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  • Student with wooden color guard rifle prompts lockdown, lockouts at Boulder schools

    03/16/2018 11:50:42 AM PDT · 45 of 54
    Tammy8 to shelterguy

    It looks like the white version of that scary black AR 2 x 4....

  • Obscure law allowed Alabama sheriff to LEGALLY pocket at least $750,000 in taxpayer funds [tr]

    03/16/2018 9:05:11 AM PDT · 25 of 37
    Tammy8 to Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

    For many years in this country the local sheriff in each community had access to many things like this. The old time sheriff could collect and keep taxes, or at least a good amount, and a lot of other things were used as income for the sheriff. I am not surprised the law was on the books, and would bet there are a lot more laws like this across the country.

    That said, he knows things have changed...he knew it was technically legal for him to do this since the law was still there- but should have known people would take a dim view of it.

  • Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife, Files for Divorce

    03/15/2018 7:22:44 PM PDT · 20 of 80
    Tammy8 to KJC1

    Is she the one that got the white powder in the mail?

  • Whistleblower Says Illegal Aliens Have ‘Taken Over Every Trade’ in CA Construction (T)

    03/15/2018 6:53:20 PM PDT · 103 of 141
    Tammy8 to Eleutheria5

    If you think there aren’t many illegal pot smokers you are kidding yourself. There is nothing special about their character, some are upstanding, some are dopers, some are drinkers, some are worse. Just like everyone else...

  • A 14-year-old girl owes $20,000 in damages after a house party — and her parents are on the hook

    03/15/2018 6:08:04 PM PDT · 28 of 84
    Tammy8 to WayneS

    I bet it was all done online.

    If they are saying parents are responsible for damages because they are responsible for their children that is one thing. If they are saying the parents are responsible because their credit card was used- as if the parents rented the property, that is another. If she did not have the parents permission to use their card, then if some random person steals your credit card and does this- would you be responsible?

    This article doesn’t make sense.

  • Whistleblower Says Illegal Aliens Have ‘Taken Over Every Trade’ in CA Construction (T)

    03/15/2018 7:39:57 AM PDT · 51 of 141
    Tammy8 to Eleutheria5

    In 1979 I did construction job site cleanup and ran errands sounds like I had the same job you had- no foreigners, no illegals at all. It was in Arizona so the illegals had not begun to take over even there yet. I was the oddity on that job, only woman working on the whole site- they were building 300 houses. I know Americans were doing those jobs, I ended up working into an office job- saw illegals begin to take jobs, the company I worked for would not hire them but others did. Made the bidding process totally unfair. One contractor cheating on labor takes the competition out of it. It all should have been stopped then.

    I had many family members working agriculture jobs and construction jobs, one by one most of the jobs went to illegals. No one cared except the people doing those jobs. People say you are pretty sorry if an illegal can take your job- they don’t understand the cost savings to the employer. Employers think they can replace a legal worker with a couple illegals and still come out ahead. Some of the jobs were skilled, so quality suffered but no one seemed to care about that either. Try to find someone to build real custom cabinetry, do detailed wood work in high end homes. Try to find someone that understands working with high end imported floor tile than cannot just be slapped down on the floor. Truly skilled construction workers are a thing of the past.

  • Undocumented immigrant students to rally for access to financial aid

    03/15/2018 6:41:33 AM PDT · 24 of 44
    Tammy8 to Puppage

    Illegals have been taught for many years that we must take care of them, that they are owed everything. That is why DACA fell apart, they demanded the moon and stars and then said they wanted all or nothing. The first time I heard one say they wanted all or nothing I thought well I hope you get nothing. They are not one bit grateful for anything they do get, always demanding more. At this point they are like this country’s spoiled children that have never been told no.

  • New evidence of Trump Organization involvement in Stormy Daniels payoff

    03/14/2018 7:23:57 PM PDT · 81 of 136
    Tammy8 to St. Louis Conservative

    Damage him with who? I will let Melania handle this issue. I voted for Trump because I am convinced we would have no country after a Hillary presidency. She would have looted and gutted this country, leaving ashes behind her. I felt Trump had some sliver of a chance of at least beginning to bring this country back on track.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer this story not be true and have no idea if it is or isn’t. The truth is we will never know but stories like this make me wonder who profits? This story was always worth more than the claimed payoff so it doesn’t make sense.

    To me if he has his way with her on the White House lawn in broad daylight- I still think he is the best option we have. So where does that leave us?

  • Astronaut Scott Kelly Now Has Different DNA Than His Identical Twin Brother After One Year In Space

    03/14/2018 5:52:07 PM PDT · 23 of 76
    Tammy8 to goldendelicious

    If they have children later on I wonder if any of the changes are passed on to their children. Hmmm A lot to think about with this information.

  • ICE deserves to be abolished

    03/14/2018 11:02:07 AM PDT · 32 of 32
    Tammy8 to C19fan

    Those that support this are saying they care more about the citizens of other countries than our own citizens. Open borders with countries that are not economically somewhat equal will raise the standard of living for them and lower our standard of living. Not to mention the issue of security. Open borders only works if people are willing to go both ways to work and live.

  • Pocahontas, Fauxcahontas: Elizabeth Warren Just Stepped in it on 'Meet the Press'

    03/14/2018 8:01:18 AM PDT · 63 of 84
    Tammy8 to Doche2X2

    Yes the author was showing a lack of historical knowledge...which is far too common. Writers now seem to think they don’t need to be accurate. I always thought the hardest part of writing was the research, but they skip that step now, most don’t even bother with a 5 minute internet search.

  • Pocahontas, Fauxcahontas: Elizabeth Warren Just Stepped in it on 'Meet the Press'

    03/14/2018 7:55:51 AM PDT · 60 of 84
    Tammy8 to AppyPappy

    Yes, to be legally Native American you have to have that pesky census number.

  • Pocahontas, Fauxcahontas: Elizabeth Warren Just Stepped in it on 'Meet the Press'

    03/14/2018 7:52:26 AM PDT · 57 of 84
    Tammy8 to Kaslin

    This might all be overlooked...except to claim minority status for a benefit changes the picture. In order to claim you are Native American in order to gain preference for a government contract or job for example you have to be able to prove it. The only proof recognized is tribal membership. It is pretty easy to know and to prove if you are or are not a member of a tribe. I think anyone claiming minority status for benefit needs to be held to the same standard. If she claimed that status for a job- according to some reports she did not but if she did they should have held her to that standard. She has claimed that status in public many times to help her political career (votes, standing with minorities) so she is indeed doing it for benefit. She needs to show membership in a tribe or shut up about it.

    Many of us have NA heritage, if you want to find out how far that goes try to join the tribe your ancestors were. You will find out quickly that most tribes do not care about your family stories, only about tribal records. If you cannot show a direct family link to an actual tribal member to show you qualify for membership you are out of luck.

    When I did my family genealogy work I found pretty credible evidence that I have a Cherokee ancestor. I found it very interesting but that is all it is, not of any legitimate claim. An uncle of my mother’s tried to claim tribal eligibility many years ago and was denied even though the family name is very unusual and there was a person of that name on the official Dawes Roll and there was some documentation to show a connection. He did not have enough evidence and was denied. Most tribes now expect that all of the concrete connections have been made or cannot be made so the basic rule is if you don’t have at least one parent that is a tribal member then you are likely out of luck. Some tribes have closed their membership meaning if you could prove beyond a shadow of doubt you were eligible if your family is not already enrolled you are out of luck.

    If she wanted to scam minority status she should claim to be a minority that does not require documentation. I am sure she didn’t think she would be believed. Well I for one don’t believe this either.

  • New Mexico oil production gushes to all-time record (#3 in nation)

    03/13/2018 2:45:04 PM PDT · 13 of 17
    Tammy8 to CedarDave

    That is a fact. Our legislature is the best at cutting off their nose to spite their face. They are none too friendly to agriculture, or most businesses and that doesn’t make sense either.

  • Donald Trump just Saved the U.S. 5G Industry from China

    03/12/2018 10:27:36 PM PDT · 35 of 110
    Tammy8 to Fairhairedboy

    You just strongly hinted if you got inside information by playing basketball with them you would post here what you heard. I have to say I am stunned. As much as people may want to know certain things- I have to say just for what you just posted if I were in their shoes you would never play basketball with me again.

    I had two different jobs that required people in the know to keep things quiet; maybe I have a different perspective on such things. Really though is there no such thing as loyalty any more?

  • Pastor got $390K after claiming crippling disease. Then insurer saw the Facebook posts, lawsuit says

    03/12/2018 10:02:56 PM PDT · 48 of 48
    Tammy8 to cherry

    And indeed there are many disabilities that are not readily apparent. The list is endless actually. There are scammers connected to everything, but whether or not a person is a scammer is truly not always readily apparent.

  • Pastor got $390K after claiming crippling disease. Then insurer saw the Facebook posts, lawsuit says

    03/12/2018 9:51:28 PM PDT · 47 of 48
    Tammy8 to cherry

    My first question is how can you possibly know if he has “absolutely no medical/physical issues”- have you read his entire medical file and looked at all x rays and other scans? Have you read all the medical reports including those that describe the likely long term prognosis for his condition?

    Do you understand how disabilities are determined for military members? Are you aware of how the percentage of disability is decided, and how that effects their disability benefits? It is a percentage of disability system, and most benefits are based on a rate already determined based on their disability. In other words if you have X you will be rated Y percentage and the payment for that has been pre-determined as well. The percentage of disability often has nothing to do with how disabled that individual person is or is not with the condition they have. My husband was blown up by a landmine in Vietnam and he lost an arm. Many people that lose an arm are pretty disabled, yet he has never let it slow him down. Many people have told me over the years that have worked with him have said he is so handy they actually forgot he is missing an arm. The loss of an arm has a certain rating percentage assigned and a certain disability payment for that percentage and it doesn’t matter how much it effects him. I realize the loss of a limb is pretty obvious but it works the same with things that are not obvious.

    As to the educational benefits your spouse’s cousin has received- there are many educational benefits that are part of the enlistment contract that are cost shared by deductions from their pay while they are active duty, and some offered in various other ways. Some education benefits are disability related as a way to prepare the disabled for a career they can function in.

    As to your issues with your spouse’s cousin having a second career- I have never understood the problem with that. If you work at ABC corporation long enough to retire, and decide instead of playing golf you will go to work for DEF Company and earn another retirement no one seems to care but for some reason people think there is something wrong if the person was in the military as their first career. Since you have a problem with that, I wish you would explain why you consider that an issue. Anyone can have more than one career if they choose to do so. I actually know many people that had a career in various things and a second career as a teacher. TWO retirements! Funny I have never heard anyone criticize people who do that.

  • SWAT Officers Who Rushed to Scene of Parkland Shooting Without Permission Have Been Disciplined

    03/08/2018 11:52:54 AM PST · 100 of 136
    Tammy8 to maine-iac7

    I don’t want to live anywhere where LEOs are going to stand down until there is a plan. Or where LEOs hide or do nothing while people are being murdered.

    Several years ago there was a situation where 2 murderers ended up holing up in a house out in the sticks in this area. The first LEO on the scene realized there was a hostage...every LEO in this area responded. There was a big shoot out, only the bad guys were killed. Hostage saved, problem solved. It was very wild west, but very effective. We don’t have SWAT teams or other fancy LEO, or high tech gear, but we have people that will give their life if need be to do their job.

    It sounds like in a city only certain people are allowed to respond, and then most are not allowed to do anything even if they are right there. I do not want to live anywhere like that. I don’t understand that the very people who live in places like that think they want gun control. Makes zero sense, are they not aware their LEO will not protect them even if they are in the parking lot?

  • Why this man who barged in on his cheating wife could go to jail for 15 years

    03/07/2018 2:43:37 PM PST · 140 of 145
    Tammy8 to Mount Athos

    If that happened where I live people would have thought he was a hero for not beating the other man. The one most grateful that he held his temper in check would have been the other man.

  • Still Rattled By Trump’s Tweet, Jimmy Kimmel Blames Netflix for Oscar Ratings Collapse

    03/07/2018 8:50:45 AM PST · 44 of 100
    Tammy8 to HamiltonJay

    Exactly! I have no idea why movie people, professional athletes, ETC. decided they are important to American politics- experts for opinions on major issues- but they are wrong! I used to watch them for entertainment, but they don’t do that well anymore either.