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  • Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a RXT

    12/09/2005 12:27:18 PM PST · by SunnySide · 44 replies · 987+ views
    Motor Week | 12/09/05 | sunnyside
    Dear Santa, Would you please leave an International RXT pickup truck in my Christmas stocking? I know, it only gets twelve miles per gallon and it costs $90,000.00 but I'm worth it. LOL!
  • Funny and cute Ebay auction - Reject Hot Dog Bun needs good home

    12/01/2005 8:07:45 AM PST · by SunnySide · 8 replies · 486+ views
    ebay | 112/01/05 | sunnyside
    Ebay auction number 5641679436 is the funniest wittiest I've seen to date. Has an entire story line. The adventures of a handicapped lonesome hot dog bun.
  • A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

    10/21/2005 3:16:51 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 10 replies · 766+ views
    book review | 10/21/05 | sunnyside
    Book plot: Spoiled rich kid with tough-guy attitude
  • Hollywoods new Gods

    09/22/2005 10:05:33 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 14 replies · 529+ views
    newsmax | 9/22/05
    When Hollywood tries to control the masses with FALSE PROPHETS for profit and good Christians do nothing.
  • Do You Know What It Means to Lose New Orleans?By ANNE RICE

    09/05/2005 10:47:55 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 105 replies · 2,514+ views
    NYTimes ^ | Sept. 2005 | Anne Rice
    September 4, 2005 Do You Know What It Means to Lose New Orleans? By ANNE RICE La Jolla, Calif. WHAT do people really know about New Orleans?
  • Today Show Rescue news about remaining survivors who won't leave N.O.!

    09/04/2005 6:39:47 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 134 replies · 3,096+ views
    Today Show news | 9/4/05 | sunnyside
    Unbelievable, too many stranded residential REFUSE TO LEAVE their homes!
  • Coordinated relief effort from private citizens too

    09/01/2005 9:30:38 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 2 replies · 113+ views
    9/1/05 | sunnyside
    Coordinated efforts required, requested from private sector also. Could a coordinated effort of pilots who own planes and copters be used to make food, water and medicine drops to those areas whose roads are washed out which are unreachable by trucks and boats or not able to be reached by already stretched out national guard, red cross, etc. Your help is needed asap. FR mod, please post in appropriate topic section.
  • Funniest message on ebay community board

    08/20/2005 7:26:16 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 2 replies · 258+ views
    ebay community tech board | 8/20/05 | sunnyside
    ebayer posted, "For the life of me I can not figure out why eBay keeps having the same problems over and over and over and over again! What gives? Even my dog has stopped peeing in the house."
  • Fair Tax petition form letter

    08/19/2005 8:52:42 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 17 replies · 303+ views
    self | 8/19/05 | sunnyside
    Would a Fair Tax petition form letter for interested people to print out, sign and mail to their representatives be a good idea?
  • Contents made in USA China Taiwan and Korea

    08/05/2005 12:04:20 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 17 replies · 481+ views
    product packaging | 8/5/05 | sunnyside
    This is what is printed on the box of a product I received today. Contents made in USA China Taiwan and Korea. How's that for manufacturing "diversity"?
  • Stop flushing your tax money down the liberal toilet

    07/15/2005 12:00:37 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 3 replies · 119+ views
    Afford the cost of high-priced tax attorneys and C.P.A's. Odds are, you don't have $100,000 or more to invest in high priced experts.
  • The Big Time by Big and Rich

    05/20/2005 2:08:12 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 16 replies · 309+ views
    5/20/05 | sunnyside
    I predict they get big Time awards and accolades for their current music cd.
  • Is Radio caller Jose a radio employee/plant?

    02/08/2005 7:31:15 AM PST · by SunnySide · 154 replies · 2,054+ views
    Several Talk Radio shows | 2/8/05 | Sunnyside
    Does this guy Jose have a day/night job other than calling into Talk Radio shows throughout the day? I keep hearing him call into several talk radio shows all the time. I find it rather suspect the way mystery shoppers are plants for retail stores. Pretty transparent... Zzzzz... Geez, (lol) at least have him change his name.
  • Country symbols on flags

    01/28/2005 2:34:40 PM PST · by SunnySide · 38 replies · 901+ views
    1/28/05 | sunnyside
    The Red Dragon former Pomerania/Prussia symbol also on Welsh flag. Why would both countries have same red dragon as their symbol? I'm curious about this red dragon stuff. And why would a country choose the red dragon when in the bible Rev. 12:3, 4 After God and Christ, Revelation's great Red Dragon is, perhaps, the leading figure in the book. The Dragon is the arch enemy and adversary of Christ and the church; he tries to devour the Christ-child and persecutes the mother church. The Dragon is the animating power behind the Beast; the Beast is the Dragon's alter ego...
  • Porno Kings, 3 little pigs against God

    01/25/2005 2:10:34 PM PST · by SunnySide · 25 replies · 790+ views
    celebrity athiest list ^ | 1/25/05 | sunnyside
    I expected as much, the three notorious and largest Porno publishers in America who made millions by objectifying women have no God in their materialistic choked lives. The Three Amigos of Darkness Larry Flynt - Athiest Bob Guccioni - Agnostic Hugh Hefner - Ambigious
  • Woman Makes Groping Allegations Against Bill Cosby

    01/20/2005 8:02:14 PM PST · by SunnySide · 8 replies · 786+ views
    "Investigators in Canada said the alleged victim claimed she attended dinner with Cosby and others at a Philadelphia-area restaurant in mid-January of last year."
  • 2005s Apprentice Danny is skinny Michael Moore!

    01/20/2005 7:14:17 PM PST · by SunnySide · 19 replies · 551+ views
    The Apprentice | 1/19/05 | sunnyside
    Anyone else notice the similiarity between dorked out Apprentice Danny and Micheal Moore except the distinct weight difference?
  • Washington DC Radio Row web cam

    01/18/2005 1:33:21 PM PST · by SunnySide · 5 replies · 590+ views
    Radio Row web cam ^ | 1/18/05 | sunnyside
    Honestly, what's the point, why bother with a web cam when a massive blue blob is going to block the entire viewing area.
  • Washington DC Radio Row web cam

    01/18/2005 1:32:19 PM PST · by SunnySide · 8 replies · 438+ views
    Radio Row web cam ^ | 1/18/05 | sunnyside
    Honestly, what's the point, why bother with a web cam when a massive blue blob is going to block the entire viewing area.
  • Washington DC Radio Row web cam

    01/18/2005 1:31:46 PM PST · by SunnySide · 2 replies · 240+ views
    Radio Row web cam ^ | 1/18/05 | sunnyside
    Honestly, what's the point, why bother with a web cam when a massive blue blob is going to block the entire viewing are.
  • Washington DC Radio Row web cam

    01/18/2005 1:30:41 PM PST · by SunnySide · 8 replies · 360+ views
    Radio Row web cam ^ | 1/18/05 | sunnyside
    Honestly, what's the point, why bother with a web cam when a massive blue blob is going to block the entire viewing are.
  • 1/15/05 Law & Order - Talk Radio Host

    01/15/2005 7:13:39 PM PST · by SunnySide · 18 replies · 360+ views
    tv show | 1/15/05 | sunnyside
    I never watch this show(not into this type of show) but caught the opening scene tonight. It was Law & Orders apparent direct usage of real talk radio show hosts real life dramas. They created a talk radio host who is a mix between Howard Stern with his FCC problems and a pill popping Rush Limbaugh. Unreal. Two headed hedra. They even showed a scene where the radio host goes into his kitchen where he encounters his latin/hispanic maid asking if she has it(the pills) after he rummages through cabinet where a line of pill bottles set. Guess real news...
  • Mickey Rooney Rump exposed

    01/07/2005 11:06:16 AM PST · by SunnySide · 44 replies · 1,420+ views
    Mickey Rooney says, "viewers deserve to see it" I beg your pardon Mr. Rooney but what did I ever do to you that I "deserve" to see your naked wrinkly 84 year old sagging butt on a nationally televised commercial? ((( Yuck )))
  • Thanksgiving at Shoneys

    11/26/2004 9:33:40 AM PST · by SunnySide · 187 replies · 1,801+ views
    tv news | 11/26/04 | sunnyside
    Thanksgiving germ buffet odds takers
  • Robert Downey Jr. on Oprah today

    11/23/2004 2:09:59 PM PST · by SunnySide · 33 replies · 621+ views
    Oprah | 11/23/04 | sunnyside
    Downey Jr., more nauseating applause for the cult of celebrity. Downey Jr. like sports figures use revolving doors in and out of trouble while our youth view it as a "fun and exciting" life without fully realizing the the rest of Americans don't get the same priviledges or perks after doing prison time like Downey Jr.
  • LiberTARDian Neal Boortz Blow hard extraordinaire

    11/22/2004 8:55:13 AM PST · by SunnySide · 54 replies · 2,255+ views
    listened to his radio show | 11/23/04 | sunnyside
    Boortz is nothing but a carnival barker for Ca$H and lots of it.
  • Oprahs show about swingers... tragic lives

    11/19/2004 2:57:20 PM PST · by SunnySide · 12 replies · 640+ views
    Oprah show 11/19/04 | 1119/04 | sunnyside
    Swingers are nothing more than another form of addicts, sex addicts. Yes they are.
  • Donate plane ticket to U.S. Soldiers on Holiday leave

    11/16/2004 7:58:33 PM PST · by SunnySide · 43 replies · 1,016+ views
    11/15/04 | Sunnyside
    Many soldiers on leave for the holidays can not afford the airfare nor can their families. It would be nice for many of the wealthy citizens in this country to make a donation in the form of airline tickets to soldiers who are unable purchase a ticket or get a seat on military planes coming in for the Holidays this year. Please check your local organizations for information.
  • Woman presumed dead in S. Africa shark attack

    11/16/2004 11:18:27 AM PST · by SunnySide · 16 replies · 603+ views
    Woman presumed dead in S. Africa shark attack All that was left was a little red bathing cap, witness saysThe Associated Press Updated: 10:31 a.m. ET Nov. 16, 2004CAPE TOWN, South Africa - A great white shark estimated to be at least 18 feet long attacked and presumably killed an elderly South African woman Monday off a beach near Cape Town, officials said. Tyna Webb, 77, who lived in the area, was swimming Monday off Sunny Cove in Fish Hoek when the massive shark circled her and then attacked, witnesses and officials said. About 15 people witnessed the attack. “All...
  • Pittsburg Tyler Palko no tensecond delay?

    11/13/2004 3:28:26 PM PST · by SunnySide · 6 replies · 322+ views
    television college football game | 11/13/04 | sunnyside
    quarterback Tyler Palko after game interview said "F'n" in the heat of the moment. Announcer apologized. So, what happened to tv's ten second delay?
  • Another student victim of Liberal schooling

    11/12/2004 6:39:25 AM PST · by SunnySide · 225 replies · 3,159+ views
    television news | 11/12/04 | sunnyside
    Heard this on the t.v. news while on the net. So I don't have a link, source or tv station (Sorry Mr. Mod)
  • Waste-watching architect raises barns, awareness

    11/07/2004 5:36:44 AM PST · by SunnySide · 3 replies · 250+ views ^ | 11/07/04 | Joey Bunch
    Larkspur - Architect Doug Eichelberger sees the world's salvation in its trash. He started pursuing his personal crusade 12 years ago, one bale of pornography at a time.
  • Hong Kong digs up graves to find space

    11/07/2004 5:18:45 AM PST · by SunnySide · 2 replies · 128+ views
    Nov 5 2004 People have been digging up remains from graves to make room for their own departed loved ones in land-scarce Hong Kong
  • Plane passengers shocked by their x-ray scans

    11/07/2004 5:02:44 AM PST · by SunnySide · 17 replies · 962+ views
    The Sunday Times ^ | 11/07/04 | Dipesh Gadher
    The Sunday Times - Britain November 07, 2004 Plane passengers shocked by their x-ray scans Dipesh Gadher,Transport Correspondent
  • Savage Nation funny stuff tonight

    10/25/2004 6:16:19 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 17 replies · 583+ views
    Michael Savage talk radio show | 10/25/04 | Sunnyside
    He's really funny tonight
  • Poor Talk radio reception in my area

    10/25/2004 7:14:41 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 88 replies · 1,308+ views
    personal observation | 10/25/04 | sunnyside
    Why? What's with the terrible radio reception for the talk radio station when all the other FM stations come in really clear. It's extremely annoying. Am I the only person noticing this and why isn't it being corrected? Thanks
  • Clinton has set his sights on becoming U.N. secretary-general. (((GACK)))

    10/21/2004 6:12:35 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 41 replies · 831+ views
    UPI Chief International Correspondent | Oct. 20 | ROLAND FLAMINI
    By ROLAND FLAMINI, UPI Chief International Correspondent WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 (UPI) -- Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has set his sights on becoming U.N. secretary-general. A Clinton insider and a senior U.N. source have told United Press International the 56-year-old former president would like to be named leader of the world body when Kofi Annan's term ends early in 2006. "He definitely wants to do it," the Clinton insider said this week.
  • 2004 Team sKerry button collector series

    10/10/2004 6:53:22 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 7 replies · 408+ views
    Team sKerry - a line up terrorifying characters | 10/10/04 | sunnyside
    His royal Lurchness
  • Why mid east population is born of ignorance

    10/06/2004 2:11:58 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 11 replies · 438+ views
    Oprah show | 10/6/04 | sunnyside
    This is why the middle east is so backwards. A Kuwait woman is on Oprah now and says that the women are "required" to marry their own cousins in order to keep the family wealth within the family. Even if it produces generations of brain rejects. And these women aren't allowed to vote. So basically the middle east fosters IN BREEDING hence explains their innate degenerancy and ignorance born out of incest! Gross. Think about it, centuries of in breeding explains why these people are so backwards and are only capable of arguing with a fence post.
  • Ann Coulter interviewed by pleb Charley Gibson

    10/05/2004 6:14:27 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 22 replies · 1,597+ views
    Morning TV Talk Show | 10/5/04 | sunnyside
    I watched Charley Gibson on Good Morning America interview Ann Coulter(one sharp lady) today and as usual in typical double standard liberal fashion he accused Coulter of only tearing down Kerry and not mentioning much about Bush in her book. Gibson,"How will all of us ever have civil discourse if this continues?" I would like to know why Gibson and his ilk NEVER ask that type of question of all the liberals, celebrities and politicians who consistently attack Bush with insult and disrespect as a sitting President? I have never seen a talk show liberal ask loud mouth Bush bashers...
  • Kerry photo on Drudge site, what's the story here?

    09/27/2004 6:56:48 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 65 replies · 4,163+ views
    Drudge report | 9/26/04 | sunnyside
    What's the story here?
  • Little feces boy on prime time Dr.Phil

    09/23/2004 3:20:00 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 42 replies · 1,174+ views
    Dr. Phil Wednseday evening show 9/22/04 | 9/23/04 | sunnyside
    Did anyone watch Dr. Phils show last night? The family who has the problem 9 year old boy who among other disturbing behavior smears his own feces on the homes interior walls. Dr. Phil said the boy has 9 of the 14 characteristics of a serial killer. Jeffrey Dahmer had 7. All I could notice was how the father was so blazay(sp?) and in denial(cover for the real truth?) about it and continuously rolled his eyes at Dr. Phil. That kids acting out screams possible molestion going on in that household. And dare I say my intuitive vibes were going...
  • John Kerry on Sept 2oth Letterman show

    09/21/2004 4:33:34 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 38 replies · 2,248+ views
    The David Letterman Show | 9/21/04 | Sunnyside
    You know John Kerry is hurting when sitting next to David Letterman during his guest appearance last night David Letterman came across as BETTER Presidential material than Kerry. Letterman made Kerry look like Dopey one of the seven dwarfs.
  • Adopt a Hurricane pet, PLEASE!

    09/15/2004 11:57:47 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 15 replies · 399+ views
    Drudge / AP | 9/15/04 | sunnyside
    Over 2 hundred lost or abandoned Florida pets have been transfered to the Houston animal shelter due to the hurricanes in Florida and Louisianna. If you want to help out please adopt one of these orphaned pets. And most Floridians probably won't be able to take a lot of them back since they have no home or food for the pets for some months to come.
  • China Threatens Internet Porn Merchants with Life In Jail...

    09/06/2004 5:19:40 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 51 replies · 615+ views
    Drudge report | 9/6/04
    Exactly what the USA should do to its porn kings and pimps! Say no to the objectification and degradation of women and teenage girls.
  • Security alert question

    08/30/2004 6:23:53 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 14 replies · 606+ views
    8/30/04 | sunnyside
    I keep getting a security alert window popping up nonstop. It's a security alert program: msmsgs.exe - Path: C:\Program Files\Messenger\ I have tried removing it but nothing works. Any suggestions? Thank you
  • Biased for the twisted truth

    08/07/2004 6:44:02 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 6 replies · 475+ views | 2004 | Parson
    "Parsons said he did not feel CNN was liberal, but instead has a bias for the truth. He conceded that journalists are often perceived as liberal because they tend to challenge the establishment."

    07/27/2004 5:40:07 AM PDT · by SunnySide · 14 replies · 498+ views
    NBC news | 7/27/04 | sunnyside
    The ticker tape reader that runs on the bottom of the tv news screen read, "Clintons promise to make kerry President" Is anyone else sick and tired of the clintons assuming they're the emporers of America and its citizens. They think they the ones who will appoint whom they think is worthy of office?! I can't stand these two interloping carpetbaggers. They don't own America or its citizens.
  • Denzel Washington Re:Moore 9-11,"I'm an Ex-slave"

    07/23/2004 5:53:33 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 193 replies · 12,782+ views
    Katie Couric interview Friday night tv | 7/23/04 | sunnsydie
    Katie Couric asked Denzel Washington if he likes to keep his politics private, He said he's not one of those people. He does speak his mind. Couric asked Denzel, Did you see Moores movie 9-11? Denzel, "I didn't see it, I live in America, I grew up here, I'm an ex-slave" Whaaaaa?! Really?! Denzel, do you even know what a slave is? Have you ever worked on a plantation, prepared meals for an entire household? Driven Miss Daisy? Ugh another dillentante entertainer posturing as a martyr to the masses who puts his silver foot in his obnoxioulsy opinionated mouth. He...
  • Murderer David Zink deserves the electric chair

    07/20/2004 4:22:58 PM PDT · by SunnySide · 41 replies · 533+ views
    kolr 10 news ^ | 7/20/04 | sunnyside
    I viewed David Zinks police video taped murder confession of teenager Amanda Morton. This beast sat there smiling the whole time as he described murdering this poor innocent girl. He is without a doubt one fine example why monsters like him should be put to sleep permently as in dirt nap like a dog with rabies is put down. Zink admitted on tape that his twisted logic convinced him that if he's going back to the slammer he better do more damage than just kidnap and rape a teenage girl so that's why he snapped her neck as her last...