reid declared “Climate change deniers still exist. They exist, I’m sorry to say, in this Congress. … Climate change exists and it’s time to stop denying it.” That's pretty clear. The skeptics must be eliminated. Not one to be outdone in logic fallacy, Chuck Schumer added: “If you went to 100 doctors and 98 of them said you were sick and should take medicine but two told you that you were find, what would you do?” Sen. Chuck...
  • It’s Politics Over Conscience For Most Democrats

    03/10/2014 4:40:16 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 3 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-10-14 | Warren Beatty
    Why was the Senate vote to not confirm Debo Adegbile a surprise? Because it was about politics, not about Adegbile. To be specific, 46 of 54 Democrats in the U.S. Senate voted politics, to confirm Adegbile. That means that 46 Democrats (and one independent who caucuses with Democrats) demonstrated where there real priorities lie. And it means that seven Democrats voted their consciences. If ever proof that Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) are political hacks was needed, this is it. The Senate, by a 47-52 vote (8 Democrats joined 44 Republicans - Reid's...
  • The Left’s Message To Teens: More Sex, No Guilt, No Consequences

    03/07/2014 4:59:18 PM PST · by Starman417 · 16 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-07-14 | Dave The Sage
    Now that our society has officially lowered us all to the level of rutting rabbits, the Coalition for Positive Sexuality ( is specifically targeting and encouraging promiscuous sex, abortion, and homosexuality to young teenagers. The Younger the Better should be their slogan. Funded by the homosexual lobby (and perhaps finally putting the myth that there is no homosexual agenda to rest) CPS is aggressively pushing its agenda of more sex/no guilt/no consequences to young and impressionable children at public schools nationwide. The greatest concession to personal responsibility and self-restraint that they attempt is to urge you to try and not...
  • The only recourse for Obama's lawlessness

    03/06/2014 11:29:15 AM PST · by Starman417 · 36 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-06-14 | DrJohn
    Barack Obama reached his tipping point today. I don't see him recovering from this confluence of events. Today we know for a fact that there is only one avenue left to salvage the rule of law in this country. Impeachment. Today Barack Obama reached a new low in the polls: President Obama’s job approval rating hits a record low this week, as a majority of Americans say his administration has mostly failed at growing the economy, creating jobs, improving health care and the country’s image. That’s according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. For the first time in a...
  • Gay Wedding Cakes, Religious Freedom and the Return of Slavery in America

    03/04/2014 11:53:36 AM PST · by Starman417 · 12 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-04-14 | Vince
    The most common definition of a slave is: A person who is the property of and wholly subject to another. There is another definition however: A person entirely under the domination of some influence or person. Slavery has been outlawed in the US for 150 years, but some people want to bring it back… but not necessarily in the form you might think. Uncle Sam of course is not a master and citizens are not his slaves. The government – at least not the government defined in the Constitution – doesn’t have the right to tell Americans who they have...
  • Putin did to Obama what Bush did to Putin

    03/03/2014 11:25:33 AM PST · by Starman417 · 7 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-03-14 | DrJohn
    There is much hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth today in Washington DC over Russia's invasion of the Ukraine but this confrontation was lost years ago. Vladimir Putin has outwitted Barack Obama all along the way. The truth is, Obama is easy prey for Putin. Narcissists are prone to succumbing to the proper signals. Hubris is the fuel that runs the Obama mind. It's always been that way and we have documented that here often. Putin recognized it, having learned something from Obama's predecessor. Putin and Obama met in July of 2009 and it was in that meeting that Obama was...
  • Left wing fascism grows. Harry Reid says woman cancer patients are faking it.

    02/28/2014 11:12:30 AM PST · by Starman417 · 35 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-28-14 | DrJohn
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? It's getting worse. It's a malignancy. It's a vast right wing conspiracy. In what is one of most ghastly actions I can ever remember seeing from a member of Congress, Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate and said cancer patients were faking it and called the Koch brothers "un-American." "Despite all that good news, there's plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they're being told all over America," Reid says these cancer patients are liars. They're faking it. They're part of a conspiracy. Cancer victim Julie Boonstra, who...
  • Lest We Forget: Hillary’s Heroism Under Fire

    02/27/2014 11:10:11 AM PST · by Starman417 · 12 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-27-14 | Dave The Sage
    The Democratic Party is already tripping over themselves in their hasty preparation to lay the groundwork to elect the first woman president to follow up on their successful election of the first black president. In the next few months we will begin to see a lot of information resurface in regards to Hillary “formerly Rodham” Clinton’s past exploits, scandals, and sometimes confusing history. I’m here to help get the ball rolling early on that. As the current occupant of the white house was elected with virtually no vetting whatsoever, a good many of us believe it is important to get...
  • Benghazi explained: Hillary may as well have killed them herself

    02/26/2014 3:55:45 PM PST · by Starman417 · 16 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-26-14 | DrJohn
    There has been much argument about the security situation in Benghazi leading up to the 2012 attacks. On the one hand, there is no dispute that additional security had been requested in the months before the attack. The timeline is important. DECEMBER 2011: The documents also included an “ACTION MEMO” for Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy dated December 27, 2011, and written by US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman. With the subject line: “Future of Operations in Benghazi, Libya,” the memo states: “With the full complement of five Special Agents, our permanent...
  • My rapidly fading love affair with Wal-Mart

    02/25/2014 1:20:12 PM PST · by Starman417 · 56 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-25-14 | Vince
    The first time I ever saw a Wal-Mart I was a grad student getting my MBA down in Tallahassee, FL. One opened up down the road from my apartment and I was immediately taken by the big bright stores with lots of stuff and what seemed to be pretty low prices. In class I learned the secrets to Wal-Mart’s success in its niche of “Always low prices”. It demanded efficiencies from its suppliers. It became fanatical about using information technology to optimize its sourcing and distribution channels. It paid its employees the community average or sometimes slightly more, but never...
  • At the end of the day, liberals are all about the money

    02/24/2014 5:02:36 PM PST · by Starman417 · 3 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-24-14 | DrJohn
    Jim Messina, pasty white self-proclaimed "maestro" of the Barack Obama campaign for President, has shed his populist image for the trappings of capitalism. Jim Messina, the former campaign manager to President Barack Obama who spent two decades in politics out of the public eye, is increasingly stepping out from the shadows — and onto other Democrats’ toes. Messina is moving aggressively to capitalize on his newfound fame and status as the maestro who ran a masterful reelection campaign for a president mired in a slumping economy. He’s building a political fiefdom through his deep ties to rich Democrats and a...
  • democrat fascism takes another ugly turn

    02/23/2014 12:05:40 PM PST · by Starman417 · 17 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-23-14 | DrJohn
    Apparently it's not enough to use the IRS and FCC to shut down the opposition. What does an aspiring democrat Senator wannabe do when he doesn't like an opposition TV ad? the woman cancer victim in the ad, and then threaten to take the station off the air. While Julie Boonstra of Dexter, Mich., struggles to survive leukemia, she now also has to cope with being called a liar by the Democrat who wants to be her next senator. And the campaign of Rep. Gary Peters is also going after television stations airing ads in which her story is...
  • Zombies, the Apocalypse, and the Decline of the Republic

    02/22/2014 8:05:49 AM PST · by Starman417 · 24 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-22-14 | Dave The Sage
    Apocalypticism has exploded in popularity and, while nuclear war and pandemics have always been a starting point, the concept of the Zombie Apocalypse trumps them all. The appeal and wild popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, movies like World War Z, and the slew of apocalyptic, gloom and doom series and specials on cable television continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But the reasons behind such interest are often subconscious at times and not fully understood. The Leftist activist and agitator Noam Chomsky was recently asked “why there’s this preoccupation with the apocalypse and with zombies right now...
  • Yes, Hillary is too old but it’s the brain damage that should concern you

    02/21/2014 4:19:36 PM PST · by Starman417 · 43 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-21-14 | DrJohn
    At National Journal Charlie Cook suggested that Hillary Clinton might be too old to run for President. The question remains: Is Hillary Clinton really a 100 percent lock to run? I think it is a pretty good bet, maybe 70 percent chance or so; but that also means there is an approximately 30 percent chance that she doesn't throw her hat in the ring. The current political environment certainly argues on behalf of a Clinton run, and it would be very difficult—but not impossible—for anyone to beat her for the nomination. However, these choices can never be considered 100 percent...
  • Conservative Principles and the Common Man

    02/20/2014 2:01:56 PM PST · by Starman417 · 4 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-20-14 | Dave The Sage
    The raging, twenty-four-seven political debates that virtually consume social media, many news sites, and entire cable stations is mostly filled with cheap shots, one-liners, bumper sticker slogans, and the same tired, half-truth arguments. The endless, partisan maneuvering and jockeying for power among the political parties and branches of government often completely masks the fact that the culture and policy wars are not just clashes between squabbling political parties, but often are really basic conflicts between fundamentally different belief systems, world views, and ideological viewpoints. But that is increasingly lost in the world of thirty second sound bites, character assassination, talking...
  • This administration has a major credibility problem

    02/20/2014 10:19:51 AM PST · by Starman417 · 7 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-19-14 | DrJohn
    “I could deny it if I liked. I could deny anything if I liked.” - Oscar Wilde It started with "You can keep your plan no matter what" but it didn't end there. Kathleen Sibelius is a good Obama soldier. She continues to support the state and its storyline faithfully, despite the obvious reality. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says there is “absolutely no evidence” that the Affordable Care Act will drive down employment, despite a report from the Congressional Budget Office released Feb. 4 predicting fewer people would be working. “There is absolutely no evidence, and every...
  • Venezuela and Hollywood; Axis of Stupidity

    02/19/2014 10:43:48 AM PST · by Starman417 · 8 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-18-14 | DrJohn
    Sean Penn is an idiot. But you knew that. There are more idiots in Hollywood. But you knew that too. Here is a who's who of Hollywood idiots who were supporters of Hugo Chavez. Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey, Harry Belafonte and Don King. Belafonte has claimed that millions of Americans support Chavez. Of Chavez government King once said "To see what is happening here makes me feel good all over." If only someone would shove a microphone up his in his face and in the faces of all these idiots and see what they have to say about...
  • A Lack of Identity politics…Exactly the reason the GOP can’t seem to attract minorities & immigrants

    02/19/2014 9:55:55 AM PST · by Starman417 · 8 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-19-14 | Vince
    The GOP is so worried about being painted as racists or as the party that hates the poor that they forget to talk about what they actually supposed to stand for. The GOP establishment has spent a great deal of effort over the last decade pushing for amnesty under the guise of “comprehensive immigration reform”. This is of course because they are scared of the fact that minorities are going to become a majority in the US over the next 40 years and they don’t want to be left out in the cold. They have what I call a “Fear...
  • Why Monica Lewinsky is relevant: Liberals have redefined sexual harassment

    02/17/2014 5:32:02 PM PST · by Starman417 · 29 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-17-14 | DrJohn
    The first sentence in this Mitt Romney article is the very definition of irony: Failed 2012 U.S. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said on Sunday he expects Hillary Clinton to win or lose the White House on her record, not that of her husband, former Democratic President Bill Clinton and his sexual indiscretions. "Failed Presidential nominee." Indeed. Mitt Romney is a really nice guy and that's why he lost. John McCain declared Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright "off limits."McCain is also known as a "Failed U.S. Republican presidential nominee." Mitt says Monica is off limits. McCain said Wright was...
  • The Original, Right-Wing Extremist

    02/17/2014 8:46:03 AM PST · by Starman417 · 2 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-17-14 | Dave The Sage
    One can reasonably presume how today’s Left would characterize and attack the person I am about to describe to you. Without a doubt, he would be characterized as some sort of dangerous, right-wing, tea-bagging, homophobic, Christian Neanderthal who should be maligned, attacked, marginalized, silenced, and driven from power. Character assassination has become the weapon of choice for those who so forcefully peddle the liberal/progressive ideology. It is relentlessly used to silence all those who stand in opposition to the myriad of ‘isms’ they champion as they seek to “fundamentally transform” the country and society. I sincerely doubt they would spare...
  • Needed: An Attorney General for Americans who are not among Holder’s “people”

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    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-16-14 | DrJohn
    In the latter days of the Clinton administration Eric Holder engineered the pardons of Marc Rich and the FALN terrorists. In the early 2000's Holder was a senior partner in the law firm Covington & Burling. Covington & Burling was one of the law firms that had no interest in defending any US soldiers accused of misdeeds in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but it couldn't do enough pro bono work for Gitmo detainees, successfully securing the release of one of them: One of the class of Yemeni Gitmo detainees that Falkoff described as “gentle, thoughtful young men” was released...