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  • Airport Finds Body Parts in Woman’s Bag

    09/26/2016 1:07:22 PM PDT · 28 of 43
    Susquehanna Patriot to Opinionated Blowhard

    Spome great movie scenes for Pesci. The scene of him putting the duffel bag in the over head compartment and taking control of his seating arrangement is a classic.

  • Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Lacks ‘Mental & Physical Stamina’ to Fight ISIS (will she respond?)

    08/15/2016 4:28:12 PM PDT · 60 of 63
    Susquehanna Patriot to Puppage

    The difference is that Trump is not Lazio, who did not know how to play the game. Real New Yorkers live in close confined spaces, and get in each other’s faces all the time, spouting off their opinions. There are many leftists in NYC who have no filter on their opinions, and now they are all shocked, shocked by Trump. Lots of laughs. She was a fake New Yorker, just like her faker resume, fake accomplishments, fake life.

  • DNC Wikileaks Email Hack Confirms CNN is in Bed With The Democratic Party

    07/29/2016 6:15:50 PM PDT · 31 of 67
    Susquehanna Patriot to boycott

    “They may as well officially join together an call it the CNNDNC party.”

    Maybe a look into the election laws is needed - e.g. do such actions become an unreported contribution to a candidate; what is its value - does it exceed contribution limits?

  • The Democrats just fell for Trump's Russian email-hack bait

    07/27/2016 4:09:24 PM PDT · 96 of 110
    Susquehanna Patriot to dware

    “I also can’t wait to see Trump wipe the debate floor with Hitlery.”

    Same with me. However, I am stepping way out on a limb, predicting there won’t be any debates.

  • Don't Apologize For Blurting Out The Truth, Justice Ginsburg

    07/16/2016 7:35:11 AM PDT · 59 of 69
    Susquehanna Patriot to rockrr

    RBG confirmed openly what many of us have known all along - she is one of several partisan leftists on the Supreme Court and it is their political ideology that is the basis for their decisions.

    She called Trump a “faker”. RBG is the faker - faking that she is qualified and deserving of the title and position of Justice, that she is a trustworthy protector of the Constitutional Rights, freedom and liberty. Gladly her place in history is now secure - none of her decisions will be popularly remembered - but public political statements showing that she decided cases based on her own political beliefs - a travesty of justice.

    RBG brought great dishonor to the Court and if she had a half a grain of integrity, she would resign. The other seven justices should tell her to resign to protect the institution for all Americans.

  • Hillary Clinton: ‘We’re Going to Keep Asking to See Donald Trump’s Tax Returns’

    07/06/2016 5:04:05 AM PDT · 42 of 62
    Susquehanna Patriot to Vinnie

    Sure... like all the Obama records (e.g. college admission and transcripts) that were demanded and to this day never produced... he surely was defensive to his detriment, no? Ok, then put her on defense....

    ...her medical records, her State Department Visitor/ Meeting logs, transcripts of her Wall Street paid speeches and attendees, and a transcript of the Clinton-Lynch secret airport meeting. After all those are released, and verified as complete, since we know she is prone to be “excessively careless” with even the most sensitive records, then maybe he should release his tax records.

    Right now, other than some rabid leftists, I don’t see a groundswell for the release of his tax returns. Their release won’t induce many voters to cast for / against him. She/leftists are on a fishing expedition, to try to find something to slander and libel him. Despite the tradition to voluntarily release such records, Democrats are great at breaking traditions, let alone laws. Let her drone and nag on like a broken record.

  • GOP Members Livid As Speaker Ryan Lets Democrats Stage A Sit-In

    06/23/2016 5:38:53 AM PDT · 46 of 75
    Susquehanna Patriot to GreenHornet

    You are right, and the list goes on and on including “undocumented persons” instead of illegal alien.
    Notice in debates, the “moderators” always ask about leftist issues using leftist terminology.

    I live for the day when a real conservative Republican candidate one day says to the moderator - “Hey, that is a good question for that lamebrain leftist over there who is only interested in gun grabbing, taking advantage of hardworking people by lying to them about how they are helping them, and paying off all her corrupt buddies.(Wink & smile). That issue is not what I am running on, in fact it is not important to most thinking people watching this debate. I choose to use my 2 minutes discussing why we as Americans [....fill in the blank].”

  • GOP Members Livid As Speaker Ryan Lets Democrats Stage A Sit-In

    06/23/2016 5:25:30 AM PDT · 37 of 75
    Susquehanna Patriot to JLAGRAYFOX

    I think it would be the Sergeant of Arms (Paul Irving) is responsible for maintaining order in the House. He obviously failed to do his job. Surely Paul Ryan called him up and chewed him out for not doing it.

  • Packed Airports Bring in Ponies and Clowns to Ease Traveler Fury

    05/17/2016 3:07:23 PM PDT · 61 of 89
    Susquehanna Patriot to SueRae

    This clown and pony show really works. It changed the subject, from what is causing long TSA lines to “helping travelers” get through TSA.

    Real journalists would have front page, 24 hr coverage - badgering the Sec’y of Transportation and head of Homeland Security why things have gotten so bad at the airports for the citizens under Obama? It is easier to get go over the US-MX border than for law abiding travelers to get through an airport, why?


  • Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Show Over Anti-LGBT laws

    04/08/2016 3:34:00 PM PDT · 74 of 105
    Susquehanna Patriot to ChessExpert

    FYI - His last concert in Greensboro, seems there were radio ads selling his tickets right up to concert day. Just wondering if again his ticket sales not impressive #s . . . so why not cancel and blame it on something else.

  • Pepsi chief executive joins criticism of North Carolina law on LGBT rights

    04/03/2016 3:41:46 PM PDT · 26 of 99
    Susquehanna Patriot to choctaw man

    Yes, I long for the good old days, not too long ago, when we were all told that homo-marriage wouldn’t impact the lives of traditional marriage people - after all, it was all about “fairness” and two people “loving” each other.

    I think you are right . . . and we have not seen nothing yet... it will be getting worse.

  • State Dept defiant on $500M to UN climate fund:

    03/13/2016 2:56:11 PM PDT · 19 of 28
    Susquehanna Patriot to Rurudyne

    Good point. I would go further....

    (1) make it a higher number, say 580 million
    (2) require monthly written reports to Congress on their spending;
    (3) require monthly testimony by department “leaders’ to review department’s outlays;
    (4) freeze current leadership salaries.

  • SCOTUS Analyst: Loretta Lynch "Most Likely Candidate" to Replace Scalia

    02/15/2016 2:55:24 PM PST · 88 of 91
    Susquehanna Patriot to Buckeye McFrog

    “Sadly this could not be working out better for Obama.”

    You are right. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • SCOTUS Analyst: Loretta Lynch "Most Likely Candidate" to Replace Scalia

    02/15/2016 2:53:49 PM PST · 87 of 91
    Susquehanna Patriot to SampleMan

    “... talk to a Sanders supporter for about 60 seconds...”

    After seeing Sanders on Faux Sunday yesterday, I think I’ll pass at this time. Yes, Sanders must be stopped if he by some miracle beats the rigged Dem primary. I am not sure he can do it even if Hillary has a stroke and is kept alive by machine.

  • SCOTUS Analyst: Loretta Lynch "Most Likely Candidate" to Replace Scalia

    02/15/2016 2:47:17 PM PST · 86 of 91
    Susquehanna Patriot to notaliberal

    “....if we said nasty things about muslims??? That Loretta Lynch?”

    Yes, that one. Disqualified. Lack of 1st Amendment knowledge. Next nominee?

  • SCOTUS Analyst: Loretta Lynch "Most Likely Candidate" to Replace Scalia

    02/15/2016 2:47:14 PM PST · 85 of 91
    Susquehanna Patriot to notaliberal

    “....if we said nasty things about muslims??? That Loretta Lynch?”

    Yes, that one. Disqualified. Lack of 1st Amendment knowledge. Next nominee?

  • Republicans lame ‘because it’s an election year’ rationale for rejecting Obama’s SCOTUS pick

    02/15/2016 9:01:53 AM PST · 31 of 38
    Susquehanna Patriot to bluejean

    What if the next president is Hillary?

    Buying time to prevent final acts of Constitutional destruction. A Republican can’t pick a SCt justice unless elected; delay buys a chance. If Repub Pres nominates, then person won’t be a Scalia as Schumer will filibuster. So expect a more moderate - Sandra Day Oconnor type.

    If Hillary is elected, then Repubs need to Bork all nominees until someone in the middle emerges. Not sure GOPe would do this - they rubber stamped intellectual lightweight, leftist Kagan.

    All the Repubs have to say now when challenged that Obama is Pres and he gets his nominee to the Court - “We were elected to represent our people, and We are only doing what the partisan Dems have done and would do.” Repeat over and over and over ad nauseam.

    Long term, things seem to be slipping away faster with the death of this one Justice. Too many people have sold out their freedom, bought into lies and evil, too many don’t know their country’s history and traditions. May God Bless Antonin Scalia for defending and allowing us to enjoy peacefully our liberties for 3 decades more.

    There is a chance to fight for and defend this country w/ any one of the Repubs - and it won’t be easy, but will be relatively easier than if Hillary is in.

    Therefore, there is no luxury now for any Freeper to not vote for the Repub nominee b/c he does not meet our personal purity litmus test for conservative or libertarian. Politics is messy, smelly, vile, ugly business. Once in, vigilance will be required to make sure things get done for those that put him in the office. The Senate and House need to be held too. Scalia fought for us, and our freedom, and we can’t let that be in vain. God Bless Scalia, a great great American!


    02/13/2016 3:55:02 PM PST · 116 of 157
    Susquehanna Patriot to NewJerseyJoe

    What if the Senate doesn’t go into recess? I believe there is even a Supreme Court decision that slapped Obozo down on some appointments he tried to make when Congress was not in recess.

  • Guest Speechless After Jesse Watters Asks: "Has Ex-President Bill Clinton Abused Women?"

    12/30/2015 3:35:42 PM PST · 57 of 66
    Susquehanna Patriot to fhayek

    “Bob Packwood forced a kiss in in elevator. For these crime, we were LECTURED ad nauseum about sexual harassment from NOW, the Democrats, and other leftists. Unwanted sexual advances, or even jokes, from men in positions of power were WRONG, and don’t even try to make excuses for them.”

    Your Packwood summary is what I recall as well . . . with the addition of (1) it happened before the BJ Clinton Blue Dress affair became public; (2) Paula Jones’ accusations were already public; (3) Packwood was forced to give up his seat in the Senate (4) No prominent elected Republican pointed out this disparate treatment of the accused perpetrator of female harassment and abuse as another reason for Clinton to resign.

    I also recall many people were not excited about Al Gore, seen as (a dunce, a Forest Gump) not one they wanted as President and were willing to overlook Clintons’ lies, crimes (e.g. perjury) and abuse of women - excusing it all as it’s his “personal life / consenting adults” rationalization being made public by Starr the out of control, political vendetta prosecutor.

  • Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'got schlonged' in 2008

    12/22/2015 4:32:19 AM PST · 62 of 74
    Susquehanna Patriot to chris37

    Trump has lived the New York City (NYC) culture. These types of words are commonly used there. NYC is also one of the ground zeros of leftists. They use such words and worse.
    Trump is reflecting the culture in which he has lived.

    The irony that the “puritan” left / Democrat party is so “offended”. There are too many examples. They had no shame to slander the Tea Party as teabaggers (something in which many of them indulge) in mainstream media or push their “sexual art” into mainstream acceptance (”Vagina Monologues”).

    The leftists are doing everything possible to try to derail him as he is an open threat to their tax subsidized political powerhouses, whorehouses and bathhouses. They not only fear what he says he is going to do, they believe he is going to be successful in taking away their power. Their objective is to shame his supporters - to get them to stop supporting him.

  • Estrangement

    12/20/2015 7:16:20 AM PST · 24 of 52
    Susquehanna Patriot to libbylu

    That is sad.

    One of the saddest faces I ever saw was a nice, faithful Christian woman. I greeted her warmly one day after church and when I asked her how she was, her eyes were suddenly downcast and a very sad look came upon her face - she told me that her mother had just days ago suddenly passed away. As I hugged her expressing my sympathy, she then told me that she and her mother never got along for many years, and had not spoken for the last 5 years. And now she regrets in her soul never to be able to have the opportunity to reconcile with her mother. There was nothing I could say, I can only pray for her now for healing.

  • Estrangement

    12/20/2015 7:05:43 AM PST · 23 of 52
    Susquehanna Patriot to Awgie

    “...injection of corrosive poisonous political divisiveness into the very fabric and breath of everyday live, including friendships and families.”

    Determining whether to continue in a family relationship I guess is dependent on the nature of the offense, the desire and capacity to forgive, whether change has occurred so as the offense does not continue, and setting appropriate boundaries.

    More broadly, injecting corrosive poisonous political divisiveness into everything is offensive. It rises to the level of offense when the injector repeatedly attempts to control others, including ad hominem attacks, refusal to respect others. The injector has thus made it clear that the relationship isn’t valuable enough to him. So why perpetuate mutual unhappiness?

    I have a relative whose political view of the world was formed during the 1960s rebellion movement and has been frozen in time. Nonetheless, things remain civil, he doesn’t control the conversation, and never is there disrespect. I have succeeded in different areas though to get him to see things aren’t the leftist truth that he sees on tv.

    My bottom line is knowing relationships are worth keeping, which need to be excised, and having the wisdom to know when it is time to move on - from the conversation or from the relationship.

  • Airbus wants to build 'shipping container' cabins that

    11/27/2015 6:19:43 AM PST · 40 of 96
    Susquehanna Patriot to Paladin2

    I usually go to the back too; if the flight is nearly full, odds for an unoccupied center seat next to you improves. SW is not perfect, but definitely the most efficient. I remember their prior boarding system. The cattle yard formed at the gate before boarding. They obviously figured out how to make it easier.

    (BTW - correction of my previous post - there were 8 heads in Joe Pesci’s duffle bag. )

  • Airbus wants to build 'shipping container' cabins that

    11/27/2015 6:06:20 AM PST · 38 of 96
    Susquehanna Patriot to Paladin2

    Southwest Airlines has the most efficient boarding process by far, and it is aligned well with a basic, tiered pricing structure.

    I just flew to/from the Caribbean on business on American. They have so many boarding tiers, before the proletariat class is allowed to board. Some aisle seats were filled, before the window people boarded, further jamming up the aisles. I could go on an on, but anyone who has flown knows the experience of inefficiency of boarding. It is like the Greyhound bus culture has sprouted wings.

    There is a spoof movie boarding scene with Joe Pesci. He is involved in crime where he has 3 decapitated heads in his carry on. It is quite funny - how he treats the young guy sitting next to him, and then when the flight attendant wants to move his bag.

  • Feds to states: Settle Syrians or face Civil Rights penalties

    11/26/2015 7:30:20 AM PST · 63 of 67
    Susquehanna Patriot to Paladin2

    Good the ideal world the leftists in these sanctuary cities would be forced to live with their decisions by having to have large numbers descend upon their utopias. In the real world, leftists can’t run anything in a free society, or semi-free society. The refugee crisis is a creation of Obozo’s Middle East foreign policy, and I am uncertain that using the word “policy” is appropriate here.

  • Feds to states: Settle Syrians or face Civil Rights penalties

    11/26/2015 7:18:43 AM PST · 62 of 67
    Susquehanna Patriot to ealgeone

    “It’s time to have the showdown between the states and Washington.”

    Yes! States are neither political subdivisions nor agencies of the federal government. Some good lawyers can tie this federal threat up until the clock runs out on the JV team in the Whitehouse.

    There is an upside to letting Obozo win this one...since these leftists are willing to defund other programs, this must mean they aren’t necessary. Therefore, eliminate these federal programs, reduced federal spending and no “refugees” in any of the 57 states. Let’s start looking for other opportunities like this!

  • Feds to states: Settle Syrians or face Civil Rights penalties

    11/26/2015 7:06:16 AM PST · 57 of 67
    Susquehanna Patriot to Paladin2

    “settle them on the southside of Chicago”

    Any settlement should be in sanctuary cities. I recall seeing a map and the vast majority are in the socialist states. But really, the only resettlement should be in Middle Eastern countries. (Ask yourself why none of them are volunteering to take them in...)

    Besides, since we need to take climate change into consideration when discussing war and terrorism, the refugees’ carbon footprint will be smaller because they can walk to their new tent city, and then walk back to their bombed out homes after Obozo defeats the JV team. No burning of jet and diesel fuels needed for refugees’ transport!

  • George W. Bush Needs to Speak to His Party

    11/22/2015 4:02:59 AM PST · 22 of 33
    Susquehanna Patriot to wardaddy

    This aligns with my theory. The political hates traditional Christians and orthodox Jews; in their positions of power in government, business, academia, journalism, law, they are using/importing Islam to further deconstruct any public influence or presence Judeo-Christianity in American society. It doesn’t help that the trend in the US is a decrease in the number of people who practice/believe in Judeo-Christian religion. Note however, the left will use Judeo-Christianity as a means to an end in certain political scenarios if it does help thenm try to get support for their purpose. (death penalty, food stamps, welfare, “embrace” the Pope’s on “climate change”, etc.)

    It does seem crazy for the reason you state. But the left doesn’t look at Islam beliefs and practices in America as a potential threat because their population numbers are relatively small (at this time). One only has to look at Europe to see what may happen here. Our policy on immigration has become one of “diversity” and “welfare” replacing assimilation and contribution. The left uses the diversity as a means to deconstruct the traditions and beliefs of Judeo-Christian influence in America. All of this has infected the very institutions that are supposed to protect and defend our Constitution and American values.

  • 'Um...': Watch Fox's viral interview with student protestors

    11/13/2015 4:58:36 AM PST · 15 of 66
    Susquehanna Patriot to Gaffer

    You are right ... it is too painful to watch.

    I find it incredible that she has any skill to organize a cool aid stand, let alone be a national organizer. The national organization must be extremely small. Someone is behind the scenes pushing this.

  • Study claims to locate genetic differences between gay, straight men

    10/09/2015 4:29:09 AM PDT · 22 of 101
    Susquehanna Patriot to WhiskeyX

    Are you saying there is no such thing as identical twins, or that the definition of identical twins needs to be redefined because of the difference that you cite?

  • A stunning stat about pay seems impossible but actually is true

    09/22/2015 5:55:08 PM PDT · 28 of 63
    Susquehanna Patriot to Hugin

    ” Most employers will happily dump any long time 40+ employee for a twenty something who will work for half as much.”

    And the employer ends up hiring 2 or 3 of the cheaper labor to replace the one employee whose insights and experience went out the door.

  • Oregon Christian Bakers Forced to Pay $135K by Monday Deadline or Lien May Be Placed on Home

    07/11/2015 8:51:59 AM PDT · 49 of 70
    Susquehanna Patriot to demshateGod

    I am guessing with the money that has been raised, the victims of freedom would use the appeal process and challenge the fine as excessive, and punitive. There may be additional grounds for appeal, but I haven’t read the record.

    Waiting for some “leaders” to speak out . . . LOL . . . the average persecuted citizen is on his own.

  • I Have a Theory and I Want Your Opinion on it.

    07/01/2015 5:15:05 PM PDT · 94 of 95
    Susquehanna Patriot to Gen.Blather

    I agree - having this number of potentials is good for a number of reasons. One is it has blunted the effectiveness of the Dems early demonization. Do they spend (waste) their money or news articles attacking Rubio or Bush or [ ] and then a different one pops up at the end? And whatever they say, because there are so many, their LIVs will be confused and they cannot keep track of them all. Heck, many of these LIVs cannot name their own US Senators.

    Secondly - compared to the last two elections, the Rep have a number of very different candidates. Take big outsider, very outspoken Trump (must be driving the GOPe insane) and Christie and Cruz (who also drives GOPe crazy) - these guys punch hard - all the way to Senator Sweater guy Santorum. The Dems really want a Bush - Clinton election naturally because anyone name Bush benefits from the previous demonization $ spent on W. But the outspoken guys may force some of the sweater guys to stop being so nice.

    Finally, you are right - many are jockeying for position. One of them might make it to VP, or get appointed somewhere down the line if Rep win - only to be used to run again in a future election - with more organization, name recognition and $$$$.

    will be brought out of the closet These two northeasterners - like or hate ‘em, wil at the end ....

  • EXCLUSIVE: County Clerk Resigns Instead of Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses

    07/01/2015 4:25:33 PM PDT · 47 of 60
    Susquehanna Patriot to manc

    I would like to know whether she was elected or appointed?

    If elected, then this would be all the better because now it brings forward both her rights and the “will of the voters”.

    No elected official is required to give up her Constitutional rights. I remember not so long ago that some leftist chick named Lois Lerner - she was not required to give up her 5th Amendment rights as an appointed official.

    Was she elected or appointed

  • If Rachel Dolezal Duped Us Into Believing She's Black, Blame Ourselves

    06/14/2015 6:51:11 AM PDT · 80 of 111
    Susquehanna Patriot to Secret Agent Man

    Excellent! I could feel the energy. It made me enjoy my morning coffee even more.

  • How Much Does Paul Krugman Want to Tax LeBron James?

    06/07/2015 9:25:49 AM PDT · 26 of 37
    Susquehanna Patriot to Michael.SF.

    Good point to make - the soak the rich crowd who want to return to the 1960s as proof that higher rates of confiscation are positive actions that are applicable to today - the need to replicate then entire tax structure to make it work again.

    If you adjusted your numbers for inflation, the 20% / 91% dividing line would be $255680, and the personal exemption would be $38352. Social security would be taxed at 3% (4.5% for the self employed) and no Medicare tax.

    The average person might be better off with inflation adjustments compared to what he is paying today. The “wealthy” would do what rational human beings are expected to do - change their behavior to avoid the oppressive taxation.

  • The Morning After the Same-Sex Marriage Decision

    05/16/2015 4:53:55 AM PDT · 14 of 37
    Susquehanna Patriot to nathanbedford

    Basically the erosion and departure from Judeo-Christian heterosexual morality that started decades in this country to bring us to the point there is no turning back in the culture where marriage is being redefined.

    I have stated before that I agree with the Constitutional proposition that it is the province of the states define what relationships between adults, marriage or some “social contract” between homosexuals. As illustrated in the movie The Passion of The Christ, Pontius Pilot knew what was the right thing to do. He knew that it was unjust to release a murderer for an innocent man, one who had to be beaten first to see if that could satisfy the mob’s blood thirst. But in fear of the crowds, he did made a politically expedient decision.

    Like the erosion in the Judeo-Christian culture, the Constitution has been degraded also (to the point that our Founders would not recognize much of their own country, must less be challenged to live in it). The argument that marriage belongs to the States will ring hollow - the current group of Pontius Pilates need to give the modern mob what they want. Legally protected buggery does not a marriage make, anymore than a heterosexual male can claim to be a lesbian. The mob cannot wait to have this issue be addressed in 50 states over two or three generations - for good reason. A majority of the Supreme Court now just needs to find the right words to make it look legal. You can begin to predict what will happen next. Ambivalence won’t be an option.

  • Riviera Casino Closes Doors After 60 Years on Vegas Strip

    05/05/2015 4:11:09 AM PDT · 39 of 41
    Susquehanna Patriot to Sawdring

    “Vegas was something to see, being an American, but I don’t have an urge to ever go back.”

    I agree. Just returned from first Vegas trip 4 days ago. The over-hyped boxing match was rolling into town as I was leaving. A city of excess. People watching was instructive. Some observations - too many people not aware of their immediate surroundings - and walking with smart phones contributed to this. Bad manners prevalent in a confined areas. Street hustlers - giving away “free” $200 gambling credits. A man in his late 30s walking out of a casino with a face of despair and anger - most likely losing money at a faster rate than he earned it. A sad place really despite its superficial fun and good times image.

  • How Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's Gay Mentor Influenced His Views, Beliefs

    04/22/2015 4:19:45 AM PDT · 12 of 15
    Susquehanna Patriot to nathanbedford

    I agree with your summary opinions - that marriage law belongs to the states. With regards that it would be unconstitutional to prohibit states from permitting gay (or homo) marriage - the problem then becomes, as was predicted, what happens when parties to such marriage move across state lines.

    What has really happened here is more than a perversion of Constitutional law. While I would agree that it would be unconstitutional to prohibit states from permitting homo- “marriage”, it would seem that no state would do so as no government has the power to change the definition of words, words with multi-jurisdictional legal and cultural significance. If a state wants to create a relationship between two people of the same sex, they have the power to do so - but they should be prohibited from imposing such acts on other jurisdictions by changing the definition of a single word, “marriage” - with all of its legal and cultural significance in all other states. The new protected state relationship should be called something else, and the rights assigned to it would be limited to that state.

    But you hit on the key point why we are here - the battle was lost in the culture. The last bulwark of the defense of marriage (WWII and Korea War generations) is rapidly decreasing (the loss of voting its traditional morality). The younger generations in their place voting the new morality - having raised in the post-1960s sexual revolution, a culture of devalued “marriage” (out of wedlock births, divorce etc), the post 1960s sexual revolution, and the relatively recent public education indoctrination pushing acceptance that homo-marriage is a matter of fairness, or civil rights, etc. The courts have stepped into a role similar to Pontius Pilot (”What is truth?) and actually are in fear of the cultural mob if they ruled as they know they should. Instead they will give the mob what it demands - they shall rule accordingly. They just have to find the words to make it look like it is legal.

  • Lamesa Counting Down Til Chicken-Fried Steak Festival

    04/21/2015 4:05:02 AM PDT · 34 of 38
    Susquehanna Patriot to Slyfox

    Chicken fried steak is real good with fried okra and black-eyed peas. And cobbler for dessert. Yum.

    You bet . . . and don’t forget the Texas toast. Been to Lamesa, Tx many times in the past, off old Highway 87. Wish I were close enough to attend this feast, sitting under the Mesquite trees. (Would want to sneak away for some slow cooked TX brisket too).

  • Why men refuse to marry: Women complain chaps today won't settle down.

    04/20/2015 5:04:13 AM PDT · 47 of 164
    Susquehanna Patriot to dennisw

    “... liberal-feminist dominated court system.”

    ...combined with “no fault” divorce enable some of the “70%” unhappy women to walk out for those supposedly greener pa$ture$. The reality is that the perceived cash benefit of divorce is short lived, it typically decreases the initiating divorcee’s long term financial and emotional health.

    If a marriage were built on mutual, unconditional love, it would seem any perceived financial incentive (albeit short term) for divorce would not be a consideration. Also, the impact of our declining culture, corrupted political institutions, our entitlement mentality, “right” to be happy and self-fulfilled, free sex, etc etc has reinforced the devaluation of marriage.

    Dating used to be the process in part, to find and know the person to whom one might want to commit oneself because of shared core values. The current version of dating for some has evolved to entertaining oneself with another human being’s body, money and time. The show Two & A Half Men reinforces this false value through Sheen’s character.

  • With 16 Million in Obamacare, Is the Repeal Debate Over?

    03/27/2015 7:05:50 PM PDT · 46 of 74
    Susquehanna Patriot to LegendHasIt

    “Still they tout, that at best, a 40% compliance rate of just the previously uninsured is a great success?”

    I think 40% is too optimistic. For Obozocare to really work, healthy, young people had to sign up in large #s. I think the young have not been their in droves, and the majority of the supposed 16 million are Medicaid (non-contributing) participants. One should look at the state by state sign-ups. Some statistical analysis might show that most of the sign ups are in “blue-socialist-Marxist” states, as are most of the government subsidies. Cutting blue-socialist-Marxists welfare might actually be a good thing...and the downside might not exist for “red-conservative” representatives.

  • With 16 Million in Obamacare, Is the Repeal Debate Over?

    03/27/2015 6:56:38 PM PDT · 45 of 74
    Susquehanna Patriot to usconservative

    “Congress has to repeal it as a tax.”

    Let’s think about this. Leftists whine all the time that Reps only give tax cuts for the rich. Ending Obozocare would be a tax cut for the poor and middle class... isn’t that something leftists could support!

  • Could Scott Walker Be the Next Calvin Coolidge?

    03/13/2015 5:10:11 AM PDT · 31 of 52
    Susquehanna Patriot to Cincinatus' Wife

    Thanks for that link. I live in a major university town and the inability to think critically is rampant among many of the so called educated. The “discussion” about the erosion of “church-state” on the video is classic, so vapid - and they just could not keep from dragging W into it. They appear calm, but the hatred boils just beneath the surface.

  • GOP senators appear set on their own breakaway nation (Hysterical Beltway Media Hissy-fit Alert!)

    03/10/2015 6:51:20 PM PDT · 20 of 41
    Susquehanna Patriot to dowcaet

    “Idiot liberals.”

    LOL. ... I am sure you did not mean to insult idiots.

  • As Hillary Clinton Stays Quiet About Private Emails, Republicans Seize Moment to Criticize Her

    03/09/2015 4:13:58 AM PDT · 22 of 38
    Susquehanna Patriot to boycott

    “If they were obama emails, it would be a non-issue....”

    In a way, the media already made Obama’s email a non-issue here. If the media would only do its job.

    During the interview, Obama said that he first learned about this in the newspapers, ...two follow up questions should have been (1) how many others in your cabinet are using private email to conduct the people’s business’, official government business and (2) did you ever receive an email from one of Hillary’s private accounts or any other cabinet member?

    His praise of Clinton during the interview seemed out of place to me. I cynically wonder if he was communicating to her via the media to get rid of any emails that she sent to him. The media story is going to turn into hysterical Republican’s war on women, trying to destroy HRC’s presidential campaign.

  • Obama "Very Interested" In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action (Who Can Stop Him?)

    03/03/2015 4:16:05 AM PST · 39 of 136
    Susquehanna Patriot to HiTech RedNeck

    “There is a fallback government. It is the states. Even the most profligate state is in rosy shape compared with our rickety Feds.”

    Good point. But consider States don’t have their own currency. Things will get messy.

  • Obama "Very Interested" In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action (Who Can Stop Him?)

    03/03/2015 4:13:22 AM PST · 37 of 136
    Susquehanna Patriot to Mouton

    “.......we are talking here about taxation with no representation...We are so screwed.”

    Here’s how it is going to be interpreted and implemented. When this begins, you most likely won’t be subject to the tax, you won’t be able to bring suit because you have no standing. For you, it is a political question. The judge will tell you to contact your elected representatives. For the (big evil) corporations upon whom the presidential tax is imposed, a suit will be brought. The court will find that the executive power exists to implement Congressional intent that was written in an ambiguous language. Once this happens, this disease will spread to will show up on cell phone bills, fuel purchases, etc etc and be upheld.

    Don’t bother thinking if some Republican became President and wanted to implement executive order “tax cuts”. First, he will be painted into the corner by the leftist media that such actions are unconstitutional. Courts will be ready to issue injunctions. Of course the Repub will point out that he has the power based on Obama’s executive tax precedence. Then Mr Repub will swerve into a talk about tradition, respecting the Constitution, respecting precedence, wanting to work with Congress, blah blah blah. Obama’s taxes remain in place until the next leftist can get in office to further implement new executive taxes.

  • Obama "Very Interested" In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action (Who Can Stop Him?)

    03/03/2015 3:52:26 AM PST · 24 of 136
    Susquehanna Patriot to outofsalt

    “Am I confused or was this repealed by the Gruber amendment?”

    Let me clear it up for you. Our President is a Constitutional Scholar from Harvard Law School. People like us should not attempt to read the Constitution as it is too nuanced.

  • Obama "Very Interested" In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action (Who Can Stop Him?)

    03/03/2015 3:47:09 AM PST · 19 of 136
    Susquehanna Patriot to Truth29

    Many already vote...Clinton’s motor voter has helped in the implementation. There are leftist localities trying to implement voting for illegals on “local” issues.