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  • PHOTOS: Protesters take part in third annual Women's March

    01/19/2019 12:08:22 PM PST · 9 of 51
    Swordmaker to simpson96

    Interesting camera angles. . . All chosen to avoid showing how small the numbers participating really are. . . So much so it gets really obvious after just a few pictures.

  • Mother of All Breaches Exposes 773 Million Emails, 21 Million Passwords

    01/17/2019 12:21:31 PM PST · 24 of 53
    Swordmaker to BenLurkin; ~Kim4VRWC's~; 1234; 5thGenTexan; AbolishCSEU; Abundy; Action-America; acoulterfan; ...
    Another MEGA breach of many computer users’ data that could impact Apple device users’ security by exposing their emails, addresses, passwords, etc., due to stolen data from a breach at an apparently insecure cross-platform data aggregator. This security breach impacts ALL PLATFORMS, not just Apple. Use the link to learn if you have a problem and need to change your passwords. Apple users should use the built in password generator and Keychain system to manage passwords which recalls your passwords for you across all your Apple devices. . . It generates a very complex passcode for each site. —PING!

    Apple and All Platform Security Ping!

    If you want on or off the Mac Ping List, Freepmail me.

  • Vaping Is Good, Vaping Works, So Government Is Trying To Kill It

    01/17/2019 11:38:39 AM PST · 28 of 80
    Swordmaker to Kaslin

    I am not a smoker but I got five three-pack-a-day-or-more smokers to migrate to being non-smokers at all by getting to take up vaping instead.

    I did this by buying them refillable, tank style e-cigarettes and showing them how they could ween themselves off nicotine by dropping the nicotine content of the vaping solutions until they were down to zero.

    The longest one of these friends took to to stop even vaping, except for occasional social occasions with zero percent vapor, was six months. It works.

    Each of them was amazed at how easy it was to stop.

  • Today’s Cryptogram

    01/16/2019 9:59:07 AM PST · 15 of 22
    Swordmaker to nikos1121



    Easy one. Quick.


  • Philadelphia’s Soda War

    01/14/2019 8:05:49 PM PST · 12 of 12
    Swordmaker to Politically Correct
    Who could have predicted what happened next?

    I did. . . It was obvious.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/14/2019 9:57:37 AM PST · 165 of 167
    Swordmaker to PAR35
    Thank you for finally conceding the accuracy of what I've been trying to tell you since my first post. You are finally getting there.

    ROTFLMAO! Nice try at both denigrating me, my intelligence, and my data and links, and at the same time trying to change what your agenda was. . . But you miss by a mile. Everyone reading this thread knows what you were doing and knows who had the accurate data with links with the correct interpretation of those data and it wasn’t YOU.

  • Xiaomi packs 48-megapixel camera into budget Redmi Note 7 phone

    01/13/2019 9:43:46 PM PST · 40 of 50
    Swordmaker to JAKraig; minnesota_bound

    Minnesota is absolutely correct. . . You can also control for depth of field and f-stop on a dedicated camera far better than on any phone camera.

    The designers and makers can only do so much with the tiny package they can fit into the space available in a phone with all the other components. Adding extra cameras can help by doubling light collection and superimposing one image on another or bracketing exposures to get the best picture via software (HDR), but those are kludges when a DSLR has no space or size compromises to cause the need for all this software approximation.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 9:05:58 PM PST · 158 of 167
    Swordmaker to PAR35
    That's a falsehood. In fact, I thanked you for having provided that information.

    Where am I defending this article? The author of this article misses the point entirely by claiming what he did and ignoring the level of what the REAL tests showed. . . That the iPad Pro 2018 beat out 92% of the off-the-shelf laptop computers on the market in 2018, NOT the entry-level, implied low-end priced laptops this article and YOU keep harping on. I was pointing out the truth with LINKS which seems to elude you!

    You seem to suffer from reading comprehension, if you think I am defending THIS article. I am countering it’s and your misinformation.

    You thanked me for the data, but continued to post the misinformation as if truth did not matter, and the misinformation from this article was ALL that mattered. That was not what I limit myself to. Truth matters and YOU ARE NOT SETTING THE AGENDA or the "facts" to be limited to just what was in the original falsehoods YOU PREFER.

  • Xiaomi packs 48-megapixel camera into budget Redmi Note 7 phone

    01/13/2019 8:43:38 PM PST · 37 of 50
    Swordmaker to dennisw
    There is zero purpose in having a 48 megapixel camera unless you are intending to blow-up you photograph to an extremely large size. None. It’s pure marketing hype.

    The way they "pack in" that many photo receptors is by making them four times smaller than the photo-recptors in a 12 megapixel camera. . . Which meany that unless they have some magical way of multiplying light, four times less light will fall on each pixel to trigger it to release electrons or allow them to pass. There are only two ways to do that, bigger lenses, or fewer lens surfaces (each of which absorbs some light) for image light to pass through. Each correcting lens adds two surfaces. . . as does the cover lens.

    So, if you are interested in printing 36” x 22" billboards at ~300 DPI at the perfect resolution of an 8x10, then you might want a 48 mp camera, but then you want one with a huge CCD with full size light receptors you’d field in a DIGITAL SLR, not the itty-bitty ones you can stick in the miniature camera a cellular phone has room to allow. . . so the user can take selfies to post on a 6" screen.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 7:09:18 PM PST · 156 of 167
    Swordmaker to PAR35
    So you didn’t even bother to read the excerpt at the top of the thread, fanboy?

    I read it. . . but the original article author ignored dozens of other real tech journal reviews and the technical tests and charts who got it right: that the iPad Pro 2018 bested all but the top end 8% of the off-the-shelf laptops on the market . . . This metric excludes those that are build to order custom laptops with far high-end components.

    I posted links to those articles, charts, and facts. You ignore them. . . which prove my contention you’re an ideologue who will not accept facts that do agree with your delusionary opinions.

    These articles, aside from this ignoramus’ article, included actual real-world examples, which I provided, showing such high-end laptops in to $1000 and up brackets, that were beaten by the iPad in both single and multi core tests.

    This author denigrates the iPad Pro results by damning them with the faint praise because what he claims was actually accomplished three years ago with the A10X processor in the 2015 iPad Pro, which handily beats out even today’s "entry-level laptops." . . But then as now, it was about 30%. As for Android, the four year old Apple A9 is still faster than any Android mobile processor.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 6:31:25 PM PST · 155 of 167
    Swordmaker to rollo tomasi
    To be fair, I have an I-Pad Pro (Prefer that miles more than Surface Pro or Android Galaxy), however, I will never compare that device to my PC laptop or Desktop. All are computers, just like my smartphone, but they function differently and never “blow away” each other.

    My experience is that any one who was referring to "maxi-pads" use a post or two ago, and now is claiming to own an "I-Pad (sic) Pro", doesn’t. . . they merely claim they own one to try and give themselves an "expertise" they aren’t entitled to.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 6:19:16 PM PST · 154 of 167
    Swordmaker to KosmicKitty
    Can’t use 365 with MyLab products. Very frustrating.

    MyLab products work with iPads. They were originally developed for iPads. Pearson eText is universal. . . your problem is with Microsoft’s deliberate crippling.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 6:10:18 PM PST · 153 of 167
    Swordmaker to rollo tomasi
    Still ignoring facts such as those I enumerated . . . Several feature length films shot on iPhone and completed on iPads. . . But you stick with :

    "Final Cut Pro?”

    Those films were award winning. At least one garnered Academy Award nominations. . .

    Storage Space? (LOL)

    You did not bother to read a word I wrote, did you? I thought not. You are so certain in your absolute ignorance. . . You don’t even know what the connector on the new iPad Pro is, do you? 3DMark is the gold standard, dealing with a cult follower or nervous shareholder here. Expandable memory? . . .

    Needing proprietary peripherals. . . Needing proprietary peripherals. . .

    3DMark is useful to test only one specific area of function, rollo. . . and it doesn’t cover all devices or uses. It is hardly a universal goldstandardExcept for that one thing that mostly gamers care about. You look at tech reviews around the world and they almost universally use Geekbench to compare devices’ speed and performance and 3DMark only in the one area where it excels.

    So then like all anti-Apple ideologues who don’t have facts, you resort to ad hominem attack to denigrate your opponent who does know what he is talking about. You obvious don’t.

    What "proprietary peripherals" do you, in your Apple Derangement Syndrome, think are necessary to connect to WIFI, Bluetooth, or to USB-C devices? Please enlighten us.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 5:12:16 PM PST · 151 of 167
    Swordmaker to rintintin; KosmicKitty
    Not if you’re taking the online course I am currently teaching. You need MS Office

    MS Office is available for iOS and iPads. . . And Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all open/save in Microsoft’s formats.

    Do you really think IBM would have shifted 400,000 employees to Mac and iPads if they were not productive devices?

    Not only are they productive devices, they save IBM $41 million per year in IT services by fewer trouble ticket calls than when they were a Windows PC shop.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 4:59:49 PM PST · 149 of 167
    Swordmaker to PAR35
    Thanks for the additional and useful information, but what part of " entry-level laptops" can you not comprehend?

    What part of the fact that among 92% of the actual competing laptop and notebook computers bested in Geekbench scores by the Apple iPad Pro 2018 are many that are not by any stretch of description "entry-level laptops," including the exemplar 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 13" with Intel i5 at $1299.00, the 2018 13" Dell XPS with an Intel i7 at $1130.00, and a 2018 Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with a Core i5 CPU $997.00, all compared to an Apple 2018 iPad Pro with an A12X at $779.00 to $999.00?

    Not one of those Geekbench compared and slower test scoring machine was as fast as the Apple iPad Pro 2018, and they were all among the 92% of the set of laptops that tested slower, and, PAR35, none of those, and many more are "entry-level laptop" computers, in fact, they are by definition, mid-range to high-end laptops.

    Entry-level laptops run from $179 to $500, max. So much for your specious argument. . . it’s not even a good try. You are trying to deny reality because you are an ideologue, where if the facts don’t comport with your preconceived opinions, you’ll ignore them, or you’ll attempt to reject and change reality until they do.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 4:29:20 PM PST · 147 of 167
    Swordmaker to trebb
    I prefer a desktop with a full size keyboard and decent size monitor...and decent speakers to play my tunes while i surf or do other tasks.

    iPad Pro (late 2018) Review – Audio
    Ars Technica iPad Pro 2018 Review excerpt.—SAMUEL AXON - 11/7/2018.

    Because the previous iPad Pro’s speaker system would not fit in the new chassis, Apple redesigned the speakers for this iPad Pro. There are now four sets—a woofer and a tweeter in each corner.

    In keeping with the notion that there is no “correct” orientation for the iPad Pro, the speakers work regardless of how you’re holding it. Mid and high frequencies always come from whatever two speakers are oriented at the top, and bass always comes through all four.

    I was surprised by how full the sound from the speakers sounded. With mobile devices, speakers are often good enough for speakerphone Skype conversations, or to share a funny YouTube video with your friends. But I would listen to music or watch a movie on these speakers. They’re obviously not as good as something audio-centric like a HomePod or Sonos One, but they’re great for a mobile device.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 3:45:00 PM PST · 146 of 167
    Swordmaker to rollo tomasi
    Does this pad run a FULL version of Photoshop with PLUGINS and Lightroom with PLUGINS/Presets?

    Adobe is releasing a full version of Photoshop for the IPad Pro, announced with the introduction of the 2018 iPad Pro.

    Again, can this maxi-pad run Skyrim (8 year old game) in 4k at 60fps while running mods that require extensions (A lot of RAM too) which of course needs open source?

    No, because Skyrim has not been released for the iPad, but there are games that have equivalent graphics or better at those frame rates for the iPad. . . Are you at all aware that the iPad Pro contains a Neural Net Processor capable of FIVE TRILLION decisions per second? Thought not. . .

    Can this pad even run Final Cut Pro (For the Apple MacBook fan boys). What are the 3d benchmarks? What is the rendering quality, not just the speed, I would rather have high quality rendering and not disingenuous "tricks" that render 1080p to 1080p in a few seconds, lol.

    The quality is superb. Are you at all aware that several full length professional feature films have been shot on iPhones and edited on iPads? Again, I thought not. You really don’t know what you are talking about, do you?

    Does the hard drive have at least 3 terabytes? Plenty more, article titles, especially the one you link to, are just as bas as democrats saying socialism blows away the free market.

    As a matter of fact, an IPad can connect to numerous hard drives/ storage devices. Mine has direct connection to my main Mac’s multiple terabytes of storage, and to my iCloud’s two Terabytes of storage. I have five terabytes of local storage available to my iPad Pro on my home WIFI, and my office WIFI has 12 terabytes. So your point is worthless besides being ignorant.

    Using Geekbench benchmarks, lol.

    Geek bench IS the GOLDSTANDARD in comparison between unlike platforms or even similar platforms. It avoids the subjectivity of the differences in applications and goes directly to the hardware capabilities and cuts out observer bias. Your denigration of Geekbench is just more of your ignorance on parade.

    Geekbench result for the iPad Pro with Apple A12X Bionic processor.

    What are the 3d benchmarks?

    3D real time rendering on an Apple iPad Pro 2018 in AR real-time environment.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 2:23:31 AM PST · 118 of 167
    Swordmaker to wastedyears; rintintin; PAR35
    I had to search for the specs. Even then I couldn’t find things like CPU clock speed, or comparing the chip in that iPad to something out today.

    The article gets 5/10, very basic search gets 6/10.

    Data from Tom’s Guide Geek bench comparison article and Laptop Magazine, updated November 5, 2018, using latest model competitor’s equipment: I.e. a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with a Core i5 CPU ($997) and even the Core i7 version of the Dell XPS 13 ($1130), and an Apple MacBook Pro 13" with Intel i5 ($1299), so contrary to your snide hints, this is comparing current laptops as of today in similar price ranges from Microsoft, Dell, and Apple.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/13/2019 1:48:58 AM PST · 117 of 167
    Swordmaker to ProtectOurFreedom
    The iPad Pro is having reported bending problems. I’m ready to upgrade my old iPad Air, but I’m worried about structural strength.

    They’re FUD reports from the efforts to push the Apple stock even lower than it already was pushed. There isn’t a huge "bendgate" problem with the new iPad Pro unless you intentionally try to bend one. You aren’t going to stuff on in your jeans pocket.

  • Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    01/12/2019 5:59:02 PM PST · 60 of 167
    Swordmaker to DoubleNickle
    I do ha an iPad Pro Air. . . “

    There is no such thing. . .