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  • Scandal Probe Ensnares Commander of U.S., NATO Troops in Afghanistan

    11/13/2012 1:25:34 AM PST · 86 of 243
    SUN68RAY to SUN68RAY

    “Paula pursued a military intelligence career abroad, serving in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. During her service, especially after 9-11, Paula’s intensity was directed toward the war against terror; her contributions and efforts to thwart terrorism have been commended by the U.S. Army and by Europe’s Special Operations Forces Commanding General. In this arena, she has planned counter-terrorism initiatives presented to NATO and worked on transnational counter-terrorism issues with foreign and domestic agencies, U.S. Special Forces, and the FBI.”

    Graduate studies at the University of Denver in Middle East studies enabled her to travel to “Jordan and Israel,” and make a swing through the Persian Gulf and Europe where she spoke at various conferences. This triumphal tour was capped by a Harvard fellowship “for study in Syria and Iran.”

    While Broadwell’s current academic affiliation is with Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, her previous post was deputy director of the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at Tufts University’s Fletcher School. The Center, according to its self-description, “distinguishes itself by a philosophy that maintains counter-terrorism should be predictive, preventive and preemptive, with the latter being a last resort.” Founded in 2005, the Jebsen Center was made possible by the generous donation of one Jan Henrik Jebsen, heir to the Norwegian shipping fortune, who gave $1.3 million to set it up. Jebsen, a former investment banker with Lazard Freres, is the principal of Gamma Applied Visions Group, an international octopus with tentacles all over the place: part arms dealer and weapons developer, part “green” energy company. As one might expect from someone who has so much of his multi-billion dollar fortune invested in making and selling armaments, Jebsen is on the board of directors of the distinctly warlike Hudson Institute, where Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, and practically every neocon you’ve ever heard of have found refuge.

    All this establishes a context that goes far beyond the titillating details of the alleged affair between Petraeus and Broadwell — and this is no doubt what set alarm bells ringing in the intelligence community when it was revealed. Is there really any need to point out the uses of the “honeypot” in intelligence-gathering and other covert activities regularly engaged in by spooks of all nations? From Mata Hari to the Mossad agent who lured Israeli nuclear scientist Mordecahi Vanunu, sex is a time-honored weapon in the war of spy-vs-spy. A secret affair with the CIA Director is the equivalent of the Honeypot Olympics, and we have to ask: was the remarkably fit Ms. Broadwell a lure? If so, she’s won a Gold Medal.

    Broadwell’s actions — sending emails that were bound to be traced back to her — appear to make little sense on the surface. But if the goal of luring a 60-year-old geezer into an affair with a much younger woman was to expose him, and get him fired, then surely her antics succeeded in accomplishing that goal.

    So who would have an interest in getting rid of Petraeus? Here’s where the Cantor connection comes in. The tip by an anonymous “FBI employee” that wound up in Cantor’s office two weeks ago came through Rep. David Reichert, Republican of Washington state, who has a friend who knows the whistleblower. Cantor then spoke to the whistleblower directly, who put him in touch with FBI Director Mueller.

    Cantor is a great friend of Israel, and Petraeus — not so much. The General was attacked, as you’ll recall, by partisans of the Lobby, including Abe Foxman, when he delivered testimony before Congress citing Israel as a strategic liability in the Middle East. As the executor of the new Obamaite policy of sidling up to Islamists, not only in Libya but also in Syria and Egypt, Petraeus was no doubt seen by the Israelis as an enemy to be neutralized.

    Broadwell’s affiliation with the Jebsen Center, and the Center’s connection to the neoconservative network, sets the scene: a young, attractive woman with impeccable national security credentials throws herself at Petraeus, and he takes the bait. Whether she’s been recruited by a foreign intelligence agency at this point or not is irrelevant: he’s already put himself in a vulnerable position, and there are any number of actors on the international stage more than willing to press their advantage.

    Will we ever know the full story? At this point, the story is so hot that it may burn the cover story — “it’s all about sex” — right off the wrapper. Because there’s more — a lot more — here than meets the eye. When Cantor pledged to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he and his fellow Republicans “will serve as a check on the administration” in regard to the President’s policy toward Israel, he was clearly aligning himself with a foreign leader against American interests as perceived by the White House. But would he really go this far — deliberately taking down a key figure, one beloved by Republicans, in order to keep his promise to Netanyahu?

    Stay tuned to this space, because this story is moving fast….

  • Scandal Probe Ensnares Commander of U.S., NATO Troops in Afghanistan

    11/13/2012 1:09:27 AM PST · 82 of 243
    SUN68RAY to SUN68RAY

    Jill Kelley, who said she has known David Petraeus and his wife Holly for five years, has visited them in Washington DC.

    She is also reported to have been invited to a breakfast at the White House.

    In recognition of her work with officials at CENTCOM, Jill Kelley was recently named as a honorary consulate general to South Korea.

    Military sources say that Jill Kelley was frequently seen in David Petraeus’ company at social events held at Central Command headquarters.

    Central Command oversees U.S. military operations across the Middle East – including in Iraq and Afghanistan. David Petraeus was promoted lead the command, based in Tampa, in October 2008 after successfully engineering and executing the surge strategy.

    While in Tampa, David Petraeus worked to reorganize Central Command from its original Cold War era footing to focusing more on counterinsurgency.

  • Scandal Probe Ensnares Commander of U.S., NATO Troops in Afghanistan

    11/13/2012 12:49:26 AM PST · 78 of 243
    SUN68RAY to Gene Eric

    In this video she is speaking about Benghazi. It starts about the 35 mark.

  • Scandal Probe Ensnares Commander of U.S., NATO Troops in Afghanistan

    11/13/2012 12:43:06 AM PST · 76 of 243
    SUN68RAY to little jeremiah

    In this video you can clearly see someone in plastic cuffs being put in a SUV. I do believe these were the prisoners she was speaking about.

  • Scandal Probe Ensnares Commander of U.S., NATO Troops in Afghanistan

    11/12/2012 11:41:27 PM PST · 55 of 243
    SUN68RAY to petitfour

    Here are a few of the emails:
    The much publicized emails that sparked the whole Petraeus scandal have been obtained by The LBT.

  • Scandal probe ensnares commander of U.S., NATO troops in Afghanistan ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST

    11/12/2012 11:32:45 PM PST · 47 of 113
    SUN68RAY to little jeremiah

    Here are a few of the emails:
    The much publicized emails that sparked the whole Petraeus scandal have been obtained by The LBT.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/09/2007 3:41:23 PM PST · 2,925 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to All Exclusive


    According to court papers first obtained by, L.A.-based attorney Sorrell Trope is suing Anna Nicole Smith’s estate for unpaid legal bills.

    In a creditor’s claim filed in L.A. Superior Court on Nov. 7, Trope’s firm is seeking precisely $162,855.67 for legal work done “in connection with family law matters” for Smith from October 2006 to March 2007.

    The total bill for Trope’s services was over $280,000, and $118,000 of that sum was paid, leaving the balance of over $162,000 still due to Trope, the papers say.

    A call to Sorrell Trope from was not immediately returned.

    Anna Nicole, a former Playboy Playmate, died in February.

    Better than having to go to TMZ...

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/07/2007 11:54:47 PM PST · 2,787 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to SUN68RAY

    I was asked to analyze the body language of Howard K. Stern during his interview with ET when he was flying to the Bahamas. It was most revealing To me it seemed that his tears were crocodile tears. To me it seemed like there was no facial emotion associated with those tears. He NEVER once looked at his interviewer Mark Steinetz when he was asked questions. He consistently looked down as though he had a paper with notes on them . He was completely disconnected. He looked as though he may be guilty about something—like perhaps doling out too many drugs to her and enabling her drug addict behavior and thereby contributing in a huge way, if not causing, her premature death.
    The one thing he said that literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up was when he said “I WANT HER TO BE WITH DANNY” He did not say as most people would, “I HOPE SHE IS WITH DANNY” Instead he said “I WANT HER TO BE WITH DANNY”
    This arises many questions. Did he WANT her to be with Danny and therefore perhaps kill her by giving her an overdose of drugs so that she could actually be with Danny? In his mind was he committing a compassionate act for Anna? Or was it a self serving evil act?Only Howard knows that for sure.
    Since he was so manipulative and controlling in every aspect of her life, including how much drugs she took,as referenced in various interviews on television by people who evidently saw him dole out drugs to her, Anna was now at his mercy. During her not too often lucid moments when she was not drugged out, she perhaps may have had the wherewithall to remember what she was witnessed to have said that day Danny died and couldn’t be revived. She was overheard saying to Howard “THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE OF YOU! IT IS YOUR FAULT!”
    Is this perhaps why Howard encouraged her drug use to keep her silent and submissive and to never again bring up what she was overheard as saying in the hospital room when she found Danny dead? Was his aim to silence her by providing her with just one too many pills so she would be silenced forever? Only Howard knows the answer to this question.

    Also where in the world was Howard when Anna was so ill? Why wasn’t a physician called? Why was a nurse there? Who is this nurse and why was she hired? Did Howard hire this nurse to diffuse any link to him regarding Anna’s death? After all the nurse was there— not Howard when Anna Nichole died.It seems ironic ince Howard was always seen hoovering around Anna and never leaving her side.
    Howard was completing his transaction for a yacht purchase when Anna Nichole died! Why would anyone leave a woman whom he supposedly loved who was running a life threatening high fever days earler?,
    Howard professes his love for Anna Nichole on the ET interview but as a body language and voice expert,and as a communication psychologist, I am not buying it !I don’ believe that he loved Anna Nichole. I do believe that he loved the excitement of her life—the whirlwind of the parties she attended to which he tagged along , the coming off as Mr. Bigshot—“Anna Nichole’s—manager/ lawyer”. He loved that role because it gave him power he didn’t have. I have seen this all too often in my private practice where managers often feel like they are the stars and try to dominate the real star’s life. While everyone wanted Nichole for photo shoots, tv shows, films,and commercials, they all had to go through her “manager/ attorney” which made him feel like he was the real star. After all, without him, Anna couldn’t do any of these things he thought. Finally I believe loved her millions she was about to get from her husband the late Howard Marshall’s estate.

    A man who really loves a woman does not leave her in the hands of a nurse when the person is so ill that they require a nurses assistance. He gets a doctor immediately! He takes her to a hospital. When a man loves a woman he doesn’t sedate her and enable her to continue self destructive behavior. When a man really loves a woman he doesn’t try to keep her away from others like Howard apparently did. In fact a best friend of Anna’s said that she couldn’t get near Anna since Howard came on the picture.
    Because Howard was in total control of Anna Nichole, he definitely had her ear but definitely did NOT have her back, so to speak.
    He just had his own back! Did he dole out a little too many drugs to Daniel as well? Why would an otherwise healthy boy be taking methadone? Were they his mother’s pills that Howard was dolling out to him? Was Howard trying to get rid of him now that Danilynn was born so that he could his stake claim to Anna’s upcoming multi-millions by registering as the “father” of the baby? Did he know full well that he wasn’t the father? Did he think that with Danny in the picture as well as a new baby, there would be even less time for him? Was this a motivation in perhaps doing away with Daniel? I am not accusing Howard but these questions concern me.
    Another thing that bothers me is that why did he and Anna Nichole go to the Bahamas in the first place? It certainly wasn’t to get away from the press! In fact they filmed the baby’s birth and sold it to the press immediately. They even sickly invited the press to film their bogus “wedding ceremony” where an incoherent Anna Nichole jumps off he boat into the water. She did not appear to be coherent and may have possibly been on drugs at the time as most people would not jump into the ocean fully clothed and act the way she did especially after just losing their child.
    Was it perhaps Howard’s plan all along to do away with Daniel? Who knows? Was it perhaps why he insisted that Anna Nichole come to the Bahams to have the baby? Did he perhaps believe that no one would investigate him in the Bahamas or that Bahamians were not as sophisticated and would never discover what he may have possibly done?

    Also when Anna was grieving when she talked about Danny, she was breaking down in sobs and was emotionally overcome with grief. Howard just sat there emotionless. To me, that appears to be another body language hint that makes me think that there is a lot more than meets the eye that is going on with Howard-especially emotionally.
    Another thing I find strange is the fact that Howard won’t submit himself to a paternity test. Why not? If anyone is sure that they are the father they would gladly oblige so that they could be done with all of the speculation and focus their energy on caring for their child. But not Howard.! Is that because he is clearly NOT the father? This little baby in no way resembles Howard? To me the baby looks more like Larry Birkhold. Whomever the father is-it seems to me that it is not Howard’s. He acts too evasive.
    Another point which I found very chilling after watching the ET interview was that when he was crying what I believe to be his alligator tears, one of the producers came up to him and hugged him. If someone was truly that distraught they would have responded and clung on to the person and responded to their tactile kindness no matter if they were male or female. Howard did not do that. He was pulling away as if to say—” look get away from me . I’m not really that upset.”

    The only thing that Howard may seem upset about is that his master plan to legally marry Anna Nichole fell through. He perhaps thought that he could keep her sedated and messed up just long enough for her to say “I DO” and then he would have TOTAL control not only of her but of her multi millions and TOTAL control of the baby!
    But it all backfired on him. She couldn’t hang on to life that long. She checked out earlier than he anticipated. Even the policemen and the firemen on the scene possibly knew that something was suspicious with Howard when he fell to his knees and wailed. They did not even comfort him. That is what policemen and firemen are trained to do—comfort people during times of extreme emotional distress. Instead they left him alone and just watched what they may have felt was his charade. They just waited until he finished with his seeming theatrics so that they could proceed and ask him questions. Evidently, they too must have read Howard’s body language that something was just not right as far as what happened to Anna Nichole and his possible involvement.

    Dr. Lillian Glass......February 22,2007

    I read this again last night. She was able to read early on about Howard..Very interesting

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/07/2007 11:40:39 PM PST · 2,786 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to nature

    HOUSTON — Anna Nicole Smith’s mother is suing a Houston television station, CBS Studios Inc., and Howard K. Stern, the late Playboy playmate’s lawyer and former companion.

    In her libel lawsuit, Virgie Arthur says Stern arranged an Entertainment Tonight interview in which Smith said her mother was complicit in sexual and physical abuse Smith suffered as a child.

    The program aired in Houston on Feb. 14 on KPRC Channel 2, an NBC affiliate. CBS Studios produces the program.

    Smith died a week before the program aired.

    The lawsuit claims that Stern isolated Smith from her family, and controlled who Smith could see and what public appearances she could make. After Arthur expressed concern over the safety of Smith and her daughter, Dannielynn, Stern cut off contact with Arthur and retaliated by arranging the Entertainment Tonight interview, the lawsuit says.

    In the interview, the lawsuit alleges, Smith is “shown speaking the words, “All the beatings and whippings. That’s my mother. That’s my mom.” Onscreen graphics of the words “hatred” and “allegations of abuse” were shown as Smith talked.

    Arthur, who lives in Montgomery County just north of Houston, also says Stern, KPRC and CBS subjected her to public hatred and contempt by injuring her reputation. Before the interview aired, the lawsuit claims, Arthur “enjoyed a reputation as a caring, honest and law-abiding retired peace officer.”

    In court documents, CBS Studios denied all the allegations in the lawsuit, saying Arthur had been the subject of other critical reports that had already affected her reputation.

    KPRC also filed court documents denying the allegations. It maintained that the station was improperly included in the lawsuit because it acted as a “mere conduit” that aired a program obtained from a satellite feed.

    Lin Wood, the attorney for Stern, called the lawsuit frivolous and an attempt by Arthur “to harass and intimidate” his client.

    “Anna Nicole Smith’s comments in the broadcast at issue were true and were her comments only,” said Wood. “Mr. Stern and the other defendants had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with those comments.”

    Arthur originally filed the lawsuit last month in Harris County district court, but it was transferred this week to Houston federal court.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/07/2007 3:59:01 PM PST · 2,760 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to Rte66

    Larry: I still dream of Anna

    Bringing Dannielynn home for the first time “was the happiest day of my life,” Larry Birkhead tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. But even the joy of raising his 14-month-old daughter won’t stop Larry from mourning the loss of her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, who died in February.

    “I miss everything about her. I dream of her almost every night. I can almost hear her voice during the day when I am making decisions for Dannielynn,” Larry says. “It’s extremely hard for me to deal with because I miss her so much.”

    Read Larry’s entire exclusive interview in the latest In Touch.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/07/2007 1:06:25 PM PST · 2,732 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to nature

    Virgie Arthur, the mother of former Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith, has filed a libel lawsuit against a Houston TV station, CBS Studios Inc. and the late model’s former companion, Howard K. Stern.

    The suit alleges that Stern arranged for Smith to appear in an Entertainment Tonight interview where the model stated that Arthur was complicit in Smith’s childhood physical and sexual abuse. The lawsuit says the program aired on KPRC Channel 2 in Houston on Feb. 14, a week after Smith died at the age of 39.

    CBS Studios produces the program, which is broadcast locally on KPRC, an NBC affiliate.

    The statements have threatened Arthur’s ability to obtain custody and visitation rights for her granddaughter, Dannielynn, the suit alleges.

    Arthur, who lives in Montgomery County, also accuses Stern, KPRC and CBS of exposing her to public humiliation by trampling her reputation as a “caring, honest and law-abiding retired peace officer.”

    The case, originally filed last month in Harris County district court, was transferred this week to Houston federal court.

    Lawyers for KPRC said in court documents that the station has been improperly included in the case because it merely aired a satellite feed, had no “involvement in the reporting, production or content of the program” and “had no knowledge of the alleged defamatory statements.”

    Lawyers for KPRC and CBS asked for the case to be heard in federal court. Stern consented to that request.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/07/2007 1:56:00 AM PST · 2,671 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to nature

    Bald Truth Exclusive: Virgie Arthur “Defamers?” Those She Sued Fire Back: Stern, CBS, KPRC-TV: All Ask, How Can ANYONE Defame Virgie, LOL?
    By Art Harris, (c), all rights reserved

    In another web exclusive, The Bald Truth has learned that Howard K. Stern, CBS Television and KPRC-TV in Houston have launched a triple legal broadside back at Virgie Arthur, and her Texas legal cowboys, denying all charges they conspired with her late daughter, Anna Nicole Smith, to defame, slander, trash or maim the reputation of a retired Texas deputy sheriff who thrust herself into the public eye.

    Indeed, the responses to her defamation suit, filed in Harris County, Texas and first obtained and posted here on, question how anyone could do any more damage to Virgie Arthur’s public image than the late Playboy centerfold’s mother has already done to herself. Beyond Arthur’s public antics, the petitions argue that Anna Nicole’s mother reinvented herself as a public figure, cite truth as a defense and maintain that, as for CBS-TV, which owns Entertainment Tonight, no one arm-twisted Anna Nicole Smith to tell ET of her horrid childhood under Mama’s bigtop.

    Read and enjoy the legal rumble, as Howard K. Stern asks for a dismissal based on jurisdictional holes–he’s no native Texan, so not subject to Lonestar justice (whew), he argues; KPRC-TV of Houston says, hey, we only broadcast the ET interview of Anna, we didn’t produce it, so go smoke some more tumbleweed, pals; and, well, CBS argues all the above and more… and all demand not only her questionable defamation case be sent packing, but seek attorneys fees and maybe more.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/06/2007 2:08:19 PM PST · 2,581 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to PeskyOne
    You know I don’t know anything about him at all.He seems to report everything one sided as in anything in favor of Howard Stern. I think he used to work for CNN and was fired but don’t quote me on that. And there is no doult the tapes were doctored and Lincoln is on Stern’s payroll.I know that Lincoln was Art’s source in court for the inquest so guess that says alot..
  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/06/2007 1:30:26 PM PST · 2,577 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to SUN68RAY

    Breaking News: (TUNE IN AT 10pm eastern TONIGHT to ON THE RECORD/FNC…We will have the latest …there is so much more to this! )

    As you know, Rita Cosby was a colleague of mine here at FNC (she worked in NYC and I worked in DC.) A couple years ago she changed networks becoming an anchor at MS/NBC. Now that I have done the disclosures about Rita and Fox, now the news…and let me add one other thing: if I were Rita Cosby, I would be very, very, very worried. Here is the news:

    Federal Judge Denny Chin has just issued an order in the Howard K. Stern v. Rita Cosby and Hachette Book Group (her publisher.) The order could be devastating to Rita. You will learn all about it tonight ON THE RECORD at 10pm, but in the mean time, check out just a small portion of what the Federal Judge has to say:

    “…but I am sufficiently concerned about what I have heard on the recordings [note - the reference is to the recordings we played on ON THE RECORD of Rita Cosby and which Stern’s lawyers obviously gave the Federal Judge] – Cosby seemingly attempting to tamper with witnesses…..”

    It is the reference to tampering with witnesses which is alarming. Yes, Howard K. Stern’s suit against Rita and her publisher is a civil one (just about money), but the criminal defense attorney in me has my antenna up. While this is not evidence in a criminal court (merely one judge’s statement,) and Rita has not been charged with any crime, I think Rita could be in BIG trouble. Rita’s lawyers say the Judge only has part of the story….and that could make a giant difference….but we await hearing Rita’s side.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/06/2007 1:08:42 PM PST · 2,576 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to All

    Bald Truth Exclusive: Stern Libel Suit Win! Federal Judge Grants Expedited Discovery; Says He’s Troubled By Rita Cosby Actions
    By Art Harris, (c) all rights reserved

    In a world wide web exclusive, The Bald Truth has learned a New York federal judge Tuesday granted Howard K. Stern’s request for expedited discovery in his $60 million libel suit against author Rita Cosby, who wrote he engaged in a gay tryst on tape with Larry Birklhead.

    In his motion, obtained first by and reported exclusively by ETonline, U.S. District Judge D. J. Chin says he ruled for Anna Nicole Smith’s executor after reviewing “substantial” and “troubling” evidence Cosby tried to “improperly influence witnesses,” when she flew to the Bahamas and offered to pay two nannies for an affidavit to support charges in her bestseller, Blonde Ambition, that Stern and Larry Birkhead had engaged in gay sex on a tape watched by the late Playboy centerfold. Both have denied they are gay and ever had sex.

    “Because Stern has presented substantial—indeed , troubling—evidence that Cosby has sought to improperly influence witnesses, the application is granted,” writes Judge Chin.

    In the dramatic 20-page motion, the judge says he’s reviewed transcripts of audiotapes secretly made of Cosby offering the nannies’ lawyer money for an affidavit, and interviews with representatives for the nannies who appeared on Larry King Live, Greta Van Sustern’s Fox talk show and other information.

    Ex-MSNBCer Rita Cosby has denied any wrongdoing, and stands by her book. In motions to the court, her attorney, Elizabeth McNamara says a different picture will emerge when all the facts are presented.

    In effect, Judge Chin’s motion orders that depositions be taken as fast as possible to preserve evidence and prevent any possible witness tampering by either party.

    “Stern’s application for expedited discovery is granted to the extent that expedited discovery is hereby allowed on the issue of whether Cosby attempted to interfere withy potential witnesses and the extent and nature of those alleged efforts,” writes Judge Chin.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/06/2007 12:07:08 PM PST · 2,574 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to Sacajaweau

    The inquest has begun for the mysterious death of Daniel Smith, son of the late model and actress Anna-Nicole Smith. Don Clark, former head of the Houston FBI explains what the Bahamian inquest process entails. FOX 26 News

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/06/2007 12:03:34 AM PST · 2,549 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to nature

    I just don’t get it. How can you meet a person one time then write a book like you knew that person your whole life and then get your body redone and try your best to look like that person. Guess she needs to hire Howard and company and then she will have the complete package.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/05/2007 11:53:02 PM PST · 2,547 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to PeskyOne

    Well I think your eyes are fine. Had to go look again at the pictures and I swear she really wants to be the next Anna.It started with her hair now her boobs her body guess next will be posing in Playboy. All she needs is a reality show and she will be good to go.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/05/2007 11:45:24 PM PST · 2,546 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to PeskyOne

    New US Ambassador Arrives
    United States Ambassador designate to The Bahamas Ned Siegel arrived in the capital yesterday afternoon, weeks after the U.S. Government confirmed him in that position.
    United States Ambassador designate to The Bahamas Ned Siegel arrived in the capital yesterday afternoon, weeks after the U.S. Government confirmed him in that position.

    Mr. Siegel arrived at the Million Air airport with his wife Stephanie to take up a position that had been left vacant earlier in the year by his predecessor former Ambassador John D. Rood.

    Mr. Siegel is the 12th U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas after having been confirmed on September 12th.

    The former Florida real estate businessman has already vowed a focus on the vices of drug and human trafficking and other areas of critical bilateral concern between The Bahamas and the U.S.

    In his prepared statement before the U.S. Senate, Ambassador-designate Siegel affirmed his intention to support Operation Bahamas Turks and Caicos to reduce drug and migrant trafficking through The Bahamas; look after the interests of the millions of American citizens who visit The Bahamas; prevent and respond to terrorism by working with the Government of The Bahamas to strengthen border security and promote prosperity in The Bahamas through expanded trade and investment.

    “The Bahamian public is broadly committed to the values that we as Americans hold dear – democratic governance, the rule of law, and respect for human rights,” Mr. Siegel said during his confirmation hearing.

    “These shared values provide a firm foundation to build a productive partnership, but it is up to the embassy to ensure that our message is heard and our actions are understood. If confirmed, my embassy team will step up efforts to explain, promote and defend U.S. policies and actions in order to build support for U.S. strategic goals in the region.”

    He also pledged a focus on promoting a greater public awareness of HIV/AIDS, encouraging a stronger Bahamian international role on human rights and democracy, and promote improved education.

    Mr. Siegel, who described the U.S. relations with The Bahamas as strong and vibrant, has also vowed to work to further improve United States efforts to work with The Bahamians to prevent and respond to terrorism.

    “The ties that bind our people and our governments are deeply rooted in family connections, business links, educational experiences, mutual travel and most importantly personal friendships,” Ambassador Siegel said when he arrived in Nassau.

    “I look forward to presenting my credentials to the Governor General. I look forward to working with the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, I look forward to representing my country, and I look forward to further our common interest between our two countries.”

    Cruise ships, vacation resorts, passenger jets, and commercial shipping vessels could all become potential terrorist targets if not secured and screened, he said.

    Mr. Siegel noted that the Freeport Container Port is one of the largest in the world and one of the closest foreign ports to the United States.

    In 2004 the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Bahamas to include Freeport in the U.S. Megaports Initiative to screen U.S.-bound cargo for radiological materials. In 2006 a Memorandum of Understanding for a Container Security Initiative (CSI) was concluded.

    Through CSI, over 90 percent of the cargo moving through Freeport — one of the 25 busiest transshipment ports to the United States — will be screened and suspicious containers will be segregated and searched.

    Prior to beginning his career in real estate, Mr. Seigel first began practicing law. He served as a law clerk to Chief Justice Mitchell H. Cohen in the Federal District Court in Camden New Jersey before moving on to join the New Jersey law firm of Kimmelman, Wolff & Samson.

    U.S. President George Bush honoured Mr. Siegel in 2003 with a Presidential Appointment to the Board of Directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. In 2006, President Bush appointed Mr. Siegel to serve as a Representative of the United States to the United Nations. The U.S. Ambassador designate is expected to soon present his letters of credence to the Governor General of The Bahamas His Excellence Arthur D. Hanna as is customary.

    Mr. Siegel and his wife Stephanie have three children.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    11/05/2007 11:29:41 PM PST · 2,544 of 5,772
    SUN68RAY to SUN68RAY

    Back To Reality: Your Next TV Season

    The Surreal Death: Exactly like Surreal Life, except has-been B-listers are armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art weaponry. Only one is allowed to leave. Contestants: Michael Richards, Larry Birkhead, Jimmy Fallon, Mel Gibson, and everyone involved with the sitcom Two-and-a-Half Men. Host: Rebecca Gayheart