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Posts by StonyBurk

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  • High Military Court Will Decide Case of Marine Punished for Bible Verse

    11/28/2015 7:37:08 AM PST · 15 of 46
    StonyBurk to marshmallow

    We were trained in reflection of Gen. George Washington’s July 9,1776 General ORder— to so live and act as becomes a Christian soldier— Guess the leadership today has forgotten —or choose to remain ignorant of where we came from -who we are. I thank God Almighty that I am not on active duty in todays godless -sic Secular and queer Military.

  • CO Police Respond to Reports of Active Shooter [captured #750] at Planned Parenthood Clinic

    11/27/2015 2:00:40 PM PST · 333 of 1,421
    StonyBurk to citizen

    sounds like Obama’s buds to me.

  • The Case Against Woodrow Wilson at Princeton (NYT)

    11/25/2015 5:08:39 AM PST · 25 of 31
    StonyBurk to Brad from Tennessee

    Woodrow Wilson did say something worth repeating before these stupids— “A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know what it is today,nor what it is trying to do.... . The Bible is the one supreme source of revelation of the meaning of life, the Nature of God and spiritual nature and needs of men.It is the only guide of life which leads the spirit in the ways of peace...” —Denver rally ,1911 These poor /poorly educated / and led stupids are being led to the destruction of our Country.

  • College of William & Mary Students Want Statue of ‘ Rapist’ And ‘Racist’ T Jefferson Removed

    11/25/2015 5:01:55 AM PST · 31 of 46
    StonyBurk to Cowboy Bob

    This article seems to prove the old Bible based notion that a house removed from it’s foundation is unsafe.
    The College of Wm. and Mary left behind its founding principles long ago—And has raised up a student body led by community organizers unfit for either position.

  • MS Baptist Church Sign: ‘Jesus Is God; Allah is Satan’

    11/23/2015 5:25:43 PM PST · 33 of 74
    StonyBurk to ForYourChildren

    Well it is written “Behold you are with child and you shall bear a son, You shall call his name Ishmael, Because the Lord has heard your affliction, He will be a wild ass of a man,His hand shall be against every man
    (and for this cause) Every man’s hand against him, and he shall live in the presence of all his brethren” Sure seems like the bloody freakin moon-god worshiping destructive Muslim-these wild asses carrying Behead those who insult Islam included— are living the blessing given to Hagar.I don’t know about calling allah Satan—but he/she/it certainly is anti-Christian.

  • Ted Cruz Solidifies Christian Conservative Vote: Endorsed By More Than 200 Faith Leaders

    11/21/2015 7:14:00 AM PST · 16 of 37
    StonyBurk to Michael van der Galien

    Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as privilege and interest of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers” First Chief Justice John Jay letter to John Murray Jun. 12 Oct.1816 — good enough for him—ought be good enough for us today. The enemy foreign or domestic now residing int he White House is proof enough of the consequences should we neglect this duty again.

  • Refugee ‘Religious Test’ Is ‘Shameful’ and ‘Not American’ Except Federal Law Requires It

    11/20/2015 7:53:06 AM PST · 9 of 12
    StonyBurk to bushwon

    Do any of them really care? I looked at a graph that suggests Syria seems to be posing a religious test for refugees— the vast majority of them are Muslim. They also seem to disprove Obama in his snarky BS on foreign soil about the GOP being opposed to widows and Orphans— because the stats on Syrian refugees shows a large number of males —and good number of them of fighting age. Far more Islamic males than there seem to be Syrian Christian refugees.

  • Facing God-What it tells us about Islam

    11/12/2015 8:28:12 AM PST · 10 of 10
    StonyBurk to SJackson

    Muslims— the spawn of Ishmael -to this day live out the Blessing of Hagar the concubine of Abram. They continue either as forced by their Beguiling Cult of the sword of Islam— or whatever— to be a wild ass of a man— whose hand is against every man—and for this reason every man’s hand against them. But they will live in the presence of their brethren (as it is written—and as a wild ass of a man whose hand is against every man.) A people guided by Fate (the Will of Allah) cannot escape the blessing —nor the destruction of their bloody religion.

  • Atheists Blast Ted Cruz’s Response When Asked How Important It Is for a President to ‘Fear...

    11/12/2015 8:19:25 AM PST · 53 of 54
    StonyBurk to equaviator

    as you are free to do. -I believe the Truth told that the fool has said in his heart there is no God. as is my right.

  • Will Our Values Make Us Seek Peace With Genocide?

    11/12/2015 8:17:13 AM PST · 13 of 14
    StonyBurk to markomalley

    The Israeli PM understands History as only a warrior can.
    The politician—the “diplomat” the secular believes only in the power of diplomacy and the goodness of all men.
    A lot of harm is done when men forget there is Evil int his world— and not all men are to be trusted to do what is in the best interest of the greater good. Bury with Soldiers! as the song sings to me.

  • Atheists Blast Ted Cruz’s Response When Asked How Important It Is for a President to ‘Fear...

    11/10/2015 10:57:39 AM PST · 33 of 54
    StonyBurk to equaviator

    The only thing between us and God —is our belief—or unbelief. And that can either draw us closer to God—or it can turn us from Him. Also Satan ,that “prince of this world” he is between us and our salvation -or desires that position. Only things I can think are between the created and the CREATOR.

  • University of Missouri Police Ask Students to Report ‘Hurtful Speech’

    11/10/2015 10:47:14 AM PST · 73 of 128
    StonyBurk to simpson96

    It is hurtful that these budding young Communists have Identified with 1950 —that is the year I was born— and I spent eight years training to oppose the Soviet Communists.
    Now to see these proud revolutionaries proud of an accident of birth— Not one of them can prove they had any dam choice at all in their gender/or race— their Communist education as Revolutionaries —now that is something the “progressive” educators do control.

  • Muslim inmates sue Michigan for not changing food rules for Ramadan… again

    11/09/2015 6:03:36 AM PST · 16 of 31
    StonyBurk to Old Sarge

    There is no Americans in America— we ar enow a dung bin on the Islamic Street.They claim everywhere a Muslim male sets his foot for Allah.

  • U.S. to deploy small number of special forces to Syria in advisory role

    10/31/2015 3:32:02 AM PDT · 110 of 111
    StonyBurk to winoneforthegipper

    but remember we are NOT sending them to change the culture or anything like that.

  • America's Soft Tyranny is Hardening (Constitutional Republic Is Gone)

    10/31/2015 3:30:39 AM PDT · 33 of 76
    StonyBurk to blackdog

    And it is said,by some— we get the government we deserve.
    As yourself has so rightly said —it fall back on us— for as another said it is the duty of the people to keep the government from falling into error.— Seems I recall reading that in connection to a Court ruling long ago.

  • Listening to Your Conscience

    10/29/2015 6:05:29 AM PDT · 6 of 14
    StonyBurk to Gamecock

    I am bought with a price—my life is not my own.Being dead to the world _ I am alive in Christ. (With apologies to the
    authors I so poorly reflect. ) T’anks for this post is both timely and oh so relevant.


    10/28/2015 5:37:53 AM PDT · 39 of 40
    StonyBurk to Biggirl

    Our public school system—as a reflection of our national government /including the Judiciary— are irretrievably broken. Teaching the LIES told by ISLAM / CAIR —the Muslim Brotherhood— while insisting our schools must be separated from Christianity—and christian Morality. Islam will be the Bruiser to affect the national suicide desired by the New World /post America- Order.

  • Obama Administration Is Establishing A New Homeland Security Program That Will Monitor Christians

    10/21/2015 5:53:51 AM PDT · 31 of 31
    StonyBurk to Eddie01

    A wise old Sergeant told me when I was the FNG -to always act as if everything I did was seen by someone. “ Sound advice.As a christian I know God sees everything— So I don’t really give a flip through the moving opening in a motivated piece o fpastry whet dungthis Evil Administration produces — and don’t think for a heartbeat the Republicans can put a stop to anything the Democrats want done—haven’t so far.

  • [Vanity] Questions and Answers About Islam

    10/16/2015 6:41:24 AM PDT · 28 of 33
    StonyBurk to cradle of freedom

    we agree—and sadly I fear Islam will continue to fulfill the Blessing given in Genesis until the Messiah comes.

  • [Vanity] Questions and Answers About Islam

    10/15/2015 4:37:03 AM PDT · 20 of 33
    StonyBurk to cradle of freedom

    Genesis speaks in Genesis chapter 16:7-13 how that nation
    came to be. how their hand would be against every man—and every man’s hand against them—and how he would dwell int he presence of his brothers. The cult of Islam the traditions of the warlord Mohammed.who elevated the pagan moon god to the status given by that bloody cult. Mohammed whose Army united the seed of Ishmael. Islam is indeed a large and bloody cult. But look at a more modern
    version of the same evil Hitler. He united the German people using much the same methodology. He even used Muslims in his bid to dominate the World. Millions were held captive by the evil of that Reich. Much the same is true even today of Islam and they even honor Hitler by promising to “finish “ what he began.
    I believe the Jews have a saying about the seed of Ishmael —how there will continue to be strife and bloodshed between these related seed — (Cousins?) until Messiah comes. For whatever it’s worth —however poorly I reflected it.

  • Kim Davis' Lawyers: No Need to Change Marriage Licenses After Controversy

    10/15/2015 4:18:29 AM PDT · 10 of 47
    StonyBurk to praytell

    Seems to me that if one believes the Governor —one must also agree that Kim Davis has been the one party in all of this who did defend the Kentucky State Constitution and Laws— as well as the US Constitution —even managed to manifest profound honor to the one who dictated ,himself— the laws concerning legal marriage at the beginning. The Governor says all he did was inform the Clerks of what the supreme court had decided. And he never ordered the clerks do anything. He says ,in his defense that it is the Kentucky Legislature that makes the laws-— so the only reasonable and just resolution would be for the Courts to clear the good name of Kim Davis— awarding her such recompense due for her pain and suffering —her legal costs—her time wrongly put in jail— and expunge any record of wrongdoing on her part. The Governor has said the Kentucky Legislature makes the laws — and as that body has NOT yet changed the laws in Kentucky to accommodate the UNConstitutional opinion of the Majority (I agree with the dissent. )
    Everything done to Kim Davis has been done to her harm and to the Harm of the Legal system. Kim Davis is the ONLY one in this Daisey Cutter of Judicial malpractice who has defended Kentucky Law— the US Constitution— and the Laws dictated by God,Himself which were reflected in American (legal) Law from 1791— 2015 - or at least
    until Mass. led this current rebellion against LAW and
    REASON by that State changing the Law to allow same sex marriage. Why the supreme Court would turn from the Constitution they purport to defend and agree with the Rebels defies logic. I will defend the Constitution —and I will defend legal Marriage— and I will defend the fundamental Rights of Conscience. and I will defend Kim Davis.

  • Bergdahl Show Trial: Record Shows a Cover-Up in the Works

    10/14/2015 10:32:52 AM PDT · 24 of 24
    StonyBurk to M Kehoe

    Bowe should be HALO dropped back over the very ground where we retrieved him—and the enemy Foreign or Domestic he credits with s aving his life with him. Tangle chute lines, and let the Sandbox claim a twofur—then NUKE the next EID celebration—and any suspected location of ANY of those swapped for Bowe.

  • Kim Davis and the Rule of Law

    10/14/2015 10:25:57 AM PDT · 4 of 29
    StonyBurk to Johnny B.

    It seems Johnny B. is right— the Kentucky State Constitution defines legal marriage as between a man and a woman. The Governor ordered County clerks issue marriage licences to same sex couples with NO legislative changes.
    Under our US Constitution NO Court —NOT even the US supreme Court can “Make law” Under our US Constitution there is NO Federal grant of power to regulate or define “Marriage”. Kim Davis seems the only party intimate to the case who has obeyed the US Constitution and Kentucky State Constitution. I say those who insist the law changed with the majority opinion 06/26/2015 prefer IGNORANCE and TYRANNY to any rule of Law.And it seems to me if the Constitution says only the Legislature can “make Law” then the US supreme Court ought cease “making Law” for the Rule of Law is “the Legislature makes Law.’
    America was better off when our government understood that human Law ought NOT contradict the Laws made by God,Himself.As both Blackstone an Locke agree.And as these two represent two of the three most cited European writers during the Founding Era— and as the Holy Bible was cited more than any other authority —seems we need to put American Law back on track.

  • University students emotionally disturbed by statue of founding father

    10/14/2015 6:00:58 AM PDT · 46 of 64
    StonyBurk to King Moonracer

    Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God?That they are not to be violated but with His wrath?Indeed I tremble for my Country when I reflect that God is just:that his justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson Query XVIII Notes on the State of Virginia— don’t ever let these uneducated children gain control of Washington DC they will RAZE the City just to make it more comfortable —and less oppressive to the enemy.

  • U.S. Leadership Ushers in New Age of Christian Martyrdom

    10/12/2015 4:00:35 AM PDT · 17 of 21
    StonyBurk to markomalley

    Through my tears I can only whisper Thank you for posting this truth. I fear Islam is the punishment being used by God for His Holy purpose. I fear America may not / does not yet deserve to be protected from this bloody curse.For we have put our trust in man(Man made government that has rejected the foundation) and made flesh our strength (there ought to be a law— the supreme court has decided-etc.) and have turned from God. As our interference and policy of military engagement with ROE that we not change the culture— has helped create this horror over there— it seems we ought prepare for the same here-for we have turned from God.

  • Time to Knock the Supremes Down a Peg or Three

    10/11/2015 6:39:38 AM PDT · 25 of 44
    StonyBurk to Arthur McGowan

    And as the 14th Amendment did NOT alter the Constitutional power reserved to the States or to the individual *(amendment X ratified Dec.15,1791) that power to regulate and control Marriage within their borders—see Principles of Constitutional Law Thomas M.Cooley Little ,Brown and Company ,1880 pp.227-230 . I can only agree with the dissent —except in that the definition of Marriage seemed settled between 1791 and Justice James Wilson College of
    Philadelphia Lectures on Law— and the rebellion of our time led by Mass. 2003 where the lawless Court ordered the weak Legislature to change the law to allow same sex marriage.Under our Constitution the Federal government is granted NO power to interfere with “marriage” Either we hav a Constitution and laws made pursuant to it— or we have the Progressive and tyrannical oracle of the supreme Court.

  • The Second Amendment Is One Supreme Court Justice from Repeal

    10/07/2015 6:58:18 AM PDT · 47 of 119
    StonyBurk to CIB-173RDABN

    Precisely what the enemy does — Redefinition. One emotional (silly ‘woman) locally wrote she is ashamed of hunters and responsible gun owners —in an irrational rant against the NRA. And the Second Amendment. My understanding is the fundamental right to keep and bear arms predates the first congress under our constitution. and that right of an armed citizenry is the only thing keeping America from suffering Tyranny. Joseph Story was spot on target in writing of the Palladium of our liberties. But the revisionists and sheep prepared for the slaughter would take that away —or try by their rewriting of laws.

  • Obama to Christians: Sodomy is More Important than Religious Freedom

    10/03/2015 5:19:10 AM PDT · 8 of 32
    StonyBurk to mkjessup

    and Congress REFUSES to support the Constitution and do their duty under our Constitution.

  • The war on America turns 50

    10/01/2015 6:07:03 AM PDT · 17 of 23
    StonyBurk to Berlin_Freeper

    A reasonable editorial— I seem to recall it was Teddy Kennedy — the waitress sandwich Senator —was the guy who wrote the law placing the Churches 501C3 status under the IRS . politicizing the Sunday Sermon just like Hitler attempted in Germany.

  • Invasive High School Survey Asks Students How Many Guns Their Families Have, Why They Have Guns

    10/01/2015 6:01:32 AM PDT · 47 of 109
    StonyBurk to Flick Lives

    I had a similar “dialog” with the VAMC a few years back.
    They sent me to Mental Health’ because that is the Dept. that handles prescriptions for the Meds the VA says I need to take to appear more “like everybody else.” (I have seizures— and am diagnosed as bi-polar.) I spent nearly 8 yrs as an Army Medic trained to defend our Constitution and Country against ALL enemy foreign or domestic. The Second Amendment was deemed necessary to protect America from Tyranny. To protect our freedom from being subject to the kind of government known in Europe. “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” I asked the college girl /social worker if she understood the Second Amendment and was told “a lot of people think the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to people like you.”My response That’s not what the Second Amendment declares. END OF DISCUSSION. The enemy does not desire a discussion — they expect submission.”I will NEVER surrender of my own free will.

  • OMG, What is WRONG with this guy???

    09/24/2015 9:19:26 AM PDT · 65 of 92
    StonyBurk to Fiddlstix

    but is he any different than Justice Ginsburg?

  • OMG, What is WRONG with this guy???

    09/24/2015 9:18:22 AM PDT · 64 of 92
    StonyBurk to Kozy

    I want to see folks post the pics of Ruth Bader G. about to fall on her face —did she get her buzz on Protocol at its best—that old drunk ought be put to her bed.

  • Pope Francis' Speech To Congress Didn't Mention Abortion, Gay Marriage By Name

    09/24/2015 9:15:14 AM PDT · 42 of 152
    StonyBurk to xzins

    I am not a Catholic—and I do believe the Scripture says it best when it says “thou shalt not suffer a murderer to live. I understand that Catholic teaching is such that it appears fallen man /and governments made of men are so corrupted that government cannot act as agent of God. —hence policy contrary to Scripture... my question is why do so many act as if the Pope s anything but a man as guilt of error as any other?And will anyone post that image or Ruth Bader Ginsburg representing the supreme Court. Passed out while the Pope spoke.—and how about weeping John B. he looked like a man having a panic attack watching for garbagemen to cart him off.

  • The Mysterious Femme Fatale Sniper Squad

    09/24/2015 9:06:41 AM PDT · 8 of 11
    StonyBurk to Lx

    the one with the suit and ie— is that Jenner?

  • Full Speech: Pope Francis Gives Historic Speech To Congress (9-24-15)

    09/24/2015 9:04:32 AM PDT · 3 of 24
    StonyBurk to Arthur McGowan

    Did he even bother to mention mans duty to obey God trumps any obligation to make everybody feel the humanity?

  • Obamas Genocidal Treason - Obamas final legacy may be the death of millions of Americans.

    09/24/2015 5:21:11 AM PDT · 27 of 30
    StonyBurk to Oscar in Batangas

    the legacy of a man who so Hated America he built a political career out of destroying it-and of the political Party that was willing to Beguile a Nation to advance its progressive cause of divide and conquer.

  • Five Things Pope Francis Needs To Know Before He Addresses Congress

    09/24/2015 5:16:14 AM PDT · 18 of 32
    StonyBurk to Biggirl

    I seem to recall—that in his day— Adolf Hitler attempted to use a Pope to give legitimacy to his pagan Christianity. Obama suggests there is indeed nothing new under the sun.But then Muslims have always enjoyed their use of and worship of Hitler.

  • Biblical Scholarship Suggestion.

    09/23/2015 12:42:38 PM PDT · 3 of 11
    StonyBurk to Jacquerie

    The United States:A Christian Nation, by Justice David Brewer ,Little, Brown , and Company ,1905 the authors commentary on the 1892 unanimous US supreme court decision Church of the Holy Trinity vs the United States—See also the Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge ,1871 “The proposition that the United States of America are a Christian and Protestant Nation , is not so much the assertion of a principle as the statement of a fact.That fact i snot simply that the great majority of the people are Christians...but that the organic life, the institutions, laws ,and official action of the government, whether that action be legislative, judicial, or executive is ...in accordance with the principles of.... Christianity.... Lost episode of Dec.27,2011 Watchmen on the Wall-source citation ;Charles Hodge , systematic Theology, 3 vol.(Grand Rapids MI,Wm. B.Eerdmans publishing CO ,1975) 3:343-346 may be helpful.


    09/22/2015 8:01:49 AM PDT · 24 of 44
    StonyBurk to GeorgiaDawg32

    The ACLU has NEVER been a defender of our Constitution . It was founded by and for Communists. It is now governed by militant homosexuals and defends homosexuals over any other chosen lifestyle. Rabid anti-Christian and unAmerican activities-AntiChristian LIARS Union.


    09/22/2015 7:56:46 AM PDT · 2 of 24
    StonyBurk to panzerkamphwageneinz

    Anybody disagreeing would seem ignorant of our Constitution and equally ignorant of Islam— OR an enemy of our Country and our way of life.

  • Ted Cruz: It Would Be Unconstitutional To Keep Muslim From Running For Prez

    09/21/2015 8:26:27 AM PDT · 94 of 157
    StonyBurk to SeekAndFind

    I disagree— Even if I were to agree— I could NEVEr vote for any Muslim to be President. I could NOT vote for any known homosexual for the very same reason. Can’t trust EITHER>

  • Where are the Dead?

    09/19/2015 4:01:37 PM PDT · 36 of 47
    StonyBurk to Talisker

    Allowing Sin to continue in the Kingdom of God is not Divine Love.Sin must be cast out into outer darkness or there can be No justice— No peace.

  • Obama nominates 1st openly gay Army chief

    09/19/2015 3:57:44 PM PDT · 30 of 32
    StonyBurk to bob_denard

    Well let me see now the Holy Bible teaches that homosexual behavior is a Sin worthy of death. Obama says it’s an accomplishment worthy of political office.The Holy Bible teaches Cursed is the man who puts his trust in man, who makes flesh his arm ,and is turned from God.”(Jeremiah 17:5) yet Obama has in both policy and in law done his best to turn the nation from God. The Holy bible reflects that Jesus ,that Rabbi from Nazareth called Christ by His Own chosen —themselves called Christians first at Antioch — Jesus said “the Tree is Known by it’s fruit.” and elsewhere He said “If you love Me keep My Commandments.” How could anyone claim to be Christian whose policies and actions suggest he is a Muslim/ or a Communist—or anything except a Christian?

  • Huckabee Rips Obamas Choice for Army Sec.: Homosexuality Is Not a Job Qualification

    09/19/2015 3:41:14 PM PDT · 46 of 60
    StonyBurk to Vision Thing

    So dam happy I served when homosexual behavior was grounds for EXCLUSION both under the Law— and by policy. I could NOT serve under the enemy foreign or Domestic named Obama —and could not serve under some flaming darling of his/hers/or its. Just being inclusive y’all.

  • Dred Scott v. Sandford [Similarities to Obergefell vs. Hodges?]

    09/18/2015 5:31:05 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    StonyBurk to Amendment10

    Add Thomas M.Cooley General Principles of constitutional Law , Little Brown and CO ,1880 pp.227-230 on the “civil Right” of Marriage....In 1880 Cooley writes that the States which banned interracial marriage were not adversely affected by passage of the 14th Amendment—which in 1880 anyhow was not seen as affecting the States Right to regulate Marriage.And those States with the ban in place did not substantially harm the institution of marriage as a whole anyhow. (my fuzzy headed recollect o fwhat he published there)

  • Kim Davis taught us how bad liberals really are

    09/18/2015 5:19:46 AM PDT · 17 of 18
    StonyBurk to rlmorel

    And Whittaker Chambers turned from Communism — Wish I could say the same of Obama —but can’t.

  • Washington Post/ABC News poll question on Kim Davis, results by religion

    09/18/2015 5:08:29 AM PDT · 33 of 34
    StonyBurk to Faith Presses On

    Should those ignorant people who said Kim Davis should be forced to issue samesex marriage licences —should they be forced to study the US Constitution and bill of rights and report on how these have been offended by this rush to force the consciences of other men? should they be forced to study and report on Article III of the twice passed north West Ordinance and it’s origins in Christian Sermon May 10,1787? and should they be forced to explain why America seems so handily ready to become as Sodom and made like unto Gomorrah/ Why we have chosen to reject Religion, Morality and even Knowledge as those terms were understood when adopted.

  • Scripture for Christian FReepers

    09/12/2015 7:19:01 AM PDT · 13 of 37
    StonyBurk to Resettozero

    “whenever, then, the ruler encourages them that do evil, and is a terror to those that do well, i.e. as soon as he becomes a tyrant, he forfeits his authority to govern , and becomes the minister of Satan, and as such , ought to be opposed.” Samuel West — Election Sermon May 29,1776 —The Patriots Handbook —George Grant PhD pp119—152 -quote from p.135. or as it is written “Cursed is the man who puts his trust in man,who makes flesh his arm,and is turned from God.”Jeremiah 17:5— or as Peter and the other apostles answered and said “We ought to obey God rather than men....”Acts 5:29( see Acts 4: and : for context.. I agree we ought obey those in authority— but -we ought NOT ever let such obedience turn us from God.

  • Kim Davis: When Should Christians Engage in Civil Disobedience?

    09/11/2015 9:28:39 AM PDT · 22 of 29
    StonyBurk to SeekAndFind

    Kim Davis requested the State not require her name on marriage licences for homosexuals—she was denied a reasonable request. The State legislature requested a Grace period so they could rewrite Kentucky Laws to comply with the supreme Court opinion 06/26/2015.— Their request was denied. Kentucky State Constitution still publishes “No human authority in any case whatever can control or interfere with the Rights of conscience.” This Constitutional law is reflected in the 1993 Federal Law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. And the State of Kentucky -like more reasonable States has State law reflecting that RFRA. There is a Kentucky State Constitutional Law that defines legal Marriage. when the divided US supreme Court decided same sex marriage was to be legal in every State— they could NOT make Law.
    So when they nullified State laws that ban same sex marriage— that Court created a VOID. There is no valid law providing for same sex marriage.
    The Christian ought obey God rather than men. — See Acts 4: and 5: with Peter and the other Apostles. They were ordered not to speak-or teach -or do anything in the Name of Jesus. They could not comply.
    Kim Davis was ordered to issue marriage licences not authorized by the State constitution. recognizing a marriage not recognized in Scripture as legal. And a license that bears her name as authorizing that union.
    Seems to me she did the only thing any citizen whose name means anything at all to them could do. Seems she acted as every Christian ought do.

  • Kim Davis and the Roots of Protestant Resistance to Civil Authority

    09/09/2015 11:58:41 AM PDT · 38 of 56
    StonyBurk to xzins

    I will NOT Comply with any illegal order—Nor with any unconstitutional mandate— Neither will I compromise my Conscience. Or as the Code puts it — “I will NEVER surrender of my own free will.”