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  • Sanders supporters feeling the Bern after Nevada

    02/22/2016 3:38:48 AM PST · by sten · 48 replies
    4chan post ^ | 21feb2016 | reddit users
  • Facebook threat to Albany police

    05/26/2015 1:26:57 PM PDT · by sten · 21 replies
    CBS 6 News Albany | May 24, 2015
    this is bouncing around facebook today. confirmed as real by the gm @ cbs 6 news in albany. they will have a story about it tonight this seems to be more of the same as ferguson and baltimore. agitators paid $5k+/mon to spread civil unrest like the compton riots in the summer of '68 the part that jumped out for me was: 'if our FUNDING goes well' spread the word to police, fire, and any other govt workers in uniform. stay vigilant, even at home (more so then normal).
  • The very first Right

    10/06/2013 6:17:33 AM PDT · by sten · 18 replies
    vanity ^ | October 6, 2013 | sten
    When written, the United States Constitution took a step beyond other constitutions in how it defined the rights of the people. Most countries bestow rights onto its citizens and inevitably would take them away. The US Constitution went further to define liberty and its source. As such, the founders RECOGNIZED our Rights as preexisting naturally having been bestowed upon us by our Creator. This was a significant break from the established governing mindset. All of a sudden, people had Rights that the government could not control... as they didn't bestow them. The brilliance of the Constitution was to take the...
  • We need a sanctuary city

    03/28/2013 1:05:48 PM PDT · by sten · 22 replies
    vanity | me
    We've all heard of sanctuary cities and how they protected illegals from federal laws. How we have states that legalize drugs even though they are illegal under federal law. Well how about a sanctuary city to protect us from run-away taxation? abortion mills? the homo agenda? rampant federal spending? (i have no idea how to stop them from spending, though maybe limit the amount contributed by the city to the fed)
  • my canary is getting light headed (gold spiking)

    04/18/2011 6:58:39 AM PDT · by sten · 14 replies
    vanity | April 18, 2011 | sten
    i've been watching gold & silver prices for a while as my canary in the coalmine. i've always felt, when the sh*t is about to hit the fan, it'd spike hard. well....
  • Case of young man tied to wall sparks national debate in Netherlands

    01/23/2011 5:25:54 PM PST · by sten · 6 replies
    CNN world ^ | January 23, 2011 1:41 p.m. EST | CNN wire
    Case of young man tied to wall sparks national debate in Netherlands (CNN) -- A Dutch documentary about a mentally ill and potentially dangerous 18-year-old has prompted lawmakers in the Netherlands -- amid national outrage -- to re-examine the treatment of those in psychiatric care. The documentary, which was produced by the Lutheran-run Evangelical Broadcasting Company and aired on public television Tuesday, followed Brandon van Ingen, a patient at a mental hospital in Ermelo. Since 2007, van Ingen has spent part of his days tethered to a wall due to the danger he poses to others, according to State Secretary...
  • Tomorrow, When the War Began (movie ala Red Dawn)

    01/02/2011 2:59:11 PM PST · by sten · 12 replies | 2 September 2010 (Australia)
    i haven't watched it yet (in process), looks like a red dawn remake. giving a heads up to freepers. (2,569 votes) "When their country is invaded and their families are taken, eight unlikely high school teenagers band together to fight. " looks like aussies taking on 'asians' (chicoms?)
  • Why tax corporations? (vanity)

    11/11/2010 1:47:02 PM PST · by sten · 40 replies
    Self | Nov 11, 2010 | Sten
    I do not understand why the govt insists on taxing corporations, I mean beyond the basic "they just want the money" reason. Let's say a corporation has $10m in sales... pays the various salaries and expenses necessary.... Then pushes some chunk to distribution (the shareholders)... All of which gets taxed normally... Leaving $2m in the corporate bank account. At that point, the govt wants 40-50% or more. I don't understand why. They say because the evil rich need to pay their fair share. But their fair share was paid from the distribution tax. The remaining money actually belongs to no...
  • implications of eminent domain ruling (vanity)

    09/30/2010 2:58:24 PM PDT · by sten · 14 replies
    this video was recently posted here on FR to be cheered as a victory for the little guy. i felt the subject deserves its own thread for discussion on implications regarding progressive taxation. the gist of the case was the government taking private property from one individual and giving it to another. the courts found this to be unconstitutional and ruled in the favor of Randy the mechanic. the money you earn is also private property. redistribution of wealth is the mechanism of confiscating that property to be given to others by the government. how is redistribution of wealth...
  • looking for feedback - my constitutional amendment

    05/29/2010 4:19:47 PM PDT · by sten · 47 replies · 509+ views
    vanity | 29 may 2010 | sten
    over the passed couple of years, i have become more and more worried about the state of our country. in particular, the size of the debt and the speed at which it has been increasing. and that speed has been increasing most recently with no end in sight. if this continues, as it did with the USSR, there is no doubt the country will cease to exist in its current form. here are the basic facts as of 2009: gross domestic product: $14,000 b national debt as of today: $13,000 b annual federal receipts: $2,105 b congressional budget: $3,518 b...
  • Dunn leaving White House, Pfeiffer takes over

    11/10/2009 9:00:14 AM PST · by sten · 24 replies · 1,301+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Nov 10, 2009 | Chris Cillizza
    Dunn leaving White House, Pfeiffer takes over White House communications director Anita Dunn will step down from her post at the end of the month and Dan Pfeiffer, her deputy, will take over, according to sources familiar with the move. snip... The move will be formally announced later today.
  • Political Asylum

    06/18/2009 1:03:02 PM PDT · by sten · 15 replies · 531+ views
    vanity | sten
    I am under assault, directly from my government and the president, due to belonging to a small minority. The president and congress has vilified my minority in the press repeatedly, and is pushing laws to impoverish us and push us out of our homes. In response, I am wondering if I can apply for political asylum from the US to Great Britain? I am part of the vilified 5% of the population that makes over $150k/yr. Our members include the AIG execs which have been harassed on their property, molested in markets and have had their property confiscated without due...
  • Looking for total amount of bailout monies

    03/16/2009 9:27:34 AM PDT · by sten · 14 replies · 1,034+ views
    i have been looking, but i cannot find, a list with the total amount being spent by congress. i am looking for the bailout program name, amount associated, and date passed (or just confidence that is was approved) it’d be nice to have a running total... the press seems to be hiding the numbers
  • ACORN, the largest nationwide conspiracy in American history - let's catch them in the act

    11/02/2008 10:37:57 AM PST · by sten · 10 replies · 590+ views
    Nov. 02, 2008 | sten
    i believe it has been shown there is an ongoing, nationwide conspiracy attempting to steal the election for Obama. forget the news media, that's advertising... nothing truly illegal about that, just disingenuous. i'm talking about ACORN. yes, the FBI is investigating ACORN in over 12 states. but on tuesday, if this is truly happening, there will be thousands of ACORN operatives going to the polls to vote as someone else. if the FBI actually wanted to get to the bottom of this, while also helping to sure up the elections, they could attempt to nab these people as they go...
  • CALL TO ACTION: NO bailout without audits

    09/28/2008 9:44:39 PM PDT · by sten · 15 replies · 323+ views
    I have not heard it mentioned anywhere on any talk radio or MSM show and it's driving me crazy. I just keep thinking they will be walking away with millions without so much as a red mark on their report card. Well, I've had enough. I suggest we should push for a REQUIREMENT to submit for a full and IMMEDIATE audit, to be completed within a short 3-6 month window, of any corporation/organization that wishes to partake in the bailout. Guidelines for penalties should be well established by now, and charges should be sought against any violators. People should call...
  • looking for freeper support in response to an email...

    07/22/2008 4:37:46 AM PDT · by sten · 27 replies · 52+ views
    After some back and forth with a friend, i threw out to him, "name me any successful democrat programs that had succeeded longer then the immediate 3 or 4 years.... and i do not count 'abortion' as successful." i had asked that question to the various liberals i have run into.. and none have ever answered it. (normally explaining to keep the presidential terms to the late 60's and beyond) this morning i woke to receive an email with a response: johnson - civil rights (no need for clarification) carter: - superfund act (no need for clarification) - formation of...
  • something is going on with our water mains...

    03/06/2008 10:47:08 AM PST · by sten · 56 replies · 1,238+ views
    various... look to the post for source links | march 06, 2008 | sten
    water mains last well over 100 years. so the chance of 2 breaking on the same day are probably pretty slim. a couple of news stories today made me stop and do a quick google for water main breaks in march 2008. the results are a bit odd… considering I have not heard anything about it in the news, beyond the requried 'boil your water' statements. the following is a list of water main breaks over the last month. I have made an effort not to overlap stories, so they should all signify a unique event. note the dates and...
  • Half of Tsunami donations still unused: BBC

    12/20/2006 7:00:39 AM PST · by sten · 25 replies · 456+ views ^ | Dec 19 7:37 PM US/Eastern | AFP
    About half of the billions of dollars donated by individuals, companies and governments worldwide to help the victims of the southeast Asian tsunami two years ago has still not been spent, the BBC said. According to figures obtained by the broadcaster from a database compiled by the United Nations Department for Aid and Development, several foreign governments have also only given only a small proportion, and at times none, of the money they promised. Of the 6.7 billion dollars (5.1 billion euros) pledged, about a tenth has yet to be delivered, and only 3.4 billion dollars has been spent thus...
  • Church Is Denied Waiver of Noise Restriction

    12/01/2006 7:43:44 AM PST · by sten · 124 replies · 1,942+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Friday, December 1, 2006 | Bill Turque
    Fairfax County officials have issued a ringing non-endorsement of the bells at St. John Neumann's in Reston, ruling that they must toll within the limits of the county's noise ordinance or not at all. The Board of Supervisors asked the zoning staff this year to see whether the law could be amended to accommodate the church, whose bells ring at a volume slightly higher than the 55-decibel maximum permitted in residential areas.<snip> follow story [here]

    08/19/2006 9:40:22 AM PDT · by sten · 22 replies · 854+ views
    The Drudge Report ^ | 19 august 2006 | drudgereport
    DEMS VOW SANCTIONS AGAINST CANDIDATES WHO THWART NEW CALENDER Sat Aug 19 2006 11:16:47 ET The Democratic National Committee moved on Saturday to penalize 2008 presidential candidates who defied a new nominating calendar designed to lessen the longtime influence of New Hampshire and Iowa -- the two states that have traditionally kicked off the nominating process. The NEW YORK TIMES will report on Sunday: The sanctions would be directed at candidates who campaigned in any state that refused to follow a proposed calendar that the committee was preparing to approve. Any candidate who campaigned in a state that did not...
  • FOX News video of NOLA mayoral race (VANITY)

    05/20/2006 10:49:09 AM PDT · by sten · 7 replies · 582+ views
    20 MAY 2006 | FOX News TV
    Please forgive the vanity, but this was just too funny. I was watching FOXNews while working, and a segment on the NOLA mayoral race came up. A fairly interesting piece... they showed video of both Landrieu and then Nagin. I am not sure if anyone caught it, but during Nagin's clip, which had him standing on a street corner waving at the cars passing by, a rather bright YELLOW SCHOOL BUS pulled up next to him, waiting for the light. He was forced to stare at it and wave, with the driver limply waving back. Definitely priceless. If I were...
  • (Vanity) Trans-fat and impacts on the American diet

    04/11/2005 12:16:46 PM PDT · by sten · 7 replies · 537+ views
    11 April 2005 | sten
    Executive summary: America has experienced a drastic increase in obesity, stomache ailments, and heart disease in the last 10 years. I believe some of the contributing factors to be related to one main ingredient in the US food supply; trans-fat. Here is the short list to improve your stomache ailments: Avoid trans-fat (partially hydrogenated oils) Eat yogurt before bed (repair esophagus; acid-reflux) Drink green tea (remove free radicals; antioxidant) Look into Flax seed oil (Omega 3) The American consumer : the fatten cash cow for business From 1993 until 2002, I had minor to medium stomache discomfort after eating....
  • Couple Sues Over Alleged Sex Assault Of 2-Year-Old On Cruise Ship

    12/22/2004 5:56:26 AM PST · by sten · 16 replies · 1,106+ views
    Associated Press via ^ | 6:41 pm EST December 20, 2004 | AP
    Couple Sues Over Alleged Sex Assault Of 2-Year-Old On Cruise Ship Pair Says Company Was Negligent In Hiring, Supervising Baby Sitter POSTED: 6:41 pm EST December 20, 2004 UPDATED: 3:40 pm EST December 21, 2004 MIAMI -- A couple have sued Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., alleging that a company baby sitter sexually assaulted their 2-year-old son while they were on a cruise. Dawn and Kurt Bennett of the Orlando area said the company was negligent in hiring and supervising the baby sitter on the Brilliance of the Seas, where the assault allegedly occurred on Dec. 18, 2003. They are...
  • Old man in the park... (VANITY / HUMOR)

    11/06/2004 10:46:57 AM PST · by sten · 29 replies · 1,393+ views
    06 Novemeber 2004 | from email
    One sunny day in 2005 an old man approached the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, where he'd been sitting on a park bench. He went up to the U.S. Marine standing guard and said, "I would like to go in and meet with President Kerry." The Marine looked at the man and said, "Sir, Mr. Kerry is not the president, he did not win the election and he doesn't reside here." The old man said, "Okay" and walked away. The following day, the same man approached the White House and said to the same Marine, "I would like...
  • America's Nouveaux Tech Poor

    06/28/2003 11:23:30 AM PDT · by sten · 182 replies · 726+ views
    WashTech News ^ | June 27, 2003 | David Beckman
    Home > IT Worker News > Tech Industry News > America's Nouveaux Tech Poor June 27, 2003 America's Nouveaux Tech Poor By David BeckmanWashTech News In little time I found that both my options and expectations tumbled into freefall.... Finally, I was hired for the deli job - for $8 an hour. Tonight I'll mop the floor in the deli. It is not really my job - it's Gary's. But Gary can do little with his right arm due to a devastating North Vietnamese rocket attack at an airbase outside of Saigon some 30 years ago. The attack left him...
  • The compromise of American standards (VANITY)

    04/20/2003 11:44:42 PM PDT · by sten · 18 replies · 222+ views
    self | APR 20, 2004 | Sten
    I miss sports. I miss the dream of winning the big game. The thought of how I could just give it all I had and we could win it, against all odds. I miss the drive of the players, the passion to strive and do your very best. To never hold back and give it all you have and then some. I miss the integrity of play, where no one would lie about being out, if they actually knew better. I miss how a player would say, "yes, he tagged me" instead of standing up defiantly, declaring to all that...
  • Today's US government; Seeing through the haze (vanity)

    11/03/2000 4:37:23 PM PST · by sten · 14+ views
    As a country, we are being presented with two candidates. Both have the same core values and goals. Globalization, with all the trimmings. This would include all the social and political changes that would be required. The only difference is speed. Gore will push us there ASAP. Bush will slow it down, but only a little. Yes, there are other issues, but they are presented as emotional tag lines to distract from the larger landscape of the American socio-economic evolution. Anyone that thinks Gore is for the little guy, has not been paying attention. Less competition in a marketplace means ...