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  • Remember Elian Gonzalez! Ship the kids out!

    07/04/2014 5:22:12 AM PDT · 41 of 49
    Susquehanna Patriot to loungitude

    For leftists and the country of Mexico, the border is a reality and relevant only to Mexico’s identity, but not to the United States.

    One way to change the debate back to national sovereignty is to suggest that the US, to alleviate the humanitarian crisis created by corrupt Central American governments, is now making plans to annex the entire Baja of Mexico as its new territory to place and process all illegal aliens who still will be sent back to their country of origin. The US will also consider annexing certain oil tracts of Mexico to help pay for our efforts. The Dems will also be reminded that their party played an important role in prior expansion of US territory.

  • Obama: 'They're Phony Scandals'

    06/27/2014 4:10:35 PM PDT · 37 of 50
    Susquehanna Patriot to tje

    “Is that all he’s got? “

    The fact that this phony has to make comment in order to try to deflect his scandals shows that, at a minimum this is an irritant, but I think it is well under his skin as his enablers cannot deflect the truth.

    If he had a nano-gram of integrity, he would encourage independent investigation, special prosecutor so that Americans would have not lose the trust and faith in their federal government, the belief in equal treatment under the law.

  • Obama: 'They're Phony Scandals'

    06/27/2014 4:03:16 PM PDT · 31 of 50
    Susquehanna Patriot to TigersEye

    “You’re a phony president, a phony person with a phony birth certificate and a phony political philosophy.”

    You hit the head on the nail, and the nail on the head. When it comes to phoniness - he is among the best.

  • Court Lets Obama Admin Force EWTN to Obey HHS Mandate

    06/18/2014 6:41:09 PM PDT · 29 of 39
    Susquehanna Patriot to Alberta's Child

    “It’s a large business enterprise....”

    What is EWTN’s business objective? What is its “product”? Do you think it has a secular or a religious purpose / product? Does it matter how large the organization is in order to determine whether an association of people can constitute a religion or not?

    If it weren’t broadcast on the airwaves, but instead kept all its activities restricted to its campus buildings, would EWTN be considered a religious organization or just a business?

    Do you know whether the US Supreme Court ever defined what constitutes “religion” under the 1st Amendment? Point me to the law that supports your position.

  • King Obama Vows to Go Around Congress on Student Loans

    06/07/2014 5:23:36 PM PDT · 47 of 52
    Susquehanna Patriot to molson209

    “The students(taxpayers) will be the ones holding the bag with all that debt ,they will not get off free”

    The problem is that to pay their obligations they are going to be helped by other taxpayers, including those who did not attend university - thus minimizing their personal burden. So many of these student loaners-with-worthless-degrees get to keep their degree and have their burden put on the backs of others. They should be forced to forfeit their degrees in lieu of having the fed govt write them off. It make it a crime to claim one earned a degree that has been forfeited.

  • Colleges Rattled as Obama Seeks Rating System

    05/26/2014 3:00:48 PM PDT · 38 of 42
    Susquehanna Patriot to pieceofthepuzzle

    “’s sadly ironic that so many university faculty are big fans of intrusive government oversight, for others...”

    Since universities are generally in line with the federal government already, it begs the question - what is the real reason the (B)administration is putting this out there? I have my hunches.

    But I can’t stop laughing - Barry O won’t disclose his college transcripts but wants colleges to be accountable through a ratings system.

  • Colleges Rattled as Obama Seeks Rating System

    05/26/2014 2:46:16 PM PDT · 37 of 42
    Susquehanna Patriot to Lazamataz

    They can’t refuse . . . many of them could not survive without the federal government transferring taxpayers’ hard earned money to their ivory towers.

  • Howard Dean Declares Republicans 'Are Not American'

    05/21/2014 4:45:30 PM PDT · 28 of 41
    Susquehanna Patriot to rarestia; A message

    You two have it right. It is time the ass-clowns are taken head on.

    In 1993, the DEMS passed the Motor Voter law, signed by Bill Clinton. Basically, if one went to a state’s DMV to get or renew a driver’s license, one could register to vote. But in order to get or renew a driver’s license, one must produce certain forms of ID to prove you were the person getting the license. So, based on the DEMs logic, Motor Voter must be a voter suppression law because one must produce personal ID in a process if one wants to register to vote while getting a driver’s license. This has been going on now for almost 20 years.

    The DEMS are not interested in logic, honesty, facts, or genuine differences of opinion. Their goal is to get / seize /maintain power by any means and destroy all laws and people who get in the way. Howard Dean should be one of the first recorded cases of donating a vital organ(called a brain for most people) and still be able to live w/o it.

  • NY Times Says Even Hillary's Fans Are 'Flailing' In Attempt to Tout Her Achievements at State

    05/18/2014 5:59:54 AM PDT · 44 of 57
    Susquehanna Patriot to Chewbarkah; chris37

    ” their media strategy in motion: simply ASSERT that Hillary was the greatest SOS ever...”

    You are close. They won’t claim the greatest SOS ever, as she has no positive or significant accomplishments there. The way they will spin it is she will be one of the most experienced candidates ever - First lady for 8 years as co-President helping our beloved Bill to usher in one of the longest eras of peace and prosperity ever, elected as US Senator in her own right, Sec’y of State, blah blah blah...

    chris37 nailed the reality - Her greatest achievement is “that she married a dude who diddled a fat chic in the oval office...she would be nowhere and no one would give a flying crap about her.” Her stand-by-your-man-fake-act and all the other lies (like she only learned the truth one morning shortly before Bill came clean to the American people) allowed the press to create for her a person deserving sympathy. Until then, she was not generally liked by the average person. She is definitely politically beatable on so many fronts.

  • Roger Mason Jr.: LeBron James Will Boycott Next Year If Sterlings Stays in Power

    05/14/2014 2:36:31 AM PDT · 9 of 28
    Susquehanna Patriot to Rummyfan

    LeBron to be in breach of contract? This could get interesting on the liberal plantation.

    I lost interest in basketball (college and NBA) after they replaced sport with entertainment / soap opera - and especially when it permitted traveling, palming the ball, managing the game to tenths of a second, etc etc. Some of that used to be reserved for the Harlem Globe Trotters.

  • Can Obamacare Be Fixed?

    05/10/2014 6:58:07 AM PDT · 29 of 37
    Susquehanna Patriot to Popman

    “I would add:
    5.To cover pre-existing conditions, each state build a pool funded by all medical plans, a very small percent should cover people who would normally drive up the cost of premiums...”

    Then the question is when does one become eligible for that coverage? Many people sit out of the health insurance market for years, spending their money on other things, probably less essential. When a serious health issue arises, only then do these want to get in the market at low rates to cover their “new” pre-existing condition and let all those who wisely paid in over time cover the costs for them. There has to be an added cost put on those who come into the game later.

    The best health always beats the best health insurance, the system should encourage personal responsibility so that there is an incentive to get in even when you don’t need it. Given that our government has a tendency to encourage and reward certain types of personal irresponsibility, we have a tough road ahead.

  • Can Obamacare Be Fixed?

    05/10/2014 6:37:53 AM PDT · 27 of 37
    Susquehanna Patriot to lonestar

    Did you fire your mechanic? Or were you just tired of fixing that Olds?

  • White House sets out looming climate risks for U.S., calls for 'urgent action'

    05/06/2014 11:50:57 AM PDT · 28 of 39
    Susquehanna Patriot to Pearls Before Swine

    “Urgent action” —> “investments” —> TAXES

    Dead on.

    Obama’s honesty, and the fantastic job they did on legislating /implementing health care, we should make sure everyone knows how successful these hoaxers will be with leading the great masses on how to solve globull warming.

    (pssst - They are trying change the subject /seize the agenda as their handlers in the media wing can no longer contain the extraordinary dishonesty, incompetence, corruption and failures of these clowns.)


    05/01/2014 4:57:03 AM PDT · 4 of 28
    Susquehanna Patriot to Biggirl

    Will this extend to . . . The Chicago Blackhawks . . . college teams (Florida Seminoles) . . . .

  • Carson for president backers report $4 million raised, campaign apparatus into place

    04/13/2014 4:01:36 AM PDT · 22 of 54
    Susquehanna Patriot to 9YearLurker

    “ desperate to prove that they aren’t racist that they’ll back any black who suggests he’s a Republican”

    Having ten years past experience in party politics, I have seen this first hand. I have also seen a few [pick your aggrieved class] use this to make a go in politics. In fact, there are narcissists, opportunists, and schemers from every demographic that gets into politics because of the power, the ego, and other reasons. It does not matter the party. A good primary system helps weed out some of these people from getting office.

    High moral character is an essential ingredient when trusted with governmental power. I have met and worked with some of these people too. Some got elected, some did not because they were not in the right place at the right time.

    I don’t know much about Ben Carson, but he appears to project good moral character. If he wants to try a political career, he already has name recognition - he could run for high office in his state first rather than Congress.

  • Carson for president backers report $4 million raised, campaign apparatus into place

    04/13/2014 3:46:14 AM PDT · 21 of 54
    Susquehanna Patriot to kingattax

    “...gain some political experience...thin political resume...”

    It is one thing to run for an executive office, quite another to know how to govern. Leaving all other flaws aside, Obama is exhibit number one.

    Agree how many people will support a candidate with a thin political resume and not research the candidate. People fail to research those with thick political resumes too. Besides, a thick resume will always allow informed voters to find something not to like in a candidate.

  • It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go to College: It just matters that you go.

    04/12/2014 4:43:00 AM PDT · 40 of 67
    Susquehanna Patriot to Monmouth78

    “Only Harvard, Yale and Princeton are at the top echelon. Not having a degree from one of those three schools places one at a massive handicap for elite career tracks.”

    For proof, look at the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go to College: It just matters that you go.

    04/12/2014 4:37:55 AM PDT · 39 of 67
    Susquehanna Patriot to ALPAPilot; JimSEA

    Most engineers seem to have had this natural tendency to like to take things apart to see what makes them work, or creatively build or fix things using a combination of materials no one ever thought of using.

    Several years ago the Wall Street Journal had an article relating among other things - how challenging engineering is as a discipline (one must have the mindset, mathematical competency, etc) as manufacturing has moved overseas so moved many entry-level engineering jobs, and many young people who had the aptitude to become an engineer, avoided it because they did not want to endure the difficult course of study. Today’s resurgence of manufacturing in middle America should bring more entry level jobs.

    As far as liberal arts - they need to be important to science, math, engineering majors. Just like some challenging science and math should be an important part of a liberal arts education. The issue is what is termed Liberal Arts today seems less education and more leftist indoctrination.

  • It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go to College: It just matters that you go.

    04/12/2014 4:14:56 AM PDT · 38 of 67
    Susquehanna Patriot to SeekAndFind Dr graduated from SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine...the other Columbia University School of Medicine...approximately same earned income....

    Do you happen to know which undergrad schools they attended?

  • Obama decries ‘bogus’ voter fraud complaints

    04/11/2014 5:28:34 PM PDT · 30 of 41
    Susquehanna Patriot to clintonh8r

    “So let’s be clear, the real voter fraud is the people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud.”

    Actually I might agree for once with Obozo but not in the way he was thinking when he was spewing his bs. By making bogus arguments that voter fraud does not exist, Obozo and his political hacks and puppets are enabling illegal voting and denying the Constitutional rights of those who vote legally.

  • College Isn't For Everyone

    04/06/2014 8:52:56 AM PDT · 59 of 86
    Susquehanna Patriot to Junk Silver

    My first instinct is not to see dischargeable in bankruptcy as bringing down costs, significantly, if at all. As the burden of the loan is the student’s, the bankruptcy burden remains with the student as well.

    I recently heard a proposal that if bankruptcy would be dischargeable, then it should include the college for being responsible for some of the repayment. I don’t see this as a way to reduce cost either as the college will have to build in the cost to cover their risk.

    One fundamental problem is getting money for college is too easy - especially if one wants to humiliate himself in the FASFA process. Anyone who wants to go to college can get all the money needed without impediment, including no real barrier on borrower creditworthiness. The government protects itself by making bankruptcy as non-dischargeable, and dragging parents in as cosigners of guaranteed loans. The problem is further exacerbated by those colleges who accept academically unprepared students as a way to bring more $ into their coffers. Then require unprepared students take remedial courses, which can lengthen time (cost) at the university - a testament to the failure of elementary and secondary education. Who is worse off -students who leave college with no degrees and student loan debt; or graduates with useless degrees and even larger debt? The former at least cut their losses.

    Colleges aren’t taking any responsibility - they are enablers - hurting the very people they supposedly are trying to “educate”. There seems to be some people catching on and questioning whether they will impoverish themselves or their families by going into debt. Eventually this boil should burst.

  • College Isn't For Everyone

    04/06/2014 7:54:18 AM PDT · 54 of 86
    Susquehanna Patriot to Kackikat

    “Community College is affordable, and not as infiltrated by Marxist professors.”

    That has been my experience too; I have seen some very dedicated, teaching focused faculty at the community college level who aren’t pushing Marxism, etc. Affordable too - even for middle class families - without having to humiliate themselves in the FASFA process, get loans or go into debt.

    But one must consider what the community colleges offer as well. At least one other commenter above noted that they are changing as well - to paraphrase - moving away from the “trades” and becoming 4-yr college prep school.

  • College Isn't For Everyone

    04/06/2014 7:43:19 AM PDT · 53 of 86
    Susquehanna Patriot to SkyPilot

    Were you attempting to become a chemical or mechanical engineer then?

    You must have taken at least one course in Physical Chemistry (”P-Chem”) too? Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Quantum Chemistry, etc etc. Not sure there ever was a big demand for P-Chemists in the private sector. One of my favorite bumper stickers of all time was “Honk if you passed P-Chem!”

  • College Isn't For Everyone

    04/06/2014 7:35:21 AM PDT · 50 of 86
    Susquehanna Patriot to Junk Silver

    “College has become so expensive because of all the money Obama and the Left have been throwing at it.”

    While a lot of this started before Obama came into the picture, in 2010 the he signed a law removing commercial banks as lenders and substituted federal government as the originator of federally guaranteed student loans. Interestingly, at the time of the law passage, total outstanding college loan debt exceeded consumer credit card debt.

    Most colleges would not be able to maintain the high tuition rates of tuition and room/board pricing without all the financial aid given to students - Pell grants, student loans, etc etc. You are right, by making money so easy to come by to fund higher education, it has helped drive up the cost of education.

    The current higher education model has started to be impacted negatively. I wonder aloud how universities, with their collective intelligence, don’t openly show (if there is any recognition of the problem) any concern on how the level of federal funding threatens their future viability and sustainability, their independence and academic freedom. Then again, being run mostly by leftists, I am not surprised.

  • Get ready for the destruction of college football by organized labor

    04/04/2014 7:42:31 PM PDT · 59 of 61
    Susquehanna Patriot to Vigilanteman

    “...I see no reason why colleges need to provide farm team services to the NFL. I enjoy college football myself but think it is a travesty that a lot of guys who aren’t college material get sucked into playing football [but are unprepared academically to earn a real college education].”

    I am late to this party, but wanted to throw my two cents worth. I agree with you that while on occasion I like to watch college football in the fall, on a quiet Saturday evening, the reality is college football = NFL minor leagues. What I like about college ball that its unpredictability factor is greater than the NFL. Young inexperienced players make it interesting when they entertain or enrage those in the stands, making crucial “mistakes we would never make if we were on the field.” (sure...right). Or to watch the “blind” or “paid off” ref make another bad call.

    Have wondered for years why unionization of college athletes has not happened. The majority of US universities = liberal / left institutions. The left has a strong historical relationship with unions. Unions dislike management. The left hates big business. According to many on the left/ in unions, big business exploits people, especially its workers.

    Many college sports programs are big business. Really, many universities and state university systems are big business - some even have locations in other countries. (University of California may still own some prime real estate in Washington DC several blocks from the WH, and not too far from one of the teachers unions prime location.)

    Now liberals in their infinite hypocrisy have a real dilemma. Using their words, and painting with broad brush strokes, do leftist support big business university overlords who exploit an academically unqualified class of people, or do they support the unionization of an academically unqualified class to protect them from the university management.

    For those of us who may sit in the stands hoping to watch college football on a nice fall day, unionization of athletes should change the degree to which we enjoy the game forever . . . just like it did to the NFL (remember what happened after the NFL strike in the mid-80s?). Some of us also will sit in the stands of the political arena and watch the left start to devour itself - leftist union vs leftist university. It will change the way college graduates view their alma mater forever - unfortunately. Life will go on. Whatever the left gets a hold of, they tend to destroy.

    PS - Some educated people graduate from college, end up in the NFL then go on with their lives. I think Carl Eller of the Vikings is a lawyer or judge; Mike Singletary (Bears) may have an MBA or the like and was successful off the field. Since I don’t watch much of the NFL, I can’t tell you how many more there are in recent years.

  • Nearly Half Of Us Couldn't Live A Month On Our Savings

    04/02/2014 4:15:12 AM PDT · 40 of 47
    Susquehanna Patriot to SamAdams76

    “In fact, many of them might be wealthy if they invested those savings wisely. “

    Another thing that needs to be learned - financial literacy. Should be a required course in college; potential upside would be more fiscal conservative voters.

    Of course 50% depends on where one ends up in the taxpaying population. Even if it were 20%, that would be too large an amount. Time is one’s most valuable asset - everyone alive is given the same amount every day. To me it is more impactful to estimate how many days / months of the year one works just to pay taxes. Then when I think about where that money goes to pay for waste, fraud, graft, propping up the political class, and laziness. . . the term involuntary servitude comes to mind.

  • Nearly Half Of Us Couldn't Live A Month On Our Savings

    04/02/2014 4:02:33 AM PDT · 38 of 47
    Susquehanna Patriot to Dexter Morgan

    “Had I decided to not spend 4 years in college, I would have been making at least 19% more.”

    Are you behind because you did not work for the 4 years you were in college? Are you burdened by college loans thus significantly impacting your take home pay?

    I have heard of earning degrees with no impact on advancing one’s income potential. But I have not heard of earning a degree that resulted in making less money than not having a degree - unless you are talking about the money that was not earned while one was in college. Maybe there is something new for me to learn today?

  • The Big Topic on Campus: Racial ‘Microaggressions’

    03/21/2014 6:28:52 PM PDT · 28 of 41
    Susquehanna Patriot to sitetest

    “...they’d come to like me and think well of me, and that, “You’re okay for a white guy.”

    I am curious about whether you responded, and if so, how and how it was received? If they were still your employee, it is understandable if such a comment was left hanging out there.

  • Pew poll: 61% of Republicans under age 30 support legalizing gay marriage

    03/11/2014 6:35:13 PM PDT · 81 of 109
    Susquehanna Patriot to murron

    “All my kids and kids in law, who are all under the age of 40, have no problem with homosexual marriage.”

    Same with my kids. A few years ago when we discussed this, I told them not only were they fortunate to grow up in a country before homo-marriage, but that they and their kids will reap the rotten fruits of their beliefs. A year or so after, at least one of them thought it was outrageous when it was being reported that Bert & Ernie (Sesame Street) should come out as a homos. “Rotten fruit” was all I could say.

  • Pew poll: 61% of Republicans under age 30 support legalizing gay marriage

    03/11/2014 6:27:47 PM PDT · 80 of 109
    Susquehanna Patriot to fabian

    “... If I ever have kids, I would rather die then send them to the public schools of today...colleges too!”

    If you haven’t had kids yet, . . . by the time they get to college a good segment of the baby boomers will be retired, suffering from old age or dead. That is why I maintain hope. Many baby boomers rejected their parents conservative values, they will be dealt the same fate. PS - Make sure your kids study something that will allow them to learn to think, make money and enjoy their vocation.

  • Pelosi Statement on the GOP’s 50th Vote to Repeal or Undermine the Affordable Care Act

    03/03/2014 3:39:12 PM PST · 7 of 14
    Susquehanna Patriot to Libloather

    Just hung up with a young guy from the Republican to Elect A Majority. Asked him when that was going to happen, and he said that is why he was calling me. I told him Repub have a majority in the House, it is time they use it. I think by my repeating it two more times he just wanted to get off the phone. Next time I will try to keep him on longer.

    My take is trying to “fix” Olosercare 50 times is almost 49 times too many. As much as I like to PO Pelosi... pushing fixer upper bills as a response to pajama boy press people that it isn’t enough to criticize, but to offer real options . . . . forget it, as it will never get through the Senate.

    It is well past time to teach Americans what they did not learn in high school US History class. Power of the purse ...there is no money to borrow on the backs of future Americans to fund a losing proposition, and a loss of freedom. Democraps like to say all their spending is “investing”. OK GOPe, use their language and teach the American people that we do not invest in losing propositions.

  • The Top Ten Books People Lie About Reading

    02/03/2014 4:32:28 PM PST · 174 of 397
    Susquehanna Patriot to Terry L Smith

    “and paid attention to the speeches given by a certain Premier Kruschchev, when he endangered me and my fellow Americans.”

    Did you read “JFK & The Unspeakable” yet? If yes, I’d like your opinion on what the author says about JFK and Nikita. If not, and you read the book someday, since you lived through it, I’d still be interested in your opinion.

  • The Top Ten Books People Lie About Reading

    02/03/2014 4:23:52 PM PST · 163 of 397
    Susquehanna Patriot to FatherofFive

    Ulysses is the only one I didn’t read. Just can’t get past the first 50 pages.

    Decades ago, took freshman English short story course which included Joyce’s “The Dubliners”. After that, I kept my personal promise never to read Joyce again.

  • Young Liberal: As Much As I Support Obamacare, I Just Can't Afford It

    01/18/2014 8:48:12 AM PST · 50 of 57
    Susquehanna Patriot to Jim Noble

    “The entire conceptual foundation of Marxism is false. It’s a shame nobody studies it anymore.”

    Why do you think that is? Fall of the Soviet Union contribute to the decline in the need to study this?

    I get your point on the freeloader rebelling against capitalism. Hardcore Marxists would not say that in public b/c to use such words would be enough for there remaining average US citizens to turn them out. Language is used covertly to advance their agenda, even if leftists have to contradict themselves. In a society of high volume info delivery and overload, people’s inability to absorb, learn, reflect and decide, people are divided and there is no recognition of leftist deception at work to further their power.

  • Young Liberal: As Much As I Support Obamacare, I Just Can't Afford It

    01/18/2014 6:44:27 AM PST · 31 of 57
    Susquehanna Patriot to Alberta's Child

    “The purpose of ObamaCare is to compel people like him to pay inflated “insurance premiums” to subsidize the health care of other people. “

    Especially all these aging, leftist baby boomers who believe this country owes it to them based on the lie of a “social contract” between government and citizen... no matter the cost to this country, even if it destroys this great country and its founding principles and institutions.

  • Young Liberal: As Much As I Support Obamacare, I Just Can't Afford It

    01/18/2014 6:41:45 AM PST · 29 of 57
    Susquehanna Patriot to Prince of Space

    “What happened to the love and compassion for the less fortunate?”

    Now the leftists are against “freeloaders”. Great, hand the freeloaders the bill for their services and leave the rest of us alone. (I think Scalia said as much in open court.) Unfortunately, leftists are not against the freeloaders. They just use such words in the moment to advance their agenda.

    The leftists will say anything, at any time, even if it contradicts what they said at any previous moment in order to advance their agenda for power without regard to those whom they try to crush and destroy (intentionally or not).

  • The Left's Latest Mantra: Income Inequality

    01/07/2014 4:22:45 PM PST · 20 of 36
    Susquehanna Patriot to 3catsanadog

    “I say make a law that everyone earns $50,000.00 a year...”

    College professors ... union leaders...Hollywood will most expectedly sign up.

  • Supreme Court Puts Gay Marriage On Hold In Utah

    01/06/2014 4:29:05 PM PST · 61 of 98
    Susquehanna Patriot to gopno1

    “...I could really care less if a couple guys want to be together, although I have no understanding of why that would be.”

    There are several reasons, depending on how far into leftist ideology one wants to venture, but one of the most common drivers is unspoken,,,, just follow the money . . . getting company or government “benefits”. Using the law to impose societal acceptance is another.

  • ObamaCare’s contraception fight against the Little Sisters of the Poor

    01/04/2014 6:24:55 PM PST · 26 of 30
    Susquehanna Patriot to Oratam

    “The NYT said the sisters are full of it and should just sign the form or whatever.”

    Funny that ... the Viet Nam protestors should have gone and just fought the war . . .

  • ObamaCare’s contraception fight against the Little Sisters of the Poor

    01/04/2014 6:18:17 PM PST · 25 of 30
    Susquehanna Patriot to Slyfox

    “I have my charities all lined up if I ever win the big one.”

    ...I learned several years ago (fortunately) if I wait until the big one comes in, it never will. I must give from what I have been given.

  • ObamaCare’s contraception fight against the Little Sisters of the Poor

    01/04/2014 6:04:15 PM PST · 23 of 30
    Susquehanna Patriot to savage woman

    I stand with the Little Sisters too. God is with them, and God is with us.

    If I were a journalist, this would be the David and Goliath story. History is about to be made, one way or the other. But one thing for certain, Christianity has endured oppression, and always will.

  • North America to Drown in Oil as Mexico Ends Monopoly

    12/16/2013 5:47:09 PM PST · 65 of 91
    Susquehanna Patriot to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    “If Mexico allowed foreign private enterprise to invest in their country...”

    There may be a Mexican constitutional issue/prohibition about foreign investment in oil.

    Not sure what has changed in Mexico to overcome that hurdle...other than maybe they have learned from Obozo, the US media and Leftists in Congress with a compliant eGOP and a flaccid US Supreme Court that constitutions mean nothing when necessary.

  • Rep. Ellison: 'We Demand' Obama Raise Minimum Wage by Executive Order

    12/07/2013 5:36:39 AM PST · 62 of 68
    Susquehanna Patriot to Lazamataz

    “He should be immediately censured and expelled from Congress.”

    He and at least 199 other House members.

  • Politico Destroys White House Claim of Secret Obama-Sebelius Meetings

    12/07/2013 5:18:19 AM PST · 23 of 43
    Susquehanna Patriot to Venturer

    “Not even the people who wrote the law could say what was in it.”

    I think all Americans should demand to know who (names) actually wrote “it”.

  • Politico Destroys White House Claim of Secret Obama-Sebelius Meetings

    12/07/2013 5:12:26 AM PST · 20 of 43
    Susquehanna Patriot to newnhdad

    “If they did their jobs, we might not be in this horrible situation.”

    Many in the media are fellow travelers...they actually did their jobs.

  • Mitch McConnell Declares War On Conservatives

    12/02/2013 5:13:33 PM PST · 51 of 54
    Susquehanna Patriot to B.O. Plenty

    “...and vote for the winner of the primaries in the gen election.”

    I hear you, ...but many Rinos not only leave the herd, but actively work against the party nominee. Not sure if you were around in ‘80 when Reagan was despised by RINOs,...

  • Mitch McConnell Declares War On Conservatives

    12/02/2013 5:07:57 PM PST · 50 of 54
    Susquehanna Patriot to lee martell

    “...Let him dare to switch parties and join all his new friends...”

    Worked well for the late Senator from PA - Arlin Spect(at)or. McConnell is a political doofus.

  • Why women still need husbands

    12/02/2013 4:58:16 PM PST · 75 of 123
    Susquehanna Patriot to fivecatsandadog

    “Both guys were real good in telling me what to do, and how and when to do it. Number One was ex-USMC tyrant and a porno addict. Number Two was control freak. Never again.”

    Be re-assured - not all guys are controlling, ...though my ex-W’s lawyer used that very reason to come up with something to say in court papers about why his client left home.

  • Why women still need husbands

    12/02/2013 4:50:58 PM PST · 72 of 123
    Susquehanna Patriot to verga

    “Who would change the light bulbs?

    Or kill the spiders, let the dogs out at 3am, make sure the car has anti-freeze and oil,.....”

    Did not matter to my ex-W, ... and had to learn that after 25 years I was doing all the wrong things! Dam*!

  • Why women still need husbands

    12/02/2013 4:47:04 PM PST · 69 of 123
    Susquehanna Patriot to saminfl

    “I told her that I would not get married again because I didn’t have 55 years to train a new one.”

    Made me laugh, you were blessed my friend.